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Case Study No. 1902: Tehutti

Bionicle Review: Tehutti
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"Tehutti's always here, Toa 'Whenua'. He spends his whole life down with the exhibits."
- An Onu-Matoran Guard, Mystery of Metru Nui

Tehutti, temporarily Tehuti while on Mata Nui, is an ambitious Onu-Matoran native to Metru Nui and one of the Matoran who knew the location of a Great Disk.

Metru Nui
Tehutti was an Archivist who worked alongside Whenua, before Whenua was transformed into a Toa. Tehutti came to know of the location of a Great Disk, which proved to be dangerous to him, because as a result of his knowledge, the Po-Matoran Ahkmou successfully attempted to lure him into a trap.

He had been told that there was a Nui-Jaga to be delivered that day from a Ga-Matoran named Vhisola. He was suspicious of this, as Nui-Jaga lived in Po-Metru, but nevertheless, was quite excited to receive the Nui-Jaga. Upon heading to the dock where all live exhibits from other Metru were shipped, he found that what he had been told was not true. He then headed down to one of the sublevels, using a ladder. However, the ladder was broken, and he fell into a dangerous sublevel. Whenua, who was searching for the Onu-Matoran, followed Tehutti's steps, and freed Tehutti from the rubble that he was trapped under. Later on, when Tehutti told Whenua and Nuju where the disk was located, he was caught by Rorzakh and fell prey to their Staffs of Presence. Whenua and Nuju left him with Ehrye on a level he was not familiar with, so both would be safe but unable to run away, and descended to the sublevel where the Disk was hidden. Later, while they were searching for the Ko-Metru Great Disk, Tehutti was struck by a Keerakh's Staff of Confusion, causing him to lose his sense of time and space and believe he was cataloging a Fikou exhibit in the Archives. Because of this, the two Matoran were left behind while the Toa looked for the disk.

After the Toa Metru found the Great Disks, they and the Matoran traveled to the Great Furnace, in search of the King Root of the Morbuzakh. However, the group was attacked by Morbuzakh vines before they could enter. Tehutti, having learned of it in the Archives, showed the other five Matoran how to merge with himself to form a Matoran Nui. The Matoran Nui kept the Morbuzakh at bay, allowing the Toa Metru to access the Great Furnace. After some time, the Matoran Nui split apart, returning the six Matoran to their original forms.

After leaving the other five Matoran from the Great Furnace, Tehutti was lured by Makuta Teridax into coming with the other Matoran to the Coliseum, and the Vahki imprisoned him in a Matoran Pod. He was later freed by the Toa Metru on Mata Nui.

Mata Nui
Due to his confinement in a Matoran Sphere, Tehutti was physically shrunken and weakened and he also forgot his memories of life on Metru Nui. Nevertheless, in the beginning years of the Dark Time, he assisted in the construction of Onu-Koro, under Turaga Whenua's instruction, taking materials from Airships used in the Great Rescue.

On Mata Nui, Tehutti was re-named Tehuti and given a replacement Kanohi Kakama. He worked in the Great Mine in Onu-Wahi as a Miner. He temporarily vacated Onu-Koro with the other Matoran when the Bohrok attacked. Tehutti was rebuilt after the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal. He was evacuated from Onu-Koro with the other Matoran during the Rahkshi attack.

Return to Metru Nui
Tehutti later joined in the creation of Boats to return to Metru Nui. Upon learning of the past, he changed his name back to "Tehutti." He and the other Matoran then underwent a joint effort to rebuild the city, which had suffered damage. He temporarily stopped his work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to force the Turaga to reveal where the Toa Nuva had gone, but he eventually got back to work.

Tehutti and the other remaining Matoran later left Metru Nui to depart for Spherus Magna, after the Great Spirit Robot was incapacitated

Abilities and Traits
Tehutti always wanted a new exhibit to mark his name on, and his hard-headedness often caused him to overlook what was the right thing to do, so long his name was put on a new item in the Archives. Tehutti had no definite purpose for the Great Disk, except maybe to put it on exhibit and achieve recognition for his work.

Like all Onu-Matoran, Tehutti could see in the dark, and was stronger than Matoran of other Elements.

Tehutti generally used a teleportation Kanoka, code 685, to move around the complex Archives.

Set Information
Tehutti was released in early 2004 as one of the six "small sets." Tehutti wore a black Kanohi Huna with silver markings on the top. The set also included a Kanoka launcher and a glow-in-the-dark Onu-Metru Kanoka disk with a special code on it. This could be entered at for Kanoka Club points.

Pieces from this set could also be combined with pieces from the Vhisola and Ehrye sets to form a Kavinika model.



Seeker of lost treasure in Onu-Metru!

In the time before time, Metru Nui, city of legends, faces danger unlike any it has known before. A mysterious and powerful menace threatens the city, striking from the shadows and then disappearing, leaving rubble in its wake. Six Matoran hold the keys to its defeat, but they have disappeared! Worse, one of them has been touched by darkness and plots against all of Metru Nui. Tehutti has worked in the Onu-Metru Archives for years, and dreams of finding a treasure that will bring him fame and fortune. But will his dream bring danger to the city of Metru Nui? Includes disk launching action and collectible Kanoka disk.



Tehutti was an Onu-Matoran.

On Metru Nui, Tehutti worked in the Archives. He had no definite purpose for the Great Kanoka Disk that he found, except maybe to put it on exhibit and achieve recognition for his work. Teridax believed his destiny to be as the Toa Metru of Earth.

Toa Whenua found him, and he told him where to find the great disk. He, Ehrye, and the two Toa Metru went to Ko-Metru. He was dazed by a Keerakh. Once Nuju found his disk, the Toa Metru united at the Temple of Mata Nui. They journied to the Great Furnace to defeat the King Root.

Tehutti merged with the other 5 Matoran into the Matoran Nui. Then he dissapeared, taken away by a Vahki, and put into a Matoran Pod.

On Mata Nui, Tehutti was awakened by the Toa Metru and lived in Onu-Koro. Tehutti was re-named Tehuti and given a replacement Kanohi Kakama for unknown reasons. His name has since been changed back. He worked in the Great Mine in Onu-Wahi.

Along with all the other Matoran, Tehutti returned to Metru Nui and helped to rebuild it until the Staff of Artahka was activated. Tehuti's name was changed back to Tehutti, and he took part in the ceremony held for Matoro.

Tehutti later migrated to Spherus Magna after the Matoran Universe was damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna.

Tehutti always wanted a new exhibit to mark his name on, quickly leading to him becoming one of Whenua's rivals. Tehutti's hard head often caused him to forget the most important purposes. He generally used a level 5 teleportation Kanoka Disk to move around the complex Archives.

Tehutti once appeared on the cover of an archivist's magazine because he was one.

Set information
* Tehutti was released in 2004.
* Tehutti's set number is 8609.
* Tehutti has 27 pieces.



The Archives was a large facility in Onu-Metru that contained information on almost everything known to Matoran.

They contained special artifacts (like the Onu-Metru Great Disk) and various Rahi, most contained in Stasis Tubes. The lower levels of the Archives are a dangerous place where some Matoran have become lost, never to be found again. Many Rahi have also escaped their tubes in the lower levels, making it even more treacherous. An Onu-Matoran known as the Chief Archivist made major decisions concerning the Archives along with Turaga Dume. Each entrance was guarded by one guard and the doors had locks that consisted of three levers that changed their position every day. Only the guard on duty knew the combination and position of the levers. At this point, the aforementioned security has been abandoned. The Rahaga took refuge in the Archives when they came to Metru Nui with the Avohkii. Dweller was hiding in the Archives, waiting for a chance to attack Takanuva.

