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Case Study No. 0159: Sabrina/Satsuki

Mew Mew Power (English) Episode 16: Part 3
This is the last part of Episode 16 of Tokyo Mew Mew in English. The English dub title of the show is Mew Mew Power.

Sardon attacks the library to gather information before Bridget can confess to Ian. But soon, it turns out that that might've been a good thing when Bridget finds out that Ian already has a girlfriend named Sabrina. After the battle, Bridget sees Ian propose to Sabrina. The other Mew Mews feel sorry for Bridget but know that she'll be okay since she knows that it's better to love and lose than never to have loved at all.

The English dub completely changes the music score so the background music is complete different from the original Japanese music. The original Japanese insert song for this episode, "Umi wo Miteita", is replaced with a song called "Crush."

Names were also changed in the English version. The name changes are:

Ichigo Momomiya - Zoey Hanson
Mint Aizawa - Corina Bucksworth
Lettuce Midorikawa - Bridget Verdant
Pudding Fon -Kikki Benjamin
Zakuro Fujiwara - Renee Roberts
Masaya Aoyama - Mark
Ryou Shirogane - Elliot Grant
Keiichiro Akasaka - Wesley J. Coolridge III
Masha - Mini-Mew
Taruto - Tarb
Pai - Sardon

Norihiro Edomurasaki - Ian
Satsuki - Sabrina

Terms were also changed as well and those are:

Tokyo Mew Mew - Team Mew Mew
Para Para/Parasite Alien-Infuser
Chimera Anima - Predisite
Aliens - Cyniclons
Mew Mew (insert name) Metamorphosis!-Power Pendant Activate/Mew-tamorphosis!
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[Zoey and Corina are arguing, while scenes of Bridget and Ian are shown on screen]
ZOEY: [in voice over] So like, two weeks ago, Bridg was walking home from school, right? And she saw this woman in a wheelchair at a busy crosswalk. And like, the crossing light was out or something, and no one was helping her, but then ...
[cut to Ian walking up to the woman in the wheelchair]
IAN: Excuse me, can I help you cross the street?
OLD WOMAN: Thank you, what a gentleman.
CORINA: [in voice over] Wow, what a gentleman!
ZOEY: [in voice over] That's what the woman in the wheelchair said! And that's what Bridget thought!
BRIDGET: [to herself] Wow, what a gentleman ...
CORINA: [in voice over] Was the guy cute?
ZOEY: [in voice over] Bridget thought so.
[cut to scenes inside a library]
ZOEY: [in voice over] So like, two days later, she was--
CORINA: [in voice over] Waddayou mean, two days later? She didn't say anything then?
ZOEY: [in voice over] You know how Bridget is, she's shy!
[Bridget hides behind the stacks when she sees Ian sitting and reading a book]
ZOEY: [in voice over] So like, two days later, she's in the library and she sees him again!
CORINA: [in voice over] Same guy?
ZOEY: [in voice over] And get this ... He was reading a book!
CORINA: [in voice over] Well, it was a library.
ZOEY: [in voice over] Right, but--
CORINA: [in voice over] That's what people do in libraries, they read books!
ZOEY: [in voice over] Right, but Bridget likes books, that's my point! And anyway, she saw him again the next day!
[cut to Bridget staring at Ian again from behind the stacks]
CORINA: [in voice over] So she's following this guy.
ZOEY: [in voice over] No, she's bumping into him.
CORINA: [in voice over] No, she's stalking him.
ZOEY: [in voice over] No, she's bumping into him! It's sweet, it's destiny!
CORINA: [in voice over] When you bump into somebody, you say "Sorry, my bad." You laugh awkwardly ... Watching somebody from far away without saying anything is not bumping into them!
[cut to Bridget trying to reach a book on a high shelf]
ZOEY: [in voice over] Okay, she was following him ... But on the fifth day, he said something!
IAN: [reaches up and pulls out the book] Allow me.
IAN: Here you go.
BRIDGET: Uhh ...
IAN: Isn't this the book you were trying to reach?
[camera zooms in to show the title of the book is "How To Tell Him How You Feel"]
BRIDGET: [embarrassed] Uh ...
CORINA: [in voice over] So, what did she say?
ZOEY: [in voice over] Not much at first ...
BRIDGET: [quickly grabs the book while looking down at the floor and smiling awkwardly]
[cut to Ian and Bridget sitting at a table and talking to one another]
IAN: I'm at my third year of college at YGU, and I'm a Lit major.
IAN: I'm focusing on Russian literature. Really long books about sad people in hunger and cold weather and torn overcoats and poverty ... [laughs] So I'm a pretty cheery guy to be around these days!
BRIDGET: You seem fun to me ...
[she quickly puts her head down in embarrassment]
IAN: So like, what's your story, anyway?
IAN: I've seen you here reading the hard stuff. I'd think a girl your age would be into music magazines and teen romance, not Shakespeare.
BRIDGET: [looks down] Shakespeare wrote about teen romance ... "What light through yonder window breaks. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."
IAN: Listen to you!
BRIDGET: Yeah ... I guess I'm kind of a weirdo reading such serious books, but if I ever need a break from all the heavy stuff, I just switch over to travel guides!
IAN: Yeah?
BRIDGET: Pretty lame, right?
IAN: Okay, first of all, you're not a weirdo. You're a smart girl, and that's cool. And second of all, you haven't told me your name. Mine's Ian.
BRIDGET: And my name is Bridget ...
IAN: That's a nice name.
BRIDGET: [loudly] You really think so?
[nearby patrons clear their throats, as a sign that the noise level is not to their liking]
BRIDGET: [embarrassed] I mean ... Oh.
[cut back to Zoey and Corina]
ZOEY: It's so cute! It's geek love! It's the sweetest thing ever!


