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Case Study No. 1632: Maria (Harvest Moon Magical Melody)

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Meeting Maria
Yeah, well, it could be the courteous, deep-bowing, modest, refined librarians that turn evil on you! Don't trust Maria!

...What? A reason not to like her? I told you, she's evil! Of course it's not just because she's the rival for my Ray, or anything like that... *cough*

Nah, Maria's actually really nice. Damian's wife, in fact. It's just that she makes a horrible couple with my husband. HORRIBLE, I say!

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Maria is one of the marriage candidates in "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody" for the Nintendo GameCube.

She's the mayor's daughter, and works as a receptionist at the library. You will be unable to meet Maria until the Library opens on the 10th day of Spring. Like Ray, she's a strong silent type. She's serious, and seems to be quite religious (often making references to the Harvest Goddess).

She has an artistic side to her, but also loves nature and animals. Although tidy, Maria is also quiet sweet and is always happy to see visitors to the library. There are new books every season, and you can obtain a musical note if you read every book at the library.

Loves: Stewed Yam, Cabbage, Sashimi, Stewed Potato, Stewed Eggplant
Likes: Coral, Perfumes
Dislikes: Weeds, Mushroom, Toadstool, Garbage

First Appearance
Maria appears when you enter the library for the first time, which opens on the 10th of Spring, Year 1.

When the player enters, her back is turned against the door as she is looking at books. She turns around and greets the player.
"Hello." She laughs.
"My name is Maria, and I am the receptionist at this library. It is a pleasure to meet you." She bows.
"I understand that you came here on the Ranch Plan? I heard this from my father."
Player is startled, recoiling with !? above the head.
"Oh, my father is Theodore, the mayor. He has taken quite a liking to you.
Player leans to the side.
"The library is closed Mondays and Holidays. If there's a book you'd like to read, please feel free to do so."
Player nods.
"Take care." Maria bows again.

Heart Lines
0 hearts: "It will probably be difficult alone, but please do your best."

1 heart: "In the old times there were more people in this village and it was a vibrant place to live"

2 hearts: "It's a lonely thing when people leave and festivals are no longer held. It would be great if the village bustled with people"

3 hearts: "Why are people unsatisfied unless they are trying to gain an advantage by improving their appearence or by looking down on others?"

4 hearts: "In old times when the Harvest Goddess was here, I hear there were not many disasters. People must have been nice to each other."

5 hearts: "If everyone could be sincere and kind towards people, I think there would no longer be things like war in the world."

6 hearts: "My father gave his all for the sake of the village and I respect him. I hope there is some way that I can be of help."

7 hearts: "There are various kinds of lies. There are lies told not to hurt people, it's a difficult thing."

8 hearts: "___, do you have someone you love? I know someone who I respect. But I don't know if it's love."

9-10 hearts: "I don't really understand myself these days. When you truly love a person, all kinds of feelings swirl about."

Gift Events
2-Heart Gift

Pickled Cabbage: This event activates when you leave your house in the morning after getting Maria to 2 hearts.

"Good morning.
This is some pickled cabbage that I made. Take some if you like.
Well then, please excuse me."

5-Heart Gift:

Pickled Veggies: This event activates when you leave your house in the morning after getting Maria to 5 hearts.

"Good morning.
This is for you, if you'd like some.
Please, be my guest.
Men don't eat many vegetables. I thought about nutrition as I made this.
Well then, please excuse me."



Maria and Ray are a Magical Melody Rival Couple.
Ray is the local fisherman in the village and resembles Cliff from FoMT.Maria
is the village's Librarian and runs the Library.
In this scene, Ray gets nervous about Maria and has a bad day with her.
At the Library:

Maria:Are you looking for something?

Ray:(!)Aaah!Y-you startled me!

Maria:Oh my...I'm sorry.If you're looking for a book, I'll help.

Ray:Well actually...a fishing book...

Maria:Well lets see...I don't think beginner's mannuals would work for
I'm sorry, our selection isn't good right now.(!?)

Don't come any closer!

Maria:I'm sorry...

Ray:(I don't do well with pretty girls.I get nervous, I don't know what to
Well, see you...

Maria:Come back again!

(Runs out library)

Maria:Mr.Fisherman perhaps you're in a bad mood today?You're usually enjoying

Case Study No. 1631: Liz Morris, George Bailey, and Gillie Randall

Thriller - 1973
ATV - "File It Under Fear" (1x08) Intro. U.K. Serie qui a ete diffusee et doublee au Quebec sous le titre "Angoisse".
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Thriller is a British television series, originally broadcast in the UK from 1973 to 1976. It is an anthology series: each episode has a self-contained story and its own cast. As the title suggests, each story is a thriller of some variety, from tales of the supernatural to down-to-earth whodunits.


Season 1, Episode 8
File It Under Fear (2 Jun. 1973)

Maureen Lipman plays the part of a somewhat dowdy but incredibly sensual librarian, Liz Morris who lives at home with a somewhat domineering and morbid mother (played by Rose Hill) and a somewhat dour and enigmatic lodger Steve Kerroway. Richard O'Callaghan plays the part of George Bailey, her library assistant. It's A Wonderful Life this is not! A number of young girls in the area have gone missing / been found murdered and Liz becomes wary when she realises that she could be a victim.

The action is primarily focused on the library and the gripping conclusion takes place there. The location shots are particularly effective and atmospheric while the ending (avoid the US credits) is somewhat surprising.



Thriller (June 2, 1973, UK, TV series), "File It under Fear." Maureen Lipman plays British village librarian Liz Morris and Richard O'Callaghan plays library assistant George Bailey. Much of the action takes place in the library, where the villagers come together to gossip about a grisly series of murders. The murderer is revealed when Morris is locked inside the library by the just-fired Bailey and stalked by the killer.



Liz Morris: George, there will be murder if you don't get on with some filing.
Stubbs: Morning, George.
George Bailey: Good morning, Mr. Stubbs.
Gillie Randall: Oh, good morning Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Oh, hello Gillie. Good morning, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: Morning, Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Now, what do you advise for today?
Liz Morris: Well, the Leader and the Times.
Stubss: Mm.
Liz Morris: You'll find that interesting. And there's another extract from the book on the Lusitania. Page 4, I marked it.
Stubbs: Oh, that's very kind of you. Thank you.
Gillie Randall: I still don't understand it.
Liz Morris: Hm?
Gillie Randall: Well, how you know what he wants to read.
Liz Morris: Ah.
Stubbs: Well, that's because I don't just come in here to read the newspapers. Sometimes I borrow a book as well. Isn't that right, Miss Morris?
Gillie Randall: What's that got to do with it?
Stubbs: Well, it's Miss Morris, you see. Her system. She swears that you can judge a person's character, you know, likes and dislikes, by the books that he reads.
Gillie Randall: Is that right?
Liz Morris: Yes, I think I can.
Gillie Randall: All right, then. This is my current reading. Judge me.
[she gives her a book]
Liz Morris: I'll try. Oh, uh, imaginative. Impulsive. You like adventure... and marmalade for breakfast.
Stubbs: There you are! Didn't I tell you?
Gillie Randall: I'll have to retaliate, though.
Liz Morris: Retaliate?
Gillie Randall: From now on, I'm going to keep a close eye on what you're reading, Miss Morris.
[she walks off, as Morris hides a copy of "Romantic Dreams" in her pocketbook]


Gillie Randall: I've only got another week, you know.
Liz Morris: Hm? Oh yes, your start of term's on Monday, isn't it?
Gillie Randall: It's been good for me, working here between college. I've learned a lot.
Liz Morris: Well, all these books.
Gillie Randall: No no, I don't mean that. I suppose I meant about people. Take poor old Mr. Stubbs, for instance. Feeling he has to apologize for being lonely. It's a terrible thing, the fear of being alone.
Liz Morris: Yes, I suppose it is.


[Liz is reading a copy of the Penbury Clarion with the headline "Local Girl Strangled" when her mother calls to her]
Mother: Liz? It's your assistant, Liz. George.
[George enters the house, as the mother calls to their boarding room tenant]
Mother: Steve? Hurry up now, Steve, you'll be late!
Steve Kerroway: Right.
George Bailey: Miss Morris, Gillie and I have been now waiting more than twenty minutes. And there are people queueing up waiting to get into the library.
Liz Morris: Hadn't you seen the papers? Betty!
George Bailey: Terrible, whole place is buzzing with it. But we do run a public service, you know. And the library is still locked.
[she hands him her keys]
George Bailey: See, this would never have happened if you'd let me have the keys in the first place. Goodbye, Misses Morris.
Mother: Bye bye.
Liz Morris: George! I, uh, I won't be in until later.
George Bailey: Well, don't worry. I can handle everything.
Mother: Do you think you should go in at all, dear? I mean, knowing the girl so well, it must be--
Liz Morris: I have to go in, mother. Eventually.
[she leaves as Steve enters]
Steve Kerroway: What's the matter with her?
Mother: Well, it's that murder! It's all in the paper this morning, look! Look, there's all this about it! A lovely girl she was, too. Liz knew her well, you know. Worked next door. You know, that little sweet shoppe right next door to the library.


