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Case Study No. 0151: Unnamed Female Librarians (Haunted Love)


Our first video. Camera work by Claudia Babirat, direction and editing/effects by Donald Ferns. Starring Haunted Love (Rainy McMaster and Geva Downey) and Henri Davidson.

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[video opens in the "Closed Reserve" section of the library, as a young man is looking around the stacks]

I want to be a librarian
I want to check out your books

[cut to a close up of a female librarian typing gibberish ("fgy dfewq") on a typewriter]

Please give them to me
With the barcode facing up

[cut to another female librarian pushing a cart and reshelving books (although she keeps staring straight ahead without actually looking where the books are going)]

Please don't bring them back too late
Or I'll have to charge you fifty cents a daa-aaa-aay!

[cut to the man pulling a book off the shelf, then carelessly tossing it back on the shelf (out of order), causing the librarian to grip the handle of the bookcart tightly]

You won't like that!

[cut to the man sitting at a table and turning pages on a book by licking his fingers, causing the librarian at the typewriter to push her glasses down the bridge of her nose]

I want to be a librarian
Wearing glasses every single daa-aaa-aay!

[the man turns on his iPad and begins tapping the table to the rhythm of the music, causing the librarian to repeatedly (and violently) stamp the book in front of her over and over]

Don't you find me appealing
In a nerdy sort of waa-aaa-aay?

[the man chews some gum and then sticks it underneath the table, causing one librarian to snap a pencil in half, while the other looks up from the card catalog]
[the two librarians meet and stand behind the man, seeming to communicate telepathically with one another (one says "This boy has no understanding of library protocols" and the other replies "We must make him understand"]

Please don't talk so loudly
Please, please ...

[they tap him on the shoulder and (very slowly) bring their fingers to their lips and whisper "Shhhhh"]

Meet me in the closed reserve
I'll let you read all the new magazii-iii-ines!
I'll let you touch the first editions
If you promise me, if you promise me, if you promise me your hands are clee-ee-eean!

[they appear to have hypnotized him, as he gets up and follows them towards the stacks ... He suddenly finds himself alone between two bookshelves, then turns to see the librarians standing at either end, as the shelves slide together and crush him]
[cut to an image of the man (dead and bloodied) in between the pages of a giant book, which closes to reveal that the title page reads "Library Crimes, Haunted Love Press" with a picture of the two librarians on it]

Written & Performed by Haunted Love
Geva Downey
Rainy McMaster

Engineered & Mixed by
Thomas Bell

Video Concept by
Haunted Love

Director, Editor, FX
Donald Ferns


Librarian 1 - Rainy McMaster
Librarian 2 - Geva Downey
Library Defiler - Henry Davidson

Filmed on Location at the Dunedin Public Library

Thanks to:
Liz Knowles
Dunedin Public Libraries
Angela & Ed

Produced by
Donald Ferns
A Slater FX Production
Copyright 2006



Dunedin band Haunted Love ticked every cliche but still won the hearts of librarians everywhere with this tale of summary justice administered to a disobedient user by two spooky, other-worldly librarians (not to mention "the best use of compact movable shelving in a music video, ever"). This video was the song's only release and achieved considerable viral success. It was directed by Donald Ferns and filmed at Dunedin Public Library with Haunted Love's Geva Downey and Rainy McMaster as the avenging librarians - and Henry Davidson as the hapless user.



This first song I'm going to tell you about is quite possibly the creepiest and also the funniest song about libraries and librarians I've ever heard. Titled "Librarian" by the New Zealand band Haunted Love, you've got to see it (and hear it) to believe it. Set in a library, it shows two rather... focused... librarians and a young man who stands in for the "typical" librarygoer... chewing gum, folding page corners, listening to music. As they subtitle, "This boy has no understanding of library protocols." Then they come at him with the uber-shush (if anyone ever looked like this while shushing me, I'd certainly be quiet!) and invite him into the reserved area with promises of reading the new magazines and touching the first editions. Sadly, it doesn't turn out quite that way...

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