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Case Study No. 0417: Louise Austin

Barney Miller - 713 - The Librarian
As a huge Barney Miller fan, I was quite displeased how only the first four seasons of this show were uploaded in full. Well not anymore, I will be uploading EVERY episode from the start of season five to the very end of shows run in season eight.

I've loved this show for many years. Enjoy the seasons, the laughs, and don't forget to subscribe and like the video(s)!

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[Detectives Harris and Dietrich had been called in to investigate a "disturbance at a library on Sixth Avenue", so they return to the squad room with an older female librarian in handcuffs]
LOUISE: I normally don't do things like this, but under the circumstances, I felt I could make an exception.
ARTHUR: I understand.
BARNEY: This is our disturbance?
RON: Uh, yes Barney. This is Miss Louise Austin, she's the assistant librarian at the Sixth Avenue branch.
LOUISE: I'm in charge of non-fiction ...
[Dietrich holds up a plastic bag containing a gun]
ARTHUR: She pulled out this twenty-two automatic from behind the checkout counter, and started threatening several of the patrons.
[Captain Miller takes the bag, while the librarian looks around nervously]
LOUISE: They were chattering ...
ARTHUR: When they didn't stop talking, she fired a shot in the air.
LOUISE: Noise is the only thing these people understand!
RON: So, by the time we got there, she was just ... herding people out of the library.
LOUISE: I finally had just had enough ... People abusing books, never returning them on time. Vagrants sleeping all day in the reference room, using a dictionary for a pillow! Young people meeting in the stacks for romantic interludes, when they could just as easily read about it!
BARNEY: Uh, Miss Austin--
LOUISE: That's what I do.
BARNEY: Well, we're very sympathetic, Miss Austin, but uh ... I'm afraid we're gonna have to book you anyway.
LOUISE: [pause] Will this take long? I have story telling at three thirty ...
[he hands the bag to Harris]
BARNEY: Why don't you tell your story to Sargeant Harris?
RON: Oh ... Uh, Miss Austin, you wanna take a seat right over here, please?
[he leads her to his desk]
LOUISE: Are you Sargeant Harris, Ronald N.?
RON: Uh, yeah.
LOUISE: We have your book.
RON: Oh, do you?
LOUISE: "Blood on the Badge?"
[he chuckles at the recognition of his status as an author]
LOUISE: Three six four point one two in the Crime section.
RON: Well, uh, I certainly hope people are bringing it back on time ...
LOUISE: [pause] It's never left ...


[an older man enters the police station, carrying a stack of books]
ARTHUR: May I help you?
NEAL: They told me downstairs you were holding Miss Austin up here.
ARTHUR: That's right.
NEAL: I'm returning these.
[Dietrich gives him a funny look, then points to the holding cell behind them]
ARTHUR: Over there.
NEAL: Miss Austin?
NEAL: It's me, Neal.
NEAL: Neal.
[he holds up his library card]
NEAL: See? My library card.
LOUISE: Oh, Mister Pomerantz ... You really should have that laminated.
NEAL: I went to the library this afternoon to check out some how-to books on auto repair and screenwriting ... They told me you'd become a little upset, started shooting at people
LOUISE: Yes, I'm ... I'm afraid so.


[Miss Austin and Mister Pomerantz are apparently flirting with each other]
LOUISE: Mister Pomerantz, you certainly have eclectic taste in your reading matter ... "The Illustrated Guide to Good Posture," "Historical Perspectives on the Danish Monarchs," and "Mike Douglas: My Story."
NEAL: I didn't read them.
[he hangs his head]
NEAL: I don't read any of the books I take out.
LOUISE: Then ... why do you take so long to return them?
NEAL: I only do that because I know if I keep them out long enough, you'll send me one of your personal little notes, threatening to revoke my privileges. I've saved every one.
LOUISE: I had no idea.
NEAL: Haven't you ever wondered why I always sit in the reference room across from your desk, browsing through the out-of-town phone books?
LOUISE: I just assumed you had a lot of friends.
NEAL: I don't ...


[Neal checks his watch]
NEAL: Well, I guess I really should be going now ... The movie starts at six thirty. I'm an usher.
NEAL: I say "Shh!" a lot, too!
[they both laugh]
LOUISE: You know, I'll bet you look very impressive with your flashlight ...
NEAL: I suppose I do ... So, uh, what happens to you now?
LOUISE: Well, I believe I'm going to be transferred to another facility this evening, and then tomorrow morning I have to appear before the judge and have my bail set.
NEAL: So ... then you're free tomorrow night?
LOUISE: [pause] Did you have something in mind?
[he points to Detective Harris]
NEAL: Well, that guy over there's giving a party.



Barney Miller: Season 7, Episode 13
The Librarian (19 Feb. 1981)

A gypsy has an incredibly compelling motive for harassing the owner of a novelty store. A librarian takes extreme measures to enforce quiet among her patrons.

Hal Linden ... Capt. Barney Miller
Max Gail ... Det. Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz
Ron Glass ... Det. Ron Harris
Steve Landesberg ... Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich
Ron Carey ... Officer Carl Levitt
Miriam Byrd-Nethery ... Louise Austin (as Miriam Byrd Nethery)
James Gallery ... Neal Pomerantz

Case Study No. 0416: Unnamed Female Librarian (Kick Buttowski)

Kick Buttowski - If Books Could Kill
no description available
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[scene opens outside the home of twelve-year-old daredevil Clarence "Kick" Buttowski, as he receives a copy of Billy Stumps' "Live Til It Hurts!!!" in the mail, then tears open the package to read the author's autograph on the inside front cover]
BILLY STUMPS: [in voice over] Hey Kick, live til it hurts! Signed, Billy Stumps.
KICK: Sweet ...
[he tries to run back into his house, but runs right into his best friend Gunther Magnuson as they both fall over]
KICK: Can't talk, gotta get to my room!
GUNTHER: Can't talk, gotta get to the library!
[they keep running into each other, until they finally move aside, allowing Kick to run up to his bedroom and hide under the covers with a flashlight and "his" book]
KICK: Ahhh. Billy, it's just you and me now ... What the?!
[he throws off the covers to reveal he's holding the wrong book]
KICK: [reading] "Whistling ... For Boys"?!
[he looks up from the book cover in disbelief]
KICK: This is Gunther's book! Gunther!
[he grabs his skateboard and heads for the library, but is too late to stop Gunther from dropping his possession into the book deposit slot]
KICK: Oh ...
[he tries to stick his arm into the slot but can't reach the book, while Gunther sees him holding his whistling book in his other hand]
GUNTHER: Hey, my book!
[he takes it and begins whistling perfectly, so Kick grabs the book out of his hands and drops it into the slot, then makes his way to the entrance]
GUNTHER: Where you going?
KICK: [angrily] To get my one of a kind Billy Stumps official signed greatest book in the world back!
[Gunter suddenly becomes very frightened]
GUNTHER: Kick! No! Stop! The librarian! She's evil! Eeevil ...
[he stares at him blankly]
GUNTHER: She keeps anything you return! One time, I returned my sandwich, and she wouldn't give it back!
[cut to a flashback of Gunther carrying a stack of books and placing them one by one into the deposit slot]
GUNTHER: Book ... book ... sandwich ... book ... Sandwich!
[realizing his mistake, he tries to reach into the slot and retrieve the sandwich, but a pair of arms reaches out and grabs him]
[the librarian laughs maniacally from off camera, then cut back to Gunther and Kick standing in front of the library]
GUNTHER: It burned!
[Kick ignores him and knocks on the door, as a seemingly nice old lady answers]
LIBRARIAN: Ooh, a young reader! How may I help you?
KICK: Hello, ma'am. My friend dropped my book in the night deposit ...
[he looks over, but Gunther has run over and is hiding in the bushes]
GUNTHER: [whispering] Eeevil ...
KICK: I need to get it back.
[he tries to walk into the library, but the librarian puts out her hand and stops him]
LIBRARIAN: [sweetly] I'm sorry, dear. The library's closed.
KICK: But ... but it's only twelve o'clock.
[she answers him with a slightly firmer tone, but is still smiling]
LIBRARIAN: I said we're closed ...
[she slams the door in his face, causing him to fall backwards down the stairs, so Gunter comes out of the bushes and stands over him]
GUNTHER: Pure, pure ... eeevil.


