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Case Study No. 0175: Rita Book

Timon & Pumbaa: Library Brouhaha
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Timon and Pumbaa try to catch a bookworm in the Don B. Loud Library without being too loud.

Original air date: October 5, 1996
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[scene opens inside the Don B. Loud Library (full of various "Silence" and "Hush Up!" warning signs), as an elderly female librarian sits at the front desk reading a book, when a bluebird lands on a nearby windowsill and starts singing]
RITA BOOK: [takes her book and slams it on the bird's head]
[Timon and Pumbaa enter the front door]
PUMBAA: [loudly] Wow, look at all these books!
[as he walks through the stacks, he carelessly knocks over several "No Talking" signs]
[he gallops off deeper into the stacks]
PUMBAA: Every one of them is a doorway to a new world full of adventure! "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," for example!
TIMON: Eh, books are for mooks!
PUMBAA: It's pronounced "books"!
TIMON: Yeah yeah, whatever. The point is, we didn't come here for the books ... We came here for the bookworms!
[a green worm, wearing thick glasses and a mortarboard, peeks out at them from one of the shelves]
RITA BOOK: [suddenly bursts forth from one of the adjacent bookshelves, sending books flying everywhere] Shhh!
[they run off, as the librarian shakes her fist at them]
PUMBAA: But Timon, a bookworm is not an actual insect. It's a person with an intense interest in books.
TIMON: Oh yeah? Then what's that?
[he points at the bookworm, sitting on a nearby shelf reading a book]
PUMBAA: Gasp! A bookworm!
[Timon jumps on Pumbaa's back and blows a trumpet (as if they are going on a foxhunt), when the librarian reaches in from off camera and grabs him around the neck]
RITA BOOK: Make one more sound, just one more sound, and you'll ...
[she takes the trumpet and crushes it in between her fingers]
RITA BOOK: Be history! Understand?
[she slams Timon onto Pumbaa's head, then walks away]
BOOKWORM: [from off camera] Psst ...
[the two turn to see the bookworm standing behind them, holding a large wooden mallet]
BOOKWORM: Hee hee hee ...
[he hits Pumbaa in the foot, causing him to scream out in pain and fly across the room, landing right on the librarian's desk]
PUMBAA: Uh oh.
[cut to outside the library, as the librarian kicks them out, sending them several yards away]
[cut to Timon and Pumbaa (disguised as copies of "Uncle Timon's Cabin" and "Winnie the Pumbaa") getting back in through the library's mail slot and sneaking past the librarian's desk ... Once out of her sight, they tie pillows to their feet (to dampen the sound) and go off in search of the bookworm]
BOOKWORM: Psst! Hee hee hee!
[they see the bookworm up on a high shelf, so they blindly run right into the bookshelf, causing an avalanche of books to fall on top of them]
RITA BOOK: [puts a hand to her ear]
TIMON: Where'd he go?
PUMBAA: Uh, I dunno ...
TIMON: Well, we're not moving a muscle until we see him!
[the bookworm sneaks up behind them and replaces their pillows with squeeze horns, then runs back to where they can see him]
BOOKWORM: Psst! Hee hee hee!
[they get up to chase him, causing the horns to make noise, and the librarian suddenly appears before them carrying a baseball bat]
[they try to run off, but the scene quickly cuts to an outside shot of the library, as the sounds of the baseball bat connecting with its targets can be heard]
[cut to the librarian sitting at her desk reading a book, while Pumbaa lowers Timon from the upper floor via a fishing pole, situating him right above her head so that he can place a pair of earmuffs on her]
TIMON: [starts quietly but continues increasing the volume of his voice] Hello? Hello? Yo, granny! Hey you, ya book readin' mook!
PUMBAA: [loudly] It's pronounced "book"!
TIMON: Whatever! Reel me in!
[cut to Timon and Pumbaa searching the library, now free to make as much noise as they want]
PUMBAA: He's gotta be around here somewhere!
[cut to the bookworm carrying a suitcase labelled "Noisy Stuff" and laughing, then back to Timon and Pumbaa]
TIMON: I bet he's hiding in one of these books ...
PUMBAA: It's pronounced "books"!
TIMON: Whatever!
BOOKWORM: [from off camera] Psst! Hee hee hee!
[they turn to see the bookworm taunting them]
TIMON: Get him!
[they chase after him, as the bookworm sets up several obstacles (a stack of teacups, a stack of handbells, a stack of live chickens) which they simply crash through]
BOOKWORM: [runs up to the front desk and whistles to try and get the librarian's attention]
[he jumps up on the desk, as Timon and Pumbaa crash into it, making another large noise]
[he looks up and realizes that the librarian's ears are covered, then tries to pull off the earmuffs, soon realizing that they have been screwed on by Timon and Pumbaa with a pair of screwdrivers]
BOOKWORM: [nervously] Heh heh heh ...
[he jumps off the desk and runs off into the stacks, as the two continue their pursuit in comical fashion]
[they look up to find the bookworm is hiding on a high shelf, but Pumbaa jumps up and Timon is able to reach out and grab him]
TIMON: Gotcha!
[he suddenly realizes that the bookshelf is falling over]
TIMON: Whooaa!
[they all hit the floor, as the impact causes all of the nearby bookshelves to fall in domino fashion ... Meanwhile, the librarian is completely oblivious to all of the chaos around her, as she continues reading her book in peace]
BOOKWORM: [pointing up] Ahh!
[the camera pans over to reveal that the final bookshelf in the domino effect is right in front of them, as it falls and lands right on top of the trio ... Somehow causing them all to be magically transported to a deserted island]
TIMON: Arr! Where we be now? And why did I say "Arr"?
PUMBAA: Because we washed up onto Treasure Island! Page 347, if I'm not mistaken!
TIMON: Treasure? What treasure?
[cut to the bookworm emerging from a nearby treasure chest filled with gold and jewels]
BOOKWORM: Hee hee hee!


