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Case Study No. 0147: June Jolene Bassetti

"beyond words!" trailer to a first film by jim bruno
a bookworm meets the librarian from hell... only to discover a life beyond words! a romantic comedy without the romance! rated "r" for adult language

95 minute feature film: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v= _mPLoxHK-4w
VIEW the FULL 95 minute film at: http://studios.amazon.com/ movies/3317

See: www.beyondwordsmovie.com for more information.
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Alta Vista Films presents
"Beyond Words!"
A film by Jim Bruno

JUNE: Someone steal your books?
ALVIN: Okay, I'm a bookworm! I could be worse things, y'know ...
NARRATOR: A bookworm ...
["bookworm (book wurm) n. 1. One who spends much time reading or studying. 2. Any of various insects that infest books and feed on the paste in the bindings."]
NARRATOR: Meets up with the librarian from hell ...
["librarian (li brar i an) n. A specialist in library work."]
POLICEMAN 1: Okay, where is she? Where's that hooker-slash-librarian?
NARRATOR: Only to discover a life ...
JUNE: Wait a minute, don't I know you?
[cut to Alvin and June in the car]
JUNE: [screaming] Oh-eight sixteen seventy seven!
[cut to a television]
FEMALE NEWS ANCHOR: Alvin Eugene Preston and June Jolene Bassetti incidentally jumped bail after being charged with vandalism, destruction of property, pornography, prostitution, and manslaughter. They are considered dangerous, and they may be armed as well.
[cut to Alvin and June holding up a convenience store]
JUNE: [takes out gun] I'll be pulling something else if you push that button, Pops!
NARRATOR: A life ... beyond words! A romantic comedy without the romance!

Starring Tim Nistler and Emily York

Featuring the music of the DeJarnett Band (www.dejarnettband.com)

Coming soon to a screen near you

This movie has not been rated

Alta Vista Films

"be*yond words!" is a Dogma 2001 Production

c2001 Alta Vista Films. All Rights Reserved.

You ain't goin' no where, bubba ...


From amazon.com:

beyond words!
A bookworm meets the librarian from HELL! Only to discover a life 'beyond words!' A romantic comedy without the romance! ('Don Quixote' rewritten!)

Tim Nistler
as Alvin Preston (Lead Male)
Emily York
as June Bassetti (Lead Female)
Jeanne Payne
as Beverly Preston
Alex Payne
as Alvin Preston (Young)
Joe Hursley
as Carl, the Library Guard

Down and out of luck in Central Texas, Alvin, a down-and-out bookworm, and June, a librarian/hooker who likely suffers from a mild form of Tourrette's, unexpectedly meet up and go on a whimsical adventure to Graceland to see the King of Rock and Roll. What they don't understand is that their lives are much more intertwined than they realize as they pursue sightings of Elvis Presley in Middle America. Mildly based and overly-inspired by 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes.


From jimbruno.com:

"beyond words!" is an independent ultra-low-budget film shot on minidv in austin, texas in 1999 and edited on a G3 desktop in 2000 and 2001. not including the cost of the hand-held camera, the computer, or the software, the film was created for less than $3,000.00. with the exception of the lead actors who accepted a small stippend, the cast and crew volunteered their time and effort. the film premiered in austin, tx in 2001 and was broadcast on austin music network in spring 2002 as part of an independent broadcast film festival. created with the small screen in mind, "beyond words!" looks to connect with a new online audience interested in the role that language and words play on two individuals who are at first trapped by, and then ultimately freed through, language and words.

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