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Case Study No. 1458: Gothickwhispers (Wannabe Librarian)

ASMR Whisper Library Role Play
Check some books out of our relaxing library today :)
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[scene opens with a closeup of a woman's hand poised over the keyboard of a Toshiba laptop]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Hi there, welcome to City Library. How may I help you today?
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] You'd like to take some books out? Well, that's great. May I ask what your name is?
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Angelica Ewing? Oh, I think we already have you in our system. Let me just check, okay?
[she starts typing, then the camera focuses on a Microsoft Word document open which reads "City Library, Angelica Ewing"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Yep, there you are. Angelica Ewing.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So, um, why don't you show me the books that you wanna check out, and I'll just put them in our system. And then you can be on your way, okay?
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Great! Okay, let's have a look.
[she reaches over and places a paperback in front of the camera]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So the first book you wanna take is "Girl With a Pearl Earring?" I have to say, this is a wonderful wonderful choice.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] It's a very nice book, and I've read it a couple of times. Actually, I think I've read it three times now.
[she turns the book over]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] It really is amazing. And, um, it got some amazing reviews and ...
[she points at one of the blurbs on the back cover]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Look, even Time Magazine has given it a wonderful review, right here on the back of the cover.
[she turns the book back around]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So yes, I really think you're going to enjoy this book, and um ... y'know, there was actually a film made as well out of the book, and if you enjoy the book, I would recommend you go see the movie. But, I mean, that you rent the movie, but I think, if I were you, I would read the book first, because I think it's always kind of important to read the book before you see the movie.
[she moves the book aside]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So let me just put this into our system.
[she types in "girl pearl earring"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I just used, um, an abbreviation to keep it nice and short, so I just wrote "girl pearl earring." Okay, so what else do you wanna take out today?
[she reaches for another book]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] This book is really brilliant. It's, um, as you can tell it's a biography about the director Roman Polanski.
[she opens the book and starts flipping through the pages]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] And, um, it talks about his life and a lot of his movies, and it is really an amazing book. If you're a fan of Roman Polanski movies, then you're just going to love this book because there's just so many wonderful pictures and so much information about the star himself.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] It even covers a lot of Mister Polanski's early life stuff. I would really suggest you, um, you check this book out if you are a big fan.
[she closes the book]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I actually don't think anybody has checked this book out before, so you can be the very first person to read this book.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So let me just put this into our system, okay?
[she types in "roman plamski"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So I just put that under, um, as "Roman Polanski" in our sytem.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So, so far you are going to check out "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and the Roman Polanski biography book.
[she moves the book aside]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Okay, what else do you wanna take today?
[she reaches for another book]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I love this book! Have you read the books in the rest of the series? Y'know, like "Silence of the Lambs" or "Red Dragon?"
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] You have? Well, that's good, because this book is, it's really really awesome and it's a hardback and I just love hardback books.
[she runs her hand over the dragon illustration on the front of the dustjacket of the book]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] This is really cool.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Even the, uh, the cover design is just so awesome. Look at this.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] How cool is that?
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I actually noticed I just made a spelling mistake on the computer, so I'm just gonna correct that, okay?
[the camera focuses back on the computer screen, as she changes "plamski" to "polanski"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] And while I'm here I'm going to put in, um, "Hannibal" as well.
[she types in "Hannibal"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So that's that book. Is there any other books today that you'd like to take with you?
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] One more? Okay, that's fine.
[she moves the book aside, then reaches for another book]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] This is a very big book! It's actually all three "Lord of the Rings" books together.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Look at this, it's amazing. It's a really good edition.
[she turns the book over]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] It's so big! It's gonna take you awhile to read this, but um ... oh my god, it's amazing. It really is amazing. So I'm just gonna put this in the computer as "L-O-T-R", okay?
[she types in "LOTR", then goes to the next line and types "27/02/12"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] All I've done there was I just added, um, today's date. So I know, y'know, I'll know when your books are due back, and ... and, y'know, just to keep track on everything else.
[she moves the book aside]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I have to say, you made some really good selections today.
[she reaches for the Polanski biography]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Um, again, particularly this book. The Polanski biography, it's ... I love the way it deals, and it's just an amazing book. You really are going to enjoy it, especially if you're a really big fan.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] So I think that's everything. I have the rest of your details on the computer.
[she moves the book aside, then reaches for "Girl With a Pearl Earring"]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I have your name, I have your address. I have everything else, so ... I guess all you have to do now is take your books home and enjoy the reading.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] And, um, remember, if you have any questions at all, or if you want me to order in any books that you want but that you didn't see here today ...
[she opens the book and starts flipping through the pages]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Well, that's no problem at all, y'know? Just tell me what you need and I can do it for you. Any kinda book at all.
[she pauses]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] Okay, that's great. Thank you, Misses Ewing.
[she closes the book and flips it over]
GOTHICKWHISPERS: [whispers] I hope to see you again. Bye bye.


From wikipedia.org:

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a recently described perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial. Tom Stafford, a professor at the University of Sheffield, says, "It might well be a real thing, but it's inherently difficult to research."

Whispering and role-playing
A commonly reported stimulus for ASMR is the sound of whispering. As evident on YouTube, a variety of videos and audio recordings involve the creator whispering or communicating with a soft-spoken intonation into a camera or sound recording device. Others appear to perceive the whispering as intrusive and even revolting, so several videos are created specifically without whispering and are advertised as such in the title.

Many role-playing videos and audio recordings also aim to stimulate ASMR. Examples include pretend haircuts, visits to a doctor's office, and ear-cleaning. While these make-believe situations are acted out by the creator, viewers and listeners report an ASMR effect that relieves insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks.


From metro.co.uk:

ASMR: The YouTube craze sending tingles worldwide via whispered role play
Thursday 20 Jun 2013 6:00 am

'I get requests for fetish role plays, to walk in high heels,' says Ilse, a Dutch 25-year-old who is establishing her own online video empire, 'but that is not the purpose of my YouTube channel.'

