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Case Study No. 1611: Kathryn Bennett

Trailer for THE OFF SEASON directed by James Felix McKenney and starring Christina Campanella, Don Wood, Larry Fessenden & Angus Scrimm
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McKenney, James Felix (Director). The Off Season. United States: MonsterPants Movies, 2004.

Starring: Christina Campenella (Kathryn Bennett, Library Assistant); Francine Pado (Claudette, Librarian); Noah deFillippis (Librarian); Ruth Kulerman (Mrs. Farthing)

Three library workers appear in this film (although the male's role is fleeting and irrelevant). The female protagonist in this remarkably inept horror flick finds a library assistant job at a seaside town's public library in order to support herself and her live-in wannabe playwright boyfriend. Kathryn and Rick have rented a haunted room (#13, surprise!) in a crummy little motel during the off season. They are in their 30s, attractive, and she has a college degree, but her boyfriend throws it in her face during one of their many arguments: "Look where it got you – you're an assistant at a library right in the middle of nowhere." At work Kathryn assists a plain and dumpy librarian named Claudette (horn-rimmed glasses, hatchet hair) who hails from Maine and wears the same hideous houndstooth dress throughout the film. Claudette praises her work ("Wish we had ten more like you"), but when Kathryn falls ill and misses too much work, the (unseen female) Director lets her go. The primary motif in this film is books – writing them, reading them, selling them, borrowing them, signing them. Even a malicious ghost in a dream whacks Kathryn with a book, inflicting a wicked black eye. A rare compliment I can give to this atrocious production is that the writer had a familiarity with libraries. Granted, there are no service encounters (a couple patrons are seen browsing the stacks in the background), and we never actually see anybody do a lick of work except shelve a book or two, but they talk a good game. Kathryn is asked for help with barcodes in the AV department, and later Claudette suggests she assist with new acquisitions. "It's really a great way to get first dibs on new materials." (The term "materials" is a clue to the writer's library knowledge, maybe in tech services.) Be forewarned that numerous IMDB commentors agree that this is one of the worst (or "by far the worst") horror films ever made. (To be fair, I thought the two library ladies did a credible acting job.) Notable quote: Mrs. Farthing, motel manager, describes the murder of a previous tenant: "It was terrible. They never caught the buggers. Bikers, I bet, or maybe even Canadians."

Case Study No. 1610: Sam the Librarian

"Out & About" - Observing A Book Shelf
Another creepy swipe from "Out & About," a creepy educational show from 1982, designed for teachers to show in classrooms, followed by "lesson plans" (a teacher reading from a manual) and then, the teacher hands out a shitty quiz booklet about what the kids "learned" about sociology, friendship, manners, etc..

Each of the eight episodes usually center around dopey "Molly," ugly "Sarah," and loudmouthed "Jason" learning lessons about life at the library, along with creepy "Sam The Librarian," and the elderly "Sally The Mail Lady"..
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[a male librarian (curly black hair, glasses, thick mustache, brown sweater, burgundy pants) is sitting on the floor and whistling, while placing a cinderblock and a piece of wood in an upright position parallel to one another, when he looks up and addresses the camera directly]
SAM: Oh, hi. I was just trying to build a shelf to put some books on. Would you like to help?
[he waits a beat]
SAM: Good. Look, I'm going to use this block to hold up one end of the shelf, and this piece of wood to hold up the other. Now, if we put the shelf on ...
[because the wood is taller than the cinderblock, the shelf sits at an angle]
SAM: There! What do you think?
[he waits a beat]
SAM: What? It won't work?
[he looks at the shelf again]
SAM: Oh, you're absolutely right! That's a pretty funny-looking shelf, isn't it? You've done a very good job of observing! If I'd have looked a little closer, I would've seen that this piece of wood is taller than the block. I need both ends to be the same, so that it's flat! Let's see ...
[he looks at a nearby pile of bricks]
SAM: Maybe we can use the bricks!
[he begins "disassembling" the shelf]
SAM: Take the shelf off, and take away the wood because it's taller. And, add the brick.
[he puts one brick facedown on the ground]
SAM: Hmm, that certainly isn't tall enough, is it? Maybe if I add two more.
[the three bricks are still shorter than the cinderblock]
SAM: Nope, that's not quite tall enough either. How about if we add another? How's that? Put the shelf on and ...
[the bricks are still too short]
SAM: No? Add one more? Okay, we'll put one more brick on top ... There! What do you think? Are the bricks the same height as the block? Look closely! I think they are. But let's find out!
[he puts the shelf - now level - on the bricks and the cinderblock]
SAM: Put the shelf on, and ... perfect! Say, thanks for helping me! You did a very good job of observing.



"Out and About" (2 videocassettes)
Madison : Wisconsin Public Television Network, 1987.
Produced for the Wisconsin Education Television Network by the University of Wisconsin/Stout Teleproduction Center
Producer/director, Ed Jakober
Writer, Rosemary Jacobson
Target Audience: Grades K-1.
Note: Vol. 1 contains 5 15-minute programs; vol. 2 contains 3 15-minute programs.
Summary: Explore the life and feelings of a kindergartener in learning social skills and examining basic science skills.
Contents: 1. Making friends -- 2. Keeping friends -- 3. Ways to solve a problem -- 4. Think ahead -- 5. Why did it happen? -- 6. Observing -- 7. Describing -- 8. Detecting.

Case Study No. 1609: Ben Brown

WrestleMania Rings -- WWE Warehouse -- Ep. #1
4:38 takes the WWE Universe to the top-secret WWE Warehouse. In the premiere episode of WWE Warehouse, Ben Brown shares one of the oldest artifacts from WrestleMania. Plus, find out just how the WWE Superstars stayed warm outside at WrestleMania 29.

