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Case Study No. 0181: Staff of the Dillydale Library

The Mr Men Show - Library
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written by Mark Risley & Sean Pendergrass

[scene opens outside of the Dillydale Library]
NARRATOR: Ah, the library. A place where you can learn, have fun, and find yourself lost in a thousand different worlds. The library is the place to go if you want to check out a book, watch a movie, or just listen to some music. But no matter what one does at the library, it's important that they do it quietly, which is why Mr. Quiet is so excited to start his job as assistant librarian.
[Mr. Quiet walks up to the front desk]
MR. NOISY: [springs up from behind the desk and starts yelling into a bullhorn] Hello, Mr. Quiet!
MR. QUIET: Oh ... [quietly] Hello, Mr. Noisy.
MR. NOISY: [continues yelling into the bullhorn] Welcome to your first day on the job at the Dillydale Library!
MR. QUIET: [puts his hands over his ears] Loving it already ...
MR. NOISY: Let me show you around!
[Mr. Noisy loudly stomps his way towards the bookstacks]
MR. NOISY: Here in the A, B, and C aisle, library-goers can find books on subjects ranging from aardvarks to beeswax to coconut cream pie!
MR. QUIET: [books fall off the shelf and onto his head] Augh.
MR. NOISY: What's the matter, Mr. Quiet?! Don't you like coconut cream pie?!
[the vibrations from Mr. Noisy's bullhorn cause Mr. Quiet to fall backwards]
MR. QUIET: Ohhh ...
[Mr. Noisy stomps his way towards another part of the library]
MR. NOISY: Now, over here, we have our music section!
[Mr. Quiet runs to keep up, as they stop in front of Mr. Nervous browsing the music collection]
MR. NERVOUS: [picks out a CD] "The Soothing Sounds of Seaweed" ... Oh, sweet.
MR. NOISY: [puts bullhorn right up to his ear] Can you please keep it down, Mr. Nervous?! This is a library, where people come for peace and quiet, not endless chatter!
MR. NERVOUS: But, but, but ...
MR. NOISY: Am I going to have to call security?!
MR. NERVOUS: Security?! Oh no no no ... [runs away]
MR. NOISY: You've really got to keep your eye on that Mr. Nervous!
[he opens a door and walks into another room]
MR. NOISY: Over here we have our reading room!
[as patrons are sitting and reading, Mr. Noisy looks up at the clock]
MR. NOISY: Oh, look at the time!
[he turns up the volume on his bullhorn]
MR. NOISY: Attention, library-goers! Miss Sunshine's afternoon book reading is about to begin in the reader's lounge! You won't wanna miss it! It's gonna be super!
[the vibrations cause all of the bookshelves to fall over, sending all of the patrons into a panic]
MR. NOISY: That's enough training for one day, Mr. Quiet! I'll bet you can't wait to get started as our new assistant librarian!
MR. QUIET: Yeah, about that ...
[they stop in the employee section of the library]
MR. NOISY: Here you go! A desk of your very own! Take a seat, welcome aboard, and enjoy the rest of your day!
[Mr. Noisy leaves, and Mr. Quiet sits at his desk]
MR. QUIET: Phew ...
[his phone rings]
MR. QUIET: [quietly] Aaah.
[he picks up the phone, but it's Mr. Noisy yelling before he even has a chance to respond]
MR. NOISY: [over the phone] Oh! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask your fellow assistant librarians ... Miss Giggles and Miss Chatterbox!
[the two ladies are suddenly sitting at the two desks on either side of Mr. Quiet]
MS. GIGGLES: [laughing loudly]
MS. CHATTERBOX: [talking very quickly] I just wanna tell you that if have any questions about anything to do with the library I am the person to ask I am practically an encyclopedia about this place--


[Mr. Scatterbrain is standing in his house]
MS. DAREDEVIL: [in voice-over] Wanna read a good book, but you can't get to the library?
[Mr. Scatterbrain looks at the camera and nods his head "Yes"]
MS. DAREDEVIL: [in voice-over] Then why not let the library come to you!
[Miss Daredevil suddenly drives her car through the wall of his house, and hands him a book]
MS. DAREDEVIL: Call Miss Daredevil's Mega Mobile Library! Just give my trusty assistant Mr. Nervous a call, and we'll be at your door in a flash!
[camera pans to the back of the mobile library, where Mr. Nervous is surrounded by ringing phones and cowering under his desk]
MS. DAREDEVIL: But the best part of the Mega Mobile Library isn't the books in the back, it's what's under the hood! We're talking fifteen rocket boosters!
MR. NERVOUS: No no no, more like boosters of terror!
[the mobile library zooms down the street at full speed, as books start randomly shooting out of it]
MS. BOSSY: [picks up one of the books] Hey, I read this one already! Get back here!
MS. DAREDEVIL: Thanks to these rockets, this baby can boogie! Woo-hoo!
[she steps on the gas]
[a book cart rolls into him and knocks him out of the mobile library]
MS. DAREDEVIL: So if you don't feel like going to the library, then let the library come to you!
[she uses a ramp to jump over Mr. Quiet's pool]
MS. DAREDEVIL: Call Miss Daredevil's Mega Mobile Library today! I dare ya!
[as she drives off, Mr. Nervous comes rolling by on the book cart]
MR. NERVOUS: Aaah! Oh no!


