Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Case Study No. 0205: Ninja Librarian (Letterboxmedia)

Ninja Librarian
Trouble in the Library
Very funny Short film.
Great Ninja Action.
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[scene opens inside a college library, as the camera pans across annoyed students trying to study while the sound of a ringing cellphone can be heard]
[the camera stops on a young male patron, as he answers his phone]
ANNOYING PATRON: [loudly] Hello? Yeah ... Yeah man, yeah. Yeah.
[cut to several quick shots of the ninja librarian, putting on his gi and sneaking through the nearby stacks, then back to the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Yeah, yeah ...
[cut back to the ninja librarian doing cartwheels and backflips through the stacks, then back to the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Oh, fucking hell yeah!
[cut to a female patron angrily looking up over her book]
ANNOYING PATRON: [from off camera] Yeah, yeah ...
[cut to the ninja librarian stealthily prowling through the stacks, then (switching to his POV) the camera focuses on the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Naw, naw ... Yeah, yeah! Naw, naw!
[cut to a shot from behind the patron]
[the ninja librarian pops up and grabs the patron, snapping his neck in one motion ... The patron falls face first into the book sitting in front of him, then cut to the ninja librarian at the front desk stamping a book and then getting into a defensive stance]


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