During the Great Cataclysm, the Archives were badly damaged, freeing almost all of the captured Rahi. The Archives were then repaired to their former glory with the Staff of Artakha, and the Rahaga helped replace and recapture missing Rahi before transforming back into the Toa Hagah. The Matoran hid in the Archives to get away from the Rahkshi during the Destiny War. Toa Tuyet was found there by Macku, who was joined by Hafu and Kapura. Tuyet thought a while about her journey; then Tren Krom arrived in Lewa's body. They later slipped out of the Archives.

The Archives were later abandoned along with all other locations of the Matoran Universe and its exhibits were moved to a second Archives, built on the planet Spherus Magna.

Case Study No. 1901: Mr. Fonts

(Request) Odd Squad: How to Interrogate a Unicorn (Full Episode, No Commentary)
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[Odd Squad agents Olive and Otto enter the office of their commanding officer]
OLIVE: You asked to see us, Miss O?
MISS O: Yes ... A unicorn, a robot, and a mummy walked into a library.
OTTO: I love this joke!
MISS O: It's not a joke! It's a disaster! Characters are escaping from their books at the library!
[she turns towards a television monitor behind her desk]
MISS O: Look!
[she turns it on, and it shows the inside of a public library, where a young male librarian (brown hair, glasses, beige sweater, blue undershirt, blue tie, brown pants) is trying to restore order while patrons run screaming from a lumbering mummy and a unicorn rears up on its hind legs]
MR. FONTS: Please!
[the unicorn starts whinnying loudly, so the librarian tries to shush it]
MR. FONTS: Shh! This is a library!
[a robot enters and shoots a laser beam at one of the bookshelves]
MR. FONTS: This is a library! Please, would you--
[she turns off the television]
MISS O: I need you to figure out how and why this happened, and put a stop to it. If you can't, the library will have to be closed ... forever!
[both agents get shocked looks on their faces and scream "What? No! Say it isn't so!"]
MISS O: Shh!
[she puts a finger to her lips]
MISS O: Library voices ...
[both agents get the same shocked looks on their faces, but this time they whisper "What? No! Say it isn't so ... Better?"]
MISS O: [whispers] Better, now get back to work!
OTTO: [whispers] Yes!
OLIVE: [whispers] Sorry, Miss O!
[they both run out of her office, then cut to black and white security camera footage of the three literary characters, each in a separate room sitting in front of an empty table]
MISS O: [from off camera] Agents have already rounded up the creatures and put them in the interrogation rooms.
[cut to the two agents watching the footage]
OLIVE: There are thousands of books in the library, why did only these three escape?
[Otto points to three library books ("Return to Galaxon 7", "The Second to Last Unicorn", "Keeper of the Mummy") on the table in front of them]
OTTO: Yeah, and why a robot, unicorn, and mummy? They have nothing to do with each other.
OLIVE: [pause] Maybe they do, but we just can't see it yet. We should ask them some questions to get some more info.
OTTO: Yeah, and it could be the same questions.
OLIVE: And we can use a chart to keep track of the answers.
OTTO: So when we get the same answer ... that's what they have in common.
OLIVE: Good thinking, partner.
[she suddenly raises her hand]
OLIVE: I call unicorn!
OTTO: Mummy!
[he shrugs]
OTTO: Obviously ... but what about robot?
OLIVE: Hmm ...
[they suddenly notice the Odd Squad's resident scientist rolling by in a weird metallic contraption]
OLIVE: Oscar!
OSCAR: Oh ... Hey guys!
OLIVE: Can we lock you in a tiny room with a robot?
OSCAR: [pause] I've been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me that question!
OLIVE: Then you're in.


[after interrogating their suspects, the Odd Squad agents meet back up]
OTTO: So, did you guys get your answers?
OLIVE: Yup, turns out it was way easier than I thought.
OTTO: Time to go to the MathRoom.
[they are transported into a virtual-reality room]
OSCAR: Nailed it!
MATHROOM: Greetings, agents!
OLIVE: MathRoom, please make a chart with the characters along the top, and the questions on the side.
MATHROOM: Generating chart.
[a chart with pictures of the literary characters appears in the air in front of them]
OSCAR: Man, I feel like I know these guys from somewhere.
OLIVE: Remember, if the chart shows that they all said the same answer, that's what they have in common.
[she reads from a piece of paper]
OLIVE: "Question one, where do you live?"
[she looks at her fellow agents]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "The magical land of Farfarnia."
OSCAR: Robot said, "Galaxon Seven."
OTTO: Mummy said, "Pyramid."
[representations of those locations are "drawn" onto the chart, and then a buzzing sound can be heard]
OSCAR: That's not it.
[Olive reads from her paper again]
OLIVE: "Question two, what's your favorite food?"
[she looks at the other agents again]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "Carrot."
OSCAR: Robot said ... "Carrot!"
OTTO: Mummy said ... "Caaaaaramel corn."
[representations of those foods are "drawn" onto the chart, and then a buzzing sound can be heard]
OLIVE: "Question three, who wrote the book you came from?"
[she looks hopefully at the other agents]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "W.W. Williams."
OSCAR: "W.W. Williams!"
OTTO: "W.W. Williams!"
[three drawings of a woman appear on the chart, and then a ringing sound and clapping can be heard]
OTTO: That's what they have in common!
OLIVE: Looks like we need to pay Miss Williams a visit.


[Olive and Otto are speaking with an older woman sitting at her desk]
OLIVE: So you know how when you read a really good book, it's like the characters come to life?
[she nods]
OLIVE: Well, your books are so good that your characters are really coming to life!
W.W. WILLIAMS: I had no idea that was happening ... Does that mean I can't write my books anymore?
OTTO: Of course you can ... It just means you have to wear this from now on.
[he reaches back and pulls out a helmet covered with wires and blinking lights]
[Olive's cellphone suddenly starts ringing, so she answers it]
OLIVE: Go for Olive.
[cut to the library, as the librarian is speaking into the phone]
MR. FONTS: Olive, it's Mister Fonts ... from the library. I found another character that left his book.
[the camera pans over to show a wizard standing next to the librarian's desk]
SORCERER: Alfonsio, the greatest sorcerer who ever lived!
[he bangs his staff on the ground (punctuated by a clap of thunder), but the librarian simply looks at him and sighs]
MR. FONTS: Oh, the greatest?! You were trapped in the janitor's closet for four days, okay?!
[the wizard looks at him in confusion]
MR. FONTS: Can you not just--
[he sighs again, then goes back to speaking into the phone]
MR. FONTS: Hello?
[cut back to the agents (as the author is now wearing the helmet on her head)]
W.W. WILLIAMS: Um, Odd Squad? I didn't write a book with a sorcerer.
[they both look at her in shock, then Olive speaks into her cellphone]
OLIVE: Uh, Mister Fonts ... Gotta go.
[she hangs up]
OTTO: B-But you had to! Characters are coming out of the books that you wrote, and that's what they have in common.
W.W. WILLIAMS: Sorry, I didn't.
OLIVE: Could you excuse us for a second, ma'am?
[she nods]
OLIVE: Thank you.
[the two agents move to the other side of the room]
OLIVE: So we were wrong ... We don't know what they have in common.
OTTO: Wait! If it's not the writer, then maybe it's the reader.
OLIVE: Keep talking, I'm listening.
OTTO: The reader is the one with the overactive imagination ...
OLIVE: Mm hmm.
OTTO: So characters are coming out of every book he or she reads.
OLIVE: So we have to find the person that read the unicorn book, the robot book, the mummy book, and this new book about the sorcerer ... Let's go!
[she leaves, as Otto turns back to the author]
OTTO: Ma'am? I'm gonna need the helmet back.


