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Case Study No. 0555: Miss Donna and Mr. Perk

There's A Dragon in the Library
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[scene opens with author Dianne de Las Casas speaking directly to the camera]
DIANNE: Hi, I'm author and story teller Dianne de Las Casas, and I'm here to tell you about my book "There's a Dragon in the Library."
[she holds up the book]
DIANNE: Illustrated by Marita Gentry, and published by Pelican Publishing Company ... Max is a little boy, who loves storytime at the library. One day, he discovers a speckled egg on the shelf, and when it cracks open, there's a dragon inside! Soon, the dragon is eating books! The dragon opened his mouth and began to munch, he filled his tummy with books, crunch crunch crunch! Find out what happens in "There's a Dragon in the Library," and stop by my website for some fun book activities at storyconnection dot net! Remember, books are for reading, not for eating! Happy dragon tales!

By Dianne de Las Casas
Illustrated by Marita Gentry



There's a Dragon in the Library
Dianne De Las Casas (Author), Marita Gentry (Illustrator)
Pelican Publishing (January 18, 2011)

Max loves story time at the library. One day he spots a large speckled egg on a bookshelf. No one believes Max when he says a dragon has emerged and is now growing up in the library. Young readers will learn about book care as they follow the dragon's antics.



Max loved story time at the library with Miss Donna, the children's librarian. After story time, Max spotted a large speckled egg on the bottom shelf of Miss Donna's bookcase. He moved closer to sneak a better look when the egg began to shake and then ...


Right in front of Max's eyes, hatched a small dragon! Max ran out of the children's section to find his Mom.

"Mom, there's a dragon in the library, speckled and green. He's a hungry thing! He's an eating machine!"

"Shhh, Max. You are so funny. Miss Donna must have had a really good story time."

"There really IS a dragon in the library!"

"Max, there's no dragon in the library, but you have a great imagination! Come on, Max, let's go."

The next week, Max visited the library again. As Max searched the shelves for a book, he spotted a wing around the corner. Max followed the wing and sure enough, he found the dragon. The dragon had grown and was eating a book!

The dragon opened his mouth and began to munch. He filled his tummy with books. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Max ran out of the children's section to find his Dad.

"Dad, there's a dragon in the library, speckled and green. He's a hungry thing! He's an eating machine!"

"Shhh. Max, you're right. There is a dragon in the library. Books are filled with dragons of all kinds."

"But Dad, there really IS a dragon in the library!"

"Max, there's no dragon in the library, but you have a great imagination! Come on, Max, let's go."

The following week, Max visited the library again. Sure enough, he caught the dragon hiding behind a beanbag in the children's section. The dragon, which had grown, nibbled on the book "Where the Wild Things Are."

The dragon opened his mouth and began to munch. He filled his tummy with books. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Max ran out of the children's section to find the head librarian.

"Mr. Perk! There's a dragon in the library, speckled and green. He's a hungry thing! He's an eating machine!"

"Shhh, Max. Really? Can you show me?"

Max led Mr. Perk to the beanbags. There was no dragon but there was evidence! "Where the Wild Things Are" was chewed at the corner.

"See, Mr. Perk? The dragon was nibbling on that book."

"Max, I think a baby, not a dragon, chewed on the corner of this book. It happens more often than I care to think about."

"But Mr. Perk, there really IS a dragon in the library!"

"Max, there's no dragon in the library, but you have a great imagination! Come on, Max, let's go."

The following week, Max visited the library with his class. He ran straight to the children's section to find the dragon. The dragon had grown to a monstrous size and his head nearly touched the ceiling. The dragon munched on a fairytale mobile. Then he grabbed another book and began gobbling.

The dragon opened his mouth and began to munch. He filled his tummy with books. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

"You eat like a pig! You're going to eat everything in here!"

Max ran out of the children's section to find his teacher.

"Mrs. Good! There's a dragon in the library, speckled and green. He's a hungry thing! He's an eating machine!"

"Shhh, Max. How big is it?"

"Really big! He likes to eat books and other stuff. The other day he was eating "Where the Wild Things Are."

"Isn't that one of your favorite books, Max?"

"Yes, but it's gone now."

"Max, your favorite book isn't at the library today because someone checked it out. It was not eaten by a dragon."

"But, Mrs. Good, there really IS a dragon in the library!"

"Max, there's no dragon in the library, but you have a great imagination! Come on, Max, let's go."

The next time Max visited the library, the dragon was so big Max could barely believe his eyes. The dragon's tail stretched from one end of the children's section to the other. The speckled dragon chewed on a copy of the dictionary.

The dragon opened his mouth and began to munch. He filled his tummy with books. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

"Books are for reading, not for eating!"

The dragon glanced disdainfully at Max and stuck his tongue out.

"That's it. I am going to tell someone who will believe me! Officer Riley! There's a dragon in the library, speckled and green. He's a hungry thing! He's an eating machine!"

"Well maybe we should check it out. Why don't you take me to the library, Max?"

Max and Officer Riley marched to the library. They could barely believe their eyes! Standing outside, Max's mom and dad, Miss Donna, Mr. Perk, and Mrs. Good along with the entire town, watched the spectacle in shock.


"There was a dragon in the library but no one believe me. Now, there's a library in the dragon!"

Case Study No. 0554: Daguerreo Librarian

Let's Play Final Fantasy IX Part 96 - Daguerreo
Sorry about the long wait. Lots of this going on, but now I am well and not so busy. Might not get to many videos up before Christmas though. I'll try. You guys really deserve more regular updates, you're such great people.

We visit an optional location. Lots of stuff to see.
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[Zidane Tribal and his party enter Daguerreo, where they speak with an old man sitting behind a desk on the second floor]
SYNTHESIS EXPERT: Welcome to Daguerreo, where knowledge and water come together! What do you need?
[the player selects "Exit", then speaks to a treasure hunter standing nearby]
FOUR ARMED MAN: You came here hoping to find some treasures, huh? I can tell from your eyes. I'm a treasure hunter myself, and a famous one, too. Just because I'm famous doesn't mean I'm gonna tell you my name. Almost all treasure hunters are assigned ranks. I, of course, have attained the highest rank. Let's see, your treasure hunter rank is ... Rank B. Not bad.
[Zidane speaks to someone reading a book]
SCHOLAR: Theories of the underground world often refer to the fact that Gaia has two moons. Some studies suggest that the orbital axes of the two moons are shifting.
[Zidane enters the next room on the second floor, and inspects a pile of books on the ground]
ZIDANE: Geez. There are all kinds of books here ... "Bell Echoes." "Beyond the Mist." "Mist Engine Illustrated." "The Eidolon and I." "Gaia." "Book of Magic."
[he speaks with a man standing nearby]
ENGINEER ZEBOLT: I came here to research a new source of power. Some of the systems here are rather complicated. The source of all this water is a mystery as well. Maybe it really is the work of the dragon god ...
[he walks up to a man and woman talking to each other]
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now. In "I Want to Be Your Canary," why do you think Cornelia had to die?
SALES CLERK: That was the only way she could be united with Marcus ... in death.
YOUNG MAN: No! It was to prove that she loved Marcus just as much as she loved her father. What do you think?
[the player chooses "She died to be united with Marcus" instead of "She died to prove that she loved them both"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now about the importance of having nations.
SALES CLERK: I'm telling you, we don't need nations in this world. They're just a politician's tool.
YOUNG MAN: No! Nobody can live on his own. As social beings, we need to be organized under a single nation. What do you think?
[the player chooses "I don't think we need nations" instead of "We need nations, though your reason sucks"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now. Why do you think people spend so much time studying Gaia's moons?
SALES CLERK: Because it's in our nature to pursue the truth. They wanna know more about the moons. That's all.
YOUNG MAN: No! It's all about aesthetics. People are simply drawn by the beauty of the moons. That's why they're studying them. What do you think?
[the player chooses "They're studying to pursue the truth" instead of "They're studying because of aesthetics"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
[the woman turns to Zidane]
SALES CLERK: Wow, looks like you and I are on the same page on many issues. I was gonna sell this, but you can have it.
["Received Meteor Card!" appears on screen]
SALES CLERK: No no no. That's just what's on the ... Hold on. Can I help you?
[the player selects "Exit", then walks up to a pedestal with a button on top of it]
["Press the button?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes", as the pedestal descends into the floor]
ZIDANE: It sounds like something just happened below.
[he walks up to an old man standing near a bookshelf]
SCHOLAR: I can't find "The Eidolon and I." I've looked everywhere.
ZIDANE: I saw that book over there.
SCHOLAR: Oh, really? Thank you.
[the scholar walks towards the pile of books, while Zidane speaks to another old man]
OLD MAN: A good book lasts forever. It will always be there, in your memories. I've asked to be buried with my favorite book.
[he speaks to a male librarian standing behind a desk]
LIBRARIAN: This is the reading room. In addition to tables and chairs, we also have hammocks for people who fall asleep while they are reading. Would you like to stay here for 100 Gil?
[the player selects "No", then heads for a secret hallway hidden behind the bookshelf]
ZIDANE: This ladder feels kinda damp ...
[the player chooses "Go down" instead of "Forget it", and descends to the first floor, where Zidane speaks with a woman standing in front of a bookshelf]
BOOKLOVER: I love books, especially the old ones. I appreciate everything about them - the authors, the publishers, the readers ...
[he speaks to a man standing in front of another bookshelf]
GUY DOING RESEARCH: I'm doing research on a legendary man. He had the power to restart people's lives ... Hey!!! That's the Namingway card! Let me see it! I won't take it or anything!
[the player selects "Yes"]
GUY DOING RESEARCH: Oh, yes!!! I'm stoked with imagination! I'm inspired to create! I have just mastered the Namingway Technique! Now let me rename one of you.
[the player selects "Cancel", then talks to another woman standing in front of another bookshelf]
BOOKWORM: Geez! So many books! What should I read first ... ?
[Zidane descends to the flooded basement, and speaks with a man standing in the middle of the room]
ADVENTURER: There's an old legend in this region about a dragon god and his divine protection. I think it may be true. I mean, look at this place. We're surrounded by mountains, in the middle of nowhere, and the water here never runs out. It has to be the work of the dragon god.
[Zidane enters another room in the basement, and speaks to a different man]
ADVENTURER: Daguerreo was built by some strange scientist. To get around this place, you'll have to use the lifts, which are powered by water pressure.
[he talks to a woman standing nearby]
ORACLE KILDEA: Zidane! My goodness! How wonderful to see you again!
ZIDANE: Hey! What are you doing here?
ORACLE KILDEA: After Cleyra was destroyed, I realized how isolated we all have been. So I decided to broaden my horizons and came here. It's wonderful here. I am constantly learning something new from these books. Someday, I hope to contribute to the restoration of Cleyra.
[he returns to the first room in the basement, and inspects a dragon statue]
ZIDANE: Let's see ... "Dragon god's blessing to the stone"??? So, I'm supposed to put a stone here? Stone ... Maybe some Ore might work.
[the player selects "20 Ore"]
ZIDANE: They transformed!
["Acquired 5 Aquamarine" appears on screen]



Daguerreo ("Dagereo" in Japanese) is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is an indoor library of sorts near the Forgotten Continent. It can only be reached by airship (either Hilda Garde III or the Invincible). Some of the best weapons and armor in the game can be bought or synthesized here. However, before buying this equipment the player must fix the lift to the upper levels of the library. The lower levels of Daguerreo are flooded.

