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Case Study No. 1388: Neil Klugman

Goodbye Columbus - Trailer (Klara Tavakoli)
The only trailer for this movie there is :) - A trailer I made for the film from 1969, starring Richard Benjamin and Ali MacGraw.

Based on a novella by Philip Roth and featuring original songs by The Association, "Goodbye Columbus" is about Neil, a poor Bronx librarian, and Brenda, a pampered Jewish princess from Westchester. "Goodbye Columbus" was both MacGraw and Benjamin's film debuts, playing Brenda and Neil as they try to cross class lines. A very funny and poignant comedy.
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Peerce, Larry (Director). Goodbye, Columbus. United States: Willow Tree, 1969.

Starring: Richard Benjamin (Neil Klugman, library worker); Ali McGraw (Brenda Patimkin)
Based on the Novel: Roth, Philip. Goodbye, Columbus. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1959.

The Army interrupts Neil Klugman's degree in English Literature, and afterward he works at a public library. His girlfriend's mother says, "It must be very interesting, the library business." He replies, "I don't know. Yeah, I guess so. No, not very." Mrs. Patimkin asks her daughter, "What does your friend do at the library?" She answers, "I haven't the slightest idea." Yet it's evident from the few library scenes that Neil is good at his job and cares about his patrons (especially a young black boy fascinated by French artist Gauguin), although his job gets no respect from his Jewish princess girlfriend or her family. He expresses no dedication to the job; in fact, Neil makes it clear that the job is a stop-gap, but as he makes no plans for the future, he could well become one of those library lifers who drifts in and then never leaves. Bless 'em, too. (The book has more library scenes and appearances by the little boy, and warrants a closer look by anyone wanting to examine male librarians from literature.)



"Goodbye, Columbus" (1969), an adaptation of Philip Roth's novella of the same title, is a romantic comedy with an unconventional dramatic ending. The picture features Richard Benjamin as Neil Klugman, a poor Bronx librarian, and Ali MacGraw as Brenda Patimkin, a Radcliffe College student spending her free summer months at home with her wealthy parents in Westchester. The couple engages in a whirlwind summertime romantic romp, but their differences are too great to sustain the relationship. Brenda's mother, recently achieving nouveau riche status - a house in Westchester - desires a man of higher financial and social stature than Neil for her daughter. When Brenda's mother displays initial concern about Neil, her father remarks, "Leave her alone. She'll get tired of him."

The film's first library scene highlights some of Neil's occupational skills and telents. As Neil enters the library, supervisor Mr. Scapelle (Delos V. Smith Jr.) asks him to work at the main desk because a staff member is absent. Neil joins Gloria (uncredited) behind the desk and toys with a date stamp to ensure that it has the correct date. A young boy soon appears at the desk asking for books. Unable to understand the category of books for which the youngster is asking, Neil requests the youth to spell the word for him; "a-r-t," the youth replies.

Neil identifies the location of the art collection, and the youngster heads for the books. As Neil and the young patron are concluding their discussion, librarian John McKee (Bill Derringer) descends the stairway behind the desk and confronts Neil, "Why did you let him in for?" "It's a public library," Neil responds. John informs Neil that the youngster looked at art nudes on the previous morning and "of course, I threw him out." Neil and John discuss the behavior of young boys who look at nudes in art books:

John: You know what those boys do up there?
Neil: Oh, John. I don't think they do it right there.
John: They do so. I've seen them. Not out in the open, of course, but you can tell what they're doing.
Neil: Johnny, why don't you let him alone.

John rejects Neil's suggestion and hustles up the stairs to see Scapelle about evicting the youngster. Neil follows, stating he will get the boy. John is adamant about removing the boy, "It's disgusting what they do up here." Neil responds, "Don't worry about it, Johnny. They're the ones that are going to get warts all over their dirty little hands." Neil then goes to find the boy in the art room. The youngster is in the balcony, sitting at the edge of the walkway railing and dangling his legs over the balcony. Neil climbs a ladder to be near the boy, and the two discuss some of Gauguin's paintings that intrigue the boy. Looking at one of the paintings, the boy remarks, "Hey, look at this one. Man, ain't that the life," as the scene fades into Neil arriving at the Patimkins' Westchester house in his convertible.