[Olive and Otto are speaking with the librarian]
MR. FONTS: There are so many books and people, I made this chart to organize everything.
[cut to a shot of the librarian's computer monitor, showing a six-by-four chart with pictures of people on the top and pictures of the literary characters on the left-hand side]
MR. FONTS: Now, lots of people read one of the books ...
[he points to the monitor]
MR. FONTS: Some people read two or three books ...
[he points to the last column on the chart]
MR. FONTS: But only one person read all four books.
[he clicks on the picture of the person at the top of the column, which opens a larger drawing of a kid wearing glasses]
OLIVE: Agent Oscar?!
OTTO: He's the one with the overactive imagination?
OLIVE: We need to find him, now!
MR. FONTS: Oh, that's easy!
[he points off camera]
MR. FONTS: He's right over there, reading "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!"
[cut to Oscar reading the book, then back to the librarian's desk as Olive turns to him with fear in her eyes]
OLIVE: But that book starts with a tornado!
[the librarian laughs and nods]
MR. FONTS: Yes ...
[he suddenly goes from calm to panicked in an instant]
MR. FONTS: Oh no!
[both agents turn to Oscar and scream "Oscar, put the book down!"]
OSCAR: Oh, hey guys!
[he looks at them calmly as the two agents run towards him, but a tornado suddenly materializes from out of the book]
MR. FONTS: Oh no, there goes the non-fiction section!
[the tornado grow larger, as the agents are knocked to the ground]
OTTO: How do we stop it?!
OLIVE: I don't know!
[everyone screams (and the librarian tries to hide under his desk), when the wizard appears]
SORCERER: Do not fret, I've got this!
[he points his staff at the tornado, and shoots out a pink beam of energy]
SORCERER: Excelsior!
[the tornado disappears]
OTTO: I'm so reading that guy's book ...
OLIVE: Me too!
[the wizard gives them a thumbs up]



Odd Squad: Season 1, Episode 11
How to Interrogate a Unicorn/The Briefcase (9 Dec. 2014)
TV Episode Comedy | Family

When characters escape their books in the library, Olive and Otto must figure out how and why it's happening and put a stop to it. When Ms. O's important briefcase is stolen by a shape shifter, Olive and Otto must get it back.


Dalila Bela ... Agent Olive
Filip Geljo ... Agent Otto
Millie Davis ... Ms. O
Sean Michael Kyer ... Agent Oscar
W.W. Williams ... Jane Moffat
Mr. Fonts ... Anand Rajaram
Sorcerer ... Allen Stewart-Coates

Case Study No. 1900: A Wrinkled Bonelord

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Tibia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by CipSoft. It is one of the oldest MMORPGs and was considered most noteworthy in its early years; however, with the development of MMORPGs, its popularity has grown much slower than other MMORPGs. It was first released in January 1997. It is a free game which is open to the public, though players have the option to pay a fee in order to upgrade to a premium account, granting special in-game benefits, including additional areas to explore, access to vocation promotions, and extra spells.

The gameplay of Tibia involves advancing levels while training to improve skill levels, hunting monsters using weapons and magical spells, gathering treasures, doing quests and exploring the Tibia world. Players interact with each other in character so they can have conversations, trades, and group battles and partake in guilds for more role-playing opportunities. On most of the game servers, the regular Open PvP type, players are also allowed to attack and kill each other, although there is a system in place to keep hostile actions under moderate control. Optional PvP servers have very limited player versus player combat, while servers under the type "Hardcore" are constantly in war between different guilds or teams since 'playerkilling' is permitted freely with no skull system or killing restrictions. The latter servers are mostly populated by experienced players looking to measure their "PvP skills" without restrictions.

When creating a character, one can choose between 80 different servers (worlds). Half of the servers are located in North America, while the other half is in Europe. Players with slow computers are encouraged to select a server closer to their own location.

In the game, there are four vocations, each with their advantages and disadvantages. All new characters start out on the island Rookgaard without a vocation. Once a character reaches level eight they can go to the Island of Destiny where they choose a vocation from four choices. Knights specialize in melee, paladins in distance, sorcerers in offensive magic, and druids in healing magic. Once a vocation is chosen the choice cannot be reversed without a character reset or "Rooking" the character (bringing it to a level where it goes back to Rookgaard). Premium players can purchase a promotion for their character's vocation once they have reached level 20 for a one-time fee of 20,000 gold pieces. The promotion gives the character various in-game advantages. The game also has a large number of "non-playable characters", more commonly known as NPCs. NPCs are there to buy/sell items, provide general roleplay, and pass out quests. The demonym of a Tibia player is called a Tibian.



You see A Wrinkled Bonelord.

"485611800364197." "78572611857643646724."


Bonelord (a.k.a. Beholder in earlier versions of the game)

Occupational Properties

Hellgate Library, under Ab'Dendriel.

He will burn you if you call him "Blinky".

Other Properties
Version 6.2 (June 10, 2001)



As far as anyone knows, no one has been able to translate the language of the Bonelords. If you would like to try, the contents of all 70 books in the Hellgate Library follows. Remember, the language itself could possibly be a red herring and the books could mean absolutely nothing! Only the gods of Tibia know for sure.

First Bookcase
* 561145727857261185764364672435345275601928895219735364672496847560 199684770908895219727816705121648561145191991180036468895219911800 65128
* 180036468895219911800651288952364672119118003576513534783046467972 783967340579282758576512527570584521765219727830464876515956461141 451988997
* 783020311806571918943434646518009114646003646712888191180035611472 611646713646461219780364647261145145194856114519042159560421585765 2

Second Bookcase
* 727894315191185191180189445219727889438343508124348561145191216704 672611458003690422046484519114521972712889521959457651288950036215 12889521961
* 383435081243485611451912167046726114580036904220464845191145219727 128895219594576512889500362151288952196114364585611451904509118003 158604215857651288724348561145196726114519

Third Bookcase
* 017464834943435282177830457651288952197251081658550649911800364
* 508434856114572785726118576436467243534527560192889521973536467249 684756019968477090889521972781670512164856114519199118003646889521 99118006512889523646721191180035765135347830

Fourth Bookcase
* 572785726118576436467243534527560192856114519199118003646889521991 18006512889523646721191180035765135347830508434856114
* 21972789431519118519118018944521972
* 404215857651216151800943435084348561145727857261185764364672435345 275601928895219735364672496847560199684770908895219727816705121648 56114519199118003646889521991180065128

Fifth Bookcase
* 094343508434856118003641973536467249684756019968477090889521688952 199118006512814572785726118576436467243534527560192889529727816705 121648561145191991

Sixth Bookcase
* 236467211911800357651353478304646797278396734057928275857651252757 058452176521972783046487651595646114145198899751595372434856127830 20
* 57652197278943151911851911801894452197278894383435081243485

Seventh Bookcase
* 435282177830457651288952197251081658550649911800364672431
* 945765128895065128895003621512889521961143645856114519045091180031 50362151288952196114364585611451904509118003159457
* 651288952364672119118003576513534783046456019968477090889521972781 670512164834350843485611457278572611857643646724353452756019288679 727839946895219911800673405792827585765125275705845217652197278304 648765159564611414519889975146724968479521973535611451919911800364 68