The theme that plays in Daguerreo is called "Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library".

To open the weapon shop the player must fix the lift to the library's upper levels. Below the Weaponsmith there are three levers and three platforms. To the right there is a staff leaning against the bookshelves.

1. Lower the left lever until the platform is level with the floor.
2. Examine the wall behind the lowered platform to find a hole.
3. Insert the staff into the hole.
4. Lower the right levers until the platform is at floor level.
5. Step on the platform and press X.

On the third floor's balcony, there is a stone that affects the altar at the entrance; after activating it, the statue in the first floor allows the player to turn Ore into Aquamarine, one for every four Ore.

The Capricorn Stellazzio coin is found on the right of the entrance in Daguerreo.

A Researcher in the middle level allows the player to rename any of the characters when the player shows him the Namingway card. To reach the middle level the player must examine the block next to the Medicine Shop to release an obstruction. The ladder to the middle floor is behind the scholar searching for a book. The book is at the stack of books on the right.

There are also two Elixirs on each side of the middle floor.

Case Study No. 0553: "Medieval Librarian's Curse"

Medieval librarian's curse
Medieval librarian's curse, as shown on BBC's "Inside the Medieval Mind", episode 1
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[Professor Robert Bartlett is sitting in a library, thumbing through an ancient medieval manuscript]
ROBERT BARTLETT: Books were consequently extremely valuable, and highly treasured.
[cut to a closeup of the book's pages]
ROBERT BARTLETT: [in voice over] If they travelled at all, it was usually from one monastery to another. And if they got lost? Well, at least one medieval librarian was not gonna be happy ...
["Manuscript in Barcelona monastery" appears on screen, then cut to various re-enactments of the harsh life for a monk in a monastery]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] For him that steals this book or borrows it and does not return it, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy and all his limbs blasted.
[cut to footage of trees on fire]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Let him languish in pain, crying aloud for mercy. And when at last he goes to his final punishment, let the flames of hell consume him forever.



"Inside the Medieval Mind"
Knowledge (Episode 1 of 4)
First broadcast: 17 Apr 2008
Duration: 1 hour

Leading authority on the Middle Ages, Professor Robert Bartlett, presents a series which examines the way we thought during medieval times.

To our medieval forebears the world could appear mysterious, even enchanted. Sightings of green men, dog heads and alien beings were commonplace. The world itself was a book written by God. But as the Middle Ages grew to a close, it became a place to be mastered, even exploited.



One of the world's greatest authorities on the Middle Ages, Professor Robert Bartlett of St Andrew's University, investigates the intellectual landscape of the medieval world in the four-part BBC documentary "Inside the Medieval Mind".

In the first programme, Knowledge, he explores the way medieval man understood the world - as a place of mystery, even enchantment. The world was a book written by God, but it was also a place to be mastered, even exploited.

In Sex, he unearths remarkable evidence of the complex passions of medieval men and women. The Church preached hatred of the flesh, promoted the cult of virginity and condemned woman as the sinful heir to Eve. Yet this was the era that gave birth to the idea of romantic, or 'courtly' love.

In Belief, the supernatural comes under the spotlight. The medieval dead shared the world with the living: the cult of the saints, encounters with the dead, and visions of the next world were all seen as proof of a two-way traffic between this world and the next.

In the final programme, Power, Professor Bartlett lays bare the brutal framework of the medieval class system. Inequality was a part of the natural order: the life of serfs was little better than those of animals, while the knight's code of chivalry was based more on caste solidarity than morality. The class you were born into determined who you were.

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Case Study No. 0552: Kickass Librarian

Kickass Librarian
Using her mad librarian skillz (and a Jedi mind trick), a kickass small-town librarian defends all that is just, well-organized, and true. Starring The Escapists. Shot & edited by Robert Fiske. Written by Jason Wilkins, directed by RJ McComish.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (wearing glasses and with her hair in a bun) typing on the computer, as a male patron approaches but then immediately turns back around when the phone on her desk starts ringing]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Front desk, how may I help you? Yes, the library is open Monday through Friday, from ten to five ... You're welcome.
[she hangs up, as the patron again tries to approach, but has to circle back again when the phone rings a second time]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Front desk, how may I help you? Yes ... The capitol of Nevada is Carson City. You're welcome.
[she hangs up, as the patron is finally able to approach her]
BRIAN: Excuse me, ma'am?
BRIAN: [pause] Sorry?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: It is most proper, according to Emily Post, for a young man to address a young woman as "Miss," not "ma'am," as the latter form of address has an unflattering whiff of spinsterhood about it.
BRIAN: Oh ...
[he absent-mindedly begins to wander off again]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: May I help you with something?
[he stops and turns back around]
BRIAN: Oh! Um, I was wondering ... would you mind turning off the internet filter on computer station number three?
[she turns to her computer, as the patron begins wandering back to his desk]
[he quickly turns back to her]
BRIAN: I'm not looking at porn or anything!
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Alrighty ...
[he sits back down, as the phone rings again]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Front desk, may I help you? Yes? Yes ... Quantum mechanics are compatible with classical mechanics in physical situations, where classical mechanics agree with experiment.
[she smiles]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Mm hmm ... You're welcome.
[she hangs up, then another male patron approaches and places a book on her desk]
CHASTENED PATRON: Uh yeah, I need to return this. I think it's a little late.
[she scans it and checks the computer]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Oh, as a matter of fact, it is very late. Six weeks late.
CHASTENED PATRON: Mmm, sorry. I've been travelling. Wadda I owe?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Well, that's a very good question. As it turns out, there's a waiting list for this book. There are fourteen names on it, one might say you owe each of those fourteen people an apology.
[the patron tries to laugh it off]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: On the other hand, maybe they all owe you a word of thanks. After all, you've thus far saved them from the brain-rotting literary ebola that is "The Da Vinci Code" ...
CHASTENED PATRON: Really? I heard it was good ... I never got around to reading it myself. I just sort of, uh--
[she starts to get annoyed]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: So, apparently, you see the public library - our temple of shared learning, the repository of thousands of years of intellectual inquiry - as a source ... of paperweights.
CHASTENED PATRON: Look, can I please just pay my fine and--
[she starts to raise her voice]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Is this a coffee stain? Have you no sense of decency?
CHASTENED PATRON: Lighten up, it's only a book!
[she slaps her hands on the desk and stands up]
[she climbs up on the desk and points right in his face]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Get outta here before I kick your ass!
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Blasphemer! Even this mass market piece of crap has more of a spine than you do!
[she picks up the book and waves it in his face, as the patron (dropping the money he had in his hand) runs off camera]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: The next time you need an airplane book, go to Borders like the rest of the sheep!
[she climbs back down, as the first male patron walks up and helps her pick up the money]
BRIAN: Wow, you sure do take your job ... seriously.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes. Well, we librarians are a dedicated lot. Ours is a high calling!
BRIAN: Really?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes! If knowledge is power, then I am in charge of an arsenal ...
BRIAN: Wow, I never really thought of it that way.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yeah ... You see? You just learned something! Doesn't that feel good? Oh, everytime you learn something new, the entire structure of your brain changes. Little sparks fly across the gaps between cells, and your skull is alight with electric fire!
[the librarian becomes more animated, as the patron listens intently to her words]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Your brain expands, growing more sensitive, more powerful, more sexy!
BRIAN: Sexy?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes! All sensation registers in the brain ...
[she places her hand on the side of his head]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: So, sex really is in the head, and the bigger the brain--
[she suddenly pulls her hand away, as the patron clears his throat]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry. I got carried away there for a minute!
[she walks back behind the desk, as the patron pulls on his collar]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Um, may I help you?
BRIAN: What? Oh ... Um, no. T-thanks.
[flustered, he turns to walk back to his desk, then immediately turns back to the librarian]
BRIAN: I'm not looking at porn or anything!
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Alrighty ... Why not?
[the patron gets a confused look on his face, then the phone rings again]
[the turns and goes back to his desk, as the librarian picks up the phone]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Front desk, may I help you? Yes ... Yes, actually the lyrics to "Louie Louie" are not at all obscene. Although, if you listen carefully to the first recording, you can hear the drummer click his sticks together and shout the word "fuck."
[cut to a wide angle shot of the librarian]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Yes, really ... You're welcome, Timmy.
[she hangs up, then a man in a suit approaches]
RINGWORM: Are you the head librarian?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes, how may I help you?
[he takes a badge out of his pocket and shows it to her]
RINGWORM: I'm Special Agent Ringworm, Federal Bureau of Investigation. I'm here to inspect some of your records.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Government documents are in the basement--
[he holds up his hand]
RINGWORM: That's not what I mean, ma'am.
RINGWORM: I have to call you "ma'am", ma'am ... Regulation. Now, as I was saying, I--
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: One moment, please.
[she types on her computer]
RINGWORM: As I was saying ...
[she continues typing]
[she holds up a finger, then continues typing, before finally turning back to him]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: As you were saying, Special Agent Ringworm?
RINGWORM: As I was saying, ma'am, I'm here to check out some of your circulation records.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Oh, why? Do you think you might have an overdue book?
RINGWORM: Ma'am, we at the FBI need to know if any of your patrons are checking out any materials of a suspicious nature ... Books on chemistry, Arabic language manuals, Michael Moore DVDs. Stuff like that.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: I see, and I assume you claim the authority to violate the privacy of my patrons under the provisions of the Patriot Act?
[she emphasizes each "P" sound, as the agent wipes the spittle from his beard]
RINGWORM: Yes ma'am, that's correct.
[she types on the computer again]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Oh, I'm afraid I can't help you, Special Agent Ringworm. I seem to have deleted all of the circulation records from our system.
RINGWORM: You what?!
[he gets angry, but the librarian just smiles and shrugs her shoulders]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Silly me! I'm just a girl, y'know, I can't get the hang of this darn computer!
RINGWORM: I could have you arrested, ma'am!
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: For what? Refusing to give you something I just don't have?
RINGWORM: How about this? Why don't you tell me if anyone in the library has asked you to turn off their internet filter?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: And why do you want to know a thing like that?
RINGWORM: This is a matter of national security, ma'am, and I don't have time to answer questions from some uppity small-town librarian! So if you'll just tell me what I need to know, I won't have to read you your rights!
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: I know my rights, Special Agent Ringworm, better than you do I daresay! Incidentally, have you ever heard of the Song of the Cobra?
RINGWORM: What's that, a metal band?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: No, it is a technique perfected by a sect of Buddhist monks in the hightest reaches of the Himalayas. They have found that if they achieved wisdom, mastered the ways of the orderly mind, and spoke in a gentle melodic manner reminiscent of the mountain bamboo flute, they could easily overpower the weak-minded.
RINGWORM: The weak-minded?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes. Everyone who tried to drive them from their home was found at the bottom of the mountain eventually, in a pool of drool, babbling like an idiot.
[he looks off into the distance, as if in a trance]
RINGWORM: Babbling like an idiot?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes. Don't you find that fascinating ...
[she reaches out, then suddenly grabs his tie and pulls him in close]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: You crypto-fascist right-wing stormtrooper?!
RINGWORM: Me crypto-fascist right-wing stormtrooper?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes, very good. Now, why don't you go on up to the children's reading room on the second floor? They have free copies of the Bill of Rights there, for you to read!
[he turns in a stupor]
RINGWORM: Bill of Rights ...
[she gives him a light shove off camera]
RINGWORM: [from off camera] For me to read!
[she waves at him]
RINGWORM: [from off camera] Bill of Rights ...
[she sighs and goes back to typing, as the first male patron approaches her]
BRIAN: Wow! That was really cool what you just did ... Thanks for covering for me.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: It was nothing, I would've done the same for any patron. That's the fourth FBI agent we've had this year.
BRIAN: Really? Cool.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yeah ... Uh, can I help you find something?
BRIAN: Actually, I'm looking for a date.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Oh, a date in American history, or European--
BRIAN: No no, not that kind of date.
[she suddenly gets embarrassed, as they both giggle]
BRIAN: Yeah, that's why I had you turn off the internet filter ... so I could go on the matchmaker sites and search the Portland area for single women.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Oh, well ... how's it going? That is, what search criteria are you using?
BRIAN: So far, I've searched by age, zip code, level of education, smoker-nonsmoker. Uh, last good book read.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Wow, that's a very thorough search ... but no luck?
BRIAN: Will you go out with me?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Before I answer that, I must tell you something that might cause you to think I'm strange.
BRIAN: Really? What?
[she walks around the desk and looks him in the face]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: I have tattoos.
BRIAN: You do? Where?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: My entire body is an illuminated manuscript. It has taken me years of pain and patience to achieve it.
[she places her hand on her chest]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: On this breast, I have a small drawing of a nightingale in a tree and a passage from Keats.
[the patron gets very fidgety]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: On this breast, stars whirl in the night sky. And on my abdomen--
BRIAN: I can only imagine.
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: And on my back is a detailed map of the Library of Congress.
BRIAN: The Library of Congress?
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: Yes, it's magnificent! Have you ever seen it?
BRIAN: No, but I hope to get the chance to someday ...
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: So you don't think I'm ... too strange?
BRIAN: I think ... you're magnificent.
[they lean in to kiss, but the phone rings again]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: The library closes at five, be here at four fifty nine! Make sure you bring all materials for checkout to the front desk by four fifty!
BRIAN: Yes ma'am ... Oh, miss!
[he smiles and walks off camera, as the librarian answers the phone]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Front desk, may I help you? Yes, actually that's Byron. And the verse goes, "She walks in beauty like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies."
[she pauses, then looks down her blouse]
KICKASS LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Yes, I'm sure ... You're welcome.
[she hangs up the phone, as the scene fades to black]

