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Case Study No. 1335: Sophie Sullivan

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Sophie Sullivan, a librarian in San Francisco, was five years old when she fell head over heels in love with Jake McCann. Twenty years later, she's convinced the notorious bad boy still sees her as the "nice" Sullivan twin. That is, when he bothers to look at her at all.

I Only Have Eyes For You The Sullivans + E-BOOK DOWNLOAD [HQ] sex hot sexy down apple iphone porn youtube
I Only Have Eyes For You The Sullivans + E-BOOK DOWNLOAD [HQ] sex hot sexy down apple iphone porn youtube
I Only Have Eyes For You The Sullivans + E-BOOK DOWNLOAD [HQ] sex hot sexy down apple iphone porn youtube
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I Only Have Eyes For You: The Sullivans, Book 4 (Contemporary Romance)
Bella Andre (author)

Get ready for another Sullivan to fall in love in Bella Andre's bestselling contemporary romance series!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Sophie Sullivan, a librarian in San Francisco, was five years old when she fell head over heels in love with Jake McCann. Twenty years later, she's convinced the notorious bad boy still sees her as the "nice" Sullivan twin. That is, when he bothers to look at her at all. But when they both get caught up in the magic of the first Sullivan wedding, she knows it's long past time to do whatever it takes to make him see her for who she truly is...the woman who will love him forever.

Jake has always been a magnet for women, especially since his Irish pubs made him extremely wealthy. But the only woman he really wants is the one he can never have. Not only is Sophie his best friend's off-limits younger sister...he can't risk letting her get close enough to discover his deeply hidden secret.

Only, when Sophie appears on his doorstep as Jake's every fantasy come to life—smart, beautiful, and shockingly sexy—he doesn't have a prayer of taking his eyes, or his hands, off her. And he can't stop craving more of her sweet smiles and sinful kisses. Because even though Jake knows loving Sophie isn't the right thing to can he possibly resist?

* * * Book 1 in the Sullivan series, THE LOOK OF LOVE, Book 2, FROM THIS MOMENT ON, and Book 3, CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE, are also available! * * *



Jake decided to steer completely clear of Sophie for the rest of the wedding. A little distance from all those soft curves and plump red lips would help him get his head back on straight.

"I've got this," he told Sammy, one of his best bartenders at the original McCann's in the city. "You can circulate with the trays."

Fortunately, the wedding guests were thirsty, clearly needing some vino or hops to wash the taste of the syrupy vows from their tongues. Pouring drinks for strangers was as natural to Jake as breathing, and he immediately got into a rhythm in the middle of the vineyard as the meal was served and people kept a running line behind the bar between courses. He couldn't remember a time he hadn't been drying clean glasses, rearranging bottles. As a kid, when his dad had been the one running the taps, Jake had been in the back loading and unloading the dishwasher for a few extra bucks while the cooks at whatever pub they were at slung together plates of fish and chips and colcannon.

When the female guests flirted with him at the bar, he flirted back. So what if none of them were even half as pretty as Sophie? The Sullivans might be pairing up one after the other like they'd been infected by the same virus, but Jake had had his shots.

Lovewasn't going to take him down.

He knew better than to think that love meant a damn thing when the going got rough and it was easier to split. No wife, no kids, plenty of pretty women, but no rings, was what Jake's future held. He'd play with all the kids the Sullivan clan was bound to pump out, would enjoy being Uncle Jake, but he wouldn't make the mistake of thinking he'd ever be a good husband or father.

McCanns didn't come with those genes.

"You haven't had anything to eat yet."

The slightly husky female voice reached in and grabbed him a split second before he looked straight into Sophie's eyes. Her soft sensuality in that pink dress, the sweet smell of her perfume, were a one-two punch straight to a gut that hadn't yet recovered from watching those tears slip down her cheeks, or the radiant smile that had followed.

Without waiting for an invitation, she put a full plate on the back table for him and moved around the bar to stand next to him. "Scoot over. I'll help out while you eat." She bumped her hip into his, his body not giving a damn that she was OFF LIMITS.

How could her brothers have let her out looking like this? What were they thinking? Didn't they care even a little bit about their sister's welfare?

While he was standing there losing his mind, Sophie took drink orders and deftly poured glasses of wine and mixed drinks for the wedding guests. She was a librarian, not a bartender. She shouldn't be so good at serving drinks. And no librarian should ever be this hot, either, Jake thought as he clamped his jaw so tight his temple started throbbing. He'd let her help for five minutes, and then he'd send her back to her table to celebrate with the rest of her family and make sure she stayed there for the rest of the reception.

Even if he had to tie her to her seat.

A beer bottle nearly slipped from his grip as Jake was hit with a crystal-clear vision of Sophie in his bed, begging for him to-

"I hear you're a librarian. Read any good books lately?"

Jake surfaced from his triple-X daydream just in time to notice a male guest leaning on the bar and looking down the top of Sophie's dress.

She didn't seem to notice any of that as she smiled back at the guy. She was too innocent to realize when a guy like this was aiming for one thing, and one thing only.

Mmm," she said in that seductive voice, still slightly hoarse from her tears. "I'm always reading great books. What do you like to read?"

The guy shrugged, not seeming to care that there was a huge backup of thirsty people bottlenecking behind him. "I'm a doct-"

"What are you drinking?" Jake broke in."

The guy shot him a look that said, Can't you see I'm about to score here?

"Corona," he said to Jake before turning back to Sophie. "As I was saying, I'm a doctor, so I don't have too much time to read. But when I do, I usually read medical thrillers."

Jake couldn't believe it when Sophie leaned over the bar and said, "Oooh, how exciting. Medical thrillers always leave me breathless."

Didn't she get that this loser was way beneath her? She should be throwing a drink in his face, not giving him a better view of her body as she leaned down to grab a bottle of beer. Dr. Dickwad looked like he'd hit a home run, was counting the minutes until he could strip that dress from her tanned skin and find out if she tasted as good as she smelled.

Like hell. Jake would kill him first.

Jake snatched the bottle from her hand. "Here's your beer. Time to let everyone else get a drink."

He could feel Sophie frowning at him as he pinned the guy with his hardest look. If she couldn't pick good from bad, he was going to have to save her. Whether she wanted him to or not was irrelevant.

Although the guy flinched at Jake's silent promise of violence, it didn't stop him from saying, "Be sure to save a dance for me, gorgeous," before he walked away.

Jake held on to his control by a very thin thread. Nothing would feel better than to jump over the bar and tackle the guy to teach him what happened when he flirted with the wrong girl. A girl who was too sweet, too pretty, too damn perfect for him to ever even think of touching one hair on her head.

"You're not dancing with him," he growled. "Not tonight. Not ever."

"I'm a big girl, Jake. I'll dance with whomever I want."

Serving the customer always took priority. But not this time. "Sammy," he called out across the reception area, motioning for his employee to take over the bar again. He didn't wait for Sam to make it to the bar before wrapping his hand around Sophie's wrist and pulling her out from behind the bar. He didn't stop walking until they were hidden behind a large storage shed, just on the edge of the reception area.

"You are not getting within a hundred feet of that guy again."

Anger flared in her eyes. Eyes that had been full of happy tears, full of pure joy, just a short while ago. "You can't tell me what to do."

"Like hell I can't."

She yanked her arm from his and started to walk away, but he couldn't let her go. Not when she was bound to do something stupid, like kiss a smarmy doctor. Furious at the picture of anyone else touching Sophie, instead of just grabbing her wrist or her shoulders, this time Jake wrapped his arms all the way around her and pulled her into him. He held her tight, her chest pushing into his forearms, her height matching his so that her hips fit perfectly between his open legs, her soft hips pressing into his groin.

"Let go of me."


The word was muffled by her hair, so soft, so silky against his chin and lips. And the truth was, he couldn't have let go of her for the world. Not just because he didn't want that other guy touching her...but because he'd never wanted to hold anyone more than he did Sophie.

How long had he dreamed of holding her? Too many years to keep count. And yet, he'd never had a clue just how incredibly good she would feel in his arms, her dangerous curves pressed into him, her chest rising and falling against his arms.

"I'm not going to let you go until you promise me you'll stay away from him."

Now it was her turn to say, "No."

He shifted his hand enough to slip a finger beneath her chin and turn her face so that he could look into her eyes. "Promise me, Sophie. It's for your own good."

Sophie yanked her face away from his hand, then her whole body, and when she turned to face him head-on, her eyes were flashing. "I can't believe you just said that! Especially since you of all people have no idea whatsoever what's good for me."

"Wanna bet?"

His mouth was on hers before he could put the brakes on his desire.

