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Case Study No. 0144: Mary Hatch Bailey

Clarence...Where's Mary?
Immersed in a wish-come-true of experiencing the world if he'd never been born, George Bailey panics as he asks his Guardian Angel Clarence where his wife is.
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[outside in the cold, George Bailey is confronting Clarence Odbody about the alternate version of Bedford Falls that he finds himself in]
GEORGE: Clarence ...
CLARENCE: Yes George?
GEORGE: Where's Mary?
CLARENCE: Oh well, I-I can't, uh ...
[George runs up to his guardian angel and grabs him by the collar]
GEORGE: I don't know how you know these things, but tell me! Where is she?
GEORGE: If you know where she is, tell me where my wife is!
CLARENCE: I'm not supposed to tell!
GEORGE: Please, Clarence! Tell me where she is!
CLARENCE: You're not gonna like it, George ...
GEORGE: Where is she?
CLARENCE: She's an old maid. She never married.
GEORGE: Where's Mary? Where is she?! Where is she?!?
CLARENCE: She-she's just about to close up the library!
[George pushes Clarence down as he runs off in despair]
CLARENCE: [to himself] Oh, there must be some easier way for me to get my wings ...




Capra, Frank (Director). It's a Wonderful Life. United States: RKO Radio Pictures, 1946.

Starring: Donna Reed (Mary Hatch Bailey); James Stewart (George Bailey); Henry Travers (Clarence Oddbody/Guardian Angel)

You know the story: George Bailey gets so depressed that he wishes he were never born, at which point guardian angel Clarence shows him what the town would be like without him. When George demands to know where his wife is, there is horror in Clarence's voice when he declares: "She's about to close up the library!" Fantasy Mary is mousy, a spinster, wears glasses, panics easily and faints. The choice of librarian as her life-sans-George employment is very deliberate because "of course" she's unmarried and dowdy -- she works in a library. (It's understood she is a librarian although this is never stated.)

Case Study No. 0143: James Grieg, the Ghost of Plagiarism

Et Plagieringseventyr
Press the CC-button to turn subtitles on/off.
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Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen presenterer
Et Plagieringseventyr
(A Plagiarism Carol)

[scene opens with a male professor talking to his male student]
PROFESSOR: [translated] This paper has to be turned in on the 29th.
KAJ: [translated] Okay, I'll start right away.
[a group of students suddenly appear and, as the scene is super-imposed over a giant picture of a calendar, they carry him off and start partying ... Kaj wakes up next to a pretty female student]
KAJ: [translated] I really have to write that paper ...
[the female student leans in close, as the camera focuses in on her cleavage]
FEMALE STUDENT: [translated] But it's not due for a long time ...
[Kaj smiles and moves in to kiss her, but he suddenly falls down (again super-imposed over the image of a giant calendar) and lands - fully clothed - at a desk in the library]
KAJ: Phew ...
[he looks down at a paper entitled "Logikk Og Kunstig Intelligens" ("Logic and Artificial Intelligence"), so he types the phrase into Google Norge and - after looking around to make sure no ones sees him - copies and pastes the results from the website "" into his computer ... This action causes the lights to flicker and the ghostly figure of an old man to appear before him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Oooo, this reeks of plagiarism.
KAJ: [looks on in shock]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] I am the ghost of plagiarism, James ...
[James Grieg the Ghost of Plagiarism turns and looks directly into the camera]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Based on Charles Dickens, 1843.
[the ghost turns his attention back to Kaj]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] And I am here to tell you what will happen if you plagiarize.
[he takes his hand, as they disappear and are transported to a point in time where Kaj is handing in his paper]
FUTURE KAJ: [translated] Hi, I want to turn in this paper.
[the doors suddenly fly open behind him, as armed police officers surround him]
POLICE OFFICER: [translated] Down! Down! Down!
[the future version of Kaj is forced to the ground]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] First and foremost, it is humiliating to be caught cheating.
[cut to Future Kaj being led away in handcuffs, as a female passerby spits on the ground in front of him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] In addition, you can fail the course and risk getting expelled from the university.
[cut to a professor setting Future Kaj's diploma on fire with a lighter, then having him thrown off campus by security]
KAJ: [translated] Okay, I get the point ... but not everyone is caught.
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Heh heh, don't be so sure. The University has a secret weapon.
[cut to Kaj and the ghost floating through a secret underground facility containing a giant robot]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] UiB has an electronic Ephorus program that checks all papers. You're pretty lucky if you get away with cheating.
[the robot is activated, and (switching to the machine's POV) one of the scientists holds up a paper as "Ephorus Plagrism Detector On" and "Scanning: Godkjent" ("Approved") appear on screen]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] So you have to ask yourself one question ...
[the camera zooms in on the ghost's face, as he speaks in English]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya ... punk?
[the robot suddenly turns and focuses on the ghost (again, from the robot's POV) as "Plagiat Oppdaget" flashes in red on the screen]
EPHORUS: [translated] Plagiarism detected! Dirty Harry, 1974!
[the Ephorus robot begins firing its laser beams (with "Terminate" flashing on the screen) as the scientists - and Kaj - run away]
[cut to a giant meeting room - with a computer monitor reading "DefCon 1" in the background - where Kaj and James have been transported]
MAN: We've got a code red in Sector 47, it's getting out of control!
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] And have you ever thought of how far you can go if you write a good paper without cheating?
[they turn and stare at the man speaking, who is looking at the generals sitting at the table]
MAN: How do we stop this thing?
GENERAL: There is only one man who can save us now ... We need the world's leading expert on artificial intelligence!
[a "24"-style montage of shots is shown (including a scene of the Ephorus robot running amuk in a major city), then cut to the future version of Kaj (wearing a suit and tie) taking off his sunglasses and addressing the generals in English]
FUTURE KAJ: I suggest we create a GUI interface in Visual BASIC ...
MAN: Ya hear that? Do it! Do it now!
[cut to a closeup of the robot as its head explodes, then back to the meeting room as everyone stands up and applauds Kaj]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] What you achieve by doing it right is a unique knowledge and competence in your field.
[cut to Future Kaj being surrounded by reporters and photographers]
FUTURE KAJ: GUI interface and Visual BASIC ...
[cut to news footage of Future Kaj standing next to Barack Obama, with the words "Honoring World Saviour Kaj Saether, Washington DC, May 28th 2015" appearing on screen]
KAJ: [translated] Yes, this looks great! But I don't know how to do it right.
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] There is a fantastic place ...
[the ghost turns and looks directly into the camera]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Where you can find the information that you need.
[cut to James (now a living librarian) joined by several dancers and singers inside the library, as they perform a musical number]
CHORUS: [translated] If you quote ...
[Darth Vader is shown walking through the library, with "Star Wars 1977" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] Use ideas ...
[James is shown dancing in a red leather jacket, with "Michael Jackson's Thriller 1983" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] Or expand on the work of others ...
[a man holds up a sign reading "PeerGynt 2"]
CHORUS: [translated] You must refer, in the text ...
[a heavy metal band is shown, as the lead singer bites the head off a bat, with "Ozzy Osbourne 1982" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] To where you got your idea!
[James points to a group of people holding signs that spell out "To Be Or Not To Be, Shakepeare"]
CHORUS: [translated] This is a quote ...
[some of the signs are flipped so that "Shakespeare" is now blank]
CHORUS: [translated] This is plagiarism ...
[James points to a poster on one of the bookshelves, which reads "Er Dod Hevder, Phyllis Chesler"]
CHORUS: [translated] This is correct ...
[the part of the poster which reads "Phyllis Chesler" is ripped away, as a man leaning against the bookshelf grabs one of the female singer's breasts]
CHORUS: [translated] This is suspect!
[cut to a group of cheerleaders performing in the middle of the library]
CHEERLEADERS: [translated] Go citation! Go go citation!
[they cheer, as James leads a marching band through the library]
CHORUS: [translated] Finally you make a list, where you write down all the sources you have used.
[several quick shots of the performers are cycled through]
CHORUS: [translated] If something is still unclear ...
[the librarians all begin marching towards the camera]
CHORUS: [translated] Take a look at our guidelines, they are on the Internet, log on to our web page and see!
[balloons are released, as "" appears on screen, then James (back in his incorporeal form) floats into view]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Are you ready to write now?
[cut to Kaj back in the library, typing away on his computer, while James hovers above him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Yes, now you have your reference techniques in order.
KAJ: [translated] And print!
[he hits the print button]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] You must be tired now. I can turn in your paper for you.
[he takes the paper and floats towards the professor's office, but he stops and crosses out Kaj's name on the title page before writing "James" in pen underneath it]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [turns to the camera] Heh heh heh ...



Presentation of other people's results, thoughts, ideas or formulations as if they were one's own is plagiarism. This is a form of intellectual theft according to the Norwegian Copyright Act. Avoid plagiarism by doing correct referencing. Plagiarism is considered cheating and may, according to Sections 54 and 42 of the Norwegian University and University College Act, result in the student being failed or expelled from university. Plagiarism charges may hinder academic progress, which may result in lack of funding or impossibility to renew residence permits.

Higher education institutions are concerned about plagiarism and many use special software to detect it.

"Search & Write" ("Sok og Skriv") is an online course developed by the University of Bergen Library, which aims to help students with thesis writing.



The University Library and Department of Information Science and Media Studies has made the short information movie "A Plagiarism Carol".

Summary: The famous ghost of Bergen Library, James Grieg (played by assistant library director Ole Gunnar Evensen), shows a new student (Thomas Saevig) what happens if you plagiarize other people's intellectual property without referencing them ... Something to think about during exams.

"I think the film works very well," says Ole Gunnar Evensen. "It is better to inform with a twinkle in your eye than with a middle finger."



submitted by: Arne D. S. Haldorsen (haldorsen)
Shot on a Canon 7D

This is a project we did for the university library of the University of Bergen. Jade Aksnes and Stian Hafstad are the main brains behind this video, while I was hired in as the photographer.

Shot on Canon EOS 7D, with Canon 50mm, 35mm and 28-80mm lenses and a Tokina 11-16mm lens.

Case Study No. 0142: Unnamed Male Librarian (CSI North Pole)

CSI: North Pole 1 "Christmas Served Cold"
Nibbles the Christmas Elf Cop must solve the toughest case he's ever had, using only his gun, or he won't get any Christmas cookies.