Indeed not. Ilse's YouTube channel, TheWaterwhispers, is one of hundreds of ASMR video channels available. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and the video makers, who call themselves ASMRtists, aim to relax their viewers using a variety of methods – chief of which is to whisper into the camera about a range of subjects, often while performing a simple task with their hands.

While some of us may experience a sense of Zen-like calm while watching something similar – middle-aged women trying to sell us rubbish on shopping channels, cookery shows or Gardener's World – ASMR enthusiasts say watching someone talking quietly while describing their coin or jewellery collection gives them 'head tingles'.

'It's a tingly feeling which starts at the top of the head and spreads out throughout your nervous system,' says Ilse. 'It's like goosebumps under the skin.'

Research is under way in the US to find out if there's any evidence to back up this sensation, which has become a phenomenon on YouTube.

Searching the site yields a wide range of results, from Ilse's own 'show and tell' videos, where she talks about her jewellery or makes decorations – she also has a channel of noises, such as plastic bags being crinkled – to the wide range of role play videos, which have proved controversial when ASMR has been covered in the media.

The uninitiated may find some of these videos somewhat sexualised. Most ASMR video makers are women, although there are lots of male whisperers, and many of the role-play videos involve the ASMRtist whispering into the camera close up, with the focus on the lips.

Many of the videos aim to create a sense of intimacy. 'If it triggers a sexual response, I guess it's possible but people don't make the videos for that purpose,' says Ilse. 'It's for relaxation, not sexual arousal.'

While the more mundane videos of people whispering while crafting or doing a cookery demonstration may come across as boring, hypnotic or relaxing, the role-play videos can be perplexing. Take the comments on VeniVidiVulpes's 'Men's haircut and shave' video, in which she gives the camera a haircut while whispering for 43 minutes. 'You look blazed,' says one commenter. 'You have beautiful nostrils and gums,' says another. 'Where did you get your shower curtain?' asks another, perhaps missing the point.

Some ideas snowball: when one ASMRtist hits upon a popular idea, everyone else does their own version – so haircut or spa role plays are common, as are eye tests and 'cranial nerve exams' where the whisperer shines a light into the camera and talks into both sides of the speakers. Many makers have invested in binaural microphones to make this convincing.

There are also wackier offerings, which suggest as long as it's being whispered then almost anything can be part of the ASMR world. How about a relaxing 'escape from an asylum' video for example? Or an interrogation film? Some genres are so common they've spawned parodies.

There's even a Star Wars-themed video, in which a hooded ASMRtist tells the camera: 'I've heard you've been having problems with the Force,' before getting her lightsaber out.

Meanwhile ASMRrequest's Space Travel Agent video (involving softly spoken questioning and an eye-test light being shone into the camera) seems to be The Avatar of ASMR roleplay – an impressive feat for the woman who made this sci-fi epic in her living room with a green screen and computer special effects. It's notched up more than 540,000 views in three months.

Popular ASMRtists can even earn a living from it. Ilse went full-time last year and makes a new video each week. 'The ASMR community is anything but competitive,' she says. 'Everyone is happy for each other when they get more subscribers.'

Ilse advises people who aren't yet convinced to look at the videos and see if anything triggers an ASMR response. You may never listen to a plastic bag being crinkled in the same way again...

Case Study No. 1457: "A bizarre sisterhood of librarians"

Library of the Sacred Beast - Trailer
The "Hobo With a Shotgun" 2011 Trailer Contest Submission.

David A. Crellin - The Professor
Alder Sherwood - The Librarian
Ernie Joseph - The Engineer
Will Chase - Guild Leader
Wonder Russell, Gabriele Schutz, Carley Marissa - The Sisterhood

Director of Photography - Regan MacStravic
Music Composer - Ed Hartman
Voice Over Talent - Corey Feist
Sound Operator - LeKea DeBose
Assistant Director - Katherine Sultan
Producer & Director - David Falcon Ayala