[Kick sneaks into the library at night (with Gunther monitoring him via security camera), and sees his book sitting on one of the shelves]
KICK: [whispering] My Buttowski sense is tingling ...
[he slowly begins pulling the book off the shelf, when the lights come on, and he turns to see the librarian by the light switch]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I wish you hadn't come back ...
[she begins laughing maniacally, as lightning strikes in the background, then cut back to Gunther watching the proceedings from outside]
GUNTHER: Aahhhh!
[cut back to inside the library, as Kick grabs the book and tries to run away, but the librarian follows him with her book cart]
LIBRARIAN: No running in the library!
[she pushes the cart towards him, so Kick jumps on, not realizing that the cart is heading straight for the card catalog]
KICK: Aw biscuits ...
[the cart crashes, sending Kick flying into the copy machine]
[she tries to jump at Kick, but he moves out of the way and the librarian ends up caught in the copy machine]
KICK: Uh ...
[he tries to run away, but the librarian suddenly appears and begins throwing index cards like ninja throwing stars, eventually pinning him to the wall]
LIBRARIAN: Everything in the library belongs to me, including you!
[she picks up his book and begins laughing, when Kick notices an open window]
KICK: Sorry lady, but it's checkout time!
[he pulls away from the wall - leaving his clothes stuck to the index cards - before grabbing the book and jumping out the window]
[cut to Gunther outside the library, as Kick (not yet visible) stands before him]
KICK: She's good, but I'm ... better!
[cut to a shot of Kick wearing just his underwear, as he holds up the book triumphantly ... but the actual book falls out of the Billy Stumps dust jacket, revealing that he actually has the copy of "Whistling For Boys"]
GUNTHER: My books again!
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Looking for this?!
[camera pans to the open window, where the librarian is holding the real book and laughing]
KICK: Clever girl ... Time for the final chapter! Gunther, I'm going back in!


[the librarian is happily bringing the Billy Stumps book back for reshelving, when Kick jumps through the skylight on his bicycle and grabs it]
LIBRARIAN: Not on my watch!
[she pulls a copy of "Mobility Scooters: Advanced Edition" off the shelf, which reveals a secret entrance where a pink scooter (with skull and crossbones decal) is parked]
[cut to Kick as he looks back to see the librarian (wearing a Pickelhaube helmet) following him ... she eventually pulls up beside him, then laughs as she grabs the book and passes him]
KICK: Well played ...
[Kick begins chasing her through the stacks like they're running an obstacle course, until he turns on the "turbo" and grabs the book, then makes a hairpin turn and heads off in the opposite direction]
[the librarian slams on the brakes - causing her false teeth to momentarily fly out - before turning around and resuming the chase]
[she eventually catches up and grabs the book, sticking her tongue out at Kick ... but she gets careless with her taunting and ends up banging her face against one of the bookshelves, causing the book to fly out of her hand and land on a nearby table]
[Kick put on the breaks and heads for the table, grabbing the book, but the librarian literally runs through the table - destroying library property in the process - in order to keep up with Kick]
[clutching the book in his teeth, Kick runs into a giant statue of Rodin's "Thinker", using it as a ramp to try and jump back through the skylight]
[the librarian pulls out two of her grey hairs and fashions a makeshift lasso, grabbing Kick at the last second before he makes it out]
[Kick is pulled back and falls into one of the bookshelves, causing a domino effect that nearly crushes the librarian ... except that the last bookshelf catches on the "Thinker"'s knee]
[gravity does cause all of the books in that last bookshelf to fall out and bury the librarian]
[Kick recovers and sees his book fall in the middle of the room, but the librarian emerges from the pile of books, and sees his book as well]
[on opposite ends of the room, they begin driving towards the book at a high rate of speed, eventually crashing into one another]
[cut to outside the library, as Gunther watches the proceedings on his camera, when the force of the collision causes the video feed to go out]
[cut to the front door of the library suddenly opening, as a cloud of dust obscures a figure emerging who looks suspiciously like the librarian]
GUNTHER: Uh oh ... eeevil.
[the dust clears to reveal that the figure is actually Kick, with the handlebars of his bike wrapped around his helmet]
[he holds the book above his head]
KICK: Got my book!
GUNTHER: Awesome ... Careful, there's a spider over there!
[Kick, suddenly afraid, cautiously moves away from the entrance and heads for the stairs]
GUNTHER: Geez Kick, I'm really sorry I got your book stuck in the library ...
KICK: Apology unnecessary ... Tonight was epic!
GUNTHER: Really?
KICK: And one more thing ...
[he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sandwich]
GUNTHER: My sandwich!
[Gunther grabs it and eats it in one bite, burping loudly]
[camera pans over to show the two as they walk off into the sunset, when the librarian - in a disheveled state - appears from the dust cloud]
LIBRARIAN: You may have won this time, but you'll be back! They always come back ... to the library!
[she begins to laugh maniacally, then suddenly returns to normal and - humming sweetly to herself - walks back into the library]



"Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil" / "If Books Could Kill"
Prod. Code: 102A
Premiered: February 13, 2010
Written by: John Derevlany, Nate Knetchel, David Shayne
Directed by: Chris Savino

"If Books Could Kill" is episode 2a of Season 1.

Kick recieves an autographed book by Billy Stumps in the mail. But when rushing to his room to read it, he accidentally bumps into Gunther a couple of times, getting his book mixed up with Gunther's due library book. Unfortunatly, it's too late for Kick when Gunther puts Kick's book in the library drop-off post, thinking it's his own book. To make matters worse, the librarian won't let Kick have his book back. Kick and Gunther set up a plan for Kick to sneak into the library after dark. But when caught by the librarian, it turns into a chase where both of them are trying to get the book. Finally, after destroying half the library, Kick manages to escape with his book, and a sandwich Gunther returned by accident.

Case Study No. 0415: Joanna Angel, Kleio, Asphyxia and Draven Star

It was your average day at the library- until an extremely rude patron walked in, and tried to take out a book with 200 overdue library books to his name. Shit got crazy, and ... he robbed the place! Joanna Angel, Kleio, Asphyxia and Draven are serious Librarians, and they will not budge on library protocol- even if their life depended on it.

(Oh yeah. And everyone bones each other in this movie, we just can't show it on Youtube. If you're over 18, you know where to find it)
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Statement of Compliance

All records required by 18 U.S.C. 2257 for this
Motion Picture entitled, Librarians
and all graphic images associated therewith
are kept for Burning Angel Entertainment
by Custodian of Records
for 2257 Keyframe Programming, Inc.
10916 SE Lenore St.
Happy Valley, OR 97086

[scene opens inside a library, where several female young librarians are doing various job-related tasks (reshelving books, pushing bookcarts, manning the returns desk, etc.)]
NARRATOR: It was your average day at the library. Everyone checked out books. People did their homework. Metrosexuals hung out there ... Until someone came in with too many overdue books.
[a male patron hands his library card to the librarian at the front desk, who punches it into the computer before getting a shocked look on her face]
JOANNA ANGEL: You have two ... hundred overdue library books!
NARRATOR: That's when shit got real ...
[the patron pulls out a gun and points it at the librarian]
MALE PATRON: Nobody move! This is a robbery!
ASPHYXIA: Draven, pull the alarm!
[cut to shots of police and SWAT Team members surrounding the building, then back to the patron holding the librarians hostage]
MALE PATRON: Gimmee the book!
[she clutches the book he was trying to check out to her chest]
JOANNA ANGEL: I'm sorry, sir, I can't do that!
SKIN DIAMOND: It's just a stupid book! Are you fucking kidding me?
KLEIO: No, no she's not! She's a really good librarian!
[cut the the female hostage negotiator talking with the police outside]
KIMBERLY KANE: What kind of asshole holds sweet innocent librarians hostage?
["Burning Angel Entertainment presents Librarians"]
["Starring Asphyxia, Draven Star, Kimberly Kane, Kleio, Skin Diamond, Joanna Angel"]
KIMBERLY KANE: [sighs] Go get me a cup of coffee and a bearclaw ...
KIMBERLY KANE: It's gonna be a long day ...
["Written & directed by Joanna Angel"]



On the Set of "Librarians"

We made a new movie! Wooohooo! I'm not sure when it will be coming out, but it'll be out very very here's a little something to get you all as excited about it as I am! Um, it's about sexy case you couldn't tell. A lot of the girls on BurningAngel are really nerds at this movie is for them...and all the people out there that are fond of nerdy chicks who love to fuck!

xoxo Joanna Angel



Joanna Angel (born December 25, 1980) is an American alternative pornographic actress, director and writer of adult films.

After finishing her degree, she relocated to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, and created the website BurningAngel, a hardcore adult site catering to an emerging genre dubbed alt porn, while she danced as a stripper at night. Her website followed in the footsteps of the very popular SuicideGirls, which she has referred to as "the McDonald's of alt porn." When asked whether she thought that alt porn was turning into a movement she stated, "I think it's a movement. I think I've started something."