Kickass Librarian
featuring The Escapists

Videography & Editing by
Robert R. Fiske

Written by
Jason Wilkins

Directed by
R.J. McComish

Kickass Librarian ... Tara McDonough
Brian the Patron ... Keith Anctil
Special Agent Ringworm ... Chris Fitze
Chastened Patron ... Eric Worthley

Special thanks to
Portland Public Library

www dot theescapists dot com

Case Study No. 0551: Steampunk Librarian

Steampunk Librarian - Drawing for Johannes Cabal The Detective
no description available
Tags: SP Drawing Cabal
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[scene opens as a young female librarian sits next to an "old man" puppet (with a long white beard and glasses) in front of a table with a top hat and a copy of the book "The Detective"]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Hello! You are now watching the official live book giveaway, for Johannes Cabal's "The Detective" from the Steampunk Librarian, and I am being helped by Sir Reginald Pudding--
REGINALD: Sir Reginald Puddingpop the Third! They call me "The Third" because I come in three-packs!
[he laughs]
REGINALD: Thrice packs!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright, Sir Reginald Puddingpop the Third ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Is here to help and he will be the neutral drawer. We put all the entries in a hat.
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: We did have to take your entry out.
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: I know, we didn't ... Well, we wanted to keep it neutral.
REGINALD: That was a beautiful entry!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Yes it was, it was very nice. I liked it a lot. Maury Chaykin, you were gonna give him the birthday--
REGINALD: Who's that?
[they both laugh]
REGINALD: Okay ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: But first up, we are taking ... we are drawing for two.
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And we are also giving away one to whoever had the best, creative, most fun and zany answer.
REGINALD: Yeah. See, of course, the contest, right, is this thing where you're supposed to, like, be a necrophiliac and--
REGINALD: A necro-guy and you're supposed to bring back the dead, then do something to 'em, right?
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You can bring anybody back for an hour ...
[he laughs]
REGINALD: Oh, well ...
[she takes a strip of paper off the table]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And the person here, with the name of "F". Username "F", that is all.
REGINALD: Oh. That's beautiful.
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: That was. He or she said, eventually they settled for Michelangelo because "the ceiling could do with a lick of paint." But, they also said they considered Dante Alighieri to ask him where he'd ended up and if it looked familiar. Einstein, if he'd approached the speed of light while ascending, and what that did to his mass. And, and this was our personal favorite, the Radio Star, because perhaps he wanted an hour to get his revenge on Video.
REGINALD: That is kinda like a pop-culture diva, who is also a nerd.
[he laughs]
REGINALD: So, congratulations, "F!"
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You get the creative award ...
REGINALD: So, you get one'a these!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You get a copy of the book.
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Yay ... Alright, and now Sir Puddingpop, if you would do the honors.
REGINALD: I'll do my best!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And draw out two names.
[he holds the top hat in front of him, and Reginald sticks his hand (which has a suction cup on the end) in, but has some trouble getting anything to stick]
REGINALD: Oh! Uh ...
[she laughs]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You're spilling them everywhere!
REGINALD: Yeah, y'know ...
REGINALD: Oh, I got something, oop!
[she pulls the top hat back, revealing that Reginald has ... nothing on his suction cup]
REGINALD: I missed it all!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You missed it all!
[she laughs]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Should we try again?
REGINALD: I need my magical steamhat, hang on ... I got these amazing steam-powered pants, right? And if you lower it down here--
[Reginald uses his "arms" to lower the hat underneath the table, as the Steampunk Librarian looks on mortified]
[the puppet starts gyrating]
REGINALD: If I can move around just right!
[he laughs, as the Steampunk Librarian looks away]
REGINALD: Is-is this exciting you, my darling?
[she laughs]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: We run a high-class joint, let me tell ya ...
[a hand from underneath the table throws a piece of paper up]
REGINALD: Oh! Well, there's one ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright, there's one ...
[he laughs, then starts gyrating again]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: This is what happens when you get a puppet to do your work for you ...
REGINALD: Don't move, darling! Don't move!
[they both laugh]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: We have some problems ...
[another piece of paper is thrown onto the table]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: We have our two, eh?
[she empties the rest of the hat's contents off camera]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Would you like your hat back?
REGINALD: That was, that was a wonderful time!
[she puts the hat on his head]
REGINALD: Now I'm officially a steampunk!
[he laughs, as the Steampunk Librarian unfurls one of the pieces of paper]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright, so who do we have here? We have ...
REGINALD: I see ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Who says, "Leonardo Da Vinci, because who else deserves a ride in an airship?"
REGINALD: Just kidding, you didn't win!
[he laughs]
REGINALD: No, I kid, I kid ... Course I love ya!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Kid the kidder ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: "K. Kidder," you get one.
[she unfurls the second piece of paper]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And ... Dah dah dah dah! "The Faustian Man!"
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: He gets the third copy, and that's very nice because he would bring back Nikola Tesla to thank him for everything he has done for humanity and to show him that even though he is still somewhat obscure, many people recognize his genius. And he would also show him a video by the band Tesla, which would probably break his brain and send him right back to the dead!
[he laughs]
REGINALD: You could show him the video of the Galactic Cowboy! Remember that one?
[she laughs, as he starts singing]
REGINALD: "I'm a cowboy, of the modern day! Bang bang! Shoot em up up up!"
[she laughs]
REGINALD: That's how it went! I saw it once! They also did a remake of that song "Signs" ... You remember that song "Signs?"
[she laughs and pulls his hat down over his "eyes"]
REGINALD: "Everywhere's a sign, it's focking up the scenery and breaking my mind!"
[they both laugh]
REGINALD: Oh! Now I'm Tom Petty!
[she laughs]
REGINALD: Hang on ...
[he uses his "hand" to push the hat back up]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright. Well, thank you very much to Doubleday and to Jonathan L. Howard ...
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And to everybody who entered, and--
REGINALD: Thanks Doubleday!
[he laughs]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: You can send an email to Jinnet, that's "J-I-N-N-E-T" at gmail dot com, with your address and whatever name you'd like the book sent to.
REGINALD: And any sorta pictures you might add!
[he laughs]
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Although they will go through--
REGINALD: And if Doubleday could send us some more books, that'd be super!
[they both laugh]
REGINALD: That would be smashing!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: We'd like to get your drawing skills down a little better if we do these giveaways ...
REGINALD: Ah, I'll do my best!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright, we'll work on that!
REGINALD: I'll stretch my arm out for ya!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: Alright, so thank you very much!
[she reaches out to shake his hand, but has to pick it up herself]
[she laughs]
REGINALD: Of course!
STEAMPUNK LIBRARIAN: And we'll see you later!
REGINALD: Buh-bye!
[she laughs]
REGINALD: Cheerio, pip pip, and all that rot!



As promised, it is time once again for a book giveaway contest! We have multiple copies to give away this time, thanks to the wonderful people at Doubleday. As a result, we're running this contest in two (two!) places: here at the Steampunk Librarian and also at the Steampunk Empire. You can enter in one or both places. Details on how to enter the contest follow after the review!

Johannes Cabal The Detective is the second book of what I hope is a multi-book series. It began with 2009's Johannes Cabal The Necromancer, in which the titular character found himself running a traveling carnival as part of a deal with the Devil. The second book takes place a short time later and finds Cabal on the run from authorities in the tiny country in Mirkavia, primarily as a result of (unsuccessfully) trying to steal a copy of the Principia Necromantica. Traveling incognito, Cabal lands on the maiden voyage of the Princess Hortense, a zeppelinesque mode of transport. All goes well until a fellow passenger recognizes Cabal, another passenger suddenly and inexplicably departs via a window, and political intrigues begin multiplying. (This is a fairly normal day for Cabal, which gives you an idea of the nature of these stories.)

I've seen a few descriptions of Johannes Cabal The Detective as "Murder on the Orient Express, except on a zeppelin" and it's true that the concept of a murder mystery (with a locked door angle, even) featuring a very limited number of suspects is nothing new. But Cabal, as a protagonist (and occasional antagonist), gives the genre a breath of fresh air, necromancy notwithstanding. In the previous book, Cabal mentions his admiration for Sherlock Holmes, and when he gets a chance to solve a mystery of his own, science and logic run the show. He also has little compunction about shooting people in the head, which makes the plot difficult to anticipate; characters are entirely capable of being eliminated at any moment.

While reading the previous book does help with understanding some inside references and motivations, Johannes Cabal The Detective can stand alone as a steampunky, sardonic mystery/adventure story. Howard is an author who has a wonderful way with wordplay*, and this second installment in the series is just as fun to read as the first. I admit to having a preference for Johannes Cabal The Necromancer, but it's only because I have friends who are carnies and the world of the sideshow, even a demonic one, is more familiar to me than the workings of an aircraft. For the Makers and Tinkerers in the steampunk world, the detailed descriptions of the Princess Hortense's inner workings will be a thing of delight. There are even illustrations of the transport, done in the style of a hobby magazine for boys. I highly recommend the series for anyone with a love of the spooky, the steampunk, and understated British humo(u)r.

Johannes Cabal has his own webpage (the links section is especially wonderful), and creator Jonathan L. Howard has a Twitter account, for those who wish to further investigate.