Case Study No. 1334: Nelly Mokhonoana/Nightshade

Librarian by Day + Gladiator at Night
No description available.
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[scene opens with a male news anchor for the BBC series "The World Today" speaking directly to the camera]
ANCHOR: We're gonna go straight to South Africa for this week's Millennium Diary ... Nelly Mokhonoana is a twenty-three year old with a double life. She's one of South Africa's first Black state librarians, but far away from the world of books, she's also a model and was South Africa's first female Black Gladiator.
["Nelly Mokhonoana, Librarian by day Gladiator by night" appears on screen, then cut to a young female librarian (curly brown hair, bright yellow pantsuit) shelving a copy of "Wild South Africa" while speaking directly to the camera]
NELLY: Hello there, my name is Nelly Mokhonoana. I'm twenty three years old, and one of the things that I do ... I'm a librarian working in the state library, Pretoria. Stay with me, and see how exciting it gets.
[she winks at the camera, then cut to her pushing a bookcart through the library]
NELLY: This is one of the things that I have to do for my job. Going through the shelves ...
[she takes a book off one of the shelves and places it on the cart]
NELLY: Looking for the particular books that I will need.
[she continues pushing the cart through the library, then takes the books to her desk and begins leafing through them]
NELLY: [in voice over] I particularly like this part of my job, because it says something about the importance of education in my beloved country, South Africa. Especially given our past with regard to the system of apartheid, where Black people were never given good opportunities. We need education for our success in the new millennium.
[cut to Nelly exiting the library]
NELLY: Work is over, things now are really gonna hot up!
[she gives the camera a thumbs up, then cut to footage from the "MTN Gladiators" television show, as Nelly (now wearing a blue and yellow one-piece bikini) poses and dances for the crowd]
NELLY: [in voice over] "Gladiators" is a very popular TV game show, that involves lots of games. That involves lots of fitness.
[cut to footage of Nelly performing in the "Joust" game (where two people face off using pugil sticks), as she knocks the contestant off of her perch]
NELLY: [in voice over] Things like mountain climbing, joust, gauntlet, and many other games, which are very interesting and appealing.
[cut to a closeup of Nelly, as she dances in celebration while Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" plays in the background]
NELLY: [in voice over] From very young kids up until the adults.
[cut to Nelly being set up for the "Wall" game (where contestants have to scale a rock-climbing wall before the trailing Gladiators can grab them and pull them off)]
NELLY: [in voice over] I'm mostly involved with the mountain climbing, which involves a Gladiator chasing a contender up a fifty-meter mountain.
[the whistle blows, as Nelly chases the contestant up the wall, eventually grabbing her by the ankle and pulling her off (as their harnesses keep them suspended in mid-air while the crowd cheers)]
NELLY: [in voice over] I'm really competitive. I always want to get my contenders down, but you get these awesome contenders who are just too good. They just run up that mountain and leave you behind, hanging there and giving you a run for your money.
[cut to Nelly in the gym, using the exercise bike]
NELLY: [in voice over] It actually projects the physical side of me, which is really an opposite of what you get in the library.
[cut to another shot of Nelly on the exercise bike, as she turns to the camera and smiles]
NELLY: To keep up with those heavy books, you really have to sweat very hard!
[cut to footage of Nelly using other exercise equipment]
NELLY: [in voice over] This is a new era. As we know, in the period of apartheid where Whites and Blacks were never together doing things together, so now because there's democracy, we are given opportunities as well to do everything together, like going to school, university, and also in the working situation, as well as the gym.
[cut back to footage from "MTN Gladiators"]
NELLY: [in voice over] Each and every Gladiator is given a name, and mine is Nightshade. It's very inspiring to realize how much support I get, from my parents, from everyone. From my friends.
[cut to Nelly giving high-fives to the crowd]
NELLY: [in voice over] This might seem to be another TV game show, but to me it means something more than that. This can be seen as a step forward, to a more integrated South Africa, with a variety of cultures and language and background, that leads us into the new millennium.



MTN Gladiators was a game show produced by MTN for SABC3 in South Africa from 1999 to 2001. Following South Africa's initial participation in the second International Gladiators and Springbok Challenge YouTube tournaments in Birmingham, England, the format developed a cult following in South Africa. In 1998 production finally began for a domestic series, eventually airing in 1999.

The show (based on the original "American Gladiators" concept created by Dan Carr and John C. Ferraro) pitted contestants in a variety of physical events against the 'Gladiators', who would attempt to prevent them from achieving maximum points on a variety of games. After this, the two contenders would race each other on the Eliminator, an assault course containing climbing, balancing, and cargo nets. The contender with the most points received a half second head start for every 1 point they were in front by.

The show was originally presented by Glenn Hicks - executive producer of the first four series - and Ursula Staplefeldt. Following Glenn's departure from the show in 2000, he was replaced by James Lennox when it was resurrected for its penultimate fifth series in 2001.

Case Study No. 1333: The Librarian Savitabhabhi

XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian Savitabhabhi
XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian Savitabhabhi
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[the first panel shows two male college students talking]
ANKIT: Hey bro, did you hear the news? I heard that old Misses Upadhyay retired yesterday and the college has hired a sexy new librarian in place of her.
AMAN: I know that look. You want to go there and check her out, don't you?
[the second panel shows one of the students getting up to leave]
ANKIT: Come on, bro. Be my wingman. We have a free period coming up, let's go and check her out.
AMAN: Nah dude, I'd much rather make out with Neha in an empty classroom. You'll have to go alone.
[the third panel shows one of the male students approaching the entrance to the school library (where two other male students are spying through the door), with the caption "Soon ... "]
ANKIT: [to himself] Damn that Aman! Not only has he got Komalbhabhi at home, he's got a chick to bang during the college hours as well!
[the fourth panel shows the male student approaching the two others at the doorway]
ANKIT: Yo Karan, what are you doing outside the library? Hehe ... Did you lose your way?
KARAN: Sshhh ... We're checking out the new librarian. She could give our reigning beauty Miss Monica a run for her money.
[the fifth panel shows the three students staring into the library]
ANKIT: My god! She is so hot!
[the sixth panel shows an attractive young female librarian (long brown hair, glasses, light blue blouse, light blue short skirt) looking at a book]
ANKIT: [to himself] Wow, her big tits look like they are about to tear open that tight blouse any second!
[the seventh panel shows the librarian bending down to pick up the book she's dropped]
LIBRARIAN: Ooop, I'm so clumsy.
ANKIT: [to himself] That sexy ass is just begging to be fucked!
[the eighth panel shows the male student entering the library]
KARAN: What are you doing?
ANKIT: I'm going to talk to her, hehe ... She'll be fawning all over me once I turn on the Ankit charm.
[the ninth panel show the male student speaking to the librarian as she types at her computer]
ANKIT: Hello there, do I know you? Coz you look like my next girlfriend.
LIBRARIAN: That's the worst pick-up line I've heard all day, and believe me, I've heard a lot of them today.
[the tenth panel shows the librarian giving the male student a disgusted look]
ANKIT: No really, I really meant that. What do you think about going out for coffee?
LIBRARIAN: I'll have to ask you to please leave and maintain the decorum of the library.
[the eleventh panel shows the male student walking away, scratching his head]
ANKIT: [to himself] She must be pretty uptight because it's her first day on the job. Maybe I should drop by again after college and ask her again.
[the twelfth panel shows the other two students teasing him as he walks away]
KARAN: Buck up dude, at least you tried.
STUDENT: Yeah, join the club. She told me and Karan here to bugger off too. That's why we're peeping at her from out here.
[the thirteenth panel shows the male student waiting outside in the parking lot, with the caption "Later that evening ... "]
ANKIT: [to himself] I'll just wait here until she comes out and apologize for my behavior ... But where is she? It is already five-forty-five and the library is supposed to close at five PM.
[the fourteenth panel shows the librarian at her computer with her blouse open (exposing her black bra), with the caption "Meanwhile ... "]
LIBRARIAN: [to herself] Oh god, I shouldn't be doing this on my first day at the job ... but mmmm, "Big-Tit_Lover" just added this new sex story yesterday.
[the fifteenth panel show a closeup of the libarian's face, as she closes her eyes and licks her lips]
LIBRARIAN: [to herself] Mmm ... I wish I was the heroine of one of his sexy stories. I'd love doing these naughty things with him.
[the sixteenth panel shows a dream sequence where a man is running his hands across the front of the librarian's shirt]
BHAIYA: Memsaab, I need to ... uhhh, feel these up to take the proper measurement.
LIBRARIAN: Do whatever you want, Bhaiya ... I want a sexy blouse to arouse my workaholic husband.
[the seventeenth panel shows the man with his hands on her exposed breasts]
LIBRARIAN: It's been so long since a man has touched these. So please be gentle while you ... Mmmmm, measure these.
BHAIYA: Of course, Memsaab ... You satisfaction is my duty.
[the eighteenth panel shows the man continue to "take her measurements" ... with his tongue]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, that feels so good Bhaiyaji ... I just love your new measurement method!
[the nineteenth panel shows the librarian back in the library (her eyes closed as she touches herself) while the male student is walking in]
LIBRARIAN: Ahhh ... Your tongue feels so good, Tailorji!
ANKIT: So this is what librarians do after the library is empty.
[the twentieth panel shows the librarian (now realizing that she is no longer alone) quickly closing up her blouse]
LIBRARIAN: Wha ... You again! Library ... er, library is closed! Get out now!



XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian
Episode Started 22nd of May 2013

Story: Rahul
Art: Nestor
Colors: Choo

A young, beautiful and charming girl who's just joined Satnam college as the new librarian. She's an avid bibliophile and likes nothing more than spending time surrounded by good books. Besides reading books her hobbies include chatting with friends on the internet and playing internet card games. But there's more to her than meets the eye. Behind the innocent impression that she gives to everyone she has a naughty side to her as well.



