Monday, January 16, 2012

Case Study No. 0172: Unnamed Male Librarian (Doritos)

1985 - Doritos - School Library
Avery Schreiber likes his cheese
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[commercial opens with a male librarian (played by Avery Schreiber) staring directly at the camera and putting his finger to his lips]
[cut to the interior of a school library, as a number of students (all male and wearing uniforms) are sitting at a long table, reading books and turning the pages in synch]
[cut to the librarian, sitting in his office and looking through a stack of books]
[cut back to the table, as one student (wearing sunglasses and headphones) pokes his head out, while the somber music that had been playing is replaced by generic 80s rock]
[cut back to the librarian's office, as he happily files cards into a drawer on his desk (apparently unaware of the noise)]
[cut back to the table, as the student stands up with a bag of Doritos and starts dancing]
[cut back to the librarian's office, as he continues to smile while filing cards]
[cut back to the table, as the student takes a bit of one of the Doritos chips, making a loud crunching sound]
[cut back to the librarian's office, as the crunching noise reverberates and causes all of the cards in his drawer to explode up into the air]
NARRATOR: Doritos, it's the big crunch with the big cheese taste!
[cut to the librarian getting nose to nose with the trouble-making student, then grabbing the bag and taking out a chip ... He takes a bite, making a loud crunching noise that causes the student's headphones to explode off his head]
LIBRARIAN: [smiling] Cheese!
NARRATORS: Doritos, taste as good as they crunch!
[commercial ends with all of the students gathered around the librarian, everyone holding a bag of Doritos and crunching down on their chips, causing a "crack" to appear on the TV screen from the sound]

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