Joanna has written, produced, directed and starred in films available exclusively through Burning Angel (including "Joanna's Angels", "Librarians", "Re-Penetrator", and "LovecraCked! The Movie").

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Case Study No. 0414: Staff of the National Library of Belarus

Minsk National Library
This is my 1st visit at the National Library in Minsk, more Minsk here: watch?v= 5qlXWwqs1QM and here: watch?v= cZALBa4pL64 more here:
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["Minsk National Library April 15th 2009" appears on screen, then cut to a shot of the building at night, as the various LED fixtures affixed to the windows blink and flash with different colors to produce an impressive light show]
["During day light" appears on screen, then cut to more exterior shots of the building]
["Costs: 150 million US$" appears on screen, then cut to the cameraman walking into the building and taking more footage as patrons and staff are walking around]
[cut to footage of the stacks, as a female librarian is helping a patron at the front desk]
[cut to a row of computer monitors near the stacks]
["Holds: 8,5 million books" appears on screen, then cut to more footage inside the building]
["Arrival of belarusian culture minister (later he visited the minsk opera)" appears on screen, then cut to security guards and reporters surrounding an older man walking up the stairs]
[cut to more footage inside the building]
["Transportation of books, german invention" appears on screen, then cut to footage of the various "tube" systems used to deliver books around the building]
["The archive" appears on screen, then cut to a closed door, with a picture of a camera covered by a large red "X"]
[cut to footage inside the archives room, as several centuries-old books are seen in glass displays]
[cut to a closeup of three books (Summa de casibus conscientiae, 1475 ; Opera by Ambrosius, 1492 ; Justinianus cum Glossa ordinaria Accursii, 1488)]
[cut to footage of more books in the archives]
[cut to a display in the Archives which contains photographs of the library's construction]
[cut to another display showing newspaper clippings from the library's grand opening (including a photograph of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looking at some books]
["Minister car" appears on screen, then cut to footage of a black car parked outside the library]
["Going on the roof (74 meters - highest building in Minsk)" appears on screen, then cut to the cameraman inside an elevator, as he emerges on the roof and looks out over the city]
["Porsche building Belarus" appears on screen, then cut to more footage from the roof of the surrounding buildings]
[cut to more night-time footage of the building and its light show, as the scene fades to black]



The National Library of Belarus, founded on 15 September 1922, is a copyright library of the Republic of Belarus. It houses the largest collection of Belarusian printed materials and the third largest collection of books in Russian behind the Russian State Library (Moscow) and the Russian National Library (St Petersburg).

It is now located in a new 72-metre (236 feet) high building in Minsk, Belarus. The building has 22 floors and was completed in January 2006. The building can seat about 2,000 readers and features a 500-seat conference hall. Its main architectural component has the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron. The library's new building was designed by architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko and opened on 16 June 2006.

The National Library of Belarus is the main information and cultural centre of the country. Its depository collections include 8 million items of various media. In 1993 the National Library of Belarus started to create its own electronic information resources. It has generated a collection of bibliographic, factual graphic, full-text, graphic, sound and language databases that comprise more than 2 million records. The scope of databases is quite wide: humanities, social sciences, history, art and culture of Belarus. Library users also have access to databases of other libraries and academic institutions, including foreign ones.

In planning respect, the Library can be divided into two basic parts. A high-rise part is the main stock-depository that so-called "the diamond". A low part is the three- and four-storey capacity (the stylobata). Vestibules, reference-information area with general and reading catalogues of different types both for students and doctors of science as well as administrative and technical are accommodated here.

These parts connect between each other like blood-vessels by means of special telelifts that deliver a literature from stock-depository to readers as well as to production area for systematization, literature processing and restoration.

A main enter for readers is decided on the side of F. Scorina Avenue. It conducts to the central vestibule in which control functions are carried out as well as there is a cloak-romm, reference registration and information area, loan division here. A reader enters on the main staircase from the vestibule into the main hall of reading catalogues and cart indexes, reference-bibliographic department including the electronic one. This hall is situated in the very center under the stock-depository. Natural light delves into the hall through the inclined upper window walls that are done along the full perimeter. After receiving information and literature order from this hall a reader chooses a necessary reading room and could work here with ordered literature through 15-20 minutes. The halls are located radials in respect to center. It guarantees efficient orientation in the Library. A circular distributive gallery, from which readers and staff-members can find any necessary block of rooms or a department, is provided around the mean hall.

Reading rooms are projected in different directions - for students engaged on degree thesis, science workers, doctors of science, music editions, new booking entrances as well as fine-art hall and others.

The largest rooms of mass visits are located on the second and third floors. Side by side with traditional organization of catalogues, availability of computer center in the Library structure allows to computerize the whole of reference-information and bibliographical system as well as transport one. It will allow cutting down time of necessary information search and books delivery to working places. The inclusion of the Library electric system in united information area of Belarus and the Commonwealth Independent States as well as international information systems allows getting on-the-fly any information in short periods of time.

The library service is in great demand. More than 90 thousand citizens of Belarus are library users, who annually request 3.5 million documents. Every day the library is visited by more than 2,200 people. The library delivers about 12,000 documents daily.

In addition to serving as a functional library, the National Library is a city attraction. It is situated in a park on a river bank and has an observation deck looking over Minsk. As of 2009 it is the only structure in Minsk with a public observation deck. The area in front of the library is used for many public concerts and shows.

Case Study No. 0413: Staff of the New York Circulating Material Repository

The Grimm Legacy, Polly Shulman - 9780399250965
Elizabeth has a new job at an unusual library-a lending library of objects, not books. In a secret room in the basement lies the Grimm Collection. That's where the librarians lock away powerful items straight out of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales: seven-league boots, a table that produces a feast at the blink of an eye, Snow White's stepmother's sinister mirror that talks in riddles.

When the magical objects start to disappear, Elizabeth embarks on a dangerous quest to catch the thief before she can be accused of the crime-or captured by the thief.

Learn more at
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What if fairy tale magic really existed?

At the New York Circulating Material Repository, every object has its cost ...

GC 645.12.P75 (Flying Carpet) - Deposit: Your Courage
GC 746.12.R86 (Rumpelstiltskin's Magic Spinning Tools) - Deposit: Your Sense of Direction
GC 645.421811185.S66 (Magic Mirror) - Deposit: Your First-Born

Lonely at her new school
Elizabeth takes a job at the repository, hoping to make some new friends.

But when magical objects start to disappear
She finds herself under suspicion.

Can she catch the thief in time to save the Grimm Collection?

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman
Borrow the magic ... if you dare!

G.P. Putnam's Sons | A Division of Penguin Young Readers Group



"The Grimm Legacy"
By Polly Shulman

Feeling left out from her stepfamily at home and from her classmates at her new school, Elizabeth is delighted when she gets a job at the New York Circulating Material Repository, a library that loans objects of historical value. She's particularly intrigued when she's given access to the Grimm Collection, a secret room that holds magical objects from the Brothers' tales, e.g., seven-league boots, a mermaid's comb, and the sinister mirror from "Snow White." However, when the items start to disappear, she and her fellow pages embark on a dangerous quest to catch the thief, only to find themselves among the suspects.



Shulman, Polly. 2010. THE GRIMM LEGACY. New York: Putnam. ISBN 9780399250965 [Suggested Grade Levels 6-12]

Magic is available for loan in Polly Shulman's enchanting novel set in the New-York Circulating Material Repository. Elizabeth is having a difficult time adjusting to her new high school when her social studies teacher offers her a job at a most unusual library. From the moment she walks in the door, Elizabeth feels that there is something odd about the repository. Her suspicions are confirmed when she earns the trust of the librarians and a key to the Grimm Collection, a room filled with magical relics from famous fairy tales. All is not well at the repository, though. Elizabeth and her fellow pages must uncover the secret behind a giant bird stalking the young employees, a missing page, and stolen objects replaced with non-magical duplicates.

Shulman's novel successfully immerses readers in the magical world of the New-York Circulating Material Repository. The dark stacks, odd behavior of Elizabeth's co-workers, and often-uncontrollable magical objects create a mysterious mood well-matched to the storyline. Elizabeth and her three newfound friends mature in sometimes surprising, but satisfying, ways through the course of the story. Teens looking for new fantasy stories will enjoy Elizabeth's tale.