Eighth Bookcase
* 611431288950036249684756019965855064996704672611458003690422046484 519118895219771288952195945765523646721191180035757654600364671180 01401525517
* 348562510811463646724353451586042158577445451904504215956151353478 019288952160199364672431427894315191186512819118003561147261164671 36464612

Ninth Bookcase
* 180036468895219912611451451985611451908304576512282177350843485628 474688980521036499159911867451946889521991534527446472611451451948 561145065534527446472611451451948561145065635611451986756356114519 19911800364688952199126114511991

Tenth Bookcase
* 956151353478019288952160199364672431427894315191186512819118003561 147261164671364646121978585765197292197278167054671180014015255175 191180189445
* 229534527446472611451451948561145190830457651228217735084348562847 70908895243485611216480065
* 867563561145191991180036468895219911036512889672127788943887215128 895219618003114572785726118576421970968057963661252757058452176521 972783046487651595646114145198899751121615180

Eleventh Bookcase
* 857659434421595604218302464651800996734057928278435081953724348562 510811463646724355460036145191211288830464679727831601345158604215 857744545190450421595615135347801928895216019936467243142789431519 118651281911800356114726116467136464612197858576519729219727816705 46711800
* 819537243485625108114636467243554600361451912112888304646797278316 013451586042158577445451904504215956151353478019288952160199364672 431427894857659434421595604218302464651800996734057928278435031519 118651281911800356114726116467136464612197858576519729219727816705 46711800

Twelfth Bookcase
* 781670512164800658611431288950036249684756019965855064996704672611 458003690422046484519118895219771288952195945765523646721191180035 75765460
* 945765599670467261145805121648006586114312889500362496847560190323 646721191781219771288952195180035757654606709658550646904220464845 19118895

Thirteenth Bookcase
* 857744545190450421595615135347801928895216019936467243142789431519 118651281911800356114726116467186418005458561197353646724348561145 196726114519031180657191894343180014
* 015255175191180189452176521972783046487651595646114145452295345274 464726114514519485611451908304576512282177350843485623646461219785 8576
* 519729219727816705467184770908895243485611216480065867563561145191 991180036466612527570581988952199110365128896721277889438872151288 9521961800311457278572611857642197096805796389975112115

Fourteenth Bookcase
* 974648349472783040421585765943442159560421830203118065719189434521 991184350812434856114519121128883046467972783160134354521972127770 9096734709201285719

Fifteenth Bookcase
* 651288967212778894388721512889521961800311457278572611857642197096 805796366125275705845217652197278304648765159564611414519889975112 16151

Sixteenth Bookcase
* 534527446472611451451948561145190830457651228217735084348562847709 0889524348561121648006586756356114519199118003646889521991

Seventeenth Bookcase
* 534527446190830457651228217735084348562847709088952439911800364688 952199153452744647261145145194856114506586756356114519199118003646 889521991261145145194856114519083045765122821773508434856284748561 12164804770908895243485611216480065867563561145191

Eighteenth Bookcase
* 819537243485625108114636467243554600361451912112888304646797278316 013451586042158577445451904504215956151353478019288952160199364672 431427894

Nineteenth Bookcase
* 855064996704672611458003690422046484519118895219771288952195945765 523646721191180035757674648349434354521770909673470920128571972783 0404215857659

Twentieth Bookcase
* 219727816705121648006586114312889500362496847560199658550649967046 726114580036904220464845191188952197712889521959457655236467
* 211911800357576546003646711800140152551751911801894452295345274770 909673470920128571972783040421585765943442159560421830203118065719 18943434646518009

Twenty First Bookcase
* 480065861143128895003624968475601996585506499670467261145800369042 204648451911889521977128895219594576552364672119118003575765
* 460036467118001401525517519118018944522953452744647261145145194856 114519083045765122821773508434856275635611451919911800364688
* 952199118435081243485611451912112888304646797278316017464834943435 452197212777090967347092012857197278304042158576594344215956042183 0203118065719189434

Twenty Second Bookcase
* 275857651972788943887215128895219618003114572785726118576421970968 057963661252757058452176521972783046487651595646114145198899751121 615180059537243485625108114636467243534515860421585774454519045042 159561513534780192889521601993646724314278943151911865128191180035 611472611
* 304648435345158604215765159564619018655953724348562510814504215956 151353478019288911519141451988997146364672857751121615180067243142 7894314454552160199364128191180035611472611
* 843534515867511216761062514081595347801928891151914145198899714636 4751352854215765159564619018655953724385

Twenty Third Bookcase
* 118576421970968057963661252757058452176521972783046487651595646114 145198899751121615180054585611973536467243485611451967261145190311 80657191894343
* 114312889500362496847560199658550649967046726114580036904220464845 191188952197712889521959457655236467211911800357576746483494343545 2177090967347092012

Twenty Fourth Bookcase
* 843508192159561513679727831601345158604215857744545190450453478019 288952160199792827537243485625108114636467243554600361451912112888 30464

Twenty Fifth Bookcase
* 519118651281911800356114726116467136464612197803646472611451451948 561145190830457651228217735084348562756356114519199118003646889521 9911843508124348561145191211

Twenty Sixth Bookcase
* 855064996704672611458003690422046484519118895219771288952195945765 523646721191180035757674648349434354521770909673470920128571972783 0404215857659

Twenty Seventh Bookcase
* 118001401525517519118018944522953452747709096734709201285719727830 404215857659434421595604218302031180657191894343464651800996734057 928275857651972788943887215128895219618003114572785726118576421970 9680579636612527570584521765219727830464876515956461141
* 451988997511216151800595372434856251081146364672435345158604215857 744545190450421595615135347801928895216019936467243142789431

Twenty Eighth Bookcase
* 965855064996704672611458003690422046484519118895219771288952195945 765523646721191180035757674648349434354521770909673470920128571972 7830404215857659434421595604218302464

Twenty Ninth Bookcase
* 781670574770909612164800658611431288950036249684756019965855064996 704672611458003690422046484519118895219771288952195945765523646721 191180035757654600364671180014015255175191180189445229534527347092 012857197278304042158576594344215956042183020311806571918943434646 5180099673

Thirtieth Bookcase
* 651800996734057928278435081953724348562510811463646724355460036145 191211288830464679727831601345158604215857744545190450421595615135 34780
* 192889521601993646724314278943151911865128191180035611472611646713 646461219785857651972921972781670546711800140152551751911801894452 29

Thirty First Bookcase
* 952196180031145727857261185764219709680579636612527570584521765219 727830464876515956461141451988997511216151800545856119735364672434 8561145196726114519031180657191894343

Thirty Second Bookcase
* 042159561513534780192889521601993646724314278943151911865128191180 035611472611646713646461219785857651972921972781670546711800140152 551751911801894452295345274464726114514519485611451908304576512282 177350843485
* 628477090889524348561121648006586756356114519199118003646889521991 10365128896721277889438872151288

Thirty Third Bookcase
* 978585765197292197278167054671180014015255175191180350843485628477 090889524348561121648006586
* 756356114519199118003646889521991103345274464726114514519485611451 908304576512282177451904504215956151353478019288952160199364672

Thirty Fourth Bookcase
* 467252197752364672119118003575765460036467118001401525522012889521 959175191180189445229534526114580036904457654648451911889

Thirty Fifth Bookcase
* 679757714458316013274519351586042158577445831601345158604215086042 1584515860421585774451601345154504838577445860134