Kirtu is a word that, by association, has become synonymous with sexually explicit comics or animation originating in India that depict modern Indian sexuality. The common noun is derived from the domain name of the popular pornographic cartoon website (kir, although as a proprietary eponym it is often used to refer to Indian cartoon pornography in general, much like hentai is used to denote sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation from Japan, particularly anime, manga and computer games.

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Case Study No. 1332: Pat O'Hanlon

Librarian Kicks Disabled Man Out of Public Library
On April 11, 2011, Don Stallman was reading on the floor of The Truth or Consequences Public Library when he was approached by Library Director Pat O'Hanlon and told that he was going to be removed from the library.

Mr. Stallman was not disturbing anyone in the library nor did he constitute a "safety hazard." Mr. Stallman remained underneath a table and continued to read until leaving the library an hour later.

The same local police officer who had intially removed him from the library on December 30 ,2010, responded to the scene after Mr. Stallman had already left the building.
Tags: The City of Truth or Consequences Public Library Director Pat O'Hanlon Don Stallman civil rights disability access
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[video opens with a male patron reading under a table in the Truth or Consequences Public Library, as the library director is standing over him]
PAT O'HANLON: I know you are disabled. We have tried to make certain accomodations. You have ignored them all. My instructions are to have you removed from the library.
[he doesn't move, so she walks away]



Don Stallman has suffered from Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis for the past eight years. This degenerative physical condition, caused by a previous surgery, has created persistent chronic pain that can only be reduced through the use of prescription medication and the adoption of non-stressful positions for his lower back.

Mr. Stallman has utilized the prone position as an effective means of minimizing his pain when reclining for long periods of time in public, and has NEVER experienced a single incidence of confrontation or discrimination in this regard... until moving to Sierra County, New Mexico in November 2010.

Upon threat of arrest Mr. Stallman was removed by a police officer from The Truth or Consequences Public Library at the request of Library Director, Pat O'Hanlon on December 30, 2010... solely because he was lying on the floor in an out of the way location reading a book.

City Manager David Weiser has banned Mr. Stallman from entering the public library, although clear evidence of his disability has been presented to city officials, and several federal and state agencies have intervened on his behalf.

Case Study No. 1331: "Why are librarians so merciless?"

why are Librarians so merciless?
sorry for m croaky voice and bad quality audio, times are tough.
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[scene opens with a screenshot from the Yahoo! Answers web site ("Why are librarians so mean??? they are seriously rude...?")]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Lemmee tell you a little story about my recent encounter with the school librarian.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] So, I was at school ... obviously, and I had this drama homework to do.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Me and my friend, we went to the library, and we were going to print it out. And our drama teacher is one of those teachers who ... you don't bring their homework, they will make your life miserable. So, this homework was in dire need.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Um, we would print out the homework in the library, and we have those school printers that take ages to log you in, it takes ages to print, and it takes ages to log back out.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And we had at least two or three people ahead of us, so we thought we weren't gonna make it before the end of break.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] So, it finally came up to my friend. He was logging in, y'know? Um, and then at that moment, the bell rang.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And some of the librarians, we have three librarians in school, some of the librarians started to walk around saying, "Time for your next lesson, everyone get out. Everyone get out."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And there was this one librarian, she came over to the printer, and she said, "Oh, it's time for lesson, get out, get out."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] My friend was like, "Oh miss, I just need to print this out because I have next lesson and I need this homework."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] She, heartlessly, just took out the plug ... right? She literally yanked out the plug and said, "Oh, time for your next lesson, off you go."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] We walked away.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] One week after, the same situation. We had to go into the library, drama homework, we had to print it out ... She pulls the plug.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] No heart in it at all, okay? And it makes you wonder why librarians are so mean! Why are librarians so mean? It is just wrong. They're supposed to be the kindest people, they're with books!
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] It doesn't make any sense, and you're probably won-ding ... "Won-ding?" Wondering. As you can see, I'm still stuttering.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] You're probably wondering, "Oh, how did that happen to you twice? Wouldn't you have learned your lesson? Wouldn't you have at least decided to instead do your homework at home?"
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] One word ... procrastination. Bye.



Resolved Question
Why are librarians so mean??? they are seriously rude...?
I love the library because there are so many books and things to learn. However, the librarians alway ruin it for me. I only ask for help when I seriously can not find the book I need. I do know how to use the search engine and I do know how use the net.. I am not stupid.. just help me out!!!

Best Answer - SomeGirl
The librarians are rude in my town, too, and have been for as long as I can remember. I have interacted with some who were nice there and other places, so I wouldn't generalize that they are all mean, but they sure can be if you get on their bad side!
I'm guessing it's because they're trained in library sciences, with not so much emphasis on public relations, and little, if any, on education. They're really not there to teach. A lot of them probably regard patrons as an annoyance, just like people in other jobs that have to deal with the public. They're there because they like books, not people.
Don't let them ruin your love of libraries!

Asker's Rating: 4 out of 5
they are just so rude. i try not to generalize but i moved to a new city and they are mean here too. the way they talk to people and how they are so slow.. it angers me.
i [heart] library... not librarians!!!
like adam corolla.. the place where they hide all the books.

Other Answers (8)

Why don't you explain that you love the library but that you don't know how to use it as well as you would like?
If they don't help you at that point, then they are being mean.
But having a friend who is a librarian who gets questions like "do you have any books I can read?" makes you understand that librarians need you to help them to help you.
One other reason some librarians are mean or rude is that getting people to be quiet, to not ruin the books and materials, and to not literally smear feces on the walls has worn them down.

I just cant stand rude people. Rude librarians are even more annoying. it makes you wonder how the hell they got a job!
You could tear out pages of the magazine they were reading (when they relucatantly went to find your book) or you could write a complaint to the local council (I'd recommend several letters in different fonts over a period of time) so that they can be dealt with. Unless theyre related to people in council.
usually the case.

grey smily
I'm sorry.
The last librarian I came across was hot. At first she was stiff, I cracked a couple of one liners on her, took her out that night. Damn good time. I was the one telling her to shh! later that evening, I know you dit'n need that info. Still together today, she is still rude-but hot. She is my Rachel Weisz from The Mummy! Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!

Mel W
I'm sorry to hear the librarians at you r library are rude.
I absolutely love my librarian. She is SO helpful.
Is there another library near you. Maybe the librarian(s) there won't be so difficult.

It is not only Librarians. Most bureaucrats have similar complex problems.
Unfortunately nothing much you could do about it.

Get a Life
I don't know where you live. But in California the librarians are just as rude as where ever you are.

Giggle Bear
maybe they are just having a bad day or they dont like their job, or it could be anything! maybe their dog died and they are mad! who knows!

Lack of social life, sense of humor and compassion.

Case Study No. 1330: Unnamed Female Librarian (Happy Days)

