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Case Study No. 0161: "A lonely librarian"

A lonely librarian goes on an extraordinary journey.
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This story is true whether it happened or not.

408 Productions presents
A Jon Laurence Film

Jon Mobley
Josh Davey

[scene opens with a male librarian (bald and wearing glasses) trying to pick up a piece of string with a manual floor sweeper]
[he slowly pushes the sweeper back and forth across the rug, but the string refuses to move]
LIBRARIAN: [gets down on the floor and furiously rubs the sweeper back and forth across the string, causing noise that attracts the attention of nearby patrons]
[he finally picks up the string but, rather than throw it into the wastebasket, he gently places it back on the floor and pushes the sweeper even harder]
FEMALE PATRON: [from off camera] Hey!
[he looks up and sees a female patron shushing him]
[he stops, then the sweeper's handle falls apart in his hands, so he dejectedly walks off and leaves the string on the floor]


[cut to the librarian sitting at the front desk and typing at his computer, when a young male patron approaches]
MALE PATRON: Excuse me ...
LIBRARIAN: Can I help you?
MALE PATRON: I need your help finding a book.
LIBRARIAN: Hold on, okay?
[he continues typing, as the patron snickers to himself]
LIBRARIAN: Okay, what's it called?
MALE PATRON: "You Are Different and That's Bad."
[he types it into his computer, as the patron stifles his laughter]
LIBRARIAN: No, we don't have that one.
MALE PATRON: How about "You Were an Accident?"
[he lets out an audible snicker, but the librarian calmly types at his computer]
LIBRARIAN: Nope, we don't have that one.
MALE PATRON: How about ... "Things Rich Kids Have But You Never Will?"
[he keeps laughing, and the librarian keeps typing]
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, it's in our uh, kids' section.
[the patron stops laughing and gets a confused look on his face]
LIBRARIAN: Anything else?
MALE PATRON: [pause] No.
[the patron walks away, and the librarian keeps typing away in blissful ignorance]
[cut to the librarian trying to reshelve some books, but as he goes to place them on the bookshelf, one stubborn book keeps falling off the other side]
[he picks up the book and, sitting down in a chair, begins reading]
LIBRARIAN: [to himself] "Once there was a clown named Frumpy ... "
[a man, wearing clown makeup but normal clothes, suddenly walks into the scene]
[the librarian gives the man a confused look, then closes the book ... which causes the clown to disappear]
LIBRARIAN: [opens the book back up and continues reading] "Frumpy liked to play ... "
[the man walks back into the scene]
LIBRARIAN: Who are you?
FRUMPY: You're reading my story.
LIBRARIAN: Well ... Uh, I have work to do.
FRUMPY: [smiles] Shall we?
[cut to the librarian and Frumpy standing in front of the bookcart]
LIBRARIAN: See, I have all these ... See, I have all these books here and--
[Frumpy stops him, then points at the bookcart, causing all of the books to disappear]
LIBRARIAN: [looks confused, then slowly starts to smile] So, what're we gonna do?
[cut to a montage of Frumpy and the librarian frolicking through the library, doing things like playing Patty Cake and Hide and Seek]
[cut to a female patron tapping the librarian on the shoulder, as it's revealed that he was dreaming the whole time]
LIBRARIAN: [closes the book and smiles to himself]

Written by Yevad Yelbom

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