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Case Study No. 0156: Bowser's mother

Mario's Time Machine Deluxe CD-ROM - Library (Bowser's Mom)
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[the player enters the library, and finds Bowser's mother (a half-turtle half-dragon creature with glasses and grey hair made up into a bun) sitting behind the front desk]
BOWSER'S MOTHER: Hello, I'm Bowser's mother, and the librarian of this magnificent library. Who are you?
[the player enters his/her name]
BOWSER'S MOTHER: Welcome to a wonderful world of history, my child! My son Bowser has been spending a lot of time here lately. I hope you find something of interest!



Mario's Time Machine is an educational video game developed by The Software Toolworks for DOS and the Super NES and by Radical Entertainment for the NES release. All versions were published by Mindscape. It was first released in 1993 for DOS, and was later released for the Super NES in December of the same year, and for the NES on April 23, 1994. A deluxe version titled Mario's Time Machine Deluxe was released for DOS in 1996. It is one of several educational games released in the early 90's featuring Mario, and has been compared to a similar educational game, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?. It follows Mario as he travels through time, attempting to recover artifacts stolen by Bowser.

Since its release, Mario's Time Machine has received generally negative reception, holding an average score of 60.25% on Game Rankings based on two reviews. Its use as an educational title have been mixed; where writer Janet Swift praised it for its educational value for children, author Andy Slaven disagreed, though finding it to be "not a bad game." ABC Good Game found that it would be too confusing for its target audience. IGN suggested it to be a dull concept for a game, while criticizing it for lacking the series' style as well as the lack of true platforming gameplay.

Set in 1993, Bowser is in possession of a time machine. He went back in time to steal many artifacts from the past, and placed them in what he would consider "...the greatest museum of all time". If the items aren't returned soon, history will be changed permanently. Characters including Luigi and Yoshi are featured, though the latter only in the NES version. Mario's Time Machine uses a sidescrolling perspective and requires players to send Mario to different time periods to find the items. When time traveling to another time, players must partake in a surfing mini-game before they can reach it, though in the NES version, players must control Mario through a platforming mini-game. Mario may converse with people in these time periods to get information to help him. At certain points, players are initiated to fill in the blanks of a document discussing something historical, using one of several numerous pre-determined words to fill the blanks in.



Bowser's mother's first (and only) appearance in a Mario game was the PC version of Mario's Time Machine. In this game she plays the role of a librarian.

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