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Case Study No. 1392: Unnamed Female Librarian (Library Ninja, Defender of Books)

Library Ninja Episode 1
This is the original Library Ninja created in 2007 by Zach Daulton and starring Adam Wetterhan.
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[scene opens with the camera panning across the interior of the library, where various patrons can be seen sleeping on desks and a female librarian (long blonde hair, black pants suit) is visibly yawning]
NARRATOR: In a world where the library is overrun with computers ...
[the Library Ninja (a man wearing a blue gi and yellow headbands) jumps into the scene and flings a stack of books like throwing stars, as each one lands in the hand of a patron]
CHORUS: Library Ninja!
[a still image of the Library Ninja (with the tagline "Defender of Books") is shown, then cut to the ninja standing between two students sitting on opposite ends of a table]
LIBRARY NINJA: Today's challenge is ... Capital of Russia!
[he slams both fists down on the table]
[both students run off, the first heading for the computer while the other heads for the bookshelf]
[cut to the student at the bookshelf, as he pulls out a book (while the sound of a sword being removed from its hilt can be heard)]
[cut to the student at the computer, as he types on the keyboard (while a generic "kung fu punching" sound effect can be heard)]
[cut back to the first student scanning the book, when he points to a particular passage and raises his hand in victory]
STUDENT 1: Moscow!
[cut back to the second student, who places his head down on the keyboard in defeat]
STUDENT 2: Aww ...
[cut to another still image of the Library Ninja, with the tagline reading "Library Ninja Say ... Sometimes Books Are Better!"]



Ninjas really love to read, especially LIBRARY NINJA!



From Sugartree Productions (Zach Daulton), a clever video about that age-old question: books or computers?

Case Study No. 1391: Marisa Anton

New Rochelle High Librarian busted in Sex Sting .m4v
Amy Lauren Reports for News 12
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[scene opens with a female news anchor speaking directly to the camera, as "Librarian Arrest" appears on screen]
SUZANNE COLUCCI: A school librarian from Yonkers is under arrest tonight. Police say she tried to seduce a sixteen-year-old student in New Rochelle, sending explicit emails, and wound up busted when she showed up at his home. News Twelve's Amy Lauren has that story.
[cut to a female student being interviewed outside of New Rochelle High School, as "Rachael Mejias, Student" appears on screen]
RACHAEL MEJIAS: She was actually really nice. Like, she never really seemed like the type of person to do anything.
[cut to a photograph of the librarian]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] "She didn't seem like the type" is what we kept hearing from students at New Rochelle High School about their librarian.
["Librarian Sex Arrest, New Rochelle High School" appears on screen, then cut to a group of male students being interviewed]
MALE STUDENT 1: And she was engaged too, to get married, so I mean--
MALE STUDENT 2: She always walked around with a big ring on her finger.
MALE STUDENT 3: Yeah, she always had it.
MALE STUDENT 2: So, it was surprising.
[cut to another photograph of the librarian (wearing a pirate's hat)]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] But thirty-three-year old Marisa Anton of Yonkers, seen dressed as a pirate in this Twitter pic, spent months pursuing sex with one of her sixteen-year-old students, according to police. Sending him lewd, crude sex emails and texts, and that's not all.
[cut to a male police offer being interviewed, as "Capt. Joseph Schaller, New Rochelle Police Department" appears on screen]
JOSEPH SCHALLER: They were verbal and, uh ... photographic communications.
AMY LAUREN: Photographs of her?
JOSEPH SCHALLER: Uh, we believe they were. But, uh ... They were photographs of, y'know, various parts of a female anatomy.
[cut to footage outside of the New Rochelle police station]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] That is, until Memorial Day weekend, when they boy went to police for help, showing them the dirty emails and texts.
[cut to the female reporter ("Amy Lauren, News 12 Westchester") standing outside of the station, speaking directly to the camera]
AMY LAUREN: Anton reportedly showed up at the student's house on Wednesday, thinking she was gonna get some action. Instead, she was taken away in handcuffs.
[cut to the reporter standing in front of an apartment door, ringing the doorbell]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] No one answered the door at Anton's Yonkers apartment on Winchester Avenue, but her neighbor was stunned by the news.
[cut to the reporter standing in front of another apartment, sticking her microphone in the face of an elderly woman who had answered the door]
NEIGHBOR: I-I can't believe it. I can't believe it.
[cut to a mugshot of a bald man]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] Just last week, police busted this electrician, Patrick Clark, who works for the New Rochelle school district.
[cut to more footage outside of New Rochelle High School]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] He's accused of having sexual conversations online with an undercover cop who he thought was a fifteen-year-old girl. And this week, several more teachers arrested across New York in similar incidents. Students say it all makes them uncomfortable.
[cut back to the female student being interviewed]
RACHAEL MEJIAS: It's just gross! Like, why does that even happen?
[cut to more footage outside of New Rochelle High School]
AMY LAUREN: [in voice over] In New Rochelle, Amy Lauren, News Twelve.
[cut back to the female news anchor speaking directly to the camera]
SUZANNE COLUCCI: Well, the school district has suspended Anton from her job. She is now facing a felony charge.