[back inside the Dillydale Library, there is a line at the book return counter]
NARRATOR: Over on the other side of the library is the book return counter, where Mister Men and Little Misses bring back their books on time, or pay a late fee.
[Mr. Bump is next in line, as Mr. Tickle is manning the desk]
MR. TICKLE: Hello, Mr. Bump. Here to return your library book?
MR. BUMP: Yes I am, Mr. Tickle! I'm afraid it's a day late.
MR. TICKLE: You know you'll have to pay a late fee.
MR. BUMP: Yes, I'm well aware of the rules. Here is my twenty-five cents.
[he puts a quarter on the desk]
MR. TICKLE: Uh, about that, Mr. Bump ... The rule has changed. Now when a book is late, you get a tickle!
[he uses his long arms to start tickling him]
MR. BUMP: No, ha ha ha!
[he falls backwards and bumps into a nearby book display]
MR. BUMP: I don't think I like this new rule, Mr. Tickle! But you can be sure I'll never be late with a book again!
[he hobbles away]
MR. TICKLE: [waving and yelling after him] That's what they all say!
[cut to the next day, as Mr. Bump wakes up]
MR. BUMP: Oh no! This library book is due back in twenty minutes! Can't be late! Can't be late!
[cut to Mr. Bump stuck in traffic]
MR. BUMP: Oh come on! I do not want another tickle!
[he ignores the stop light and steps on the gas]
MR. BUMP: [stopping in front of the library] Ha ha, I did it! I got here on time ...
[as Mr. Bump makes his way up the steps to the library entrance, a meteorite falls from the sky and lands directly on him]
MR. BUMP: Ow ...
[cut to the book return counter, as Mr. Bump is crawling on the floor with the metero stuck to his back]
MR. STRONG: [shelving books nearby] Aw pickles! You okay, Mr. Bump?
MR. BUMP: Never better ... just need to return my book!
[he puts the book on the table, just as the clock changes]
MR. TICKLE: Sorry Mr. Bump, but it looks like you're late again!
MR. BUMP: You may have noticed it wasn't exactly my fault!
MR. TICKLE: A rule's a rule! [laughs]
[he starts tickling him]
MR. BUMP: Gwa ha ha! No please, haven't I suffered enough?!
[a chandelier falls on his head]
MR. BUMP: Oh, not my day!
MR. STRONG: [hands him a book] Here's that new book you ordered.
MR. BUMP: [takes the book] Thank you, Mr. Strong ... And hear me now, Mr. Tickle! This book will be returned on time, if it's the last thing I do!
[cut to Mr. Bump rolling up to the book return counter inside of a plastic bubble]
MS. HELPFUL: [pushing the bubble for him] Pardon us, coming through!
MR. BUMP: Thank you, Miss Helpful.
MS. HELPFUL: My pleasure, Mr. Bump.
MR. TICKLE: Hey, why are you in that bubble?
MR. BUMP: For protection.
MS. HELPFUL: It was my idea. Mr. Bump wanted to make sure that nothing got in his way of getting this book back on time.
MR. BUMP: Miss Helpful, would you kindly open my bubble, so that I can give this book to Mr. Tickle?
MS. HELPFUL: Wish I could, Mr. Bump, but you're sealed up in there pretty good. Just trying to be helpful!
MR. TICKLE: Sorry, Mr. Bump, but it looks like that book is late too!
[he is able to squeeze his arms around the bubble and tickle him]
MR. BUMP: Stop! Tickle her instead!
MS. HELPFUL: [starts laughing, then bumps into the bubble]
MR. BUMP: [rolling away] Uh, Miss Helpful? Mr. Tickle? I'm rolling away here! Somebody ... dah! [rolls right out of the window]
[cut to outside the library, where Mr. Bump is okay, but the bubble has crushed his car]
MR. BUMP: Phew ... Oh, not elephants!
[a pack of elephants stampede through and knock the bubble around]
MR. BUMP: [the bubble smashes open] Ohhhh ...
[back inside the library, Mr. Tickle is still tickling Miss Helpful]
Mr. BUMP: [walks in dejected] Here's your book!
MR. TICKLE: And here's your tickle! [laughs]
MR. BUMP: Ah ha ha ha! Ow!