Thirty Sixth Bookcase
* 464726114514519485611451908304576512282177350843485627563561145191 991180036468895219911843508124348561145191211288830464679727831601 74648349434354521972127
* 585765197278894388721512889521961800311457278572611857642197096805 796366125275705845217652197278304648765159564611414519889975112161 518005953724348562510811463646724353451586042158577445451904504215 956151353478019288952160199364672431427894315191186512819118003561 147261164671364646121978036512

Thirty Seventh Bookcase
* 219605796366125275889031176515956461141451988997511216151808675635 611451919911800364688952199113887215127788945036457512889672127058 452176521972783046481802785726118576421970968

Thirty Eighth Bookcase
* 451904504215956151353478019288952160199364672431427894315191186512 819118003561147261164671364646121978585765197292197278167054671180 014015255175191180189445229534527446472611451451948561145190830457 651228217735084348562847709088952434856112164800658675635611451919 9118003646889521991103

Thirty Ninth Bookcase
* 042159561513534780192889521601993646724314278943151911865128191180 035611472611646713646461219785857651972921972781670546711800140152 551751911801894452295345274464726114514519485611451908304576512282 177350843485628477090889524348561121648006586756356114519199118003 64688952199110365
* 792827843508195372434856251081146364672435546003614519121128883046 467972783160134515860421585774454519045042159561513534780192889521 60199

Fortieth Bookcase
* 800595372434856251081146364672435345158604215857744545190450421595 615135347801928895216019936467243142789431519118651281911800356114 726116467
* 546003646711800140152551751911801894452295345274770909673470920128 571972783040421585765943442159560421830203118065719189434346465180 099673405792827585765197278894388721512889521961800311457278572611 857642197096805796366125275705845217652197278304648765159564611414 5198
* 895219727816705121648006586114312889500362496847560199658550649967 046726114580036904220464845191188952197712889521959457655236467211 91180
* 180189445229534527477090967347092012857197278304042158576594344215 956042183020311806571918943434646518009967340579282758576519727889 438872151288952196180031145727857261185764219709680579636612527570 584521765219727830464876515956461141451988997511216151800595372434 8562510



Book Title: Beware of the bonelords!
Location: Isle of the Kings Library.
Short Description: Exposition on Bonelord, their location, their language, and their motives.
Author: Unknown

The bonelords are an ancient race of underground dwelling necromancers. Although they can 'speak' like humans using some membranes, their native 'tongue' consists of a blinking code with each eye, where a blinking could mean some syllable, letter or word. It is by far the most complex speech we have ever encountered and it is almost impossible to comprehend. As far as we can tell it is not only a language but also some kind of mathematics. This combination makes it tedious even to try to understand that language.
The books the bonelords write contain only numbers and the code behind them is incredibly complex. This race was one of those which were part in the creation wars and therefore its peak of civilization and power is long gone. There are rumours about still existent bonelord settlements where they try to improve their unspeakable necromantic rituals and create an army of undead.
In general they seem malicious but without any ambition to do more than to claim some lairs and to defend them. They seem to have no ambitions in conquering or allying with other races in a bigger style other than bonelord mercenaries who occasionally join forces with other entities for private reasons.



In the depths of Hellgate there is a library with an NPC called "A Wrinkled Bonelord". All the books in the library are written in a language called "469" which consists entirely of numbers. The bonelord says the following in response to various keywords:

Player: hi
A Wrinkled Bonelord: What is this? An optically challenged entity called [Player]. How fascinating!

Player: death
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Yes, yes, I will kill you soon enough, now let me continue my investigation on you.

Player: god
A Wrinkled Bonelord: They will mourn the day they abandoned us.

Player: job
A Wrinkled Bonelord: I am the great librarian.

Player: library
A Wrinkled Bonelord: It's a fine library, isn't it?

Player: name
A Wrinkled Bonelord: I am 486486 and NOT 'Blinky' as some people called me ... before they died.

Player: Tibia
A Wrinkled Bonelord: It's 1, not 'Tibia', silly.

Player: cyclops
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Uglyness incarnate. One eye! Imagine that! Horrible!

Player: elves
A Wrinkled Bonelord: These fools and their superstitious life cult don't understand anything of importance.

Player: Excalibug
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Only inferior species need weapons.

Player: Ab'Dendriel
A Wrinkled Bonelord: I heard that elves moved in upstairs.

Player: numbers
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Numbers are essential. They are the secret behind the scenes. If you are a master of mathematics you are a master over life and death.

Player: books
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Our books are written in 469, of course you can't understand them.

Player: 0
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Go and wash your eyes for using this obscene number!

Player: 469
A Wrinkled Bonelord: The language of my kind. Superior to any other language and only to be spoken by entities with enough eyes to blink it.

Player: orcs
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Noisy pests.

Player: minotaurs
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Their mages are so close to the truth. Closer then they know and closer then it's good for them.

Player: humans
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Good tools to work with ... After their death, that is.

Player: eyes
A Wrinkled Bonelord: You pitiful two-eyed creatures. In our eyes, you look weird. It is pathetic how much you depend on hands and legs. Since we bonelords have more eyes than any creature in the world, it is obvious that you can determine the value of a species by the number of its eyes.

Player: bonelord
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Our race is very old. Over the time, we have been given many different names by other races. The term bonelord sticks to us for quite a while now. In our language the name of our race is not fix but a complex formula, and as such it always changes for the subjective viewer.

Player: language
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Our language is beyond comprehension by your lesser beings. It heavily relies on mathemagic. Your brain is not suited for the mathemagical processing necessary to understand our language. To decipher even our most basic texts, it would need a genius that can calculate numbers within seconds in his brain.

Player: bye
A Wrinkled Bonelord: Wait right there. I will eat you after writing down what I found out.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Case Study No. 1899: JP Armitage (student library worker)

Carmilla | Episode 27 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella
Carmilla | Episode 27

"Required Reading"

Laura and LaFontaine are back from the Library and have brought along an "old" friend to help them in their quest to uncover the mystery of Silas U.