Written and Directed by
Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda

Produced by Courtney Collins

Cinematographer Tona Williams
Tags: csi north pole miami nibbles nipples santa claus holiday video comedy elf spoof parody christmas funny xmas gift crime show cop police series tree force stolen gun shot shoot chase action scene investigation detective accident one liner librarian killer watership down mystery
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[scene opens as a detective enters a house to find a policeman crouching next to something]
DETECTIVE: Wadda we got here?
POLICEMAN: [stands up] Eh, stolen gift, sir ...
[cut to a closeup of a chalk outline on the floor in the shape of a gift-wrapped box]
POLICEMAN: Family's over there.
[camera pans around to reveal a mother with two young children, sitting on the couch and crying]
POLICEMAN: Looks like for these kids, Christmas is cancelled.
DETECTIVE: Okay, let's get the forensics team in here.
NIBBLES: [from off camera] Not so fast!
[camera pans around the reveal Nibbles the elf standing next to the Christmas tree]
NIBBLES: Stolen gifts are my jurisdiction!
["CSI: North Pole" flashes on screen]
DETECTIVE: Nibbles ... Little far from the North Pole, isn't it?
NIBBLES: When there's a Christmas crime, it's my job to search around for Christmas clues!
[he pulls out a gun]
NIBBLES: Now get outta my way and let me work!
[cut to Nibbles flying through the air over a snow-covered mountain range]
[cut to Nibbles speaking to Santa at his workshop]
NIBBLES: I was at the crime scene. I found some trace elements of nutmeg and cookies ... but I got nothing on this guy. He's good.
SANTA: Sounds like the work of some kind of snow monster!
NIBBLES: Sounds like someone's been slacking off a little!
SANTA: Whu--?
NIBBLES: You put his name on the naughty list on accident, didn't ya?
SANTA: I never mistake a child on my lists! I always put them on the proper list! And you're a sunuva bitch!
NIBBLES: I want off this case, Santa ...
SANTA: [holds up a plate of cookies] Nibbles, I was going to offer you a cookie from this plate of cookies, but now I will not! I withhold cookies from you, until this case is solved!
NIBBLES: That's not fair!
SANTA: [eating one of the cookies] Mmm! You like cookies, doncha boy?
NIBBLES: [licks his lips]
SANTA: Go solve that case, we can share these ...
[cut to Nibbles sitting in a bar, drinking a bottle of beer]
NIBBLES: I don't know, Mister Flakes ... I can't crack this case! I feel like a big pile of shit!
[camera pans around to reveal that Nibbles is sitting with an crudely animated snowman]
NIBBLES: I'm all washed up ...
MR. FLAKES: I'm made out of snowflakes ... and surprises!
NIBBLES: Sometimes I think I'm gonna get killed on one of these missions ...
MR. FLAKES: [responds with idiotic laughter]
NIBBLES: And when an elf dies, it's a thousand times worse than when a human dies ... because elves live a thousand times longer.
MR. FLAKES: One time I was murdered by a plow ...
NIBBLES: I think I'm gonna give up on Christmas ...
MR. FLAKES: Derp! Derp!
NIBBLES: Santa's counting on me ... the old fat ass.
MR. FLAKES: [gibberish]
NIBBLES: Thanks, Mister Flakes ... you've been a big help.
MR. FLAKES: Happy anniversary!
NIBBLES: Uh ... right. See ya!
[he gets up and leaves]
MR. FLAKES: I can't feel my feet, they're frozen!
[cut to Nibbles flying through the air over a snow-covered mountain range]
[cut to the detective still inspecting the crime scene, as Nibbles walks in with an apologetic look on his face]
NIBBLES: I'm sorry I was such a jackass before ...
DETECTIVE: That's alright, kid.
NIBBLES: Any new developments?
[he holds out a book in a plastic bag]
DETECTIVE: We found a copy of the Richard Adams classic, "Watership Down."
NIBBLES: Criminal must be a librarian ...
DETECTIVE: Actually, there are a lot of possibilities--
NIBBLES: [grabs the book out of his hand] Nope, I'm on it!
[cut to Nibbles walking through the library, until he stops at a male librarian standing behind a podium with a sign reading "The Library"]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, sir. Welcome to the library--
NIBBLES: [through clenched teeth] Give it back!
LIBRARIAN: I, I don't understand. I'm a librarian ...
[he throws the copy of "Watership Down" in front of him]
NIBBLES: Look familiar?
[the librarian gets tongue-tied before running away, so Nibbles chases him out of the library, brandishing his gun]
[the librarian stops at a brick wall, turning to face Nibbles]
NIBBLES: It's over, librarian!
LIBRARIAN: I just wanted a present! I'm a lonely grown-up, I don't get gifts anymore!
NIBBLES: Christmas isn't about gifts! It's about family time dreams, and childhood wishes ...
[the librarian pulls out a shotgun]
NIBBLES: And this!
[he shoots the librarian several times point-blank in the chest]
LIBRARIAN: [spits up blood before slowly sliding down the wall]
NIBBLES: I guess those bullets were long ... overdue?
[after delivering that line, he gets a pained look on his face]
NIBBLES: Uh goddd ...
[cut to Nibbles flying through the air over a snow-covered mountain range]
[cut to Santa's workshop]
SANTA: Nipples, you solved the case!
NIBBLES: It's Nibbles, Santa ...
SANTA: I'm sorry, I have another elf named Nipples. He delivers adult toys ... Good job! Just in time for cookie plate!
[Nibbles takes a cookie and starts eating]
SANTA: We've got lots of other cases, Nipples ...
NIBBLES: It's Nibbles! Nih-BULLS!
SANTA: Last week, there were three different snow castles that were melted by improperly roasted chestnuts ... Get over there and find out if it was arson!
NIBBLES: [throws up his arms] Aww!
SANTA: There's plenty of crimes left, and lots of Christmas holidays!
NIBBLES: Santa, you piece'a shit ...
SANTA: Ho ho ho!
NIBBLES: Grrr ...
SANTA: [eats another cookie] Mmm!

Written and Directed by
Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda

Produced by
Courtney Collins

Nibbles: Aaron Yonda
Santa/Librarian/Mr. Flakes: Matt Sloan
Detective: John Varda
Cop: Rob Matsushita
Deputy: Craig Johnson
Mom: Andrea Varda
Kid: Aaron Thorson
Kid: Alex Thorson

Tona Williams

Lights and Sound
Rick Fatke

Justin Sprecher

Music Composed by
Andrew Yonda

Animation and FX
Saul Mandel

John Lee

Special Thanks
The Law Library
Mickey's Tavern

Blame Society Productions
(c) 2008

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Case Study No. 0141: Stephanie Rosalia

Arts: The Twenty-First Century Librarian -
School librarians like Stephanie Rosalia have transformed into a multi-faceted information specialists who guide students through the flood of digital information that confronts them on a daily basis.
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[scene opens with Stephanie Rosalia helping a young child find a book in the library]
STEPHANIE: [in voice over] Librarians in the past had always, their job has always been to connect kids with books.
NARRATOR: Stephanie Rosalia is not your typical school librarian, who spends her days checking out books and sternly chastising overdue borrowers.
[cut to Stephanie typing on the computer and speaking to another young child]
STEPHANIE: According to this, it says that you have three books that are outta the library and overdue ...
NARRATOR: Unlike librarians of the past, Rosalia is a multi-faceted information specialist, who guides her elementary students through the flood of information that confronts them on a daily basis.
[cut to a closeup of Stephanie's business card ("Stephanie Rosalia MLS, School Library Media Specialist, PS 225 Eileen E. Zaglin School Library"), then to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: The information that the students need to acquire has exploded. Where I was in the information desert, they're in the information ocean, and they're drowning.
NARRATOR: Rosalia, who came to library science as a second career, thinks her job is especially important at her school, located in the immigrant community of Brighton Beach.
STEPHANIE: Forty three percent of our students have been in this country less than three years.
NARRATOR: So she uses every tool in her arsenal to teach literacy to students coming from places like Russia, China, Yemen, and Pakistan.
STEPHANIE: Anytime I wanna be humble, I go pick up the Urdu dictionary. My kids come from countries whose alphabet's are not even the same, it's not even an easy transition. I have a lot of multimedia so that there are visuals that they can learn from, I have audiobooks.
[cut to Stephanie speaking to another young child]
STEPHANIE: Put the tape in at the beginning, and then you start to read the book. And then as you're reading the book, you're hearing the story too.
[cut back to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: My job, when people ask me, is I connect kids with books. Uh, I also connect kids with information.
[cut to Stephanie speaking in front of a group of students]
NARRATOR: On this day, Rosalia is teaching a group of fifth graders how to find information about explorers on the internet.
STEPHANIE: [in voice over] Today I was teaching website literacy, how do you know if what you're reading is correct? If it's true? It's something the kids don't even think about.
NARRATOR: Unbeknownst to the kids, the links were specifically designed to give them false facts.
STEPHANIE: What if I told you that the first website you looked at was completely made-up?
[cut to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: They have to critically read what they find online, they just can't accept it.
[cut back to Stephanie speaking to the students]
STEPHANIE: How did you know they were fake?
FEMALE STUDENT: Because there was like computers and desktops and cellphones ... when Columbus was born there weren't any.
STEPHANIE: [in voice over] You really have to teach them that. That's a skill, it has to be taught.
NARRATOR: Rosalia is at the vanguard of educators who believe that literacy includes, but also exceeds, books.
STEPHANIE: How do you know if the information you find is good information?
NARRATOR: For her, it's about teaching kids how to be information fluent in this modern age.
[cut to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: Kids put in "Christopher Columbus" in Google, came up with 99 million returns! Where do you start? They're overwhelmed, they don't know what to do!
[cut back to Stephanie speaking to the students]
STEPHANIE: The first question you ask for any website is, who wrote it?
[cut to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: I have to teach them how to search a database, I teach them how to do Boolean searches, I teach them how to utilize search engines. That's a life skill, so when they grow up and they go to high school, it's not just to write reports. It's when they have to decide, well, what college do I want to go to? If they graduate and they wanna buy a plasma TV, these kids will know how to go find out all the information that they need. For the rest of their lives, they're going to know how to approach it.
NARRATOR: Yet, as school librarians are teaching students increasingly crucial skills that are needed not only for school but on the job and in daily life, librarians are often the first casualities of school budget crunches. In New York City, only about one third of the city's public schools have trained librarians on staff. And elementary schools are not required to have them at all.
STEPHANIE: Everything proceeds from here, because the students can't succeed without these skills. By the time they get to junior high school and high school, their teachers are going to have an expectation that they can provide information in an ethical manner. Starting in junior high school is too late. Starting in high school is way too late!
NARRATOR: Rosalia still cheerleads old-fashioned books, helping students find titles that will inspire them to become better readers.
[cut to Stephanie showing a book to a young girl]
STEPHANIE: If you go home and you open up this book and you try to read it, and you can't, then I think that you're not gonna have any fun all week, because then the book won't be any fun. Is it fun to read a book that's too hard?
[the young girl shakes her head]
STEPHANIE: I don't think so either.
[cut to Stephanie speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHANIE: It makes no sense to have books that the kids don't wanna read. I buy only quality. I am a big believer in interesting non-fiction, because I believe in exciting kids' curiosity. Because if they're interested in one thing, and it leads them to something else, and it leads them to something else, well guess what? That's an education. And before you know it, I've got readers.
NARRATOR: Her enthusiasm and gusto has paid off. On Fridays, when the library is open for checking out books, the sign-up sheet is packed with names and the students' excitement is palpable.
STEPHANIE: Third graders especially, this is the first year they're borrowing on their own. They come running in here, like it's a Macy's fire sale ...
[cut to scenes of children holding books]
STEPHANIE: [in voice over] I never knew my school librarians. I could tell you every teacher I ever had in my whole life, except my school librarian. The library should be the center of the school, and it's a pity when it's not ...



