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Case Study No. 0166: Unnamed Female Librarian (The Matrix, Path of Neo)

Path of Neo Part 10: Please, No Guns in the Library.
Time to rescue the last two Red Pills, The Librarian and The Healer
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[scene opens inside a library, with a young female librarian nervously talking to herself]
LIBRARIAN: A place for every book, every book in its place ... A place for every book, every book in its place ...
[she tries to pull a book off the shelf, but (due to a glitch in the Matrix) it keeps materializing back onto the shelf]
LIBRARIAN: [throws the book over her shoulder, revealing a giant pile of the same book copied over and over behind her]
[she puts her hands on her head, as if ready to pull the hair out of her bun in exasperation]
LIBRARIAN: No, no, this isn't possible. It's not possible ...
[two agents suddenly appear behind her]
AGENT JONES: You're going to have to come with us.
LIBRARIAN: What? No, I-I have to stay. Something's ... wrong with the library. This book--
AGENT BROWN: We know. Please come with us.
[Neo suddenly appears]
NEO: I don't think she wants to go with you.
[Neo begins to fight the agents]
LIBRARIAN: Someone help me!
[they continue fighting, as various patrons around the library are "possessed" by other agents]
LIBRARIAN: Make it stop!
[Neo throws an agent against the bookshelf, knocking down several books]
LIBRARIAN: Oh no, the books!
[she runs off and locks herself in a room on the top floor, as Neo continues fighting]
AGENT JONES: Capture no longer viable ... The target must be removed to prevent further contamination.
[Neo subdues the agents long enough to run after the librarian]
AGENT 1: [speaking into his earpiece] Target has left the area. Moving to intercept.
[he morphs into a copy of the librarian, as the scene cuts to Neo banging on the door]
NEO: Wait!
LIBRARIAN: Why are they after me?
NEO: You found a problem with the library, didn't you? Something you can't explain.
LIBRARIAN: So ... they're the library police?
NEO: No, you know it's more than that.
LIBRARIAN: Please, go away!
[she runs off, as Neo breaks down the door and runs after her down a hallway that eventually leads to another room full of agents]
[after defeating the agents, he continues chasing after the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] What have I done? Why won't they leave me alone?!
NEO: You've seen something they don't want you to know ...
[Neo keeps going, and finds the librarian hanging from an open window that overlooks the main reading room]
[he rescues her, but she still tries to run away]
LIBRARIAN: Get away from me!
[she tries to run out the front door, but agents and SWAT Team members bust it down with guns drawn]
[she runs for cover, as Neo takes out the enemies]
NEO: [approaches the librarian, who is sitting cross-legged on the floor while rocking back and forth] You can get up now, it's all over.
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, I guess so ...
[she takes his hand and gets up]
NEO: Are you ready?
LIBRARIAN: No, but I don't have a choice, do I?
NEO: Heh, not if you wanna find out where that book goes ...
[they walk down the stairs and head for the exit]
LIBRARIAN: Yes. A place for every book ...
NEO: Every book in its place.



The Matrix: Path of Neo is the third video game based on the Matrix series and the second developed by Shiny Entertainment. Players control the character Neo, participating in scenes from the films. It was released on October 4, 2005 in North America.

This game allows the player to participate in many of the major action scenes in the films. Most of these sequences, picked by the movie directors themselves, are taken from the first film in the series.

The player assumes the role of hacker Thomas Anderson, as he battles the forces of Agent Smith while attempting to find fellow Red Pills (people who have the potential to leave the Matrix and become free minds).



"Redpill Rescue: The Librarian"

More bugs in the system - a Librarian discovers that restocking the shelves is anything but ordinary. Agents arrive to, ahem, straighten out the situation, and Neo must rescue the frightened woman before she's captured.

As the Librarian climbs to the upper floor, Neo must take on Agents that start to possess the bodies of the Library patrons. Neo must take on the Agents while at the same time, make sure the Librarian is safe from attack.

The Agents retreat and regroup, while Neo must chase after the Librarian among the shelves of books and back rooms of the Library. The frightened Red Pill eventually leads Neo to the Library's main hall, where a wide-open gun fight ensues. Neo must clear the room of enemies before he can lead the Librarian to safety.

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