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Co-Created & Written by Jordan Hall
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[scene opens with three female students (after returning from the Silas University Library) speaking into a web camera in their dorm room]
LAURA: So we survived the research trip!
[she looks over at her friend (who is sporting a black eye)]
LAURA: Which we should probably never speak of again.
[she gestures towards the other girl, who is holding an ancient looking book]
LAURA: And here is our haul ... One gnarly Sumerian book from before time began and--
LAFONTAINE: The rescued digital consciousness of one JP Armitage, junior records clerk and Silas student, class of Eighteen Seventy Four.
[she holds up a flash drive, then plugs it into the computer]
LAFONTAINE: Say "Hi" to the Internet, JP.
[an image of a young man dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, along with text reading "Hello, internet! Splendid to meet you."]
LAURA: Because somebody really did get absorbed into the library catalogue ... Although how he got sucked in, like, a hundred years before the catalogue was digitized?
[she shrugs, then "Well, you see I was minding my own business one day way way back in 1874. The Autumn leaves were just turning their auburns and reds and golds when--" appears on screen]
LAFONTAINE: We really need to find you a better interface ...
["You're right ... it's kind of a long story ... " appears on screen]
LAFONTAINE: Anyway, turns out JP has helped us before. Remember the truly stellar search results and timely warnings for us to flee from our last trip to the library? All courtesy of JP!
["Glad I could be of service!" appears on screen]
LAURA: According to JP, there was a rash of disappearances in Eighteen Seventy Four as well. And although he didn't have an electron microscope to suss out the brain parasites, he did get way further along than we did with his research into the--
[she struggles with the pronunciation]
LAURA: "Luce esurientem" ... or "The Hungry Light," and the cult of vampires serving it, aka the dean's special council.
[she motions towards the book]
LAURA: He'd even found reference to this giant Sumerian tome, uh, that's supposed to have a section on it ... which is what he was searching for in the sub-basement when he got--
[she pauses]
LAURA: Absorbed.
CARMILLA: Well, wonder librarian, better have more than just "hungry" and "eats girls" because that pretty much describes everything in this book.
LAURA: No, but there's gotta be something ...
CARMILLA: Mm mm, no. Yuggoth ... Raised with twelve virgins, burned at the stake.
[she looks at another page]
CARMILLA: Um, Khalos. Sprinkled with the blood of ... virgins. Smeared on the roots of the sacrificial tree.
[she turns to another page]
CARMILLA: Niar Logoth. Prefers the livers of virgins. Force fed nothing but red wine for ninety six days ...
CARMILLA: Thirteen year old boys have so much more subtlety.
LAFONTAINE: Yeah, that's the problem with the existence of horrors from beyond the dawn of time. Their lack of subtlety ... Though it is pretty cool that you can read Sumerian.
CARMILLA: Eh, Eighteen Seventy One was a dull year ...
[she shrugs]
CARMILLA: I decided to read Gilgamesh.
[there's a knock at the door, and another female student enter]
PERRY: Oh good, you're all still here.
[they say nothing]
PERRY: Um, because I saw Laura's last video about going to the library and I thought I'd just ... check to make sure you weren't dead. And you're not.
[they say nothing]
PERRY: So, that's fine.
[she leaves, then Laura looks at LaFontaine]
LAURA: She'll come around, you'll see. 'Cause ... You're awesome, and we would literally be nowhere without you.
[she nudges her with her elbow]
LAURA: You know that, right?
[she laughs]
[she looks at the computer]
LAFONTAINE: Come on, JP. Let's you and I hit my homunculid anatomy course and see if we can't figure out anything about these parasites.
["Oh, happy day! A Field Trip!! Ta Ta!" appears on screen, then she unplugs the flash drive (as the image of the young man disappears) and leaves]
LAURA: Great. And we will keep reading the giant Sumerian tome of Do-Not-Want ...
[she moves her chair closer to Carmilla]
LAURA: So, thanks, by the way ... for coming with us to the library.
CARMILLA: I thought we were never speaking of that again.
LAURA: Yeah.
[she chuckles nervously]
LAURA: You came along 'cause you wanna know what happened to her, didn't you? 'Cause you're hoping that you can save her somehow?
CARMILLA: Don't start expecting heroic vampire crap from me, cupcake. If I know better than to mess with my mother, I sure as hell know better than to spit in the eye of something old enough to think it's a god.
[she goes back to reading]
CARMILLA: Besides, the wench is dead.
LAURA: So are you. Doesn't seem to be putting a dent in your social life.
[she gives another nervous laugh]
LAURA: Besides, if you want me to stop having heroic notions about you, you should probably stop saving my life.
CARMILLA: Then who would buy the cupcakes?
[cut to another shot of Laura turning on her desk lamp (as Carmilla tosses and turns in her bed), as she turns to the camera and smiles]
LAURA: Ah, there is just nothing like a good night's sleep!
[she turns to Carmilla]
LAURA: Right, sleepyhead?
[she covers her face with the book]
LAURA: I mean, I did dream about that weird black cat thing again, but I think that's just my subconscious being weird ... This morning, after a long night of fruitless research, it is more fruitless research!
[Carmilla sighs]
LAURA: This time for my final Lit paper, on which I am woefully behind ... If anyone had told me before college that fighting evil required this much paperwork, I would not have believed them.
[Perry suddenly storms into the room]
PERRY: Where is she?
[she looks around the room, then marches up to Laura]
PERRY: Because if she thinks this is some kind of joke, that she's trying to teach me a lesson, it is in such incredibly bad taste!
LAURA: Where is who now?
PERRY: Susan! Uh, LaFontaine ... And I know that she's mad at me, but that is just no excuse for all this!
LAURA: L-LaFontaine isn't here ...
PERRY: What?
[she stops and looks around, confused]
PERRY: N-No. She has to be. It has to be a joke ...
LAURA: What has to be a joke?
PERRY: Her room was a mess and this was stapled to the door.
[she hands Laura a folded piece of paper, which she starts reading]
LAURA: "Dear student, your nosy little friend no longer attends Silas University because ... A, she meddled in things that were none of her business."
[Carmilla sits up with a concerned look on her face]
LAURA: "B, did you really think we wouldn't find out what you were up to? C, we are ancient and terrible. D, none of you are safe ... We'll take anyone we want."
[Perry looks more and more terrified]
LAURA: "Exit procedures have commenced. No action on your part is required."



The webseries "Carmilla" is a YouTube series based on the novella, told from the perspective of Laura - a freshman in university who is investigating the disappearance of her roommate. Suddenly, she is assigned a new roommate - a broody girl named Carmilla. The series is a multi-platform digital media experience, with many outlets on social media where you can find episodes and additional content.



By now you may have heard of the webseries Carmilla, which is an adaptation of the Gothic novel by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. The buzz surrounding the series is for a good reason: It's completely addictive. The updated Carmilla centers on college student Laura (a positively delightful Elise Bauman) who attends the creepy Silas University. When her roommate mysteriously disappears and is replaced by Carmilla (a perfectly cast Natasha Negovanlis), Laura sets off on a mission to expose the school's dangerous secrets.



The library is open 24 hours a day during exam weeks and weeks coinciding with the full moon.

During normal weeks the library closes a 7:06 pm on weekdays and 8:13 pm on weekends. Hours are strictly enforced.

Card catalogues are resources for all students, assuming they like you.

Please listen to all computer terminals. They know things.



The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
Has nobody heard of Plausible Deniability? These accusations of abduction are getting tiresome.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Evidence,while not absolute proof,suggests responsibility on your part for these actions.Deniability isn't seen as plausible

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid There is no evidence whatsoever of girls going missing, nor that I abducted them Mr. Reaid.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas There is evidence of girls disappearing mysteriously with notes implying it was officially sanctioned by the school.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Additionally your earlier tweet,while not proof of wrongdoing,is highly suspicious in it's wording.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Considering your wording just now you can truthfully say girls haven't gone missing if you know where they are.

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid Ind. LaFontaine transferred to a different school, therefore they are not missing.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Why would anyone willingly transfer to another school when Silas is clearly superior to the alternatives?

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid Ind. LaFontaine, I believe, cited "the interesting Flora and Fauna in Iceland" as their reason for wanting to transfer.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Giant mushrooms grow at Silas, the like of which grow no where else in the known world.

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid Am I supposed to dissect Ind. LaFontaine's reason for transferring Mr. Reaid? They asked to transfer, I obliged.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Why are so many students,all of them female,transferring to other schools,perhaps there is a danger overlooked,unquestioned?

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid Transferring is not the only reason. Some students experience a psychological event that leaves them unfit for student life.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas Like being trapped in a library mainframe? @SilasBookworm

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid @SilasBookworm Whom the Library chooses to absorb is out of my jurisdiction.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas @SilasBookworm Shouldn't it be your jurisdiction, you're the Dean. Granted, it may or may not be sentient, but oversight?

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid @SilasBookworm Nobody actually knows how the Library became a part of campus. The Librarians are in charge, there.