* Elizabeth Rew: The main character: a student at Fisher High School who gets a job at the New-York Repository to make some new friends after a recommendation from her social studies teacher.
* Marc Merritt: Friend of Elizabeth. A library student aide at the Repository. Star basketball player at Fisher High School.
* Anjali Rao: Friend of Elizabeth. A library student aide at the Repository. Attends Miss Wharton's School. A heart-throb.
* Mr. Stan Mauskopf: Elizabeth's social study teacher at Fisher High School.
* Dr. Lee Rust (aka "Doc"): Librarian at the New York Circulating Material Repository. Friend of Stan Mauskopf.
* Ms. Martha Callender: A librarian at the New York Circulating Material Repository.
* Aaron Rosendorn: Friend of Elizabeth, a library student aide characterized by mistrust, suspicion and disapproval. Has a crush on Anjali. Is a student at World Peace Academy.
* Mona Chen: A library page who disappeared before Elizabeth started working at the Repository.
* Zandra: A library page who had been fired before Elizabeth had started working at the Repository.
* Wallace Stone: An art and antiques dealer. Patron and donor to the Repository. Had recommended Zandra to work there.
* Jaya Rao: Anjeli's 10 yr. old sister. Has magical capabilities imparted to her by Ms. Bender.
* Ms. Abigail Bender: Sewing teacher at Miss Wharton's School. Jaya's teacher. Recommended Anjali to the Repository.
* Gloria Badwin, Esq.: A patron of the Repository. A doll and figurine collection, and a client of Wallace Stone.
* Ms. Minnian: A librarian at the Repository
* Andre Merritt: 3 yr. old brother of Marc Merritt.
* Griffin (aka "The Beast"): Mr. Mauskopf's dog
* Grace Farr: Homeless patron at the Repository

Setting & Locations
* New York, N.Y.
* Main Examination Room ("MER")
* The Grimm Collection: The most special of the Special Collections at the New York Circulating Materials Repository. A secret collection containing powerful magical items from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.
* Stack 1 (aka "The Dungeon"): Location of the Special Collections, including the Grimm Collection and the Wells Bequest.
* Stack 2: Location of the Textiles and Garb collections. Also location of the Valuables Room ("V")
* Stack 3: Location of the ephemera collection.
* Stack 5: Location of the Tools and Scientific Instruments Collection
* Stack 6: Librarians' offices
* Stack 7: Location of the art collection.
* Stack 8: Location of the Fungibles Collection (plants and animals)
* Stack 9: Location of the Household Goods collection
* Stack 10: Location of Science and Medicine.
* The Wells Bequest: Collection located next door to the Grimm Collection. Named after H.G. Wells, it contains magical science fiction objects.
* Gibson Crestomathy: The software and computer technology collection. Located in Stack 1.
* Garden of Seasons: Located in Stack 1
* Lovecraft Corpus: Located on Stack 1.

* New York Circulating Materials Repository: Founded in 1745, the oldest subscription library of its kind in the country. Lends objects --musical instruments, sports equipment, cooking tools.
* Benign Designs: A company whose staff frequently borrows materials from the Grimm Collection. Owned by Wallace Stone.

Case Study No. 0412: Libby Maguire and the Counter-Entropy Squad

Counter-Entropy Squad (revised)
Episode 1

Now Showing in the Library!

If you missed the premiere party of the Counter-Entropy
Squad, you can still catch it on our display screen, located in the Library Commons, where it will continue to run in rotation with our other announcements. This short, original, animated film depicts a clinical medical librarian "superhero" attending Pediatric rounds who is able to call up pertinent medical information in a flash - a very useful super power indeed!

Episode #1 of a projected series, the 4-minute short is the brainchild of Loretta Merlo, Manager of Circulation at the WCMC Library. It was inspired by a comment made by emeritus professor Dr. Roger Greif, a long-time supporter of the library and, even at 92, an avid library user, who characterized the Library staff as "fighting entropy." Dr. Greif attended the premiere, which was part of our National Medical Librarians Month celebration, as our guest of honor.

To see photos of the premiere celebration, log on to our Facebook page and become a fan of the Weill Cornell Medical College Library.
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Weill Cornell Medical Library presents ...
The Adventures of the Counter-Entropy Squad
"Bringing order to a chaotic world."

The beginning of the 21st century saw the dawn of the Age of Knowledge and a world where information became both currency and product.

Knowledge workers were highly valued by leaders of institutions throughout the world, and their efforts were cultivated to ensure the creation, application and transmission of new information.

This proliferation of new knowledge, and the many ways to access it, began to increase exponentially, resulting in an information overload of proportions never before witnessed by humankind.

In 2008, the number of text messages sent and received each day exceeds the population of the planet.
6 billion searches are performed on Google each month.
The amount of technical knowledge doubles every 2 years.
3000 new books are published each day.
A week's worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.
The PubMed database includes over 18 million citations.
The MedlinePlus Consumer Health Site contains information from over 1,350 health organizations and has over 18,000 hyperlinks to authoritative health information.

As the Age of Knowledge spirals out of control, the world evolves towards a state of universal disorder, or entropy.

And so, a group of Librarians and Library workers emerge, so skilled in the management of information and so adept at bringing order to a chaotic world, they appear to defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics itself.

They became known as ... The Counter-Entropy Squad.

[scene opens with a group of doctors and nurses standing in the Pediatrics wing of a hospital]
DR. JOHNSON: I'm Doctor Johnson, the Chief Resident ... and this is Libby Maguire, our Clinical Medical Librarian.
[he points to a young female librarian (glasses, blonde hair in a bun, red blazer and skirt)]
LIBBY: Good morning!
DR. JOHNSON: Libby will be joining us on rounds at least once a week from now on.
DR. ROMERO: Great!
DR. JOHNSON: First up is Michael Li, 4-year-old male diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. Admitted with five days of fever, rash, cracked red lips, an enlarged lymph node, conjunctivitis and swelling of the hands and feet.
DR. ROMERO: Problem list?
DR. JOHNSON: Symptoms have not subsided and he remains febrile and irritable. The family was using Motrin at home which has proven to be ineffective.
DR. ROMERO: Okay, let's take a look.
[cut to the group in Michael Li's room]
DR. JOHNSON: Good morning, Misses Li.
MRS. LI: Good morning, Doctor Johnson. Doctor Romero.
[he sits on the edge of Michael's bed]
DR. JOHNSON: Hello there, Michael! You remember Doctor Romero, right? Well today, he and I brought a whole bunch of people to see you.
[they all wave to him]
DR. JOHNSON: All these people are on our team. We're going to put our heads together today and see if we can get you all better, okay?
DR. JOHNSON: Atta boy! Now, can you sit up for me, so I can listen to your chest?
["A little while later ... " appears on screen, then cut to Romero standing outside Michael's room with the rest of the group]
DR. ROMERO: What can we do to make Michael more comfortable?
DR. JOHNSON: Can we alternate Motrin with aspirin, which is indicated for Kawasaki Disease?
DR. ROMERO: Hmmm ... I don't think so. Libby, can you check the literature?
LIBBY: Sure!
[she flashes in a burst of energy, and her glasses and hairbun are replaced with a red-and-black superhero costume and cape]
LIBBY: [to herself] Hmmm ... Now, let's see. PubMed? EMBase? The Red Book?
[she searches through her tablet computer]
LIBBY: [to herself] Wait ... Got it!
[she turns back to Dr. Romero]
LIBBY: IVIG and aspirin are used to treat the symptoms of Kawasaki disease ... as well as protect against cardiovascular complications. According to MicroMedex, concurrent use of aspirin and Ibuprofin may result in decreased antiplatelet effect of aspirin and increase risk of severe complications.
DR. ROMERO: Thanks, Libby. Due to the elevated platelets associated with Kawasaki disease, Michael should be started on IVIG and aspirin, which should reduce his fever. His Ibuprofin should be discontinued.
DR. JOHNSON: Great! Thanks.
["A few days later ... " appears on screen, then cut to Libby (back in normal attire) walking out of the elevator as Johnson sees her]
LIBBY: Good morning, Doctor Johnson!
DR. JOHNSON: You'll be happy to know that Michael Li was discharged yesterday!
LIBBY: That's great!
[they both look off camera]
DR. JOHNSON: That looks like the rest of our team.
[the other doctors and nurses join them]
DR. JOHNSON: Okay, everyone. First up today, we have ...
["The End" appears on screen]

Conceived and created by Loretta Merlo with Dr. Roger Greif, Bruce Silberman, Paul Albert
Introduction by Loretta Merlo, Kris Alpi, Judy Stribling

Episode 1 - "Libby Maguire"
Written by Dr. Erika Abramson, Pattie Mongelia, Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, Loretta Merlo
Produced in Poser 7 by Loretta Merlo for the Weill Cornell Medical Library
Additional product from Daz3d, Renderosity, ZME
Special thanks to Carolyn Reid, Mark Funk, Diana Delgado, Octavio Morales



WCMC Library Premieres Animated Movie, Dedicated to Emeritus Professor Dr. Roger Greif as Part Of National Medical Librarians Month Celebration
Posted on October 20, 2008

On Wednesday, October 29, at 3pm, the Weill Cornell Medical Library will culminate a month of activities in honor of National Medical Librarians Month. A highlight of the month will be the world premiere, popcorn and all, of a short, original, animated film depicting a medical librarian "superhero."

