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Case Study No. 1542: Eratosthenes, the Librarian Who Measured the Earth

Children Book Review: The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky, Kevin Hawkes

This is a book review of The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky, Kevin Hawkes.
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NARRATOR: This is the summary of "The Librarian Who Measured the Earth" by Kathryn Lasky, Kevin Hawkes. A colorfully illustrated biography of the Greek philosopher and scientist Eratosthenes, who compiled the first geography book and accurately measured the globe's circumference.



The librarian who measured the earth
Kathryn Lasky
Houghton Mifflin, 2001

This picture book covers the life of Eratosthenes of Cyrene, a geographer who estimated the circumference of the Earth in around 200 B.C.. Though he was in fact a librarian, he is famous for his scientific accomplishments. Since little is known about his personal life, Lasky describes his early years in general terms. He liked to ask questions, loved learning at the gymnasium, and sailed off to Athens to further his studies. He became tutor to the son of King Ptolemy III of Egypt, and eventually became the head of Alexandria's magnificent library. Readers don't come to know the subject intimately, but they do get to know his times very well. The narrative is filled with fascinating details about his world. Hawkes's illustrations make a large contribution, as they contain authentic examples of the art, architecture, and social structure of ancient life. His paintings are rich and warm and filled with touches of humor, making the people, as well as their environment, come alive. The pictures combine with the text to give a clear explanation of how the man came to make his key discovery about the Earth's circumference. A fine combination of history, science, and biography.



It was at the Alexandria Museum that punctuation and grammar were invented by Aristophenes. Before this, one word ran into the next, with no spaces between them. There were no question marks, periods, or exclamation points either. Reading was hard!

And two thousand years ago, books were handwritten on scrolls of animal skins or papyrus, paper made from a tall grass that grows along the Nile. In the Library at Alexandria, there were 700,000 papyrus scrolls and 40 librarians who, just like modern day librarians, helped readers find what they were looking for and kept the materials in order.

Each scroll was rolled up on a painted stick and tied with a colored string, with a name tag attached. Often, the scrolls were tucked into clay jars or simply placed on wooden shelves. There was a lot of rolling and tagging and tying that had to be done to keep a library as large as the one in Alexandria in order.

Eratosthenes fit right in with all his questions and ideas. In fact, he got a new nickname - "Pentathlos." The word refers to an athlete that competes in five different events. It had also come to mean an "all-arounder" in Greek. They called him that because Eratosthenes was good at so many different things.

It was not long after he arrived that the head librarian died, and Eratosthenes was appointed in his place. For a question-asker and a list-maker like Eratosthenes, being the head librarian was a dream come true. Now he could start to find answers to all of his questions, and the questions that were beginning to interest him the most were the ones right under his own two feet. Questions about the earth, questions about geography.

As chief librarian, Eratosthenes was kept busy helping other scholars find information. He also had to keep in the good graces of his employer, King Ptolemy, who had a touchy and nervous temperment.

Case Study No. 1541: The Library Science

Who is Library Science?
This short informative video explains the process of creating Library Science music.
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["LAB / Lynch Arkley Barneby Foundation" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Library Science is proudly sponsored by a grant through the Pee-Lynch Ay-Arkley Cee-Barneby Foundation.
[cut to a digital drawing of a male librarian (brown hair and beard glasses, dark suit, white undershirt, red tie) speaking directly to the camera in a slightly robotic monotone voice]
LIBRARIAN: Hello? Welcome to the Library Science Show.
[the camera zooms in slightly on the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Thank you for coming tonight. We love that you came to love us.
[the camera zooms in for a closeup of the librarian's face]
[the camera zooms back out]
LIBRARIAN: Let's talk about ...
[the librarian's voice echoes slightly]
[cut to a digital drawing of a guitar]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Play some notes on a guitar.
[a disembodied hand appears and begins playing a single chord over and over, then cut back to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: They sound good, right?
[the camera zooms in slightly on the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Now ... Record them with a tape recorder.
[cut back to the disembodied hand playing the guitar, as a digital drawing of a reel-to-reel tape recorder appears next to it]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Play the notes back.
[the tape recorder rewinds, playing back the same chord over and over, then cut back to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: It sounds the same, correct?
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
LIBRARIAN: N-n-n-n-n-n-now ...
[cut to a digital drawing of a circular tape recorder with orange and white stars surrounding it, as "Introducing the Library Science Sound System" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Introducing the Library Science System ...
[the camera zooms in on the tape recorder, as an image of the guitar appears on the small monitor attached]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Take that guitar sound, and play it back through the Library Science Sound System.
[the tape recorder "turns on", and the guitar plays the same chord over and over]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Add reverb.
[the camera zooms in on the image of the guitar, as the sound effect is added to give the chord a more echoey sound]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Add echo.
[another sound effect is added, making the chord sound even more different]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Now bass.
[a red guitar suddenly appears on screen, as it begins playing to add to the original chord's sound]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] And drums.
[a drum set suddenly appears on screen and begins playing, adding further to the original sound]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] And synthesizer.
[an electronic keyboard appears on screen and begins playing (as the other instruments take up smaller sections of the screen)]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] And candy.
[three red-striped candy mints suddenly appear on screen and slowly rotate]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] And banana.
[a digital drawing of a banana (with googly eyes and red lips) suddenly appears, then an image of the librarian's head appears in the middle of the screen]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo.
[the sound of his voice reverberates, as the music also takes on a similarly echoey quality]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo.
[all of the other instruments/food items suddenly "fall" off screen, leaving just the librarian's head (and two copies of his head popping up on either side)]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the librarian's head continues to multiply on screen]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the camera zooms in slightly]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the copies disappear, as the original librarian's head spins around as the camera zooms in]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the camera zooms in on the librarian's right eye, as another copy of his head appears where his pupil should be]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the camera zooms in on this new "new" version of the librarian's head, as white circles dance around it]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the librarian's head vibrates slightly]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ... Add echo ...
[two other copies of the librarian's head appear on either side, speaking in a more sped-up tone]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the disappear, and the librarian's voice returns to "normal" (but still with the echo)]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the camera zooms in slightly]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the camera zooms in on the librarian's right eye, as the pitch of his voice speeds up again]
LIBRARIAN: Add echo ...
[the screen turns white, and the music ends]



Library Science makes live electro post-dub psychedelic disco slo-dance music with flashing lights and customized video.

The group consists of three members: Mildred Pitt (bass guitar, samples, drum machines), Peter Lynch (guitar, trumpet, synth, glockenspiel), and Courtney Barnebey (synths, melodica, samplers).

Library Science has two albums out through Happi Tyme Records, High Life Honey (2004) and The Chancellor (2007).

Live, the band's genre-bending multi-tasking performances chew through manifold influences, all the while plastering the screen behind them with a vivid rainbow of phrenetic homemade animations. With three-and-a-half miles of cabling, 2413 LED indicators and one $25 smoke machine, this band knows how turn a complicated wiring diagram into a compelling live experience.

In the last year, Library Science has played over 25 shows, sharing the stage with Girl Talk and Dub Trio and playing the Pop Montreal Music Festival.

Mildred Pitt is also a member of The Bran Flakes, a popular sampling/collage band who have released five CDs, remixed songs for Tipsy and Jean-Jaques Perrey and have appeared on over 17 compilations. They have played live shows around the U.S. and performed at the I.D.E.A.L. festival in Nantes, France.

Library Science website (and myspace page):

Video used in live shows:

The Bran Flakes website (and myspace page):



Usually when people say music sounds "cartoony," they mean it's big, dumb, and sloppy, full of kiddie melodies and sappy lyrics. Seattle's Library Science, which plays an experimental, electronic offshoot of dub reggae, is not that kind of cartoony. There's something about their music, though (and entire aesthetic, down to the wacky album art) that is utterly visual.

It doesn't hurt that both the band's leader, Andy Arkley, and his bandmate Courtney Barneby (joined by Tony Sacco and Peter Lynch on every instrument imaginable) are visual artists by day. "We bring our own video projector and a screen" to live shows, Arkley explains. The band tours with an artist who "triggers and builds these videos live while we play, like a video sampler."

Arkley, who goes by the inexplicable pseudonym Sir Mildred Pitt, spoke about the band's visual inspiration from his home in Seattle. "A lot of times when we're creating songs, we come up with a visual idea of where we want the song to go," he says. "'At this part it's like you're falling, and birds would be flying and an airplane would fly by.' Some sort of visual imagery would come along as we're creating the song. That's how a lot of our songs are."

This explains how the band comes up with titles to the compositions on their latest album, The Chancellor, which they just released on their own Happi Tyme Records (also home to another of Arkley's projects, the Bran Flakes). The Chancellor is full of songs that are as offbeat and playful as their titles, from the slinky "Porn in the Woods (A Bygone Era)" to the somber "The Saddest Video Game in the World." But it doesn't explain how they became a group of nerdy non-Jamaican dudes playing reggae.

"The original idea was we were inspired by dub music," Arkley says. He was looking for another outlet besides the sound-collage experimentalism of the Bran Flakes and his pop-oriented project Twizzle. The Library Science was driven by music like "King Tubby or Scientist or Lee 'Scratch' Perry," he says. "We went down that direction a little bit, but we didn't want to be a straight-on reggae band or roots reggae band. We're changing into something a little bit more eclectic. We're not about the red, yellow and green and the marijuana and Jah."

In fact, the Library Science probably has as much in common with electronic post-rock bands like as they do with reggae. Their first album, High Life Honey, was firmly rooted in dub and heavy on melodica (that keyboard thing you blow into, sounds like an accordion), but with the experimental spirit they've expanded on The Chancellor. Think of M83 with a rock-steady beat.