Happy Days- Hard Cover
Happy Days Season 5, Episode 4- Hard Cover
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[Richie Cunningham and Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli are sitting on the couch, as Richie complains about being able to find a date now that he's in college]
RICHIE: The homecoming dance is tomorrow night, I don't have a date, and I absolutely refuse to take a high school girl!
FONZIE: Now will you cool your heels, Red? The Fonz will set you up socially.
RICHIE: I've only got one day.
FONZIE: Hey, the places I take you, you don't strike out!
RICHIE: Well Fonz, y'see, I-I do want ... kind of a nice girl to take to the homecoming. I mean, not a girl who pops up out of a cake.
FONZIE: Alright alright, forget class ... I'm gonna take you, I'm gonna take you to a place called, uh, the Finster Memorial Li-berry.
RICHIE: A library? For girls?
FONZIE: That's right. See, girls got two things in common. One is that they all love to read.
RICHIE: Uh, what's the other thing?
[Fonzie rolls his eyes at the question, then cut to the two entering a library filled with young women]
FONZIE: Now, didn't I tell ya this place was hoppin' with chicks?
RICHIE: Yeah ...
FONZIE: Go and get a notch in your li-berry card!
[he laughs, then cut to a young female librarian (black hair in a bun, white blouse, black skirt) sitting at the front desk, who taps her pen on the typewriter and shushes them]
[Richie heads off towards the stacks, while Fonzie sits down on a table next to a young lady reading ... however, Richie almost immediately emerges from the stacks]
RICHIE: No wait, no! Don't do that! Hey!
[someone from off camera hurls a book at his head, as he runs over to Fonzie]
RICHIE: Fonzie, a girl just threw "War and Peace" at me! Hit me in the head!
FONZIE: Will you keep it down? We're in a li-berry!
[cut back to the librarian, who again puts a finger to her lips and shushes them]
RICHIE: Alright, okay, let's just quit! I've tried three times, and I've struck out every time, let's just forget it!
FONZIE: You're not quittin'! Now look, when you're strollin' down life's highway, you don't remember the strikeouts. Only the home run! Now either you're gonna give it your best shot, or don't shoot at all.
[he takes a book off a nearby shelf]
RICHIE: Okay ... Look out, 'cause I'm gonna do it.
[he walks over to a table where a young lady is reading]
FONZIE: Now you're sizzlin' ...
[Fonzie leaves, as Richie starts to sit down, then immediately stands back up]
RICHIE: Oh, excuse me! Uh, is this seat taken?
[she shakes her head]
RICHIE: Oh, good. Good.
[he sits back down, then starts flipping through the pages of his book at an impossible speed]
RICHIE: Oh ...
[he shuts the book, then turns to the woman]
RICHIE: Oh, slow beginning, but overall very very good read!
LORI BETH: You read the entire book so fast?
RICHIE: Oh, you noticed that?
[he laughs]
RICHIE: Well, yes. Yeah, I'm a speed reader. Self-taught.
LORI BETH: Oh, how long have you been reading that way?
RICHIE: Oh, years. I'm a member of the Book-of-the-Day Club.
LORI BETH: Then, uh, why were you always getting chewed out for not doing your reading in Drivers' Ed class?
[she smiles, as Richie gives her a quizzical look]
RICHIE: How did you know that?
LORI BETH: I'm Lori Beth Allen. Uh, you wouldn't remember me. We had different friends, I had different hair, I had this tooth over here--
RICHIE: Lori Beth. You always ignored me.
LORI BETH: Well, um, I'm grown up now. I'm in college.
RICHIE: Do you live at home?
LORI BETH: No, I'm in the dorms. What about you?
RICHIE: Oh. Oh, I uh ... I live in a house.
LORI BETH: Oh, whose? Phi Delta?
LORI BETH: Alpha Tau Omega?
RICHIE: No. Uh ... Mama Papa Sister.
RICHIE: Well, uh, my ... my parents. I figure that, either way, you eat a lotta meatloaf, right?
[she smiles, then closes the book and stands up]
LORI BETH: Well, I'm about through here. I finished my book, too.
RICHIE: Oh, uh, Mary Beth?
LORI BETH: Lori Beth.
RICHIE: Oh! Oh right, I remember, right! I-I just wanted to, to ask you something ...
[he gets up and walks around beside her]
RICHIE: Well, I just thought that ...
[he looks around at all of the patrons]
RICHIE: Hey listen, why don't we go to Arnold's where we can really talk, okay?
LORI BETH: We could go back to my dorm room.
RICHIE: [pause] We could do that?
[she smiles and nods her head]
RICHIE: Oh, certainly! Sure, we ... we could do that!
[he looks at the patrons sitting at the nearby table]
RICHIE: Talk, huh?
[they walk towards the exit]
LORI BETH: Good, my roommate's in the infirmary!
RICHIE: Oh ...
[she walks out, as Richie looks at Fonzie (who's leaning against the front desk) before following her]


[Richie and Lori Beth are making out in her dorm room, when there's a knock at the door (and she becomes scared that the housemother will catch them)]
LORI BETH: Do something! Under the bed! Uh, in the closet!
RICHIE: Alright alright, stay calm. Keep a cool head ... I'm jumpin' out the window!
[he tries to open the window, but it won't budge]
RICHIE: Can't jump, it's stuck!
LORI BETH: Uh, in here!
[she opens the closet door]
RICHIE: Right!
LORI BETH: And try not to wrinkle anything!
[he hides, then there's another knock at the door (as Richie moves in for one last kiss)]
CHRISTY: [from off camera] Lori Beth, open up! It's me, Christy!
[she closes the closet, then opens the door ... as another young lady (wearing glasses) runs in, holding Fonzie by the hand]
LORI BETH: Thank heavens it's you!
FONZIE: So this is where you want me to hide? I tell ya, very good choice! The more the merrier!
[he puts his arms around both girls, then looks at Lori Beth more closely]
FONZIE: Hey, don't I know you?
LORI BETH: Uh, I don't know. I fixed my hair and my tooth--
FONZIE: No no no, the li-berry! So where's, uh ...
[he looks around, then notices the closet]
FONZIE: Uh huh.
[he calmly walks over and opens the closet]
FONZIE: Peek a boo, get out here!
RICHIE: Oh, hi Fonz.
CHRISTY: You have one, too? And they know each other?
RICHIE: Fonz, this is, this is Lori Beth here.
LORI BETH: I'm sorry we didn't meet before ten.
FONZIE: Hey, that's alright.
[he snaps his fingers, and Christy runs to his side]
FONZIE: The Fonz don't turn into no pumpkin!
[he turns to Richie]
FONZIE: Hey, I gotta tell you something, Rich! I wanna introduce you to Christy Riggerheimer. This is a very cool chick! The things that she did to me, made me feel good all over!
RICHIE: Oh, Fonzie ... Fonz, I don't think Lori Beth really wants to hear about--
FONZIE: Oh yeah, before I knew what was happening--
FONZIE: Before I knew what was happening, I was applying for my own li-berry card! And checkin' out my very first book!
[he takes a book out from under his arm and places it down on a nearby table]
RICHIE: Oh, I thought you were gonna say, uh ... something else.
FONZIE: Oh, I tell ya somethin', Rich ...
[he reaches over and takes off Christy's glasses]
FONZIE: You should'a heard what she said to me.
[he breathes on each lens, then wipes them off on his shirt]
FONZIE: She is the first chick, I'm talkin' the first chick ... that ever said that I stimulated her intellectually!
[he puts her glasses back on]
FONZIE: And now I got my own li-berry card, whoa!
RICHIE: Wait, y-you went to the library all those years, and-and you never got a card?
FONZIE: Naw, I never thought they'd give it to a guy like me! But do you know, there's a card for everybody? That's right, everybody is allowed to read! Who would'a thought such a thing?



Happy Days Season 5 Episode 4
Hard Cover
Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1977 on ABC

Facing a dating slump, Fonzie suggests that Richie go to the library to meet girls. Richie meets Lori Beth Allen at the library who invites him to her dorm room.



Happy Days (September 27, 1977, TV series), "Hard Cover." Concerned about the lack of action in his love life, Richie (Ron Howard) asks Fonzie (Henry Winkler) for some dating advice. The Fonz suggests that they go to the local Pfinster Memorial Library to meet sophisticated girls. Susan Cotton plays a shushing librarian. One girl throws a book (War and Peace) at Richie at the library. He sits down next to Lori Beth Allen (Lynda Goodfriend) and pretends to speed read a book. Fonzie meets Christy Riggerheimer (Teris Wyss) who inspires him to get a library card and check out his first book.



As stated on the reunion of the cast of the 1970s ABC-TV television show, Happy Days, is it true that after the airing on September 27, 1977, of the episode titled, "Hard Cover," in which the show's most popular character, Fonzie, portrayed by actor Henry Winkler, got a library card, that library card registrations by children suddenly received a dramatic increase, as much as 500%?

Yes, as discussed in the Happy Days 30th Anniversary Reunion television special that first aired on the ABC network on February 12, 2005, the Fonzie character did encourage his buddies to get a library card (the "Hard Cover" episode already has a claim to fame as being the first episode after Fonzie, ahem, "jumped the shark" in the season's three-part opener), but the American Library Association has been unable to document an increase in signups of the magnitude suggested by Winkler. Only a few states track the number of library cards held with any reliability, and there is no report in ALA's American Libraries or in any other library press periodical telling of a surge in signups in the months following the episode.

The number of library cards in the United States is one statistic that wasn't collected for the Public Libraries in the United States federal survey series by the Institute of Museum and Library Services until the FY2008 (2010) edition. No such numbers appear in The Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac for that year or any other. There's a hesitation to collect and present such numbers, due to the fact that the accuracy of them would vary from library to library.

For example, ALA publishes its own annual public library survey through its Public Library Association (PLA, a division of ALA), the Public Library Data Service (PLDS) Statistical Report, which is conducted on a random sampling of about 1,000 public libraries all over the US, of various population served sizes and locations. The survey questionnaire does ask each library to provide its number of "library registrations" but with the caveat: "Report this figure only if the library has purged its file at least once within the last three years. If not, indicate by putting N/A in the space." Many of the participating libraries, which are individually named in the report, do provide a number, but dozens of them do not. Patrons move away, or pass away, and citizens are under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to inform public libraries of their own or a relative's status and its effect on the library’s number of registrations.

In short, there is no way to prove--or disprove--the statement.

Winkler, part of the Auditorium Speaker Series at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference, having previously provided the keynote speech at the closing session of ALA's 2005 Annual Conference, has spoken before of what he has overcome to become successful in his chosen profession, and he is obviously passionate about inspiring others, especially children, through literacy.

