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Case Study No. 0206: Ninja Librarian (House of Flying Jaggers)

House of Flying Jaggers
Brian May is called out of retirement, by a ninja librarian, to do combat with a mystery samurai. Comedy animation made by young people from Finchley Youth Theatre animation school. Workshop leaders: Tom Hillenbrand & Steve Smith
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[scene opens in a library, as the gangster and ninja librarian are facing off underneath a sign reading "When in Library Shut your face. Thank you."]
ANNOUNCER: A gangster with a request ...
GANGSTER: It's my mommy's birthday soon, and I need you to get Brian May out of retirement. Just for one last gig!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: What's in it for me?
GANGSTER: One million bucks!
[the ninja librarian thinks "Wow!" but remains calm]
[cut to outside of the "Rock Star Retirement Home"]
ANNOUNCER: A ninja librarian on a mission ...
[the ninja librarian jumps over the security fence and rings the doorbell]
ANNOUNCER: A retirement home staffed by chickens ...
[a chicken answers the door]
CHICKEN: Good evening, sir.
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Is Brian May there, please?
CHICKEN: I'll just go and get him for you.
[cut to inside the retirement home, where members of the Rolling Stones are singing and dancing with the other chickens]
ANNOUNCER: Aging rock gods ...
[Brian May comes to the door]
BRIAN MAY: Hi, man!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: I need you to do one last gig for me ... please, Brian.
BRIAN MAY: Mmm, okay man!
[he starts dancing in place]
BRIAN MAY: Yeah! Yeah!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: What're you doing, you muppet?
BRIAN MAY: One last jig, just like you said!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: "Gig", I said gig!
BRIAN MAY: Sorry man, I'm a little bit deaf.
[cut to the ninja librarian and Brian May running from the retirement home, when a samurai suddenly appears from the tall grass and unsheaths his sword]
SAMURAI: Sharon!
ANNOUNCER: A samurai out to stop them ...
[the ninja librarian jumps and lands on the edge of his blade, then throws a book entitled "Do Not Throw at Samurais" at the samurai]
SAMURAI: There's only room for one bleepin' rock star revival 'round here, Brian!
[the ninja librarian throws another book entitled "Now, the Sequel to the Spellbinding Edition of 'Don't Throw This Book at Samurais'", which hits the samurai in the head, knocking off his mask and revealing him to be Ozzy Osbourne]
["Coming Soon" flashes across the screen]
ANNOUNCER: The House of the Flying Jaggers, coming to a cinema near you! Soon ... maybe.

Animation 2005 @ FYT

Animated and designed by Michaela Delmonte, Benji Lewis, Sarah Marchesi, James Verney, Jonathan Wilkinson
With thanks to Jason Kelvin, Roberto Puzone, Edelaine Santos
Workshop Leaders: Tom Hillenbrand, Steve Smith

(c) Finchley Youth Theatre 2005

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