Episode #1 of a projected series entitled "The Counter-Entropy Squad" will be shown on the display screen in the Library Commons. The 3-minute short is the brainchild of Loretta Merlo, Manager of Circulation at the WCMC Library, and was inspired by a comment made by emeritus professor Dr. Roger Greif.

Dr. Greif, a long-time supporter of the library and its staff and, even at 92, an avid library user, was talking with Library Assistant Bruce Silberman when he enquired off-handedly if the library was "still fighting entropy". Bruce related the conversation to Loretta and the idea was born -- library superheroes so adept at accessing and managing information in this age of information overload that they appear to reverse the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics itself.

Dr. Greif is scheduled to attend the premiere as our special guest of honor.

For more information about the Counter-Entropy Squad premiere, please contact Loretta Merlo, Manager of Circulation Services at 212.746.1984.

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Case Study No. 0411: Khorramabad librarians

N64 Goldeneye Library Mission Walkthrough
I created this mission using a hex editor, the Goldeneye Setup Editor, and a lot of patience as well as help from Subdrag (the editor's creator) and Wreck. This Mission has been out for a while, I figured I'd finally make a walkthrough video.
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The Library Mission, created by bmw, was the first comprehensive mission created using the Goldeneye Setup Editor. The original Library multiplayer map (from "Goldeneye" for the N64) was used as the base, but with the use of nothing more than objects found in other levels, additional walls and doors were added, giving the mission a look and feel completely different from that of the original multiplayer level. Add to that computer consoles, conventional weapons, nuclear weapons, guards, librarians, and mission objectives, and you have an entirely new mission created nearly from scratch.

Mission Background
A secret nuclear weapons facility was discovered in the basement of a public library in Khorramabad, Iran. Your Mission? Gather as much top secret information as you can find, take photographs, and destroy any weapon which can safely be destroyed.

00 Agent: James Bond
Mission 1: Arkangelsk
Part ii: Library
a. Download Weapons Data
b. Destroy Conventional Weapons
c. Photograph Nuclear Weapons
d. Gather Top Secret Books and Documents
e. Minimize Civilian Casualties

Several new, original gadgets appear in this mission, including a radiation detector (used for detecting high levels of radiation) and a 30GB High density disk (used for downloading data from the main computer system). Other gadgets include a camera (used for taking pictures of nuclear weapons) and a safecracker (used for opening a locked safe).

Civilians in this stage include both female librarians and male scientists. Their lives must be protected at all costs.

Security is tight, including many guards and several security cameras. All of the weapons are protected by bullet-proof glass panes and doors, both of which will also set off alarms if broken or opened. There are also many computer consoles located throughout the stage, some of which set off alarms if Bond attempts to hack into them. There is, however, a hidden moving bookcase which hides the main security control console. Once disabled, alarms become inactive.

Music and Sound Effects
Several new sound effects appear in this mission. A different alarm is sounded if a nuclear meltdown is eminent. The radiation detector also has its own noises it makes when in use. Also, a series of clicks is used when cracking the safe.

As for music, 2 different songs are used - elevator music (upstairs) and a beta song only found in multiplayer levels which use random songs (downstairs).

Nuclear Meltdown
A nuclear meltdown can be triggered under several circumstances. The first and most obvious is the destruction of a nuclear weapon. Even puncturing a hole in the glass protecting nuclear weapons can lead to an eventual nuclear meltdown. There is also at least one computer console that Bond does not know how to operate - hacking into this console will lead to a nuclear meltdown.

-Work on this mission actually began prior to the release of the visual component of the Goldeneye Setup Editor. This involved using separate utilities for grabbing coordinates as well as sizing and placing objects. Were it not for the visual editor, this mission would likely have never been finished to completion.

-Many of the walls are actually "fake" walls in that they are nothing more than Archives sliding doors used to imitate walls, due to the fact that these doors look nearly identical to the walls in the library.

-Because this mission was based on a multiplayer level, guard paths had to be created from scratch.

-Some of the action blocks are imported from other missions and slightly modified, while others are created entirely from scratch. Some of the action blocks are relatively complicated.

-The sound of gas leaking when the glass protecting a nuclear weapon is shot is actually created using a gas object hidden upstairs. It is hidden behind the locked doors which Bond enters at the beginning of the mission. If you use a gameshark code to unlock that door, you will see a small fuel barrel on the other side.

-An elaborate cut-scene was axed at the last minute due to technical difficulties (specifically, that Bond loses all his acquired gadgets and keys once gameplay is resumed). The cut-scene involved a stone door closing behind Bond and an army of guards charging down the hallway on the other side of Bond, making it virtually impossible for Bond to escape.

Despite extensive in-game testing, several minor glitches exist in the mission, glitches which aren't serious enough to warrant a re-release. One glitch was actually caused due to a modification made late in mission development which allows Bond to destroy conventional weapons without disabling security. Late in development, bmw made all the glass panes stronger, thus requiring more bullets to shatter. However, because bullets travel through glass, and because the weapons had a lower "health" than the glass itself, it was possible to destroy the weapons without shattering the glass, thus avoiding the setting off of alarms.

Another glitch has to do with where civilians run to after their escape action block is triggered. Hidden in the basement is a small repository used as both a location for librarians to disappear as well as for guards to be stored in the event that an alarm is triggered. This repository is supposed to be hidden and inaccessible. However,with a cluster of guards near the door, it is possible for Bond to sneak into this repository and thus take a shortcut through the stage.

The cause of one final glitch is unknown. On rare occasions, the guard carrying the key to the basement control room fails to drop the key once killed.

Case Study No. 0410: Staff of Unnamed Library (Packard Bell)

Packard Bell Commercial
In 1996 Packard Bell put out a commercial that tried to show urban existence as negative with the point of the commercial being that using a Packard Bell computer "You can do it all from home". Librarians objected to the negative image of the library. The commercial has storm trooper like characters marching around the library shushing people. Packard Bell changed the commercial and lifted out the library scenes. The version here shows the library scene.
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Downtrodden masses march through a bleak gray citiscape reminiscent of industrial London enshrouded in a killer fog. They slog onward, toward a building where a few letters show above the door: IBRAR. Inside, in a vast hall, people sit quietly at tables with huge tomes in front of them. A door opens and jack-booted thugs in Nazi-like red uniforms goose-step into the hall holding up one finger to their lips: "Shhhsh."

This frightening scene ends seconds later when you are whisked out of the city to a brilliant green countryside and a storybook home containing a Packard Bell computer. The voiceover says: "Now you can do it all from home." The commercial ends with the words "Wouldn't you rather be at home?"

Yes, this amazing scene is a television commercial for Packard Bell computers. And it is a pristine example of technological utopianism where the existence of a computer turns the home into cartoon castle of lively colors and safety. Leave the world behind, it says, retreat into a digital fantasy.

But there's more to the message than just that. This commercial is a full-scale attack on the social value of information. It is not just that the computer is being compared to a library. In its subtext it is being presented as an alternative to the ideal of free, public information, still thought by some to be a necessary element of democracy.

Note that by "free" I don't mean only "without charge." I mean free in terms of open, public, and with equal access for all. Keeping information free is actually a costly affair. It implies universal education so that all citizens will be able to make use of information. It implies institutions like libraries and archives that don't bring in countable revenue. It implies taking care of all our information resources, even those that serve the poorest members of our society. It implies a conscious concern for history.

Apple Computer aired its legendary 1984 television commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl. In their vision a lone Olympian frees the masses from a huge telescreen image of Big Brother. In today's Packard Bell commercial, thousands approach the library, but only one is saved. That one, of course, is you - you the viewer, you the person behind the eyes that watch the screen. There is no social solution, just individual salvation.

In 1994 I gave a talk in which I warned the audience that libraries would some day be seen as a threat to the growing information industries. Few in the audience thought it possible. But these industries have since launched a strong compaign to prevent libraries from delivering digital information to the public. That campaign includes changes to the copyright law, the elimination of "fair use," and special protection for databases of facts. The goal is for every exchange of information to be a commercial transaction. And computer companies, like the giant Microsoft, are investing heavily in content: encyclopedias, databases, and vast collections of sounds and images.