In the second library scene, Neil is flipping through a card tray at the desk when an elderly bespectacled gentleman approaches him with the Gauguin book. Neil asks if he wants to check out the book. The patron is hearing impaired and replies loudly, "What?" Neil, recognizing the book, looks at a notebook and loudly informs the gentleman that he cannot check out the book because there is a hold on it. Again, the loud response, "What?" Neil's increasingly loud explanations are all greeted with a loud "What?"

Scapelle walks down the rear stairway as Neil shouts at the patron, and other patrons working quietly in the reading area voice their disapproval of the vociferous exchange by uttering "shush" and "quiet." Scapelle asks, "Any problem?" Neil responds with a loud "What? Huh? No!" The supervisor inquires, "You're going on a vacation tomorrow, aren't you?" Neil replies affirmatively, and Scapelle remarks, "You need it."

Neil grabs the Gauguin book and dashes off to the art room. The youth is in the balcony, and Neil asks the boy to come down and talk with him. Attempting to prevent further problems the boy might have iwth John, Neil offers the youngster the opportunity to check out the book. When he asks the youngster if he has a library card, the boy immediately assumes a defensive stance, "No, sir. I haven't done anything wrong." Neil explains that a card will permit him to take the book home, but the boy remains defensive, "Why don't you want me around here?" Neil, becoming attuned to the youngster's interpretation of his questions, states "I didn't say I didn't want you around here." "I like it here" is the boy's response. Neil tackles the problem from a different angle: "Someday, someboyd is going to want to take this book out of here sometime. Aren't you worried about that?" The boy's response is to the point: "Why should I be worried? Nobody's done it yet." Neil smiles at the boy's response, and the scene fades.

Case Study No. 1387: Unnamed Male Librarian (ponietus)

they always pop up when you least expect it.
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[scene opens with a boy in a red shirt pretending to be a hot dog vendor]
BOY 1: [from off camera] Hey, can I have a Polish dog?
BOY 2: Would you like some relish with that?
[a boy in a purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he turns and points at the camera]
BOY 3: The librarians!
BOY 1: [from off camera] Bum bum bummmm!
["The Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt pretending to propose to someone]
BOY 2: I have to ask you something.
BOY 1: [from off camera] What about?
[he gets down on one knee]
BOY 2: Carol, will you marry me?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and punches the other one in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he turns and points at the camera]
BOY 3: The librarians!
[the boy in the red shirt rolls over and looks at the camera]
BOY 2: Bum bum bummmm!
[the librarian kicks him in the face, then "Again" appears on screen, then cut to another boy in a blue shirt pretending to mug someone]
BOY 1: Kid! Gimmee all your money!
BOY 2: [from off camera] Do I have to?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he flexes his muscle for the camera]
BOY 3: The librarian!
[the camera pans over to show the boy in the blue shirt]
BOY 1: Bum bum bummmm!
[cut to the boy in the red shirt lying in a hammock, when the boy in the blue shirt walks up to him]
BOY 1: Sir, would you like some lemonade to comfort you?
[the boy in the purple shirt reaches in from off camera and pushes him down on top of the boy in the red shirt (knocking him out of the hammock)]
BOY 3: [from off camera] I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ... a librarian!
BOY 2: [from off camera] Bum bum bummmm!
["Again" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt speaking directly to the camera]
BOY 2: Tommy, do you think this is fun?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground, then repeatedly sticks his finger into his chest]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe! You! Should! Have! Asked! A! Librarian!
[he walks away]
BOY 1: [from off camera] Sorry I missed the "bum bum bum," guys ... I have a cold today.
["One more time we promise" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt speaking into his cellphone]
BOY 2: Um, hello? Can I order a large pizza?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and punches the other one in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he puts his hands on his hips and strikes a dramatic pose]
BOY 3: A librarian!
[he bends down and picks up the phone]
BOY 2: Bum bum bummmm ...
[he walks away while holding the phone]
BOY 3: Nice phone ...
["(sorry we lied)" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt talking to the boy in the purple shirt]
BOY 2: Hello, are you the librarian?
[the "librarian" punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked the librarian!
BOY 2: [pause] Bum bum bummmm ...