Special Thanks:
Northwest Film Forum
Dave Hannagan
Matt Cunnigham
Ryan Davis

http://www.face book.com/pages/ Library-of-the-Sacred-Beast/152349998162284
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NARRATOR: In a cruel and not so distant future ... Books are the currency of the New American Empire and only the rich are allowed to read. One outlaw librarian will rise against the system.
[scene opens with an exterior shot of the Seattle Public Library, then cut to inside as a man caresses the neck of a young female librarian (long black hair, white flower in her hair, long white dress)]
ENGINEER: So, is my librarian ready for some fun?
[they kiss passionately, as he pushes her up against the bookshelf and she wraps her leg around him]
NARRATOR: She was set up and betrayed. Given a mission she couldn't refuse.
[cut to an older man wearing glasses, spying on them from the shadows, then to the librarian (now wearing glasses) sitting in a chair with her hands tied together]
LIBRARIAN: I hate books ...
[cut back to the older man (no longer wearing glasses), as he speaks with someone off camera]
PROFESSOR: Call the engineering guild, now!
[cut to another man standing in a room filled with reel-to-reel film canisters, speaking to someone off camera]
GUILD LEADER: I want you to spy on the professor ...
[cut back to the librarian tied up, struggling to free herself]
LIBRARIAN: I don't want a library card in return!
[cut to the professor, as he has the engineer tied up in a chair]
NARRATOR: Tormented by her past ...
[cut to a shot of the librarian watching from the shadows, then back to the engineer]
ENGINEER: Knowledge doesn't exist!
[the professor rears back to strike him]
NARRATOR: She must penetrate ...
[right before the professor makes contact, the scene cuts to an exterior shot of the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, as "Library of the Sacred Beast, Auktorsratt MCMLXXIV, Magnolia Pictures LLC, Eftertryck Forbjudes" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: The Library of the Sacred Beast!
[cut to an exterior shot of the Seattle Space Needle]
NARRATOR: Under the decayed shadow of the Space Needle ...
[cut to the professor pacing around, speaking to someone off camera]
PROFESSOR: Books are one of the few authentic magics ...
[cut to a shot of the professor wearing sunglasses, staring off into space]
NARRATOR: A library of sin and depravity ...
PROFESSOR: [in voice over] I will teach you to care for the wealth of this city!
[cut to an exterior shot of the Seattle Center Monorail]
NARRATOR: A civilization of obedience ...
[cut back to the professor]
PROFESSOR: Disobedience will not be tolerated.
[cut to a still image of a female librarian (black hair, glasses, holding a hand-held 16mm camera) sitting on a bench, while another female librarian (bright red hair, white blouse, short grey skirt) stands with a hand to her hip while biting down on the tip of her glasses]
NARRATOR: And a bizarre sisterhood of librarians ...
[cut to the engineer and guild leader speaking together]
GUILD LEADER: I want you to set up the sisterhood ...
[the engineer sighs]
ENGINEER: I'm a librarian so I have to be trained for this ...
[cut to a still image of the librarian holding the 16mm camera]
NARRATOR: With Wonder Russell ...
[cut to a still image of the redheaded librarian]
NARRATOR: Gabrielle Schutz ...
[cut to another female librarian (black hair, cats-eye glasses, yellow sundress) striking a seductive pose]
NARRATOR: And Carley Marissa as ... The Sisterhood.
[cut to a shot of the guild leader, with a concerned look on his face]
NARRATOR: Will Chase as the Guild Leader.
[cut to the engineer putting on a pair of glasses]
NARRATOR: Ernie Joseph as the Engineer.
[cut to the first librarian (still tied up)]
NARRATOR: Featuring Alder Sherwood as the Librarian.
[cut to the professor standing over the librarian and laughing maniacally]
NARRATOR: And starring David A. Crellin, as the Professor.
[he puts his hand around the librarian's throat, then takes out a knife and slowly brings it towards her face as she breathes heavily]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as her left eye is now covered by a heart-shaped eyepatch with a bronze lion emblazoned on it]
NARRATOR: Don't judge this bitch by her cover ...
[cut to a wider shot of the librarian, as she takes an open white parasol covered in Japanese writing and rests it on her shoulder]
NARRATOR: In the Library of the Sacred Beast!
[cut to a shot of the professor looking towards the camera, as "Library of the Sacred Beast, Produced and Directed by David Falcon Ayala" appears on screen]

Case Study No. 1456: Mages of Dragonvale Academy

Let's Play Keepsake (36) Grabbing balls!
Take the title in whatever context you wish :P
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[scene opens with Lydia (a young female student) and Zak (a human trapped in the form of a cat) in the West Tower Skyway at Dragonvale Academy, when they enter the doorway of a small balcony and find themselves in an gigantic library]
LYDIA: Whoa! How's this possible!? That door led to a space no bigger than a closet, and we ended up in this gigantic room!
[the cat laughs]
ZAK: I couldn't wait to see your face when you found this library! It's priceless!
LYDIA: But ... where ... how?
ZAK: Take time to catch your breath and I'll explain where we are ... As you already noticed, this room is magical. Because the mages had so many books of knowledge, and knew they would keep gathering more and more of them every day, they came to the conclusion that a normal library wouldn't be enough. So, they decided to build a magical room with an unlimited capacity, since it doesn't really exist.
LYDIA: What do you mean, doesn't exist?! This room seems real enough to me!
ZAK: I don't know how it was made. I only know that because of magic, they can fit this gigantic room behind that door we entered on the small balcony.
LYDIA: I can't wait to have a teacher explain this to me, because even with your explanation, it still doesn't make much sense.


[Zak (now in the form of a small dragon) and Lydia are exploring the Secret Library, where they find a pedestal containing a brightly colored orb]
LYDIA: Wow, this ball looks special. What exactly is it?
ZAK: No one knows. It's one of the secrets of the library. These balls have always been here. They glow, but we can't remove them. Whenever we ask the teachers, they tell us it's just a pretty ornament. Of course, I never believed them, but never managed to pierce the secret of these balls to prove them wrong.
LYDIA: I believe this school will keep me entertained for years with all the mystery it holds!
[cut to a closeup of the pedestal, as the player clicks the orb and it disappears]
LYDIA: Look, I managed to take it!
ZAK: Awesome! But ... it looks like it hasn't done anything.
LYDIA: I'm sure there is something we can do with these balls.
["Library Ball - A weird magical ball with the ability to change colors, depending on where it is placed" appears on screen, then the player clicks one of the nearby walls and reveals a secret panel]
LYDIA: What is this weird thing?
ZAK: I have no clue. I didn't even know this could open!
[the player places the orb in the hollowed-out groove behind the panel]
LYDIA: Sweet, the ball fits perfectly!
[the panel closes, then the camera pans out to reveal a nearby wall has opened up]
ZAK: Hey, look ... You made part of the wall disappear!
LYDIA: Whoa! A secret section of the library ...
[the player enters the room, where another orb is sitting atop a pedestal]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player takes the orb, then heads back and places it in another panel (which opens up another section of the wall)]
LYDIA: Sweet! Another secret section of the library! I wonder how many more secret sections there are.
[the player enters the new room (which features a table in the middle of the room and several bookshelves), then exits and - after retrieving both orbs - places them in another section with two panels side by side (which opens up another section of the wall)]
[the player enters the new room (which features red-tinged walls and a pedestal containing another orb), then collects the new orb]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player heads for a nearby panel and places the orb inside, revealing another room with a multi-colored tapestry hanging at the far end]
LYDIA: Wow! Look at this gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
["Third Tapestry - An odd diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player (after taking back the orbs) returns to the room with the table and bookshelves and opens another wall to reveal a new room with another pedestal]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player takes the orb, then (after collecting the other orbs) uses them to open a new room containing another tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
[the player clicks on the tapestry (which has writing on it)]
LYDIA: [reading] "Once the gift of life has been taken for granted, even the heart of the strangest one ends up wounded. The mind then becomes poisoned by grief and pain, until feathery soft memories let only happiness remains."
ZAK: The writings on it seems to be some kind of riddle ...
["First Tapestry - A riddle written on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player (after retrieving all four orbs) uses them to enter another secret room containing a tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
[the player clicks on the tapestry (which features the words "water", "fire", "earth", and "air"), as "Second Tapestry - A strange diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen]
[the player retrieves the orbs from the panels, then uses them to enter another room with the final tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
["Fourth Tapestry - A weird diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player retrieves the orbs and exits the Secret Library]