"Doing what we want to do — when I try to define it, sometimes it gets a little complicated for me," Arkley says. "Some of the new music we've been doing is a little dancey and disco-ey, like the Clash's Sandinista — a little more ska'd up then a straight-on pop song or something." Of course, since its members play bass, keyboards, melodica, guitar and trumpet (often trading instruments, often playing more than one at the same time), the Library Science's eclectic instrumentation itself kind of precludes the possibility of a "straight-on pop song."

"Live, there's me playing bass and a keyboard bass," says Arkley. "And then we have Peter, who plays guitar and trumpet and xylophone and keyboard, switching instruments on almost every song — and Courtney playing melodica, Casio, synthesizer and a sampler, and he's switching between those instruments the whole time. A lot of the stuff we recorded has, like, 10 parts in it — we have to figure out which one of the parts we're gonna play."

The Library Science doesn't have a drummer — beats are provided by a machine — which simplifies things a little, considering the amount of gear they have to lug everywhere. "It's kind of a strange setup, but we have two big tables with all the instruments on them, switching the whole time." Arkley adds. "I'm the most traditional, just playing a bass all the way through. The bass lines have to be real steady."

Their Spokane stop is the first on their cross-country tour to New York. It's the band's first major cross-country tour, although they did do the West Coast a couple of years ago. "We just hope our band makes it across the U.S.," Arkley says. If they can make it through the cartoony landscapes of their own music night after night, they should be OK.

Case Study No. 1540: Carla Tortelli (Wannabe Librarian)

Cheers LCCN
makes librarians laugh
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[scene opens with Norm reading from a book of sports trivia, while Carla nonchalantly rattles off the answers]
NORM: Alright ... uh, 1955 AL MVP?
CARLA: Yogi Berra.
NORM: Alright, uh ... height of the left-field wall at Fenway?
CARLA: The Green Monster is thirty seven feet high.
NORM: [laughs] I toldja ... Alright, here we go. Ike Delock's lifetime ERA.
CARLA: Four point zero three ... Had enough?
TIM: Give it up, Norm. The woman's a lean, mean trivia machine!
NORM: Unbelievable ... You're the best!
CARLA: I know, I know.
WOODY: Ask me something.
CARLA: Forget it, Zeke ... There aren't any questions about wheat in there!
WOODY: Oh, and I suppose you know everything that's in this book?
CARLA: If it's in there, I know it!
WOODY: Oh yeah?
CARLA: Yeah!
[Woody takes the book and starts flipping through the pages]
WOODY: Okay ... What's the Library of Congress card catalog number?
[he laughs, but Carla maintains her composure]
CARLA: Seven eight oh three four seven six.
WOODY: That's not even close!
CARLA: Waddaya mean? Look there ...
[she calmly picks up the book, as Woody leans in to take a closer look]
WOODY: Where?
[Carla closes the book on Woody's nose and squeezes]
WOODY: Oh, that's it exactly ...



Cheers (Season 4, Episode 11)
"Don Juan Is Hell" (12 Dec. 1985)

Diane uses Sam as a case study for a paper in her Human Sexuality class, but she paints an unflattering picture of him. Meanwhile, Woody challenges Carla to a sports trivia contest, and Cliff grows a unique squash.

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Case Study No. 1539: Staff of Unnamed Library (All the Queen's Men)

Careful, Joey-In-Drag, or the Nazi Librerians are gonna getcha!
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (brown hair, white blouse, black skirt) walking through the lobby of a German library, as she overhears her assistant in the phone booth calling the Gestapo to report the presence of Allied fighters (she drops her books on the floor and bends down to avoid his line of sight)]
ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN: [translated] Gestapo? I need to make a report! There are suspects in the library. Saboteurs, maybe agents! Maybe they are spies! There is something funny about them ...
[she picks up her books and tries to hurry back to the main reading room in order to warn two of the Allies (disguised in drag), but is stopped by a Nazi officer running up behind her]
OFFICER: Fraulein Romy!
[she turns and puts on a fake smile]
ROMY: Hauptsturmfuehrer!
[she tries to act casual]
ROMY: [translated] Finished your books already?
OFFICER: [translated] You're turning me into a real bookworm ...
[she turns to place her books on the front desk, but the officer continues to follow her]
OFFICER: [translated] I'm looking for a book on librarians playing hard to get.
[she points off camera]
ROMY: [translated] Right next to the books on officers who won't take "no" for an answer ...
[cut to the two Allied soldiers trying to hide behind a nearby bookshelf]
O'ROURKE: [whispers] What the hell is going on?
TONY: [whispers] I don't know.
[cut back to the librarian (who's still being followed by the lecherous officer), as she walks up to another Allied soldier (also in drag) sitting at a nearby table and nonchalantly arranges some books in front of him]
[cut to a closeup of the books, then back to the librarian as she looks at the "woman" with a nervous smile]
ROMY: [translated] The books you were looking for.
[she walks away (with the officer following closely behind), as the other Allied fighters gather around the table while the "woman" reads off the titles of the books]
JOHNNO: "The Gestapo Is Coming" ... "The Escape."
[he points at the picture on the third book]
JOHNNO: I've seen that ... The picture.
[he turns and sees that the same picture is hanging over a doorway]
JOHNNO: The door ... We've gotta go. That way. Quickly!
[cut to the assistant librarian standing outside, waving a large contingent of Gestapo officers into the library]
[cut to the officer (now alone) looking around the main reading room]
OFFICER: Fraulein Romy?
[cut to a shot of the Gestapo officers running up the stairs towards the main reading room, then to the librarian leading the Allied fighters through the inner section of the library]
ROMY: Come on, hurry up! This way!
[cut back to the Gestapo entering the main reading room, where the officer salutes them ... then turns and notices a little girl trying to open the door that Romy and her friends had escaped through]
[cut back to the librarian as she opens a door]
ROMY: Okay, go back to the top. You'll be safe there.
[they rush through the door, but she stops O'Rourke]
ROMY: Wait ... Hit me.
ROMY: Blood, it has to look real.
[he backhands her, then runs off to join the others]
[cut to the Gestapo officers breaking down the door, then back to the librarian as she rips open her blouse and starts screaming in German]
[the sounds of the Gestapo officers rushing towards her can be heard, so she lies on the ground as the first man approaches (gun drawn) and gives a weak salute]
ROMY: Heil Hitler ...
[cut to the Allied fighters spying on Romy from the roof, as she is being interrogated by the Gestapo (with Tony reading her lips and translating)]
TONY: [whispers] She's saying we overpowered her, forced her to show us a way out ...




Ruzowitzky, Stefan (Director). All the Queen's Men. United States: Warner Bros., 2001.

Starring: Nicolette Krebitz (Romy, Head Librarian); Heinrich Herki (Assistant Librarian); Matt LeBlanc (Capt. O'Rouke)

Along the same lines as Evie Carnahan in The Mummy, the head librarian (Romy) of this World War II German library is strong, fearless and intelligent (not to mention slender and pretty). Book-learning, however, is not as important as how clever and quick-thinking Romy is in her role as resistance fighter. What is interesting is that the undercover Allied forces, in attempting to make contact with the "head librarian," immediately address the male behind the counter, who turns out to be Romy's assistant, and who immediately telephones the Gestapo. Of note is how Romy uses book titles to warn the good guys that they are in danger, and to show them an escape route.



During World War II, the British army is attempting to retrieve an Enigma machine from Germany. Having failed in previous attempts they decide to send four men undercover to the factory that makes the devices, deep in Berlin. Unfortunately the factory is populated entirely by women, and they only have men to send; American O'Rourke (Matt LeBlanc) leads his team to infiltrate the factory dressed as women.

Dropped in the wrong area, the team must first try to find their bearings. They accomplish this with the help of Romy (Nicolette Krebitz), the head librarian of the local library, who is a sympathiser to their cause.

Case Study No. 1538: Jocasta Nu (Star Wars, The Clone Wars)

Clip from Clone Wars Season 2 - Season Premiere (Ahsoka and Jocasta Nu)
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Lucasfilm has been kind enough to offer us another clip of the season premiere of Clone Wars....

This clip sees Jedi Archivist Jocasta Nu (in what seems to be her first appearance since Attack of the Clones) showing young Ahsoka Tano around the Jedi Archives and the room in which they keep those holocrons that Cad Bane and Palpatine are so eager to get their hands on.
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"Holocron Heist" is the premiere episode for Season Two of the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" television series.

At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Anakin and Ahsoka are before the Council for the latter's lack of foresight. The Council sends Ahsoka to Archive duty at the Temple Library, under Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu's eye. Jocasta tells Ahsoka that she has a specific duty to defend the Vault, where the Order keeps their collection of holocrons; only Council members are allowed in.

Elsewhere on Coruscant, Cad Bane is contacted by Darth Sidious, who hires him to steal a holocron from the Temple; Bane considers it suicide, as the Temple is well guarded; Sidious assures him that he will ensure that he will gains entrance; Bane demands in return a stealth ship. He then places a device in his helper droid, Todo 360, under the pretense of fixing a system crash. His partner, Cato Parasitti, a Clawdite bounty hunter, then arrives. Bane tells her to take the form of Jedi Master Ord Enisence, whose corpse is in his room, to help him gain access to the vault.

At the Temple, Yoda senses a shift in the Force and determines that thieves will arrive at the Temple. Anakin and Obi-Wan inaccurately deduces that their enemies are after their transmission codes and go to secure their location. Meanwhile, Cato infiltrates the Temple as Ord. However, he/she is barred by Ahsoka, who asks if he/she needs help; Cato tries waving her off but the Padawan's pestering results in him/her snapping at her. He/she then gains access to the Temple's schematics, telling Bane and Todo where to get in. They get through the shielding and the fans, before coming up upon a laser grid. Anakin and Obi-Wan quickly catch on when the sensors begins a blackout.