Libraries stand in the way. One company's representative, at a Department of Commerce public hearing on copyright in 1995, objected to the use of the expression "digital library" to describe the proposed National Information Infrastructure. He said that it implied that the information might be "free." While he may have intended the monetary meaning of the word, that can't possibly have been his true concern. Publishers are paid a fair price for the books and other materials that are located in libraries, and they are paid a fair price for the online services that libraries subscribe to for public use.

As another speaker at that same hearing stated: "the word information connotes a certain free as air, free as water connotation to the average person." And this is a bad thing. It's bad because it implies that information hasn't been captured and harnessed for sale. It's bad because people think they can access and share information without going through a purchase process. Perhaps they think they can even invent their own information and distribute it to others, by-passing the publishers altogether. This is what the new information industries oppose: a public forum of information. Because it's bad for business.

Packard Bell actually lies in its commercial. It isn't true that you can now do it all from home. Very little of the world's knowledge is in a form that can be accessed by computer, especially not knowledge that originated before this decade. In the dreary vision of George Orwell's 1984, all books prior to 1960 had been destroyed along with the history they represented. When we each retreat to our colorful homes inside our gated communities, every word we read on the computer will be the product of today's information corporations. And if publishers succeed in eliminating the libraries or rendering them obsolete, the public forum for information freedom will be gone. Nineteen-eighty-four - we're just running a little behind.

Case Study No. 0409: Richard Sly the Library Guy

The Chronicles of LIbraria
No description available.
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And now for an ...
Educational Ariew Boiz Production

The Chronicles of Libraria

[scene opens with a male college student (wearing an "I is a kollege stoodent" t-shirt) lying on a park bench, when he suddenly bolts up]
BOBBY: Can't believe it's Sunday! Weekend's over too soon!
[he takes out his cell phone]
BOBBY: Call Ricky ... Just to see how he's doin'!
[cut to another male student walking down the street, when he answers his cell phone]
RICKY: Whatchoo want?
[cut back to the first student]
BOBBY: What up Rick?
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: Bobby bro! What's the deal?
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: Just woke up, thinkin' ... 'bout my next meal!
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: But what about your ... Twenty page paper?
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: I ain't writin'! Hell, I don't got a stapler! Teachers are hatin'! I's procrastinatin'!
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: Let's hit up and sip some nutritious smoothies!
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: Fine by me! I'll return some movies!
[cut to the two sitting in the student lounge drinking smoothies]
CHORUS: Smoothies, smoothies! Smoothies, smoothies!
[cut to the two of them standing on the stairwell drinking their smoothies]
BOBBY: Hey, Rick! Tell me what you're thinkin'!
RICKY: Bob, don't you know? The passion fruit is prime drinkin'!
BOBBY: Liar! Banana's the best!
RICKY: Passion fruit has more zest!
BOBBY: Your mind has gone wack!
[cut to the two of them holding their cups up to the camera]
RICKY AND BOBBY: Peach and mango attack!
[cut to the two of them walking around campus]
BOBBY: They always hook us up with the phat smoothie picks!
RICKY: Where you gotta go to return your flicks?
BOBBY: Blockbuster, no mo'! Library, fo sho!
RICKY: Library? They got movies that scary?
BOBBY: Richard Sly let me know ...
RICKY AND BOBBY: They got journals, books, and info!
[cut to the two of them walking towards the library]
RICKY: 'Bout time you started up, Bobby!
BOBBY: I'd rather go have an iced chai tea!
RICKY: Come on, fool! Tell me what's the topic? Endoscopic? Philanthropic? Candelaria?
BOBBY: Hell no! It's Daria
RICKY: Dari-what?
BOBBY: It's those artic--
RICKY: What?
BOBBY: -cles of Daria! You know, the artic--
RICKY: What?
BOBBY: -cles of Daria! Yeah, those artic--
RICKY: What?
[Bobby suddenly stops and speaks to Ricky in a serious voice]
BOBBY: Rick, I don't know, so stop asking! Someone named Daria wrote some articles ... I haven't done the assignment yet, so how would I know?
RICKY: Oh, okay ...
BOBBY: And would you stop interrupting me with "What" all the time?
RICKY: Sorry, bud. I just thought it would make me sound cool.
BOBBY: It sounds stupid, Ricky! So just shut up for awhile!
[cut to Bobby walking up to "Media Return" slot and dropping his movie in, then cut to a shot from inside the library, as Ricky starts singing to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps"]
RICKY: My book, my book my book my book! My lovely little book ... Check it out!
[he drops a book at the returns desk, then "20 evil minutes later" appears on screen, then cut to the two sitting in front of a computer]
BOBBY: Y'know, I could just cut and paste sections of this review on "Articles of Daria." Nobody'd know, it's an Amazon review, right?
RICKY: I wonder what Richard Sly would say ...
[cut to black and white footage of a male librarian (Richard Sly the Library Guy) speaking directly to the camera]
RICHARD SLY: The Li-li-li-li-library Guy!
[cut to Richard walking through the stacks and rapping]
RICHARD SLY: Don't plagiarize! Y'all hypnotized! With your cheatin' lies! Stay mesmerized! By my sly book rhymes!
[cut to Richard placing books back on the shelves]
RICHARD SLY: Prioritize! Your college lives! If you want the prize! Library-ize! And don't be a tool! By breaking the rules! At USF Double-F Double-Fool!
[cut back to Ricky and Bobby at the computer]
BOBBY: Yeah, I guess Richard Sly would say something like that. And if I plagiarized and got thrown out of school, I wouldn't get to hang out with the Rick-Dog, would I?
[he slaps Ricky on the back]
RICKY: You're so right, Bobby. Where would we be without the library and the powers of rap?

Starring ...

Wade Bishop as Richard Sly, Cameraman, and Scriptwriter
Daniel Ariew as Ricky
David Ariew as Bobby, Scriptwriter, and Editor
And Smoothies as Smoothies

And a special Shout Out to our collaborators:
Susan Ariew
Nancy Cunningham
Jane Duncan
and the USF Library and facilities



University of South Florida, Tampa: Chronicles of Libraria

This is the second of two videos we created for the USF Tampa library a summer ago. While not as educationally sound as "Databases," this was more of a fun ad for the library with an anti-plagiarism message. Anyway, it's based on SNL's "Lazy Sunday" short.



For some levity, this video (5:22) was created by David and Daniel Ariew as a community service project for the University of South Florida Libraries. The Tampa Library is featured prominently. Chronicles of Libraria sports an antiplagiarism theme along with tasty smoothies.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Case Study No. 0408: Dotty Lake

My Name Is Dotty
La sigla di Dotty
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[the elderly female librarian is walking through the library with a sad look on her face]
DOTTY: [in voice over] You know the kind of woman who seems like the quiet librarian, but when she removes her pencil and lets her hair fall down, she looks all wild and sexy?
[she sighs]
DOTTY: [in voice over] I wish that was me ... My name is Dotty.



My Name Is Earl: Season 2, Episode 13
Buried Treasure (11 Jan. 2007)

Earl tries to return a set of precious silverware he stole from the public library. But when he discovers that it's gone, Randy, Joy and Crabman each reveal their own secrets about the whereabouts.



Dotty Lake, played by Peggy Stewart, is the local librarian and historian who works at the library in Camden County. She first appeared in "Buried Treasure."

After finding out the value of these old Civil War silverware Earl, Joy and Randy have stolen on the news during the local librarian Dotty Lake's interview with the reporter on TV, he decided to bury it like a treasure. He needed the money, so then he decided to write a ransom note to the library. He watched from some bushes as the librarian Dotty dropped off the ransom money. Earl watched as a homeless man took the bag the money was in and watched as cops trampled the homeless man when that money turned out to be a trap.

Word got out that Randy and Earl had stolen some expensive silverware. A con artist approached Randy at the Crab Shack hoping to get Randy to give up where the silverware was hidden. Randy agreed to sell the silverware to the con artist, the same petty excuse for a con artist never came to the park where he told Randy to meet his contact and the money by the code name "the stuff". Randy while waiting for the money, asked walking bystanders that do they have the stuff including the librarian Dotty who was there that day, but no such luck. What Randy didn't know when he sold off the valuable silverware was that Joy had already gotten to it and replaced it with cheaper silverware. She was disappointed when she couldn't find a pawnshop that would take her stolen silverware just as Jasper still wouldn't take the silverware from her because he knows that Camden is crawling with Civil War re-enactment folks who were looking for the stolen historic items, and he said "And the ones from the South would loved nothin' to do then find it with me." because they're confederates and he's black. So Joy decided to re-bury the treasure after she smoked her last cigarette while listening to some Faith Hill song on the radio that peticular same day Earl, Randy and even Dotty herself were there.