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[various shots of the WWE's storage facility are shown (featuring items like old wrestling props and toys), then cut to Joey Styles running into young male archivist Ben Brown (red hair and beard, WWE jacket, blue jeans) driving a forklift carrying the "King of the Ring" throne]
[Brown stops the forklift and gets out]
BEN BROWN: Hey Joey, how are you?
JOEY STYLES: Good, good to see ya!
BEN BROWN: Ah, pleasure to see you as well.
[they shake hands]
BEN BROWN: What brings you to these parts?
JOEY STYLES: Well, we're doing a new show called "WWE Warehouse" ...
["Joey Styles, @JoeyStyles" and "Ben Brown, @WWEArchivist" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: So I'd like to introduce you to the WWE Universe! Ben Brown, what do you do for WWE?
BEN BROWN: I am officially the WWE archivist.
[cut to more shots of items stored in the WWE warehouse (Ultimate Warrior's airbrushed jacket, Brutus Beefcake's barbershop clippers, etc.), as "Ben previously worked at the Smithsonian" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] So you procure, restore, and keep safe all of these treasures of sports entertainment? That's not just a job, that's a dream!
[cut back to Joey talking to Ben (who is now sitting in the throne)]
JOEY STYLES: We are speeding down the road to Wrestlemania Thirty ...
[cut to a poster of Hulk Hogan and Mister T from Wrestlemania One]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] But before we get there, we wanna go back to the first WrestleMania ...
[cut back to Joey and Ben]
BEN BROWN: Oh, I got the perfect piece for you.
BEN BROWN: We have to walk a little ways.
JOEY STYLES: Oh, that's fine.
[cut to the two walking down a hallway]
BEN BROWN: What you're gonna see if gonna blow your mind!
BEN BROWN: Absolutely!
JOEY STYLES: I feel like a little kid again!
[cut to a pile of turnbuckles and ring ropes lying in a pile on the floor]
JOEY STYLES: What am I looking at?
BEN BROWN: That is the ring that Wrestlemania One was contested in ...
["This ring was stored in the basement of MSG" appears on screen]
BEN BROWN: I'm sure you have questions ...
JOEY STYLES: Well, I have lots of questions!
BEN BROWN: Yeah ... I don't know much about rings, but I'm gonna introduce you to Mark Carpenter ...
[the camera pans over to show a man walk up and shake Joey's hand]
BEN BROWN: Master ring maker!
["Mark Carpenter, WWE Ring Master" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: Alright, now I'm gonna get some answers, 'cause I got lots of questions about this ring!
[cut to Mark and Joey standing in front of the deconstructed ring, as "These same springs were found in old Camaros" appears on screen]
MARK CARPENTER: This ring had a spring in it, years ago.
JOEY STYLES: Just one?
[cut to a closeup of a spring in the pile]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Just one spring in the middle, it was made in the core.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] Okay.
[cut to sped-up footage of a modern-day wrestling ring being put together]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Because they had five-by-ten sheets of plywood, and they stacked them across.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] So we have a video of a ring being constructed, and it seems to have many more pieces than this ring.
[cut back to Mark and Joey talking]
JOEY STYLES: So, these are not the original ropes that were used ...
[cut to footage of Liberace from Wrestlemania One]
JOEY STYLES: Since the first Wrestlemania.
[cut to closeup footage of the ropes]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] They originally used one-inch sisal.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] Okay.
["Sisal is a specie of agave plants" appears on screen]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Instead of manilla rope, because it doesn't have the kerosene in it, so the duct tape sticks.
[cut to Joey holding a piece of the ring rope, as "Kerosene helped ropes avoid mildew" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: So this would be example of using manilla rope, which is just sisal treated with kerosene, and the kerosene melted away the glue ...
[he lifts up some of the duct tape around the rope, as "Sisal is also used to make dartboards" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: On the blue duct tape, and now you have a ring rope that is falling apart and can no longer be used.
[cut to the three standing next to the metal part of the ring]
JOEY STYLES: This is the structural support of the ring that was used at the first Wrestlemania?
[Ben reaches over and holds up one of the steel bolts]
BEN BROWN: And I guess the other piece of this, which hasn't ever changed ...
[cut to footage of a match between the Miz and Kofi Kingston]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] So, if you're watching a WWE match, and one of the Superstars pulls the turnbuckle pad off of the turnbuckle, you've not only got the steel ring ...
[cut back to Joey holding the bolt]
JOEY STYLES: But you've got the bolt on this side as well.
[cut to a still image of the ring bolt]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] You'll have a nice hex on your forehead.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] And you're definitely gonna lose that match!
[cut back to the three talking]
JOEY STYLES: Alright Mark, so hypothetically speaking, if we wanted to restore this original ring ...
["WWE held monthly MSG live events in the 70's & 80's" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: From Madison Square Garden, and the first Wrestlemania, what would we need to recreate the ring?
MARK CARPENTER: Buy some plywood, some mat, and some rope ... and we're good to go!
[cut to the three standing around a modern ringpost]
JOEY STYLES: Alright, so this is truly the evolution of WWE's ring. This is from Wrestlemania Twenty Nine ...
[cut to footage from Wrestlemania Twenty Nine, as "Wrestlemania 29 had 80,676 WWE fans in attendance" appears on screen]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] The first time ever that Wrestlemania held in a stadium in cold weather.
[cut back to Joey pointing at the ringpost]
JOEY STYLES: To the fans who saw this, it looks like a normal ringpost, but then if you spin it around ...
[they turn the opposite side of the ringpost towards the camera, revealing several small holes]
JOEY STYLES: This is what was facing into the ring ... What's with the holes?
MARK CARPENTER: We had heated the area underneath the ring, and then we had separate furnaces for each pole that shot ninety-five-degree heat up the poles.
[cut to a computer graphic simulating the heat rising from underneath the ring]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] Alright, so we had the ring heated from underneath, and we had hot air blowing into the ring from all four posts ...
[cut to a still image of the ring being constructed]
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] So hypothetically, if it had snowed during Wrestlemania Twenty Nine, the show could have gone on?
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Yes.
[cut to footage of the ring outdoors, with streamers tied around the ringposts to show the movement of the hot air being blown out, as "Night before Wrestlemania" appears on screen]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Because it was twenty eight degrees on Saturday night, and the ring itself was seventy eight degrees.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] Wow.
[cut to the three standing in front of several large metallic boxes]
JOEY STYLES: So, these signs say "Heated Ring" ... What exactly are in these metal boxes that heated the ring?
[cut to several shots of the materials used to construct the ring's heating system]
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] These are electric furnaces that were underneath the ring. There's five altogether.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] There were five furnaces underneath the ring at Wrestlemania Twenty Nine?
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] Well actually, there were six.
JOEY STYLES: [in voice over] Did you need the sixth furnace?
MARK CARPENTER: [in voice over] We used it.
[cut to the three walking through the warehouse]
JOEY STYLES: Alright, so we saw the ring from the very first Wrestlemania ...
JOEY STYLES: We saw the evolution all the way through the heated ring from Wrestlemania Twenty Nine ...
JOEY STYLES: [pause] Is, uh, any of the stuff for Wrestlemania Thirty in the warehouse yet?
BEN BROWN: Funny you say that ... There are a few things that are ready to go--
JOEY STYLES: Right right right!
BEN BROWN: For Wrestlemania Thirty
JOEY STYLES: Where where where?
[Joey jumps up and down in excitement, and Ben points behind him]
BEN BROWN: Right over there!
BEN BROWN: Yeah, over there!
JOEY STYLES: Oh man ...
[he turns and walks off camera]
MARK CARPENTER: Joe ... Don't do it, Joe!
BEN BROWN: No no no!
MARK CARPENTER: Don't do that!
[cut to Joey about to touch a stack of sealed shipping crates, when the "PA system" crackles to life]
VINCE MCMAHON: [in voice over] Somebody back there's about this close to getting fired!
[Joey stops and looks up at the ceiling]
JOEY STYLES: [whispers] He's everywhere ...
[he sighs and walks off camera, then "What would you like Ben to find in the Warehouse? @WWEArchivist" appears on screen]



GREAT NEWS! WWE WAREHOUSE feat me & @WWEArchivist will air on the 1st Monday of every month on http://You
1:03 PM - 30 Apr 2014



From The Garden to an attic: How the original WWE Title was lost for 50 years - and found
BY Ryan Murphy
May 17, 2013

Fifty years ago on May 17, 1963, Bruno Sammartino defeated Buddy Rogers in Madison Square Garden to begin his historic 2,803-day reign as WWE Champion. That night, Bruno won a title with a brick-colored leather strap and a golden faceplate of the contiguous 48 United States, but he did not hold this version of the championship for long. Soon, an authentic WWE Title was commissioned and the original prize disappeared.

And then someone found it. In August 2012, the widow of former pro grappler Johnny Barend discovered the original WWE Title in her attic and sports-entertainment historians began scrambling to get their white gloves on it. Luckily, Ben Brown - WWE's equivalent to Indiana Jones, or at least one of the guys from "American Pickers" - was able to acquire it, but it wasn't easy.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of WWE's first title change, spoke with the archivist to find out how this pivotal piece of wrestling history was lost - and found.