By Shayla Harris and Motoko Rich

It was the "aha!" moment that Stephanie Rosalia was hoping for.

A group of fifth graders huddled around laptop computers in the school library overseen by Ms. Rosalia and scanned, a Web site that, unbeknownst to the children, was intentionally peppered with false facts.

Ms. Rosalia, the school librarian at Public School 225, a combined elementary and middle school in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, urged caution. "Don't answer your questions with the first piece of information that you find," she warned.

Most of the students ignored her, as she knew they would. But Nozimakon Omonullaeva, 11, noticed something odd on a page about Christopher Columbus.

"It says the Indians enjoyed the cellphones and computers brought by Columbus!" Nozimakon exclaimed, pointing at the screen. "That's wrong."

It was an essential discovery in a lesson about the reliability — or lack thereof — of information on the Internet, one of many Ms. Rosalia teaches in her role as a new kind of school librarian.

Ms. Rosalia, 54, is part of a growing cadre of 21st-century multimedia specialists who help guide students through the digital ocean of information that confronts them on a daily basis. These new librarians believe that literacy includes, but also exceeds, books.

"The days of just reshelving a book are over," said Ms. Rosalia, who came to P.S. 225 nearly six years ago after graduating at the top of her class at the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. "Now it is the information age, and that technology has brought out a whole new generation of practices."

Some of these new librarians teach children how to develop PowerPoint presentations or create online videos. Others get students to use social networking sites to debate topics from history or comment on classmates' creative writing. Yet as school librarians increasingly teach students crucial skills needed not only in school, but also on the job and in daily life, they are often the first casualties of school budget crunches.

Mesa, the largest school district in Arizona, began phasing out certified librarians from most of its schools last year. In Spokane, Wash., the school district cut back the hours of its librarians in 2007, prompting an outcry among local parents. More than 90 percent of American public schools have libraries, according to federal statistics, but less than two-thirds employ full-time certified librarians.

Lisa Layera Brunkan, a mother of three in Spokane, said she recognized the importance of the school librarian when her daughter, who was 7 at the time, started demonstrating a PowerPoint project. "She said, ‘The librarian taught me,' " Ms. Brunkan recalled. "I was just stunned."

School librarians still fight the impression that they play a tangential role. Ms. Rosalia frequently has her lessons canceled at the last minute as classroom teachers scramble to fit in more standardized test preparation. Half a fifth-grade class left in the middle of a recent session on Web site evaluation because the children were performing in a talent show.

"You prepare things to proceed in a logical sequence and then here comes a monkey wrench," Ms. Rosalia said. "We are teaching them how to think. But sometimes the Board of Ed seems to want them to learn how to fill in little bubbles."

In New York City, Ms. Rosalia is a relative rarity. Only about one-third of the city's public schools have certified librarians, and elementary schools are not required to have them at all.

Ms. Rosalia ran beauty salons with her husband and volunteered in her sons' school libraries before pursuing her graduate degree. She was recruited to P.S. 225 by Joseph Montebello, the principal, a brother of a middle school librarian in Brooklyn.

In the school, just a block from a bustling stretch of Brighton Beach Avenue with its overflowing fruit stands and Russian bakeries, Ms. Rosalia faces special challenges. More than 40 percent of the students are recent immigrants. Language barriers force her to tailor her book collection to readers who may be in seventh grade but still read at a second-grade level.

Before Ms. Rosalia arrived, the library was staffed by a teacher with no training in library science. Some books in the collection still described Germany as two nations, and others referred to the Soviet Union as if it still existed.

Ms. Rosalia weeded out hundreds of titles. Working with just $6.25 per student per year — compared with a national median figure of $12.06 — she acquired volumes about hip-hop and magic and popular titles like "Oh Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty." With the help of grants from the City Council and corporations, she bought an interactive white board and 29 laptops.

Ms. Rosalia introduced herself to her new colleagues as the "information literacy teacher" and invited teachers to collaborate on lessons. The early sessions focused on finding books and databases and on fundamental research skills.

Soon Ms. Rosalia progressed to teaching students how to ask more sophisticated questions during research projects, how to decode Internet addresses and how to assess the authors and biases of a Web site's content.

Even teachers find that they learn from Ms. Rosalia. "I was aware that not everything on the Internet is believable," said Joanna Messina, who began taking her fifth-grade classes to the library this year. "But I wouldn't go as far as to evaluate the whole site or look at the authors."

Combining new literacy with the old, Ms. Rosalia invites students to write book reviews that she posts in the library's online catalog. She helped a math teacher design a class blog. She urges students to use electronic databases linked from the library's home page.

Not all of Ms. Rosalia's efforts involve technology. The license plate on her black BMW says "READ," and she retains a traditional librarian's passion for books.

During a lunch period earlier this month, Gagik Sargsyan, 13, slunk into the library and opened a laptop to research a social studies paper on the 1930s and 1940s.

"Have you looked at any books?" Ms. Rosalia asked.

A look of horror came over Gagik's face. "No," he said.

Ms. Rosalia, who has a bubbly manner, went to a shelf and returned with a stack of volumes on the Empire State Building, fashion in the 1930s and life during the Great Depression. Gagik recognized the Empire State Building as the place he spent his 13th birthday and started paging through the book.

At the end of every week, Ms. Rosalia opens the library for classes to come in solely to check out books. One Friday, she wore a T-shirt imprinted with the words "Don't make me use my librarian voice." Whirling from child to child, she swiftly pulled volumes off the shelves as third graders requested books on sharks and scary topics. By the end of one period, more than 30 students stood in line at the circulation desk.

Still, Ms. Rosalia understands the allure of the Internet. Speaking last fall to a class of a dozen seventh graders who recently immigrated from Russia, Georgia, China and Yemen, Ms. Rosalia struggled to communicate. "We have newspapers in all of your languages," she said. She turned to the digital white board.

When she clicked on the home page of Izvestia, the Moscow-based newspaper, the Russians in the group cheered.

"Does anybody like books?" Ms. Rosalia asked. Several students stared blankly. The Russians, who spoke some English, shook their heads.

So Ms. Rosalia pulled up the home site for Teen People magazine, and Katsiaryna Dziatlouskaya, 13, immediately recognized a photograph of Cameron Diaz. Ms. Rosalia knew she had made a connection.

"You can read magazines, newspapers, pictures, computer programs, Web sites," Ms. Rosalia said. "You can read anything you like to, but you have to read. Is that a deal?"

Case Study No. 0140: Staff of New York University Library

Funniest Friends Storylines - The Library
Ross has a book in the University Library
Tags: Funniest Friends Storylines Best Ever moments Joey Chandler Ross Rachel Phoebe Monica Hilarious Classic funny Library book university
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Season 7, Episode 7 ("The One with Ross's Library Book")

Ross' doctoral dissertation can be found at the library but when he goes to see it he finds out that the Palaentology section of the library is only used when students make out together. Therefore Ross decides to defend the area.

Supporting Cast:
Michael D. Roberts - The head librarian
Doug Budin - The librarian



[Scene: N.Y.U's University Library, Ross is entering with Chandler.]

Chandler: ... Come on! Why are we here?!

Ross: Okay, okay take a guess.

(An old woman pushes a cart full of books past.)

Chandler: The hot chicks?

Ross: Okay, okay, I was typing names into the library computer earlier, y'know-y'know for fun, and I typed mine in and guess what came up? My doctoral dissertation! It's here! Yeah, it's right-it's right down here! In the biggest library in the university! (They start heading that way, towards a secluded section behind the racks.)

Chandler: Wow that's actually pretty cool.

Ross: (stopping quickly) Oh umm, there's also a book here by a woman named Wendy Bagina. (They both laugh, but stop when the hear moaning coming from the next aisle.) What is that?

Chandler: Sounds like two people are really enjoying the Dewey decimal system.

(They go around the last row of bookshelves and find a couple doing what college coeds do in secluded corners of university libraries. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, let's just say that clothing is undone. Ross gasps and the couple gets up and runs away.)

Female Student: (as they are moving past Ross) I'm so sorry!

Male Student: Sorry!

Chandler: You didn't bring me here to do that, did you?


[Scene: The Library, Ross enters and heads to the desk to talk to the male librarian on duty.]

Ross: Excuse me. Hi, I'm a professor here. Do you know the Paleontology section, fifth floor, stack 437?

The Librarian: Well, yes! Just give me five minutes, I just have to find someone to cover my shift.

Ross: No! No!! No! Can I speak to someone in charge please?! (The librarian brings his boss over.)

The Head Librarian: How can I help you?

Ross: Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to increase security in the Paleontology section? See I-I wrote a book up there and instead of reading it people are-are-are well, rolling around in front of it.

The Head Librarian: We are aware of the problem you are referring too. (He turns to look at the previous librarian.) But as far as increasing security, I'm afraid the library is very understaffed. I, I can't help you.

Ross: Well, fine. Fine! If-if I'm the only person with any appreciation of the sanctity of the written word, I'll go up there and defend it myself! (Starts to do so, but stops and to the previous librarian) And don't you follow me!


[Scene: The library's Paleontology section, Ross is patrolling as a couple walks up.]

Ross: Yes? Yes?! How can I help you?

Guy: Yeah, we were ... we were just looking around.

Ross: Oh-oh, you're-you're fellow scholars. What exactly were you looking for, hmm? Perhaps, (Grabs a book from the shelf behind him) perhaps Dr. Chester Stock's musings on the Smiledon Californicus?

Guy: Uhh ... .

Ross: Ah ... Ah ... Get out of here! (The couple retreats. Ross starts looking through the previously mentioned book as a beautiful woman walks into the section.) Uh, meeting someone? Or-or are you just here to brush up on Marion's views on evolution?

Woman: Uh, actually I find Marion's views far to progressionist.

Ross: I find Marion's views far to progressionist.

Woman: I'm sorry, who are you?

Ross: I'm a professor here uh, Ross ... Geller.