** My personal favorite instance of this occurs when a character named Roborovski is compared to a hamster. **

And now, on to the contest! We have three (three!) copies to give away. Two will be decided by the old standard of pulling numbers from a (top) hat; the third will be an award for the most creative, elaborate, and/or zany answer given on either website. The question that must be answered is:

Imagine yourself to be a necromancer, like Johannes Cabal. You have the knowledge and the power to resurrect anyone you like from the dead...for one hour. After that, it's back to the afterlife for them. Who would you resurrect, and how would you spend that hour?

The contest will run until Friday the 13th -- Friday, August 13, at 5 PM EDT. Announcement of the winners will follow shortly! Good luck!

p.s. Also! A reminder will run next week, with the addition of a map illustration from the book!

Case Study No. 0550: Kou Shouka

What I've Done: Kou Shouka (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
Shouka is really terrifyingly awesome as a character. You'd never believe that the guy who sits in the library most of the time and who can't make tea to save his life has killed more people than probably Seiran and Ensei put together...

Shuurei really needs to watch who she's living with. She's surrounded by people-slayers o.o
Tags: Kou Shouka Saiunkoku Monogatari Tale of Saiunkoku
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"The Story of Saiunkoku" ("Saiunkoku Monogatari", lit. "Tale of the Land of Colored Clouds") is a series of Japanese light novels written by Sai Yukino and illustrated by Kairi Yura. As of July 2011, the eighteenth and final volume was released, concluding the series.

The anime adaptation series, produced by Madhouse Studios, is directed by Jun Shishido, and broadcast on the Japanese television network NHK on Saturday mornings. The first season began airing on April 8, 2006, and completed its run on February 24, 2007, airing a total of 39 episodes.

Set in the fictional empire of Saiunkoku, the story centers on Shurei Hong, a descendant of a noble family that has fallen on hard times. Her father works as a librarian in the Imperial palace, a post which offers prestige and respect, but little compensation. Shurei teaches in the temple school and works odd jobs to make ends meet, but her dream is to pass the imperial examinations and take a post in government, a path forbidden to women.

Shurei's plans come to an abrupt halt when the Emperor's Grand Advisor makes a startling offer for her to join the imperial household for six months as the young Emperor's consort and teach the Emperor to be a responsible ruler. If she succeeds, a reward of 500 gold coins will be granted.

The story details Shurei's growing relationship with the Emperor and other members of the court, the intrigues of imperial politics, and her commitment to better herself and her country.



Kou Shouka is Shurei's father, Seiran's adoptive father and the eldest son of the Kou clan. After declining the offer to lead the clan, he was expelled from the main estates. He then moved to the capital where his younger brother, Reishin, assigned to him a respectable but low-paying job as the head of the Royal Archives. The young prince Ryuuki often visited the palace library, where Shouka was one of the few people who were kind to him.

On the surface, Shouka simply seems to be a gentle librarian who brews awful tea. But he is also a deadly fighter known as The Black Wolf, although the latter identity is secret from everyone, including Shurei, except for Grand Advisor Sho, Shusui, and Reishin. In the service of the previous Emperor, he once led the Wolves of the Wind, a group of expert assassins, but has since disbanded them. He inherited the role of Black Wolf after the previous assassin died. Shouka first met his wife when sent to kill her, but fell in love with her instead; he was also assigned to secretly protect Shi Seien in exile.

Shouka's past is rather dark and moribund. At the age of four, he was described by his aunt as a boy who had lost all innocence in watching the Kou clan struggle for power. A gifted biwa player, Shouka later sets out and leaves his family after being kicked out by his father, who thinks of him as a good-for-nothing son. He later learns the arts of an assassin under the previous Black Wolf. Shouka looked up to the previous Black Wolf with admiration and love and is devastated when she dies. Shouka later murders the aunt he had so admired after ordered by Senka. He, before killing her, says that if she were to be allowed to continue to rule the clan like that the whole Kou clan would be in ruins. Although he does bring a sword, he pours a pouch of poison in his Aunt's tea and tells her to drink it. His aunt then drinks the poison and tells Shouka to play the biwa before she dies.

Shouka, along with Reishin, is recalled to the Kou province after the entire clan and its officials set up an embargo in protest. He then makes Reishing resign as the Kou clan head and takes up the position himself. When he returns to Kiyou, his eyes are open and he is wearing the impressive attire of the clan head, shocking everyone. Shouka pledges to Ryuuki the loyalty of the Kou clan and offers its help.

The Ran Clan triplets seem to adore Shouka as he served as their tutor when they were very young and wanted him to become their brother. This earns the permanent hatred of Reishin and the four of them have not had a friendly relationship ever since. It is said that if Shouka were to get involved in politics again, the Ran clan would return along with its officials.

He is voiced by Ikeda Shuuichi in the anime.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Case Study No. 0549: Kansas State University Librarian

Preservation Faux Pas
Dos and don'ts of handling library materials.
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["Preservation Faux Pas" or, "Keep Our Books Clean Because Lady Chatterley Is Already Dirty Enough!" appears on screen, then cut to black and white "silent movie" footage of a male student reading a book in the library when he takes out a highlighter felt-tip pen and begins marking the page]
[cut to a female student reading in the library, drinking from a plastic cup when she tries to check her watch and ends up spilling it all over the book]
[cut to another male student reading in the library, when he takes a bit from his sandwich and ends up dripping its contents (jelly?) onto the book, so - after checking to make sure no one is looking - he licks it off the page]
[cut to another female student reading in the library, when she finds an interesting passage in the book she's reading and tears the whole page out]
NARRATOR: Oh lord, no!
[cut to a book on the floor in the library, when someone "walks" a toy dog into the scene and it "relieves" itself all over its pages]
NARRATOR: Are you kidding me? No!!!
[cut to another female student in the library, scratching her head in confusion]
STUDENT: So how can I help preserve books and other library materials?
[cut to the same female student sitting in the library, when she takes her highlighter and puts it in her pocket]
NARRATOR: Don't mark in books with pens or highlighters.
[cut to the student at the bubbler, filling her plastic bottle with water, before turning the cap shut tightly]
NARRATOR: Use spillproof containers with liquids.
[cut to the student eating some candy, when she sets it aside and (after wiping her mouth with a cloth napkin) pulls up the book she was reading]
NARRATOR: Keep potential messes away from books.
[cut to the student reading in the library, when she turns the page in her book and accidentally rips it]
[cut to the student sheepishly presenting the book to a male librarian sitting at the front desk]
NARRATOR: Accidents do happen! But don't worry ... We have talented preservationists here at the library who can repair damaged materials.
[cut to the student looking at the camera and giving two thumbs up]
STUDENT: Thanks preservation!

Une Film de Daniel Ireton

Ben Hedges
Allison Seyer
Jacob Fisher
Marlo Adcock
Erin Grotheer

Special Thanks to Circulation Unit Staff and Students
And a Very Special Thanks to Felisa Osborn ... For the Use of Her Dog




So, there are two million books in the Libraries, and we can only keep them all in good shape with your help. How can you help? A good first step would be to enjoy this video created by local film auteur Dan Ireton and starring your favorite students from the Circulation Desk.

Posted by donna_ekart on October 15, 2008
Kansas State University Libraries

Case Study No. 0548: Unnamed Female Librarian (Chick Bliss)

Chickbliss: 4 guys and one librarian
The Chickbliss Team of 4 hot guys that show up at random women's houses and tell they'll do "Whatever you want". This older librarian surprises them.
Tags: comedy chickbliss hot guys milf older lady sex and kids humor prank reality show short clip
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Chick Bliss: Dream Team
"What Would You Do?"
Episode 15 - House 184
Director: Megan Wennberg
Production House: Novario Productions
Run Time: 30sec

[scene opens with four young men (wearing black t-shirts and carrying roses) approach a house and knock on the door]
[cut to a closeup of the door, as an older female librarian answers ... at first she seems confused, then smiles and begins pushing them one by one into her house]
[cut to a wide angle shot of the house, as she slams the door shut behind her and closes the drapes]
[cut a black screen with the words "What do you really want?", as the sounds of the librarian cavorting about can be heard]
[cut to the four men (their hair tussled, with one of them no longer wearing a shirt) running out of the house, as the librarian (he hair tussled and her glasses off) stumbles out with a big smile on her face]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she bites down on her pearl necklace and waves goodbye]



"Helping with housework can be the best foreplay"...agree with that?

Comedy videos to express the little things that women in relationships really want but never ask for. Things that, if he did them, you'd jump him right there thinking "he finally got the message."

Case Study No. 0547: Unexpected RapStar, The Librarian

A Librarian rapping...?? That was unexpected...!! Leave a comment with the next Unexpected RapStar you wanna see....!!
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Michael Brady
bradyboy31 presents
Unexpected RapStars
The Librarian

[scene opens with a stereotypical male librarian (glasses, bow tie, etc.) rapping in the library]
LIBRARIAN: You better keep the noise down!
[he holds up a book]
LIBRARIAN: 'Coz I'm a librarian! I've had paper cuts deeper than a Caesarian! It's alien to me, raising my voice, but it's my job so I really don't have a choice!
[cut to another shot of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: No, I'm not really one to resort to violence, 'coz I spend every single day working in silence! But you better show respect for every one of my books, if you don't you might get one of my angry looks!
[cut to a shot of the librarian staring angrily into the camera]
LIBRARIAN: If you're looking for a novel, I don't have to hunt!
[he holds up a large book]
LIBRARIAN: I know every page in here, back to front! We got romance, fiction, science, drama!
[cut to a still image of "The Book of Whales" by Richard Ellis]
LIBRARIAN: Look, here's a book all about yo' mama!
[cut to another shot of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: I'm'a end this now with some friendly advice ... Bringing books back late? You better think twice!
[cut to a closeup of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: You in the library now! Go ahead and leave a comment! With the next Unexpected RapStar you wanna see! Peace!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Case Study No. 0546: Jennifer (Robot & Frank)

ROBOT & FRANK - Trailer
ROBOT & FRANK - In Theaters August 2012!

Set in the near future, Robot and Frank is a story about memory and identity, family and friendship. Frank Weld, an aging dad and a retired jewel thief, is losing his memory. His only friend, Jennifer, the town librarian, enjoys his company while sadly indulging his memory slips. His grown-up children, Hunter and Madison are having trouble taking care of their dad, so Hunter does what any caring son does in the near future: installs a caretaker robot in his home.

Unfortunately, Frank is none too pleased by his new helper, finding his presence unnerving and alien. In his old age, Frank is uncomfortable with most technology; the robot's presence is, at first, annoying, and surreal. And yet, the robot quickly proves himself to be more than a machine or appliance. His programming is sophisticated; his demeanor is kind. He is, for all intents and purposes, a rational, caring friend. His advice and requirements that Frank eat healthier and exercise more, gradually succeed at improving Frank's health and well-being.

But as Frank's health improves, so do his ambitions. And above all else, the caretaker Robot is programmed to find an activity to keep its elderly charges active and engaged in their lives. Of course, the only activity that Frank has ever been truly engaged in is stealing things. He soon learns that the Robot will allow such pursuits as long as the risk/reward ratio is kept in balance. And so a new heist duo is born.
Tags: Samuel Goldwyn Films Robot & Frank Robot and Frank Movie Trailer Frank Langella Robot Susan Sarandon James Marsden Liv Tyler Peter Sarsgaard Comedy Drama Sci-Fi
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Robot & Frank is an American film directed by Jake Schreier and written by Christopher Ford. In 2012, it won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, tying with the Kashmiri film Valley of Saints.