George Bailey: I'm glad to see you haven't disintegrated. Miss Morris looks as though she's gone all to pieces. But the show must go on, eh?
Gillie Randall: ...
George Bailey: Right, well I'll attend to the mail, and you can start on my filing. Okay?
[Stubbs enters the library]
George Bailey: Oh, I'm awful sorry, Mr. Stubbs. The papers haven't arrived yet this morning. Um, Miss Morris is indisposed and forgot to collect them.
Stubbs: I see, thank you. I've seen all that I want to see, thank you... Poor Betty.
Gillie Randall: [crying]
Stubbs: That's all right, Gillie. All right, all right. You'll be all right... Is Miss Morris about?
George Bailey: Um, no no. I told you, she's indisposed. But if there's anything I can do to help--
Stubbs: No no no, there isn't. Thank you very much all the same. Nothing.


[Miss Morris is at the police station talking to two officers about her friend Betty]
Liz Morris: And that's all I can tell you. But I just thought you ought to know.
Supt. Cramer: And we're very grateful, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: Well, do you think it will help?
Supt. Cramer: Well, anything may help at this time.
Sergeant Truscott: Right. Uh, thank you, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: Oh... A married man. She definitely said she was meeting a married man. I suppose I should've spoken to her then. Warned her. But really, people don't like to be given advice, do they? Especially very young people.
Sergeant Truscott: Oh, Miss Morris, you can't be more than 28 yourself.
Liz Morris: 29, actually. Well, I mean, and then you see, Betty was a very impressionable girl. Very gullible. One could tell that from the sort of books she read.
Supt. Cramer: Yes, well, thank you for the information, Miss Morris. Sergeant, please.
Liz Morris: Oh, not at all. I just hope you get the filthy man who... I just hope you get him.
[she leaves]
Sergeant Truscott: A married man... Well, I suppose it could be. Surely this is the work of a frustrated man. I say he was single, living alone. Or with mum.
Supt. Cramer: Well, it's started, sergeant.
Sergeant Truscott: What, sir?
Supt. Cramer: The cranks!
Sergeant Truscott: You can say that again, sir!
Supt. Cramer: Frustrated as hell, that one.
Sergeant Truscott: And makes up fantasies to compensate.
Supt. Cramer: Exactly.
[he takes the librarian's written statement and crumples it up into a ball]


[a uniformed soldier hands the librarian some books]
Gerry Masters: What time do you close?
Liz Morris: 7 o'clock.
[she stamps the books, with the titles "Death by fire", "The psycho murders", and "The assassins webb"]
Gerry Masters: Thanks.


George Bailey: Goodnight Mr. Stubbs. Goodnight Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: George. The key, you forgot to return the key.
[he gives her the key and leaves]
Liz Morris: Thank you. Mr. Stubbs, we are closing.
Stubbs: Hm? Oh good lord, I must've nodded off.
[she turns and sees the soldier looking through the window]
Liz Morris: Uh, that'll do Gillie.
Gillie Randall: Oh no, there's still the history section I've got to do.
Liz Morris: No, the history can wait until tomorrow.
Gillie Randall: No listen, I don't mind.
Liz Morris: Please, tomorrow
Gillie Randall: Okay.
Liz Morris: You are going straight home, aren't you?
Gillie Randall: Yes, but you don't have to worry about me.
Stubbs: Oh Gillie, I could walk you part of the way home if you'd like.
Gillie Randall: No, honestly. Honestly, I can look after myself.
Liz Morris: Just go straight home, that's all I ask.
Gillie Randall: Yes, I will. Goodnight Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Goodnight.
[she leaves]
Stubbs: Miss Morris?
Liz Morris: Hm?
Stubbs: I think you're gonna be all right tonight. See, Gillie... Gillie's a good girl. A nice girl. Goodnight.
Liz Morris: Goodnight Mr. Stubbs.


[after seeing Gillie argue with the solider outside the library, Miss Morris returns home]
Mother: Have a good day, dear?
Liz Morris: Good day? Hardly.
Mother: Oh of course, I forgot, that poor girl! Much about it in the paper?
Liz Morris: Oh god, I forgot to get one.
Mother: You forgot? Oh, now that's very selfish of you! You know how I look forward to the--
Liz Morris: Well, I'm sorry mother! I'm sorry!
Mother: All right, no need to be so sharp. Well, I didn't forget to cook your supper.
Steve Kerroway: I should be back about 10. Goodnight.
[he leaves]
Mother: Goodnight.
Liz Morris: Steve going out again. It's not like him to go out so often, during the week.
Mother: I think he's having trouble with his wife.
Liz Morris: His wife? He's not married.
Mother: Course he is. Or was. Well, still is, I suppose. They're separated. But I know she's been after him lately for some money.
Liz Morris: Well, he never told me he was married.
Mother: Well, perhaps he thought you wouldn't understand.
Liz Morris: Why wouldn't I?
Mother: Well, not having been married yourself, dear. You know. I think that's why Steve doesn't go out with any other girls at the moment. He can't afford them, or doesn't trust 'em.
[Miss Morris hears a police siren, then runs to the phone]
Liz Morris: Hello? Uh, good evening. I wonder if I could speak to Gillie Randall, please. Oh, I see. Um, well no. If you could just ask her to ring Elizabeth Morris when she does come home. Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.


Liz Morris: Where's Gillie?
George Bailey: Late, I suppose.
[they enter the library]
Liz Morris: She's never been late before.
George Bailey: Well, she is now, isn't she?
[Mr. Stubbs enters]
Stubbs: Ah, good morning George.
George Bailey: Morning, Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Morning Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: Morning Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Morning Gillie.
Liz Morris: She's not here.
Stubbs: What? Well, is she ill or something? Well, don't worry, Miss Morris. There's an awful lot of flu about, you know.
[she picks up the phone]
George Bailey: I don't know what you're worried about, she's only five minutes late.
Liz Morris: Ah, hello. Uh, it's Elizabeth Morris again. Uh, tell Gillie not to worry about not returning my call last night. If she's not feeling well, she... It can't be. Well, have you told anybody? The police, of course! Well, I know she only lodges with you, but aren't you at all concerned about... No. No, don't worry, I'll do it. Thank you.
[she hangs up]
Stubbs: Miss Morris? What's the matter? What is it?
Liz Morris: Gillie. She didn't come home at all last night.
Stubbs: Well, that's impossible. I mean, Gillie's a good girl. A nice girl.
Liz Morris: I know.
[she takes one of the circulation cards from the front desk and picks up the phone again]
Liz Morris: Police.


[one of the officers questions Miss Morris in the library]
Liz Morris: Well, he was youngish. About 25. Tall, well-built. Handsome in a way. And wearing uniform. You know who he is, this is his card.
Supt. Cramer: Well, that may not be his, you see. That might be stolent.
Liz Morris: Oh.
Supt. Cramer: Anyway, you definitely saw him talking to Gillian Randall?
Liz Morris: Definitely. They, uh, were right across the street, and they talked, and then they went off together. I can't understand it, because I mean Gillie is such a level-headed sort of girl. She's not the kind of girl--
Supt. Cramer: Most women are unpredictable, Miss Morris. All women. Right, well there's just one more thing.
[he takes a woman's shoe out of his satchel]
Supt. Cramer: You recognize that?
Liz Morris: Oh my god, she's dead, isn't she?
Supt. Cramer: Now, at the moment, she's missing. Now that is all we know.
[the phone rings, and Miss Morris doesn't answer so the officer picks up]
Supt. Cramer: Hello? Yes Sergeant? Yes? Right. Well, you know what to do. I'll be back as soon as I can, goodbye.
[he hangs up, then takes the card from Miss Morris]
Supt. Cramer: Sergeant Gerry Masters. He's on leave at the moment, has been for the last couple of days. He's not expected back until next week. And nobody knows where he is. Or where he's staying, he might be anywhere.
Liz Morris: Well, that makes me the only witness, doesn't it? I mean, I'm the only one who can identify him.
Supt. Cramer: I shouldn't worry, Miss Morris. Getting rid of witnesses only happens in America.