[Miss Naughty is hiding in the stacks]
NARRATOR: Not everyone in Dillydale comes to the library to learn. Some, like Miss Naughty, come for a bit of mischief.
MS. NAUGHTY: Switching the covers on all of these books is my naughtiest prank ever!
[she takes a book off the shelf and puts a different bookjacket on it]
MS. NAUGHTY: With this cover, I can make a book about mud look like a book about keeping clean!
[she does the same thing with another book]
MS. NAUGHTY: Or a book about spiders look like a book about puppies!
[she reshelves the book]
MS. NAUGHTY: That's the last of them ... Oh good, here comes Mr. Fussy!
[she puts a lampshade over her head and pretends to be a lamp]
MR. FUSSY: [walks up to the shelf] Well, what sort of book should I read today?
[he takes a book]
MR. FUSSY: Oh, this looks interesting ... "Keeping Yourself Clean." Oh, I shall savor every page!
[he leaves]
MS. NAUGHTY: Won't they all be surprised!
[a montage of patrons is shown, looking at their books and acting shocked or disgusted, then the scene changes to Mr. Nervous returning his book to the front desk]
MR. NERVOUS: [tries to get Mr. Grumpy's attention] Ahem ...
MR. GRUMPY: [sitting at the desk and looking disinterested] Waddaya want, Mr. Nervous?
MR. NERVOUS: It's terrible, Mr. Grumpy! I checked out what I thought was a book about puppies, but it's actually a book about poisonous spiders! See?
[he opens his book with the puppydog cover and shows pictures of spiders inside the book]
MR. NERVOUS: I won't be able to sleep for weeks!
MR. GRUMPY: [gets up] Oh, fine fine! Just leave it here, go get yourself another book!
MR. FUSSY: [walks up to the desk] I wish to file a complaint! This book was supposed to be about personal cleanliness, but in fact, is nothing but pictures of mud!
MR. RUDE: [walks into the scene and points at Mr. Grumpy] You there, librarian! This book is supposed to be about the art of passing gas, but it is about table manners! I am disgusted beyond repair!
MR. FUSSY: [picks up the book] Table manners? Oh, that could be interesting!
MR. GRUMPY: Oh, for heaven's ... Well, just go get yourself another book and stop complaining!
MR. MESSY: [yelling from off-camera] Shazam!
[the camera reveals that Mr. Messy, usually a mess of squiggly lines, is now perfectly smooth]
MR. MESSY: This ain't right!
MR. FUSSY: Mr. Messy! You're clean!
MR. MESSY: I know! I took home a book that I thought was about mud, but it was really about keeping yourself clean! Before I knew it, I showered, shaved, and combed my hair! Now look at me!
MR. GRUMPY: Wait a minute! I think somebody switched these book covers!
[Miss Naughty suddenly takes the lampshade off her head and reveals herself to the group]
MS. NAUGHTY: [evil laugh] You fell for it! It was me, I got you all good this time! [evil laugh]
MR. GRUMPY: You wanna know what's really funny? You're the one who's gonna have to put all the book covers back onto the right books! Every last one of them!
MS. NAUGHTY: You can't force me to undo my naughtiness! [evil laugh]
[she starts to run away]
MS. NAUGHTY: [off-camera] What?
[a book cart runs into Miss Naughty and rolls her right into a large vat of marshmallows]
MR. SCATTERBRAIN: [pops up from behind the vat] Hello, Miss Naughty! Look, I thought I was getting a book about gorillas, but it turned out to be about making your own marshmallow topping! Isn't that lucky?
MS. NAUGHTY: Your marshmallow has ruined everything! [cries]
MR. SCATTERBRAIN: [takes some of the marshmallow off the top of her head and tastes it] Hmmm, needs salt!


[patrons are leaving the library at closing time]
NARRATOR: And so, another peaceful day at the Dillydale Library comes to a close ...
MR. NOISY: [yelling into his bullhorn] Time to go, everybody!
NARRATOR: For some, the library has been a great learning experience, and for others, they just never seem to learn at all!
[Mr. Messy takes some dirt out of the potted plants near the library exit and gets himself messy again]



"The Mr. Men Show": Season 2, Episode 18 ("The Library")

Mr. Noisy's Plot: Mr. Noisy gives a Mr. Quiet a tour of the library.

Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Bump gets a tickle if he doesn't return his 24 hour borrow book on time. The next day, he was just at the library when a Meteorite hit him slowing him down and he got another tickle. The next day, Miss Helpful put Mr. Bump in a Plastic Bubble but he couldn't give Mr. Tickle the book so he was tickled out of the library (and hit by a herd of Elephants).

Miss Naughty's Plot: Miss Naughty is switching book covers to fool people. Mr. Messy got clean after reading a book on being clean which looked like a book on being messy. Some made a complaint to Mr. Grumpy the Librarian and he asked Miss Naughty to swap the book covers back. Miss Naughty suddenly landed in Mr. Scatterbrain's Marshmallow Mix.


In the original Mr. Men series of books written by Roger Hargreaves, Mr. Quiet gets a letter from Mr. Happy to stay in Happyland and become the town's librarian (since the rule in the library is to always be quiet). In this episode from the animated series, Mr. Quiet again gets a job in the library, and liked it until he learned that his co-workers were Miss Chatterbox and Miss Giggles.

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