The children (James Marsden and Liv Tyler) of an aging ex-convict named Frank (Frank Langella) hire a robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) to care for their aging father. Initially wary of the robots' presence in his life, Frank warms up to his new companion and uses him to commit a heist in order to win the affection of the local librarian (Susan Sarandon).



"Robot & Frank" is a buddy caper. Set in the near future, aging curmudgeon and retired jewel thief Frank (Frank Langella) lives a solitary life until his son (James Marsden) installs a caretaker robot; against he and his daughter's (Liv Tyler) wishes. The robot upends Frank's lonely life - filled only with books and a visit to his favorite librarian (Susan Sarandon) - with a strict regimen of exercise, diet and gardening. Stubborn at first, Frank soon realizes Robot has the ability to pull off the most calculated of heists. An unlikely friendship, and crime duo, is born.



Frank (Langella) appears to be mellowing late in life after multiple long-term prison stretches for burglary and tax evasion. But in his later years, his son and daughter find that time has taken its toll on the old man as he seems to be suffering from memory losses that grow more frequent and increasing in severity. When Frank's son Hunter (James Marsden) fears his father may soon no longer be able to take care of himself, he takes matters into his own hands and purchases a robot to serve as a home health care aid to ensure his father is eating properly and doesn't endanger himself.

Unwilling to adapt to essentially having a babysitter, Frank is extremely resentful of his brand new robot and staunchly resists offers of assistance or advice. One of the few things keeping Frank mentally engaged in life is planning new robberies. As a frequent visitor to his town's library, the main reason he keeps returning is to see its librarian, Jennifer (Sarandon), who also looks forward to his visits. On one trip, Jennifer shows Frank a rare and highly-prized copy of the book "Don Quixote", which inspires his next heist. Learning he can teach his new robot how to pick locks, Frank enlists its aid as an accomplice in burglarizing the library. While he succeeds in lifting the book, he unwittingly leaves behind evidence causing him to be a suspect in the crime.

Meanwhile, the quaint, old-fashioned library is endangered when a consultant is brought in to renovate and update the space. Discovering that the wife of this well-to-do consultant has an expensive jewelry collection, Frank sees where his next job is going to be. Once again recruiting his trusty robot to support him in his venture, Frank and his assistant set out to case the house where the consultant and his wife live. But with advancing memory loss and escalating signs of senility, will Frank still be able to successfully pull off the job, even with the help of the robot?

Case Study No. 0545: Barbara Ann Wilson

Adam Morel on CNN Headline News
Barbara Ann Wilson says she is surrounded by men surfing the Internet for porn who sometimes grope her and perform lewd acts in front of children, according to a federal lawsuit she has filed by her Attorney, Adam Morel against her employer --- the Birmingham Public Library in Alabama.
Tags: Adam Morel Barbara Ann Wilson Birmingham Public Library Internet Porn abuse
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From: SenatorGM
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[from "HLN Prime News" (Monday, Sep 13, 2010), clip opens with Vinnie Politan ("Happening Now: Is Alabama library liable for porn? Lawsuit claims porn creates hostile workplace") speaking directly to the camera]
VINNIE POLITAN: Libraries are supposed to be places where anyone can research and learn, but does that include access to pornography? A librarian in Birmingham, Alabama says instead of looking up the Dewey Decimal System, library patrons are looking up porn. Not only that, but all the porn is leading to bad behavior, and now she's suing the library, claiming - quote - "during the course of her employment, the plaintiff has been subjected to a sexually hostile work environment which consists of severe, pervasive, unwelcomed and offensive, obscene and pornographic materials on said computers." Now, we tried reaching the Birmingham Public Library, but they have not gotten back to us. I'm joined tonight by Barbara Ann Wilson and her attorney Adam Morel.
[cut to a split screen (with the text "Lewd Library?"), as a young African American librarian is joined by her male attorney live via satellite]
VINNIE POLITAN: Thank you both for joining us. Uh, Barbara, let me start with you ... Y'know, I remember going to the library when I was young, and it was a place where good things happened, right? You researched, you learned, you read. Now you've got computers there and apparently, down there in your library, lotta access to a whole lotta porn.
BARBARA ANN WILSON: That's correct.
VINNIE POLITAN: Well, are there filters on these computers? I would think, if you've got a public place and we know what people can do, that maybe there'd be some filtering device to keep the porn outta the library, away from the kids, and away from you?
BARBARA ANN WILSON: Um, Vin, that's right. We do have filters, but they do not work.
VINNIE POLITAN: The filters don't work ...
[cut to a graphic which reads "Claims in Lawsuit, Too Much Porn in Library? Hostile Environment, Porn Easily Viewed, Complaints Ignored"]
VINNIE POLITAN: Alright, so describe for the folks at home a typical day at the library when you've got one of these - I assume it's men - logging on to the computer. What happens? Who's exposed to this stuff?
BARBARA ANN WILSON: Well, in the course of the day, when people access the internet and they wanna look at porn, it's started by bringing up thumbnails and then from there they enlarge the pictures and anybody - the staff, patrons - can look at the pornography as they pass by or when they log on to the computer next to them.
VINNIE POLITAN: Now, there's also allegations that it gets a little bit worse for you in this environment? I mean, are people coming up to you and doing things?
BARBARA ANN WILSON: Yes Vinnie, I have observed people masturbating, um, by my desk. People have, patrons have personally rubbed up against me. Um, they've touched my breasts and my buttocks.
["Is Alabama library liable for porn? Wilson says she tried complaining to her employers and security" appears on screen]
VINNIE POLITAN: This is unbelievable ... Let's go and see what the Facebookers are saying at home. Yolanda says "Why does a public library have access to pornography? That's just not right."
[cut to stock footage of the inside of a public library]
VINNIE POLITAN: [in voice over] Jessica says "Take one of those nice big books and smack them upside the head!" ... Well, what they've done is sue 'em here. Adam, I mean, your client is suing a library and obviously she's a librarian, that's what she does for a living.
[cut back to the split screen]
VINNIE POLITAN: She should be entitled to work in a porn-free environment, I would think. Um, have there been discussions with the library about maybe shutting down the computers, coming up with better filters? Uh, maybe having some security that can take a guy who is pleasuring himself and get him locked up?
ADAM MOREL: Well, had there been any real discussions from the library with any good faith, we wouldn't have sued to begin with. I mean, the last thing my client wanted to do was put herself out here and have to file a lawsuit over it. Uh, she wrote lots of reports, both written, she gave verbal reports.
["Adam Morel, Barbara Ann Wilson's attorney ... Wilson claims many people know how to get around the content filters" appears on screen]
ADAM MOREL: She had to file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission. And their response in essence, in writing, was "We have a filter and your allegations have no validity." So, after several months and really years of dealing with it and getting no real good-faith response at all, we really didn't have much choice but to file a lawsuit over it.
VINNIE POLITAN: Alright, let's see what the folks at home are saying. Let's go to Peter, who is in Wisconsin tonight. Good evening, Peter.
PETER: [over the phone] Hey Vinnie. Uh, one thing is, sorry ... There's two faults here. You've got men who actually access these computers and, you know, kids are going to come up and look at these things. And that's what's troubling the parents right now, is seeing this. And a second thing, y'know, these men. They have wives, they have fiancees, they have girlfriends. Why do they have to go and fondle or grope or pinch someone on the butt, like a librarian for instance?
VINNIE POLITAN: It's crazy. Peter, thanks so much for the call ...
["Lawsuit claims porn creates hostile workplace" appears on screen]
VINNIE POLITAN: Uh, Barbara, I mean, how do you deal with that situation? You've got someone who's rubbing up against you, talking to you ... Um, is there security in the library? I mean, I don't know how you would react to something like that. It seems like a pretty dangerous situation.
BARBARA ANN WILSON: I feel like it's very dangerous. Um, I've called security, and there's a lag time between when I call and when they actually arrive. And that's one of the problems. Um, and another problem is that, um, they are ... I don't know how to say it. It's, um, complaint fatigue, I think, that the same person is complaining and they don't know how to react to it.
VINNIE POLITAN: Well, I'll tell you how to react to it, it's very simple. You take a security guard and you sit him down next to the computers, and you just keep an eye on it. Someone starts acting up, you call police, you arrest him. But apparently, that's not working, so you gotta file this lawsuit. Thanks so much for joining us and good luck, Barbara.
BARBARA ANN WILSON: Thank you so much, Vinnie.



Barbara Ann Wilson says she is surrounded by men surfing the Internet for porn who sometimes grope her and perform lewd acts in front of children, according to a federal lawsuit she has filed against her employer -– the Birmingham Public Library in Alabama.

Willson, who has worked as a library assistant at the downtown branch for 10 years, alleges that the library is a "sexually charged hostile work environment" and the city has not done enough to protect her.

"I don't think people realize that if you send your kids to the downtown library in cities like these, they better think twice," said Wilson's lawyer, Adam Morel. "There is stuff going on that quite frankly shocks me, and taxpayers are funding the place."

Libraries used to be sanctuaries for reading and research, but since the rise of the Internet, they are attracting a less studious crowd, says her attorney.

"The downtown library is located near a big city park and near a bus station," said Morel. "For whatever reason, they get these people in the library -- they don't have other places to be."

"They are using the computer to access hard-core porn in front of other patrons and children, and some of these people manipulate themselves in the open library," he said.

"It's going on every day and it's basically elevated," according to Morel, who said Wilson, 43, is still employed by the library. She was not available for an interview with

Morel said Wilson has been subjected to sexually aggressive comments by patrons and when she confronted them over obscene material, they became belligerent.

He said Wilson and other staffers have been told by their employer to speak to the offenders or send a message remotely when they see inappropriate web sites, or to call security guards.

"But security rolls their eyes like it's her problem," alleged Morel. "They say, 'If we are there to catch them in the act, maybe we can do something about it.'"

The librarian said she has made multiple written and oral complaints to her employer, but to no avail. She has even filed at least one police report, "maybe more," according to Morel.

In her lawsuit, Wilson has named the Birmingham Library Foundation, the board that runs the public libraries, and the City of Birmingham. She also filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) last October, according to Morel.

"The City of Birmingham responded that her allegations had no validity," he said. "Those responses prompted her to file suit." made numerous calls to the central branch of the Birmingham Public Library and to its administration, and to the press office at City Hall, but received no comment on the allegations.

The library's website says that it has filters on pornographic material to prevent children from accessing inappropriate sites, but Wilson's lawyer said, "They are completely useless."

Morel said those interested in downloading pornography "know how to bypass" the filters -- they ask the librarian to turn off filters set in place to protect children.

According to the lawsuit, Wilson is seeking unspecified compensation from the library and the city. She alleges that the workplace has caused her severe emotional distress and mental anguish.

"More importantly, she wants measures taken to stop the problem," said Morel.

The library's policy allows staff to end internet sessions if patrons are viewing graphic sexual images in sight of children or anything involving sex with minors or encourages others to break the law.