From wikipedia.org:

Keepsake is an adventure game developed by Wicked Studios.

Lydia, the main character, has just arrived at Dragonvale Academy, a school of magic. Her best friend, Celeste, agreed to meet her outside the school at a nearby fountain, but when Lydia arrives, the school is deserted and Celeste is nowhere to be found. With the help of a wolf (who claims to be both a dragon and a familiar to a powerful mage) named Zak, Lydia sets out to find out what happened at Dragonvale Academy that caused the disappearance of hundreds of people and to reunite with her best friend.

Keepsake is a third person point-and-click adventure game in which the user clicks areas on the screen to navigate and explore the world. The world is set up through fixed camera angles showing the portion of the area that the main character, Lydia, stands in. The user can click different locations and items to move, activate puzzles or cutscenes, and enter other areas.

The game is played through exploring the world and solving puzzles to advance. The total gameplay length is estimated at 15 hours.


From gameboomers.com:

Explore the palatial Dragonvale Academy in the persona of student pledge, Lydia, the best friend and confidante of Celeste, the academy founder's daughter. The academy teaches deep and mysterious magical practices and is the most prestigious and renowned school of magic in the world. The academy is presided over by Nathaniel, Celeste's powerful and controversial father. You are chartered with discovering the secrets of this impressive school and uncovering the reason why the entire population of both students and staff, appears to have simply vanished.

The scope, beauty and complexity of the enchanted academy and the game itself is nothing less than remarkable.

Go forth. Enjoy the game, the touching story and the game's many challenges.


Chapter 12 - The Secret Library

Leave the Laboratory by way of the balcony on the opposite side of the work table. Take the yellow disk to the next node. Then, take the next yellow disk to the three disk balcony. Take the black disk to the West Tower, the main transporter room. Go screen forward, out to the courtyard. Go left into the foyer of the MainTower, down the stairs toward the study area. Go right, out to the balcony. Use the red disk to go to the interim red node. Go forward and use the second red disk. You'll arrive at the North Tower. Go forward down the steps and across the West Tower skyway. Walk around to the back side of the balcony to find an alcove with a stairway and an elegantly carved dragon door. Go on into the Secret Library.

You are in the main/central room, a magical room. Go to the back of the staircase enclosure. There, find a platform atop the stair railing containing a magical LIBRARY BALL.


Objective: Access secret rooms by using four magical balls to garner four critical tapestries.

Solution: Follow these instructions carefully,

1. Go to the shuttered arch you see to the left of the alcove back screen. Open the shutters. Click to place the magic ball in the receptacle. A door opens. Enter the marbled blue room. Take the SECOND LIBRARY BALL. Leave and take back the first ball too. Go back to stand in front of the stairway, with your back to it. This is your pilot position from here on in.
2. Go screen front/left to the second alcove. Use ball 1 and ball 2 in the shuttered arches there. Enter the pink and gray room. Take the THIRD LIBRARY BALL from the pedestal. Use ball 3 on the shuttered arch backscreen. Enter the blue and gray room. Go back behind the table and chairs. Click on the THIRD TAPESTRY (Slund) to place it in your magnifying glass inventory. Go back to the main staircase, your pilot position, picking up and taking all three balls with you.
3. Now, go around to the back of the staircase (where you found the first ball) and continue screen right. Use 2 balls to enter this alcove. Cross the blue/gray room (behind the table) to another alcove. Use your last (3) ball to enter the green room. Go screen front around the table. Click on the FOURTH TAPESTRY (Dria) to place it in inventory. Return out of both the green and then the blue/gray rooms to your pilot position in front of the main staircase, taking all 3 balls along with you as you return.
4. Next, go screen right to the first room you visited. Use 1 ball to enter. Go screen right to the alcove and use 2 balls to enter the red room. Go around the table to the tapestry on the back wall. Click on the SECOND TAPESTRY (Kyros) to send it to inventory. Go back to your pilot position taking all 3 balls with you as you return.
5. Go forward slightly screen left to the alcove you see there. Using one ball go into the gray room. Then, go screen right to the next alcove. Use 2 balls to enter the next, gold, room. Take the FOURTH LIBRARY BALL from the central pedestal. Go back to the previous room. Collect 2 balls from the arches. Go forward and then screen right to the last alcove. Use 2 balls to enter this gold and blue/gray room. Go around the table to click on the FIRST TAPESTRY (Aeterna). Leave the room retrieving 2 balls. Return to the main staircase room, collecting ball 3 on your way back to your pilot position.

Check your backpack inventory to make sure you have all four library balls. Click on your magnifying glass inventory to make sure you have all four tapestries. WOW!! Was that a puzzle, or what! Never fear though. There are more tough challenges ahead of us.