[the evil aliens Sardon and Tarb are in their spaceship, plotting to take over the Earth]
TARB: Hey Sardon, what're you doing? What're you doing?
SARDON: [pressing buttons on an alien computer] Hmm ...
TARB: Come on, answer me!
SARDON: I'm trying to come up with some new strategies.
TARB: Why, what's wrong with the old ones? Charging in and kicking butt has always worked for us before!
SARDON: These humans are proving to be more resilient and complex than others we have fought in the past ... but perhaps by reading their books and studying their ways, we can learn what makes them vulnerable and weak.
TARB: But we don't have their books, smart guy! How we gonna get a buncha human books, huh? How we gonna get them?
SARDON: [looks up] We need a library card ...
[cut to Bridget excitedly running into the library, where she finds Ian talking to a young female librarian at the front desk]
IAN: [laughs] I'll see you later tonight.
SABRINA: [laughs] Bye! Don't read too much!
[Ian walks away, as Bridget goes up to the librarian and hands her a library card]
SABRINA: [reading] "Bridget Verdant" ... I've heard about you!
BRIDGET: Oh, from who?
SABRINA: Oh no, nothing bad, just ... No, never mind.
[cut to Ian and Bridget sitting at a table in the library, as he hands her a book entitled "Fiji: A Guide"]
BRIDGET: You got this for me?
IAN: Yeah, I figured you could use a break from the heavy stuff you've been reading lately.
BRIDGET: That's so nice, thank you! I adore these books!
IAN: Ever since you mentioned them, I've been reading travel guides between novels and essays. They're a nice escape from all the crime and punishment, the amazing pictures especially ... Of course, travelling would be great, but when you're bogged down by studies and student loans, travel books are the next best thing!
BRIDGET: I, I really can't accept this.
IAN: Please, consider it a token of thanks.
IAN: Meeting you, and seeing how much you like reading, reminded me of how I was at your age. Maybe I'll be like that again someday.
BRIDGET: Oh ... Ian, you are such a great guy.
IAN: Listen, don't be like me when you grow up, Bridget.
IAN: Don't get so caught up in your work that you forget that life is meant to be lived, not read about.
IAN: Sorry, I just ... Lately, I've been thinking that I hide from life in books.
BRIDGET: Oh, I know exactly what you mean! I mean, I've always been kind of afraid to do the things I wanna do and say the things I wanna say. So like, I used to see my books as a place where I didn't have to deal with other people or make decisions. But then I realized that reading was a way of connecting to people. Every book about loneliness made me feel a little less lonely, and every book about courage gave me a little more courage. Do you know what I mean? And now to actually meet a person who actually understands me ...
IAN: It's cool, isn't it?