[Timon and Pumbaa chase the bookworm through several books come to life (such as "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "The Last of the Mohicans") before finally cornering him on board the ship Pequod]
TIMON: [grabbing the bookworm] Gotcha!
[a flock of seagulls suddenly appear and try to grab the worm out of his hands]
TIMON: [waving them off] Get away! What're these flapping wingy things doing way out here, anyway?
PUMBAA: We're in "Moby Dick," Timon! And the seagulls are a sign!
TIMON: Yeah, right! A sign of what?
[he walks right into Captain Ahab's wooden leg]
AHAB: It's a sign that land will appear where there be no land!
TIMON: [nervous] Huh? What? What're ya talkin' about? Pumbaa, what does he mean? What's gonna happen?
[he points to the bookworm]
TIMON: Is this my last meal?
[he starts crying]
TIMON: I gotta know!
PUMBAA: Since when? I thought you said books were for mooks!
TIMON: It's pronounced "books", and I didn't mean it! Books are great! In fact, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna read a book everyday, cover to cover! Just tell me how this one ends!
PUMBAA: Gee, I dunno, Timon. I never finished this book ...
TIMON: [screaming] You what?!
PUMBAA: Do you know how long "Moby Dick" is? Despite its widespread popularity, it is by no means a quick read!
[Moby Dick suddenly jumps out of the water and bellyflops onto the boat]
AHAB: [screams like a little girl]
PUMBAA: Mommy!
[the impact causes the trio to return to the "real world", where they wake up in three separate hospital beds, covered in bandages]
BOOKWORM: Psst! Hee hee hee!
[he jumps out of bed and gets away in a wheelchair, as Timon and Pumbaa chase after him ... however, the bookworm has to slam on the breaks to avoid running into an unseen woman]
[Timon and Pumbaa do not stop, however, and they crash into the back of the wheelchair, causing the bookworm to fall out and land right at the unseen woman's feet]
BOOKWORM: [looking up] Ahh!
[camera pans up to reveal that the woman is Rita Book (now wearing a nurse's uniform]
RITA BOOK: Shh-ush!
[they all jump back into their hospital beds and hide under the covers]


From tv.com:

"Timon & Pumbaa"
Shopping Mauled/Library Brouhaha
Season 4, Episode 4
Aire 10/5/96

Brad Garrett ... Knife Store Owner / Auto Shop Boss (voice)
Maurice LaMarche ... Jacob Marley / Captain Ahab (voice)
Tress MacNeille ... Rita Book (voice)
Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa (voice)
Kevin Schon ... Timon (voice)

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