George Bailey: It's not the same without Gillie, is it? I never thought I'd miss her this much.
Liz Morris: George, the key. The spare key. You'd better have it, just in case.
[she gives him the key]
Liz Morris: Well, I may be late in the morning, I'm not feeling very well.
George Bailey: Well, that's more sensible. I've been telling you for months. I knew you'd come round to my way of thinking eventually.
Liz Morris: It's just a temporary measure, George.
George Bailey: We'll see. Goodnight, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: Goodnight.


Mother: What's the matter with you? You look as though you've been running.
Liz Morris: I have.
Steve Kerroway: Somebody chasing you?
Liz Morris: I thought there was, yes.
Mother: Oh, if you don't half-exaggerate!
Liz Morris: Well, he does attack women, doesn't he? And I am a woman, aren't I?
Steve Kerroway: Oh, I think he prefers 'em a bit younger, though. If the papers are to be believed. And I doubt that, two murders and they always try and link 'em together and make a panic--
Liz Morris: Three.
Steve Kerroway: What?
Liz Morris: There have been three murders.
Mother: Three? Is it in the paper? Hope you brought me one tonight!
Liz Morris: No I didn't. It isn't in the papers, anyway.
Steve Kerroway: How do you know then?
Liz Morris: Police told me.
Mother: Police?
Steve Kerroway: What?
Liz Morris: Well, more or less. Gillie didn't turn up today.
Steve Kerroway: Who's Gillie?
Liz Morris: A young student who's been helping out at the library. You must've seen her the other day when you came in.
Steve Kerroway: Can't say I noticed, no.
Liz Morris: Well, she didn't turn up today and she hasn't been home all night. And the police found one of her shoes down by the river.
Mother: Oh my god.
Liz Morris: They're dragging it now.
Steve Kerroway: They haven't found her yet?
Liz Morris: Well if they'd found her they'd hardly still be searching for her, would they?
Steve Kerroway: Aw, she'll probably turn up then, minus a shoe and with some silly story.
Liz Morris: That's why I was running, you see. I thought he was behind me.
Mother: Who?
Liz Morris: The killer. The man that Gillie went off with last night.
Mother: Oh Liz!
Liz Morris: I saw him quite clearly, I'd know him again.
Steve Kerroway: Star witness, eh? You can put the finger on the man responsible... We'll have to take care of you Liz, won't we? I'm going out. You'd better lock the door after me.


[Miss Morris finds the books that Masters checked out on her desk]
Liz Morris: These books! Who brought these books back?! These books were not here last night, somebody's returned them this morning, now who?! George, you opened up! The man who brought these books back, when was he here?!
George Bailey: I didn't see anybody return them.
Liz Morris: You must've done!
George Bailey: Look, I haven't been here the whole time, I was down in the history section checking some books in down there. Anyway, there's been a dozen or more people in and out of here all morning.
Liz Morris: This would be an American airman, in uniform!
George Bailey: No, I haven't seen anybody like that.
Stubbs: Just a minute, Miss Morris. Uh, yes that's right. There was a young man in here, just a few minutes ago. I couldn't see him very clearly, but I was aware of him. And he, yes that's right, he did go over to your desk there.
Liz Morris: Yeah, and then what?
Stubbs: Well, he... uh, then he went down over there.
George Bailey: No, he can't have gone down there. I told you, I was down there the whole time checking in books. Now what is all the fuss about, anyway?
Liz Morris: The man who brought these books back is the man who murdered Betty. And probably Gillie too.


Stubbs: Miss Morris, would you like me to stay awhile? I could walk part of the way home with you, if you'd like.
Liz Morris: No thank you, Mr. Stubbs. He only attacks young women. Very young, as was pointed out to me.
Stubbs: I see. Well, goodnight then.
Liz Morris: Goodnight, Mr. Stubbs.
Stubbs: Goodnight George.
George Bailey: Oh, goodnight Mr. Stubbs.
[he leaves]
George Bailey: I could see you home too if you'd like, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: No thanks, George.
George Bailey: I'd feel safe with you. Well, see you in the morning, then.
Liz Morris: George. I'm completely recovered now. I shall be here on time in the morning.
George Bailey: Yeah, me too.
Liz Morris: You misunderstand me, George. The key. The key I lent you. It won't be necessary for you to have it anymore.
George Bailey: Well, wait a minute. You said that I could--
Liz Morris: I said it was a temporary measure! I distinctly remember saying that!... Now, the key. Please, George.
George Bailey: You like to humiliate me, don't you? It helps you to hit back, doesn't it? Because you're well on the way to becoming a dried-up old spinster!
Liz Morris: Not becoming, George. I am... Now, the key, if you please.
[he takes the key out of his pocket]
George Bailey: I, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
Liz Morris: Oh, it's your opinion. Apparently, you're entitled to it.
George Bailey: But I can hit back too, y'know. Well, you'd be surprised what I could...
[he puts the key on her desk]
Liz Morris: Thank you, George. And I think it would be best if you start looking for a new job next week.
[he takes the key and throws it across the room, then knocks all the books off her desk and pushes a bookshelf down]
Liz Morris: In fact, I don't think you'd better come in here anymore. At all.
[she bends down to pick up the books, and George goes into her purse and takes her key]
Liz Morris: Goodbye, George.
[he leaves and locks the door from the outside]


[locked in the library, Miss Morris finds Gerry Masters hiding in the backroom, so she tries hiding on the second floor]
Gerry Masters: Miss Morris, let me explain. Miss, Miss Morris, I know what happened to Gillie. Look Miss Morris, if you just give me a chance to explain. Miss Morris, I know what happened to Gillie. Miss Morris, if you'd just come out and give me a chance to explain, I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to have an opportunity to look through George's desk. Miss Morris? Oh for cryin' out loud, Miss Morris. Just gimmee a chance to--
Liz Morris: No! You won't get me!
Gerry Masters: Look Miss Morris, let me explain.
Liz Morris: No!
[he starts climbing the stairs, so she grabs books off the shelf and throws them down at him]
Gerry Masters: Miss Morris, I just wanna--
Liz Morris: Not me! Gillie and Betty, not me!
[he falls backwards, then she pushes a bookshelf off the second floor and crushes him]
Liz Morris: Not me! Not me!


[Gillie reveals herself to be alive at the police station]
Gillie Randall: And that's why I decided to go along with Gerry Masters. He was waiting for me that night, that was the day after Betty was killed, and he told me the whole thing.
Supt. Cramer: What did Masters tell you?
Gillie Randall: Oh, that he'd been seeing Betty. That he had a date with her the night she was murdered. He was supposed to meet her down by the bridge.
Sergeant Truscott: Where it happened.
Gillie Randall: Yeah. Well he was a minute or two too late, got there, found the body and ran.
Supt. Cramer: Well, why?
Gillie Randall: He's a married man.
Supt. Cramer: We know that, Miss Randall.
Gillie Randall: Yes, but that's the point. Because he's a married man, he told Betty not to say anything about him to anyone.
Sergeant Truscott: Did she?
Gillie Randall: No, no. But she did say when and where she was meeting him. Well, I was there when she said it. Look, don't you see? We were in the library when Betty said it, and then later that night someone was waiting for her. Someone who knew exactly when and where she'd be.
Supt. Cramer: Who else was in the library when she said this?
Gillie Randall: Um, it was me, Liz... Miss Morris, that is. Old Mr. Stubbs, and George.
Supt. Cramer: George?
Gillie Randall: George Bailey. He works there. He's, uh, he's kind of weird.
Sergeant Truscott: And you think George...
Gillie Randall: Well, it's possible. And that's why I agreed to drop out of sight and pretend to be a victim. To worry him, perhaps force him into doing something.
Supt. Cramer: And that was Masters' idea?
Gillie Randall: Well, yes. But I went along with him--
Sergeant Truscott: Perhaps you did force him into something. Another girl was killed, you know that.
Gillie Randall: Yes.
Supt. Cramer: You may have been very lucky, Miss Randall. You've certainly been very stupid.
Gillie Randall: Look, the more I thought about it, about George and his attitude--
Supt. Cramer: Yes well, we'll deal with him later. Meanwhile, where is Gerry Masters?
Sergeant Truscott: You're an accessory now, Miss Randall.
Supt. Cramer: Where is he?
Gillie Randall: He, he's in the library.
Supt. Cramer: What?
Gillie Randall: Well, he was going to go there, hide away until the place closed and then search George's desk.
Supt. Cramer: Gerry Masters must have a very persuasive personality.
Gillie Randall: Yes, but he's not a killer! I'm sure of that! Look, it was George, he's the only one who could... Oh, I've just remembered something.
Supt. Cramer: What?
Gillie Randall: There was someone else there, it was another man.
Supt. Cramer: Well, who?
Gillie Randall: His name's Steve something, and he lodges at Miss Morris' house.