For more information, see the article, From the Desk of Norman Lear: The Fonz, Drunk Drivers, and Trash, available from the Environmental Media Association, and the Happy Days Wikipedia entry. Also see the Entertainment Education and Health in the United States article that appeared in the Spring 2004 Issue Brief of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Case Study No. 1329: Jesse Reeves

First Lestat and Jesse meet
Queen of the Damned
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[Jesse Reeves enters a vampire club and sits down at the bar, surrounded by three vampires]
VAMPIRE 1: Come here often?
JESSE: All the time.
[he pulls down her collar and looks at her neck]
VAMPIRE 1: I don't see any marks.
JESSE: Well, you haven't seen the rest of my body ...
VAMPIRE 2: Is that an invitation?
JESSE: Sorry, I'm taken.
VAMPIRE 3: And ... where is your host?
JESSE: Oh, he's here somewhere.
VAMPIRE 2: This host ... what's his name?
JESSE: [nervously] Marius.
[Lestat suddenly appears in the shadows, unseen by the others]
VAMPIRE 1: Sorry ... don't know the guy.
JESSE: Well, of course you wouldn't, he's an ancient.
VAMPIRE 2: There aren't any ancients left.
VAMPIRE 3: They all turned to dust.
VAMPIRE 1: So unless you've got him in a bottle somewhere ...
[they all laugh]
JESSE: You know, you're brave joking like that. I wish you could meet him.
VAMPIRE 1: And why is that?
JESSE: Because you might learn something.
[she suddenly looks around at these vampires around her, nervous due to her brashness]
JESSE: Excuse me ... [she quickly exits]
[cut to outside the club, as Jesse tries to run away but the vampires fly in and surround her]
JESSE: [screams]
VAMPIRE 1: Going somewhere? Now, this'll only hurt a little bit ... In fact, you might even enjoy it.
[he grabs her and attempts to bite her neck, but Lestat flies in and pulls him away before disappearing ... Caught off-guard, the vampires rush off down the alleyway in an attempt to catch their attacker, leaving Jesse alone]
LESTAT: [from off camera] Boo.
[Jesse turns to find Lestat standing behind her]
LESTAT: That was quite a performance. You should be more careful.
JESSE: [quietly] Thanks.
LESTAT: For what?
JESSE: Well, you saved me.
LESTAT: [begins circling her] How presumptuous ... So, you know Marius.
JESSE: Well, I know a lotta things.
LESTAT: Not how to stay alive, apparently.
JESSE: Oh, I guess we have that in common ... although I think I'm a little ahead of the race here.
LESTAT: Well, I can fix that ...
[he starts approaching her]
JESSE: Your song Redeemer, it's about the girl with the violin ... isn't it?
[he stops]
JESSE: Yeah.
LESTAT: Is it? And what else do you think you know?
JESSE: I, uh ...
[he starts walking towards her again, as she backs away]
LESTAT: You're uh, shaking.
JESSE: Cold.
LESTAT: Still cold?
JESSE: [shakes her head] Uh-uh.
LESTAT: So, go on. Tell me more about me.
[he backs her up against a brick wall, then takes her hand]
JESSE: [nervously] Uh you, you want--
LESTAT: What do I want?
JESSE: You yearn--
LESTAT: What do I yearn?
[he scratches her hand so that a little blood comes out]
LESTAT: For what do I yearn?
[he sucks the blood off her finger]
JESSE: To walk with the living ... Out of the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.
[he stops and stares at her]
LESTAT: Well, that makes you a very clever librarian ... Talamascan. I knew I left that journal somewhere. So, is it a good read?
JESSE: It touched me.
LESTAT: Did it now?
JESSE: [slowly nods]
LESTAT: Don't worry Jesse, your kind never satisfies my thirst.
[he walks away]
JESSE: [yelling after him] Lestat, I know something that's not in your journal!
[he stops and turns]
JESSE: You still have the violin, don't you?
LESTAT: [says nothing]
JESSE: No, I understand. After all, it's only human ...
[he suddenly flies off, knocking her to the ground]



THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (2002). Lestat, the star vampire, is astonished by the intellect of a researcher at a London institute for vampire study. As she leaves the room, he mutters (with some measure of respect) "Well, that makes you a very clever librarian!"



Queen of the Damned is a 2002 film adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series, The Queen of the Damned, although the film contains many plot elements from the latter novel's predecessor, The Vampire Lestat. It stars Aaliyah as the vampire queen Akasha, and Stuart Townsend as the vampire Lestat. Queen of the Damned was released six months after Aaliyah's death and is dedicated to her memory.

Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) is awakened from decades of slumber by the sound of a rock band, which he proceeds to take over as lead singer. Achieving international success and planning a massive live concert, Lestat is approached by Marius (Vincent Perez), and warned that the vampires of the world will not tolerate his flamboyant public profile.

Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau), a researcher for the paranormal studies group Talamasca, is intrigued by Lestat's lyrics and tells the rest of the group her theory that he really is a vampire. Her mentor takes her aside and tells her they know he is and that a vampire called Marius made him. He also shows her Lestat's journal that he recovered and is now in the Talamasca library. In a flashback to his origins, Lestat recalls how he awoke Akasha (Aaliyah), the first vampire, with his music. Jesse tracks him down to a London vampire club where he confronts her, and she follows him to Los Angeles for the concert, where she gives him his journal. Shortly after they leave London. Akasha, awakened by Lestat's new music, arrives and torches the club, and all the vampires inside, who want Lestat dead.

At the concert in Death Valley, a mob of vampires attack Lestat and Marius. Akasha bursts through the stage and takes Lestat with her as her new King. Empowered by Akasha's blood, Lestat and the Queen confront the Ancient Vampires at the home of Maharet (Lena Olin), Jesse's aunt, who is an Ancient Vampire herself. The Ancient Vampires were planning to kill Akasha, to save the human world from demise. Akasha then commands Lestat to kill Jesse. Lestat ostensibly obeys but then turns and begins to drain Akasha's blood with the help of the Ancients. Mael (Christian Manon) and Pandora (Claudia Black) are killed by Akasha's power, and Armand (Matthew Newton) is almost killed, but is saved as her powers diminish. Maharet is the last to drink Akasha's blood, and thereby ends up becoming a marble 'statue'. Lestat then turns and walks to where Jesse is lying lifeless, and cradling her in his arms, gives her his blood, turning her into a vampire. Jesse, now a vampire, and Lestat then return the journal to the Talamasca, and walk away, among mortals, into the night. As they exit, Marius enters the Talamasca.

The film closes with a scene of David (Paul McGann) reading the journal as Marius's voice catches his attention, cheerfully saying, "Hello David."



After what seems like a century of family fantasy flicks, at last arises Queen of the Damned, a vampire film that horror fans beyond the tenth grade can sink their fangs into. Adapted from author Anne Rice's best-selling "Vampire Chronicles," the movie stars the tempting, talented and tragically ill-fated pop princess Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die) as Queen Akasha. Her Hip-Hop Highness is a 4,000 year-old vampire awakened from her ancient catnap by the Goth-metal band, Vampire Lestat. The group is fronted by Lestat de Lioncourt (Stuart Townsend), an undead upstart no longer content to live out his ravishing, yet wretched existence in the shadows of the night.

In rock-star Lestat, Akasha sees a new king to walk God-like beside her as they bleed the mortal world dry of human blood. And, in return, Queen Akasha's high-octane vital juices allow Lestat to grow so powerful he can walk in daylight and vanquish all other vampires. But what seems like the most devilish team since Mick Jagger met Keith Richards quickly shatters when Lestat realizes that Akasha has no appreciation for the fragile beauty of mortal life and that she would prefer to rule over a kingdom of corpses. Is it too late to stop the Queen's boundless bloodlust or will her prophetic dream of hell on earth finally come to pass? Don't ask me, you fool! Get thee to a multiplex and see with thy own bloodshot eyes!

Somewhat deceptive in its title, Queen of the Damned is largely Lestat's legend, told in present day with flashbacks of his being "made" by Marius (Vincent Perez), an ancient vampire and close decedent of the Queen herself. Lestat longs for a comely companion with whom to stalk the endless night. But, alas, he cannot bring himself to turn any female he truly desires into a dashing, but diabolical monster such as himself. One prospective lady of the eternal evening is Jesse (Marguerite Moreau), the "clever librarian" who seeks out Lestat to become as he. And she all but throws her conservative, but creamy cleavage onto his fine, hollow-pointed dental work. But despite his worldwide success as a rock star, it's lonely at the top of the food chain for Lestat until the rumblings of his band's wall of Marshall amps awaken Queen Akasha and all heck at last breaks loose.

Though Aaliyah's screen time is minimal, she makes the most of every blood-dripping moment as she embodies Queen Akasha with both sinister and smoldering sexuality. While the rest of Queen of the Damned's cast members hit their marks and deliver their lines with polish and panache, so strong and focused is her performance that she can even get away with the faux Egyptian accent she developed for the part. Imagine an Eartha Kitt's Catwoman and you've got it "purr-fectly." As such, it's truly a pity that Aaliyah's promise and presence will not be seen again. So, although it's not for the squeamish or those who consider Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" to be sacred text, Queen of the Damned is good gory fun and an eerie reminder of how short a time even the brightest star has to shine.

Case Study No. 1328: The Librarian (Daymare Town)

FREAKING LIBRARIAN - Let's play Daymare Town (Part 3)
Play Daymare Town yoself bro!: http://www.pastel

We get stuck and pray to the gods of guidance but unfortunately it takes a toll on my mic... I'm really sorry it won't happen again, bear with it ok? I'm like Finn now with my computer voice xD... AND WE FIND A FREAKING LIBRARIAN

Part 2: http://you
Part 4 (last): http://you
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Daymare Town is a series of point-and-click games developed by Mateusz Skutnik, who is known for Submachine and Covert Front, as a part of Pastel Games. The prominent feature that sets it apart from other point-and-click series is its unique art style. Everything in the games is completely hand-drawn by Skutnik himself. The heavily stylized visuals only add to the bizarre and surreal nature of the games.