Woman: Ross Geller, why do I know that name? It's uh-Wait! (Grabs his book off of the shelf.) Did you write this?

Ross: Yes! You're the person who checked out my book?!

Woman: Y'know, you look nothing like I would've thought. You're ... you're so young.

Ross: Well I uh, I skipped forth grade.

[Time Lapse, Ross and the woman are now in a state of partial undress and are standing in front of the head librarian with two security guards watching them.]

Ross: I am very ... very sorry.


[Scene: The library's Paleontology section, Ross is on patrol and stops a security guard through the stack of books.]

Ross: (to the guard) Don't sweat it, I've got this section covered. Yeah, in fact I've got this little baby (Turns on a mini-flashlight) to shine in people's eye-(The guard walks away)-Okay, see you later.

(Ross resumes his patrol when his best friend and sister walk up and start to take off their coats, but they stop when they see him.)

Chandler: I just wanted to show Monica your book. (Ross just glares at him.)

Case Study No. 0139: Unnamed Female Librarian (Tears for Fears)

Tears for Fears
music video, head over heels, etc.
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[video opens with several shots of the inside of a library (including a monkey shushing the other patrons), when Roland places a giant stack of books in front of the young blonde librarian (who looks down her glasses at him)]

I wanted to be with you alone
And talk about the weather
But traditions I can trace against the child in your face
Won't escape my attention

Oh, you keep your distance with a system of touch
And gentle persuasion,
I'm lost in admiration
Could I need you this much?
Oh, you're wasting my time, you're just, just, just wasting time

Something happens and I'm head over heels
I never find out till I'm head over heels
Something happens and I'm head over heels

[Roland wanders over to the card catalog and opens one of the drawers, as cards begin flying out]

Ah, don't take my heart, don't break my heart
Don't, don't, don't throw it away
Throw it away, throw it away

I made a fire, watching it burn
Thought of your future,
With one foot in the past
Now just how long will it last?
No, no, no, you have no ambition

[the librarian is trying to reshelve books and ignore Roland, as he floats up to the second floor]

My mother and my brothers used to breathe in clean air
And dreaming I'm a doctor
It's hard to be a man when there's a gun in your hand
Oh, I feel so!

[Roland points a toy gun (complete with "Bang!" flag) at the librarian, who reaches out and squeezes his nose]

Something happens and I'm head over heels
I never find out till I'm head over heels
Something happens and I'm head over heels

Ah, don't take my heart, don't break my heart
Don't, don't, don't throw it away

And this is my four leaf clover
I'm on the line, one open mind
This is my four leaf clover

La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la

La la la la la, la la la la la
In my mind's eye
La la la la la la
One little boy, one little man
Funny how ...

[cut to Roland and the librarian as an old couple]

Time flies!



"Head over Heels" is a song by the British pop/rock band Tears for Fears.

It was the band's tenth single release in the United Kingdom (the fourth taken from their second LP Songs from the Big Chair) and eighth UK Top 40 hit, peaking at #12 in July 1985. In the USA, it was the third single from the album and continued the band's run of hits there, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. A limited edition four-leaf clover shaped picture disc was issued for the single's release in the UK.

The promotional clip for "Head over Heels", filmed in June 1985, was the fourth Tears for Fears clip directed by famed music video producer Nigel Dick. It is centered around Roland Orzabal's attempts to get the attention of a librarian (played by a Canadian model named Joan Densmore), while a variety of characters (many played by the rest of the band) take part in shenanigans in the library. The final scene shows Orzabal and the librarian as an older married couple. The video was filmed at the Emmanuel College Library in Toronto, Canada.

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Case Study No. 0138: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Beyond)

"the beyond" spider scene
hungry tarantulas destroy a guy's face in lucio fulci's 1981 italian horror flick "the beyond".
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[Martin is in the city library, searching for blueprints and speaking to the male librarian]
LIBRARIAN: You surprise me, Mister Avary. You haven't heard about our town employees' latest labor victory? Took a three-week strike to win.
MARTIN: Yeah, it was something about lunch.
LIBRARIAN: An earlier break. I'm sure you'll be okay on your own, I'll be out till ... I dunno, one or a quarter of.
MARTIN: Mm-hmm.
LIBRARIAN: You feel completely at home now, y'hear?
MARTIN: [laughs] Have a happy lunch.
[the librarian exits]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Thank you ... I'm gonna lock the door, that way you won't be disturbed.
[he climbs one of the ladders to get to the top shelf]
MARTIN: [to himself] First from one to two, now from twelve to one. Three weeks of picketing ... A great labor victory.
[he sighs]
MARTIN: Now then, "M-thirteen thousand-twelve."
[he pulls out an old book from the shelf]
MARTIN: Mm-hmm. Mendeville. Seven Doors Hotel.
[he opens the book]
MARTIN: Hotel. Seven Doors.
[he looks at the blueprint]
MARTIN: What the ... ?
[lightning suddenly strikes (from indoors!) and knocks him off the ladder, as spiders suddenly appear and being to devour him]
MARTIN: [screams in pain]
[as Martin dies, the camera pans over to the book, where the blueprint for the hotel slowly disappears until all that's left is a blank page]



"The Beyond" (1981)

The realtor of the Seven Doors Hotel, Martin Avary, (Michele Mirabella) wants to help spruce up the place - so he goes to the library and finds the blueprints of the cellar. Just when he sees something amiss with the prints, a rogue bolt of lighting flashes and knocks him off of his ladder to the floor. Evil plastic tarantulas spliced with live arachnids, crawl from underneath the bookshelf and make their way to the seemingly paralyzed Avary. They crawl up his body, rest on his face and begin biting away at his lips, tongue, nose and eyes. We are treated to this display of latexy gore for 4 minutes! Poor Mr. Avary...

TRIVIA: Director Lucio Fulci plays the librarian who goes out to lunch, right before the Architect is attacked by the spiders.

Case Study No. 0137: Christine Kars/Super Librarian

NJ launches Super Librarian Comic Book
One of over 200 celebrations throughout the state, Library Director Dorothy M. Key. Director and Mayor J. Christian Bollwage celebrated the launch of the Super Librarian comic book at the Elizabeth Public Library. The event drew nearly 100 young adults and their parents who had the opportunity to meet two popular graphic novelists, Kevin Pyle, Blindspot and Lauren Weinstein, Girl Story, as well as the newest super heroes- Super Librarian and X-Libris. Everyone received free comic books.

The New Jersey State Library and INFOLINK, to help serve as gateway to libraries for at-risk readers and highlight the services libraries offer young adults, produced the Super Librarian comic. The comic's backstory was written by NJ teen, Sharon Scaife, and the script by two NJ librarians, David Lisa and Manny Rosca Miracle. The comic is published in English and Spanish and is posted online at The NJ State Library partnered with INFOLINK
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Name: Christine Kars
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Would never let me tell
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Raven Black
Occupation: Head Librarian of Sandview City and unknown to even her closest friends, The Super Librarian
Known Relatives: Sandra Kars [mother deceased], Mark Kars [father deceased], Gregory Tines [adoptive father]
Other Relations: Sergeant Jeffrey Roberts [fiance]
Martial Status: engaged
Base of Operations: Sandview City, NJ

Origin: Christine Kars is the daughter of the late Mark Kars, head librarian of the Sandview Public Library, and his deceased wife Sandra Kars. Sandra died at childbirth so Christine's father, Mark, raised her. He passed on his love of books to her and as a child she often could be found buried in one of her favorite novels. Mark later died in a suspicious fire that burnt his beloved library to the ground.

Christine, who deeply loved her father and his library, was 17 at the time and just finishing up her third year at Sandview High. She went to live with her guardian and eventual adoptive father, Gregory Tines: big-time businessman and long time friend of her father.

Christine went to college at Stratus University for a Masters Degree in Library Science. Her ardent reading and healthy hunger for knowledge helped her to easily graduate top of her class and in record time. Even though she could have chosen from a multitude of careers and positions, only one would ever appeal to her.

She followed in her father's footsteps with the help of her adoptive father who had funded the rebuilding of the town's library after the fire. Christine started from the bottom and worked her way up to the top and by age 22, she had reached her dream position of head librarian.

Then, hidden in one of her father's old books, Christine found a document that confirmed her suspicions that the fire that had killed her father had been no accident. It had been set by Sandview's very own Police Chief Manfield to destroy microfilms that connected him to a decade old conspiracy and to kill her father before he could go to the police with information he had found in those microfilms.

With all her heart, she wishes she could land Manfield into jail but this is impossible without proof. And proof she does not have. Yet.

Now Christine travels the world for evidence to avenge her father's death and to make sure truth is never hidden. Knowledge is her sword and justice her shield. She is the sworn protector of the written word and thus, the world.

Cloaked in purple and gold she is ...

The Super Librarian!
Extreme Knowledge – from all her reading
And high-tech gadgets- that her adoptive father provides her from his company Tines Laboratories.

Case Study No. 0136: Mrs. Beamster/The Laminator

The Libraian From The Black Lagoon - Full Film!
The search is over. I finally found the 2007 Weston Woods program of The Librarian From The Black Lagoon. Since I can't find one on YouTube, I'm probably the first one to upload it.

Please Enjoy!

Taken from "The Teacher From The Black Lagoon" 2010 DVD.
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[scene opens in Hubie's classroom]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Today, our class is going to the library. We've been hearing some really scary things about the place!
HUBIE: Oh no!
[Hubie starts to imagine what the library must be like]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] The library is somewhere behind the boiler room. It's called "Media Center of the Earth!"
[the librarian appears as an ugly pink monster wearing a blue dress]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Misses Beam--
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Misses Beamster is the librarian. The kids call her ... The Laminator!
[the librarian grabs a talkative student and puts him into a weird machine]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] They say she laminates you if you talk in the library!
[the librarian whistles, and a three-eyed reptilian monster comes and takes the newly-laminated student away]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] She also has a library assistant named Igor!
[cut to Hubie creeping along a dark dungeon hallway]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] You know you're getting close to the library, by the signs on the wall ...
HUBIE: [reading the signs] "No Talking Beyond This Point" ... "No Whispering Beyond This Point" ... "No Breathing Beyond This Point!" [holds his breath]


[the librarian appears before a group of students]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Everyone says the best part of a library visit is story time. All the kids stand at attention, while Misses Beamster reads one of the cards from the card catalog.
LIBRARIAN: [clearing her throat] "Percy Woodrow Benter. Basket Weaving. 96 pages, illustrated" ...
[the students give a round of forced applause]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Or, if you catch her in a good mood, she'll recite the Dewey Decimal System by heart.
LIBRARIAN: [closing her eyes and concentrating] Botany, 580. Budgets, 332. Business, 3-3-8 ... [gets emotional]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] They say Misses Beamster has a crush on Mister Dewey, and that she carries his picture in a lead locket around her neck.
[she kisses the locket, then starts running around the library and laughing]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] She also has rubber stamps on the soles of her shoes, and wherever she steps, it says "Overdue!"
[she stops when she hears students whispering]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] She seems to have ears on the back of her head. If she catches you whispering ...
[she flips a lever that sucks the students up into a series of tubes that deposits them into the laminating machine]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] You're laminated!