New Rochelle librarian, Marisa Anton, sentenced on sex charges

Originally published: February 26, 2013 8:54 AM
Updated: February 27, 2013 10:54 AM

NEW ROCHELLE - A former New Rochelle school librarian has avoided jail time in her child sex case.

Marisa Anton, of Yonkers, was sentenced to three years probation and lost her teaching license after pleading guilty to trying to seduce a 16-year-old student.

Anton was arrested last year for allegedly showing up at the boy's home with condoms. Prosecutors say she also sent sexually explicit pictures, texts and emails to the teen.

Anton pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child in December 2011.



N.Y. teen turns in librarian whose flirting went too far
Lee Higgins, The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News 4:18 p.m. EST January 22, 2013

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Details are emerging in the case of a 16-year-old boy who was concerned that months of teasing by a high school librarian was getting out of control and turned his suitor in to police.

After several months of verbal and text-message exchanges between the pair, Marisa Anton, 33, reportedly showed up at the student's home in April, pushed him onto his bed and asked "Is this what you want?" as she started to pull down his sweatpants.

"I thought she wanted to give me oral sex and maybe have intercourse," the teen told police in a sworn statement. "I didn't want to, so I pushed her off me."

Anton later texted him two pictures of her breasts before begging to come over again. Concerned this was all getting out of control, the boy went to police, who arrested her the next time she showed up at his house, in May.

The librarian, who, the boy said, had a fiance, resigned in August and pleaded guilty last month to endangering the welfare of a child. She is expected to be sentenced Feb. 26 to three years' probation.

Eight pages of city police records obtained by The Journal News under the state Freedom of Information Law show how the teen became increasingly concerned after his flirting with Anton during the spring of 2012 went too far. She urged him to delete text and e-mail correspondence with her, the teen told police.

"She was concerned that she would get in trouble if anyone ever found out what was going on," the teen said. "At one point, she e-mailed me penal codes of possible crimes she could be charged with. She also sent me a link to a website where there was an article about a teacher that was arrested for having sex with a student."

The teen told police he met her in the school's library and they started sending sexually charged e-mails to each other, some of which he sent to her work e-mail address.

"At first, I was just kind of playing around with her and wanted to see how far I could take it, but she seemed to be very interested in actually having sex," he told police. "We then started texting with each other. The conversations and texts became more intense and sexual in nature."

In April, the two made plans to meet away from school and have sex, the teen told police, and Anton invited him to her home.

"She offered several times to come to my house and pick me up and bring me to her home," the statement says. "I never went because I was too nervous."

One afternoon in late April, hours before the teen's mother was to return home, Anton visited his house after he invited her. He got into her car for almost a half-hour and she gave him a back massage, which she continued inside his home. After he rejected her bedroom advances, he told police, "she seemed very offended and left immediately. Later on that day, she texted me and told me she wasn't offended."

Weeks later, she sent him "two pictures of her breasts" after he sent her a photograph of a penis that he downloaded from the Internet, he said in the statement. The teen told police that Anton kept asking to see him in late May and it made him nervous, prompting him to consult with a relative, and ultimately contact investigators.

"She told me she wanted to see me," he told police. "I told her I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but she kept asking. She said she was going to come to my house right then. I got nervous because she was talking about 'slaughtering' me. She told me she would not hurt me, but I felt the situation was getting out of hand."

Anton was arrested the afternoon of May 30 after the teen agreed to help police in a sting. He invited her to his house for sex and asked her to buy condoms, a police report said. When she rang the doorbell, an officer answered.

"Marisa appeared to be extremely nervous," the officer wrote in the report. "I asked her what she was doing at the house and she stated she was there to see a student. She was shaking and started to cry."