The series is known for two things:

Being incredibly hard.
Being incredibly weird.

So far, there are three main entries in the series, and three side entries. Skutnik has said that the series will continue indefinitely, since there is no real plot to wrap up or end.

Particularly notable in that while it can be a bit scary or creepy, it takes place (obviously) entirely during the day, in a town with functioning shops and houses.



The Librarian is an inhabitant of Daymare Town that appears in Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 2. The Librarian has a innate fascination for anything that can be read, and is willing to exchange his possessions for anything readable. The Librarian has been stated by the author to be male.

The Librarian appears to be a malnourished human being wearing a long black robe, barefoot with long straggly hair and a big nose. In both Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 2, he is portrayed as sitting in the corner of a room.

The Librarian first appears in Daymare Town 1, holding a Chinese Puzzle Block. He is hostile to the Player, making an angry face and snarling when the player tries to interact, until the player brings him a book from the Book House, which he immediately begins to read, dropping the puzzle block in the process.

Later, he makes another appearance in Daymare Town 2, this time holding a floating balloon, which he is similarly possessive of. The balloon can be obtained by giving the Librarian a pamphlet from the Museum.

The Librarian is reclusive, evidenced by the fact that he appears in Daymare Town 1, which is set in an almost deserted section of the city. He is unfriendly and hostile when interacted with. His main fascination is reading - he drops anything he's holding just to get a book or even a pamphlet to read.

* The author has stated that the Librarian won't appear in Daymare Town 4, since it's a different part of the town and he couldn't be there.
* The Librarian appears in a drawing that the author put on sale some time ago.



The Yard
Passages to City Hall, A Well, Book House, Armory, A Stone, Passage, The Sky.
Bird – Lower left corner, ledge on building.

The Sky
Bird – Where chimney meets roof.

A Well
Coin – On rim of well.
Hook – On ground in top left. (Combine it with String.)

A Stone
String – In upper left. (Combine it with Hook.)
Yardstone Key – Click right edge of stone.

A Sewer
Piece 1 – Use Hook on String on Sewer.

Piece 3 – Use Small Torch on opening, use Lighter on torch, use Coin on person(?).

Armory (entrance)
Passage to Armory (inside).
Piece – Put Plate in left Some Strange Ornament for Piece.

Armory (inside)
Passages to Torture Room, Office (Armory).
Portrait of a Soldier – Click on buttons to see switch code.
Screwdriver – Cabinet in lower left. (Combine it with Cloth.)

Office (Armory)
Bird – Click on top right corner, then in center again.

Armory (First Floor)
Cloth – In back right corner. (Combine it with Screwdriver.)
Piece 4 – Will appear here once you use the Plate on the Strange Ornament outside.

Torture Room
Click on back-left to reach Recess.
Piece 5 – The Librarian will eventually show up here. Give him the Book.
Sinkmouth Key – Click on Sink. Use Hook with String on sink mouth.

Book House
Lighter – Check outside, the Small Hole in Wall on right.

Reading Room (Book House floor 1)
Piece of Paper – Left edge of picture of Bloomfield House.
Bird – Roof of Bloomfield House in picture.
Book – On desk in right part of room.

Archives (Book House floor -1)
Bird – Book with dot in huge bookcase.

Workshop (Book House floor -2)
Piece 2 – "Puzzle?" on wall; use switch code from Armory painting.
Piece 6 – Go to table with scissors and rock. Click rock, then quickly put Piece of Paper under it.

Basement (Book House floor -3)
Plate – Just "Turn Around" and then click "Scary".

City Hall (entrance)
Click the door to enter. Click the left to go to Left Yard.

Left Yard
Click Left to find a pedestal with the number of birds found, as well as a mysterious yawning mouth. Click on stairs to eventually get to Prisoner's Room. Use Yardstone Key to unlock door.

Prisoner's Room
Secret Puzzle – Use Golden Egg on Prisoner. Yay!
Bird – Click window of Prisoner's Room. It's on the left side of the busy part of the tree.

City Hall (Hallway)
Bird – Click top of screen, then just above and left of center.
Bird – Third door on left, click top right, click nest.
Piece 7 – Second door on right, click A Safe, use Sinkmouth Key.

City Hall (Puzzle machine area)
Bird – Go left, past the puzzle piece pillars, you'll find an area with a hole right in front of you. Click top of screen, then click rightmost of the three holes.
Bird – Machine area, where railing meets left wall.
Final Puzzle – Match the puzzle pieces to their pillars, click each button, finally pull lever past the left puzzle pillars area. Right area: Pieces 4, 2, 5. Left: 6, 1, 3, 7.

Case Study No. 1327: Mrs. Skorupski

Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything!
A Mrs. Skorupski Story
by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa
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According to Carmen, a fourth-grader at Liberty Elementary, her school's librarian won't tell students ANYTHING!
Fortunately, her classmate Robert doesn't believe Carmen and marches right over to ask Mrs. Skorupski question after question.
Mrs. Skorupski's eyes twinkle and her rhinestone glasses sparkle as she leads Robert to the tools he needs to find the answers.
Carmen scowls as she watches Robert become a Library Success Story, but eventually comes around as she realizes that Mrs. Skorupski can teach them EVERYTHING!



Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything!
Toni Buzzeo (Author)
Sachiko Yoshikawa (Illustrator)
Age Range: 5 and up
Grade Level: Kindergarten and up
Series: Mrs. Skorupski Story
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Upstart Books (January 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1932146733

Liberty Elementary School has a state-of-the-art library media center with a librarian who, allegedly, won't tell the students anything. At least that's the grim report that new student Robert receives from his classmate Carmen. When he meets Mrs. Skorupski-who wears tarantula earrings, rhinestone glasses, a bright red-and-gold shirt, and purple pants-he discovers that she is not quite as close-lipped as he'd been led to believe. While it's true that she won't place a book directly in his hand or find him a Web site, she patiently teaches him how to search an online catalog and how to access and select appropriate information by himself. In other words, she's a perfect school librarian. Mrs. Skorupski enables Robert and his classmates to locate print and nonprint materials, take notes, keep track of sources, and demonstrate their learning in a multimedia product. This amusing story with bright, zippy illustrations can be used to launch research units. The accompanying "library lessons" pamphlet has useful forms, a self-assessment rubric, and additional information on multimedia formats including claymation films, podcasts, TV advertisements, and PowerPoint slide shows.



Our Librarian Won't Tell Us ANYTHING!
A Mrs. Skorupski Story
by Toni Buzzeo

Read the book aloud to children first, so that they can enjoy the humorous illustrations
and also become familiar with the story. Then, hand out a set of photocopied scripts to
eleven children. (Select gregarious readers for Robert, Carmen, and Mrs. Skorupski.
Struggling readers may still feel successful in the Chorus.) Ask the remaining children to
be the audience. Have performers face the audience and simply read their parts on the
first several run-throughs. Once all readers are comfortable with their parts, have a sec-
ond reading with the opportunity to use props or costumes (earrings and glasses for Mrs.
Skorupski are especially fun), if desired, and to act out the story while reading

* Robert
* Carmen Rosa Pena
* Mr. Dickinson
* Mrs. Skorupski
* Narrator One
* Narrator Two
* Narrator Three
* Chorus (four students)

Robert: On my very first day at Liberty Elementary, Mr. Dickinson sent me down to the library media center.

Mr. Dickinson: Bring back a couple of books you'll enjoy, Robert.

Robert: You bet!

Narrator One: Robert hurried down the hall after Carmen Rosa Pena

Narrator Two: who wasn't about to wait for him to catch up.

Narrator Three: Through the double glass doors Robert could see

Narrator One: the story alcove,

Narrator Two: life-sized animal skeleton collection,

Narrator Three: a dozen student computers with swivel chairs,

Chorus: and thousands and thousands of books.

Narrator One: Everywhere kids were reading on bean bag chairs,

Narrator Two: typing at computers,

Narrator Three: or standing in the check-out line.

Robert: The rest of them crowded around a tall blond woman holding a video camera.

Mrs. Skorupski: That was me! My tarantula earrings dangled below my rhinestone glasses.

Narrator One: Carmen was halfway across the room when Robert skidded to a stop in front of her.

Robert: What do you like to read?

Carmen Rosa Pena: Soccer and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Why do you care?

Robert: I wondered if you knew where the animal books are.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Not a chance.

Robert: That's okay. I'll ask the librarian.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Mrs. Skorupski?

Narrator Two: Carmen rolled her eyes.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Don't even bother. Our librarian won't tell us ANYTHING!

Narrator Three: Carmen charged off to the shelf under the Kristine Lilly poster.

Chorus: What? Librarians help people - like police but without the trouble.

Narrator One: Robert marched over to the crowd surrounding Mrs. Skorupski and waited his turn.

Narrator Two: Mrs. Skorupski finally glanced at Robert over the sparkling glasses.

Mrs. Skorupski: New to Liberty?

Robert: Yep. Mr. Dickinson's class.

Narrator Three: Mrs. Skorupski stuck out her hand.

Mrs. Skorupski: Great! I love fourth graders. What do you like to read?

Chorus: Ha! Carmen was wrong.

Robert: Got any animal books?