WWECLASSICS.COM: How did you first find out that the original WWE Title had been discovered?

BEN BROWN: A story popped up on the Internet that the title had been found in the attic of Johnny Barend's widow. Honestly, it was the first time I ever even thought about that original title.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Any idea how Bruno Sammartino's first WWE Championship ended up in Barend's attic?

BROWN: You didn't see Bruno with it for very long. I guess the decision was made by [Vincent J. McMahon] to make a new title. I would assume that Vince gave this title back to Buddy Rogers as the physical title belonged to him. You'll see in the middle of the title is a little circle with a loose piece of plastic - that is where you would put in the photograph of the titleholder. When the title was found, it had a photo of Johnny Barend in it. Bruno confirmed that Buddy and Barend were, in fact, good friends.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Why was a title belonging to Rogers originally recognized as the WWE Title?

BROWN: The story is that Lou Thesz had won the National Wrestling Alliance Title. Vince didn't think that Thesz would draw money in the northeast territory, so he split off from the NWA and promoted his own champion in Buddy Rogers, who he thought would be a better headliner for that area.

WWECLASSICS.COM: So it was something that had to be done quickly. There wasn't exactly time to produce an official WWE Championship.

BROWN: As you notice, the title is shaped like the continental United States of America, which seems odd for a World Championship. Buddy Rogers actually defended it as a United States Championship before he brought it with him to become the first-ever WWE Champion. The only indicator that it's the World Championship is that there's a little plate on the bottom - possibly screwed on over something - that says World's Champion.

WWECLASSICS.COM: How did you initially go about acquiring the title?

BROWN: The fact that it was coming together at the 50th anniversary of the WWE Title's inception and Bruno Sammartino's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, it was just too important to pass up. I forwarded the story to Triple H and he said, "Go and get it." That turned out to be a little more complicated than it initially seemed.

WWECLASSICS.COM: It had already changed hands by the time that article was published, right?

BROWN: The title was in the ownership of Dave Millican, who designs a lot of our championships. I got in touch with him and he let out a sigh, knowing that it was inevitable that someone from WWE would call him. It was made clear fairly quickly that it wasn't going to be exchanged monetarily.

WWECLASSICS.COM: How did you get him to give it up?

BROWN: We had to give him one-of-a-kind WWE memorabilia.

WWECLASSICS.COM: This was all happening literally days before WrestleMania. Were you nervous you weren't going to pull it off?

BROWN: We were cutting it very close, because we wanted to have it at both WrestleMania Axxess and at the WWE Hall of Fame to show Bruno. So I took the memorabilia items from Washington, D.C., took a couple of different planes into Memphis [Tenn.], traded the memorabilia for the title with Dave Millican in the airport and got back on the same plane, which led me to New Jersey to set up for Axxess.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Being able to actually hand the title to Bruno must have been a thrill.

BROWN: It was a great moment. Bruno said, "Make no mistake about it - this is definitely the real thing." I think one of the most interesting things that came out of the conversation was Bruno saying when he won the title 50 years ago he looked at it and said, "How old is this title?" Just to know that it had that history before becoming the first WWE Title was fascinating.

WWECLASSICS.COM: It looks good for something that's been around since Eisenhower was in office.

BROWN: It has actually held up really well. The construction is nice, the jewels are pretty much all still in there. There's a certain type of rust on the back that indicates that it is well more than 50 years old. It's a beautiful thing and it's a great piece of history to show the WWE Universe.

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Case Study No. 1608: The Library Exploration Club (student library workers)

Invitation - Welcome to the Library [Remix]
Invitation - Welcome to the Library [Remix]
Sung by: Mamiko Noto(Miyazaki Nodoka), Natsuko Kuwatani (Ayase Yue), Sawa Ishige (Saotome Haruna)
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This is a complete list of songs from the Negima anime and live action series. The voice actresses and the live action actresses of the girls in Negi’s class sing all the songs in the anime and live action series respectively.


Character Single Vol.3- The Library Exploration Club -Yue Ayase, Haruna Saotome, Nodoka Miyazaki
English Title: "Invitation ~Welcome to the Library~"
Japanese Title: "Invitation ~ Toshokan e irrasshai"
Time: 3:44
Artist(s): Natsuko Kuwatani, Sawa Ishige, and Mamiko Noto



Yue Ayase is a fictional character from the manga series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi, created by Ken Akamatsu.

Student Number 4
Born: 16 November 1988
Portrayed by: Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese voice), Brina Palencia (English voice)

Yue is the cool slacker. She is often seen drinking unusual beverages from juice boxes, unfortunately her constant drinking of these juices often leads to her using the restroom quite frequently. Despite being a talented bibliophile, she hates studying and is amongst those with the lowest grades in the class, and hence is a member of the "Baka Rangers" study group (A play on the Power Rangers series and the Super Sentai genre they came from) - she is "Baka Black", and considered the team's leader. It was revealed in Volume 14, that after the death of her beloved grandfather, Yue had lost interest in the world in general and considered everything, especially studying, as pointless. She was initially disinterested in making friends, though Nodoka was the first to make an impression on her, by saying that anyone who likes books can not be a bad person.

Yue is also a member of the Library Exploration Group, often hanging around with Nodoka and Haruna (who calls her "Yuecchi"). After the Kyoto field trip, having witnessed the attack on the Kansai Magic Association headquarters, and helping out Negi figure out the clues left by his father, Yue had deduced Negi's secret about being a mage, and also about Mahora Academy's connection with mages. In Volume 7, she helps Negi in figuring out a clue to his father's whereabouts (even though the clue was ridiculously obvious). Another trip into the depths of the Mahora Library is thwarted by the dragon that lives there, though Yue swears revenge on the beast for drooling on her. She and Nodoka later ask Negi to teach them how to use magic, and Yue even suggested forming a pactio with him (though she immediately changed her mind once she learned about what was involved in making a contract from Chamo and Kazumi).

Nevertheless, Yue has learned a bit of magic by the time of the Mahora Festival. She also forms an odd friendship with Kotar? in Kyoto after his fight with Kaede. Unlike her regular schoolwork, Yue studies the subject of magic with dedication, (she spends over 3 hours a day practicing). She is a strong supporter of Nodoka's feelings for Negi and encourages her to develop a relationship with him. However, she also begins to develop feelings for Negi herself, a fact she manages to keep a secret from Nodoka until the school festival. Nodoka forgave her, and with her approval (although not with Yue's or Negi's consent), Yue became the fifth person to form a probationary contract with the child teacher. Her artifact is a set consisting of a book, cloak, and a witch's hat and broom, which is practically a Beginner's Set for all Mage trainees. Its power is gradually being revealed. The beginner set contained a book, which was recently revealed to be a magical encyclopedia that updated itself.

After the Mahora Festival, Yue and the rest of the Library Exploration Club has been invited to join Negi on his trip to Wales during the summer break. Currently, she and Nodoka are studying magical spells in Evangeline's Resort. She has found a better way to learn by using her Artifact to download the latest beginner books from various magical academies, much like the way Negi learned.

Appearances in anime
Mostly keeping her Baka Ranger/Library Club dichotomy from the manga, Yue's situation remains unchanged either in her mental abilities or in her love triangle between herself, Negi and Nodoka. Yue's romantic feelings towards Negi are more developed in this series with two episodes focusing on her dilemma both personally and with her relationship to Nodoka. The first episode, similar to the manga, focuses on her feelings in having to kiss Negi for a Pactio contract, as she speaks about her worries and concerns to various members of the class. However, while she does finally succumb to these feelings and kisses Negi for a contract, her kiss leads to the remainder of 3-A to learn of magic and many of the events for the remainder of the series.