Mother: Steve? It's getting very late.
Steve Kerroway: Hm?
Mother: Well, where's Liz?
Steve Kerroway: Yes, it is rather late, isn't it? Do you want me to go and meet her?


[Mr. Stubbs unlocks the library and enters, where he finds Miss Morris crying at her desk]
Liz Morris: Mr. Stubbs...
Stubbs: Miss Morris? What's happened here? Why are you still here? I thought you'd gone and forgotten your key or something.
Liz Morris: [crying]
Stubbs: What is it? What's the matter, what's wrong? What? What? What's wrong, what is it? Hm? What?
Liz Morris: Man...
Stubbs: What? What man?
Liz Morris: Man.
Stubbs: Man?
Liz Morris: Who tried to kill Betty. And Gillie.
Stubbs: Where?
Liz Morris: Here.
Stubbs: Where is he? Where? Where is he? Hm?
[he sees Gerry Masters under the broken bookshelf]
Liz Morris: He would've killed me... I had to.
Stubbs: Have you... Phoned the police, have you? Phoned the police, hm?
Liz Morris: No. I had to, he would've killed me.
Stubbs: Yes.
[he picks up the phone]
Liz Morris: Why did you come back?
Stubbs: Huh? Oh, I... forgot my glasses. Forgot my glasses.
[he dials]
Stubbs: Yes, police? I'm speaking from the Penbury Library. My name, my name is Stubbs, yes. There's been some trouble here. Well yes, get a car over here as quickly as you can, yes. Hm? Well of course, I'll stay here with Miss Morris until you come, yes of course I will. Just hurry up, will you? Yes, as quick as you--
[she looks down and sees that his finger is still on the switchhook]
Stubbs: Oh, Miss Morris.
Liz Morris: This filth...
Stubbs: Miss Morris, I... I really do...
[she starts to back away]
Stubbs: Really, I like... to look at a pretty girl. My, my only pleasure. Y'see, I never got married, you see. And I like young, young people.
Liz Morris: You! It was you!
[she starts to run, and Stubbs chases her]
Stubbs: Miss Morris, I... I like you too, but you see, in a different way. I really mean it, that's what makes it such a pity.
Liz Morris: No!
[he corners her near the bookshelves, then starts to strangle her]
Stubbs: It's necessary! Necessary! Necessary!
[the police barge in and grab him, as Steve follows closely behind]
Stubbs: No! No! No!
Steve Kerroway: Liz? Liz!
[she emerges from behind the shelves, massaging her neck]
Liz Morris: He had to come back for them... Tried to kill me. Because I'm a woman. A very desirable woman. See?

Case Study No. 1630: "The Librarians" (Strike Force)

Mike Kirton's - The Librarians
Trailer for The Librarians
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["Three men and a woman" appears on screen, as a car crashes through a wall and explodes]
["On the wrong side of the law" appears on screen, as a boat flies through the air]
["Doing the right thing" appears on screen, as various scenes from the movie are shown]
NARRATOR: Simon Shaw. His family killed by his enemies. Now he uses his operative skills to collectively rescue overdue people.
[cut to a man showing Simon a photograph of a young woman]
JOHN STRONG: Her name is Amanda Clark. She's been a runaway on and off for the last five years.
[cut to the two watching a video of an older man holding back tears]
WILLIAM CLARK: Bring my Amanada ... home safely, Jonathan.
JOHN STRONG: Delicate matter.
SIMON SHAW: Just like the last time.
[cut to Simon talking to another man]
IRISH: I heard about your wife ... I'm sorry.
[cut to Simon and the other members of "The Librarians" driving in a car]
TOSHKO: She's been seen hanging out with the Little Techno gang.
G-MAN: I've heard of them. They're also known to deal in white slavery.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: The streets of South Beach. Ruled by Marcos.
[cut back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: Marcos ... He's a sick puppy.
[cut to more scenes from the movie, then back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: The worst kind, 'cause he just keeps coming ...
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: A killer with no conscience. Assisted by his gang of ruthless techno-boys.
[cut to Marcos and Simon talking in a night club]
MARCOS: Heard you had some trouble at the bar ...
SIMON SHAW: These young punks, they're such bullies.
[cut to The Librarians talking]
G-MAN: He's suspicious of us.
SIMON SHAW: We have to make our move now.
[cut to Simon talking to Sandi]
SIMON SHAW: I want you to back off now. Leave this to the professionals.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Every move The Librarians make ... puts them one step closer to danger. And to death.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Marcos will stop at nothing to protect his empire. Now The Librarians are out to bring him down ... their way.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Along with the help of a hidden ally ...
[cut to The Librarians talking about Sandi Miller]
G-MAN: She's in pretty deep with these guys.
SIMON SHAW: Mm, I knew there was something about her.
[cut back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: Don't get killed. I'd miss you too much.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Together they face the one man and his empire.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: William Forsythe. Erika Eleniak. Daniel Bernhardt. Amaury Nolasco. Christopher Atkins. And Andrew Divoff as Marcos.
[cut to a shot of Simon speaking to someone off camera]
SIMON SHAW: We're called the Librarians ...

A Mike Kirton Film
A Global Pictures Production

24 days shoot
2 million dollar budget



The Librarians (also known as Strike Force) is an action thriller film released in 2003. The film stars William Forsythe, Burt Reynolds, Erika Eleniak, and Christopher Atkins.

Tagline: "The coolest team in South Beach is about to turn up the heat." "Get ready to be blown away."

Film synopsis
Sandi (Erika Eleniak) goes underground in Miami to search for her sister, Amanda, who has gone missing after running away from home. Sandi gets a job in the strip club where her sister was last seen and this brings her face-to-face with a local crime syndicate's leader (Andrew Divoff). She discovers he was involved, but can't find any evidence. In the mean time Sandi's father (Michael Parks) hires a group of mercenaries called The Librarians, Simon (William Forsythe), Toshko (Daniel Bernhardt), and G-Man (Amaury Nolasco), to find his missing daughter. With the help of his old friend Irish (Burt Reynolds), Simon runs into Sandi at the strip club and together they try to find Amanda. As Sandi and Simon get closer to the truth and each other, the danger and the heat will rise!

William Forsythe as Agent Simon
Burt Reynolds as Irish
Erika Eleniak as Sandi Miller
Christopher Atkins as Ringo
Daniel Bernhardt as Toshko
Amaury Nolasco as G-Man

The DVD first premiered in Hungary on December 16, 2003. The following year, it was released in the United States.



"Strike Force" AKA "The Librarians" is strictly routine B-movie action fare about a team of mercenaries who are trying to locate a kidnapped girl (the granddaughter of the team leader's best friend) and bring down a powerful and sadistic crime boss operating in Miami. The locations are well-shot and the action scenes get as crazy as the budget will allow, however the good guys are just too outnumbered for the outcome to have much believability, and the fight choreography is nothing to write home about. Andrew Divoff makes a convincingly slimy and hateful villain, while Erika Eleniak is a knockout in more ways than one (I don't want to spoil her best scene, but it involves a barrel full of water). Nice to see Matthias Hues again - but is it just me or did they cut out his final scene? And why is Burt Reynolds - even if he appears in only 1 scene - not credited in either the opening or the closing credits? He shouldn't be ashamed of his involvement - he has appeared in worse films than this! (**)



A woman searching for her missing sister in Miami's dark underbelly makes a horrific discovery in the third feature from stuntman-turned-director Mike Kirton. Sandi (Erika Eleniak)'s sister has disappeared after traveling to Miami. Upon arriving in the bustling city to seek out her sister, Sandi's discovery of an underworld kidnapping ring soon leads her to a group of undercover vigilantes led by a man named Simon (William Forsythe). When the determined sister teams with Simon to discover the secret behind her sibling's strange disappearance, each step closer to the truth leads to a new threat and greater danger.

Rated R, 1 hr. 34 min.

Mystery & Suspense, Action & Adventure

Directed By: Mike Kirton

In Theaters: Dec 31, 2001 Wide

On DVD: Nov 9, 2004

Artisan Entertainment



Three Men and One Woman on the Wrong Side of the Law, Doing the Right Thing

When the daughter of wealthy land developer Frederick Davis vanishes into Miami's criminal underground, it's up to The Librarians to ensure her safe return. They'll find her, they'll bring her back, and they'll do whatever is necessary to fulfill their contract. They're called The Librarians ... because they collect overdue people, just like a librarian collects overdue books.

A private LearJet touches down on the desolate runway of the Miami airport in Southwest Miami. Simon, the obvious leader of the three Librarians, steps out of the plane, exquisitely dressed in his Armani suit, perfectly matching slacks and his very expensive Italian shoes, letting out a sigh of disapproval of the hot and humid weather. As he walks over towards the shuttle van, Slammer, looking like an Adonis wrapped in a tank top, jeans and boots, gets out and looks up, shading his eyes from the sun. Piling out last is G-Man, a 'cool dude' young man with platinum blond hair and yellow lens sunglasses. With his headphones, bright yellow shirt and orange pants, he is the only one who looks as if he might fit into the surroundings.