[Bridget is about to confess her feelings to Ian in the library (as Sabrina looks on in the background), when Sardon and his group of "Predacytes" crash through the nearby window]
PREDACYTES: [in unison] Eat the books! Eat the books! Eat the books!
IAN: [backing away] What are these things?
SARDON: [looking over the stacks] Looks like I just found the motherload of human information! By absorbing the knowledge contained in these tomes, we'll be able to learn everything we need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the human race ... Go!
[as the librarians and patrons scatter, the Predacytes jump towards the shelves and begin eating all the books]
IAN: [grabbing Bridget's hand] This way!
[as they run towards a nearby window, they look back to watch the books being destroyed]
BRIDGET: Not the history section!
IAN: [opening the window] Let's get outta here, before we're history!
BRIDGET: Okay ...
[he gives her a boost out the window, but suddenly stops when he hears a woman screaming]
IAN: [looking back] Sabrina? Sabrina!
BRIDGET: Sabrina?
IAN: Bridget, go on without me!
BRIDGET: But Ian ...
IAN: Bridget, you reminded me why I love to read, because it gives me the courage to be a better person and take risks, and to go for what I want! I've gotta save the girl I love!
[he runs back towards the Predacytes]
[he kicks one of the Predacytes into a bookshelf, causing it to fall over on top of the creature]
BRIDGET: [jumping back into the library] Ian!
[she heads in the direction that Ian ran off to]
[camera pans over to reveal Ian standing over the fallen librarian]
IAN: Sabrina, are you alright? Come on, let's get outta here ...
SABRINA: [struggling to get up] Oh Ian, I ...
[he picks her up and leads her to the exit, but a group of Predacytes appear and block their escape]
AMANDA: [off camera] I don't think so!
[a blast of purple energy knocks the Predacytes out]
BRIDGET: [regaining her composure and addressing the two] Come on you guys, you'd better hurry!
[Ian lifts Sabrina out of the first-story window and gently lays her down outside]
IAN: [to Bridget] Okay, you next.
BRIDGET: Don't worry about me, just get Sabrina to safety!
IAN: [jumps out the window] I'll be back!
BRIDGET: [yelling out the window] Run! Go!
[he nods and carries Sabrina away, as Bridget turns to face the remaining Predacytes]
ZOEY: [off camera] Listen up, Predacytes!
[the remaining Mew Mews appear]
ZOEY: You interrupted Bridget's heart-felt confession of true love!
CORINA: Now you're gonna have to pay!
KIKKI: We're gonna turn you dust mites into dust weaks!
RENEE: [growls menacingly]
[the Predacytes leap forward as if to attack, but instead they each grab a book and begin reading in a slow monotonous tone]
PREDACYTES: [in unison] Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov was the third son of a land owner from our district. Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov, well known in his day, and still remembered amongst us because of his dark and tragic demise, which happened exactly thirteen years ago--
[as they continue droning on, the Mew Mews began to lose consciousness]
ZOEY: Can't take this ...
KIKKI: My eyelids feel heavy ...
CORINA: So boring, so ...
RENEE: I can't possibly take another word of this ...
SARDON: Ice wind blast!
[he sends a gust of frigid air at the Mew Mews, knocking them backwards]
BRIDGET: [suddenly appearing in her Mew Mew form] Combat castinets! Underwater surge attack!
[she shoots out blasts of water to deflect the ice blast and knock the books out of the Predacyte's hands]
BRIDGET: Now's your chance! Finish them off, Zoey!
ZOEY: Rose bell, full power!
[she uses her magic rings to shoot more purple energy]
SARDON: [calmly] I've gathered more than enough information for one day ...
[he disappears]
ZOEY: Bridget, you just totally saved the day!
KIKKI: Three cheers for Bookworm Bridget! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Why is no one joining me?!
BRIDGET: [laughs] I think those Predacytes might've saved me ...
[cut to the exterior of the library, as a large crowd - including Ian and Sabrina - have gathered outside]
IAN: I guess now's as good a time as any ...
SABRINA: For what?
[he takes a wedding ring out of his pocket and puts it on her finger]
IAN: For asking you to spend your life with me ...
[they hug, as the camera pans around to show the Mew Mews - in human form - watching from afar]
ZOEY: Um, that's not Ian, is it?
[they all look towards Bridget]
ZOEY: Anyway ...
BRIDGET: [fakes a smile] I don't know where Ian is, he didn't come today!
KIKKI: But we saw you talking to--
RENEE: Kikki!
KIKKI: What?
[cut to a shot of Bridget walking down the street, smiling]
ZOEY: [in voice over] We all knew that that was Ian we saw proposing to his other girlfriend. Bridget wasn't that good of an actress ... but we also knew she'd be okay! After all, if anyone had read the words "Tis better to love and lose than never to have loved at all", it was Bridget.



The episodes of the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series are based on the manga series of the same name written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi. Directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Studio Pierrot, the episodes focus on five girls infused with the DNA of rare animals that gives them special powers and allows them to transform into "Mew Mews". Led by Ichigo Momomiya, the girls protect the earth from aliens who wish to "reclaim" it.

Broadcast on both TV Aichi and TV Tokyo, the series premiered on April 6, 2002 and aired weekly until its conclusion on March 29, 2003. 4Kids Entertainment licensed the first 26 episodes of the series for the English-dubbed release in North America in 2004. Their release, initially titled Hollywood Mew Mew, would be heavily edited and localized to the point that viewers would not recognize its Japanese origins.[3] The series was later referred to as The Mew Mews and Tokyo Mew Mew in subsequent 4Kids press releases.


Episode 16: "Books Of Love" / "Lettuce's Love – Longing in the Library" ("Retasu no Koi, Ichizu na Omoi wa Toshokan de")
Original Air Date: July 20, 2002
US Air Date: September 24, 2005

Lettuce meets a young man named Norihiro at the library. She falls in love with him and begins going there every day to see him. When he gives her a present, the girls encourage her to tell him how she feels. During their next meeting at the library, they are attacked by a chimera anima. Seeing Norihiro rush to protect the young librarian, Satsuki, Lettuce realizes that she is the girl he really loves. The other Mew Mews arrive, but the monster begins reading a dull book in a hypnotic voice, putting all of the girls to sleep except the book loving Lettuce. She transforms and defeats the monster. Later, she sees Norihiro gives Satsuki an engagement ring. Though sad at how her first love ended, she says she is happy she was able to love someone.

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