Case Study No. 0544: Unnamed Female Librarian (You Can't Do That on Television)

YCDTOTV ep 109 Books & Reading 1987
Here's a full episode of You Can't Do That on Television.
With 3 scene in the library in the episode.
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[scene opens with two child actors sitting on stage, speaking directly to the camera]
MATTHEW: Hi, and welcome to "Can't Do That on Television" ...
[he turns to the other kid]
MATTHEW: This is my first opportunity to introduce the show!
ADAM: Yeah!
[he motions for him to continue]
MATTHEW: Oh! Which today is about ...
[he checks the script]
MATTHEW: Uh, books and reading.
ADAM: [whispers] Psst, Matthew!
ADAM: Do you think there's a plot?
MATTHEW: [laughs] Adam, these scripts are always way too disjointed to have any kind of plot!
ADAM: No no no, Matthew ... I mean, they're making us do a show all about books and reading.
ADAM: Do you think there's a plot by the adults to try and get us to persuade kids to read books more often?
ADAM: Let's face it, parents - or adults - would much rather have their kids spend their time reading books than watching TV.
MATTHEW: Parents wouldn't be that sneaky or underhanded, would they?
[they seemingly laugh it off]
[they suddenly stop laughing]
ADAM AND MATTHEW: Yes they would ...
[cut to inside of a library, where an elderly female librarian with a British accent (played by Abby Hagyard) is dusting the shelves and singing to herself]
LIBRARIAN: I'm going to be a star on a TV show, doo dah!
[a young girl walks into the scene]
LIBRARIAN: Hello, young lady!
ANDREA: You seem pretty happy today ...
LIBRARIAN: Well, of course I am, young lady! And what a very pretty little young lady you are ... Didn't you hear? Today's show is all about books and reading, and so of course I am bound to be a star, featured on the show!
ANDREA: I wouldn't count on it, if I were you ...
LIBRARIAN: Oh, don't be ridiculous!
[she pats her on the cheek, then continues dusting and humming cheerfully to herself]


ADAM: I tell you, Matthew, the library at our school is full of dirty books!
MATTHEW: Really? Wow, you must have a real liberal librarian then, right?
ADAM: No no, she's hopping mad about it!
ADAM: She's always threating to make kids pay for the books.
[he pulls out a book from behind his back, covered in gunk]
ADAM: When they bring them back covered with ketchup and grease stains ...
MATTHEW: Oh, oh Adam ...
ADAM: It was an accident.
[Matthew backs away]
ADAM: Come on, Matthew ...


[Adam is reading a book on stage, when the librarian enters the scene with an angry look on her face]
LIBRARIAN: Young man, this is supposed to be a show about books! And reading! And so far there hasn't been one decent scene in the library!
ADAM: Look, I am only a kid, okay? I only work here! There's nothing I can do about it!
LIBRARIAN: I'll bet there is! Why hasn't there been one decent scene in the library?
ADAM: Look, take it up with the writers, I don't know!
[saying those three magic words causes green slime to fall from the sky and land directly on his head]
ADAM: Aww ...
LIBRARIAN: I suppose you think that's funny?
ADAM: No, I don't. Neither would you if you got slimed ...
LIBRARIAN: Well then, young man, why don't you take it up with the writer?
[he gives a fake laugh, then wipes off some of the slime on the librarian's nose]


[Adam is reading a book on stage, when the librarian again enters the scene]
LIBRARIAN: I am getting tired of waiting! This program is going on forever! I have waited very patiently for a scene in the library, but no!
[she composes herself and forces a smile]
LIBRARIAN: This program is about books ... It should have lots of scenes set in the library!
ADAM: Well, I ... I don't think it does.
LIBRARIAN: Well, I want a scene set in the library, and I want one right now!
[he gives a nervous laugh]
ADAM: Okay ...
[cut to inside of the library, as a book signing is taking place with a male author ("Claude Body, The Cat's Revenge, signing books today") as a boy hands him his copy]
MATTHEW: Here you go ... "To Matthew Godfrey."
CLAUDE: Mm hmm!
MATTHEW: Great book.
CLAUDE: Thank you!
MATTHEW: Yeah ...
CLAUDE: "Claude Body" ...
[he signs the book and hands it back to him]
MATTHEW: Thank you!
[he takes the book and walks over to one of his friends in line]
MATTHEW: Vik, I got it! He signed okay, no problem! I got the famous author's signature!
VIKRAM: On a book?
MATTHEW: No, dummy!
[he takes a piece of paper out of the book]
MATTHEW: On this magazine order form! I'll get at least a hundred bucks commission, and he'll get stuck with fifty magazines a month for the next five years!
[he laughs]
MATTHEW: Isn't that great?
VIKRAM: It's excellent!
[cut back to the librarian on stage, with a horrified look on her face]
LIBRARIAN: I wasn't even in it! And it wasn't about books!
[she turns and grabs Adam by the ear]
LIBRARIAN: How dare you? You'll pay for this, young man!
[she takes the book she was carrying and starts beating him with it]
LIBRARIAN: I tell parents a lot of the time ...
ADAM: Ow! Ow! Ow!
LIBRARIAN: There is altogether too much violence on television!
[the last hit knocks him to the ground, as the librarian storms off in a huff]


[Adam and the rest of the cast are sitting on stage, speaking directly to the camera]
ADAM: And now we have something for you to read ... the credits! The show is over!
[everyone cheers, but the librarian returns with an exacerbated look on her face]
LIBRARIAN: No! The show can't be over!
MATTHEW: Well, it is ...
LIBRARIAN: That's impossible! We haven't had any scenes in the library yet! We haven't had a chance to tell the little boys and girls how exciting it can be to read books!
[she turns and speaks directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Little boys and girls, it's awfully exciting to read books ...
[as she makes her plea, the kids behind her are waving their hands and motioning "no"]
LIBRARIAN: It's very good for you, it's a lot of fun, and it's so educational!
DIRECTOR: [from off camera] Carmine, roll credits.
LIBRARIAN: [screaming] Don't you cut me off! I'm not finished yet!
[the credits roll, while the librarian continues her rant]
LIBRARIAN: When I was a little girl ...
ADAM: Ma'am, I'm afraid--
[she karate chops him in the chest]
LIBRARIAN: I remember all the times--
ADAM: Ma'am ...
[she stomps on his foot, and he goes down]
LIBRARIAN: I had a very good time with books, because books were my best friends.
[she hits Vikram over the head with her book]
LIBRARIAN: When I would read books--
[the volume fades out, as the librarian continues beating up the children]
ANNOUNCER: [from off camera] "You Can't Do That on Television" was a Big Bucks Production ...
[cut to the announcing booth]
ANNOUNCER: "Big Bucks?" What're you talkin' about, big bucks? I've never seen any big bucks on this production, I'll tell you--
[someone off camera hits him over the head with a giant book]
ANNOUNCER: Oh, that was a big ... book.
[he falls down, then cut to the librarian sitting in the library with a sad look on her face]
STAGE DIRECTOR ROSS EWICH: [from off camera] Okay, show's over!
LIBRARIAN: Oh, it's not fair!
ANDREA: I told ya so!
[she sticks her tongue out at the little girl, and she returns in kind, so the librarian slumps back down in her chair and sulks as the screen fades to black]



You Can't Do That on Television is a Canadian television program that first aired locally in 1979 before ultimately airing internationally in 1981. It primarily featured pre-teen and teenaged actors in a sketch comedy format in which they acted out skits based on a theme for that episode.

The show was produced by and aired on Ottawa's CTV station CJOH-TV. After production ended in 1990, the show continued in reruns on Nickelodeon through 1994 when it was replaced with the similarly-themed All That. The show is synonymous with Nick, and was at that time extremely popular with the highest ratings overall on the channel. The show is also well known for introducing slime onto the network.



You Can't Do That on Television
"Books and Reading"
Season 8, Episode 1

Reading Rambo will not be seen at this time, because Rambo can't read. Instead, we bring you the following illiterate show... The Librarian is very happy about this week's episode being about reading, and gets ready for her first big scene. She becomes upset, however, that there are no sketches in this episode that take place in the library.



Books & Reading 87
Episode #109

cast: Andrea Byrne, Stephanie Chow, Matthew Godfrey, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Adam Reid, Vikram Sahay
writer: Roger Price
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Reading Rambo

In the 1987 season premiere, the librarian prepares for her rise to stardom but ends up disappointed when the show about Books & Reading has no scenes in the library

water: Matthew
green slime: Adam

production: Big Bucks



Episode No: 109

Title: Books and Reading

Pre-Empt: Reading Rambo


The librarian was expecting to be the star of the episode. In the middle of the show, she realizes that the library sketches seem to have not been written for this episode. Adam is the only one on the link set everytime she shows up to complain ... reading and minding his own business. But he's not the writer, what could he do about it? Just before the credits, the librarian tries to persuade the viewers to read educational books, which are so much more "exciting than TV."

Production: Big Bucks


* Ross does not appear in this episode. His voice is only heard, saying "Okay, show's over," in the last scene. Instead, Abby played the librarian, who walked on the link set with the frequency of Ross throughout this entire episode. The only other episode in which Ross did not appear at all was Peer Pressure from 1981.
* As seen in Robert Black's interview, episode 109 would be his last episode to write. However, Roger Price disliked his first scipt and demanded that it be rewritten. After Roger accepted his second version, he changed the title from Publications to Books and Reading, and almost completely rewrote the script again himself.

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Case Study No. 0543: Eike

Let's Play Suikoden III #50 Eike's pad
No description available.
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Eike is the Chisui Star in "Suikoden III."

When Thomas first met Eike he was lost in thought and soon afterwards apologized when Thomas asked he was thinking about he said "Aw shucks, thats sort of personal". Later Eike disappered and wasn't seen again for weeks, thought this fact went unnoticed by the other castle residents. When its was discovered that he was missing a search party was formed consisting of Thomas, Cecile, Piccolo, Juan and Sebastian. When he was discovered deep under ground at his favorite reading spot he asked if everyone had come down there to read. When he was told how long he had been gone and that they were looking for him he apologized stating he easily loses track of time down there as he could read to his hearts content and that child didn't go down there.

Later he looked into the whole ordeal of their castle lying between Zexen and Grasslands on Caesar's command. Later when Leo and Percival of the Zexen Knights arrived to escort Thomas back to Vinay del Zexay he appeared behind Leo and told him to "Leave.....before things get ugly". Later when everyone was preparing to defend the castle for the last time he approached Ace who was making a ruccus and told him to please keep it down since this was a library. To which Ace responded that its weird that Eike has no aura. After Queen apologized, Eike stated it was alright and greeted Geddoe which surprised Geddoe as the two never meet until now. In a flash Ace and Queen attacked Eike holding their weapons at his throat. When Geddoe asked if they've meet before Eike stated on how when he was searching for ways to better defend the castle he discovered a picture of the day that the castle and its grounds surrounding it became common land. Geddoe was in the picture and thats how he knew. Ace and Queen removed there weapons and apologized and again Eike stated it was alright as it didn't bother him.

Eike joins automatically in Thomas Chapter 1.

Character Details
* Eike will take any old books any character has and allows you to read them.
* Eike is a support character with the (C Ranked) Appraisal Ability.

Kidd Investigations
The results of the Investigation of Eike are as follows:

Profile: He's the Castle librarian. He has extremely strange looks and personality.

Inquiry 1: He sleeps with his eyes half-open.

Inquiry 2: He doesn't turn when he sleeps.

Inquiry 3: He talks in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist.

Suggestion Box Letters
* Dear Hugo

I hope your are well. Thank you for your consideration. I apologize for my presumption, but the reason why I am writing...