While they don't appear to have anything in common, this three member team is expert at getting to the bottom of things. They're here in Miami to hit the streets of South Beach and blend in, to quietly "cheek out" whatever information they can about their missing target and secure her safe return.

Are they too late? The "top story" on the morning news announces the mystery murder of Irma Davis, the client's daughter...

Written By:
Mike Kirton
William Forsythe

Directed By:
Mike Kirton

Produced By:
Global Pictures, Inc.

Executive Producers:
Anthony Rosamilia
Robert Nittolo

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Case Study No. 1629: "Mrs. Macreedy, Nanolibrarians, a four-eyed diddy, and more!"

The portrayal of librarians in comic strips (Part III)
Mrs. Macreedy, Nanolibrarians, a four-eyed diddy, and more!
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March 2, 1959
Charlie Brown: I've lost a library book!
Lucy Van Pelt: You have? Oh boy, you're a dead duck!
Charlie Brown: I've looked all over, but I can't find it!
Lucy Van Pelt: I'd say you're a dead duck.
Charlie Brown: I've looked and I've looked and I've looked...
Lucy Van Pelt: You know what, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: No, what?
Lucy Van Pelt: You're a dead duck!

March 3, 1959
Charlie Brown: "Learn to read," they say. "Reading is the greatest thing in the world!"
Charlie Brown: Then the next thing you know, they want you to take books out from the library...
Charlie Brown: But boy, if you lose one of their ol' books, then they wanna kill you!
Charlie Brown: I never said I wanted to learn how to read!!!

March 4, 1959
Lucy Van Pelt: Maybe the library thinks you stole their book...
Charlie Brown: Stole it? I wouldn't steal their book!
Lucy Van Pelt: Well, how do they know that?
Charlie Brown: Stole it! Good grief!
Lucy Van Pelt: Well, what do you expect them to think?
Lucy Van Pelt: Libraries are human too, you know!


March 9, 1959
Charlie Brown: I think I'll just call up the library. And tell them I've lost their book!
Charlie Brown: I think I'll go right over to the phone, and call them up!
Charlie Brown: I think I'll just pick up the phone, call the library, and tell them that I've lost their book...
Charlie Brown: I think I'll drop dead...

March 10, 1959
Charlie Brown: Last night I dreamed that the library people came to get me...
Charlie Brown: They put big chains on me, and hit me over the head with books. Then the library people turned into the F.B.I.
Charlie Brown: They kept chasing me over state lines, and then some citizen groups began to throw stones at me...
Charlie Brown: I was sort of glad when I woke up!

March 11, 1959
Linus Van Pelt: Did you ever find your library book, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: No.
Linus Van Pelt: Gee, what do you think will happen?
Charlie Brown: Well, I'll tell you... Whenever it's one man against an institution, there is always a tendency for the institution to win!
Charlie Brown: What's the matter?
Linus Van Pelt: The hearing of a great truth always stuns me!

March 12, 1959
Charlie Brown: Dear Library, I have lost your book.
Charlie Brown: I can not find it anywhere.
Charlie Brown: I will come to the library and turn myself in.
Charlie Brown: Please do not harm my mother and father.

March 13, 1959
Charlie Brown: I found it!
Charlie Brown: I found my library book! I looked in the refrigerator and there it was! I found it!!!
Linus Van Pelt: That's great, Charlie Brown...
Charlie Brown: I found it! I found it!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I found it! Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee I found it! I found it!!
Linus Van Pelt: In all the world there is nothing more inspiring than the sight of someone who has been taken off the hook!



Cartoonist(s): Berkeley Breathed
Comic/Cartoon: Opus
Viewable Date: 2006-09-10

Opus the Penguin is sitting up in bed, as an elderly woman emerges from his "Anxiety Closet."

He asks "Who are you?", and the woman replies "Mrs. Macreedy, you librarian from 1982."

The next panel shows the woman smiling as she says "Your copy of 'Green Eggs and Ham' is still checked out, you bad little dickens."

The final panel shows Opus getting back into bed with a smug look on his face ("Sigh ... Yesterday's doo-doo was so simple"), as the woman pulls a giant axe out of the violin case she was carrying ("8,432 days late, dear").



"Daily Jumble" Spoiler – 10/15/12

Visual Description: A female librarian is heading to work, saying "I'd better hurry or else I'm going to be late."

Clue/Question: The librarian would be late for work if she didn't ...





Letters: Ktoiob
Answer: BOOK IT



Cartoonist(s): Hilary Price
Comic/Cartoon: Rhymes with Orange
Viewable Date: 2010-02-22

Entitled "The Caliber of Service" (over a plaque reading "Library Hours, High Noon to Sunset"), the strip shows a female librarian sitting behind the reference desk, pointing to a male patron and saying "Walk ten paces, turn around, and bang -- there are the westerns."



Mordant Orange by Mike Bannon
February 24th, 2009
The Right Ratio

A female librarian is speaking in front of a sign reading "Librarians of America Summit", pointing to a PowerPoint presentation featuring a nude woman (with the private parts blocked out).

She tells the assembled group "In an attempt to lure people back from the internet, I suggest that we add pornographic images to every third page of all books."




Libraries of the Future
* Multi-dimensional fiction [drawing of a book which resembles one of M.C. Escher's irrational cubes]
* Holographic audiobooks [a hologram appears above a book and says "It was the best of times... "]
* Nanobooks/Nanolibrarian [microscopic dots are floating in the air around a small stick figure]
* Bookpills [several pills are labelled "50 Shades of Grey", "Jamie's 15-Minute Meals", and "Finnegans Wake"]
* Robot librarians [a robot is stamping a book]
* Sentient books [a book is sitting on the table, saying "I'm overdue, please take me back to the library"]



Panel #1
A man at the front desk of the public library asks "Do you have any MORE books by Anne Frank?"

Panel #2
Another man screams "You HAVE to read this book!", holding up a copy of "Something or the Other" by Who-Knows-Who.

Panel #3
A woman points to a stack of books and says "Do you have these SAME books but in blue?"

Panel #4
Clarice is sitting on the other side of the front desk, thinking "I'm SO glad I love my job" while an unseen person asks her "WHERE'S 'EM PLAYBOYS?"



by Jef Mallett

A little girl runs up to Frazz and says "Know what? Downtown there's this guy called a reference librarian! You ask him any question and he knows it. If he doesn't know it, he looks it up for you. And it's free! I asked him why the whole world didn't know about him... He's having to look that one up."



Sheldon and his grandfather are walking out of the public library carrying a stack of books, when the female librarian calls to them "Sir? Interested in signing up the lad for our summer reading program?"

She continues "The goal is to get kids away from TV, video games and MP3 players. With reading! For four weeks, all our little contestants read as much as they can!"

Gramp leans in with interest and asks "And what does the winner get?" The librarian then gets a staid look on her face and replies "Choice of a 13-inch TV, Playstation, or iPod."



"You pay your late fines or Babar breaks your pinkie." - New Yorker Cartoon
By: Harry Bliss

Published March 14, 2005

"You pay your late fines or Babar breaks your pinkie."

Female librarian threatening child with Babar the elephant standing behind her.



Artist: Meehan, Kieran

A man is talking to the male librarian at the front desk: "Do you have any books on how to get along with people? Ya four-eyed diddy."



Shelf Check 521
by PoesyGalore

Jan: WOW.
Dave: Wow, what?
Jan: Researchers have created a brain-to-brain interface that enabled a rat in Brazil to communicate information to a rat in North Carolina!
Dave: HOLY CATS! Jan, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA what this could mean for librarians!?!
Jan: Well, yeah! I have lots of ideas...
Dave: Someday, we might be able to show patrons how to cut & paste in Word WITHOUT HAVING TO GET UP FROM THE DESK!!!
Jan: ... That wasn't one of them.

Posted by Emily Lloyd at 9:09 AM



Editorial cartoon by David Hitch
July 2, 2013

"News Item: White House Recruits Libraries to Promote Obamacare" appears at the top of the panel, as a man is pleading with a female librarian ("But... Obamacare isn't 'free'... In fact, it'll raise health care costs exponentially - and result in doctor shortages!") but she simply puts a finger to her lips and shushes him ("Ssshh!").