Joshua Reaid (@JoshuaReaid) Oct 30 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas @SilasBookworm Do you know if the Librarians know? You've been Dean for a while, might this be relevant to look into?

The Dean (@TheDeanOfSilas) Oct 30 2014
@JoshuaReaid @SilasBookworm When the University tried to ask questions last time they somehow removed all the doors and windows. So, no.

J.P. Armitage (@SilasBookworm) Nov 4 2014
@TheDeanOfSilas @JoshuaReaid If the pants get what they want then I demand for the release of LaFontaine, the missing girls, and myself!



Carmilla: The Series: Episode 27: Here Is Our Haul, or The Dragon Cannot Be Slain

Laura: "So we survived the research trip..."


"...which we should probably never speak of again. And here is our haul."

Oh, it's one of those videos.

I don't understand; how could Laura get any cuter?

Anyway, it's an ancient Sumerian book. I guess she hit up Anthropologie?


Yeah, that joke didn't land. I am so sorry.

According to social media, Laura, LaFontaine, and Carmilla's excursion to the library was just as exciting as last time, though because of preparation, they managed with even fewer bumps and bruises than last time. And they retrieved a tome about uber-demons.

They also got the rescued digital consciousness of a former Silas University student and record clerk by the name of J. P. Armitage. Feel free to read that sentence as many times as you need to, because I had to watch those five seconds half a dozen myself. (Also, there goes my former all-girls school theory.) So, apparently there is literally a person absorbed into the library catalog, which of course at this point is par for the course. No, really, the whole ghost-in-the-machine situation they've added to the mix does not faze Laura or LaFontaine one bit.

Also, interesting note: our Tronned brother-in-arms was sucked into the computer in 1874, which coincidentally was the first reaping year that Carmilla was grounded.

You see what I did there?


Too soon? Again, I am so sorry.

Speaking of Carmilla, she's heavily invested in the tome, so can I just say:

And speaking of nerdiness, the entire conspiracy just got a hundred times bigger. Apparently the Cabal is serving the Poltergeist-esque light from Laura's dream, which is some sort of dark god-except the opposite of dark... you know what I mean. This gives the mythos of the show so much more depth and longevity. My original hypothesis of the show was that it could continue indefinitely by throwing a new Big Bad every season like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Instead, they're giving us something more along the lines of Angel, where our players are just pawns in a epic, eternal war between deities, and their purpose is not to defeat the Great Evil, but to save people, which is exactly what I've been praising the show for from the beginning. Remember how Laura's original calling was to save her roommate? Remember how Carmilla was like a broken record about the invulnerability of her Mother? Remember how so much of the conflict can be seen as a metaphor for an oppressive, corrupt system where college-aged women are unprotected? Remember how "love will have its sacrifices"? I really hope this is all intentional, that the show is going to give us easy Mario-defeats-Bowser resolutions. Imagine instead that the show portrays our heroes as doing as much good as they're capable of against an enemy too large to defeat. And not just "large", but universal, a collective, something that can't be stabbed.

And now we know why Carmilla is the one reading the tome; it's in Sumerian, which she learned in 1871, i.e. right before meeting Ell. I didn't think Ancient Sumerian is the kind of language you could pick up in a year, but maybe that's a benefit of being a vampire? Does it return their brain development to that a child, much like it provides for healing of the body? Is that why they can pick up dozens of language, and not only languages, but the arts and knowledge? Maybe that's why they're so cultured. Carmilla spoke of after her sheltered life absorbing so furiously the world around her. And maybe some vampires don't and become mindless savage killers, because violence is all their brains were primed for, and one day their social obligations were removed.

Wow, I just digressed from a digression. I need an editor.

So, Carmilla is trying to track down the Hungry Light in the tome. Unfortunately, most demon gods are only interested in arcane rituals involving the blood of virgins, and none of them and all of them fit the description of the Cabal's god. There's some metacommentary about thirteen-year-old boys that didn't resonate with me enough to analyze it.

Perry pops in her head in to make sure her favorite people aren't messily dead. She knocks, because apparently she respects the wishes of even her vampire residents. Sounds about right. She's relieved but doesn't seem too worried, but I'm not sure what supremely worried about the lives of your closest friends on top of supremely guilty about rejecting your best friend's gender identity looks like.

Laura continues to be an awesome person. She's also updating people by web video, so she's learned that lesson, and I'm not mad at her anymore. She nudges LaFontaine, promising them that Perry will come around.

J. P. must not be on the Ethernet because LaFontaine wants to take him on a field trip and they need his dongle. That came out very wrong.

It's only at this point that we learn that Carmilla came along on the library excursion, which is probably accounts for Laura and LaFontaine not being messily dead. Laura however proves to be too observant for her own good, realizing that Carmilla is pining after her last love and wants to know everything about her and perhaps how to save her.

"Don't start expecting heroic vampire crap from me, cupcake."

That's it. That's Carmilla. It's probably on the Karnstein coat of arms.

Or something in German, I guess.

I know she's posturing again, but it is her personality.

"Besides, the wench is dead."


Laura points out that this is the pot calling the kettle black. She also gets a very impolite jab about Carmilla's "social life" that rubs Carmilla (and me) the wrong way. In an attempt to make up for it, she points out that if Carmilla doesn't want to be viewed as heroic, she should probably stop doing heroic things. It's about the nice backhanded compliment I've ever heard. That's Laura for you.

The next morning, Laura tries to wake up Carmilla before noon, which goes over as well with vampires as it does your typical Tumblr blogger. Carmilla's growly little "no" is about the cutest thing in the world. In an episode where Laura is floor-to-ceiling adorbz-as the kids are saying it these days-Carmilla manages to outdo her.

Laura continues to fall behind in what I assume is her second favorite class, 19th Century English Literature, and maybe if she made up with her first wife, things would be easier on her. But Laura is still ruthlessly optimistic that she can stop an incoming train with a flyswatter. I think she has an overactive zeal gland that Health Services really needs to look at. The scariest part is that she seems to be having fun.

That needs to stop.

But I need to be careful what I wish for.

Perry storms in, this time without knocking, looking for LaFontaine the same way one might look for a purse, by retracing her steps and checking closets. She's doing a lot of misgendering, though she does correct herself from "Susan" to "LaFontaine" without prompting. She does this even though she seems to believe that LaFontaine is pulling some sort of cruel prank on her.

What happens next is LaFontaine pops out from under Laura's bed wearing a funny hat and...

That's not true. That's just my brain blocking out what really happened. Perry unfolds a notecard that she's been clutching in her hand. She can't find LaFontaine and she found their room a mess with a notecard stapled to the door.

The scariest part of this is the facade is down; Mother is no longer trying to hide her actions. I hate that this had to happen for Laura to wake up, but I hope she realizes that the frog she's poking is a dragon. But that's the way it goes, isn't it? College students are wide-eyed and optimistic and passionate. They're exposed to the injustice in the world and after a lifetime of what feels like oppression in precollegiate schooling, they arrive at college with a big chunk of freedom and suddenly the world is theirs to tackle. In some ways, this is great; many, many of our best scientific and societal discoveries were made by young people who felt they were beyond limitations. But there is a flip side to that coin; there is the discovery of the limits. Did you know that in mathematics, there are problems that we've proven are impossible to solve? That the term "observable universe" refers to the hard edge of space past which we will ever be able to perceive? That the majority of all literary works are lost forever? That of the thousands of hours of television broadcast during its dawning, we have but a few hours? That some of the greatest films of all time are just gone?


LaFontaine is gone. Save them.