* Dear Hugo

It's raining everyday, but I hpe you are well. The other day I ran out of paper. I'm sure you were puzzled. I am terribly sorry...

* Dear Hugo

I hope you are well this wonderful season. I ran out of paper again, and I couldn't write you. Now, about this castle...

* Dear Hugo

I noticed that I always run out of paper. This time I won't, and I'm sure I can make a suggestion. Now, about the allocation of people...

* Dear Hugo

I'll get to the point. There seems to be a problem about the allocation of personnel at this castle, but after writing so many times I forgot what I wanted to say.



Star: Chisui
Position: Librarian
Born: IS 441
Eike is the quiet, shy librarian of Budehuc Castle who scares most people who meet him. Always lost in his books, he'll read them in a trance, with no awareness of what is going on around him. He even had a secret corner in the winding caverns under Budehuc Castle where he would retreat to read books in peace. Eventually it was found by Thomas and other members of the castle, but he still uses it to hold meetings for his "Silent Reading Society". His sleeping patterns are even stranger. Reportedly he doesn't turn while sleeping, has his eyes half-open, and talks in a strange language!



Suikoden III Walkthrough
Thomas Chapter 1

Before you even start Thomas' chapter, understand that it is completely optional and doesn't affect the 108 Stars of Destiny in any way. Several people absolutely despise Thomas' two chapters. Some people like me think they're the best part of the entire game. MUTO – enough said right there. Thomas more or less is sent by his dad (one of the shady council members) to “run” Budehuc castle. Not a lot of money runs through this place and Thomas is set up to lose basically.

Upon arrival Cecile will stop you at the gates. Go to the central house, which is to your west and north, roughly. The whole gang of trouble-makers will be here, so get used to this group. You show your seal to prove your authenticity, and then you're allowed to walk around the next day. Downstairs is Sebastian who will suggest you great all your new friends. Wise choice, so go do so. Eike is upstairs in the library, Muto is in the basement warehouse, Juan is outside but on the west-exterior, while the others (Cecile, Piccolo, and Martha) are in the central area. Talking to Cecile illicits a flashback with your evil councilor dad sending you off in hopes that you utterly fail.

Back in the main house, Sebastian will give you a letter to the knights regarding your authenticity that you must deliver to Brass Castle. Cecile will come along for protection purposes. Thomas and Cecile actually are quite nice when you level them up, but they start at level 1 and are poorly equipped. That said Yaza Plain doesn't have much to bother you so just follow through to Brass Castle.

Talk to Leo when you get there, and then Roland. You probably won't have Potch to upgrade anything (unless you put statues in Budehuc Castle with other characters to sell with Thomas, or unless you're a lottery-crackhead). Upstairs in the tea room is Salome, who is actually very nice about the appointment and even allows Cecile to be head guardsmen. Your work here is done so return back to Budehuc.

Get your rest now and then leave the castle the next day. A lady will be looking for her lost son, Thomas. You and your friends offer to help look for the guy, so check out the broken elevator on the 1st floor, the library on the second floor, and the wrecked ship in the 1st basement floor. Now leave and go to Juan who will know what happened. You must go to Mount Hei-Tou (where the Blue Mantix is, but all the way east instead) and Piccolo, Cecile and Juan will be with. Juan and Piccolo are also underrated in battle, with Piccolo having the effective Lightning Rune and Juan being phenomenal if you give him a Turtle Tunic (or something to cure the Waking Rune that you can't take off) and build him up.

Go to Mount Hei-Tou now, and it is a bit of a treck so hopefully you have some medicine along. Again, go directly east the entire way through and you'll see a Boar and the little kid named Thomas. This thing can be tough with the levels you're at, especially if he doesn't target Juan. You'll want him to wake Juan up, which will in the mean time give Piccolo a chance to pull off his best Lightning spells (despite his poor aptitude with Lightning skills). After the boar goes down you'll have saved Thomas.

Everyone will love you but the next day you won't know where Sebastian is. Talk to a few of your friends (Cecile, Juan, Muto) and go towards the stairs to find Sebastian depressed over the castle finances. Thomas will gather everyone and discuss options; eventually it is decided that you are to get people to come sell things on your land since it is commonly held between Grassland and Zexen. Unfortunately you don't have the seal, so go inside your room and look. Eventually you'll find it and then you'll have the option to form your party with Sebastian, so do so and put Martha as your Support.

Take your party to Iksay, one of many spots to open up on your map. Talk to Mel outside the Inn and she'll go to Budehuc if you ask. She's useful for the upcoming battles with Thomas. Head to the second floor of the Inn now to meet Tuta and Mio. Tuta will go off to aid other villages but Mio joins and she has the Healing Support ability. Gordon at the Item Shop will denounce you for having such lousy partners with you. The girl near him will give you a Pale Gate Rune though. Before you leave, check the Rarities and if at any time you see a Rose Brooch, purchase it. With this you can go to Vinay del Zexay to get Augustine outside of the Armor shop. After this, put only Augustine with Thomas and go to Iksay to get Gorden at the Item Shop to join. Brass Castle shouldn't have much for you unless you found the ! Screw with Thomas instead of Geddoe. Do buy a Deer Antler for Scott and Waurenhyte outside the left part of Brass Castle, if you didn't before. They'll then join.

A trip to the Great Hollow is in order, as Twaikin is digging and will join you after some scenes. Note that he is in the area you were at with Geddoe when you were chasing the intruders. Head back and rest, and the next day Cecile will run in saying she does not know where Eike went. You'll discuss the matter with your friends and have control again, and if you try to leave Shizu the elevator-installation girl will show up. Her work will take a while so leave to do some more recruiting.

In the Yaza Plains you'll see Kenji exercising. Choose the second option twice to exercise and to get some water and he'll go to Budehuc. In the Plain of Amur – North, Kathy has some horses that she needs you to count. It was 16 for me but I think it's random. When you choose correctly tell her to go to Budehuc, and then one last group to get. At Vinay del Zexay is Shabon being chased by Guillaume, which you may have seen with another character. Talk to Nei north of the market area and then return to the center area, by the council's guild. Run around for a while and you'll confront Guillaume who is chasing Shabon again. He'll duel you and it is not easy. Thomas has a horrible defense unless you spent some money, and even a well-sharpened Thomas-sword won't do that much damage. What does this mean? Well you won't have to be flawless but you better be close. An Attack by both of you can be nearly fatal for you; you need all the turns without damage that you can get. When he's done, Shabon, Nei and Toppo join you.

Whenever you are ready to advance the story (recruited/built up all the characters) go sleep in your room. Shuzu will be done with the elevator by morning and you'll give it a test run with the main group at Budehuc. You'll find a suspicious bottom floor that you've never seen before, and you'll then explore it. Go straight and at the fork you'll split up. Take the right path and look for a path that curves off to the left. It's hard to see but it's where you need to go, so take it and you'll bump into Juan and Piccolo! So it must lead to the same path…join together and head north to Eike's pad. A nice one too I must say. He's just been reading the last few weeks and is sorry you came looking for him. Thomas' chapter will then end, and usually I pick the second one right after.



[Thomas - Chapter 1]

Thomas: Um, could this be it? Yes. It must be. But why such a place? Oh well, it's not our job to ask why.
Cecile: Who goes there?
Thomas: Huh? You mean me?
Cecile: Who else could I mean?
Thomas: Oh, um... I'm Thomas. And you?
Cecile: I command the castle guards here. We're expecting a new master today. Mr. Sebastian told me not to let anyone suspicious inside.
Thomas: I, uh, look... suspicious?
Cecile: Not my decision. Sorry, but you'll have to leave now.
Thomas: But...
Cecile: Speak up! But what?
Thomas: I am the new master. This IS Budehuc Castle, isn't it?
Cecile: What?! You're the master of the castle?! I-I'm so sorry!
Thomas: Oh, don't apologize. It's okay. How about showing me in?
Cecile: Certainly, sir! You said your name was Thomas, right?
Thomas: Yes. Nice to meet you.
Cecile: Please follow me. I think Mr. Sebastian is at the house. I'll take you there.

[Head into the castle]

Cecile: Greetings, Mr. Sebastian. The new master of the castle is here to meet you. What the--? He was with me a minute ago.

[Sebastian comes down the stairs]

Sebastian: ...
Sebastian: Did I hear you right, Cecile? You've met the new master?
Cecile: Yes!
Sebastian: Well, where did you put him, in the dungeon? Hmm? No, um, I mean...
Cecile: He is here, sir! Allow me to introduce Thomas, the castle's new master!
Thomas: Uh, pleased to meet you.
Sebastian: Huh!

[They head to another room and all the servants come to meet Thomas]

Sebastian: Hmm... Are you really the new master?
Eike: His seal... is authentic. Yes...
Thomas: In case you need more proof, I brought along this letter. I'm not very familiar with Zexen ways.
Sebastian: Oh, I see. Hmmm. Uh huh. This appears to be an authentic letter from the Council. I trust you are who you say. But....
Thomas: But what?
Sebastian: Oh, don't mind me. It looks like introductions are in order all around.
Thomas: I'd love to meet everyone. After all, if we're all going to live together, we should know one another. Can you gather everybody together?
Cecile: Everyone?
Thomas: Yes, unless there isn't enough room.
Eike: ...
Sebastian: On the contrary. You're looking at everybody!
Thomas: What?! Th-This is everyone?!
Muto: Juan's not here.
Martha: I can't believe that kid! I rushed over to meet him here.
Thomas: But, Cecile, I thought you said you were the commander of the guards.
Cecile: Quite right, sir. That I am.
Thomas: Are you the only guard here?
Cecile: Aye, sir. I am responsible for the welfare of this entire place!
Thomas: So here stands the whole lot? So be it. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance-all of you! I'm Thomas, the new master of the castle.

[A bit later, in the master's quarters]

Sebastian: These are the master's quarters. Please make yourself comfortable.
Thomas: Thank you.
Sebastian: We'll cover more details tomorrow, if that's good for you.
Thomas: Perfect. I appreciate your help, sir.
Sebastian: Not at all, Master Thomas. And you needn't call me "sir". You're the master. I'm merely your butler.
Thomas: Sebastian it is then.
Sebastian: If I may take my leave, there are matters that require my attention. Oh, and if I may be so bold, I'd appreciate it if you could keep things as tidy as I tried to make them today. Since we no longer have maids, we must clean up after ourselves.
Thomas: Of course. That won't be a problem.
Sebastian: Well, if you'll excuse me.
Thomas: .... I feel so tired. I sure hope I can handle this.

[The next day]

Thomas: Good morning, Mr. Sebastian.
Sebastian: Good morning, master. Remember, it's just Sebastian.
Thomas: I forgot. Sorry. Now what is it that I'm expected to do here? I've never had this position before.
Sebastian: As I see it, you're in charge of making decisions which concern the castle and domain.
Thomas: Oh, you mean solving its problems and straightening out issues and such?
Sebastian: Uh, yes... you could say that. First you must introduce yourself to the people of the castle.
Thomas: Right. Yes, that's what I'll do.

[Go find Eike in the library]

Thomas: Hello.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Uh, um... I can to say hello.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Ahem. Errr.
Eike: Oh, a thousand pardons, master! Didn't mean any disrespect. I was just lost in thought.
Thomas: What were you thinking about?
Eike: Aw shucks, now.... That's rather private.
Thomas: You're right. None of my business. See you around.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Huh? What was that?! I hope I can handle this job! I'm feeling really insecure.