Leave the Secret Library, going back down the stairs. Go around the balcony, across the skyway and use the yellow disk in the North Tower to arrive at the East Tower, where the human statues are, the Fountain Hall. Go around to the floating ball in front of the yellow disk there and use "Dragonus Enferenis" on it. Go behind the statues to the blue disk and use it to go up to the Observatory again. Time to get serious. (Like we haven't been? :) )

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Case Study No. 1455: Johanna "Paula" Jakobi

Cowgirl / Nullachtfuffzehn (2004) - Official Trailer
Eben noch hatte sich Paula (Alexandra Maria Lara) auf ihrem Abiball ihr Leben so wundervoll ausgemalt. Gemeinsam mit dem Freund Max (Wotan Wilke Möhring) das Provinznest Struvensiel verlassen. Die Welt erkunden. Glucklich sein. Doch die Realitat schaut anders aus. Am Tag, als es endlich losgehen sollte, wartet sie vergeblich auf Max. Anstatt ihren Traummann zu heiraten, gerat sie an den Versicherungsvertreter Edgar (Peter Lohmeyer). Anstatt Abenteuer zu erleben, arbeitet sie halbtags in der Stadtbucherei. Erst zehn Jahre nach dem Abiball trifft sie auf einem Klassentreffen Max wieder. Eine Begegnung, die für frischen Wind in ihrem Alltagstrott sorgen sollte.

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From alaeditions.org:

Cowgirl (2004, Germany). Alexandra Maria Lara is Paula Jakobi, who works part-time in a public library.


From imdb.com:

Cowgirl (2004)
84 min - Comedy | Crime | Romance - 9 December 2004 (Germany)

Director: Mark Schlichter
Writers: Martin Rauhaus

Alexandra Maria Lara ... Johanna 'Paula' Jakobi
Wotan Wilke Mohring ... Max
Peter Lohmeyer ... Edgar Jakobi
Gottfried John ... Hans Krahl

Paula (Alexandra Maria Lara) had pictured such a wonderful life for herself after the prom. Together with her boyfriend Max (Wotan Wilke Mohring), they were going to leave Provinznest Struvensiel forever. To explore the world. Be happy.

But the reality looked different. On the day when their journey should have begun, she waits in vain for Max to show up.

Instead of marrying her dream man, she settles for insurance agent Edgar (Peter Lohmeyer). Instead of adventure, she works part-time at the public library. It wasn't until ten years after the prom, at a class reunion, that she meets up with Max again. An encounter that would provide her with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Because even if Max initially receives that highly-deserved resounding slap, the two of them are instantly attracted once again. So much so that Paula decides to let Edgar sit at home while making her way to Hamburg to visit Max. When she gets there, however, she cannot believe her eyes.

The restaurant that Max said he works for is actually a pretty seedy night club, and when she enters the first thing she gets to see is Max hanging by his feet from the ceiling while a gang of thugs misuse him as a punching bag. Only with a clever bluff ("I know your boss and I know what he is!") can she defuse the situation.

However, not only does it bring the king of the Hamburg underworld (Andras Fricsay Kali Son) after her, but also the corrupt policeman Krahl (Gottfried John).

Case Study No. 1454: Charlie Harris

File M For Murder, by Miranda James (MPL Book Trailer #151)
Mooresville Public Library and Cauli Le Chat Video Productions present a book trailer featuring "File M For Murder," by Miranda James (a Cat in the Stacks Mystery).
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Meet playwright Connor Lawton
Athena College's new writer-in-residence

Known for his sharp-tongued wit
Which can make people mad ...

Mad enough to kill

Laura is the prime suspect
She's librarian Charlie Harris' daughter

Now Charlie & his cat Diesel must search for clues

Can the real murderer be found ...
Before Laura is cataloged under M ... for Murder?

File M for Murder
(a Cat in the Stacks Mystery)
by Miranda James

Produced by
Mooresville Public Library

a Cauli Le Chat video

Music by
Daniel E. Buckley

"Sunlit Pathways" & "Fog"
from the CD
The Mysterious Forest
(c) 2012 by
Danny Buckley

"Animal Motion"
Animation (c) 2010 by
Megan Goodson


From berkleysignetmysteries.com:

Athena College's new writer in residence is native son and playwright Connor Lawton, known for his sharp writing-and sharper tongue. After an unpleasant encounter, librarian Charlie Harris heads home to a nice surprise: his daughter Laura is subbing for another Athena professor. Unfortunately her old flame Connor Lawton got her the job.

But before Connor finishes his newest play, he's murdered - and Laura is the prime suspect. Charlie and his faithful cat, Diesel, follow Connor's cluttered trail to find the true killer before his daughter is forever catalogued under M...for murderer.


From amazon.com:

Series: Cat in the Stacks Mystery (Book 3)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Berkley; Original edition (January 31, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425246183
ISBN-13: 978-0425246184

The "Cat in the Stacks Mystery" series features Charlie Harris who has returned home to Athena, Mississippi to work as a librarian. He also has a sidekick that goes almost everywhere he goes, a rescued Maine coon cat named Diesel. Diesel is happy to don a harness and leash and travel around town with Charlie. Most of the people of Athena have adjusted to this huge cat and realize how friendly he is, they always have pats and treats ready for Diesel.

In "File M for Murder," Charlie is surprised when his daughter, Laura, returns home from Hollywood to fill in for another professor at the local college. Charlie, Sean and Diesel are thrilled to have her home.

He then learns that her old boyfriend, Connor Lawton, a playwright, is also at the college as a writer-in-residence, working on his new play and helped her get the job. Charlie in not at all impressed with the man who is just plain rude. Connor is also followed to Athena by an old girlfriend who believes she is the only woman good enough for Connor.

Before the sharp tongued writer can finish his play he is murdered and Charlie's daughter becomes the prime suspect. Charlie and Diesel are on the case. He soon finds many other viable suspects but can he find the real killer before any of his family or friends end up filed under M for murder.


From penguingroup.com:

Connor Lawton made an abysmal first impression on his initial visit to the Athena Public Library.

Now, four weeks later, I'd seen enough of the tattooed playwright to know he didn't improve on further acquaintance.