In a later episode, after Motsu blackmails her by telling that drinking from the same straw Negi (and Chamo) used is like an indirect kiss, Yue's feelings continue to be explored in her feelings towards Negi and how Nodoka would take them. Troubling herself in trying to talk to her friend and figure her out, Nodoka and she finally come to a conclusion that they both like him, but Yue decided to keep her love for Negi to herself.

Although she does gain Pactio on her own like in the manga, it is noted that Haruna obtains a Pactio prior to her, the exact reverse of the manga. Likewise, the only two times Yue releases her is during the two mass Pactio activations. During the "Suka Incident", Yue transforms into an owl and uses Negi to help her buy one of her weird drinks from a vending machine.[4] In the final episode, Yue transforms into a maid with an arsenal of weird drinks with strange effects, many of which she tests on her friend Nodoka (who had been turned into her Suka seal form).

As an added note, Yue's hair color is switched with Nodoka's: the shy Library club member has blue hair and Yue having purple hair.

In the Negima!? Neo manga, the chapter in which Anya initially visits Mahora shows the fact that Yue wears black panties. While this may mean nothing to some people, the comment made by Haruna makes it appear that, while her body has yet to mature, she feels the same impulses as normal teenagers her age.



Haruna Saotome is the local rumormonger, manga artist, and a frequent companion of Yue and Nodoka.

Student Number 14
Born: 18 August 1988
Portrayed by: Sawa Ishige (Japanese voice), Jamie Marchi (English voice)

Like the other members of the Library Exploration Club (except for Yue), Haruna does well on school tests. She is the local rumormonger, manga artist, and a frequent companion of Yue and Nodoka. If there is a rumor going around in the class, she is usually at the root of it all. It is said that her rumor-spreading abilities are so well developed that she can spread them to the other end of the school in two hours. She eventually figured out Negi's secret at the tournament, as well as the fact that her friends Yue, Nodoka, and Konoka already knew about it. Subsequently, she interrogated them until they told her everything. As a member of the Library Exploration Club, she seems to have made it her mission to get Nodoka together with Negi, whether Nodoka wants her help or not. She also draws manga and goes by the nickname "Haru" (or "Paru", "Pal"). She occasionally uses illustrations to express ideas or feelings. She draws the "Mah? Sh?jo" ("Magical Girl") manga series, which is very popular in Mahora. She loves the idea of magical artifacts and such (due to her hobby with manga and the idea of magical girls), and even tried immediately to do a Pactio with Negi as soon as she found out (by kissing him the next moment she saw him). Like with Kazumi, Chamo has taken a liking toward Haruna and she played a part in getting Yue to make a Probationary Contract with Negi. Then with Konoka's help, she promptly took advantage of the opportunity to get a pactio for herself.

During the trip into the future, Haruna becomes more adept in using her artifact and has proven quite useful, both in combat and in diverting the enemy with her lifelike creations. As of now, she and the rest of the group have returned to the past to stop Chao from revealing magic to the world. When Chisame agreed to make a pactio with Negi, Haruna managed to push Ayaka and Makie out of the room and prevented them from learning about magic. Accompanying Negi to confront Chao, she stayed behind to help Ku Fei battle a trio of combat androids, including a prototype combat body for Chachamaru.

After the festival, she and the other Library Club members end up in the middle of Negi offering Asuna a chance to go to Wales and be his partner. After binding down Nodoka and Yue from getting away, she ends up coaxing Negi to taking her and the other two (even with their feelings for Negi nearly ruined with their interpretation of Negi's offer as a confession to Asuna) to Wales for their summer break. Forced into a corner, he accepts, allowing the Library Exploration Club to come on his new, dangerous journey.

Though she was the sixth provisional contract Negi has made, the actual pactio card has yet to be seen. While training inside Eva's resort in preparation for the trip to Wales, Haruna decided to make copies of herself in order to draw more images at the same time. Later she makes Dark Nodoka, an alternative version of Nodoka, and she had made plans to make an Erotic Nodoka too for Negi, but gets herself whacked by the real Nodoka after knowing her intentions by using her pactio.

Appearances in anime
Due to more recent manga events, Haruna became more prominent in this anime interpretation. She gains a pactio with Negi during the first half of the series, and invokes a Cosplay card that, like her manga pactio, animates her sketches to life. The only other pactio ability used is during the "Suka incident", where she turns into a penguin. She is also infamous for drawing the forms by which Shichimi and Motsu take during their investigations at Mahora Academy. Finally, she is one of the most active members of the Chupacabra club outside Asuna, consistently drawing the creature and attending meetings even if her red-headed leader makes little sense with some of their activities.



Nodoka Miyazaki is one of character from the manga series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi, created by Ken Akamatsu. The 27th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, this shy, introverted bookworm falls for Negi at first sight after (literally) falling for him and tries to go beyond her emotions to win his heart. Eventually, Nodoka becomes a major ally of Negi’s team, gaining a Pactio ability in reading minds and attempting to learn magic all in the name of winning Negi, even at the possible cost of losing her friend, fellow Library Exploration Club member Yue Ayase.

Student Number 27
Born: 10 May 1988
Portrayed by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese voice), Leah Clark (English voice)

Nodoka is the shy bookworm (even her own name means "quiet," "tranquil" or "calm"). A member of the Library Exploration Group, who also helps in the book store, she spends so much time in the library that people outside the Library Exploration Group refer to her as "librarian girl" or "bookshop." (Hon'ya-chan in the original Japanese: Del Rey translates it as "librarian girl" or "Librarian-chan", and also by the literal meaning "Bookstore", while Tong Li and Chuang Yi translate it as "Bookshop") When Negi first arrived, she uses her hair to cover her eyes completely. Her current hairstyle usually leaves enough of an opening in her hair that one (and only one) eye and later both eyes can be seen, created by wearing a short ponytail. She is among the highest-scoring students in Negi's class. Despite having no interest in the opposite sex, Nodoka developed feelings for Negi after he saved her when she fell down some steps. During the second day of Kyoto field trip, Nodoka, after gaining the courage to do so, eventually confessed her love to Negi. However, due to Negi still being a kid, he didn't know how to properly respond to the confession. So he suggested that they should start off as friends, which Nodoka accepted.

Nodoka is the second student Negi makes a probationary contract with, if inadvertently (She won the "Kiss Negi" contest by accident when Yue tripped her, causing her to fall and kiss Negi). Actually, she was supposed to be the first person to make a contract to Negi (thanks to Chamo's scheme, telling Negi that she was kidnapped while putting a love letter to her from Negi himself) but was interrupted by Asuna after she discovered Chamo's true intention. Her magical artifact is the "Diarium Ejus", a diary that shows the thoughts of any person she speaks the name of. A humorous joke concerning her artifact is that her fantasies about Negi are also shown, including thoughts of French-kissing him. During the first day of the festival, she invited him to a date where she gained enough courage to kiss him a second time, after very unfortunate yet insane events. Nodoka and Yue are learning magic from Negi, though it seems that her best friend is ahead of her in terms of spell casting.

