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Case Study No. 0200: Mop Top Island Librarian

Pajama Sam 3 (Part 3): The Mountain Area
Part 3 of 14, of a video walkthrough for Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet. In this video, Pajama goes to the library, where he gets a card for a free dance lesson. He also talks to the librarian about the odd book she is reading. After this, Sam meets the rather dim-witted gourd guards, who are blocking the entrance to the astronomy area.

Sam then goes to the mountain area, where he solves a simple puzzle to get some workers out of the way. Sam talks with Syllabus the Sage, who makes a philosophical joke about Plato's World of Forms, which probably flew over the heads of every child who played this game. Sam then meets Chuck Cheddar, who needs to have his balloon weighted down so he can attend the peace conference. Too bad we don't know how much weight is necessary! We'll have to get inside the observatory to see.

Sam rounds things off by going skiing.
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[Sam enters the Mop Top Island Library, where an anthropomorphic female onion is sitting at the front desk (reading a book and crying), when he goes up to the bulletin board and pulls off a coupon]
PAJAMA SAM: [reading the coupon] "Selina Celery Garniche, for one free dance lesson" ... Oh boy, I like dancing!
[he puts the coupon in his pocket, then walks up to the librarian]
PAJAMA SAM: Hi, I'm Sam. You're the librarian, right?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, that's right.
PAJAMA SAM: Why are you crying? Can I help?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, no thank you. It's this ... *sniff* ... book I'm reading. It's very sad.
PAJAMA SAM: What are you reading? Is it one of the classics?
LIBRARIAN: Oh well, sort of. Y-You see, it's ... Sigh, alright, it's not one of the classics! It's called "Passion in Pittsburgh!" I got it at the supermarket!
[she gets an angry look and pulls the book away]
LIBRARIAN: Satisfied?
PAJAMA SAM: Sure, there's nothing wrong with that ...
LIBRARIAN: Do you really think so?
LIBRARIAN: Well ... Don't tell anybody, just the same. We librarians have to keep up appearances!
PAJAMA SAM: [whispers] Okay, my lips are sealed.
LIBRARIAN: Thank you.
PAJAMA SAM: What happens in your book?
LIBRARIAN: It's the story of three young women who fall in love with steelworkers during the disco era ...
PAJAMA SAM: [turns to the camera] Sounds kinda mushy ...
LIBRARIAN: Oh, it is!
PAJAMA SAM: Is there a car chase in it?
LIBRARIAN: As a matter of fact, yes! Lyla has to chase Thurman to keep him from flying back to Cairo, where he's secretly a prince.
PAJAMA SAM: That doesn't sound too bad ... Tell me some more about your book.
LIBRARIAN: Visitors from space come to Earth, and Beth has to decide whether to stay with Michael or to run away with Zubrax. It's quite a dilemma, she loves them both!
PAJAMA SAM: What else happens in your book?
LIBRARIAN: Lumis loves Betty, but Betty loves Trent and Trent loves Alice. Alice pretends to love Michael, but secretly she really loves Lorenzo, who has fallen for Yvette. Yvette is married to Simon, but she loves Randall and Raymond loves Alice. Randall loves Lucy, who loves Henry, who loves Grace, but she's too tied up in her work to notice. Oh, it's so real!
PAJAMA SAM: What's happening in the part you're reading now?
LIBRARIAN: Mister Burpy plans to close the steel mill, which would be awful because then Lawrence would have to move away from Betsy. Fortunately, Mister Burpy develops a terrible rash and has to go to New Orleans.
PAJAMA SAM: Tell me some more about your book.
LIBRARIAN: One of the women, Beatrice, sits at the same bus stop everyday with this man Kevin, but she never sees him because she only has one eye ... Oh, it's terribly romantic!
PAJAMA SAM: What's happening in the part you're reading now?
LIBRARIAN: Trent and Kent, they're the twins, coincidentally wind up at the same restaurant at the same time, and Elsie doesn't realize there are two of them! It's quite tragic ...


[Sam goes to the stacks and grabs a book, but when he tries to leave with it the alarm goes off]
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him] Excuse me, young man.
LIBRARIAN: If you want to take that book with you, you'll have to check it out?
PAJAMA SAM: Oh, okay.
[he puts the book on the desk]
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him again] Do you have a library card?
PAJAMA SAM: No. Do I need one?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, you certainly do.
[she takes a blank library card off the desk and shows it to him]
LIBRARIAN: You need to bring me your picture, and I'll put it on this card.
PAJAMA SAM: My picture?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, a picture of you. It's necessary for identification purposes.
LIBRARIAN: I'll keep the book here for you while you do that.
PAJAMA SAM: Okay, thank you!
[Sam heads for the Muscle Beach section and has his picture taken at the photo booth, then heads back to the library]
PAJAMA SAM: Here's a photo of me.
[he hands her the photo]
LIBRARIAN: Now I can make you a library card.
[she sticks the photo to the blank library card and hands it to him]
PAJAMA SAM: Can I use this card now?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, you can.
[he hands her the card, then she loudly stamps the book and slides it across the desk to him]
LIBRARIAN: You may keep the book for three weeks. After that, the fine is four hundred dollars a day.
PAJAMA SAM: That seems like kind of a lot.
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him and yells] Just have the book back in three weeks!
PAJAMA SAM: Okay, thank you!
LIBRARIAN: [sweetly] You're welcome ...



This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet. A Playstation version of this game also exists. It's a sequel to Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside and Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.