This afternoon, I wanted to curse my luck as I watched him amble toward the reference desk, where I waited to help library patrons.

From around my feet I heard an interrogative warble, and I glanced down at Diesel, my three–year–old Maine coon cat. He always seemed to sense when something, or someone, caused me stress or anxiety, and I had to smile. "It's okay, boy. Nothing to worry about."

Diesel warbled again and stretched, reassured.

"Talking to your feet?" Connor Lawton gave me a sour smile. He looked more like a prize fighter than a playwright, with his broken nose, buzzed haircut, and muscular frame. Today he wore a sleeveless shirt that revealed the colorful ink on his upper arms. The tattoos, Japanese in style, offered a stark contrast to his tanned skin and white shirt. A diamond stud glittered in his left ear.

"No, I was speaking to my cat. Remember him?" Lawton grimaced. "Unfortunately. Never seen such an unfriendly animal."

Now I wanted to laugh. Diesel likes almost everybody he meets. He's a very sociable, easygoing cat - a lot like me, actually. But there are some people who rub him the wrong way, and that's what Lawton did the first time he saw Diesel. The man immediately stuck his hand under the cat's belly and started to scratch, and Diesel was offended by the improper first greeting. He growled, Lawton jerked his hand back, and Diesel turned and stalked off.

Since then Diesel had no use for Lawton, and evidently it still rankled the man.

"I'm surprised they let you bring the beast to the library," Lawton said. He exaggerated his drawl when he continued, "But at least Ellie Mae ain't in here with all her critters."

I suppressed a heavy sigh while I felt Diesel place a paw on my knee. If he stood on his hind legs, he would be able to peer over the counter at the playwright. "What can I do for you today, Mr. Lawton?"

"Old newspapers." Lawton frowned, and for a moment he appeared troubled by something. "Research for the play I'm writing."

Ah, yes, the play. Lawton mentioned it frequently. By now every person in Athena knew that the brilliant young playwright Connor Lawton, the toast of Broadway and Hollywood, was in Athena for two semesters as writer–in–residence at the college. The fall semester started in ten days, but Lawton arrived in Athena early to settle in and "immerse the Muse in the fecund atmosphere of the literary South, the home of immortals like William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Flannery O'Connor."

The man's pretentiousness evidently knew no bounds. He even told me he was named for Flannery O'Connor, but that he had dropped the O' from his name because it sounded too artsy–fartsy.

"Are you looking for old issues of the local paper? We have access to a number of newspaper archives online, but the Athena Daily Register hasn't been digitized yet. At least, not prior to 1998."

"Local, at least for now." Lawton stared at me and frowned.

"If you'll follow me, then," I said as I headed around the desk to the open space in front, "I'll show you where the microfilm is."

"Whatever." Lawton moved closer and pointed to a spot behind me. "Does the cat have to come with us?"

"Yes, he does," I said as I glanced back at Diesel. "If he wants to, that is."

Diesel, his gaze intent on my face, chirped a couple of times before he turned and walked back behind the desk to sit with Lizzie Hayes, one of the circulation staffers. Good choice, Diesel. Lizzie is much nicer.

"Follow me," I repeated as I turned and walked away. I

heard Lawton mutter something from close behind me.

We walked down a hall near the desk, and I showed the playwright into a small room with filing cabinets, a couple of small tables, and two microfilm–reading machines.

I paused by the cabinets. "The films for the Athena Daily Register are here. The dates are on the cards on each drawer. When you finish with a roll, please put it in that basket on top of the cabinet." I stopped a moment to clear my throat. "Have you used microfilm readers like these before?"

Lawton nodded as he approached me. I moved aside to let him peer at the labels on the drawers. He squatted, pulled out one of the drawers, and examined its contents.

"Then, if there's nothing else, I'll head back to the desk."

"Yeah, thanks," Lawton said.

"You're welcome," I said, surprised. This was the first time he had uttered the word thanks in my hearing, despite the other times I had helped him.

I glanced at my watch on the way back to the reference-circulation desk. A quarter to three. Only fifteen minutes more on the desk, and then Diesel and I could go home. I looked forward to some quiet time. This had been a long, hot week, and a brief nap before I cooked dinner sounded appealing.

As I mulled possible menus, I resumed my seat behind the desk. Diesel left Lizzie and came back to me. I scratched his head as he rubbed against my right leg. He was an affectionate creature and didn't often stray far from my side - except to spend time with one of his many human friends. He was popular with the library's patrons, and he enjoyed them - as long as they didn't have small hands that wanted to pull cat hair, that is.

I helped two more people with their reference questions, and when I consulted my watch again, the quarter hour was down to three minutes.

The library's newest employee, Bronwyn Forster, offered a sweet smile as she neared me, ready to take my place. "Afternoon, Charlie. Has it been busy?"

"About the usual," I said. "When school starts next week, things will pick up."

Bronwyn nodded as she rubbed Diesel's head. She cooed at him for a moment, and Diesel warbled back at her. I knew Diesel would agree with me that Bronwyn, with never an unkind word for anyone, made a pleasant change from Anita Milhaus, the obnoxious woman she replaced two months ago.

I waited until Bronwyn finished petting the cat, and then Diesel and I bade her and Lizzie good–bye. I retrieved my briefcase from the office I shared with one of the full–time librarians on the Fridays that I volunteered. I put Diesel into his harness, attached the leash, and we were ready.

The hot August air slapped us both as Diesel and I left the library for my car. I opened the doors to let the heat out, then got in to crank the car and get the air conditioner going. In the meantime, Diesel hopped onto the floorboard on the front passenger side of the car. I detached his leash and stuck it in my briefcase.

On the way home, I thought longingly about a cool shower. I felt sticky from the heat despite the cold blast of air from the car vents.