During the third day of the Mahora Festival she was part of the group that was caught in the time-trap set by Chao, along with Negi. After escaping from an alternate future she became part of the group fighting Chao's robot army in the Mars Attacks Vs Mage Order 'game'. As they made their way towards Chao, Negi was nearly struck by the time-warping bullets fired from a Tanaka robot. Nodoka saves Negi by pushing him out of the way and taking the hit. Immediately, Negi tries to use the Cassiopeia, which is the only thing that can cancel the effect of the bullets, but she pleads with him to go on because she believes that she can't be of any help to the situation. She disappears, but Chamo assures a stunned Negi that she is safe and will be waiting for him 3 hours in the future, which she does at the end of the battle.

Following the events of the Mahora Festival, Nodoka becomes concerned about her relationships with both Negi and Yue. Thanks to an incident that took place during the second day of the Festival, she has become aware that Yue also has feelings for Negi, but is afraid that these feelings will tear apart her friendship. As a result, Nodoka wants to avoid a bitter love triangle situation and wants to be sure that both she and Yue can be in love with Negi while still being able to remain friends. Unfortunately, after seeing Yue understand the problems that Negi's having during the festival, Nodoka becomes jealous of Yue and begins to question what her true desire is when it comes to Negi. After confessing to Misora about this situation, Nodoka uses the Diarium Ejus to discover what she really wants, and is shocked to see that her desire is that she wants her and Yue to be part of a threesome with Negi.

After the Mahora Festival, she and the other members of the Library Exploration Club were invited to travel with Negi to Wales. During the training arc before the trip, she furthered her studies in magic along with Yue in Evangeline's Resort in preparation. She, Yue and Konoka practiced simple telekinetic exercises, which include pushing over pencils and erasers from a distance using psychic waves. Negi applauded the three in their progress and predicted they would be ready to begin casting magical arrows within 78 hours, although it is unknown if they did.

After the initial separation in the Magic World, Nodoka travelled with a treasure hunting group until she came to Ostia. During this time, she picked up two magic items to increase the potential of her artifact; a clip that allows books to be heard instead of having to read them and a finger tool that spells out the name of any person she asks the name of, making her an extremely valuable person in battle..

Appearances in anime
Nodoka is slightly different in the anime series of Negima; initially she has a mild case of androphobia (fear of men).

As always, Nodoka is smitten with Negi at first sight and coaxed by her Library Club friends to go after him. She finds out about Negi's secret after noticing his removal of some "dark spores". Then she becomes trapped in a hedge maze trap with Negi and Asuna. There, she becomes the second girl to make a Pactio with Negi. After becoming one of Negi's partners, she began assisting Negi in various tasks relating to the search of the Star Crystal (from trying to find information about a crystal that appeared when Negi sealed a plant-like fairy to assisting him in his search for "dark spores").

Eventually, Yue and Haruna find out about the magic connection between Negi and Nodoka, after she tripped on her books in her room; and Negi used magic to break her fall. With some curiosity, they promise Nodoka to keep the world of magic a secret as long as they see an example of Negi activating her Pactio. Unfortunately, when Chamo suggests that those two make Pactios with Negi as well, Yue's reluctance to kiss Negi results in the entire 3-A class to discover Negi's secret, resulting in him turning into a chupacabra. Luckily, Nodoka (along with some of the other girls that have made Pactios before this incident) was able to convince the class to make Pactios with Negi in order to break the spell, with her then showing the benefits of having a Pactio with Negi when he activates her Pactio to find an exit from the "Star Crystal Fairy" world that the class was trapped in.

While Negi and his class was stuck in the ruined version of Mahora, Nodoka, along the rest of the Library Trio, was part of the "research" group that focused on finding a way out of this world, the significance of the three crystals that appeared whenever Negi sealed a fairy, and the connection of the girls that were possessed by the fairies to attack Negi and those students who have made Pactio with him.

When it comes to her Pactio abilities, Nodoka's Cosplay card gives her a similar diary as the manga, yet also gives Nodoka a pair of glasses to enhance her features in this form. Her Armor ability is a more powerful set of books that determine an enemy's weakness, with being somewhat of a combination of her manga Pactio item and Yue's Pactio item in the manga. Finally, she also gains a Suka form that turns her into a seal.

Though she continues her admiration towards Negi, the feelings between her and Yue are briefly explored in this series, both as friends and romantic rivals for Negi. As an added note, her hair color is switched with Yue's with Nodoka having blue hair and Yue having purple hair. Also, her hair is bouncier; and most of the time, both of her eyes are exposed. They are only covered mostly when she looks down or in her Suka form. Also, she is shown to have the amount of self-confidence she has in later manga chapters early on in this series, especially after finding out her Cosplay card's abilities to read minds, she gleefully smiled upon discovering Chamo's rather intriguing inner thoughts, and continued to read.

As for additional character traits for Nodoka in this series, Shichimi later hangs around Nodoka after she commented on how the cat was very cute. Also, thanks to an anonymous person taking a picture of her during Mahora's School Festival, Nodoka is unknowingly the most popular "web idol" on the Internet, much to Chisame's dismay.



Toshokan Ni Irasshai ("Welcome to the Library")

Kotae sagashiteiru nara koko e kitte kudasai
Katai youshi wo hirakeba fushigi na sekai e to

("If you find you need answers, please come here. When you open a hardcover, a mysterious world")

Saisho no ichi PAGE
Futari wa deau monogatari wa hajimaru
Ikenai kuusou ni mayoikon dara
Nukedasenaku naru

("One page is the beginning. Two people meet, a journey begins. Don't go and get lost in a fantasy, you'll be left behind")

Ima, anata ni "suki yo" tte itte ii desu ka?
Ne ...

("Right now, if I said "I love you," would that be okay? Hey ... ")

Tsuzuki yomi taku nattara koko e kitte kudasai
Hosoi shiori wo hasande nozomi no bamen e to

("If you find yourself wanting to know more, please come here. Pack up and fade into the place of your dreams")

Yubi de nazoru PAGE
Sono shunkan ni koi no arashi fukiare
Samayou tabibito ni natte shimau no
Mou modorenai wa

("Touch the pages, a storm of love in a single moment. Wandering will get you locked in, you'll never return")

Ima, watashi wo suki datte itte kuremasu ka?
Ne ...

("Right now, would you tell me you love me? Hey ... ")

Subete shiritaku nattara koko e kitte kudasai
Kishimu tobira wo oshiake douka hitorikiri de

("If you find you want to know everything, then please come here, but you'll have to open the door alone")

Saigo no ichi PAGE
Okubyou sugite sono basho ni susumenai
Daiji na EPILOGUE shoujo no mama ja
Ai ni wa narenai

("On the last page, I find myself too scared. I can't go to that place. While I'm still a girl, my precious epilogue can't turn into love")

Ne, subete wo sasagetara nani ga matteru no?
Oshiete ...

("Hey, if I sacrificed everything, would you be waiting for me? Tell me ... ")

Case Study No. 1607: Henry DeTamble

The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
Book trailer created by Ashley Davenport, who is a student at Flower Mound HS in Flower Mound, Tx Summary: Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian, travels involuntarily through time, while Clare Abshire, an artist, takes a natural sequential course. Henry and Clare's passionate affair captures them in a romantic trap.
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"Time is free, but it's priceless.
You can't own it, but you can use it.
You can't keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you've lost it you can never get it back."
- MacKay

... Or can you?

Just an innocent girl, who had no idea that her future depended on the person who was watching her from the woods.

Mystery turned into friendship ...

Friendship turned into love ...

