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Case Study No. 0197: Morning Randolph

She's a Librarian
Beverly deals with a wardrobe issue.
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Season: 1
Episode: 5
Release: Jan 31, 2011

[scene opens with Beverly walking into the wardrobe room, as Howard the wardrobe guy is waiting for her]
HOWARD: Oh, good ... She's here.
[actress Morning Randolph walks in wearing a very short skirt]
HOWARD: What do you think?
BEVERLY: [stunned] Well, uh ... I like that she's wearing a top this time.
HOWARD: Mm hmm.
BEVERLY: But where's the bottom?
HOWARD: What're you saying?
BEVERLY: Uh, the skirt?
HOWARD: What? Too short?
BEVERLY: [astonished] She's a librarian in a boys' boarding school ... I'm guessing it's not within her job description to show the boys her vagina.
MORNING: [innocently] They might go to the library more ...
HOWARD: Look at it with the glasses.
[she puts on a pair of glasses]
BEVERLY: Right ... So now it's a vagina with glasses.
HOWARD: [frustrated] Tell me again what you want. Obviously, I'm not getting it.
BEVERLY: As incomprehensible as that is, we need something tasteful, stylish, less uh ... gynecological.
[Carol walks into the room]
CAROL: Hey kids ...
[she looks at Morning's skirt]
CAROL: Oh, love that!
HOWARD: Thank you!
MORNING: Isn't it great?
BEVERLY: [angrily] It is not great ... because she's a librarian!
CAROL: Well, a TV librarian.
HOWARD: Exactly!
BEVERLY: Meaning?
HOWARD: No one ever stopped watching a TV show because the librarian looked too hot!
MORNING: You're not gonna actually see my vagina ...
BEVERLY: And yet, we'll all know it's there!
[she storms out]



Matt LeBlanc's choice for the role of the dowdy, middle-aged lesbian librarian of the boarding school is Morning Randolph, who is smoking hot and young. Or is she? Turns out Morning has been working in Hollywood forever, and is apparently ageless, much to Beverly's fascination. Sean becomes fascinated with her too, especially when Matt shows him a racy video of her having sex that is all over the internet.

About Episodes: Husband and wife writing team Sean and Beverly can't wait to bring their successful British television series across the pond to make it big in America. But in true Hollywood fashion, it quickly becomes a laughable, clich├ęd sitcom - starring none other than Matt LeBlanc. Matt not only messes with their beloved show, he rocks the foundation of their relationship. So now, even if they survive the absurdity of show business, will their marriage survive Matt LeBlanc? Don't miss a single episode of EPISODES.

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