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Case Study No. 1386: Staff of the Montauk Public Library

Dover Hydraulic Elevator at the Montauk Library in Montauk, NY
This is the same elevator that lost power and went into EPR. Notice how there keys in this elevator for the floor lockout, fan, light and independent service. This is a very nice late 90's Dover, and of course, what would The End of Long Island be without one!? The librarians here are very nice, but did not want me repeatedly riding the elevator up and down, so I just got a quick take. They were very nice and told me all about the library. This elevator is actually glass on ML and M, but it is only on the outside so you can only see the elevator cab and the shaft on the outside. It is still very nice though. The ladies also informed me that this part of the island is notorious for electrical problems, so the Dover goes into EPR often.

Technical Specs:
Brand- Dover
Type- Inground Hydraulic (Oildraulic)
Fixtures- Dover Impulse
Speed- 100 FPM
Capacity- 2100 lbs. :)
Installed- Late 1990's
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[scene opens on the lower level of the Montauk Public Library, as the camera's POV shows an elevator door, as the person holding the camera reaches in and pushes the button]
[the person enters and presses "M", then the door closes and the person rides the elevator up to the main floor]
[the door opens, and the person gets a quick shot of the stacks area before pressing "LL"]
[the door closes and the person rides back down to the lower level, as the door opens and the bell sounds]

Case Study No. 1385: Sarah Gallagher (student library worker)

A psychic university librarian is harassed by supernatural powers. Can she maintain her grip on reality, or will she succumb to the evil that lurks in the shadows?

This is an old student film, shot in the bowels of the university library with a vintage Bolex and a guerilla crew. The 16mm footage was transferred to digital and edited over the course of an all-nighter. The music is part original, part stock; the sound effects are mostly original foley recordings with some stock. The name Morvidere was decided upon while scouring a Latin dictionary under the effects of sleep deprivation.

Kindly excuse the spotty visual quality. This version has been transferred from one media type to another more times than I can count. And that's before the compression for upload.
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Alias Entertainment presents
a film by
Steve Wagner
Zachary Ludescher
Alexa Gryschuk

Breonna Krafft
Alexandra Gryschuk


[scene opens in the stacks of a college library, as a female student worker (short brown hair, glasses, barbell piercing over her right eyebrow, blue shirt, brown pants) is pushing a bookcart]
[cut to a closeup of the student's nametag ("Student Librarian, Sarah Gallagher"), then she stops to reshelve a book ... when she finds another book on the floor]
[she bends down to pick it up, then cut to a "flashback" of two students talking in the same spot earlier, when one of them absentmindedly knocks the book off the shelf with his elbow]
[cut back to the student librarian, who shuts her eyes and shakes her head in confusion (as if she had "read" the psychic "impression" of the people who had previously come in contact with the book) ... but she simply places the book back on the shelf (in the middle of a series of books where it clearly doesn't belong, since it is shorter and has a red binding rather than the yellow covers of the other books) and returns to pushing her cart]
[cut to the student librarian stopping at another section to reshelve another book, when she finds a crumpled-up piece of paper on the floor]
[she bends down to pick it up, then cut to another "flashback" of a blonde female student running past the piece of paper (in obvious fear) and heading for the exit]
[cut back to the student librarian, who again shakes her head in confusion, before returning to her cart]
[cut to the student librarian stopping at another section, where she bends down to pick up a piece of string on the floor]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student, as she runs screaming through the stacks before pressing up against one of the bookcases in fear ... then a gloved hand reaches in from off-camera and grabs her by the hair]
[cut to the student being led away by the shadowy figure, who drops the piece of string on the floor]
[cut back to the student librarian, who now falls backwards from the "force" of the vision, and grabs at her forehead in apparent pain ... she then gets up and runs back to her cart, where (grabbing a flashlight) she continues pushing it through the stacks]
[cut to the student librarian trying to make her way quickly through the stacks, when she stops and leans up against one of the bookshelves]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student calmly reading a book, when she looks up and sees the shadowy figure running past the opposite side of the bookshelf ... she turns to investigate, then gasps in fright at something off camera]
[cut back to the student librarian, who looks around in fear, then (abandoning her cart) she runs up the stairs and slumps down in the corner]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student (who was apparently trying to hide in the same place), then quickly back to the student librarian who (breathing deeply) turns her flashlight on and continues walking up the stairs to investigate this section of the library]
[cut to a shot of her POV, as she appears to be in some type of janitorial closet (empty chair, mop and broom propped up against the wall), then cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student slumped over in the chair (dead?) with stacks of books all around her]
[cut back to the student librarian (as she hears the student screaming), who runs off]
[cut to another "flashback" of the student with her back against a bookshelf (looking around in terror), when a gloved hand reaches in from the opposite side, knocking books to the ground and frightening the student]
[cut back to the student librarian (now leaning up against the same bookshelf), as she runs away again]
[cut to the student librarian running down a hallway, then a quick cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student running down the same hallway (with the shadowy figure in pursuit)]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she grabs at her head in pain, then cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student screaming as a gloved hand reaches for her]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she slowly slides down towards the ground ... while the shadow of a man can be seen on the wall behind her]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student screaming, then cut to a closeup of the floor as splotches of blood drip down]
[cut back to the student librarian, who closes her eyes and shakes her head]
[cut to another "flashback" where the blood can again be seen dripping on the floor, then cut to a closeup of the blonde student as she falls to the floor (dead?)]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she slumps over to one side, then falls to the floor in the same manner as the blonde student]
[the scene goes black, then slowly fades back in to reveal the student librarian being dragged across the floor by an unseen person]
[cut to the student librarian (dead? unconscious?) being propped up against a bookshelf, then the camera pans over to reveal the blonde student's dead body propped up next to her]
[cut to a closeup of the student librarian's face, then the camera focuses in on a gloved hand shelving books in the foreground (as one by one they obscure her face, almost like they were bricks being used to seal her in a tomb]