She fell in love with a man who could do the impossible ... She fell in love with a time traveler.

But every once in a while, he would disappear uncontrollably ...

While she waited for the love of her life to return to her moment in time ...

A love story on what it is really like to be away from the one you love, with no clue to when they might return ...

* All images licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license



The Time Traveler's Wife
Audrey Niffenegger

On the surface, Henry and Clare DeTamble are a normal couple living in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Henry works at the Newberry Library and Clare creates abstract paper art, but the cruel reality is that Henry is a prisoner of time. It sweeps him back and forth at its leisure, from the present to the past, with no regard for where he is or what he is doing. It drops him naked and vulnerable into another decade, wearing an age-appropriate face. In fact, it's not unusual for Henry to run into the other Henry and help him out of a jam. Sound unusual? Imagine Clare Detamble's astonishment at seeing Henry dropped stark naked into her parents' meadow when she was only six. Though, of course, until she came of age, Henry was always the perfect gentleman and gave young Clare nothing but his friendship as he dropped in and out of her life. It's no wonder that the film rights to this hip and urban love story have been acquired.



This clever and inventive tale works on three levels: as an intriguing science fiction concept, a realistic character study and a touching love story. Henry De Tamble is a Chicago librarian with "Chrono Displacement" disorder; at random times, he suddenly disappears without warning and finds himself in the past or future, usually at a time or place of importance in his life. This leads to some wonderful paradoxes. From his point of view, he first met his wife, Clare, when he was 28 and she was 20. She ran up to him exclaiming that she'd known him all her life. He, however, had never seen her before. But when he reaches his 40s, already married to Clare, he suddenly finds himself time travelling to Clare's childhood and meeting her as a 6-year-old. The book alternates between Henry and Clare's points of view, and so does the narration.




Saturday, October 26, 1991 (Henry is 28, Clare is 20)

CLARE: The library is cool and smells like carpet cleaner, although all I can see is marble. I sign the Visitors' Log: Clare Abshire, 11:15 10-26-91 Special Collections. I have never been in the Newberry Library before, and now that I've gotten past the dark, foreboding entrance I am excited. I have a sort of Christmas-morning sense of the library as a big box full of beautiful books. The elevator is dimly lit, almost silent. I stop on the third floor and fill out an application for a Reader's Card, then I go upstairs to Special Collections. My boot heels rap the wooden floor. The room is quiet and crowded, full of solid, heavy tables piled with books and surrounded by readers. Chicago autumn morning light shines through the tall windows. I approach the desk and collect a stack of call slips. I'm writing a paper for an art history class. My research topic is the Kelmscott Press Chaucer. I look up the book itself and fill out a call slip for it. But I also want to read about papermaking at Kelmscott. The catalog is confusing. I go back to the desk to ask for help. As I explain to the woman what I am trying to find, she glances over my shoulder at someone passing behind me. "Perhaps Mr. DeTamble can help you," she says. I turn, prepared to start explaining again, and find myself face to face with Henry.

I am speechless. Here is Henry, calm, clothed, younger than I have ever seen him. Henry is working at the Newberry Library, standing in front of me, in the present. Here and now. I am jubilant. Henry is looking at me patiently, uncertain but polite.

"Is there something I can help you with?" he asks.

"Henry!" I can barely refrain from throwing my arms around him. It is obvious that he has never seen me before in his life.

"Have we met? I'm sorry, I don't...." Henry is glancing around us, worrying that readers, co-workers are noticing us, searching his memory and realizing that some future self of his has met this radiantly happy girl standing in front of him. The last time I saw him he was sucking my toes in the Meadow.

I try to explain. "I'm Clare Abshire. I knew you when I was a little girl..." I'm at a loss because I am in love with a man who is standing before me with no memories of me at all. Everything is in the future for him. I want to laugh at the weirdness of the whole thing. I'm flooded with years of knowledge of Henry, while he's looking at me perplexed and fearful. Henry wearing my dad's old fishing trousers, patiently quizzing me on multiplication tables, French verbs, all the state capitals; Henry laughing at some peculiar lunch my seven-year-old self has brought to the Meadow; Henry wearing a tuxedo, undoing the studs of his shirt with shaking hands on my eighteenth birthday. Here! Now! "Come and have coffee with me, or dinner or something...." Surely he has to say yes, this Henry who loves me in the past and the future must love me now in some bat-squeak echo of other time. To my immense relief he does say yes. We plan to meet tonight at a nearby Thai restaurant, all the while under the amazed gaze of the woman behind the desk, and I leave, forgetting about Kelmscott and Chaucer and floating down the marble stairs, through the lobby and out into the October Chicago sun, running across the park scattering small dogs and squirrels, whooping and rejoicing.

HENRY: It's a routine day in October, sunny and crisp. I'm at work in a small windowless humidity-controlled room on the fourth floor of the Newberry, cataloging a collection of marbled papers that has recently been donated. The papers are beautiful, but cataloging is dull, and I am feeling bored and sorry for myself. In fact, I am feeling old, in the way only a twenty-eight-year-old can after staying up half the night drinking overpriced vodka and trying, without success, to win himself back into the good graces of Ingrid Carmichel. We spent the entire evening fighting, and now I can't even remember what we were fighting about. My head is throbbing. I need coffee. Leaving the marbled papers in a state of controlled chaos, I walk through the office and past the page's desk in the Reading Room. I am halted by Isabelle's voice saying, "Perhaps Mr. DeTamble can help you," by which she means "Henry, you weasel, where are you slinking off to?" And this astoundingly beautiful amber-haired tall slim girl turns around and looks at me as though I am her personal Jesus. My stomach lurches. Obviously she knows me, and I don't know her. Lord only knows what I have said, done, or promised to this luminous creature, so I am forced to say in my best librarianese, "Is there something I can help you with?" The girl sort of breathes "Henry!" in this very evocative way that convinces me that at some point in time we have a really amazing thing together. This makes it worse that I don't know anything about her, not even her name. I say "Have we met?" and Isabelle gives me a look that says You asshole. But the girl says, "I'm Clare Abshire. I knew you when I was a little girl," and invites me out to dinner. I accept, stunned. She is glowing at me, although I am unshaven and hung over and just not at my best. We are going to meet for dinner this very evening, at the Beau Thai, and Clare, having secured me for later, wafts out of the Reading Room. As I stand in the elevator, dazed, I realize that a massive winning lottery ticket chunk of my future has somehow found me here in the present, and I start to laugh. I cross the lobby, and as I run down the stairs to the street I see Clare running across Washington Square, jumping and whooping, and I am near tears and I don't know why.

Later that evening:

HENRY: At 6:00 p.m. I race home from work and attempt to make myself attractive. Home these days is a tiny but insanely expensive studio apartment on North Dearborn; I am constantly banging parts of myself on inconvenient walls, countertops and furniture. Step One: unlock seventeen locks on apartment door, fling myself into the living room-which-is-also-my-bedroom and begin stripping off clothing. Step Two: shower and shave. Step Three: stare hopelessly into the depths of my closet, gradually becoming aware that nothing is exactly clean. I discover one white shirt still in its dry cleaning bag. I decide to wear the black suit, wing tips, and pale blue tie. Step Four: don all of this and realize I look like an FBI agent. Step Five: look around and realize that the apartment is a mess. I resolve to avoid bringing Clare to my apartment tonight even if such a thing is possible. Step Six: look in full-length bathroom mirror and behold angular, wild-eyed 6' 1" ten-year-old Egon Schiele look-alike in clean shirt and funeral director suit. I wonder what sorts of outfits this woman has seen me wearing, since I am obviously not arriving from my future into her past wearing clothes of my own. She said she was a little girl? A plethora of unanswerables runs through my head. I stop and breathe for a minute. Okay. I grab my wallet and my keys, and away I go: lock the thirty-seven locks, descend in the cranky little elevator, buy roses for Clare in the shop in the lobby, walk two blocks to the restaurant in record time but still five minutes late. Clare is already seated in a booth and she looks relieved when she sees me. She waves at me like she's in a parade.