[Igor wheels a projector to the middle of the room]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Then, she shows you slides of all her vacations since 1902! She goes to the same place, every year. The Library of Congress.
[the students feign excitement]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Misses Beamster also subscribes to three magazines ... "The Mortician's Monthly," "The Complete Pamphlet of Zip Codes," and "Spots Illustrated: The Magazine for Cleaner Laundry." These, you do get to read.


[Hubie's fantasy ends]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Well, it's time to go ...
[cut to the students walking down the hallway]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] As we get near the library, there are lots of signs.
GIRL: [reading a sign] "Books Are Fun!"
BOY: [reading a sign] "Books Are Joy!" I'm so happy!
BOY 2: [reading a sign] "Read!"
GIRL 2: [reading a sign and chuckling] "We Spray For Bookworms!"
HUBIE: [reading a sign] "Books Can Take You Everywhere!" Cool!
[the door to the library opens]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] We march right in and sit down in little chairs ... These must be the ones without glue. Misses Beamster comes over with an armful of books ... and puts them on the table!
[Hubie recoils in horror, but Misses Beamster appears as a normal female librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, children!
HUBIE: Hello, Misses Beamster!
LIBRARIAN: Hi, kids ...
HUBIE: [in voice-over] Then she smiles and hands me one. It's a book of knock-knock jokes!
LIBRARIAN: I saved this one for you ...
HUBIE: [to another student] Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Dishes.
BOY 3: Dishes who?
HUBIE: Dishes a nice place to be!
[they both laugh]
HUBIE: [in voice-over] I'm going to love the library!
HUBIE: Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Rita.
BOY 3: Rita who?
HUBIE: Rita good book at the library ... Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Anita.
BOY 3: Anita who?
HUBIE: Anita check out this book ... Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Lettuce.
BOY 3: Lettuce who?
HUBIE: Lettuce come back to the library tomorrow ... Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Danielle.
BOY 3: Danielle who?
HUBIE: Danielle in the library, whisper ... Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Ammonia.
BOY 3: Ammonia who?
HUBIE: Ammonia a kid, but I have a library card ... Knock knock.
BOY 3: Who's there?
HUBIE: Thaddeus.
BOY 3: Thaddeus who?
HUBIE: Thaddeus the best book I've ever read!
BOY 3: Okay Hubie, I have one for you ... Knock knock.
HUBIE: Who's there?
BOY 3: Candice.
HUBIE: Candice who?
BOY 3: Candice be the last knock-knock joke?
[they both laugh]



The animated film centers around a boy named Hubie, the star of the many "Black Lagoon" books by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee. Hubie's class is going to visit the library for the first time, and rumor has it the library is a dark dungeon of rules and misery. Presiding over the ghastly proceedings is Mrs. Beamster, better known as: The Laminator! Hubie is sure he's doomed...but when he actually gets to the library, will things be as he expected?

The film The Librarian from the Black Lagoon is based on the book of the same name, written by Mike Thaler and illustrated by Jared Lee. Galen Fott adapted and directed. Alexander Gould (voice of the title character in "Finding Nemo") stars as Hubie, with Diana Canova as Mrs. Beamster. Animation is by Bigfott Studios. The music is composed by Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds. The film is produced by Paul R. Gagne and Melissa Reilly at Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

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Case Study No. 0135: The Archivist (PierceFilm)

An aging archivist struggles with past memories in a desolate future library. NO CGI USED!
Tags: science fiction drama short film special effects model miniature future
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[scene opens on a giant decrepit building (with the word "Library" inscribed on one of the walls) in a post-apocalyptic landscape, as two young scavengers finds an old blind man sitting and holding a photograph of a blue sky]
SCAVENGER 1: What's your first memory?
ARCHIVIST: I remember a world of bright colors. And, even before I lost my sight, those colors were disappearing.
[the two scavengers look on as the archivist continues his story]
ARCHIVIST: Oh, this was decades ago, I was not much more than a child ... I still catch glimpses of certain images.
[various shots of clouds are shown]
ARCHIVIST: Filled with the most vivid color.
[cut back to the two scavengers listening]
ARCHIVIST: Colors neither of you will ever see. I remember a clear, deep blue sky ... a blue the likes of which you cannot begin to imagine.
[one of the scavengers mouths "Wow" to himself]
ARCHIVIST: Bluer than the most bluest of eyes. Oh, it was a long time ago, I grant you that, but no one could dream of colors like that without having experienced them. Even the color in these books must have faded by now!
[the scavengers look at the piles of books surrounding the archivist]
ARCHIVIST: No one will know what it was like, before everything you see around you turned to this!
[cut to an exterior shot of the library, then back to the archivist]
ARCHIVIST: You'll have to be patient with me, my mind is not as quick as it used to be.
SCAVENGER 1: Well, we got nothing but time here, old man ...
ARCHIVIST: Maybe I could, maybe I could remember when ...
[the shots of clouds and a blue sky are shown again]
ARCHIVIST: Oh, I see those colors as sharply as if they were yesterday!
SCAVENGER 1: The world's been this way for at least a hundred years, old man. Even I know that! Now, as old as you are, I don't think you're that old. So how could you have possibly seen these things?
ARCHIVIST: But I, I remember ...
[the camera focuses on the photograph in his hand, as he drops it]
ARCHIVIST: I remember ... I remember seeing it.
[cut to the archivist as a young child, looking at footage of clouds on a computer screen]

Written and Directed by Berton Pierce
Produced by Kristin Hirt, Nick Mendoza, Berton Pierce

Richard Browner ... Old Man
Kyle Yaskin ... Scavenger #1
Brant Brogan ... Scavenger #2
Tina Shelley ... Lab Woman
Nicholas Cortez ... Child

PierceFilm (c)2003.

Case Study No. 0134: Mr. Biddle and Donna (student library worker)

Debbie does the library
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[scene opens with Donna working in the high school library, when her boyfriend Tim sneaks up behind her]
DONNA: [shelving a book] Okay, this one's supposed to go ...
TIM: Donna!
DONNA: Tim! Mister Biddle will be right back! You're not supposed to be here, I'm at work!
TIM: Aw baby, even if I'm so desperate for you I could, uh ... jump off a bridge? Huh?
DONNA: [pushes him away with the book] Aw, especially not in that condition!
TIM: But you're always at work!
DONNA: Because it's my job!
TIM: Well, I don't care, Donna! I'm at the end with you!
DONNA: I've never seen you like this before, Tim ...
TIM: Because it's been like weeks since I've seen you!
DONNA: But now is not the time ...
TIM: Aw, look at me Donna baby, I'm going nuts!
DONNA: But here is not the place!
TIM: Donna, if you don't change things fast, we are over!
DONNA: Are you threatening me?
TIM: No, babe ... I just miss you, that's all.
DONNA: Aw, that is so sweet.
TIM: [starts kissing her] So can we neck?
DONNA: [wiggles away] My parents will see the hickies!
TIM: Well, let me touch your boobs under your shirt!
DONNA: I'm not wearing the right bra today!
TIM: [grabs her from behind] Well, uh, can we dry hump?
DONNA: Mister Biddle is coming right back!
TIM: Aw Donna, you're killing me, babe!
DONNA: Okay, okay, okay ...
[he puts her down]
DONNA: You want me to show you what my girlfriend showed me?
TIM: Sure, anything!
[someone off stage hands Donna a banana, while Tim sits in a chair]
TIM: Oh Donna, you're so beautiful ... What have you and your girlfriends been doing, babe?
DONNA: Oh, wait and see ...
[Donna simulates fellatio with the banana, when Mister Biddle walks in]
BIDDLE: [yelling] What in the world? Young man, I want you to leave immediately! Get out of here!
[Biddle picks him up and throws him out of the library, then takes out a handkerchief and approaches Donna]
BIDDLE: Young lady, this is absolutely outrageous! Spit that out!
[she spits out the banana into his handkerchief]
BIDDLE: Come with me to my office ...
DONNA: [sadly] Yes, Mister Biddle ...
[they enter his office]
DONNA: Mister Biddle, I--
BIDDLE: [calmly] Shut the door.
[she does as she's told, then starts pleading with the librarian]
DONNA: Oh Mister Biddle, please don't tell my parents! I'm begging you, they'll kill me! Please don't tell my parents!
BIDDLE: I am really surprised at you, Donna! You know the rules here, how could you so flauntingly break them?
DONNA: [crying] I'm sorry, Mister Biddle! I didn't mean to break the rules! I swear it will never happen again, just please don't tell my parents!
BIDDLE: Your parents should be notified! They're the ones that should deal with this! What you need, young lady, is a good spanking!
DONNA: Okay ...
[she bends over, lifts up her cheerleading skirt, and "presents" herself to Mister Biddle]
BIDDLE: [looks around nervously and then gives her one quick spank on the buttocks]
DONNA: Ow! I'm sorry!
[she starts to cry]
BIDDLE: Alright, alright! Stop crying! Stop crying!
[he hands her his handkerchief]
DONNA: Oh, thank you ...
[she realizes it's the same handkerchief with the banana in it]
BIDDLE: I won't tell your parents ...
DONNA: You won't?
BIDDLE: No, but I want something in return ...
DONNA: You do?
BIDDLE: Yes ... Now, what's this I hear about a company you girls have formed?
DONNA: You're interested in Teen Services?
BIDDLE: Mmmm ... Now, what kind of services are you providing?
DONNA: Well, we're all good girls, you know ...
BIDDLE: Good girls ...
DONNA: Mm hmm. And we will do, we will do anything that you like ... anything.
BIDDLE: Waddaya mean by anything?
DONNA: Well ... what would you like?
BIDDLE: Anything I like?
[she gets up and starts running her finger along Mister Biddle's chest]
DONNA: Yes, Mister Biddle ... You can have any-thing.
BIDDLE: Oh ... Um. Well, I-I've always wanted ... I, I--
[he gets down on his knees and starts begging]
BIDDLE: I always wanted to be bent over and spanked by a cheerleader because I'm such a bad and nasty boy!
[she puts her hand over his mouth in shock]
DONNA: Wow, Mister Biddle!
BIDDLE: Will you do it?
DONNA: Uh, well it'll cost you ... One hundred and five dollars.
[he bends over and "presents" himself to Donna]



There might not be any nudity in the musical version of 1978 porn film Debbie Does Dallas, but the play, currently at Soul Invictus Gallery and Cabaret, still pushes the envelope when it comes to raunchiness. The result is a cheesy take on just how far a group of high school cheerleaders will go to earn money to follow their cheer dreams.