Sarah Gallagher ... Brianna Krafft
Murdered Student ... Alexa Gryschuk
Student #1 ... Isabella von Roemeling
Student #2 ... Elliot Norton
Killer ... Steve Wagner

Produced & Directed by
Steve Wagner
Zachary Ludescher
Alexa Gryschuk

Production Assistants
Isabella von Roemeling
Jere Stamm
Elliot Norton
Ben Milhaiko

Steve Wagner

Additional Music
Trevor Jones

Special Thanks to
Sean Charlesworth (For rescuing the project from certain failure on several separate occasions)
Sally Kalin (For letting us film at the Penn State Library)
Wertney Cox (For not hurting us when we broke that one light)
Kodak (For their "interesting" customer service)
McClanahan's (For those expensive batteries we never used)
Ketchup (Pretty cool fake blood, eh?)
Adobe (Couldn't have done it without bootleg Photoshop)

No animals were harmed during the making of this film.
However, several humans may have been killed.

Copyright (c)2002-2004 Alias Entertainment.
Do not try to bootleg this film, or we will have you hunted down and killed.
Believe me, we can do it. I've seen it done before.
For god's sake, man, we have lasers and ninja dogs and stuff.
It's just not worth it.

Case Study No. 1384: "An alien librarian investigates a strange noise"

The Librarian
An alien librarian investigates a strange noise.

My final project from my second year at staffordshire university.
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["The Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene opens in outer space, when the camera quickly zooms in on a small yellow planet and a single building on its surface]
[cut to inside the building, as the camera slowly descends through rows and rows of circular shelving filled with books]
[cut to a female librarian (orange hair, green tunic, wings growing out of her back) sitting on the floor, her legs covered with a blanket, and reading a book ... she closes the book and yawns, when the sound of a roaring animal can be heard offscreen]
[she gets up and flies towards the hole in the ceiling of the library (as the sound of glass breaking and more roaring can be heard), then emerges to find a large lion-like creature tearing up some books on the ground below]
[cut to the librarian landing next to the creature, as she punches it (!), then smiles and calmly extends her hand to the confused animal ... the creature eventually calms down and lowers its head, as the librarian reaches over and strokes its chin]
[cut back to an overhead view of the building, as the camera pans out until the planet is just a small speck in space (before it disappears)]

Animated by
Rebecca Mansfield

Using Sound by
from freesound dot org



My main project this semester is to complete a film based around the idea of a small planet and a being that inhabits it. I decided that I wanted the planet to have the ruins of an old culture, with one last inhaitant protecting the books of the great libraries.

Here are some of the early concept designs for the main character. I knew that I wanted her to be quite small and cute looking, with simplified shapes to speed up the animating process.