"Hello," I say. Clare is wearing a wine-colored velvet dress and pearls. She looks like a Botticelli by way of John Graham: huge gray eyes, long nose, tiny delicate mouth like a geisha. She has long red hair that covers her shoulders and falls to the middle of her back. Clare is so pale she looks like a waxwork in the candlelight. I thrust the roses at her. "For you."

"Thank you," says Clare, absurdly pleased. She looks at me and realizes that I am confused by her response. "You've never given me flowers before."

I slide into the booth opposite her. I'm fascinated. This woman knows me; this isn't some passing acquaintance of my future hegiras. The waitress appears and hands us menus.

"Tell me," I demand.


"Everything. I mean, do you understand why I don't know you? I'm terribly sorry about that-"

"Oh, no, you shouldn't be. I mean, I know...why that is." Clare lowers her voice. "It's because for you none of it has happened yet, but for me, well, I've known you for a long time."

Case Study No. 1606: Latim City Librarian

Genesis LP Episode 6: Of Librarians and Mercenaries
We find a bajillion items hidden in a library and have a deadly confrontaion with NotGary.
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[scene opens in Latim City, as the player watches three men (one of whom is the player's father) enter a large building, then a young woman bumps into the player from behind]
SONYA: Oh, excuse me!
[she pauses]
SONYA: Ah, you're the young trainer I met in Felridge, aren't you? Did you happen to see some men enter this building in front of us?
[the player selects "Yes"]
SONYA: Really? Oh, well I must hurry then, excuse me please!
[she runs through the door, as the player walks up to the building and reads the sign outside]
NARRATOR: "Latim City National Library ... Serao's Largest Library"
[the player enters the library (as "National Library 1F" appears on screen) and walks up to an obese male patron browsing the stacks near the front desk]
MALE PATRON: I'm only here to get out of the rain!
[the player speaks with the female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, how may I help you? Oh, you're looking for someone? Three men followed by a woman? Yes, I remember, one of the men said they were going to Floor Ten.
[the player checks the computer next to the librarian]
NARRATOR: It's all complicated words and numbers that make no sense ...
[the player takes the stairs, then stops on the eighth floor and speaks with one of the patrons]
FEMALE PATRON: Latim City is a big city but we don't get many tourists here. Maybe we need to have something more exciting than just a library.
[the player heads up to the tenth floor, where the young woman is spying on the three men in the stacks]
SONYA: Shhh! Oh, it's you again. You're probably wondering why I'm following these people around, right? I'm kind of a mercenary. The government hired me to follow this group of men around. Particularly the dark-haired one.
[an exclamation point appears over the woman's head, as she turns to watch the men again]
SONYA: Look, they're doing something! I think it's safe to get a little closer.
[they move forward to eavesdrop]
SONYA: Hmm ... looks like they might be here for a while. I'm not really sure why I've been asked to follow these men. So far they haven't done anything overly suspicious. Do you think these people look suspicious?
[the player selects "No"]
SONYA: Hmm ... Interesting.
[she pauses]
SONYA: Shh! I think they're saying something.
[the camera pans over to focus on the men, as they huddle around one bookcase in particular]
SCIENTIST: Come on, Rick! Have you got it yet?! We don't have much time!
DAD: Just give me a couple more seconds, okay? This is incredible ... who knew so much power could exist inside a single Pokemon?
[he pauses]
DAD: Okay, I've got what I need now, we can start phase two of Ark now. Let's head out!
[the camera pans back to the woman and the player]
SONYA: Damn! They're about to leave. Look, it'll mean bad news for both of us if they see us. I'll have my Bronzong teleport you outside ... Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Sonya.
[cut to the player standing outside of the library]



Pokemon Hacks Showcase: Pokemon Genesis

Code Base: FireRed [BPRE]
Author: Thrace
Language: English

* New Region - The beautiful and rugged region of Serao will be home to many different kinds of Pokémon
* Decision Based Storyline - Your decisions in-game will affect the direction of the story
* New Tiles - Realistic and beautiful new buildings in each city
* Berry Trees - The old berry trees from GSC will be present but what is their significance?
* D/P/Pt Pokémon - 31 newly inserted Pokémon from the 4th Generation
* Judeo-Christian References - Religious references in names and events will foreshadow future events
* Travel Between Different Regions - Visit old and foreign lands, meet new and familiar people

"In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg. Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One. From itself, two beings the Original One did make. Time started to spin. Space began to expand. From itself again, three living things the Original One did make. The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be. The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be. The world created, the Original One took to an unyielding sleep..."

You are the child of the newly promoted lead scientist of Serao's largest corporation, Uriel Enterprises. A company previously praised for its many contributions to charity and emphasis on fair trade has now become shrouded in controversy due to unexplained spending of investors' assets. One day your father asks you to get a parcel waiting for him in the neighboring city. You visit your lifelong best friend to borrow a Pokémon for protection on your trip. When you arrive you meet a strangely familiar woman who suspiciously leaves abruptly. Who is this mysterious woman? Why is your father associated with a seemingly corrupt company? What does the future hold for the young protagonist? When the border between good and evil becomes blurred, which side will you choose?



Pokemon Genesis is a ROM hack of the official Nintendo release of Pokemon Fire Red, featuring all 493 Pokemon, giving trainers an easier way to "catch 'em all."

Pokemon Genesis is a game for the Nintendo Wii and features an online Wi-Fi Battle and Trading System, motion controlled battling for experienced players, hundreds of new items and characters, and much more.

This game is rated T for Teen for Mild Sexual Themes and Violence.

Aravea is the continent on which Pokemon Genesis is set. It is situated slightly to the northwest of Orre and Citadark Isle. All Pokemon originated from Aravea, but some are now much rarer than others. There are over 27 environments to explore.

40 years after the settlement of the "Miracle Continent" of Aravea, trouble is brewing. Team Enigma, a terrorist group that opposes Pokemon United, is steadily becoming more of a threat. Determined to fight back against the nefarious schemes of Enigma, Pokemon United prepares for a counterattack. They send in Agent Moh to eliminate the threat, but he fails miserably. Pokemon United is now facing defeat, but at the same time, the Junior Pokemon United member Jackal/Panther leaves on his jouney. As Jackal takes down Gym Leaders and his Rival countless times, he sets his eyes on Team Enigma and ends up saving the day for everyone.

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Case Study No. 1605: Frank Barraclough

Miranda - John Simm
(2002) Frank (John Simm) is a librarian with a deep romantic streak and struck with love for a beautiful stranger named Miranda (Christina Ricci).