Andi Watson plays Debbie, the captain of a high school cheerleading squad. She earns a spot with the pros as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but there's a problem - her parents don't approve, and she doesn't have the funds to realize her dream.

Thankfully, her fellow cheerleaders are ready to help her (and themselves) earn money for the trip to Texas by getting after-school jobs. Pretty soon the girls figure out they can make more than minimum wage if they offer sexual services (the same ones they'd do with their boyfriends, only this time they'd get paid!) to their older male bosses.

The musical uses song and dance numbers to substitute the movie's more graphic scenes, but the choreography and lyrics are still scintillating enough to create an arousing effect. Just imagine the naughty moves that can be simulated with a candle ... and there are many more scandalous scenes, including a jaw-dropping shower meet-up.

The script is full of silly lines that reflect well on the actual porn genre, and the dialogue will keep you laughing throughout.

Artist Theatre Project's presentation of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical is such a great ensemble piece because the actors featured have great, uh, chemistry. Each of the five girls has a very distinctive personality, from Tammy (Courtney Lato), the innocent one who constantly stuffs her bra with toilet paper, to Lisa (Crystalle Reed), the girl who's out to steal Debbie's boyfriend Rick (Casey Weiler) and doesn't feel guilty for doing so.

All the male roles are played by three actors who do a great job in creating a great variety of characters, from the sporting goods store owner who gives Debbie her first non-traditional job, to the high school football players who only seemed concerned with their sport and the sack.

None of the acting seems forced - all the lines are produced quite naturally, and the singing is also impressive, especially by Watson and Reed.

Besides encouraging great cast dynamics, director Jim Linde also managed to create an engaging show that keeps the ball rolling in-between scenes. The flashy costumes (or lack of) and creative set design are visually fun, as scenes transition effortlessly from the football field, to walking down the street, to the record store.

Debbie Does Dallas may have a humorous premise, but it has seriously memorable characters and a script that allows everyone to shine. It's great to be able to see such a top-notch presentation in the little Soul Invictus theater. After the show, it's hard not to feel bonded with other audience members because of the outrageous presentation you've seen.



Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical
Adapted by Erica Schmidt
Composed by Andrew Sherman
Conceived by Susan L. Schwartz
Based upon the film, by Arrangement with VCX Ltd.


Donna is a poet. She is the dark angel of the cheerleading team and a study in contradictions. She has a boyfriend, Tim, but her closest allegiance is to Tammy (who is a prude). Donna wants to experiment with sex but she doesn't want to be branded as "easy." She is concerned about what people will say and very worried about the censure of her parents. She is thoughtful and smart. Her favorite poet is probably Sylvia Plath but her favorite movie is probably "Titanic."


Mr. Biddle works at the high-school library. He is repressed and reserved. Mr. Biddle is of a forgotten generation in his principles and etiquette. (He is a male character in a porno and he does not want sex). He is smart, rash, quick to anger and passionate about poetry.

Case Study No. 0133: Unnamed Male Librarian (Mr. Bean)

Mr Bean - Library
Mr Bean at the Library.
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Director's Cut sketches
Also unseen on television were a number of short sketches. "The Library" and "The Bus Stop" were presumably intended for inclusion in earlier episodes, but ultimately cut and later included on the VHS and DVD releases.

Mr. Bean visits a rare book library (possibly the British Library), where he reads a rare tome that must be handled with gloves. Soon after he uses a pencil and a crayon to copy a page of the book by shading on a piece of tracing paper, he sneezes, and the tracing paper slips away. He doesn't notice this, and continues to use a crayon for shading, but on the book instead of the tracing paper. When he notices this, he attempts to remove the crayon marks — first by erasing, and then by using correction fluid, but eventually ends up tearing out the pages he has defiled. To neaten up the stubs of the pages he has torn out, he uses a boxcutter knife, but doesn't notice that while doing so, he cuts other pages. His final solution is to swap his book with that of someone else at his table; this plan is working - Bean leaves, and the librarian discovers that the book the other visitor has is damaged - but then Bean returns to retrieve his Dennis the Menace and Gnasher bookmark from his original book and is subsequently caught red-handed.



Produced: 5 November 1990

Digressing from his usual 30-minute "special" format, Rowan Atkinson essayed his Mr. Bean characterization in a handful of quickie comedy sketches on a variety of 1990s British TV series. One such sketch was the ten-minute gem titled "The Library." In this one, the dimwitted Bean is entrusted with a priceless manuscript by the librarian (played by Rex Doyle), which he proceeds to rend asunder. On video, "The Library" has been included in such compilations as The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean and The Complete Mr. Bean, Vol. 2. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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Case Study No. 0132: Unnamed Male Librarian (Charlemagne and Nibbles)

The Librarian
Confusion with the librarian
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[scene opens inside a college library with a young male librarian (who looks suspiciously like Kenneth from "30 Rock") sitting behind the front desk, when a male student approaches and rings the bell for service]
MALE PATRON: Hi, I'm looking for a book.
LIBRARIAN: Okay, sure thing. Lemme get this thing fired up ...
[he starts typing on the computer]
LIBRARIAN: Here we go. What can I do ya for?
Patron: I'm looking for Moby Dick.
[he begins typing]
LIBRARIAN: "Dick-comma-Moby", and search by author, and "Enter". Nope, nothing. Sure the first name's not "Dick"? Seems like it would be.
[the student gives him a funny look.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, let's try "Richard" ...
[he begins typing again]
LIBRARIAN: No, nothing. What's the name of the book you're looking for?
MALE PATRON: Try Hermann Melville.
LIBRARIAN: And who's that written by?
MALE PATRON: Try the author and the title.
LIBRARIAN: Okay. Kill two birds with one stone ...
[he gets a surprised look on his face]
LIBRARIAN: "Kill Two Birds With One Stone", great name for a book!
MALE PATRON: Are you serious?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I love books.
MALE PATRON: Um, okay ... Let's try Huckleberry Finn.
[he begins typing again]
MALE PATRON: No! Try Mark Twain!
[the librarian smiles and holds up a "Shhhh Please" sign]
LIBRARIAN: You and me both, buddy ... Computers!
[the patron gives an exasperated look]
LIBRARIAN: I thought these things were supposed to be helpful, but I have to ask ... friend or foe?
[the patron just stares at him]
LIBRARIAN: Oooh, sharks! Yeah, under "Finn" ...
[he begins typing again]
MALE PATRON: No, I don't think you're understanding me. It's a book ...
LIBRARIAN: I know, it's a library ... I think I should know that, I'm a librarian!
MALE PATRON: Look, I'm short on time here, boss!
LIBRARIAN: Lemmee guess, marine biology class ...
MALE PATRON: What? No ... What?!
LIBRARIAN: Schneider! Yup, I had him ... He's a shark!
[he makes a menacing move with his hand (like a shark snapping its jaws shut), then waves it off with a smile]
LIBRARIAN: Heh, just kidding ...
MALE PATRON: No, Moby Dick and Huckleberry Finn are the two books I'm looking for.
LIBRARIAN: I got that.
[a female student walks up to the desk]
FEMALE PATRON: Excuse me, do you know where I can find "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Nietzsche?
LIBRARIAN: Upstairs, take your first left, past "World Religions" in the Philosophy section. Third shelf down, fourth book in from the left.
FEMALE PATRON: Thanks so much!
[she walks off]
LIBRARIAN: It is my pleasure ...
[he turns his attention back to the male student]
LIBRARIAN: Okay, "sea creatures" ...
[he begins typing again]
[disgusted, the male patron walks away, as the librarian simply shrugs his shoulders]



Charlemagne and Nibbles are Ian Putnam and Gary Wallace, comedy actors, writers, and producers.

Case Study No. 0131: Unnamed Female Librarians (Managing the Problem Library Patron)

A-01 Loitering
This video offers instruction on how to rid a library of pesky loiterers.
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Managing the Problem Library Patron: Disruptive Behavior
Problem 1: Loitering

[scene opens with a disheleved looking man sitting on the floor in the library, as a young female librarian walks over to try and converse with him]
LIBRARIAN 1: Excuse me, sir, is there anything I can help you with?
[the man remains motionless, staring off into the distance]
LIBRARIAN 1: [crouches down] Sir, are ... are you alright?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: Do you have a reason to be in the library today, sir?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: You stay here. I'll be right back.
[she gets up and leaves, then comes back with another female librarian (possibly her supervisor)]
LIBRARIAN 2: Excuse me, sir, is there something I can help you with?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: Do you have any, um, identification on you?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Do you have a purpose in the library today?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Do you need medical assistance?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Sir, if you don't have any purpose in the library, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
[the man finally gets up and walks off, muttering under his breath]
MAN: Yeah, right ... Whatever.
[the older librarian turns to the other librarian]
LIBRARIAN 2: Don't forget to file the incident report form, okay?

1. Ask if you can help.
2. If necessary, obtain support.
3. Ask for ID, and purpose for being in library.
4. If not using library, ask that they leave.



"Managing the Problem Library Patron"
Executive director, Daniel P. Keller.
Goshen, Ky. : Campus Crime Prevention Programs, 1993.
Summary: Instructional video gives guidelines and demonstrates a number of ways and means of how a library staff member can deal with a small number of library patrons who display disruptive, aberrant, or even criminal behavior.
1 videocassette (35 min.)

Disruptive behavior. problem 1. Loitering --
problem 2. Sleeping in library --
problem 3. Talking/socializing --
problem 4. Verbal altercation between patrons --
problem 5. Physical altercation between patrons --
problem 6. Irate/abusive patron --
Aberrant behavior. problem 1. Emotionally disturbed person --
problem 2. Lonely/helpless person --
problem 3. Under influence of alcohol and/or drugs --
Criminal behavior. problem 1. Theft --
problem 2. Theft of library materials --
problem 3. Vandalism --
problem 4. Report of theft --
problem 5. Sex offenses --
problem 6. Trepassing.

A production of Campus Crime Prevention Programs ; produced through the facilities of Multi-Video Productions.

Case Study No. 0130: Unnamed Female Librarian (Mercedes Benz)

America Still Appreciates A Good Dumb Blond Joke
While America might have had its chauvinistic nuts cut off by politically correct extremist who can't take a joke when they see one, other countries are still, happily, appreciating a good 'ol dumb blond joke courtesy of Mercedes Benz who think there's nothing wrong with ordering a fast food meal from a librarian.