I pulled into the driveway and hit the garage door opener. As the door rose, I saw Sean's car in its slot. I smiled, glad he was home from whatever mysterious errand he said he had to run today. I pulled my car in beside my son's, and I thought about the change in our relationship over the past five months. We were getting along much better now, and I enjoyed having him with me.

Diesel hopped out of the car and made it to the kitchen door ahead of me. I watched, grinning, as he opened the door. Earlier in the year he had learned how to do it by twisting the knob with his front paws, and I still got a kick out of watching him. I suspected my boarder, Justin Wardlaw, taught him the trick, although Diesel was smart enough to have figured it out for himself.

I followed my cat into the kitchen and closed the door behind us. Diesel loped off to the utility room, home to his litter box and food and water bowls. I followed his example and poured myself a glass of water. As I drank I heard laughter from the direction of the living room. I recognized the baritone rumble of Sean's voice, but there was a second voice. A female voice, and it sounded oddly familiar.

"It can't be," I said as I shook my head. My heart beat faster, and I set the glass on the counter.

Moments later I paused in the living room doorway and stared at the two people on the couch - my son, Sean, and my daughter, Laura.

She caught sight of me and jumped up. "Surprise, Dad!" She grinned as she ran to give me a hug.

I threw my arms around her and held her tight. "What a wonderful surprise." I glanced over at Sean, still on the sofa. He grinned broadly.

"Look at my movie star daughter." I released Laura and stepped back. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, and I was thrilled to have her here. Her visits home were all too infrequent. "You and Sean really put one over on me."

"Not a movie star yet, Dad, but I'm working on it." Laura laughed as she posed for me. Even dressed in jeans and an old linen man's shirt she was still beautiful and looked several years younger than her age, twenty–four. Like her brother she had curly black hair and expressive eyes. She had the gamine grace of Audrey Hepburn despite the fact that she was five–ten in her bare feet.

"I had a hard time not telling you on Wednesday when you called me." Laura laughed again. "I knew Sean would kill me, though, because we wanted it to be a real surprise." She took my hand and led me to the couch.

I sat with a child on either side of me. "So your mysterious errand was going to the airport in Memphis." I smiled at Sean, and he grinned.

I turned back to Laura. "How long can you stay? At least a week, I hope."

Laura exchanged a sly glance with her brother. "Actually, I can stay longer than that, if you can stand having me."

"Of course," I said, delighted.

"I'll be here through Christmas." Laura giggled at my stunned expression.

"That's wonderful," I said, somewhat bewildered. "But can you afford to be away from Los Angeles that long? Career–wise, I mean?"

Laura shrugged. "I guess I'll find out. But in the meantime I've got a pretty good gig here."

"What kind of gig do you have in Athena?" I couldn't imagine what kind of acting job she had found here that would last several months.

Before Laura could respond, my thirty–six–pound cat jumped into her lap, startling all of us.

"Diesel. You rascal." Laura hugged the cat as he warbled at her. Diesel adored my daughter, and the feeling was mutual. Last Christmas Laura threatened to catnap Diesel and take him back to California with her.

After a minute or so of loving attention to the cat, Laura focused again on me and Sean. "I'm going to be filling in at the college for a professor on maternity leave this fall. The person who was originally hired to do it got a full–time job and backed out, and I'm the last–minute replacement."

"That's wonderful," I said. "So you'll teach acting?" Laura nodded. "A couple of basic courses, plus I'll be helping with the fall productions of the Theater Department. Should be fun."

A cell phone ring interrupted our conversation. Laura frowned as she pulled the phone from the pocket of her shirt. "Sorry about that." She glanced at the display, then stuck the phone back in her pocket. "I am so not in the mood for him right now." She grimaced.

"Him who?" I had to ask. Was some guy bothering her?

A guilty expression flashed across her face. "Oh, it's just my former boyfriend. He's always having some kind of crisis. But what can you expect from a playwright?" She wrinkled her nose and frowned.

Playwright? Dismay hit me. No, surely not. Not him.

Case Study No. 1453: The Librarian (Atrium Carceri)

atrium carceri - librarian
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From discogs.com:

Atrium Carceri - Seishinbyouin
Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog: CMI133
Format: CD, Album
Country: Sweden
Released: Sep 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient

Liner Notes [Texts Written By] - Donald Persson , Simon Heath
Music By, Artwork By - Simon Heath
Photography - Simon Heath, Martin Montin & Solfrid Berntsen

Atrium Carceri's second album is even better than the first. The theme this time is in an Insane Asylum (Seishinbyouin literally means mental hospital) and it is the sort of music than could send you there. The horror this time is a whole different brand. Whereas the first album created a feeling of fear based on your loneliness amongst the hellish ghosts in the abandoned prison, this album clearly focuses on the recesses of your mind. The voices that whisper to you & the demons that lurk with your soul. There are Japanese voices throughout that must feel like a schizophrenic part of your own personality that you can't quite understand.

"Librarian" has the first English in it ("Don't Be Scared") which of course has the opposite effect than what you assume is the desired result from the words especially as the screaming starts, not as someone in pain but as someone in complete turmoil & mental anguish.

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Case Study No. 1452: Zoe Friedlander

How to Search the Academy's Library Catalog
This three minute video shows you how to find items in the library catalog of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Margaret Herrick Library.