Meanwhile, Jocasta approaches Cato/Ord at his/her console, asking why he/she is working when the Temple is on heightened alert; Cato/Ord respond by knocking her out and taking her appearance. She then returns to her work, telling Bane on how to disable the lasers, while Todo drew a hole into the ventilation system. Ahsoka soon notices and engages Cato/Jocasta in a lightsaber duel.

Because of her preoccupation, Bane detonates a small charge by the grid, as the Jedi follow Todo's trail. The droid soon arrives in the communication center, at which time a beeping is heard from him. Mace Windu quickly realizes that there is a bomb inside him and Force-pushes him into the vent as he explodes; Anakin and Obi-Wan get away just in time. Ahsoka then contacts them, having learned from Cato that Bane is after the Vault. However, Bane had completed his objective and snuck out of the Temple with a holocron, disguising himself with a Jedi robe. However, Cato gives one more clue: Bolla Ropal. Windu realizes that Bane is after the missing Jedi, who could crack the holocron, which contains information all Force-sensitive children in the galaxy. Obi-Wan stays on Coruscant to search for Bane while Anakin and Ahsoka track down Ropal.



The Jedi Archives was a fathomless collection of ancient knowledge and research dating back thousands of standard years. Overseen by the Council of First Knowledge, the Archives served as a repository for journals and artifacts. Located in the First Knowledge quarter of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Archives was open at all hours and were accessible to all Jedi in need of information. While Jedi were welcome to scan or copy most any data in the Stacks, removal of any material from the Archives was strictly prohibited. Remote access to the databases was near impossible, with eradicators built into the Temple's outer walls and firewalls in the database mainframes.

After the world of Ossus was devastated in 3,996 BBY and the Great Jedi Library was destroyed the Jedi fled their long time home, taking with them what they could of Jedi Master Odan-Urr's great collection. Fleeing across the galaxy, the Jedi met at Exis Station, gathering to them what they could from Ossus. Following the conclave, the Jedi largely relocated to Coruscant, in the Jedi Temple constructed by four Jedi Masters. Located several stories above the main entrance of the Temple, this small chamber served as Archives and library for several centuries.

Following the Jedi Civil War, the Temple would lie empty, as Darth Sion began the Jedi Purge of 3,954 BBY, leaving but a handful of Jedi in the galaxy. 3,951 BBY saw the end of the Purge and the beginning of a time of peace in the galaxy. The Jedi reinhabited Coruscant thanks to the efforts of an exile that defeated the ruthless Darth Nihilus. Expanding their collection of information, the Order flourished for several centuries. However the peace was transitory as the Sith Empire reappeared in 3,653 BBY, appearing from the Unknown Regions and swooping in to take Coruscant from the Jedi. Raiding the Temple, the Sith marched in and killed several key Jedi. The Temple and Archives in ruin, it would be several years before the Galactic Senate could raise enough money to restore the edifice. As the Jedi had relocated to their homeworld of Tython, the surviving members of the Jedi High Council instructed archivist Gnost-Dural to begin reconstructing the knowledge lost on Coruscant, and recounting the recent history leading up to the Order's loss of control.

While the small chambers originally used to hold the Archives was reconstructed with the Temple, it wasn't until the expansion of 2,519 BBY that the Jedi Archives and library of the modern era were constructed. Featuring long halls of holobooks and displays of ancient tablets, the new Archives chamber would remain the same until the Great Jedi Purge of 19 BBY. The old Archives room was turned into a museum of Temple history, detailing the ever-changing layout of the complex.

The Golden Age of the Republic well underway with the passage of the Ruusan Reformation and the supposed extinction of the Sith Order, the Jedi Temple was completed with the re-construction of the Council spires and Tranquillity Spire. The Council of First Knowledge focused on expanding their knowledge and erasing all remnants of the Sith from the galaxy. Founding the Exploration Corps from the remnants of the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, the Council sent Knights and Masters out into the galaxy to recover dangerous artifacts, as well as to scout unknown worlds to add to the Archives' vast wealth of information.

After over a millennia of peace in the galaxy, the Archives was tampered with following the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY. Jedi Master Dooku, having grown disenchanted with the Order's reliance on the corrupt Republic aligned with the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious and deleted several records from the Archives that would prevent Jedi interference in his new master's plans. He also stole secret hyperspace routes for his own purposes for the upcoming war. After Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered the deletion of Kamino from the databanks, Grand Master Yoda investigated the disappearance, finding that at least 37 additional systems had been erased, including Dagobah and Dromund Kaas.

Throughout the Clone Wars, the Archives was under tightened security, with Temple Security Forces on constant patrol to ensure the safety of the data stored there. During the war, Dark Jedi Trenox attacked the Temple attempting to steal a holocron from the shelves. While Knight Anakin Skywalker was able to kill Trenox, the Jedi believed that at least one holocron was taken from the Stacks.

In 19 BBY, the conclusion of the Clone Wars saw the invasion and destruction of the Temple. During Operation: Knightfall, Sith Lord Darth Vader marched into the Archives, flanked by the clone troopers of the 501st Legion and demanded that Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu open the vaults and give him access to the Jedi beacon. Refusing to do so, Vader impaled Madame Nu, killing her. Shocked, the Jedi studying amongst the stacks ignited their lightsabers and attacked Vader and his troops. As Vader slew droves of Jedi, he ordered his troopers to secure the Archives and all its information. Outraged, the surviving Jedi turned their weapons and Force abilities on the Stacks themselves, destroying countless centuries of information. However, the Sith had the upperhand, managing to slay all the Jedi and save several shelves of data. Once the Temple was secured, Vader turned the data over to Darth Sidious, who entrusted Armand Isard to recover any valuable data from the shattered font of information and history. Sidious himself was known to wander the stacks reviewing knowledge long left inaccessible to him and his predecessors. It was during this time the Great Holocron disappeared, falling out of all memory until it resurfaced over fifty years later. Sidious would later be accused of changing great amounts of the data in the Archives to support anti-Jedi propaganda. Opened for tours, the Archives was one of the few chambers that the wealthiest of the wealthy could buy their way into.

While the Archives had always had very heavy security to prevent hacking from outsiders, the agents of the Galactic Empire failed to maintain the anti-tampering measures. Determined Jedi, such as Ekria hacked the databases from elsewhere on Coruscant and deleted all record of herself, and her fellows, Zonder and Drake Lo'gaan. Sealed behind great black doors, the Archives was now impenetrable from all but the Empire. However the Empire's security was put to the test when Darth Vader sent his secret apprentice Starkiller to the abandoned complex to complete the Jedi Trials. After getting past the heavy doors installed by the Empire, Starkiller entered a damaged hall of the Archives, slaying all the troopers stationed within. Because of the extensive damage in this wing, the assassin was forced to go through the databank room that contained the large supercomputers capable of storing the information for the holobooks. After reentering the Archives proper, Starkiller was forced to duel the Trials' program, which had taken on the guise of Darth Phobos. After she was defeated, Starkiller left the damaged hall and the Temple. When security crews returned, they quickly locked the Archives down, sealing it off to everyone but Sidious.

The Temple would than after lay in cold silence, standing as a testament to Sidious's power and cunning. A bleak monolith, the Temple survived the fall of the Empire, and the taking of the capital by New Republic forces. As the Galactic Civil War drew to a close, Luke Skywalker, founder of the New Jedi Order, ventured inside the ziggurat and wandered the long, empty halls. Returning with Jedi historian Tionne Solusar, the two Jedi began the long task of restoring the Archives, updating the catalogs and erasing the lies created by Sidious. As Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong, the Archives went with it. However, in preparation for disaster, Solusar had scanned the databanks, saving all the data to be kept safe in the space station called Shelter.


When the grounds of the Old Temple were recovered during the clean-up following the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Reconstruction Authority under the instruction of Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas began rebuilding the Temple. Following blueprints from the past structure, the new Jedi Temple was erected, and the Archives and library were fully restored to their former grandeur.

During the time leading up to the Second Galactic Civil War, Jacen Solo wandered into the depths of the stacks as a starting point when he flow-walked back to the time of the Great Jedi Purge. Wandering through the past, he watched as his grandfather, Darth Vader, slew countless Jedi. During the war, the Galactic Alliance Guard was ordered to capture the Temple as the Jedi had betrayed the Alliance at the bloody Battle of Kuat. Prepared for such an attack, the Jedi had begun evacuating the Temple. Apprentice Seha Dorvald acted quickly and scanned the Archives before fleeing the capital to meet up with her fellow Jedi.

After reoccupying the Temple soon after the war's end, Jedi Healer Cilghal accessed the stacks in order to obtain a lead on the condition plaguing Valin Horn. Searching for any mention of an illness with an unusual result on an electroencephaloscan she came across an audio recording compiled by a Jedi of the Old Republic doing research on the different species with members in the Jedi Order. The recording was of Kel Dor Master Plo Koon, who knew of a technique to negate the scan's results. Reporting this to Master Skywalker, they concluded that it was a technique developed by the Baran Do Sages of Dorin.

Later during the same year as more Jedi fell to the disease, Master Cilghal was forced to defend herself from fellow Jedi Jysella Horn, who attacked the Mon Calamari Jedi as they were researching the affliction seen in Seff Hellin and Valin Horn in the First Hall. Alerting Temple Security Forces that Jysella Horn was suffering from the disease and on the loose the Mon Cal called on other Jedi in the Archives to help, including Radd Minker and Natua Wan. Leaping over the rails of the walkways, Jysella ran to the main entrance of the Archives and sealed the door. Minker and Cilghal were forced to slowly slice through with their lightsabers, though by the time they were finished, Jysella had made it to the Processional Way.