Though America might have undergone an unfortunate castration, humor is alive and well under the radar and vigorously appreciated as illustrated by this ad having been sent to us by the very blond and very smart wife of Adrants reader Roy Coffman.
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[scene opens with a hot blonde woman approaching an unseen woman and placing a fast food order]
BLONDE WOMAN: [loudly] Hello! I'd like to order french fries, a burger, and a milkshake!
[camera pans around to reveal that she is talking to a frumpy female librarian, with frizzy brown hair, at the front desk of a library]
LIBRARIAN: [taken aback] This is a library ...
BLONDE WOMAN: [looks around nonchalantly at all of the bookshelves and reading patrons surrounding her]
LIBRARIAN: [looks back down at the book she was working on, apparently satisfied that she has ended the conversation]
BLONDE WOMAN: [whispering] I'd like to order french fries, a burger, and a milkshake ...
LIBRARIAN: [looks up with an exasperated look on her face]
BLONDE WOMAN: [smiles and blissfully nods her head]
[cut to a white screen with the words "Beauty is nothing without brains. The Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse."]

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Case Study No. 0129: Mary Elizabeth Hull and Forney Hull (Library Assistant)

so sweeeet.....
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[scene opens inside the Sequoyah Public Library, where a very pregnant Novalee accidentally knocks over a book display with her belly]
FORNEY: [off camera] What do you want?
NOVALEE: Uh, I'm lookin' for, for a book.
[she looks around nervously for the source of the voice, which sounds very terse and short-tempered, like the unseen librarian can't be bothered to help patrons]
FORNEY: [off camera] What kind of book?
NOVALEE: About, about trees.
FORNEY: [off camera] Trees?
NOVALEE: Yeah. You know ...
[she starts wandering around the sparse stacks, trying to search out this elusive librarian]
FORNEY: [off camera] Forestry? Environment? Agriculture? Botany? What do you want to know about trees?
NOVALEE: Well, a few weeks ago somebody gave me a buckeye tree.
FORNEY: [off camera] Buckeye ...
[the male librarian finally comes into view]
FORNEY: [grabs a book off the shelf] Horse chestnut. Belongs to the genus Aesculus, of the family Hippocastanaccae.
NOVALEE: I-I think it's dyin'. My tree. I could show it to the people who gave it to me, but I'm embarrassed to let them see how sick I let it get.
FORNEY: [puts the book down on a nearby table] There. Look up "buckeye" in the index.
NOVALEE: [confused] The what?
FORNEY: [annoyed] I'll start slower. These are called "books." You still with me?
NOVALEE: [angrily] Hey!
FORNEY: [flips through the book] Here. Uh, there ...
[he points to the page]
FORNEY: See? Read.
[he sits down at the table with her]
NOVALEE: [reading slowly] "Leaf rot. Root damage. Nit-- Nitro-- Nit-- Nitrogen d-- def-- defic--"
[she stops and sighs in frustration]
NOVALEE: "Defic--"
FORNEY: "Deficiency"! Keep reading!
[he abruptly gets up and heads back to the stacks]
FORNEY: There's also a book ... uhhh, here.
[he brings back another book for her, when suddenly the sound of glass breaking and a woman crying out in pain is heard from the floor above them]
FORNEY: [looks up in dismay] Excuse me.
[he heads upstairs]


[Novalee is outside in the garden, helping Sister Husband and Mister Sprock plant her buckeye tree]
NOVALEE: You know, the book in the library said the highest spot in the yard is the best place to plant the tree.
SISTER: Oh, you must have met Forney.
[she stops when she notices Mister Sprock wheezing heavily]
NOVALEE: You all right, Mr. Sprock?
MR. SPROCK: Oh, I'm fine. A little emphysema. It's nothin' serious.
SISTER: You know, he makes that noise whenever he exerts himself ...
NOVALEE: Who's Thorney?
SISTER: Forney. Forney Hull. Brilliant man, lives in the library.
MR. SPROCK: Brilliant.
SISTER: Y'know, there's no telling what he might have done in this world, if he'd been allowed to finish his schooling.
NOVALEE: Why didn't he?
SISTER: [pause] Lord gives us obstacles.


[scene opens in the hospital, after Novalee had her baby in the local Wal Mart, with the new mother holding her baby for the first time while talking to her nurse]
NOVALEE: How can you love someone so much you just met?
LEXIE: Forney's okay, too. Doctor stitched him up and sent him on home.
NOVALEE: Forney?
LEXIE: Mm-hmm.
NOVALEE: The library guy?
LEXIE: Yeah.
NOVALEE: Why, what happened to him?
LEXIE: He jumped through a plate-glass window to deliver your baby. Don't you remember?
NOVALEE: [pause] That was him?


[inside the library after closing hours, Forney is walking down the stairs holding a tray, when he hears his sister calling to him from upstairs]
MARY: [off camera] Forney!
MARY: [off camera] Where are you?
FORNEY: I'm just putting the dishes in the sink.
MARY: [off camera] Forney?
FORNEY: [annoyed] I'll be ... I'll be right back.
MARY: [off camera] Forney!
[cut to outside the library, as Novalee knocks on the door]
FORNEY: [yelling] We're closed!
MARY: [off camera] Forney!
[ignoring his sister, Forney marches over to the door and opens it]
FORNEY: Look, we're--
[he now sees that it's Novalee with her baby]
NOVALEE: Hi. Can I come in?
FORNEY: [flustered] Uh, yeah.
MARY: [off camera] I need a towel!
FORNEY: [yelling upstairs] They're in the bathroom!
NOVALEE: Is this a bad time?
FORNEY: Uh, yeah. No ...
[he gives a nervous laugh]
NOVALEE: I just, I just wanted to thank you ...
MARY: [off camera] I can't reach it!
FORNEY: [annoyed] Just give me two minutes! I'll be right there ...
[he turns back to Novalee]
FORNEY: Sorry.
NOVALEE: It's okay. I just wanted to thank you for ... well, I guess you saved our lives. Me and Americus.
FORNEY: "Americus"?
NOVALEE: You wanna hold her?
FORNEY: Oh ...
NOVALEE: It's okay.
[she gingerly hands the baby over to Forney]
FORNEY: Oh. Oh. Oh.
NOVALEE: [takes out a camera] Moses Whitecotton gave me this as a baby gift.
FORNEY: Uh-huh.
[she takes his hat off]
NOVALEE: All right ... One, two, three, smile!
FORNEY: [forces a smile]
MARY: [off camera] Forney!
NOVALEE: [takes back her baby] All right. So, I'll see you soon.
FORNEY: Uh-huh. Oh!
[he opens door for her]
FORNEY: Goodbye.
MARY: [off camera] Forney!
[he runs up the stairs in frustration]


[scene opens inside the library, where Novalee is reading more books, and Forney is displaying a much friendlier disposition towards her than during her previous attempt to use the facilities]
FORNEY: Are you finding what you want?
NOVALEE: [frustrated] I don't know what they're talkin' about. I have to look up every other word in the dictionary, then I have to look up those words in the children's dictionary. Takes me a half-hour to read a page.
FORNEY: Well, maybe this is something that's hard to learn from books ... I mean, it's photography.
NOVALEE: Hard for me anyway.
[she suddenly begins looking around nervously]
FORNEY: Something wrong?
NOVALEE: Is there a ladies' room?
[he points towards the back]
NOVALEE: Oh, thanks ...
[she quickly enters the bathroom, as Forney sits down at her table and begins fidgeting nervously, when he suddenly hears her yelling from behind the door]
NOVALEE: [off camera] Yes! Thank you, Lord! Thank you so much!
[she opens the door and demurely sits back down]
FORNEY: Things went well?
NOVALEE: You bet ...
[she looks at her watch]
NOVALEE: Oh, I-I gotta go.
[she starts picking up her books]
FORNEY: Oh, you've got a big date or something?
FORNEY: Oh, because I thought you were sort of seeing somebody, or--
NOVALEE: No, that's done. That's finished. I am done with guys like that.
FORNEY: Like what?
NOVALEE: You know ... good-lookin', cocky, and look great in some tight jeans and a white t-shirt. Those guys are all wrong for me, Forney. I don't want that anymore. I want a change.
[Forney suddenly gets a very hopeful look in his eyes]
NOVALEE: No more men at all.
[his face quickly falls in disappointment]
FORNEY: Oh ...
[a crashing noise suddenly coming from above, as Forney rushes upstairs and opens the door, finding his sister lying on the floor]
MARY: [weakly] Forney, help me ...
[he helps her back into bed, as Novalee (who followed Forney upstairs without him noticing) watches from the door entrance]
MARY: [notices Novalee staring] Who's that?
FORNEY: [turns and notices her for the first time] Novalee, I'd like you to meet my sister. This is Mary Elizabeth Hull. She's the librarian.
[cut to Forney and Novalee walking around a yard sale]
FORNEY: Mary Elizabeth's a lot older than I am. I was still just a kid when she started drinking ...
[he stops and points at an item]
FORNEY: [to the seller] Oh, you're underselling that.
[he turns his attention back to Novalee]
FORNEY: I was about ten, I guess, the first time my father put her away.
NOVALEE: Away? Where?
FORNEY: In a sanitorium back east ... So, what exactly are you looking for?
NOVALEE: Well, I'm lookin' for a gift for Sister and Mister Sprock. It's their anniversary.
FORNEY: Anniversary?
NOVALEE: Yeah, they've been ... close for six years.
FORNEY: So anyway, I was back east at college, and--
NOVALEE: College?
FORNEY: Yeah, I was studying to be a history teacher, but my dad died and my sister couldn't be left alone here. She begged me never to send her away again. Told me she'd kill herself if I did. That was nine years ago.


[an ambulance is parked in front of the library, as an EMT places a sheet over Mary's body]
EMT: I don't know how you kept her alive this long, Forney. You're welcome to ride along with us.
FORNEY: [stares blankly]
[cut to the inside of the Majestic Hotel, as Novalee knocks on one of the doors, which swings open to reveal Forney sitting on the bed]
FORNEY: How did you find me?
NOVALEE: Small town ... You didn't come to the service. I was worried.
FORNEY: I didn't mean to worry you.
NOVALEE: Can I come in?
NOVALEE: You all right?
FORNEY: I couldn't stay at the library. I had to--
NOVALEE: I understand.
FORNEY: I have to go away for a while, take Mary Elizabeth back to Maine, bury her in the family plot.
NOVALEE: I'm so sorry, Forney.
FORNEY: I couldn't go to the service. I had four white roses. And when I got to the service ... they turned brown. I couldn't take her brown roses.
[he starts to cry as Novalee holds him, then the scene changes to the two of them in bed post-coitus]
FORNEY: [whispering] Novalee?
FORNEY: I love you.
[cut to Novalee and Lexie the next morning]
LEXIE: He told you he loves you, and you didn't say anything?
NOVALEE: I'm a dope. I'm such a dope. But I was scared. I was confused, and ... it's just strange.
LEXIE: Honey, don't take this wrong, but Forney is strange.