Librarian: She's an onion that is reading a sensitive novel that she bought at a supermarket. Why would there be a supermarket on an island where everyone is a piece of food?


The screen starts in darkness. A voice says, "Not so fast, evil doer. It's jail for you, you tasty villain!" The screen fades into the scene, which shows us that Sam is talking to a cookie, which he eats.

"You and your chocolate chip gang are through!" Sam says as he eats the rest of the cookies. He leans back and realizes, "Boy, eating cookies is hard work!"

He rips the box top off of the box of cookies and puts it on his pile of box tops. "Ah, but there's only one more box to go and I'll have twenty box tops! And that means I can get the Pajama Man action figure with titanic elbow thrust! I can hardly wait!"

Sam's mom calls, "Sam, it's almost time for dinner!" Sam's stomach churns and he says, "Dinner? Oh boy, I don't feel so good."

The box of cookies rumbles. Sam says, "Uh oh, I don't think that was me!" He peers into the box, and the cookies burst out of box and run off.

First they spoil Sam's dinner and now they've run off! Somebody must stop them! Somebody like...Pajama Sam!

Sam needs his superhero cake before becoming Pajama Sam, so look for it behind the sofa, behind the mirror, or in a dresser drawer.

When Sam finds his cape, go after the cookies. Pajama Sam accidentally falls into their trap and gets transported to a strange world where everyone is a piece of food.

Sam winds up at a party, held by the snacks and sweets aggressive majority group. Aggressive? Whatever that means, it's a cool party with plenty of snacks and nice partygoers, like ice cream and cookies and a hot dog.

From here on, box tops will be scattered randomly throughout the game. Sam needs to find twenty of these, so look for them everywhere and click on one when you see it.

All parties must end some time, so click on the cake to have Sam eat all of it. Click on the exit door to exit. Sam says goodbye to everyone, by saying it's a great party but it's almost his dinnertime and he wouldn't want to spoil it.

The music stops and everyone stares at Sam. Ominous music plays. "My mom made all that...broccoli?" Sam tries to explain. Everyone gasps. Sam tries to play it cool as the everyone acts increasingly hostile (the hot dog cracks his muscles menacingly). The ice cream cries, "Traitor!"

Sam winds up in jail, where the candy version of Barney Fife locks Sam in a cell and says he should tell it to the fudge, at his trail next month.

There's a female piece of broccoli in jail with you, whose name is Florette (this is a joke; a floret is a part of broccoli).

Florette is a political prisoner. There's a peace conference going on at the food pyramid, where delegates from all the food groups are meeting so they can work out their differences. The SSAM is holding her prisoner so she can't go because they don't want a peace conference to happen. Those meanies.

It's time to bust out of jail. Pick up a bonbon (in a pile against the wall) and throw it at the key. Rip off a piece of the candy cane bars (the lower/left part, with a hooked end) and use it to get the key that's on the floor.

Use the key on the lock and Sam and Florette escape quickly. Sweet troops are patrolling down a road. Florette leaves down the other road, giving Sam a kiss for saving her.

Go down the road, following after Florette because you can't go down any other road. You're at the food pyramid. Go through the front doors.

Inside, you see Carrot (from other Pajama Sam games) run through the left door, saying, "No, general, no!" What's that about? Follow them through the door.

Carrot is glad to see you. The island of Mop Top is in big trouble! It's an island where the people are all food, and the fats and sweets are taking over, as you've kind of seen. They're causing problems all over the island, and General Beetfoot wants to declare war on them.

Carrot started the peace conference to avoid the war, because wars aren't good due to the fact that there's a strong possibility that someone would get hurt. All of the food groups are meeting to work out their differences peacefully, like Florette said.

The problem is that only two delegates are here and there are supposed to be six. That's bad news. They need everybody, or the conference is off!

"The conference is off?" screams the General. "THIS MEANS WAR!!!" "No general, the conference is still on!" Carrot quickly says.

Carrot needs to stay here and stop the General from declaring war, which he seems to really want to do. Sam will have to find the other four delegates. They're all wearing straw hats, so it should be easy to find them (you get a list of the delegates as well).

Go back to the main room of the food pyramid. Here you can go up the middle route to reach the peace conference where Florette and Luke Wigglebig are. Luke is a lollipop, chosen to go because of his fine taste.

If you go up the right route, you're in the library. The librarian is reading a sad book. Depending on your game, you can get a card for a free dance lesson off the bulletin board in this room.

If you need the bean sorter manual, you can get it here, but first you need to have a library card. All you need is a photo to get a card (use the photo booth by the beach to get the photo), then you can go in the room on the right to reach the book area.

This is a mini-game. You can jump on one of the elevator platform things that go up and down. Use them to get to the book in the middle of the room. Look out for jerky guy there who likes to kick you out! (he doesn't get you if you're on a elevator platform)


If the beans aren't on strike, they're working happily. Go into the trailer to meet the bean foreman, who's in trouble. He's got a big bean sorting machine in that box, but doesn't know how to use it.

He needs a manual. To get the manual, take a photo of yourself in the photo booth at the beach. Take the photo to the librarian (in the food pyramid) to get a library card. When you have the card, go right and get the manual from its pedestal in the room.

Once you have the manual, give it to the bean foreman and he sets up the machine. Mini-game time! Sort the beans by jelly bean or kidney bean. When you get to the forty-seventh bean (which takes a while), you've found Bean 47, who is a delegate.

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