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Case Study No. 0146: The Central Library Workers

Diner Dash 5 - BOOM! (Thyme Square Level 5)
This level introduces the Librarian Customer into the game. Librarians are great customers because they are patient, tip well, and quiet down any noisy customer. Be sure to always seat a librarian next to lawyers. There are several lawyers in this level and you will need to make large chains to pass this level in expert mode. Librarians' tip: 8-180, 7-170, 6-160, 1-150, 4-140, 3-130, 2-120, 1-110 and every half heart lost deducts 10 to the tip.

I think there's a mistake in goals. The goal was supposed to be 16000.
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["Level 5: Looks like the Central Library workers have discovered our little outdoor eatery. That should quiet things down for a while. Goal: 1600, Expert Goal: 34000" appears on screen]
[scene opens with Flo preparing to open her outdoor diner, as a number of female librarians (with glasses and grey hair in a bun) are waiting in line]
[clicking on one of the librarians makes the following text appear: "Librarian Lulls: Librarians are quick with a firm shhhing! Seat them near loud customers to keep them quiet."]
[the level begins, as Flo seats the librarians (and the male lawyers carrying briefcases) while serving them food]
["Level 5 completed: Those librarians are a big help ... even if they do keep shushing us every 10 seconds." appears on screen]


From brighthub.com:

How To Play "Diner Dash 5: BOOM!"

The fun never stops for Flo the spunky waitress. This time, Flo's diner gets demolished by a mean rival who wants to drive her out of business. Fortunately, Flo's faithful construction worker friends want to help. Flo must rebuild her diner by earning money and serving food in odd places in the city of Diner Town.

You will encounter many types of customers in the Diner Dash 5 online game. Each type varies in the amount they tip and the level of patience they possess.

For example, LIBRARIANS are patient customers that leaves decent tips; however, they will shush noisy customers, which will cause them to quiet down.

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