[the town lawyer questions Novalee about whether or not she's seen Forney]
LAWYER: Novalee, do you know how to reach Forney? It's about some legal work involvin' the library.
NOVALEE: Oh, I expect him back today or tomorrow.
LAWYER: Forney's comin' back?
LAWYER: Well, I just figured, with Mary Elizabeth gone, he'd wanna pick up with his life again ... or go back to college.
[Novalee is suddenly stunned at the thought of Forney leaving for the East Coast]
MAN: Hey, did you know his great grandfather was governor of Maine?
NOVALEE: [pause] No.
SISTER: Well, sometimes things work out for the best. Now he can get out of here and have a real life.


[Novalee is sleeping in bed when the phone rings]
NOVALEE: Hello? Where are you? When'd you get back? No, no, no. I'll come over. I'll come there. Okay? Bye.
[cut to the same hotel room in the Majestic Hotel, as Novalee is happy to see Forney again]
FORNEY: Hey. Come in ... Sorry I called so late.
NOVALEE: No, no. That's ... so how was your trip?
FORNEY: You wanna sit down?
NOVALEE: Sure ... I was startin' to worry a little when you didn't come back. I thought--
FORNEY: Oh. I forgot how lovely it is back there. Very different from here.
NOVALEE: I'll bet.
FORNEY: I drove over to Bowdoin ...
NOVALEE: Mm-hmm?
FORNEY: Yeah. I, uh, was only gonna go for a couple of hours. I wind up staying two days. I saw a couple of my old professors. I forgot what a great library they have there. Have they hired a new librarian here yet?
NOVALEE: Yeah. Mayor Allbert's daughter.
[he chuckles at the idea]
FORNEY: Well ... Oh, well. It's okay. I wouldn't want to go back there anyway. I hear they're hiring at the plastics factory. I'll bet I could get a job there.
NOVALEE: What about teaching? You said once you wanted to be a history teacher.
FORNEY: Oh, that was a long time ago.
NOVALEE: But if it's what you want, I--
FORNEY: What I want? What I want is to be with you, to be with you and Americus. I love you. I love you so much. When we were here together--
NOVALEE: Forney, that might have been a mistake.
FORNEY: [stunned] Mistake?
NOVALEE: I mean ...
FORNEY: Are you saying you made love to me because you felt sorry for me? Is that it?
FORNEY: Then what? It was a bad decision, an impulse?
NOVALEE: Forney ...
FORNEY: Do you love me?
NOVALEE: You are the best friend I've ever had.
FORNEY: Just answer me.
NOVALEE: You delivered my baby.
FORNEY: Do you love me?
NOVALEE: No ... No, Forney, I don't love you. Not that way.
[cut to Novalee and Lexie looking at an empty house]
LEXIE: This place looks good. It's nice and bright. The carpet looks new. My kids could turn this place into a dump before the door closes ...
[she looks out the window]
LEXIE: Look. You can see the library.
NOVALEE: [doesn't look] Yeah.
LEXIE: You ever hear from Joe College?
NOVALEE: He writes to Americus, sends her books. At the end of every letter, he writes: "Please tell your mother I extend my best wishes."
LEXIE: [deadpan] Hot ... You written him back?
NOVALEE: No. What could I say to him?
LEXIE: Oh, God, that you lied to him for one. That you love him. That you miss him. That these have been the most miserable three months of your life ... and that he should come back.
NOVALEE: Come back to what? To a job at the plastics factory, or flippin' burgers at Lita's Drive-in? Or drivin' a delivery truck?
LEXIE: What about Wal-Mart?
LEXIE: Oh, so it's okay for you, but it's not good enough for him.
LEXIE: Novalee, you never thought you deserved Forney.


[Novalee has made the trip to Bowdoin College, searching everywhere (including the school library) for Forney, before she finally finds him talking to a bunch of fellow students]
NOVALEE: It's too late, isn't it, Forney?
FORNEY: Too late? For what?
NOVALEE: I lied to you ... when you asked me if I loved you, and I said "no." Remember?
NOVALEE: I lied, Forney. It wasn't true. I-I love you. It's just I lied because ... I thought you deserved something better.
FORNEY: Something better than you? Novalee, there isn't anything better than you.
[they kiss]




Williams, Matt (Director). Where the Heart Is. United States: Wind Dancer Productions, 2000.

Starring: James Frain (Forney Hull, Library Assistant); Margaret Ann Hoard (Mary Elizabeth Hull, Librarian); Natalie Portman (Novalee Nation)

An endearing story of the "Wal-Mart baby" that finds the poor mother befriended by Forney Hull (up close and personal, as he delivers her baby in the store). He's a high school drop-out who works at the library covering up for his drunken librarian-sister. Job validation: Forney to child: "If you spin a cow around real fast, you get whipped cream." "Wow, you know a lot." "Well, I work in a library." Quirky and lovable characters in this film.



Where the Heart Is is a 2000 drama/romance film directed by Matt Williams and produced by Susan Cartsonis, David McFadzean, Patricia Whitcher and Matt Williams. Filmed in Austin, Texas, and Waco, Texas at Baylor University. The movie stars Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. The screenplay, written by Lowell Ganz, is based on the best-selling novel by Billie Letts.

The film follows Novalee Nation, a pregnant 17-year-old girl from Tennessee, who sets out for California with her boyfriend. When they stop in Oklahoma at the local Walmart, her boyfriend abandons her. Since Novalee has only a few dollars, she secretly moves into the Wal-Mart store. She gives birth to her baby, attracting media attention, and she sets up a new life with the help of new friends. The film was released by 20th Century Fox on April 28, 2000.

Seventeen and pregnant, Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman) sets off on a road trip from Tennessee to California with her ignorant ne'er-do-well boyfriend, Willy Jack Pickens (Dylan Bruno). In Sequoyah, Oklahoma, Novalee asks her boyfriend to stop at Wal-Mart so that she can go to the bathroom and replace her shoes. When Novalee reaches out for her change at the register, the amount of $5.55 sends her into a panic and she runs outside to find that her boyfriend has left (Novalee believes that the number 5 is a sign of trouble or an event of significance is to come).

For the rest of the afternoon, Novalee browses Wal-Mart. She meets Sister Husband (Stockard Channing), who mistakenly believes Novalee to be her long-lost relative, Ruth Ann, and gives her a buckeye tree. Later that evening, Novalee feels sick and runs into the bathroom to vomit, and when she comes out again she discovers that the store is closed, locked, and dark. She soon figures out how to live undetected in the Wal-Mart.

Novalee visits the library and meets Forney Hull (James Frain), who works at the library while caring for his sister (the librarian), whose health has been ruined by alcoholism. Over time, Forney reveals that he dropped out of Bowdoin College in Maine and tells Novalee that he had wanted to be a history teacher before he had to leave school. Novalee goes to Sister Husband's house and explains that she is not Ruth Ann. However, Sister Husband invites her in to stay for some cornbread and buttermilk, and Novalee plants the buckeye tree in Sister's yard.

That night in the Wal-Mart, Novalee wakes up during a thunderstorm when she starts feeling pain in her stomach. Her water breaks and, while attempting to clean it up, she goes into labor. Forney (who watched her go into the store at closing time) jumps through a plate-glass window and helps deliver her baby. The next morning, Novalee wakes up in the hospital, and became an instant celebrity after giving birth in a Wal-Mart. All day she is stalked by several newscasters. After being asked by her nurse Lexie Coop (Ashley Judd) what she will name her baby girl, Novalee decides to name her baby Americus. Novalee gets to know Lexie, who reveals that she has had four children by three different men. While in the hospital, Novalee gets a visit from her mother (Sally Field), whom she has not seen since she was a child. Her mother asks if she has a place to live. Novalee says no, and her mother says that the two women can get an apartment together. Novalee hands over the $500 that she was given by the President of the Wal-Mart chain to her mother. Novalee agrees that her mother can come pick her and Americus up at 9:00 a.m. the next day. The next morning, Novalee waits for almost three hours in the lobby, but her mother never shows up. That afternoon, Sister Husband offers to let Novalee and the baby live at her house.

Her boyfriend Willy Jack Pickens is shown trying to make it as a country singer, and is hired by agent Ruth Meyers (Joan Cusack).

A few years pass, and Novalee begins a career as a photographer with the help of her friend Moses Whitecotton (Keith David), whom she met at the Wal-Mart the day she was left behind. One day, when a tornado blows through the town, Novalee and Americus hide in an underground shelter, but Sister is out running an errand and does not make it back in time. Sister is killed and their home is destroyed. After the funeral, a lawyer informs Novalee that she is the beneficiary of Sister's estate, worth around $41,000. Novalee proceeds to build a new home for herself and Americus on Sister's land.

One day, Novalee receives a call from Brownie, Lexie's oldest child. Novalee cannot hear what he is saying, and eventually perceives that something bad has happened so she drives to Lexie's house. She finds Lexie in the bedroom with Brownie and Praline, covered in blood and bruised. Novalee permits Lexie and her now five children to live with her and Americus in their new house. Lexie tells Novalee that her new boyfriend had gone to her house and tried to rape her two oldest children, Brownie and Praline, before Praline had thrown up on him and Lexie returned home from work early and caught him before he got to Brownie. She attacked him, hitting him twice before he knocked her out. Lexie is at first devastated, but as time passes she and her children begin to heal, and she eventually marries the ordinary but reliable "Ernie the Exterminator" and has another child.

When Forney's sister passes away due to alcoholism and he does not appear to be at the funeral, Novalee finds him in a hotel and comforts him. Novalee and Forney end up having sex, after which he tells her that he loves her and she doesn't reply. Forney returns to Maine to bury his sister, and the town's people make comments about how he can finally leave town and have a real life. When Forney comes back, he talks about visiting Bowdoin and Novalee realizes that he could now finish his education. Forney says he loves her and wants to get a factory job and stay with her, but Novalee lies, saying she does not love him, and he leaves.

On Americus's 5th birthday, Novalee picks up a newspaper and reads a story about a double amputee being robbed of his wheelchair. The man proves to be Willy Jack, her now ex-boyfriend. She visits Willy in the hospital and he admits that he lied to her when he told her that he didn't feel the baby's heart beat the day he left her behind. Willy says he wishes he could go back and undo the lie, because of how one lie can change your whole life. Novalee realizes that she made a similar mistake lying to Forney. She drives Willy Jack home to Tennessee and then continues to Maine to find Forney at college. Novalee admits to him that she lied and that she really loves him and they return to Oklahoma to get married in a Wal-Mart.