Erected near the roof of the Temple Ziggurat, the Jedi Archives was a two story chamber consisting of holobook shelves known as the Stacks and data rooms filled with computers. Arranged into four long halls that all met in a large rotunda in the center, each of the halls had a central aisle that ran its length, with several tables topped with computer terminals that were linked to the main index catalog. The second and fourth halls, branched off into two smaller aisles as they led to the Holocron Vaults on the outer wall. Off of these main aisles were hundreds of smaller ones that divided the stacks. Each of the Stacks contained trillions of datatapes and datacards, carefully sorted and arranged into categories and subcategories. At the end of the third hall turbolifts on this level led to the analysis wing and the library several floors below. The great windows overlooking the two-stories of the Archives were filled with statues of Jedi brandishing their lightsabers, as if defending the great storehouse.

Amongst the four main aisles were Bronzium sculptures of some of the most famous Jedi Masters known to the Order; displayed at intervals along the stacks on stone pedestals. Among these busts were depictions of The Lost, the only Masters that had willingly left the Order. On each pedestal rested a plaque describing the great acts of the displayed master; although, in the cases of The Lost, they did not list a reason for leaving. Likenesses of Masters Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Saesee Tiin, Chon Actrion and Dooku were only a few of the many depicted.

At the center of the Archives was the great rotunda, the access point from which any Jedi could explore the vast chamber. Foot traffic in the rotunda typically entered via the First Hall, generally accepted as the main entrance to the Archives. A massive, circular chamber, the rotunda's arching doorways stretched to the ceiling, granting anyone in the area a view of the entire Archives room. Terminals in the rotunda allowed Jedi to access any of the four halls, narrowing down their searches to a specific area. Carpeted in red, the chamber's center piece was a large database station used by the Chief Librarian to keep record of the books stored in the Stacks.

Known as the main entrance to the Archives due to the great, hand-carved wooden doors at its front, the First Hall contained great records on philosophy and manuscripts detailing the history of the Republic. Personal journals of over a billion Jedi were also held here. While on missions, Jedi such as Mace Windu and Quinlan Vos would sometimes record their thoughts and would turn them over to the Archives for review by future Jedi. Many of the more in-depth works on Force abilities were restricted to Jedi Masters; Padawans required permission from the Chief Librarian to delve into the more controversial works.

Running perpendicular to the first and third halls, the Second Hall contained data dedicated to mathematical and engineering sciences. Works related to the topics on hyperspace and how to achieve it and construct engines and vehicles capable of such feats were among the blue-glowing Stacks. Floor-plans of the galaxy's government buildings and other points of interest were found here, along with many manufacturers' weapon designs. The computer systems here had readouts on all Temple activities including a databank dedicated to the Jedi High Council's current seating arrangements. Splitting into two aisles, the hall had access ways into the two Holocron Vaults on that end of the chamber.

The Third Hall was directly opposite the first and was filled with information on the geography and culture of each and every known planet in the Galactic Republic. Including starmaps of interstellar and planetary regions, and detailed analysis on specific civilizations were updated and stored here. The ExplorCorps often contributed to this section, adding new planetary details as worlds were discovered beyond the Republic's reach.

The Fourth Hall, running on the same plane as the second was also split into two smaller wings; each dedicated to zoological research relating information on every known species of flora and fauna in the galaxy. It was within these stacks in the year 990 BBY, that Darth Zannah, disguised as Jedi apprentice Nalia Adollu, researched the crustaceous orbalisks, a task she had undertaken in order to save her master, Darth Bane's, life. With a reference disk provided by then-Chief Archivist Barra-Rona-Ban she was able to uncover the secret to their removal in a text written by Dr. Osaf Hamud. The visiting Darovit, Zannah's cousin, discovered her, and because she had found what she was looking for, she kidnapped him and fled. In her rush, she had forgotten the datadisk with all of her information, and the Jedi, led by Valenthyne Farfalla, were able to track her back to her master on Tython.

The Chief Librarian's Quarters

The Chief Librarian who oversaw the Archives night and day had their own private office off of the main halls of the great collection of knowledge. During Master Barra-Rona-Ban's time as Chief Librarian, he had a small desk covered in neat piles of notes and datacard. Along one of the walls was a viewscreen and terminal with hook-ups to the main index catalog: allowing Master Ban to reference any material at will.

The Chief Archivist, while answering directly to the Council of First Knowledge, was also responsible for briefing Jedi who were preparing for missions; gathering data beforehand and presenting it in a quick session. From their quarters they could quickly created a portfolio and transmit it to the Jedi High Council for review and to help them reach a more informed decision.

Study Halls

The Archives were equipped with private rooms used for diligent researches that went days without sleep. The Chief Archivist would also present information here for Jedi preparing for missions. Service hallways ran adjacent to all of the halls allowing members of the Temple Security Force to patrol without being seen. During the raid on the Jedi Temple by Darth Vader, the Sith Lord entered through a study hall to break into a Security station. After slaughtering the guards stationed there, Vader disabled a ray shield that inhibited his path on the way to the Tower hangars.


Overseen by the Council of First Knowledge, the Archives was directly run by the Chief Librarian. While not necessarily a Council member themselves, the Chief Librarian organized a staff of Lore Keepers to maintain the Stacks and update them with new information. Additionally, the Archives employed several JN-66 and SP-4 analysis droids. These droids wandered the Stacks in the main hall assisting those Jedi in need of direction.

The last in a long line of Chief Librarians, Madame Jocasta Nu, a former High Council ran the Archives until the night of Operation: Knightfall. Sensing the fate that would soon befall her collections, she dutifully summoned her last Padawan, Jin-Lo Rayce to secret information from the Archives offworld. Taking the tunnels out of the Temple, Rayce managed to survive, founding the Agents of Ossus as a way of protecting the information until the Order could be rebuilt.



[Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka have arrived at the Jedi Archives]
Anakin Skywalker: Madame Jocasta Nu, this is Ahsoka Tano. She is to be your new security officer.
Ahsoka Tano: Hello, madame.
Jocasta Nu: So good to meet you. Let's show you around.
[cut to Jocasta Nu and Ahsoka walking down the hallways of the Archives]
Jocasta Nu: There is more knowledge here than anywhere else in the galaxy.
Ahsoka Tano: Master Kenobi says there are even texts here that are forbidden to be read.
Jocasta Nu: [laughs] Well, the Archives hold a great many secrets, 'tis true ...
[they stop at the entrance to a vast chamber]
Jocasta Nu: Beyond this door lies the Holocron Vault. The Holocrons contain the most closely guarded secrets of the Jedi warrior.
[Jedi master Kit Fisto enters the scene]
Jocasta Nu: Good morning, Master Fisto.
[he nods, then waves his hand in front of the doorway to gain entry]
Ahsoka Tano: Can we go inside?
Jocasta Nu: Oh, I'm afraid not, my dear. I haven't been inside myself for years. Only members of the Jedi Council are allowed access ... Guarding the Holocrons is one of the most important duties a Jedi can be given, Ahsoka. Do you think you're up to the task?
Ahsoka Tano: Definitely.


[the shape-shifting bounty hunter Cato Parasitti has taken the form of Jedi master Ord Enisence, in order to gain access to the Holocron Vault, and is speaking with fellow bounty hunter Cad Bane via com-link]
Cato Parasitti: [whispers] Okay Bane, the next part is relatively simple. Make your way down the shaft until you reach--
[Jocasta Nu suddenly walks up behind her]
Jocasta Nu: Excuse me. Uh, I don't mean to disturb you, but the whole Temple is on high alert.
Cato Parasitti: [gets up from her workstation] Thank you ...
[she knocks Jocasta Nu unconscious, then assumes her form]


[Bane and his droid Todo 360 have managed to enter the vent system above the Holocron Vault]
Cad Bane: This is it!
Todo 360: Perfect, let's go in.
Cad Bane: No ... Cato, come in. We are over the vault.
Cato Parasitti: [over the com-link, with Jocasta Nu's voice] Give me a moment to check out the security system.
Cad Bane: What's wrong with your voice?
[cut to Cato, in the guise of Jocasta Nu, returning to her workstation]
Cato Parasitti: Change of plans. I'm the librarian now.
Cad Bane: Hurry up, Cato! We can't stay hidden for long!
[cut to Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi outside of the entrance to the vent system]
Anakin Skywalker: Well, looks like this is where they broke in.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Fortunately, we'll have a less troublesome time ...
[they enter the vent system, then cut to Cato/Jocasta Nu typing at the computer]
Cato Parasitti: The vault is filled with laser sensors that go in every direction. I'll try to deactivate the whole system from here.
Cad Bane: Just hurry! I can hear them. They're looking for us in the vent system.


[Ahsoka is patrolling the hallways, when her wrist communicator activates]
Yoda: [from off camera] Padawan, alert you must be! Sense deception, I do. Posing as a Jedi, the intruder is. Find Master Jocasta, you must!
[Ahsoka goes to investigate, when she hears Jocasta Nu's voice, and sneaks up behind her]
Cato Parasitti: Bane, the two Jedi have turned around, and are making their way towards you.
[Ahsoka confronts the imposter]
Ahsoka Tano: Who are you, and what have you done with Madame Jocasta?
Cato Parasitti: [slowly gets up] The same thing I'm going to do ... to you!
[she activates her lightsaber, and the two battle ... Cato eventually tries to make a run for it, but Ahsoka uses her Force powers to overturn a table in Cato's path (who does not notice it), she trips over it and falls]
Cato Parasitti: Uhh ...
[she tries to get up, but Ahsoka holds her lightsaber to Cato's throat]
Ahsoka Tano: You may have Madame Jocasta's shape, but not her skills ...
[defeated, she abandons the visage of the librairan and returns to her true form]


[Ahsoka is leading Cato away in handcuffs, when Jocasta Nu - holding her head - wanders out of the stacks]
Ahsoka Tano: Madame Librarian, are you okay?
Jocasta Nu: I, uh ... think I'm alright. We must call security.
[they head out of the Archives, as Bane - disguised in a Jedi robe - leaves in the opposite direction with a stolen Holocron]

Case Study No. 1537: Khurite Librarian of Bakti

Librarian gets pulled under
Bug in bakti
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This is a creature in the city of Bakti (a small settlement of the nomatic Khurites in the world of Nave).