Artist: Reynolds, Dan

An elderly female librarian is sprawled out across the reference desk, her eyes closed. Two students are talking in the foreground: "She actually tried to donate her body to Library Science, but all they could use was her spine and appendix ... "



F Minus
by Tony Carrillo

A male librarian is spying on a patron sitting on the floor surrounding himself with stacks of books; he whispers into his walkie talkie "We have a book fort in progress in Section G."



Artist: Naf

A man is standing at the "Book Returns" desk, as the female librarian tells him "We take late returns very seriously at this library, Mr Wilson!" In the background, another female librarian is working a gallows (where a hooded victim is about to be hung by the neck).



Tuesday, October 8, 2013
"Submit to the Power of Reading" by Grant Snider

First Panel: A female librarian blindfolds a young man who is sitting in a chair and reading a book.
Second Panel: The librarian has the man in a crucifix pose, his arms chained to drawers in the card catalog.
Third Panel: The librarian is on a ladder dusting the top shelves, while the man stands beneath her holding a large stack of books.
Fourth Panel: The man is lying on top of a table, while the librarian flashes the barcode scanner in his eyes (and the computer has the word "OVERDUE" on the screen).
Fifth Panel: The man is hunched over on the ground, as the librarian puts a foot on his back and uses him as a stepstool to reach the top shelf to reshelve a book.
Sixth Panel: The man is inside of a book drop box, as the librarian sits on top and closes the lid while shushing him.



Rose is Rose
by Don Wimmer and Pat Brady

The first three panels of the strip show young Pasquale standing in front of a bookshelf while holding his stomach and floating in the air with a frightened look on his face. The last panel shows his mother Rose whispering "Let it out! They bend the rules for hiccups" (as the silhouette of a female librarian at the library's front desk can be seen in the background, next to a sign reading "Quiet Please").



A man dressed as a robber walks into the North York Public Library and the female librarian can only look on in horror as he yells "Hand over all your cash or I break this book's spine!"

(c) 2011 Debbie Ridpath Ohi



A Taxpayer's-Eye View of Library Jargon.
American Libraries. Nov77, Vol. 8 Issue 10, p554. 2p.

Money talks. So do librarians ... but in terms library-supporting laypersons can't always understand.

Folks throughout the nation are coming to White House conference to hear what librarians have to say, and some are already baffled by the lingo. Imagine the pictures we conjure up with some of our jargon - and the amount of dough the confusion might cost us.

With terms culled from recent library literature and concepts suggested by librarian/humorist Anita Reith (Concordia Teachers College, Seward, Nebr.) AL worked up a list and fed it to one of America's top cartoon illustrators, Chuck Slack of the Chicago Tribune. He had one instruction only: draw what they mean to you, the "lay" person.

Another batch are scheduled for a forthcoming AL.

[a robot with tank treads and a human face, labelled "human component of regional node"]

[a file cabinet wearing a hat and trenchcoat, labelled "authority file"]

[a waiter on a cruise ship, serving a cup of coffee to a passenger lounging on a deck chair, labelled "deck attendant"]

[a "Character Conversion Machine" that takes in nerdy-looking men on one end and spits out women in bikinis and high heels from the other end, labelled "automatic character conversion"]

[two blue creatures that resemble the ink stains from a Rorschach test, labelled "Psychological Abstracts"]

[a pile of numbers, labelled "score collection"]

[a group of women in bikinis, jumping out of a box of "Super Snaps Breakfast Junk" cereal and diving into a bowl of milk, labelled "serials librarians"]

[a tiny female librarian under a magnifying glass, labelled "microforms librarian"]

[a nude man and a nude woman sitting on an open book, labelled "shared cataloging"]

Case Study No. 1628: Librarian Jerome

Pirate101 HD | Monquista | Episode 3 - Drain Entrance
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We start a Revolution. We enter the drain entrance to get to the Library. Then I level up to Level 15
Tags: Pirate101 p101 monquista MOnkeys Monquistadors episode part drain entrance revolution walkthrough playthrough let's play lp gameplay Buccaneer
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[the player and his crew enter the Library of Saint Horace in Monquista City]
BONNIE ANNE: We made it! Now remember, this is a Library, so keep your voices down!
[an anthropmorphic monkey (wearing a red robe and a small metal helmet) notices the player from across the stacks]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: What is this? A human?! In my library? How extraordinary!
["Talk to Librarian Jerome in Library of St. Horace" appears on screen, as the player walks up to the monkey]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: I know who you are, pirate ... but don't worry. You have nothing to fear from me! The Crown reviles you to hide their own embarrassment. Shameful!
["Goal Complete: Talk to Librarian Jerome" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: Why have you come to my Library? Saavedra's history? You can get in a lot of trouble reading that book ... but I suspect you know trouble well. Brother Tito has a copy of the book, I believe. He would be willing to lend it to me in return for a book of verses, a book Don Elanda has. So, take this Book to Don Elanda. Take the book he gives you to Brother Tito. Bring me the Saavedra when all is done.
["Going Ape: Put On Disguise" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: Wait! I forgot, you are the enemy of all Monquista, yes? Ha! Take a Mask from the Cabinet. Hide your face, and nobody will suspect a thing.
["New Quest: Going Ape" appears on screen]



Pirate101 is a free-to-play, pirate-themed MMOG from KingsIsle Entertainment, makers of Wizard101. The game is set in the same universe as its wizard-themed predecessor, so players can expect to continue to challenge the Clockwork Empire. Players begin the game by creating a pirate and then setting out to gain a ship and crew. Pirate101 offers swashbuckling ground combat, but its main fighting focus is comprised of ship-to-ship combat high in the sky among the skyways and floating islands in the Weave.



NPC:Librarian Jerome
Location: Monquista (Tierra Primata Skyway) - Monquista City - Library of St. Horace

Quests: Going Ape

Put On Disguise
Talk to Don Elanda in Monquistan Emporium
Talk to Brother Tito
Talk to Don Salmanco
Talk to Librarian Jerome
Escape from the City of the Apes
Find the Cornelius in Diablo Cut
Read Shield Marker



Long an inconsequential, isolated backwater in the outer rim of the Spiral, Monquista recently became one of the preeminent powers in the Spiral, almost overnight, thanks to the massive infusion of gold and wealth its inhabitants pried from the ancient ruins in their colony of Skull Island. Monquista is home to a race of diminutive Monkeys- the Monquistans, who make up for their slight statures with massive egos and harsh tempers.

Monquistans have a highly structured (some would even say oppressive) society, where manners, personal dignity and reputation are valued above all else. Disagreements over the most trivial matters turn into the stuff of generational feuds and, to many outsiders Monquistan politics and priorities, can seem downright silly. The Monquistans believe they have brought themselves up out of barbarism through sheer force of will and that they are the only truly civilized beings in the Spiral– all others are barbarians and pretenders. As a result, the Monkeys are well-mannered to a fault– to imply that a Monquistan is acting wild, brutish, or like a wild monkey is the greatest insult one can levy.

Well-mannered need not mean friendly: political intrigue between the Monarchy, the Holy Monquisition, and the various Noble Houses is vicious and deadly. Monquistan politics are notoriously fluid: a noble house can find that blood enemies from a month ago are now relatives by marriage and, therefore, dear friends. Monquistan nobles and officials often seem, to outsiders, to have no memory: they arbitrarily turn on people they recently supported and praised, or greet blood enemies with effusive praise, never acknowledging any dispute.

Monquista is ruled over by a King and Queen (the power behind the throne changes day to day!), advised by the Holy Monquisition and presided over by the Noble Houses. Each faction seeks to advance its fortunes however it can. Every Monquistan is the member of a Noble House and, thanks to the endless web of marriage alliances and the shifting political landscape, all of them have some claim (however remote) to royal line. Even lowly servants are some kind of distant third cousin to a famous past king, causing everyone in the cluster to have a constant air of superiority.

Before the events of Pirate101, Monquista was the first nation in the Spiral to reach Skull Island. They found more than they could've hoped for in the form of mountains of gold, inlaid in the rock of the temples they found in the area. Prying as much as their ships could carry from the ruins, Monquista went from an absolute nobody of a nation to an instant world power.

During the events of Pirate101, the player meets Monquista very early on. Unfortunately, the player's relations with Monquista quickly go sour, as the player is sent to The Presidio to rob the place of some spices. Naturally, the player faces many Monquistan soldiers (among them the Presidio's commander, El Nebuloso) and earns a place on Monquista's most wanted list.