[The next day]

Cecile: Thomas!! Thomas!! Thomas! Hey, Thomas!
Thomas: What's going on, Cecile? Do you know how early it is?
Cecile: W-Well... I just remembered!
Thomas: Remembered? What?
Cecile: I have to show you. Come on!

[In the library]

Thomas: So what's going on?
Muto: Well, I kind of thought something was strange.
Sebastian: I've been too busy to give it much thought, to be honest with you.
Cecile: Me, too. I didn't notice at all.
Thomas: What do you mean...?
Cecile: It's Eike! Don't you see? We haven't seen him in weeks! We started talking about it, and none of us have seen him.
Thomas: Eike... You mean from the library?
Cecile: Yes!
Thomas: Come to think of it, I only saw him on that first day we met. Has he gone missing?
Cecile: Missing or worse. Where could he have gone?
Thomas: All right. I'll go and see if I can find him. You all carry on with your work.
Sebastian: We'd really appreciate that, Thomas.

[Head towards the entrance]

Thomas: But where could Eike have gone? There are so many places in this castle that I don't know about. And there are doors that won't even open.
Shizu: Um, excuse me. You must be Thomas, the master of the castle?
Thomas: Uh, yes. That's right. Who might you be?
Shizu: I'm sorry for my delay. I am Shizu, the "elevator girl" who trained under Adlai, the great inventor of the south. I received a request to repair the elevator here. And that's why I have come.
Thomas: Uh, nice to meet you.
Shizu: If you have a moment, could you please show me where it is?
Thomas: I'll be happy to walk you there.

[Head to the foyer]

Juan: What's this? This door actually opens?
Cecile: Apparently so. Apparently, someone called her for repairs.
Sebastian: Ahem... I did that. Although it was very difficult to get in touch with her.
Thomas: Um, so, will it work again?
Shizu: Yes. Not to worry. It will be working tomorrow. I'll finish it tonight.
Cecile: Really? I can't wait.
Shizu: It's quite an old one you have. I'd like to stay here for some time and maintain this elevator for you.

[Shizu has joined the 108 stars.]

Thomas: Uh, of course, if you like. We would appreciate that.


Thomas: Shizu, does it work now?
Shizu: Yes. Everything checks out fine. It's cleaned and oiled to perfection.
Cecile: Can we ride it?
Shizu: Yes. This will be our test run. Welcome aboard.

[They all get on]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, 2nd floor. Home to the master's quarters, the library, and the hall of statues.
Cecile: Wow! Amazing!
Thomas: Right to the second floor, just like that? I like elevators!
Shizu: And onto the next floor...

[They all get in again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, 1st floor. The grand lobby, dining room, and great hall.
Juan: Hey! This is back where we started.
Shizu: We try to stop at every floor. If no one wants off here, we'll move on to the next floor.

[They all get on again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, basement level. The warehouse is located here. You can also get to the ship from here.
Sebastian: This makes it a lot easier to bring goods into the castle.
Shizu: Don't exceed the weight limit. This is one of the first elevators ever built. The design hasn't been perfected yet.
Sebastian: Oh!
Shizu: Now, on to the next floor.

[They all get on again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, basement 2nd level. Here you'll find the vault and old dungeons.
Piccolo: Hohohoho... My legs start to give out with age. It's been a long time since I've been down here.
Cecile: This is incredible, Shizu. It's just like when I was a kid.
Shizu: It seems the elevator here is quite happy to be working again, too.
Thomas: That's right. It always looked so sad to me before.
Shizu: To me as well. Well, let's go on to the next floor.
Juan: Huh? The next floor?

[They all get on again]

Shizu: This is the bottom floor.
Cecile: Huh? What is this place?
Sebastian: I-I haven't the slightest idea.
Juan: I never knew this place existed!
Thomas: I found many new places in this castle while I was looking for Eike, but I never dreamt of looking here.
Cecile: Then, maybe somewhere deep in here....
Sebastian: T-That's right! Maybe Eike is somewhere in this place!
Thomas: Yes... maybe. I think we ought to at least check it out.
Piccolo: Hohohoho.... Well, let's go, then.
Juan: Oh, why not? I did come here to see something unusual, so I might as well go along.

[Head further in]

Cecile: There's a fork in the corridor.
Thomas: Sure is... Hmmm. How about we take the one on the right first?
Juan: Let's just make this quick. We can check them both out by splitting into two groups. You and Cecile go that way, and me and the old man will check out the other.
Thomas: Uh, but...
Juan: I just want to get this over with. Come on. Let's go, old man.
Piccolo: Hohohoho... Stop calling me "old man". I am the great fortune-teller.
Juan: I don't care how great you are. Let's just go.
Cecile: Fine with me. This way then.
Sebastian: There's nothing to be worried about, Thomas. I-I will go along with you. I'll be right behind you.
Thomas: I'm game. Here we go!

[Head further in]

Thomas: We've come to an open space.
Cecile: Shh! Be quiet, Thomas. Look over there.
Sebastian: Wh-Who could be hiding in such a place?
Cecile: Hard to believe anyone would.
Sebastian: Perhaps Eike has been kidnapped and is being held for random? D-Dear me! Another cost we don't need.
Thomas: W-Well, I don't know about that.
Cecile: Come on, Thomas! We'll charge 'em!
Thomas: W-Wait a minute...
Cecile: Don't worry! Hi-yaa!

[She runs smack into Juan and Piccolo]

Cecile: Uh, huh?
Juan: Cecile! What are you trying to do?!
Thomas: Juan and Mr. Piccolo!
Piccolo: What do you know? Both corridors converge here. Ho ho!
Thomas: ...

[Further in]

Cecile: Hey! W-what's that sound?
Juan: Cecile, try to control your charging instincts, will you?
Cecile: Oh, all right. I'm sorry I was wrong before.
Thomas: Anyway, let's go in.
Sebastian: A-Are you sure this is safe? There could be some double-headed serpent down here that's really, really hungry.
Juan: Only one way to find out!

[Further in, Eike is sitting there reading]

Cecile: Eike!
Eike: Well, I see everyone's all here. Have you come to read as well?
Cecile: What are you talking about? You've been gone for weeks now. We were worried so we came looking for you.
Eike: Oh, bother! Didn't mean to put you on alert. I lose track of time when I'm down here.
Thomas: Well, thank goodness you're all right. Do you come here often just to read?
Eike: Yes. It's quiet and cool down here. Most importantly, kids don't come around much. Taking the time to read books is my favorite thing. I've got to get back now, but please feel free to use this space anytime.

[He leaves]

Juan: Pfft...That guy is weird.
Cecile: But I'm sure glad that he's okay. Besides, now we've solved the mystery of his occasional disappearances.
Thomas: That's right. Well, I suppose we should get going.
Sebastian: Uh, um... Thomas?
Thomas: What is it, Mr. Sebastian?
Sebastian: Don't you wonder how he got down here in the first place?

[End of Thomas Chapter 1]


[Head to the library]

Thomas: You're working awfully late, Eike. Researching something?
Eike: ......Yes.
Thomas: What is it?
Eike: I'm looking common land issue.
Thomas: Why now? Isn't it too late now?
Eike: ......I always finish what I start.
Thomas: Very thorough. Best of luck.
Eike: ....Thank you very much.
Thomas: Uh, you're welcome.


Thomas: So... as of midnight last night, Budehuc Castle was sold to Lucia, Chief of the Karaya Clan, by Thomas, the master of the castle.
Council Member: S-sold?!
Thomas: Yes. So, this is no longer Zexen territory. What you are doing has not been approved by Council resolution and is thus an illegal invasion.
Council Member: D-don't be ridiculous! You can't get away with that!
Eike: On Caesar's suggestion, I searched all over the castle for records. I finally found a document relating to the common land. I believe Zexen was intending to give up this land in the future. I think there should be no problem with claiming that right.
Council Member: B-but, if that's the case, you'll all have nowhere to go!
Thomas: Then, I'll read the rest of the agreement. The amount of the sale is 200 potch.
Council Member: 200 potch?!
Thomas: At the same time, Lucia of the Karaya Clan shall enter into a 200-year lease contract with Thomas of Budehuc Castle. The payment for which is set at 1 potch per year.
Council Member: Wha...?! Wha...?!
Marshal: Please get a hold of yourself. Are you all right?

[Leo and Percival walk up]

Leo: What is this? An invasion into Grassland isn't permitted without a Council resolution. You will have to leave the premises immediately.
Council Member: Why, I never! Hmph! Damn you all! I hate you! How could this happen? I won't forget this! Next time, we will take this castle-as your enemy!
Percival: I think there's something more important to deal with here, Councilor.
Council Member: Huh?
Percival: It's become known that a few Council members have been taking bribes from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. These traitors are causing quite an uproar in Vinay del Zexay. I don't see how you can remain head of the merchant's guild when you've upset customers so badly.
Council Member: I don't-I don't know what you're talking about!
Percival: Then you'd better hurry back to Vinay del Zexay to prove your innocence-before they come after you.
Council Member: That's preposterous! Of course I'm innocent!

[He runs away like a scared rabbit]

Percival: Well then, Thomas, we will be leaving as well. Once the trouble at the Council subsides, it would be nice if you and the Zexen Federation could establish friendly ties.
Thomas: Of course!
Percival: Now, if you'll excuse me, Master.
Thomas: Ha... Does this mean we won? Does this mean we saved the castle...?
Piccolo: Of course that's what it means.
Cecile: Thomas! We won! We won! The castle is safe now!
Sebastian: Thomas! We won! Everyone... Everyone's going to be all right, now!
Muto: Whaaaa.....!
Thomas: Uh, um...
Piccolo: Hohohohoho... You all did very well.
Martha: Hm. You were lucky this time. From now on, you're going to have to be a real master and turn this place into a great castle. A poor castle with no money won't do us any good, after all.
Thomas: Uh, yes! Of course!
Eike: .....
Juan: Hey, castle master. We're counting on you from now on.
Cecile: Thomas, let's make Budehuc Castle a place that can stand up to any castle!
Thomas: Uh, right. Of course.
Muto: Yay! Yay!
Juan: So, things have finally quieted down. I think I'll take a nice, long nap.

[End of Thomas Chapter 2]


[Head to the Library]

Ace: A library, huh? Who would've thought I'd see this in such a run-down old fort?
Joker: Must be such an unfamiliar sight to you.
Ace: What? Me?! I may not look it, but I do read a lot.
Joker: Hm. Cheap adventure novels don't count.
Ace: You think you're so smart...
Eike: ...Please keep your voices low.
Ace: Wha...!! What they... Where did you come from?!
Eike: I've been here... all along...
Ace: This guy's got no aura. ...It's weird! It's like he's not human.
Eike: ...
Queen: We didn't mean to disturb you.
Eike: It's okay... This is everyone's library... It's a pleasure... Captain Geddoe.
Queen: How do you know his name?
Eike: ....
Geddoe: I don't remember meeting you before.
Eike: To better protect this castle, I checked many ancient texts. I found something explaining why this became common land... as well as the reason for the war between Zexen and Grassland. And I found a sketch along with a record of the day that this was established as common land.
Geddoe: So that's how you knew my name?
Eike: .......Yes.
Geddoe: That's some memory you have.
Ace: I didn't know you had anything to do with this castle before, Captain. You should've said something.
Queen: I'm sorry.
Eike: It's okay... It doesn't bother me.