This creature can attack with various abilities. Those abilities are listed below as well as the damage they can do and level ranges they can be used at. The damage appears to scale with level.

* Light Punch (Dmg Type = Slashing, Dmg Min = 15, Dmg Max = 30, Lvl Min = 0, Lvl Max = 200)

This creature will mitigate certain types of attacks by various amounts. What is mitigated by how much is listed in the table below.

* Bashing = 10%
* Slashing = 10%
* Piercing = 25%
* Magic = 10%

This creature is known to say things. Observed sayings are listed below

* I need help!
* Please god let me be!
* I'm just a simple servant!
* They are stealing our books!

This creature drops loot when killed. The following is a list of what it drops and at what rate. These amounts appear to scale with the level of the creature.

* Human Carcass = 100%
* Cuprum Coin = 100%
* Book = 20%

This creature will sell items to players. The default items they will sell and related costs are listed below.

Aabam Lore (0.10.00)
Active Regeneration (2.50.00)
Advanced Cooking Tools (0.50.00)
Advanced Cooking (2.50.00)
Advanced Engineering (2.50.00)
Advanced Metals (2.50.00)
Aggressive Stance (2.50.00)
Agrostology (0.50.00)
Alchemical Dissolvents (0.50.00)
Alchemical Mineralogy (0.50.00)
Alchemy Contraptions (2.50.00)
Alchemy (2.50.00)
Amarantum Lore (2.50.00)
Anatomy Encyclopedia (2.50.00)
Animal Materials (0.10.00)
Animal Stable Construction (10.00.00)
Archery (0.10.00)
Armor Crafting: Laminated Armors (0.50.00)
Armor Crafting: Plate Armors (10.00.00)
Armor Crafting: Soft Armors (0.50.00)
Armor Crafting (0.10.00)
Armor Training (0.50.00)
Armor Workshop Construction (10.00).00)
Arthropod Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Arthropod Produce Lore (0.50.00)
Athletics (0.10.00)
Attractor Operation (0.50.00)
Baking Pot (0.50.00)
Baking Stone (0.10.00)
Basic Engineering (0.50.00)
Basic Metals (0.10.00)
Beef Lore (0.10.00)
Beeswax Lore (2.50.00)
Blast Furnace Operation (10.00.00)
Bleck Lore (0.10.00)
Bleckblende Lore (0.50.00)
Blocking (0.10.00)
Blood Ore Lore (0.50.00)
Boiled Leather Lore (0.50.00)
Bone Tissue Lore (0.10.00)
Bor Lore (0.10.00)
Botany Appliances (0.50.00)
Botany (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Bowyery (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Composite Bows (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Decurve Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Flat Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Long Bows (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Self Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Short Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Workshop Construction (10.00.00)
Brained Leather Lore (0.50.00)
Breathing Technique (2.50.00)
Bron Lore (0.10.00)
Butcher Workbench (0.10.00)
Butchery Appliances (0.10.00)
Butchery Construction (10.00.00)
Calamine Lore (0.50.00)
Calspar Lore (0.10.00)
Calx Lore (0.10.00)
Carapace Lore (0.10.00)
Carnivora Meat Lore (2.50.00)
Carpology (0.50.00)
Cinnabar Lore (5.00.00)
Clubs (0.10.00)
Coal Lore (0.10.00)
Coke Lore (0.10.00)
Combat Balance (2.50.00)
Combat Manouvering (0.10.00)
Combat Movement (0.50.00)
Combat Techniques (0.50.00)
Comminutor Construction (10.00.00)
Comminutors (0.10.00)
Concentration (0.10.00)
Cooking Pot (0.10.00)
Cooking Tools (0.10.00)
Cooking (0.10.00)
Cotton Lore (0.10.00)
Crafting 1H Blade Hilts (0.10.00)
Crafting 1H Shaft Handles (0.10.00)
Crafting 2H Blade Hilts (0.50.00)
Crafting 2H Shaft Handles (0.50.00)
Crafting Advanced Blades (2.50.00)
Crafting Appliances (0.10.00)
Crafting Axe Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Axes (0.50.00)
Crafting Basic Blades (0.50.00)
Crafting Blunt Heads (0.10.00)
Crafting Blunt Weapons (0.10.00)
Crafting Dagger Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Handles (0.10.00)
Crafting Short Blade Heads (2.50.00)
Crafting Sideblades (2.50.00)
Crafting Spear Heads (2.50.00)
Crafting Spiked Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Weapons (0.10.00)
Creature Control I (2.50.00)
Crepite Lore (0.50.00)
Crusher Operation (0.10.00)
Crustacean Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Cuprum Lore (0.10.00)
Cuprum-based Alloys (0.10.00)
Daggers (0.10.00)
Damage Assessment (10.00).00)
Dapplewood Lore (0.50.00)
Defensive Stance (2.50.00)
Dendrology (0.10.00)
Dental Lore (0.10.00)
Diary Products Lore (0.10.00)
Domestication (0.10.00)
Ecumenical Spells (0.10.00)
Electrum Lore (2.50.00)
Emalj Lore (0.10.00)
Endoskeleton Lore (0.10.00)
Endurance (0.10.00)
Exoskeleton Lore (0.50.00)
Extraction Advanced (2.50.00)
Extraction Basic (0.10.00)
Extraction Intermediate (0.50.00)
Extraction (0.10.00)
Fabricula Construction (10.00.00)
Fabricula Expertise (10.00.00)
Fat and Tallow Lore (0.10.00)
Fermentation Jar (2.50.00)
Firmwood Lore (0.10.00)
Fish Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Fishing (0.10.00)
Flakestone Lore (0.50.00)
Flesh Lore (0.10.00)
Footspeed (0.50.00)
Fowl Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Fullgrain Leather Lore (0.10.00)
Fuming Salt Lore (10.00.00)
Fur Lore (0.10.00)
Furnace Construction (10.00.00)
Furnace Operation (2.50.00)
Gabore Lore (0.50.00)
Galbinum Lore (0.50.00)
Ganoid Scales Lore (0.50.00)
Gathering (0.10.00)
Glires Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Gold Lore (2.50.00)
Grain Steel Lore (2.50.00)
Granum Lore (0.10.00)
Greatblade Crafting (10.00.00)
Greater Natorus Operation (10.00.00)
Greywood Lore (0.50.00)
Grinder Operation (0.10.00)
Grizzly Operation (0.10.00)
Ground Fur Lore (2.50.00)
Hearth Expertise (0.10.00)
Heavy Robe (0.10.00)
Herbalism (0.50.00)
Herbologium Expertise (0.50.00)
Herbology (2.50.00)
Honey Lore (2.50.00)
Horn Lore (0.10.00)
Horned Scales Lore (0.50.00)
House Construction (2.50.00)
House Expansion Construction (2.50.00)
How to wield an axe: Axes (0.50.00)
Hydraulic Appliances (0.50.00)
Ichor Lore (2.50.00)
Igneous Rock (0.10.00)
Infinite Being (2.50.00)
Iron-based Alloys (0.10.00)
Ironwool Lore (0.50.00)
Jumping (0.10.00)
Kallardian Lamellar Armor (2.50.00)
Kallardian Padded Armor (0.50.00)
Keeled Scales Lore (0.10.00)
Keratin Lore (0.10.00)
Kiln Operation (0.50.00)
Knockback Resistance (0.50.00)
Knockdown Resistance (2.50.00)
Lances (2.00).00)
Landing Technique (2.50.00)
Leather Lore (0.10.00)
Malachite Lore (0.10.00)
Mammal Skin Lore (0.10.00)
Material Lore (0.10.00)
Mechanical Appliances (0.10.00)
Mental Offense (0.50.00)
Mental Training (0.10.00)
Messing Lore (0.10.00)
Metallurgy (0.10.00)
Milling (0.10.00)
Minerology (0.10.00)
Mining (0.10.00)
Molarium Lore (0.50.00)
Momentum (2.50.00)
Mounted Charge (10.00.00)
Mounted Combat (2.50.00)
Muscles and Blocking (0.50.00)
Mycology (2.50.00)
Natorus Operation (2.50.00)
Nitre Lore (0.50.00)
Nyx Lore (0.50.00)
Ore Extraction Appliances (0.10.00)
Petrology (0.10.00)
Pig Iron Lore (0.50.00)
Pork Lore (0.10.00)
Potion Making Advanced (5.00.00)
Potion Making (1.00.00)
Precious Metals (0.50.00)
Press Operation (0.10.00)
Pyrite Lore (0.50.00)
Pyroxene Lore (2.50.00)
Quality Leather Lore (2.50.00)
Ranged Combat (0.10.00)
Reading (0.10.00)
Red Bleckblende Lore (0.50.00)
Refining (0.50.00)
Reptile Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Riding (0.50.00)
Rock Oil Lore (2.50.00)
Saburra Lore (0.10.00)
Salt Lore (0.10.00)
Scales Lore (0.10.00)
Seafood Lore (0.50.00)
Sedimentary Rock (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting: Kite Shield (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting: Round Shield (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting (0.10.00)
Shield Workshop Construction (10.00).00)
Shop Construction (10.00.00)
Silk Lore (0.50.00)
Silver Lore (2.50.00)
Skeleton Lore (0.10.00)
Skin Lore (0.50.00)
Skinning (0.10.00)
Smoke Box (0.50.00)
Spears (0.50.00)
Spit (0.10.00)
Spongewood Lore (0.10.00)
Sprinting (0.50.00)
Sulfur Lore (0.50.00)
Survival (0.10.00)
Swimming (0.50.00)
Swords (0.50.00)
Taming (2.50.00)
Taste Identification (0.50.00)
Tephra Lore (2.50.00)
Textile Lore (0.10.00)
The Great Balance (0.10.00)
The Magic Schools (0.10.00)
Thermal Appliances (0.10.00)
Tindremic Scale Armor (2.50.00)
Unarmed Blocking (0.50.00)
Unarmed Technique II (25.00.00)
Unarmed Technique (2.50.00)
Vegetology (0.50.00)
Venison Lore (0.50.00)
Vitalism (0.50.00)
Volcanic Ash Lore (0.50.00)
Weapon Workshop Construction (10.00.00)
Whitewood Lore (0.10.00)
Woodcutting (0.10.00)
Wool Lore (0.10.00)
Workshop Construction (50.00).00)



"Mortal Online" is a First Person, Open World, PvP/PvE Sandbox MMORPG developed and published by the Swedish independent video game company Star Vault. Mortal Online was released on June 9, 2010.