If you click the Full Screen button and the video becomes blurry, try dragging the progress indicator back to the beginning. This may sharpen the video.
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[scene opens with the first slide of a PowerPoint presentation, reading "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Margaret Herrick Library / How to Search the Library Catalog by Zoe Friedlander"]
ZOE: [in voice over] After watching this video, you'll know how to search for items in the library catalog.
[cut to the library's website at "catalog dot oscars dot org"]
ZOE: [in voice over] For a title search, type the search item into this search box.
[the cursor moves up to the "Search" tab, as she types in "how green was my valley"]
ZOE: [in voice over] Change the dropdown menu to "Title Keyword," and click the search button.
[she clicks "Search", which brings up the results page]
ZOE: [in voice over] Filter your search results by clicking one or more of the options under "Add Filters."
[she goes to the "Add Filters" section in the right hand corner, and clicks "Posters" (bringing up a new list of results)]
ZOE: [in voice over] To see a full record, click the title or the image.
[she clicks on the second entry ("How Green Was My Valley / [poster] : John Ford : 1941"), bringing up the image of the poster]
ZOE: [in voice over] Notice that all the words from the search phrase are highlighted.
[she clicks the "Next" button, bringing up the record for the next result ("How Green Was My Valley / [script] : John Ford : 1941")]
ZOE: [in voice over] Use the "Next" and "Previous" links to page through the records. Click "Title List" to get back to your search results.
[she clicks the link, bringing up the original results page]
ZOE: [in voice over] Let's search for archival collections. First, click "Basic Search" to go back to the search screen.
[she clicks the link, bringing up the the library's homepage]
ZOE: [in voice over] Type "Hitchcock" into the search box. Set this dropdown field to "Keyword," and in the "Limit: To" box, select "Archival Collections." Click "Search."
[a new results list (featuring just ten items) comes up]
ZOE: [in voice over] The results show all collections that have the word "Hitchcock" in any field. Since we limited to archival collections, that's all we'll see in our results list. Click a title to view the record.
[she clicks on the first entry ("Alfred Hitchcock papers, 1821-1979"), bringing up that record]
ZOE: [in voice over] This record includes a brief scope note, and there's also an extended scope note for this collection, which you can view by clicking the "Extended Scope and Content Note" link.
[she clicks the link, bringing up the "Alfred Hitchcock papers" webpage]
ZOE: [in voice over] This link takes you to the scope note for the manuscript portion of this collection. From here, you can get to the photo scope note, and to biographical or historical information. Click the browser's "Back" button to get back to the catalog record.
[she returns to the catalog record and scrolls to the bottom]
ZOE: [in voice over] In the "Finding Aid" field, you can use these links to view records of the items in this collection. The "Manuscript Inventory" link takes you to a list of the manuscript items, and the "Photograph Inventory" link gets you a link of the photographic materials.
[she clicks on the "Manuscript Inventory" link, bringing up a new list of search results]
ZOE: [in voice over] Use the browser's "Back" button to go back to the catalog.
[she returns to the catalog record]
ZOE: [in voice over] You can do a new search right from this screen. We'll search for the periodical "American Cinematographer." Limit the search by choosing "Journal Title Keyword."
[she types "american cinematographer" into the search box at the top of the screen, bringing up the record for the magazine]
ZOE: [in voice over] Since there's only one record for this title as a journal title, the display goes straight to the full record.
[she scrolls to the bottom of the record]
ZOE: [in voice over] In the holdings information, there are links to websites where you can access full text. Also, the library has this magazine on microfilm, as well as recent editions in the stacks and older editions in a flat file.
["Questions about using the library catalog? Contact Zoe Friedlander at zfriedlander at oscars dot org" appears on screen]
ZOE: [in voice over] This concludes the training video on how to use the library catalog. If you have questions on the use of the catalog, please email Zoe Friedlander at zfriedlander at oscars dot org. Thank you.
["Written, recorded and produced by Zoe Friedlander, Head of Library Systems, Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" appears on screen]


From loc.gov:

The Academy Meets Digital Preservation
March 1, 2012

Hot on the heels of the Academy Awards, we would like to present to you, Zoe Friedlander, Systems Librarian for the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Zoe was one of the inaugural 24 trainers invited to attend the Digital Preservation Outreach & Education (DPOE) Train-the-Trainer Workshop in September 2011. I thought it would be apropos to get in touch with her to learn more about what she does for the Academy and how it ties in with digital preservation and her new role as a digital preservation trainer.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

As Systems Librarian for the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I'm responsible for the operation and continued enhancement of three of our main library systems: our library catalog, which is a Voyager database; our Inmagic system, which contains inventories of our special collections materials, photograph collections, clipping files and other resources; and our CONTENTdm system that we are using to build a digital library. In addition to these systems, our Photograph Department has a DAMs which is managed by our Digital Archivist. I'm also the webmaster for the library portal and I analyze and troubleshoot system problems of all sorts and act as liaison to the Academy's IT department.

Systems librarianship is my third career; my first two were technical writing and then graphic design. Both of those were excellent background for the job I do now; the skills I learned as a software technical writer have been key to my ability to communicate technical information to less technical staff, and the graphic design skills I gained have helped make the Web pages and forms I design easy to use and navigate.

How are you involved in digital preservation at your organization?

So far I'm really just preparing to start the conversation. I chair the library's Technology Committee where we discuss things like the need for greater redundancy for our DAMs storage; but my goal for the outcome of the training I will do here in the next month or so is for the library to develop a digital preservation policy.

What encouraged you to apply for the DPOE Train-the-Trainer Workshop?

The truth is that I set myself a personal goal to start presenting more to groups, and I thought attending the Train-the-Trainer workshop would be a great way to ensure that that happened. And then once I attended the workshop, I realized that here were all the questions (about how to deal with digital resources) that we really needed to start talking and thinking about, especially with respect to future digital donations to the library.

If you were to offer one piece of advice to aspiring digital preservationists what would it be?

I see a potentially huge market for jobs for digital preservationists, but in many cases, for many companies, you will have to first explain the risks and the need, and make the costs of inaction clear, before you can persuade management to put money towards a plan and staffing.

What kind of training events do you foresee holding in the near future?

I plan to present probably the first three modules of the DPOE workshop, Identify, Select, and Store, in April. I will be sending an email to my company (around 260 people) and will present to the first 20 or so people who sign up, on a first-come first-served basis. Depending upon how that goes, I may then offer the next three modules, or teach the first three modules again.