Police seized her iPhone and a CVS bag that contained condoms with a receipt, the report said. They later executed a search warrant at her home, seizing three computers. Police obtained surveillance video that they said showed her entering CVS and buying the condoms.

Anton declined to give a statement at police headquarters, asking to speak to a lawyer. In New York, the legal age of consent is 17.

Anton will not be required to register as a sex offender. Her lawyer, Michele Marianna Bonsignore, could not be reached for comment Thursday.



Marisa Anton, School Librarian, Faces 3 Years Probation After Failed Attempts To Have Sex With Student

The Huffington Post | By Andres Jauregui | Posted: 02/12/2013 3:30 pm EST

New details have emerged in the case of Marisa Anton, a former high school librarian in New Rochelle, N.Y., who pleaded guilty in January to endangering the welfare of a child after a police sting operation caught her looking for sex at a student's house last May.

As reported by CBS New York last year, the 33-year-old New Rochelle High School librarian exchanged sexually charged texts and emails with a 16-year-old male student for months before she was arrested.

However, police documents recently obtained by The Journal News' revealed startling details of encounters between Anton and the underage student. It now appears the police sting that busted the librarian wasn't the first time she had attempted to lure the student into sexual intercourse.

In one such encounter, Anton arranged to meet the minor at his house, then pushed him on a bed and began to pull down his pants. The student told police he refused because he was "nervous" and claimed Anton later sent him photos of her breasts and requested to meet again.

In the police report, the student said that he'd initially "wanted to see how far [he] could take" his flirting with Anton, but that things got increasingly intense. He said he'd felt threatened when Anton discussed sexually "slaughtering" him.

According to the New York Daily News, Anton is expected to be sentenced to three years probation later in February.

Although media outlets like the New York Daily News flaunted the sexual nature of Anton's misconduct, branding her a "naughty" librarian who "bombarded" the student with explicit photos and requests for intercourse, a police spokesman told Talk of the Sound, a New Rochelle, N.Y., blog, that "no sexual conduct occurred" between them.

However, Anton did try to cover her tracks. The student told police that she urged him to delete their correspondence, and that she sent him a link to a news story about a teacher who was arrested for having sex with a student.

According to NBC New York, Anton had worked in the school district since 2008, passed background checks and had no prior criminal record.

The Daily Freeman reported in June 2012 that Anton was initially charged with disseminating indecent material to a minor, a felony that could have resulted in a 7-year prison sentence.