Case Study No. 1898: Cathryn Carpenter

Book Review | The Chalet School Librarian By Pat Willimott
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Tags: synopsis book review The Chalet School Librarian Pat Willimott Troubador Publishing 9781905237302
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The Chalet School is a series of approximately sixty school story novels by Elinor Brent-Dyer, initially published between 1925 and 1970. The school was initially located in Austria, moved to Guernsey in 1939, following the rise to power of the Nazi Party, then to "Plas Howell", a house on the border of England and Wales, then to St Briavels, close to the English - Welsh border and finally to Switzerland.

Background and main characters
The Chalet School is founded in 1925 by Madge Bettany when her brother Dick has to return to his job in the Forestry Commission in India. She comes to the conclusion that starting a school would be a convenient way to generate some much-needed income, while also looking after her infirm younger sister Joey. Finding that suitable locations in England would be too expensive for her plans, she decides to look abroad, and finally settles on a large chalet in the Austrian Alps, conveniently providing a helpful climate for Joey's recuperation. Within a few years a sanatorium is built not far from the school, where tuberculosis patients convalesce. The founder, Dr Jem Russell, along with Dr Jack Maynard, provides assistance to members of the school and they eventually marry Madge and Joey respectively. Robin Humphries (in the later books Soeur C├ęcile) is also a main character, until she leaves the Chalet school to go to Oxford and later becomes a nun. The books then follow a variety of characters, including Daisy Venables, Bride Bettany and Gay Lambert, until Mary-Lou Trelawney comes to the school, and becomes the main character for several books. After she leaves school, in the later books, Joey's triplets, Len, Con & Margot, become main characters. The three main leads throughout the series are generally accepted to be Joey Bettany, Mary-Lou Trelawney and Len Maynard.

Throughout the series, various girls arrive at the school with personal problems, bad attitudes or behavioural issues. As a result of the ministrations of better-behaved classmates and the school mistresses, including Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson, they all tend to discover the error of their ways and become model pupils, or 'real Chalet School girls'. This formula of a troublesome new girl who reforms and conforms is most common in the later books.

Books by other authors
Several authors have written books about the Chalet School. Some of them follow on from the last book of the series, and others attempt to fill in some of the "gaps" in the earlier years of the school. All books are published by Girls Gone By Publishers (formerly Friends of the Chalet School) unless otherwise stated.

* New Beginnings at the Chalet School - Heather Paisley (1999 Published by Friends of the Chalet School and 2002 Published by GGB)
* Nicola Goes To The Oberland - Josephine M. Hardman (2010) Published by Blurb (takes place over the year immediately following New Beginnings)
* The Chalet School Librarian - Pat Willimott (2005) Published by Matador



This book continues the long and popular traditions of The Chalet School series by Elinor M Brent-Dyer. Set a year after New Beginnings at the Chalet School, it features a new library and swimming pool, built to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of the school.

A new Librarian is appointed to run the Library, a bold decision at a time when school librarians were few and far between. The new Librarian soon comes up against resistance to her appointment, and there is conflict with the Library Prefect, who had responsibility for much of the old library. A dramatic resolution to the stand-off ensues during the half-term holiday expedition... School prefects organise a swimming gala in the new swimming pool, and water polo is introduced as a regular fixture. This book will appeal to all fans of the "Chalet School" series.



The Chalet School Librarian was set twelve months after New Beginnings and is the first of the fill-ins written by Pat Willimott. (She is currently writing her second). Cathryn Carpenter is appointed as the chalet School Librarian during a time when school librarians weren't particularly common. She instigates a number of changes with the system of how the school library is run and in the process manages to unintentionally upset the Library Prefect, Victoria Wood. These aren't the only changes within the Chalet School, we also have the school pool finally being built, creating new fun for the girls and we also have a new way of the school handling new girls learning the three languages of the school, by offering intensive classes in the languages during the first few weeks of term. Gretchen Von Ahlen is made Head Girl, the first Austrian girl as Head Girl, since Maria Marani.

Case Study No. 1897: Amy Beatty, the 99 Year-Old Librarian

The 99 Year Old Librarian
Her mission: To save online students caught in the frustration of research.
Moodle Has Met It's Match!
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["PLRC Films" appears on screen]
["In the fight between good" appears on screen, then cut to a female librarian (yellow flower in her short brown hair, glasses, red hoop earrings, red cardigan sweater, long yellow pearl necklace, white blouse, black polka-dot skirt) sitting in a rocking chair as she winks to the camera]
["And evil" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian typing at a computer]
["There is only one woman for the job" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian reading a book]
["Special Agent Amy Beatty" appears on screen]
["Master of disguise" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian staring at the camera through a gap in the bookshelf]
[cut to the librarian running past the reference desk]
["Tough" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian pointing her barcode scanner like a gun (then blowing on it)]
["Technological genius" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian in her office typing at the computer while talking into a headset]
["When online students come a knockin'" appears on screen, then cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
["She'll be there to protect you" appears on screen, then cut to various shots of the librarian making her way through the library]
["This fall, Moodle ... " appears on screen, then cut to the librarian asleep at her desk, facedown on the keyboard]
["Has met its match" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian staring into the camera]
["The 99 year-old librarian" appears on screen]

iMovie and PLCR Films present
a PLCR Films production in association with iMovie
A Ben Beatty Film

The 99 Year-Old Librarian
Starring Amy Beatty

Edited by

Production Designer
Harvey Beatty

Director of Photography
Buddy Beatty

Casting by

Music by

Costume Designer

Executive Producer
Hannah Beatty

Written by

Directed by
Ben Beatty

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Case Study No. 1896: Claire the Robot Librarian

Snakehandshakes - 01 - Claire the Robot Librarian
Band: Snakehandshakes
Album Welcome to Murderville (2005)
Song: Claire the Robot Librarian
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Everything is relative
To what we believe in
So lost inside
Where everything is far removed
And it's strange how your eyes
Gloss like static
Got a broken television set
When you realize

You're not innocent
You're not
You're so vigilant
When it comes to getting what you want

Should I believe that the words
You are telling me are true
That your faith and your life
Are not controlled by you

Make, say, think, live
Trust, love, truth, sin
It's all around us
It's all around us
Why so lonely
Why so lonely

Bring back nothing
And roses in water
You're not innocent
You're not innocent

Bring back nothing
Roses in water
And a foolish smile
Plastered on your face

It's happening
We lost control
His frequencies are no longer secure
Get back
Get back
It's all about to blow



Originally formed under the name Ten Dollar Thompson in early 2000, Snake Handshakes began building a loyal following around western Canada by playing shows with bands such as Swingset Champion, Gob, and Swollen Members. After a chance meeting with famed engineer, Mike Fraser (Glassjaw, Vex Red, Blood Brothers…) they recorded their first five song EP, Dirty Dove. Mike's philosophy and approach to recording was a perfect match for these seasoned musicians. Achieving regular airplay on local radio, the recording received rave reviews. In late 2004, they decided to change their name to Snake Handshakes to more accurately reflect their evolving sound. Fraser was around, again, to record the band's second EP, Welcome to Murderville. The end result exceeded all expectations. The group humbly accepts high praise, and have had tracks featured, on New Music Canada and As payment for the use of one of their songs in a locally produced motion picture, the band is currently shooting their first music video. The fivesome has also allowed Sapient Snowboards to use some of their tracks as the official soundtrack to their website. As their fan base continues to grow, the band is setting their sites on the future. In an effort to expand their market and support the release of their latest EP, Snake Handshakes is planning a tour for early 2005.