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http://www.face ActorJohnSimm

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[scene opens inside the "Central Library", as the young male librarian (short brown hair, brown jacket, white undershirt) is sitting at the front desk, swiveling in his chair while listening to music on his headphones and eating peanuts]
FRANK: [in voice over] Frank ... Barraclough. Rock star. Astronaut. Secret agent. Sex god. That was me.
[cut to a closeup of Frank's face]
FRANK: [in voice over] Wishing my life away. Listening to Elvis. Munching on nuts.
[camera pans down to reveal that he's created the image of a face out of peanut shells on the desk]
FRANK: [in voice over] But now I know, you've gotta be careful what you wish for.
[cut to Miranda standing outside of the library, smoking a cigarette]
FRANK: [in voice over] It might come true. Because at One-oh-Five PM, on the Twenty Fifth of February, my life changed. Forever.
[she puts out her cigarette and walks toward's the library's entrance, as "Monday" appears on screen]
[cut to Miranda walking into the library as dramatic music plays (causing a gust of fresh air from the outside to blow Frank's peanut shells off the desk)]
[cut to Frank slowly getting up from his desk, watching her as she walks by in slow motion]
FRANK: [in voice over] There she was. She looked like a hair advert.
[he takes off his headphones, as she walks right past him (crushing the peanut shells on the floor under her feet along the way)]
FRANK: [in voice over] She hit me like a truck, but with a bit more grace. And a lot more force.
["Tuesday" appears on screen, then cut to Frank reshelving books as he stares at Miranda]
FRANK: [in voice over] She was everything you could ever want.
[cut to Miranda sitting in the library, eating an apple]
FRANK: [in voice over] All wrapped up in this linen dress ... Size six, it was.
[Frank drops a book, then bends down to pick it up (as the camera zooms in on Miranda's mouth as she eats the apple)]
FRANK: [in voice over] She would chew things for a long time.
[cut back to Frank, as he stands up (still staring at her) and places the book back on the cart]
FRANK: [in voice over] Women 'round here, they never chew ... Just shovel it in.
[cut to another closeup of Miranda's mouth]
FRANK: [in voice over] Goes down their neck like a bobsleigh ... She was a tourist.
[she tosses the half-eaten apple into a wastebasket from a great distance]
FRANK: [in voice over] Definitely a tourist.
["Wednesday" appears on screen, then cut to Frank and a male patron staring at Miranda as she stands outside the library]
FRANK: You think she's outta my league?
ROD: [pause] "He who desires, but does not act, is prone to dream. He who acts, but does not dream, is lost."
[Frank thinks this over, when they notice Miranda picking her nose]
ROD: I'll bet she eats it ...
[she takes out a handkerchief and wipes it off her finger]
ROD: Mmm, well posh.
["Thursday" appears on screen, then cut to Miranda sitting outside of the library and eating sushi]
FRANK: [in voice over] Everyday, she would sit there, gorging on uncooked flesh. Like a vampire.
[cut to a closeup of Miranda's mouth as she eats the sushi]
FRANK: [in voice over] If those lips were to talk to me, I would die.
[cut to Frank nervously rearranging the items on his desk]
FRANK: [in voice over] A happy man.
[cut to Rod watching him]
ROD: She is gonna love that desk ...
[Frank gives him a dirty look]
ROD: No, she will. Really. I'm telling you. No ... One look at that desk, and she will be absolutely gagging for it.
[Frank slightly moves a plastic bookstand on the desk]
FRANK: This here?
ROD: Oooh ...
[Frank folds his arms and smiles with satisfaction ... then (not quite satisfied) decides to slightly move the bell on his desk]
["Friday" appears on screen, then cut to Miranda outside of the library, lighting a cigarette and staring at a flyer on the community bulletin board]
FRANK: [in voice over] Who was she, this creature? This mystery? This ... girl?
[a limousine pulls up across the street, and when Miranda sees it she drops the cigarette, as the camera pans up to reveal that the flyer reads "Library Closing Down for Demolition"]
[cut to two Japanese businessmen exiting the limousine and crossing the street, then back to Miranda as she takes out her lighter and sets the flyer ablaze]
[cut to Miranda entering the library (nervously looking behind her towards the two men)]
FRANK: [in voice over] She wore a mac, like those old detective movies where the women used to kiss and chew gum at the same time.
[cut to Frank looking over a book at the front desk, as he briefly glances up to look at her]
FRANK: [in voice over] I loved her. I didn't know anything about her, but I loved her.
[cut to Miranda pretending to browse the shelves, when she sees the two men approaching ... so she suddenly appears in front of Frank's desk]
MIRANDA: I'd like to see the lecture theater, please.
[Frank looks up from his book in shock (not having noticed that Miranda had approached him)]
FRANK: [pause] Are you from New York?
[she gives him a confused look]
FRANK: [pause] Neither am I.
[she turns and sees the two men inspecting the front of the library, and turns back to Frank]
MIRANDA: Can I see it now?
[he looks over at the room marked "Theatre" and gets a confused look on his face]
FRANK: They're knocking it down.
[she laughs]
MIRANDA: Then I guess you'd better hurry.
FRANK: Yeah. Yeah.



Miranda is a 2002 British comedy film starring Christina Ricci, Kyle MacLachlan, John Simm, John Hurt, Tamsin Greig and Julian Rhind-Tutt. The film is classified as a Romance/Thriller by IMDb.

Frank (Simm), a librarian in the United Kingdom, falls in love with a mysterious American dancer named Miranda (Ricci). Frank is complex and appears naive. However, his character is a complex as Miranda. There are graphic scenes of sex and seduction, which is not gratuitous, but depicts Frank's fantasy and unrealistic love for Miranda. She suddenly disappears, and he tracks her down in London, finding out that she is actually a con artist. He leaves her, returning to Northern England.

Miranda and her boss (Hurt), who not so secretly "loves" her, are in business selling buildings that they don't own to unwitting customers. These buildings are really being prepared for demolition. In one scene in which Miranda was negotiating the sale of a warehouse with Nailor (MacLachlan), Nailor saw men putting down cable around the building. He asked Miranda what were they doing and she replied that they were putting in cable TV when,in fact, they were preparing the warehouse for demolition. After making a big score, by successfully conning Nailor to buy the warehouse, her boss leaves her, and Nailor seeks revenge against Miranda.

Frank realizes that he should not have left her, and returns to London, with a very quirky friend who was instrumental in saving Miranda from a knife wielding Nailor. While Frank’s friend distracted Nailor with fancy jiu jitsu manoeuvres, Frank slams a table over Nailor’s head. The film ends in comic relief with Frank and Miranda living the good life off Miranda's ill begotten funds.



MIRANDA (2002). A lonely and somewhat nerdy librarian (John Simm) meets the beautiful and mysterious Miranda when she walks into the library. He immediately falls in love with her and they begin a passionate affair. Then she suddenly disappears. He follows her to London where he discovers that she has three identities – a dancer, a dominatrix and a con-woman.



Frank Barraclough (John Simm) is a bored and somewhat nerdy librarian in an unnamed northern British town ... bored that is, until a mysterious young American woman named Miranda (Christina Ricci) starts hanging around at the library for no apparent reason. When Miranda asks to view the library's lecture theatre, Frank takes a chance and asks her out. Despite an initial reserve Miranda succumbs to Frank's honesty and kindness, and soon moves in with him. Frank is smitten but Miranda is preoccupied by her mysterious job and by whispered phone calls with her shady employer Christian (John Hurt). Without warning she packs and leaves - as Frank narrates "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl fucks off in a Taxi." Following her to London, Frank begins to fear that Miranda isn't what she seems and that she may be involved in some decidedly dodgy business. But then wasn't it her air of Mystery that attracted him in the first place?