Darnell is too, had a little secret from Joy. When his fish named Mr. Fish died, he decided to bury him. During the burial, he came across the stolen silverware that Joy had re-buried. Darnell took the silverware he thought it was a set of lost relics of some ancient civilization, possibly Patheolithic, and returned it back to the library, where it had been originally stolen.

Earl returned to the library to ask the local librarian Dotty to make a cash donation in order to cross them off his list for stealing their silverware. Randy and Earl came across the stolen silverware in the library display case and realized that they had no clue how it was returned, but it was. He was able to cross the library off his list. As Dotty was getting the donation box to Earl right away, she was wondering that is she was a young and different quiet librarian who when her hair fall down, looks all wild and sexy. But that was her wish that was her.

During Dotty's interview with the reporter, she mentions that the peacock's name is Zucker. Jeff Zucker is the current president of NBC. Also, behind her is a list of the "founders" of Camden County Municipal Library. Instead of using made-up names, the names of the creative staff are employed, including Greg Garcia, Mark Buckland and Victor Fresco.

Case Study No. 0407: Unnamed Female Librarian (The Amazing World of Gumball)

The Amazing World of Gumball New Sneak Peek
The Amazing World of Gumball is coming to Cartoon Network April 2nd, 2011!
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[Miss Simian, a teacher at Elmore Junior High, is accusing her student Gumball of causing the principal to have an accident]
MISS SIMIAN: You're coming with me, Watterson!
GUMBALL: Wait! You're forgetting one bit of crucial evidence!
MISS SIMIAN: And what's that?
GUMBALL: I'll just ... go and get it.
[he exits the classroom, and Miss Simian waits a beat before calmly turning and addressing the other students]
MISS SIMIAN: He's not coming back, is he?
ALL: No.
MISS SIMIAN: [yelling] No homework for the one who catches him!
[they all rush out of the classroom, then cut to Gumball running into the school's library in order to hide]
[camera pans around to reveal two of his classmates standing at the opposite end of the bookshelf, blocking his exit]
BANANA JOE: Ha ha ha!
[one of the students steps on the anthropomorphic banana, launching him at Gumball, who deftly jumps over the projectile and lands on a book ladder that goes sailing in the opposite direction]
GUMBALL: Ha ha ha!
[a book suddenly flies in from off camera and hits him in the back of the head]
[camera pans around to reveal another book ladder in hot pursuit, with several students holding on]
TOBIAS: Quick, gimmee something else to throw!
[they all look at the little sentient potato riding the ladder with them]
IDAHO: [his smile turns into a frown] What?
[cut to Idaho bouncing off the back of Gumball's head]
GUMBALL: Ow! Stop throwing stuff at me, I'm innocent!
[the ladder reaches the end of the bookshelf, launching Gumball into the air and onto another bookcase across the room ... this causes a domino effect, as Gumball jumps from falling bookshelf to falling bookshelf before leaping over his dinosaur classmate (who winds up underneath the bookshelves as they fall on top of her) and running out the door]
TINA REX: [quietly] Ouch ...
[the elderly female librarian (an anthropomorphic tree), sitting at the front desk while being apparently oblivious to all the chaos around her, shushes the dinosaur]



The Amazing World of Gumball is an American/British animated cartoon series created by Ben Bocquelet. It was first broadcast on Cartoon Network in the UK on May 2, 2011 with the episode(s) "The Mystery / The Responsible". A sneak peek aired on Cartoon Network in the US on the following day, immediately following the premiere of The Looney Tunes Show, with the full series premiering May 9, 2011 with the episode(s) "The Responsible / The DVD".


"The Mystery"
Season 1, Episode 7a
July 11, 2011

When his class (and school janitor) finds Principal Brown wrapped up in toilet paper, shaved, and covered in green paint, Gumball decides to try and find the perp or else face detention.



The Librarian is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She first appeared in The Mystery.

The Librarian works at Elmore Junior High as the school librarian. She is a tree with yellow bark (skin) and turquoise leaves (hair). She also wears a turquoise dress and a very large pair of red rounded spectacles. As an elderly character, she has wrinkles along her face.


* The Mystery: She has a very small cameo in this episode, she shushes Tina after she says "Ow." when the bookcases fell down on her.
* The End: Walks by the school bus before it drives off and is also seen for a split second standing in line at the supermarket.
* The Laziest: She is seen standing in line at the supermarket again. This time, Larry accidentally yells at her, resulting in her leaves falling off.
* The Genius: She checks out a book on botany for Leslie.

Case Study No. 0406: "Librarians help people find the books or information they need ... "

Librarians help people find the books or information they need for business, academic, or leisure purposes. Books, cds, the internet and databases are just some of the Librarians tools. They must be familiar with today's sophisticated sources... Entry level job search and internships.
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Video Brought To You By ...
College Recruiter.Com
Internships and Entry Level Jobs

[a female librarian is shown typing at the computer behind the front desk]
NARRATOR: Librarians help people find the books or information they need for business, academic, or leisure purposes. Books, CDs, the internet, and databases are just some of the librarian's tools.
[another female librarian is shown helping a young student at the computer]
NARRATOR: Librarians must be familiar with today's sophisticated resource and information sources and still be able to help a young reader find a new picture book.
[cut to a female childrens' librarian helping a young boy find a book]
NARRATOR: They must possess firsthand knowledge of all the materials in the library, from catalogs and periodicals to reference books, best sellers, and literary classics.
[shots of various different librarians are shown]
NARRATOR: Librarians classify and prepare new materials for circulation, and research and coordinate storytelling sessions, literacy classes and book talks. They also supervise staff and prepare budgets.
[shots of several different types of patrons are shown]
NARRATOR: Most librarians work in public and academic libraries. Librarians may also work in information centers, corporations, museums, medical centers, law firms, and other organizations.
[cut to a wide shot of a typical library]
NARRATOR: A master's degree in library science is necessary for most librarian positions.
[cut to a librarian sitting at her desk]
NARRATOR: Once on the job, librarians continuously train to stay up to date on the newest developments in information technology.
[shots of various different librarians are shown]
NARRATOR: A librarian's work is often challenging and can be very rewarding, especially when they can locate just the right materials.
[a female librarian is shown handing books to two young children]



What's it Like to be a Librarian?

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Case Study No. 0405: Larry the Loud Librarian and Head Librarian

Larry the Loud Librarian Ep#1: Complaints
Larry is the Assistant Librarian and Intern Supervisor. He cares much about his job and about the library. He works hard at making sure every aspect of the library runs smoothly. However, despite his great desire to run a successful library he has one great flaw. He is too loud.

In this first installment of Larry the Loud Librarian, Larry is confronted by the Head Librarian who has been troubled by many complaints involving Larry. He must speak with Larry to better the reputation of Larry and the Library in which he works.

A Wacky Canoe film: or wackycanoe
Written, Directed and Music Composed by: Nathanael Draper crazzymose

Larry: Ben Coles
The Head Librarian: Roscoe Petkovic
Vanessa: Nicole Bond nicolebond
Jeff: Myke Stevens themykster
Random Person: Adam Petkovic khguy10

Special Thanks to the Halton Hills Public Library
Tags: Larry the Loud Librarian episode complaints funny comedy wacky canoe nicolebond crazzymoose ben coles themykester khguy10
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From: wackycanoe
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[scene opens inside a library with a young male librarian shelving books, when an older male librarian walks over]
LARRY: [loudly] Yeah?!
[he motions for Larry to follow him into the back]
LARRY: [loudly] Okay!
[he knocks over some of the books on display, causing the head librarian to sigh in annoyance]
[cut to the backroom of the library, as they both sit down]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Larry, I'm getting complaints that it's too loud in this library ...
LARRY: [loudly] I thought I was keeping everyone quiet!
[cut to a flashback of a male patron reading a copy of Kim Harrison's "The Good the Bad and the Undead" and quietly giggling to himself, when Larry suddenly appears from behind a nearby bookshelf]
LARRY: [loudly] Quiet! You're too loud!
[cut back to the head librarian's office]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: It's not them that's the problem ... It's you!
LARRY: [loudly] What?! That's preposterous!
[cut to a flashback of another male patron reading a copy of "Art Schools" when he quietly clears his throat, so Larry appears and grabs him from behind]
LARRY: [loudly] What're you doing?!
[cut back to the head librarian's office]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: The patrons of this library aren't the only ones that are complaining ...
[cut to a flashback of a young female librarian shelving books, when Larry peeks his head out from behind the bookshelf and startles her]
LARRY: [loudly] Why aren't these in alphabetical order?!
[cut back to the head librarian's office]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: I'm also getting complaints about violence!
[cut to a flashback of another male patron taking a copy of Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country?" off the shelf, causing another book to fall to the floor ... he bends down to pick it up, when Larry appears at the end of the aisle, then rushes towards him and tackles him]
LARRY: [loudly] Ahhh!
PATRON: [in a girlish scream] Ahh!
[the patron goes down, so Larry grabs the book ("The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11") and reshelves it]
[cut back to the head librarian's office]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Larry, let's practice this ...
[he puts a finger to his lips and quietly shushes Larry]
[Larry slowly brings his finger up to his lips, then pauses]
LARRY: [loudly] Quiet!