Mortal Online does not have a traditional level/class system, but rather a skill and attribute system similar to the Elder Scrolls series. There are ten different races for the player to choose from, including an orc-human hybrid, five human races, two elf-like races, and two dwarf-like races. In order to experience multiple possible playstyles, players can have three characters per account.



What are books?

Books are used in Mortal Online as a passive leveling feature as well as a skill learning feature. When you read a book, you learn the skill taught in the book if you do not already know it, and that skill begins leveling up to level 70 no matter what your character is doing, even while logged out. You must have the prereqs of a skill to read the book of that skill.

How do I buy a book?

All towns in Nave have Librarians, except for Jungle Camp and Cave Camp. Librarians have many books, and the majority of the books you'll need as a new player. There are other library NPCs in towns that have certain books. For example, the "Hermit" in the mountains behind Mohki sells a few books that are only sold at that NPC. When speaking to a library NPC you can search for books and use a filter to find the books you need. Click the name of the book you need in the list and click Buy Book on the bottom right. Librarians only accept silver as currency.

How do I use a book?

To use a book, right-click it. If it tells you that you do not have the required skill to read it, that means you do not have the required parent skills, or they are not high enough. If it tells you it is too simple for you, it means that it cannot teach you anything more than you already know and you just wasted money. To quit reading a book, or to see how much time is left before your character finishes reading it, click the book icon under your hotbar. When you finish reading a book, you do not get it back. If you tell your character to stop reading, you also lose the book. Books are a one-time use.

How long does it take to read a book?

The time it takes to read a book depends on the book itself, your reading skill, and your skimming skill. Some books only take an hour or two while others can take days, even with 100 reading. If your character is new and you have plenty of skill points, you should probably let your Reading skill max out to 100 to speed up your character building process. Just set the skill to negative when you need that last 100 points. The Skimming skill can also speed up reading, but to my knowledge the book that teaches it is no longer sold by any vendor in the game and can only be bought by players who still have it. It was temporarily available through the Tindremic Herald in Fabernum.



Librarians are used like all vendors. After opening up the library window you will see a list of books. You can search for books and filter them. To buy a book, click the name and then hit "Buy Book" at the bottom right side of the window. Librarians only take silver. They will not accept gold or cuprum. Librarians do not buy anything, even the books they sell, so be careful when purchasing books. Books have no vendor value, but some may fetch a decent price from other players.



When I ran in to buy some books from the librarian in Bakti, the librarian fell into a hole in the ground just as I walked into the building.

Currently it does it every time.

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Case Study No. 1536: Staff of Wiener Stadt- Und Landesbibliothek

Harry Lucas | Die Bibliothek
Stadtbibliothek Wien. 400.000 Bucher. Ist es moglich, jemanden ein bestimmtes Buch wählen zu lassen?
Mehr auf: http://www.harry SELECT ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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[scene opens with Harry Lucas standing outside of the Wiener Stadt- Und Landesbibliothek (Vienna City and Provincial Library)]
HARRY: [in voice over] How free are our decisions really? How predictable is someone when there are hundreds of thousands, if not even millions, of possibilities? We are standing in front of the local library of Vienna and will try to answer this question.
[cut to Harry walking inside the library and approaching a female patron]
HARRY: Hello, I am Harry, and you are?
JASMINE: Jasmine.
HARRY: Jasmine, do you have five minutes time for us?
HARRY: Yes. Super. Because I'd like you to select one book in this giant library.
HARRY: Do you have any special hobbies?
JASMINE: I study.
HARRY: You study.
HARRY: Okay. Look at me for a second ...
[he stares at her]
HARRY: I guess this might work ...
[he pulls out a large notepad]
HARRY: I write down something which I'm not going to show you yet.
HARRY: But I'll show you at home ...
[he writes "Haupt Kette" on the notepad]
HARRY: Ok, Jasmine. I give you this pad and please don't peek.
JASMINE: Mm-hmm.
HARRY: Can you put your book back for a moment?
[she puts the book she was holding back on the shelf]
HARRY: Thank you. I give you this pad ...
[she takes the notepad]
HARRY: Ok. Please come to me. That's right.
[they walk away from the stacks]
HARRY: I am going to ask you several questions, Ok?
JASMINE: Mm-hmm.
HARRY: Ok. Where would you like to go to? Left, backwards, over there, or ... ?
[she points]
JASMINE: Over there.
HARRY: Over there?
HARRY: Ok. Over this one.
[they stop at the bottom of a flight of stairs]
HARRY: Would you like to stay on this level or go upstairs?
JASMINE: Go upstairs.
HARRY: Go upstairs?
HARRY: All right, let's go upstairs then.
[they walk up the stairs]
HARRY: Would you like to stay here, go in that direction or somewhere else?
[she points]
JASMINE: This direction.
HARRY: This direction?
[they walk towards an open reading area]
HARRY: Now we could go over there, over there, or over there.
[she points]
HARRY: Over there. Good.
[they walk over to the stacks section]
HARRY: Natural sciences. Biology. Physics. Chemistry.
[she stops]
HARRY: Ok. Physics or Chemistry?
JASMINE: Chemistry.
HARRY: Chemistry.
HARRY: Ok. I want you to choose one of these books. You can choose one by color, red would be beautiful for instance, or yellow, or you choose one because it's down low, up high, or in the middle. What would you like to do?
JASMINE: Yes, I'll take this one.
[she grabs a book from the shelf]
HARRY: This one?
HARRY: Okay. Free choice.
HARRY: Then give me the pad and I hold it as kind of a table. You can put it on top, the book.
[she places the book on top of the notepad]
HARRY: And I want you to open it now. Flip through it. Perhaps a page will present itself, perhaps you'll find a page to be great, one that appeals to you, one of which you think "Yeah, that's it, I'd like to use that one." I don't want to influence you, it's only your free choice.
[she stops at a page]
JASMINE: Yes I do.
HARRY: Here?
HARRY: Ok. From your point of view, left page or right page?
JASMINE: From my point of view?
JASMINE: The left page.
HARRY: The left page, ok. Then let your gaze wander over the whole page, from top to bottom, and one word on this page will get your attention.
HARRY: Do you have one?
JASMINE: Yes I do.
HARRY: Ok, can you point exactly to it, for the camera to see?
[she points]
JASMINE: It's here.
HARRY: It's here. Right. And what word did you select?
JASMINE: "Hauptkette."
HARRY: "Hauptkette."
HARRY: Open it.
[she opens the notepad]
JASMINE: Ahh! I can't believe it! Super! That is really cool ... Crazy!



Imagine you meet someone who can read your minds. Someone who is seemingly able to influence and predict your decisions. Someone who puts all that into a unique show, where you laugh, are amazed and greatly entertained; where you enjoy extraordinary moments and take them home with you.

Meet Harry Lucas, psychological illusionist and Austrian champion of mental magic. Welcome.


"Magic Mushrooms" on Austrian National TV (ORF)
Tricky Niki, Wolfgang Moser, Philipp Ganglberger and Harry Lucas surprise, astonish and mesmerise people in their magic tv series "Magic Mushrooms".

This unique 25-min format consists of stylish videoclips, performances in front of a live audience on the street, special locations and interactive elements with people watching at home. Of course, without stooges or cameratricks.


"The Library"
400.000 books. Is it possible to make someone choose a certain book?