Things quickly become even more unpleasant during the attempt of the player to sign a trade treaty between Monquista and Skull Island on behalf of Captain Avery; since Avery says that Governor Ortega is in control of the nearest Monquistan colony and the gift that will be given- the Monkey Chalice -was a treasure that was once in the custody of his family, it seems things will go smoothly... unfortunately, they don't. The locals of Puerto Mico are quick to "make a monkey" (no pun intended) out of the player by having him dress in a "suit" that, honestly, is flat-out ridiculous (but apparently "necessary" for meeting the governor)! Even worse, the local ruler, Governor Medina, ends up insulted by the player's gift, informs the player that Governor Ortega was declared an enemy of the crown long ago and subsequently tells the player via his Majordomo that he will never sign their treaty.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. The Majordomo, being considerably more friendly (and more intelligent when he knows that the player robbed the Presidio) than his master, informs the pirate of another way to sign the treaty. Directing the player to the local church, a bargain is given by Bishop Hidalgo- capture and return Gortez- a rogue Monquistador -and his "Gold Monkey" treasure to Puerto Mico and the treaty will be signed, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, though Gortez is captured, the old governor ends up replaced by a new ruler- Governor Duarte. She claims she has no knowledge of what has transpired between the player and Governor Medina and states that, if Gortez has done wrong, the player has to be the one to deal with it by escorting him to Monquista City. Following the acquisition of travel papers and the acquisition of the player's first Windstone, the journey to Monquista occurs.

Upon reaching the castle of Monquista's royalty- King Fernando the Sixth and Queen Isadore, to be precise -it seems that relations with Monquista have improved considerably. The king and queen thank the player for all they have done for Monquista, but ask only one favor- deliver Gortez to Zenda. The player does, under the pretense that Gortez is to be rehabilitated; unfortunately, things turn sour quickly when it is revealed that the player is to die along with Gortez! Freeing Gortez, the player and their crew dispose of Zenda's warden and the local guards.

Though Monquista's relations with the player are in shambles, they quickly gain a relationship with a new power in Monquista- the Opposition. Working alongside the freedom fighters, the player worsens relationships with Monquista but, against all odds (and the appearance of the new Governor Varga), a treaty between Monquista and Skull Island is forged.

Work with Monquista goes silent until the player reaches Cool Ranch. Sadly (for the rebels), the war has been going in the kingdom's favor, as the nobles are unwilling to help the rebels and their cause. Gortez (who has become the rebel's general and has his own ship) has a plan to turn the tide and improve things. His plan involved freeing Napoleguin from Fort Elena with help from Mustang Sally, but the plan encountered an unexpected snag and Sally was thrown in the clink with Napoleguin. Naturally, it falls to the player to make things right. With some help from Catbeard, the player breaks in, frees Napoleguin and Sally and makes the revolution in Monquista run all the more smoothly. Gortez thanks the player again for their service before leaving.

If the player is a Buccaneer, then there is one extra encounter with Monquista before the trek into Marleybone. In a promotion quest for Barnabus, the player is sent to meet with the rebel leaders in Zenda. Again, the nobles are too cowardly to help the rebels, but a Monquistan artifact- the Sword of St. Simian -may tip the scales fully into the rebels' favor. Journeying toward MooShu from a tip given by the Iron Monkey, the player eventually tracks down the Sword to a band of Pig bandits; unfortunately, the crown has realized at this point that the Opposition may prove successful and has sent Monquisitor Cesar- one of their best spies -to claim the Sword before the player can. In a final battle, however, the Monquisitor and his goons are defeated and the sword is claimed. As payment for the Sword, Gortez gives Barnabus a new suit of armor and a new axe.



So, this is a new guide I wrote. Sewer Monsters! It's a guide to the aggravating Monquista Drains instance. This will guide you through the dungeon, and keep your mojo potions packed...

Part 1: Bloodbats. Take the passage to a room full of Bloodbats. In order to win this battle, you have to be in a one space distance from them on the board. Once you complete this, move on to the lever.

Part 2: Spiders. Go back to the main room and go down the newly unlocked hall. It will lead to the catacombs. Go through the hallways until you find the spiders. Enter the battle, and defeat Longlegs, the main target. After that, go out of the catacombs and find the next lever.

Part 3: Renegades. Enter the tunnel the lever in Part 2 opened. You will find a cave full of Renegades. Defeat 6 of the Renegades in order to move on. Then use the lever.

Part 4: Final Fight. Find the Bandit Sanctum, opened with the lever. You will come across the Renegade commander, Aldo. Engage in combat with him. You'll have to take him down, but he uses Plan B-His soldiers are now the targets. Vanquish all of Aldo's minions, and then use his lever.

Part 5: The Way Out. Return to the main room, and find the last door to be opened. Go through the hall and up the ladder. Eventually, you arrive in the library. Talk to Librarian Jerome, and follow his tasks. Then, he'll give you a gorilla costume to use in Monquista City.

Case Study No. 1627: Ilona Carr

Real Screamer
Boy can this guilty beeyotch belt one out.
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[scene opens with female librarian Ilona Carr tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep due to guilt, when she gets up and turns on the radio]
NEWS REPORTER: The Monroe College student body will be excused from classes tomorrow, to attend the funeral of David Jennings, who died yesterday morning from a gunshot wound received--
[she quickly changes the channel, to a commercial already in progress]
MALE VOICE: How long this may last, so take advantage of this new offer, and remember only eight more days left to get your--
[having been told that "the woman who lied" must confess or else she will die "in thirteen days one minute after midnight" (and realizing it is now eight days until that predicted death), she turns off the radio in terror]
[cut to Ilona walking down the street, when she stops and sees a poster for a school play ("Last 7 days, The Lady Lies"), causing her to gasp and quickly run off]
[cut to Ilona sitting at her desk at the library, when a female student worker approaches while absent-mindedly twirling a spool of thread in her hands]
FEMALE STUDENT: Miss Carr, I'd like to ask you about the reference cards ...
[cut to a closeup of the thread, as Ilona (remembering that the vision of her death included the wrapping of thread around the neck of a voodoo doll) slaps the spool out of the student's hands in fright]
[cut to Ilona walking around campus, when she passes a construction worker using a hammer to nail some boards together, and becomes startled by the noise]
ILONA: Don't do that!
[the worker gives her a confused look, so she puts down her head in embarrassment and runs off]
[cut to Ilona at home opening a package, containing some yarn and a card reading "6 Skeins Yarn", when (realizing that there are now six days left) she throws the box to the floor while putting her hand to her throat]
[cut to Ilona tossing and turning in bed again, with only one day left until her "deadline", as she talks in her sleep]
ILONA: [whispers] Five ... four ... three ... two ...
[an apparition of Millard Sawtille appears before her]
MILLARD: [whispers] One!
[she awakens, then sees the form of the deceased David Jennings next to her]
DAVID: [whispers] One! One!
[he disappears, then the disembodied head of Millard returns on the other side of her]
[that disappears, then David's head returns]
[that disappears, then the form of Norman Reed appears]
NORMAN: [whispers] Why do you want to destroy Paula?
[the form of Paula Reed appears]
PAULA: Why do you hate me?
[the form of Margaret Mercer appears]
MARGARET: [whispers] Why did you kill David?
[the form of Evelyn Sawtelle appears]
EVELYN: [whispers] Why did you kill Millard?
[they all disappear, then Millard's head returns]
[all of the apparitions begin speaking in unison, as Ilona bolts up in bed and screams]




Le Borg, Reginald (Director). Weird Woman. United States: Universal Studios, 1944.

Starring: Evelyn Ankers (Ilona Carr, College Librarian); Lon Chaney [Jr.] (Prof. Norman Reed); Anne Gwynne (Paula Clayton Reed)

Based on the Novel: Lieber, Fritz. Conjure Wife. New York: Award Books, 1953. (First appearance in Unknown Worlds, 1943.)

"Universal presents An Inner Sanctum Mystery"

Librarian as delusional lover. Librarian as evil manipulator. Librarian as villain. These are not typical roles for librarian film characters. Weird Woman's title overtly refers to the young bride that Professor Reed (Lon Chaney, Jr.) brings back from the South Seas, but better fits the conniving librarian who wants them destroyed. Pretty wife Paula (Anne Gwynne) secretly practices voodoo, purportedly to protect her husband from the evil she feels all around them. As he is an authority on the rational mind, he poopoos her voodoo and the doodoo flies when he destroys her talismans. College librarian Ilona Carr (Evelyn Ankers) is a beautiful woman, statuesque, blond, articulate, fashionable and cultured. Also greedy, intense, and she won't take no for an answer. She works in a sterile office and the "library" consists of a few book cases and a prominent (industrial) wood ladder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I suspect that this character is not a librarian in its source novel or in the later remake, but serves as an excuse for the Professor to have his prime enemy be a female colleague. Also the position gives her knowledge about a plagiarized thesis that she uses for blackmail. Rather than a service provider or obstructionist, this character wields information like a weapon. Carr plays puppet master over Prof. Reed's colleagues and staff, causing him to be blamed for a suicide and an accidental shooting. This character couldn't be more anti-stereotype short of tattoos and a nose ring.