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Case Study No. 1383: Alison Little

Chance in a Million: Complete Collection Trailer
www.acorn When Tom meets Alison Little (Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn, Vera, Pride & Prejudice, Secrets & Lies), a sheltered, earnest librarian, the two embark on an unconventional courtship. Tom's peculiar speech patterns and bumbling comportment sweetly complement Alison's cheery aloofness. Despite the cosmic forces seeking to drive them apart—including law enforcement, rude waiters, unrequited loves, petty criminals, and Alison's overbearing parents—Tom and Alison nobly weather ludicrous circumstances as they blunder into life together and emerge all the more lovable for it. The complete collection includes all three seasons of this award-winning comedy seen on public television.
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Made in the 80s and one of Channel 4's earliest great shows, this sitcom stands up well today. Its premise is simple and yet brilliant. Tom Chance is an eccentric and well-meaning man with an affliction that odd things happen to him. If there's a one in a million chance of something happening, it'll happen to him... every time. By chance, of course, while on a blind date he meets timid and painfully shy librarian Allison. She falls for him despite him being a walking disaster. But he's oblivious to her affection and so the path of true love never runs smooth.

The series is often surreal without being silly, and it cleverly turns on its head the way that sitcoms often rely on bizarre co-incidences by going one step further and basing the whole story around bizarre happenings. The best thing about the show is the leads. Simon Callow's Chance is a classic comedy character and he delivers an unusual and appealing performance, being upbeat no matter how bad things get and always being ready to drink a pint in one then gasp out his next line. Brenda Blethyn has never been better, her odd vocal delivery perfectly defining Allison's character.

The show ran for three series, that being the perfect length of time that avoids the format running out of steam, but the first two series were the best. If you haven't seen this before, it's worth taking the risk and buying it. There's only a one in a million chance you won't like it.



These days Brenda Blethyn is a world-renowned Oscar-winning actress who is surely on the fast-track to that shiniest of all British accolades - National Treasure. Way back in 1984, she and Simon Callow were better known for their theatre work - until they took on the central roles in this sitcom, which became cult viewing in the early days of Channel 4.

In fact, it is held in such affection by so many that it comes as a surprise that it is only now making its way onto DVD. Callow plays the titular character Tom Chance - a man for whom coincidence is a way of life. "Happens to me all the time!" he declares to Alison Little (Blethyn) when they first meet - an encounter which, in the spirit which informs the entire series, is based on mistaken identity.

Chance is cheerful, outgoing and inately funny, with his ability to drink a pint at a single gulp mid-sentence and truncated speech pattern. Alison is equally well-drawn - a pensive librarian who, although being "bloody terrified" of just about everything sees herself as something of a racy tearaway ("It's not all helping children find the Milly Molly Mandy shelf," she tells Tom conspiratorially).

Watching the first series now - with its farcical set ups and surreal humour - it's fair to say that some aspects of it have dated a little. There is quite a lot of comedy that relies on women finding themselves unexpectedly scantily clad, for example, but it is played for surreal laughs rather than the bawdiness you might expect. Also, the supporting cast is patchy. On the plus side, it's a treat to watch the inimitable sitcom staple Deddie Davis as Alison's mum and there's a rather nice turn from Jeremy "son of Donald" Sinden, but many of the other bit part actors leave much to be desired.

It scarcely matters, though, because this is the Tom and Alison show, through and through. Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen (who would go on to create similarly surreal sitcom,The Brittas Empire) give their characters a real sense of warmth and Callow and Blethyn bring some lovely nuance to the script, showing great comic timing while also conveying that most difficult of emotional transitions - falling in love.

Funny and surprisingly touching, this is a trip down memory lane that is well worth taking.

Case Study No. 1382: "School Librarian, It's Not a Quiet Career"

School Librarian-It's Not A Quiet Career
This PSA was sponsored by the New York Library Association.
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[scene opens with a young woman sitting in the pilot seat of a small airplane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Adventure is a part of me.
[cut to a shot of the airplane in flight]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I guess it's because I like to broaden my horizons, and reach new heights.
[cut to the woman exiting the plane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] That's why I like flying.
[she turns and speaks directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: And that's why I love my job ... I'm a school librarian.
[cut to the woman in her school library, setting up a video camera with several students]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Every day is an exciting challenge, working with young students who have their whole lives ahead of them.
[cut to one of the male students working the camera, while a nearby television monitor shows someone waving]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I help them see their opportunity. You can't reach much higher than that.
["This message brought to you by School Library Media Section, New York Library Association" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: School librarian ... it's not a quiet career.