Case Study No. 1535: Miss Cochran

Shadow of a Doubt - Library Scene
Library Scene
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[Charlie grabs some crumpled-up newspaper clippings out of the wastebasket, then she enters Ann's bedroom]
CHARLIE: Aren't you asleep yet, Ann?
ANN: Mmm-mm.
[she sits on the adjacent bed and starts looking through the newspaper clippings, while the little girl gets out of her bed (while holding a book)]
ANN: Charlotte, what're you doing?
CHARLIE: Oh, I'm just looking for a recipe I thought I saw, but ... it's just so torn up.
ANN: They have papers in the li-berry, new ones and old ones. Miss Cochran will get them out for you, she won't even notice if you cut out a little bitty recipe.
CHARLIE: Oh, it's not that important ... What time's the library close?
ANN: If you'd read as much as you should, you'd know it closes at nine ...
[she gets back into bed, so Charlie gets up and heads for the door]
CHARLIE: Oh well, I'll think about it. Maybe I'll go tomorrow ... You really ought to go to sleep, Ann.
[she closes the door behind her, then quickly exits the house]
[cut to Charlie rushing down the street, as she tries to cross without looking and nearly gets hit by a car]
TRAFFIC COP: Get back! Get back!
[she heads back to the sidewalk, then waits for the cop to blow his whistle for people to cross]
[cut to a closeup of the cop, as he blows his whistle (then grabs Charlie by the arm as she tries to run past him)]
TRAFFIC COP: Just a moment, Charlie! Waddaya think I'm out here for?
CHARLIE: I'm sorry, Mister Norton ...
TRAFFIC COP: Alright, go ahead ...
[cut to Charlie running up the steps of the "Free Public Library", but she sees that the door is locked, as the clock tower rings for nine o'clock]
[cut to a closeup of Charlie looking through the glass door (where she sees the elderly female librarian inside), so she starts knocking]
CHARLIE: Please ... oh please.
[the librarian points to the posted hours on the door ("10 AM - 9 PM"), but Charlie keeps knocking so she (and reluctantly) opens the door]
CHARLIE: Oh thank you!
[she walks into the library]
MISS COCHRAN: Really Charlie, you know as well as I do ... the library closes at nine. If I make one exception, I'll have to make a thousand!
CHARLIE: Oh, I'm sorry Misses Cochran, but there's something in the paper I've just got to see!
MISS COCHRAN: I'm surprised at you, Charlie. No consideration!
CHARLIE: I'll only be a minute ...
MISS COCHRAN: You've got all day, Charlie, to come here ... I don't know why you want to rush in here like a madwoman! I'll give you just three minutes!
[as Miss Cochran goes to turn on the lights, Charlie rushes to the newspaper rack, where she eventually pulls out a paper and sits down to read it]
CHARLIE: [whispers] Can't be anything really awful ... I'll prove to him it isn't!
[she suddenly stops, as the camera focuses on the headline ("Where is the Merry Widow Murderer? Nation-wide Search Under Way for Strangler of Three Rich Women")]
[cut back to a closeup of Charlie, as she takes the ring off her finger, then the camera pans wide to show her slowly walking out of the library]



The reel librarian in Alfred Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt" (1943) is on-screen for less than 30 seconds. Charlie Newton (Teresa Wright) rushes to the public library to check a newspaper but arrives several minutes after closing time. The librarian, Miss Cochran (uncredited; Eily Malyon), is turning off the lights, and Charlie knocks on the door until the librarian responds. Although clearly reluctant to permit Charlie to enter, the librarian states that "if I make one exception, I'll have to make a thousand" and after giving Charlie a brief lecture about using the library during its regular hours, she permits Charlie to look at the newspapers for three minutes.

An "only 38" librarian, she is attired in a dark long sleeve wrap-around dress, V-neckline, with contrasting light lapels; her hair is gray and pulled up into a bun on her crown. The librarian's defense of library hours further promotes the stereotypical image by shoing librarians to be dogmatic about rules. Such inflexibility reinforces the mundane, ordinary existence of librarians. The fact, however, is that she permits Charlie to use the library after hours in violation of library rules.

Later in the film, Jack Graham (MacDonald Carey) in a discussion with Charlie remarks that Charlie's sister "wants to marry a librarian ... so she'll always have plenty of books around to read." Charlie breaks out in laughter at the remark as Jack smiles. This remark conjures up the image of librarians as bookworms and, consequently, results in laughter. These brief scenes promote the stereotypical image.



Upstairs, Charlie pauses secretively and then sneaks into her uncle's room to rummage through scraps of newspaper in the wastebasket. Returning to Ann's room, she spreads out the torn-out pieces on her bed ("looking for a recipe"), but cannot find the purloined article. Ann suggests: "They have papers in the liberry (sic). New ones and old ones. Mrs. Cochran will get them out for ya. She won't even notice if you cut out a little-bitty recipe." Her haughty, bratty sister also explains that if she read more books, she would know that the library is open only until 9 pm. Nonchalantly, Charlie tells Ann: "I'll think about it and maybe go tomorrow." But she uses the back stairs to exit the house and proceed downtown to visit the library.

The film's next sequence builds to a suspenseful climax as Charlie rushes through town to get to the library before it closes, to read the edition of the newspaper that her uncle had damaged. The background music (a piano concerto) builds and swells as she determinedly walks across intersections with her arms stiffly balancing her on either side - the camera tracks backward as she approaches. Heedless of traffic at one busy intersection, she barely avoids being hit by a turning vehicle. The policeman, Mr. Norton (Earle Dewey) yells at her to "get back" to the curb. The town's clock shows the time: five minutes until 9 o'clock. Finally, after waiting for the light to change, she steps out, but the officer reprimands her again. The lights of the Free Public Library turn off just as she arrives and the town's clock begins chiming. At the door, she knocks loudly on the door - passersby from the sidewalk look toward her. She pleads with the stern, old-maid librarian (Eily Malyon) to let her in.


Appalled, her eyes widen as she finds the damning evidence - the newspaper column's headline flashes before her, and as she reads the story about the nationwide search, the column scrolls by. The Merry Widow Waltz theme plays dramatically in the background:


Nation-wide Search Under
Way for Strangler of
Three Rich Women

The whereabouts of the so-called 'Merry-Widow' murderer, strong-handed strangler of three wealthy women, is a question baffling detectives today who are conducting a coast to coast search for the killer.
So far successfully eluding sleuths, the unidentified man evidently has slipped through a cordon thrown around the northeastern states, but announcement of his arrest is expected daily.
The trailing detectives are after two men, one of whom they are certain is the actual killer. The fact that all the victims were wealthy widows accounts for his being known to the police as the 'Merry Widow' murderer.
His latest victim, on January 12th, in Gloucester, Mass., was Mrs. Bruce Matthewson, the former musical comedy star, known to audiences at the beginning of this century as 'the beautiful Thelma Schenley.'

In a close-up of her hand, she removes the emerald ring and re-reads the initials inscribed - "TS from BM" - the initials of one of the victims. She is devastated and broken, knowing that her uncle is undeniably guilty - it is the film's major turning point. She rises slowly and walks out. The camera pulls back to a long shot from above, isolating her at a distance among the dark shadows of the library's reading room. The image dissolves into the dancing, revolving 'Merry-Widow' couples on the ballroom floor.

Case Study No. 1534: Staff of the Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Libraries Are Gonna Make It After All
Karen Cognato
Ellen Druda
Laura Druda
Valerie Ware

...with love.
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[scene opens with a spinning newspaper, with the headline "Libraries to disappear in 2019! The end of libraries is near!"]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "Public Libraries Struggle. Can't keep up with the times"]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "We're Doomed!!!"]
[cut to a female librarian, who smiles and spins around before entering the Half Hollow Hills Community Library]
[cut to an elevator inside the library opening up, as the librarian (after jauntily tossing back her neckerchief) exits carrying a stack of books]

Who can turn the world 'round with her smile?
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
Well it's you, girl, and you should know it

[cut to the librarian helping a young female patron find a book in the stacks (which she happily takes with a smile on her face)]
[cut to an older female librarian pushing her through the stacks on top of a bookcart, as the librarian points to a sign reading "Download Movies, Music & Books hhhl dot suffolk dot lib dot ny dot us"]
[cut to an older male patron trying to use the computer, as the librarian pushes a button on the keyboard and smiles (as the patron mouths "Thank you")]

With each glance and every little movement you show it
Love is all around, now don't you fake it
You can have the world, why don't you take it?
You're gonna make it after all!

[cut to the librarian spinning in her chair at the front desk, as she throws some index cards into the air and the scene freezes]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "They're Gonna Make It After All! Libraries Saved!"]

Starring Valerie Taylor Ware as Mary Tyler Moore

Also featuring:
Edward T. Burke
Michael Cavalluzzo
Karen Cognato
Ellen Druda
Laura Druda
Lisa Garland
Lakshmi Gounder

Written by
Karen Cognato & Ellen Druda

Directed by
Karen Cognato

Filmed by
Laura Druda

Edited by
Laura Druda

Produced by
Laura Druda

Music Composed by
Sonny Curtis

Music Arranged & Performed by
Chris Garland

Filmed at Half Hollow Hills Community Library

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Case Study No. 1533: Father Vincent Dorin

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Chapter 5-5 Abbey Tower
Item Locations: 3:21 - Brotherhood Knight Scroll, 3:40 - Life Gem (green),
4:07 - Brotherhood Knight Scroll,
5:34 - Life Gem (green),

Tips: Use Circular Chain to destroy the surrounding objects. Do not take the time to fight the monsters. Use Holy Water to destroy them quickly. Here's my other vid for this Trial - watch?v=3fAC1rC-Ah4

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow playthrough in Paladin Mode starting fresh from a finished game in Knight mode difficulty that was done without buying any upgrades or acquiring any items except of course what the game freely gave you after finishing the game once.

Check out Chapter 1-1 from this playlist if you want to see proof of that: watch?v=UTW671Lx8e8

I pick up every Gem, Scroll, Brotherhood Ark, & do the Trials at the same time, now in this playthrough.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in Paladin Difficulty Mode
by Konami & MercurySteam (c) 2010
Sony PS3 U.S. NTSC
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[Gabriel swings through the window at the top of the Abbey Tower, where he finds his companion Zobek waiting for him]
GABRIEL: Where's the abbot?
[Zobek motions towards a closed door]
ZOBEK: Inside.
[cut to inside the room, where Dorin (an elderly monk whose eyes are milky-white from blindness) is kneeling in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary and babbling in Latin ... his prayers are interrupted as Gabriel kicks down the door]
DORIN: No, no! Get away from me!
[he tries to crawl away from them, then (once he finds the statue at his back) he grows more defiant]
DORIN: I know who you are ... The Devil has sent you! You are demons who serve him!
[Gabriel kneels in front of him]
DORIN: He told me you'd come! He does it torment me ...
GABRIEL: Your people perished while you hid behind the one thing that could have saved them. You don't deserve to call yourself a man of God ...
ZOBEK: Gabriel.
[he gets up, and takes the Holy Water Flask that is sitting in the statue's hands]
DORIN: No, it's mine! You can't take it ...
[he tries to go after Gabriel, but Zobek simply pushes him back to the ground]
GABRIEL: There is a need far greater than yours.
[the two men leave, as the monk grovels on the floor]
DORIN: You cannot take it! You are not worthy!
[he suddenly gets up and runs to the door, whimpering and yelling out for them]
DORIN: Don't leave me here, you dogs!
[he looks around, then slowly backs away towards the statue]
DORIN: Curse you! Damn you to hell!
[he begins praying in Latin again, then turns to find a group of winged vampires surrounding him ... he kneels and continues to pray, as they surround him and attack]
DORIN: Ahhhh!



"Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" is a video game in the Castlevania series, released in 2010 as a reboot of the franchise. It is an action-adventure game in a horror/fantasy setting in Southern Europe during the Middle Ages. The game was developed by MercurySteam and Kojima Productions and published by Konami.

The setting of Lords of Shadow is during "the end of days" in the year of 1047. The Earth's alliance with the Heavens has been threatened by a malevolent force known as the Lords of Shadow. A dark spell has stopped the souls of the deceased from leaving, while evil creatures inhabit the dying land and attack living people.

The main character, Gabriel Belmont (voiced by Robert Carlyle), is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend innocent people against the supernatural creatures. Gabriel's wife Marie (Natascha McElhone) was brutally murdered by one of them, and her soul cannot leave as it is trapped in limbo. Because she is now neither alive nor dead, she realizes what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny to save the world as he investigates the dark spell. He travels the destroyed land, meeting other characters, such as the oldest living member of his order, Zobek (Sir Patrick Stewart, who additionally narrates the game). Two masks referred to as the God and Devil Masks lie at the centre of the plot, with the God Mask having powers to resurrect the dead. Gabriel intends to defeat the three factions of the Lords of Shadow in order to obtain the pieces of the God Mask and bring back his deceased wife.



Part III: Abbey Catacombs (LoS 5-3)
"We delve deep below the Abbey ready to face the evil confronting us. The abbot, Vincent Dorin was once a good and kindly man who helped the people of Wygol, but now he has become a devious coward who had holed himself up in the Abbey and rigged it with traps of cunning. The people, unprotected, have paid a heavy price for his treachery. Night has fallen outside and we will be open to Vampire attack at any time. We must be on our guard. We must work together, if we are to succeed in acquiring the relic that the abbot guards. This will help us greatly in defeating the vampiric horde later."

With Zobek still by our side, move along the path. Soon you'll see a scene where a poor monk falls limp at your feet. Vampires! Well, we finally get to fight some vampires.

Zobek will help you here, so lay down some direct hits and and some guillotine upgrades to help take them out. When you kill one you can read about them in the bestiary. Kill the three vampire warriors here with Zobek to get a little scene showing the lever to the turnstyle nearby. You won't be able to do much right away though, as three more vampires show up. Dispense them and use the lever to open up the door. Have Zobek hold it while you go through to the other side.

In here, punch the statue down to the door you just entered, and then put on some shadow magic and punch it again to break the door. Now go help out Zobek for bloody sake! Grab the lever and go into the next room. You'll learn that you need two keys to get out of her. Put the lever in the right switch and go through with Zobek for a scene.

In this section, just press the button on the screen until you can hit the triangle, which will let Zobek move to the next slab. You need to keep doing this until you are both safe. You'll find a key nearby, so grab it and head back to the main room. Now open up the western path. Take the lever with you when you finish, trust me.

In here, Zobek will point out the second key. Use the lever on the device to the north and have Zobek hold it, then quickly jump on the platform to get across. Here you can get a ::[LIFE GEM]:: from a knight, who's on the path south of you, towards the screen. Now grab the gem and open the doors, heading up the stairs and into the abbey's courtyard to view a quick scene.

You'll see a strange seal on the ground as well as a portal, which takes you to the seal if you step through it. You can find two knights lying around as well, one who talks about Gandolfi and another who offers you the answer to this puzzle. Pfft, you don't need him when you got me! One of the eastern walls is dusty, so bust through it. Here grab the lever and take it out to the courtyard. With this lever you can change where you zone in at when you move through the portal.

But before you use it, kill the vampire warriors and ghouls. Once you do, you have a limited time to use the device, and when you get it to where you want it you can press triangle to have Zobek hold it for you.

Ok, to solve the puzzle you want to aim the device south, but before you do that, aim it north to get to the knight beyond the grate with a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Use the ledges nearby to escape. You can also aim it east to get to a knight with a scroll and a health font, if you wish. Now aim it south and go through the portal to solve the puzzle. Continue onwards to finish this section.

Part IV: Abbey Library (LoS 5-4)
"The traps laid by the abbot have proved tricky and yet we have managed to break into the inner cloisters and the library is close at hand, if memory serves. My friend looks weary and troubled. The weight of the world on his shoulders. I can see he is holding a terrible secret deep within. He is trying to bury it and in its place the anger is taking over. We must not delay. We must find Dorin and take what we need before we are dragged down with the guilt. The need of the many outweighs those of the few now. We can shed no tears for those lost, we must be strong and we must destroy the Lords of Shadow at any cost."

Head into the building, heading north at the intersection to find a knight with a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Go back and head into the library proper for a scene.

Of course, the two of you become separated while two gigantic suits of armor come towards you. You will have to hold them back while Zobek looks for an exit.

These armor's aren't too difficult, they have standard swipe attacks and can do a ground pound. Just attack them, being careful of the upcoming ground pounds and use a guillotine when it comes. The books are in the way here, so get rid of them as well. Don't bother with fairies, as the armor's are immune to them. Once you hurt them a bit, you can take away their shields. Keep hitting them and soon you will be able to grab them and tear open the armor, killing the spirit inside.

Once you kill both of them, Zobek will open the way for you to escape. Search the nearby knight who will tell you how to solve this room's puzzle. This first room is easy enough, just punch the mirror forward and turn it to hit the door. In this next room, you can find two knights lying around (lazy knights) with a scroll and a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Here, punch the mirror by the light magic gem knight and then the one by the sunlight. Turn the sunlight mirror to angle the light towards the other mirror and it will open the way.

In this third room, kill the gremlins that come out and punch the nearby mirror into position. Go down the stairs by the mirror and hit the books away to find another knight with a ::[SHADOW MAGIC GEM]::. Now this room is a little harder. First I recommend you go around and explore a little bit, and each mirror you come across you may as well punch it into place. You'll soon head across the room via the stairs in the middle of the area, where you will find a dusty wall to your left. Break through it to find a new area that also has an armor inside. Kill the armor and punch the mirror into place. Over here you'll see the door to the exit, so line up these two mirrors to angle light to that door. Now go back to the main light source and send it east. Move the mirror to your left to send the light across the room, and if those mirrors are good, you will have this puzzle solved. If you don't, check your mirrors again and make sure they are lined up right.

For the third room, the first mirror sends the light east. All the other mirrors send the light north.

Go through the door to end this section.

Part V: Abbey Tower (LoS 5-5)
"The tower at the Abbey of Wygol was once a place where men of God sought knowledge and protected the people with Christ's love. Now it is the refuge of a man driven insane by fear. Dorin has abandoned his people to death or worse. A powerful relic keeps the vampires at bay, and we must take it if we stand any chance against the Dark Lord's minions. I know of a secret way that will take me to the top of the tower by a different path. Gabriel will have to find his own way for now."

Head out into the air and you can find a dead knight and a scroll to your left. As you move right, several ghouls and some gremlins will come after you. Deal with them as you see fit, and then move down and into the walkway. Move towards the screen to find a knight with a ::[LIFE GEM]:: on him, then keep going forward to a new area where more gremlins and ghouls will attack. Kill them and inspect the knight to the north for another scroll.

Now jump across the gap to your left and use your cross to make the bridge come down. Go across it to be ambushed by a bunch of gremlins. Take them out and use the lever nearby to open the gate. Follow the path around the rubble to start to climb the tower.

The climbing is pretty self-explanatory, but there's a section where you need to move quick, as dilly-dallying will make the ledges fall, so move quickly around the building and grapple as soon as you can. Pull yourself up to some more ledges and grapple again before the fall. Swing right and pull yourself up onto the ground. Here you'll have to jump to another ledge, but it's a bit far away, so get a running start first! Follow this ledge to the left and drop down on the ledge below for a ::[LIFE GEM]:: courtesy of the knight. The gap to the left is too big, so head right instead and use the first tower's rubble to jump up higher and then back to the main tower. Shimmy right and jump the gap.

You need to be fast again right here, as these ledges will fall. Move right around the building and one space up to use the grapple. Move up the grapple a bit and you'll see a shimmer to your upper left. Build up some momentum and jump to the left to grapple that hook. Use this one to reach a ledge further up and another hook. Kick in the window to start yet another kick ass cut scene and end this section.



Father Vincent Dorin is the presiding abbot over the Wygol Village abbey.

An accomplished scholar of the ancient texts and prophetic scrolls found in the abbey's vast library, he eventually shut himself off from the rest of the world, going half-blind and insane from his studies. When the Vampires came upon Wygol, he found a holy relic with which he could keep the creatures at bay. In his insanity, he banished the monks away and sealed himself and as many holy texts he could gather in a room in the highest tower of the abbey.

In order to defeat the Dark Lord of the Vampires, Gabriel and Zobek brave the traps that the mad abbot installed to keep invaders out. Upon finally reaching the highest tower, they find him chanting feverishly in front of a statue holding the relic he so coveted. As Gabriel takes the relic, Dorin curses the both of them as servants of Satan. After Gabriel and Zobek leave for the village, Dorin starts to chant again, even more feverishly than before. But it is in vain, as he is subsequently attacked and killed by Vampire Warriors.