Monroe College professor Norman Reed is worried about the superstitious beliefs of his young bride Paula, an orphan who was reared on a South Seas island by Laraua, the high voodoo priestess of Kauna-Ana-Ana. An old friend of her late father, Norman discovered Paula on the island, and the two then fell in love and returned to America. While he is congratulated on his marriage and completion of a new book, Superstition: Reason and Fact , by many of his Monroe colleagues, Norman receives only bitter jealousy from librarian Ilona Carr. When Norman later rejects Ilona's adulterous advances, the librarian begins a campaign to destroy the professor's marriage. Ilona first sends love-struck college student Margaret Mercer to work for Norman, then tells Margaret's jealous boyfriend, David Jennings, that the professor has a special interest in the young girl. Later, when Norman's book becomes a sensation, Ilona tells her friends that Paula is a "witch-wife" whose voodoo practices have led to the book's success. Most convinced of this is Evelyn Sawtelle, the wife of Millard Sawtelle, Norman's rival for the chairmanship of Monroe's sociology department. Later, Ilona discovers that Millard has stolen the basis of his new book from the unpublished thesis of a deceased student, and she falsely tells the meek professor that Norman intends to use this information against him. That night, Norman follows Paula on her nightly pilgrimage to the local cemetery, where she practices her voodoo rituals. Norman catches Paula performing a ceremony over an effigy of Ilona, but he stops her before she can finish. They return home, where, despite Paula's warnings, he insists that they burn all her voodoo accouterments. Soon thereafter, Millard commits suicide, and the hysterical Evelyn accuses the Reeds of murder. After Millard's funeral, Paula warns Norman that they are now in danger from evil, as he has broken their "circle of immunity" by destroying her artifacts. Later, Norman is forced to fire Margaret as his secretary when she makes her romantic intentions known, which leads to a brief fight between Norman and David. Paula, in turn, is tormented by death chants from an unknown caller. After Margaret and David falsely accuse Norman of sexual harassment, Grace Gunnison, the dean of women, suggests that Norman go to a gymnasium to work out his problems. He is confronted there by an armed David, and when the two men struggle over the gun, David is accidentally shot and critically wounded. After he is released on bail, Norman learns that Ilona is behind all the deceptions. When David later dies in the hospital, Norman calls upon Evelyn to help him prove his innocence. That night, Evelyn calls Ilona to her home, telling the librarian that she was visited in a dream by her late husband, who told her that he died "because a woman lied," and that woman will be choked to death in thirteen days unless she confesses. The guilt-ridden Ilona slowly goes crazy over the next thirteen days. With minutes to go unilt Evelyn's "deadline," Ilona rushes to the Sawtelle home where she confesses all, only to learn that she has been tricked by Norman, Paula, Grace, Margaret and Evelyn. Unnerved, Ilona rushes out of the house, where she trips on the catwalk and is strangled to death by hanging vines, just as was predicted in the dream.



Weird Woman (1944), one of Universal Pictures' Inner Sanctum Mystery entries, stars one of the best-known actors in "B" horror and mystery genre films of the 1940s, Lon Chaney Jr. The story focuses on Norman Reed (Chaney), a professor of ethnology at Monroe College; Paula Reed (Anne Gwynne), his wife; and their problems with antagonist Ilona Carr (Evelyn Ankers), the college's librarian.

Ilona expected to become Mrs. Reed when Norman returned from a research trip to "the islands," but is distressed and embarrassed when he arrives back on campus with Paula, his new bride. Ilona, angered by Norman's rejection, begins a campaign to destroy the newlyweds. She convinces Evelyn Sawtelle (Elizabeth Russell), wife of Professor Millard Sawtelle (Ralph Morgan), that Paula - with her "witchcraft and island magic" - is a "wife witch" and will prevent her husband from being appointed chair of the Sociology Department, a position for which Millard and Norman are candidates.

Millard's new book has just been published, and Ilona informs the professor that Norman will soon disclose the book is plagiarized from a student's thesis. According to Ilona, Norman plans to disgrace Millard in order to obtain the vacant chairmanship. It is Ilona, however, who discovered Millard's plagiarism; Norman is unaware of Millard's misuse of the student's paper.

Millard commits suicide rather than face academic disgrace, and Ilona assures Evelyn that Paula and Norman are responsible for her husband's death. Ilona also manages to arouse the ire and jealousy of the boyfriend of Norman's student worker; the irate young man decides to shoot Norman, but the plan goes awry. As he struggles with Norman, the young man is wounded when the pistol discharges and he dies several days later in a hospital.

When Norman finally deduces that Ilona is the scheming troublemaker, he develops a plan (with assistance from Evelyn) to expose Ilona. Fearing a prediction of the evildoer's death that Evelyn supposedly received from Millard in a dream, Ilona admits her guilt. When she realizes that she has been tricked into a confession, Ilona bolts out a second story window and (as she runs across a lattice cover), the wood breaks and Ilona falls, only to have the vines wrap around her neck, hanging her at the precise time of the prediction.

Ilona, an attractive young blonde (ringlet curl bang; pompadour front; bun at nape) is stylishly clothed in dresses, modish suits, and formal evening attire throughout the film. She fails to project visual characteristics of the stereotype; the costume jewelry that she wears in most scenes is as outlandish as that worn by Maisie in Maisie Was a Lady (1941).

Three scenes occur in the library and Ilona's office, which opens into the library. As in Gentlemen Are Born (1934), the sets are minimal. Visible in the library are a small study table with two chairs; two walls of built-in shelving with books; a tall ladder; a dictionary stand with an unabridged dictionary; and on a third wall, a large world map hanging above a small display table with books. The door to Ilona's office is next to the wall map; the office contains a desk and chair, one visitor's chair, three vertical file drawers, a hat rack, a vase stand with plant, and a small four-shelf glass enclosed bookcase. Ilona's office appears to be almost as large as the library, which is drastically inadequate for any college but (for cinematic purposes) establishes the illusion of a library.

Earlier librarians worked toward improving their own positions in life. The sheer mean-spirited, calculating, and jealousy-driven personality of Ilona is unique to reel librarians. Ilona directs her energies toward ruining the lives of Norman and Paula; her passion to destroy Norman is an unrelenting obsession. To ensure Norman's downfall, she designs and executes a dastardly plan. She repeatedly lies to Evelyn and to Millard, resulting in the professor's suicide. She gleefully utters innuendoes and insinuations about Norman to the boyfriend of his student worker, resulting in the death of the young man. Ilona demonstrates that deceit can be masterfully exercised by reel librarians. Filmgoers undoubtedly believed that Ilona's misdeed justified her death, a fitting end to an evildoer.

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Case Study No. 1626: Staff of Unnamed Library (Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan)

Kumkum - KumKum in Library
A scene from the serial Kumkum starring Juhi Parmar as Kumkum and Hussain Kuwajerwala as Sumit. A production of BAG films.
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[scene opens with KumKum sitting with her friend inside the library, although she is annoying her by making a lot of noise (causing the nearby patrons and librarians to give her dirty looks)]
MINI: [translated] This is library, not home ... Here people come to read quietly!
[oblivious, KumKum begins loudly chewing potato chips]
KUMKUM: [translated] Whoever invented the library must have been not able to speak, and he had problems with people who could talk! That's why he made this stupid rule, I just can't understand how people can stay quiet and that also so much although I talk less but a little talking we have to do right ...



Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan (English Meaning: "Kumkum - A lovely relationship") was an Indian television soap opera that aired from Monday - Friday at 10:00 am on STAR Plus in India/U.S. and 10:30 am in the UK.

The soap opera tells the tale of the Wadhwa family and its daughter-in-law, Kumkum. The show used to tell the story of the married couple of Sumit and Kumkum Wadhwa, but in an earlier episode, Kumkum was shot, and in thereafter Sumit killed himself. They were reborn, with Sumit being very shy and living with a big family in Delhi and Kumkum being born as a fun-loving prankster with her family in a village. Both hate each other after meeting in college, but due to circumstances they have to pretend to be married in front of their families.



Posted: 04 April 2008 at 4:03am | IP Logged

Kumkum ws sooooooooooo cooooooooooool in todays episode

first she patayofied her chachi soooo well LOLLOLLOL her expressions wer like she will luk out of the world wen she wil carry that purse ROFL

then her library scene was also sooo cool.. she ws jst like talkin talkin n talkin n den also she ws like main kahan kuch bolti hu LOLLOLLOL

n thirdly her scene wid gaurav..LOLLOLLOL she made vasudha to act as if she likes her..LOLLOL (poor gaurav)

so overall...kumkum ws mindblowing today