Mrs. Skorupski: Any? We've got so many animal books -

Chorus: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish -

Mrs. Skorupski: I could lock you in here for a year and you'd still be reading. Well, if you didn't starve first!

Robert: Awesome! Mammals, please. Where are they?

Mrs. Skorupski: Follow me!

Narrator One: She marched off across the room.

Narrator Two: Robert was so busy gloating that he smacked right into Mrs. Skorupski when she stopped at the first bank of computers.

Narrator Three: She swiveled a chair and gave him a gentle push onto the cushion.

Mrs. Skorupski: Have a seat.

Robert: Wait!

Narrator One: Robert bounced up.

Chorus: Cool earrings but not much of a memory.

Robert: You were taking me to the mammal books!

Narrator Two: Mrs. Skorupski twirled the chair again and pointed.

Mrs. Skorupski: Sit.

Chorus: Her tarantulas bobbed near Robert's cheek.

Narrator Three: Mrs. Skorupski pointed to an icon on the screen.

Mrs. Skorupski: Click the online catalog and type m a m m a l s into the subject search box.

Robert: Just then, Carmen poked my ribs and hissed in my ear.

Carmen Rosa Pena: See! I told you she wouldn't tell you anything.

Chorus: Mrs. Skorupski just smiled.

Robert: I clicked SEARCH and got a long list of books. I chose a few titles and read more about them. Then, I wrote down the call numbers and titles of the books I wanted on the catalog slips she handed me.

Mrs. Skorupski: Okily dokily. Now use the shelf labels to find them!

Robert: Ummm, Mrs. Skorupski? I asked YOU to show me where they are.

Mrs. Skorupski: (Smile.) Yes. You certainly did.

Robert: I headed back to class with a stack of books -

Narrator One: one on duck-billed platypus,

Narrator Two: one on lesser bush babies,

Narrator Three: and one from the display shelves on naked mole-rats.

Robert: Whenever I used the catalog to find books after that, Mrs. Skorupski said -

Mrs. Skorupski: Robert, you are a library success story.

Chorus: Who knew what she meant by that?

Robert: When Mr. Dickinson announced desert animal research in predator-prey teams, I knew just the animal for me.

Mr. Dickinson: Mrs. Skorupski is scheduled to give us one hundred percent of her attention for our library research on Thursday afternoon.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Ha! She won't tell us ANYTHING.

Mr. Dickinson: That's enough, Carmen.

Robert: We each started by taking notes on the predators of ten desert animals of our choice. When we finished, we joined predator-prey pairs.

Carmen Rosa Pena: I'll be a predator.

Chorus: Big surprise!

Robert: Poisonous rufous-beaked snakes eat naked mole-rats.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Then I'm signing up to be Robert's partner.

Chorus: Oh joy!

Narrator One: Mr. Dickinson and Mrs. Skorupski handed out a Sources Criteria Sheet.

Narrator Two: Robert wrote down their names on the sheet and hopped up from his chair.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Where are you going?

Robert: Since I've read my naked mole-rat book three times, and I have animal encyclopedias at home, I only need an online article.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Well, don't bother asking Mrs. Skorupski. She won't tell you ANYTHING!

Narrator Three: Robert shrugged and walked over to a computer.

Narrator One: When he typed n a k e d m o l e- r a t s into the catalog, all he found was the book he already had.

Narrator Two: No articles.

Narrator Three: He flipped down his IN USE sign and zipped over to Mrs. Skorupski's desk.

Robert: Will you please find me a naked mole-rat article online?

Mrs. Skorupski: Absolutely!

Narrator One: He followed her scorpion earrings as they danced across the room.

Narrator Two: Mrs. Skorupski swiveled the chair.

Mrs. Skorupski: Sit - and close the catalog. The big blue e will open the kids' search engine.

Narrator Three: Robert typed n a k e d m o l e-r a t s in the search box. Up popped a list of links. He clicked on each one to see the article.

Mrs. Skorupski: Okily dokily. Now which article has the most interesting facts? Print that one.

Robert: Didn't I ask YOU to find me a good article?

Mrs. Skorupski: (Smile.) Yes, you certainly did.

Narrator One: Back in class, Robert shared his print-out with Mr. Dickinson.

Narrator Two: He also tucked a poisonous rufous-beaked snake article into Carmen's desk.

Narrator Three: But he didn't tell her who it came from.

Robert: Each time I helped my classmates after that, with the catalog, at the nonfiction shelves, or online, Mrs. Skorupski said -

Mrs. Skorupski: Robert, you're a library success story.

Chorus: Who knew what she meant by that?

Robert: When Mr. Dickinson assigned a desert animal multimedia product, Carmen Rosa Pena and I finally had a huge fight.

Carmen Rosa Pena: It's not fair. I missed the multimedia production lessons last fall.

Robert: No problem. Since I hadn't even moved here yet, Mrs. Skorupski will definitely help us.

Carmen Rosa Pena: (Shout.) Are you crazy? I told you, she never tells us ANYTHING!

Robert: (Yell.) She may not tell YOU anything. But she ALWAYS helps me!

Narrator One: By the time Robert got to the library media center,

Narrator Two: Carmen was already there,

Narrator Three: taking notes on the poisonous rufous-beaked snake.

Chorus: Again.

Narrator One: Carmen looked up.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Oh look. It's Mr. Library Success Story. Don't tell me your research isn't done?

Narrator Two: Robert sniffed.

Robert: I'm here to ask Mrs. Skorupski something.

Carmen Rosa Pena: Don't even bother ...

Narrator Three: He didn't wait for her to finish. He stomped off to the computers holding the Multimedia Product Format Sheet.

Narrator One: Robert typed m u l t i m e d i a into the search engine.

Narrator Two: He groaned when he saw the enormous list of links.

Narrator Three: Mrs. Skorupski screeched to a halt behind him.

Mrs. Skorupski: What's up, Robert?

Robert: Will you help me choose a multimedia product?

Mrs. Skorupski: Sure! Come with me - and bring Carmen along too.

Robert: Do I have to?

Narrator One: Mrs. Skorupski just patted Robert's shoulder.

Narrator Two: Carmen scowled when Robert tapped her on the arm.

Narrator Three: But she followed Mrs. Skorupski and Robert to the library media classroom.

Narrator One: Mrs. Skorupski connected the data projector to her laptop and dimmed the lights.

Narrator Two: Then, she grabbed two DVD disks and a CD from the AV shelves.

Narrator Three: The eyes on her vampire bat earrings shone in the dark.

Mrs. Skorupski: Okily dokily. Let's view some student samples of each product and you two can decide.

Robert: Hey! That's a great way to choose.

Mrs. Skorupski: (Smile.) Yes. It certainly is.

Narrator One: By the time Carmen and Robert headed back to class, Carmen's grumpy mood had dissolved into excitement about making a claymation film.

Narrator Two: Carmen said poisonous rufous-beaked snakes would be easy to make out of clay -

Chorus: like pretzel rods but without the salt.

Narrator Three: Carmen even scheduled a meeting for them to meet with Mrs. Skorupski the next day so they could begin their filming.

Robert: Last week when Allison Chen moved to Liberty School, Mr. Dickinson sent her down to the library media center with me.

Mr. Dickinson: Mrs. Skorupski tells me Robert is a library success story.

Chorus: Who knows what she means by that?

Narrator One: Robert walked down the hall with his new friend Allison.

Robert: You're going to love Mrs. Skorupski. Our librarian can teach you -


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Case Study No. 1326: Robin Gregg

A Zombie Apocalypse @ Your Library
One night, after the doors had closed for the evening, something happened at Wayne County Public Library. Zombies, craving delicious brains, came crashing through the doors! Robin the librarian, always brave and ready to help, sprung into action, making sure the zombies had a full-fledged brains buffet by giving them all the information they could ever ask for!

Thanks to our staff and volunteers for making this video, and thanks to Jonathan Coulton for letting us use his awesome song "Re: Your Brains!"
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[scene opens with a group of zombies shuffling outside of the Wayne County Public Library, then cut to a young female librarian (red hair, glasses) sitting at the front desk when she turns at the sound of the zombies moaning and muttering "Brains!"]
[cut back to the zombies outside of the library, as they press up against the doorway and begin banging on the glass]
[a "breaking glass" sound effect plays, then cut to the zombies entering the library and shuffling towards the librarian at the front desk ... who stands up with a big smile on her face]
ROBIN GREGG: I have just what you need! Let's start with the encyclopedias ...
[she starts walking towards a nearby bookshelf, as the zombies slowly follow (still asking for brains)]
[cut to the librarian standing in the stacks, as the zombies cluster around her]
ROBIN GREGG: So, here are some encyclopedias that'll show you some information about brains.
[she takes a book off the shelf and hands it to the nearest zombie (who promptly begins biting it)]
ROBIN GREGG: There's one for you.
[she continues acting as if she's dealing with normal patrons ... and the zombie eventually takes the book out of his mouth, then opens it up and starts reading]
ROBIN GREGG: And this will give you in-depth information about brains.
[she hands another book to a female zombie, who opens it and begins reading]
[the other zombies turn their attention to the shelf, when the first zombie walks over to the librarian and begins mashing his hand on one of the pages of his book]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay! Okay, I'll show you right where you can find some books on that. Come with me over here.
[cut to the zombie standing in front of a computer terminal as the librarian stands next to him]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, so you can look for different books on that topic. You can look by keyword, author, title, and just click on "Go" and that will tell you all the different information that we have here in our collection.
[the zombie claws at the screen, as an elderly female zombie approaches holding a book]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, let's ...
[she presents the book to the librarian]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, we don't have any information on that here, but I can show you how to use an electronic database to get some information for you. So let's go over here to the computer.
[cut to the zombie sitting at another computer terminal, as the librarian stands over her]
ROBIN GREGG: Several different electronic databases are here. Uh, NCLive is gonna be the best one, 'cause you can just do a keyword search--
[another male zombie walks up behind her and reaches his arms out, but she simply holds a hand up]
ROBIN GREGG: I'll be with you in just a moment, I'm helping this patron--
[the zombie growls and continues lunging at her, so she grabs a nearby atlas and hits him over the head with it]
[cut to three female zombies sitting in chairs and reading, when one of them shows her book ("I Kissed a Zombie") to the others, prompting them to laugh]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's computer screen at the front desk, on the Center for Disease Control website ("What Would You Like to Contact CDC About?"), as the camera pans out to show the librarian dialing her phone]
ROBIN GREGG: I hate when this happens ...