A Wacky Canoe Film

Written and Directed by
Nathanael Draper

Ben Coles

Roscoe Petkovic
Myke Stevens
Nicole Bond
Adam Petkovic

Special Thanks to the
Halton Hills Public Library



Larry the Loud Librarian Episode #1 (Video 2009)
3 min - Short | Comedy

Larry is the Assistant Librarian and Intern Supervisor. He cares much about his job and about the library. He works hard at making sure every aspect of the library runs smoothly. However, despite his great desire to run a successful library he has one great flaw. He is too loud.

Director: Nathanael Draper
Writers: Nathanael Draper (story), Nathanael Draper
Stars: Myke Stevens, Nicole Bond and Ben Coles

Case Study No. 0404: Ninja Librarian (thaninja101)

Ninja Librarian
The first video we made this summer at the library starring myself, Danny, and Woody.
Tags: Ninja Librarian Morgan Allain Awesome
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From: thaninja101
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[scene opens with black and white footage of a male patron speaking on his cell phone outside of the library]
PATRON 1: [into the phone] Okay, just make sure you get it to me by five o'clock. Alright, okay then, I'll talk to you later then. Bye.
[cut to inside the library, where a young female librarian is sitting at the front desk, when the patron walks by]
[cut to a closeup of a "No cell phones! Please take all phone calls to the lobby. Thank you." sign on the desk, then to the patron in the stacks as his phone rings]
PATRON 1: [into the phone] Hello?
[cut to a shot of the back of the librarian's head, as she takes a chopstick out of her hair bun and throws it at the patron (making a "Swoosh!!!" sound effect), pinning his arm against the wall]
PATRON 1: Gasp! The Ninja Librarian!
[the patron takes the chopstick out of the wall and tries to stab her with it, but she avoids his swing Matrix-style and then gets into a defensive stance]
PATRON 1: Unnn ...
[the patron lunges at her, but she moves quickly to snatch the chopstick out of his hand]
PATRON 1: [looks down at his empty hand in surprise] How?
[the librarian kicks him in the chest, sending him flying backwards, then takes his cell phone and snaps it in half (making a "Crack!!!" sound effect]
[as the patron lies crumpled up in a heap on a floor, the librarian throws his broken cell phone at him, then calmly makes her way back to the desk]
["Here comes trouble ... " appears on screen, as another male patron enters the library]
[cut to a closeup of a "No food or drinks allowed" sign, then to the patron in the stacks as he begins eating a Snickers bar]
["Oops" appears on screen, as the camera zooms in on the librarian (who suddenly looks up from her book), then cut back to the patron with the candy bar shoved in his mouth and a nervous look on his face]


Edited by Keaghan Kane
Written & Directed by Vicky Staton
Cinematography & Special Effects, Julian Quebedeaux

The Cast
Patron #1 - Woody Daigle
Patron #2 - Danny Allain
Ninja Librarian - Morgan Allain

Case Study No. 0403: The Librarian of Gloucester, Massachusetts

Charles Olson reads 'The Librarian' (Mar 1966)
NET film
Tags: charles olson poetry frank moore poet
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Charles Olson, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1910, was an energetic giant of a man. In his youth his energy took the form of conspicuous academic success. He was Phi Beta Kappa and a candidate for a Rhodes scholarship at Wesleyan University, where he earned a B.A. in 1932 and an M.A. in 1933 with a thesis on Herman Melville. By 1939 Olson completed course work for a Ph.D. in American civilization at Harvard University, published his essay "Lear and Moby Dick," and received his first Guggenheim fellowship to continue research on Melville. In the 1940s Olson moved away from a traditional academic career, through a disillusioning flirtation with politics, to his lifelong work as a poet. His youthful energy and scholarship came to distinguish his poetry.


In Olson's poem "The Librarian" (1957) traditional distinctions between the mind and external reality evaporate.



One of Olson's best poems, "The Librarian," is set in a "Black space," a nightmare landscape occupied by not wholly imaginary phantoms - yet it's Gloucester too. Olson begins the poem with an exclamation of surprise that Gloucester is within him:

The landscape (the landscape!) again: Gloucester,
the shore one of me is (duplicates), and from which
(from offshore, I, Maximus) am removed, observe.

Where the syntax demands a first-person pronoun Olson supplies the parenthetical paraphrase of the opening of the Maximus Poems: Who is speaking? Olson, or Maximus? Olson thought he had his subjects, his personae, sorted out neatly. That rhetor Maximus, he thought, was different from Charles Olson, citizen of Gloucester. The confusion and recombination of people out of Olson's memory and imagination keeps the poem swirling around in a landscape that is neither real nor exactly unreal; his father puts on "an old guise" of bookseller, then becomes a young musician Olson remembers from somewhere other than Gloucester, as the bookshop metamorphoses into a wharfhouse. Olson is surprised to see that he has internalized this young man and his girlfriend; he brought them into his psychic replica of Gloucester ("I had moved them in, to my country"). The poem ends with Olson looking around in this interior landscape for the known landmarks of Gloucester:

Only on the headland
toward the harbor
from Cressy's

have I seen it (once
when my daughter ran
out on a spit of sand

isn't even there.) Where
is Bristow? when does I-A
get me home? I am caught

in Gloucester. (What's buried
behind Lufkin's
Diner? Who is

Frank Moore?

Olson as Maximus has immersed himself so deeply in Gloucester that even when he is removed from there (as he is, I gather from the first three lines, when dreaming the dream that goes to make the poem) he is "caught/ in Gloucester." The poem is about Gloucester climbing down into Olson's mind: the librarian, keeper of the records, has been intimate with Olson's former wife in his parents' bedroom; the poet's subject matter has come to life and invaded all his psychic sanctuaries. His only defense was to keep "The Librarian" out of the Maximus sequence. The burden of Olson's Dantesque poem (its tercets pay quiet homage) is not just the equality of the subject and the object, as Whitehead would have it, but the terrifying reciprocity of these poles of experience.



The Librarian
By Charles Olson

The landscape (the landscape!) again: Gloucester,
the shore one of me is (duplicates), and from which
(from offshore, I, Maximus) am removed, observe.

In this night I moved on the territory with combinations
(new mixtures) of old and known personages: the leader,
my father, in an old guise, here selling books and manuscripts.

My thought was, as I looked in the window of his shop,
there should be materials here for Maximus, when, then,
I saw he was the young musician has been there (been before me)

before. It turned out it wasn't a shop, it was a loft (wharf-
house) in which, as he walked me around, a year ago
came back (I had been there before, with my wife and son,

I didn't remember, he presented me insinuations via
himself and his girl) both of whom I had known for years.
But never in Gloucester. I had moved them in, to my country.

His previous appearance had been in my parents' bedroom where I
found him intimate with my former wife: this boy
was now the Librarian of Gloucester, Massachusetts!

Black space
old fish-house.
of ghosts.
his steps.
(not my father,
by name himself
with his face
at birth)
possessed of knowledge
giving me
what in the instance
I knew better of.

But the somber
place, the flooring
crude like a wharf's
and a barn's

I was struck by the fact I was in Gloucester, and that my daughter
was there - that I would see her! She was over the Cut. I
hadn't even connected her with my being there, that she was

here. That she was there (in the Promised Land—the Cut!
But there was this business, of poets, that all my Jews
were in the fish-house too, that the Librarian had made a party

I was to read. They were. There were many of them, slumped
around. It was not for me. I was outside. It was the Fort.
The Fort was in East Gloucester—old Gorton's Wharf, where the Library

was. It was a region of coal houses, bins. In one a gang
was beating someone to death, in a corner of the labyrinth
of fences. I could see their arms and shoulders whacking

down. But not the victim. I got out of there. But cops
tailed me along the Fort beach toward the Tavern

The places still
half-dark, mud,
coal dust.

There is no light
of the Bridge

Only on the headland
toward the harbor
from Cressy's

have I seen it (once
when my daughter ran
out on a spit of sand

isn't even there.) Where
is Bristow? when does I-A
get me home? I am caught

in Gloucester. (What's buried
behind Lufkin's
Diner? Who is

Frank Moore?