Nicolle C. Johnson

Jennifer Parham

Donna Phillips

Jacob R.

Brandon Robbins

Jane Rustin

Timothy Smith

Robin Gregg

Filmed by
Melissa S. Wright

Edited by
Melissa Sheldon

(c)2006 Jonathan Coulton
"RE: Your Brains"



Young Adult Services Coordinator Brandon Robbins leads a Zombie Walk through Herman Park. WCPL hosted a Zombie Fest on Friday, October 29.

Case Study No. 1325: Staff of Unnamed Library (CJ the DJ)

CJ The DJ - Testing Times
What do your aptitude tests say about you? In CJ's case they say she should be a librarian! What exactly is an aptitude test anyway?
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"CJ the DJ" is an Australian TV series created for the new ABC3 channel, which is described as an "animated, urban-comedy about a little miss alternative, struggling in a sea of normality."

At thirteen, Cathleene Jones (aka CJ the DJ) can spin discs like no-one else, mix and scratch on the decks like a pro. But in the deader than dead end of town where she lives, almost nobody wants to know.

Every time she gets the opportunity, she works in her neighborhood music store, and thanks to the owner Arnis, she goes from concert to concert as a DJ. She plays at parties, store openings, CJ's here when there's good music!

CJ has very different friends, including her neighbor and best friend Si, a jazz musician. There's also Lesley, the brains, more often in a book than on a dance floor.



"Testing Times" (Season 1, Episode 23)

Mr Truman hands out the results of his patented aptitude test to students. Lyle gets extreme stuntman. Si, hip hop jazz fusion musician. Lesley, a civil rights lawyer and CJ's results reveal her ideal job is ... a librarian!



Vice Principal Truman: And Jones... never in my twenty years of giving this test have I questioned my own work.
CJ: [reads over the results of her aptitude test] Librarian?!
Lesley: Ooh, you lucky dog!
CJ: There must be some kind of mistake!
Vice Principal Truman: Impossible! Mistakes are not in the equation, Jones! Ignore the results at your peril!


Si: Aw, don't worry about it, CJ. It's just some Truman invention to mess with your head, eh?
Lesley: Though, CJ, it might be worth thinking about your results. An objective assessment can sometimes uncover hidden talents.
CJ: [with a sad look on her face] Huh.


CJ: I don't need a piece of paper to tell me what I want to be!
Arnis: A little testy, CJ. Results not what you wanted 'em to be?
[Lyle grabs the aptitude test from her and hands it to Arnis]
CJ: Hey!
Arnis: [reading over the results] Librarian? Fancy that, a book nerd in our midst!
Lyle: [laughs] Nerd!
[CJ turns to leave the record store, when she nearly bumps into her nerdy classmate Dwayne]
CJ: Dwayne, what're you doing here?
Lyle: Aw, the place is crawling with nerds!
Dwayne: Um, I'm hoping someone can help me ...
[he hands his aptitude test to Arnis]
Arnis: Ooh, the Truman report... "World class DJ." Well, young man, you've come to the right place. Dwayne, you're hired.
CJ: What?! Arnis, you're making a mistake! Dwayne's no more a DJ than Lyle's a stuntman!
Arnis: You're off the books, CJ... Or should I say, "on" the books, librarian? [laughs]


[CJ's parents try to cheer her up at dinner]
Marsha: It's not so bad, CJ. Librarians have made a great contribution to society... The Dewey Decimal System.
Gene: Late fees!
Marsha: A continuous record of our culture and history.
Gene: Socks with sandals!
Marsha: An amazing knowledge resource.
[CJ's little sister decides to chime in]
Charley: Grandma hairstyles!
Gene: You forgot loud noises, they hate loud noises!
Marsha: Gene!


CJ: That stupid test is supposed to make things clearer, but it's just made things worse!
Si: Aw, maybe the test ain't all it's cracked up to be, Ceej.
CJ: Your result makes sense, and Lesley's.
Si: Do the test again, then.
CJ: But what if it comes up with something worse, like... pool cleaner?


Lesley: We're doomed, CJ!
CJ: What's up, Lesley?
Lesley: Mr. Truman kicked Dwayne off the Double Degree team!
[Mr. Truman walks into the scene]
Vice Principal Truman: Ah, Jones. Just the person I wanted to see. You're on the team!
CJ: What?!
Lesley: Mr. Truman, surely you can't be serious?
Vice Principal Truman: It sounds ridiculous, but Jones' aptitude test results spoke volumes. Her skills are just what we need to beat McKinley High and crush them mercilessly once and for all! [maniacal laugh]
CJ: Um, Mr. Truman? Have you ever thought that perhaps your aptitude test might be wrong?
Vice Principal Truman: Impossible! Wrong? I am never wrong!
[he leaves in a huff]
CJ: This can't be happening.
Lesley: We really are doomed! The first round of Double Degree is tonight!
CJ: So what do we need, apart from a miracle?
Lesley: Books. Lots of books.
[cut to a montage of CJ and Lesley floating through a "virtual library" and grabbing several books, then checking them out with robotic scanning machines that serves as the "librarians"]


[CJ's family is in the audience for the "Double Degree" quiz bowl]
Gene: Wow, never in my life did I think a Jones would be on a game show! What's the prize?
Marsha: Books, for the school library.
Gene: Whu-what?
Charley: Guh, don't they have enough already?


[CJ and Lesley are trying to console each other, after getting soundly defeated in "Double Degree"]
Lesley: We were humiliated! All those books, and you didn't learn one thing!
CJ: I might've if I'd read them, but we were just flipping through them really fast.
Lesley: And you call yourself a librarian!
CJ: No I don't! That's Truman and his stupid test!

Case Study No. 1324: Chris Breitenbach

8 Hours At The Reference Desk In 30 Seconds
First attempt with using iTimeLapse app. The first and third weekend of every month I get to play Reference Librarian at the Morton Grove Public Library. I set it up to take a picture every 30 seconds and let it go from 9 am when my shift started, to a little after 5:00 pm when it ended. Had I bit more creativity, I now realize it would have been better if I brought a couple of Abby and Megan's little figurines and had them dancing in a brief interlude.
Tags: timelapse iphone itimelapseiTimeLapse iTimeLapseGallery Library SaturdayLibrarian
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[video is comprised of sped-up footage featuring a male librarian sitting at the reference desk, alternately typing at his computer and answering questions on the telephone]



One of the quirkier essays/papers included in Library as Place explores "the meaning of library space in the life of the mind." The essay, Stimulating Space, Serendipitous Space: Library as Place in the Life of the Scholar, written by Karen Antell and Debra Engel, reminded me of this unconscious emotional connection we have to place. They write that scholars deeply value "the physical library, often for intangible but nonetheless crucial reasons such as 'conduciveness to scholarship.'" Concerning this nebulous "conduciveness" the authors write:

This theme is where our results got interesting. "Conduciveness to scholarship" was different from other themes because it revealed how scholars used library space independently of library resources.

So, it's not because the library offers a myriad of information resources, the books, the databases, the eager reference desk librarian--it's something else that brings scholars to the library to do their work. Something that, according to the scholars the authors interviewed, helped them to channel their minds and allowed for them to have a "dialogue" with their resources. Something conducive.

And not just for the old timers. The young scholars, too. You might think they'd conduct their research wherever they could get a decent WiFi connection. That sitting at home in their pajamas, accessing online databases and texting their peers would be more conducive. Not so.

"Contrary to all expectations," the authors write, "we found that younger scholars, by both age and scholarly age, were far more likely than older scholars to comment on the physical library's conduciveness to scholarship."

The library put them in an "academic attitude," helped to "increase their attention," it was, in fact, highly conducive, a live wire sparking the intellect. What power! The library has the ability, it would seem, to physiologically orient the mind of innumerable scholars over time so as to work optimally when in its embrace.

Well, alright!

Posted by Chris Breitenbach at 4:32 PM