Case Study No. 1390: Optronix/Optimus Prime

Transformers - Shattered Glass Comic
The first issue of Shattered Glass. If I find the rest, I'll upload 'em too.
Enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: Shattered Glass owned by Hasbro, Fun Publications, etc. I DO NOT OWN IT... obviously.
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[the first panel shows a small light shining in a dark cave]
NARRATOR: In the beginning, it was dark ...
[the second panel shows the light growing larger]
NARRATOR: And then there was light ...
[the third panel shows Cliffjumper emerging from the light]
NARRATOR: And just as it is with birth, it began with a scream!
CLIFFJUMPER: Aaaaaaaaahhh!
[the fourth panel shows Cliffjumper hitting the ground after emerging from the light/portal]
[the fifth panel shows Cliffjumper slowly getting up]
CLIFFJUMPER: What the heck happened? One minute I'm following those three red and blue 'bots back on Earth and now I'm on--
[the sixth panel shows a closeup of Cliffjumper's face, as a car is driving towards him in the background]
CLIFFJUMPER: Cybertron? What is going--
[the seventh panel shows the car transforming into Ruckus]
RUCKUS: Oh nooooo!
[the eighth panel shows Ruckus staring at Cliffjumper in shock]
RUCKUS: N-No! It can't be you, you're ... Look, I'm sorry! I didn't see you, just let me go and I'll--
[the ninth panel shows being shot by energy blasts from something off camera]
RUCKUS: Gaaaahhh!
[the tenth panel shows Rodimus standing over the fallen Ruckus]
RODIMUS: Well, whad'ya know. Ol' Ops said there was a strange energy build up down there. Didn't think I'd find anythin' like you, though. You oughta be more careful, old mech. That Triggercon Megatron sent to snoop it had you cold. One of Optimus's favorites, jumped by the trash ... hah! Sweet paintjob, by the way. But hey ... ain't you dead?
[the eleventh panel shows Cliffjumper staring up at Rodimus]
CLIFFJUMPER: Paintjob? You're one to talk! And did you say "dead?" I just saw you a few hours ago and--
RODIMUS: Jumper, you are seriously defective! I last saw you three stellar cycles ago on the way to the Darkmount massacre. You split and never came back. We figured you'd gotten axed.
[the twelfth panel shows a closeup of Cliffjumper]
CLIFFJUMPER: Your circuits shorted, kid? There was this portal and some crazy lights. I must have been out a long time 'cuz now I'm back on Cybertron and you're talking crazy! ... And what's with your face?
[the thirteenth panel shows a closeup of Rodimus' face (with what appears to be a mustache)]
RODIMUS: You like? Added it a cycle back ... Makes me look distinguished, y'know? Me, distinguished. It's a laugh, right? Anyways, all this, it's no big. Don't matter. Our glorious leader's gonna be de-fraggin-lighted to see a big noise like you again. Let's cruise topside.
[the fourteenth panel shows an exterior shot of the Cybertronian capital city, Iacon]
RODIMUS: Ops is gonna meet us at the door. I'm impressed actually, he's interrupting his downtime to meet you in the metal ... and you know how much he enjoys his hobbies.
[the fifteenth panel shows an over-the-shoulder shot of Optimus Prime watching while Rodimus and Cliffjumper walk down the hallway towards him]
RODIMUS: Here he is, Optimus. Just like I told ya, one sharpshooter, alive and kickin'!
[the sixteenth panel shows Optimus Prime putting his hands on Cliffjumper's shoulders]
OPTIMUS: Cliffjumper?! By the Imperium, it is you! I thought we had lost you! Come, walk with me, my old comrade, this is an event worthy of celebration!
[the seventeenth panel shows Optimus leading Cliffjumper past rows of glass tubes filled with destroyed Transformers floating in some type of liquid]
OPTIMUS: Beautiful, aren't they? I thought these wrecks would make a nice way to decorate the hallway.
[the eighteenth panel shows Cliffjumper looking around in shock as Optimus stands behind him]
OPTIMUS: They keep morale up, showing that even the strongest of the Decepticons cannot stand up to the might of the Autobot Imperium! Hah hah ha!
CLIFFJUMPER: What in the--
[the nineteenth panel shows a closeup of Optimus' face]
OPTIMUS: Ah, here we are ...
[the twentieth panel shows a giant pit, as flames leap out]
OPTIMUS: The smelting pool!
[the twenty first panel shows another Transformer, tied up and standing on a platform suspended above the smelting pool, as Optimus look on]
OPTIMUS: Rumble, you have been found guilty of crimes against the Autobot Imperium, including vandalism, assassination, theft, espionage, sabotage, sedition, and disturbing the peace. How do you plead?
RUMBLE: Blow it out your exhaust pipes!
OPTIMUS: Oooh, I'm sorry, the correct answer would have been "On my knees!" Very well, you are--
[the twenty second panel shows Cliffjumper standing next to Rodimus]
CLIFFJUMPER: What the slag is going on here?!
[the twenty third panel shows Optimus talking to Cliffjumper]
OPTIMUS: What do you mean ... Of course! I had forgotten how much you enjoyed executing the prisoners. Heh, remember that time we put the anit-gravity unit on that Decepticon's feet and tossed him into the pit, but stopped him in mid-air and kept inching him closer and closer to the bottom until the heat destroyed the anti-grav and he fell in screaming? Oh, how I loved that sound! Please old friend, I want you to have the honor of this execution in celebration of your return to us. The Autobot who saved me during the Torus Heights battles deserves no less!
[the twenty fourth panel shows Cliffjumper staring off into space]
CLIFFJUMPER: N-No. This isn't right! I c-can't!
[the twenty fifth panel shows Optimus standing next to Cliffjumper]
OPTIMUS: I am not sure what you are saying. Granted, Rumble here is not pleading for his life, but either way it is still enjoyable to watch.
[the twenty sixth panel shows Cliffjumper yelling at Optimus]
CLIFFJUMPER: Enjoyable?!? He may be a stinkin' Decepticreep but as a prisoner of war, he has rights under Autobot law. You know I despise the 'Cons more than most, but we can't just destroy him like this for entertainment! It goes against everything we stand for, what you stand for. I can't believe I'm the one telling you this! This isn't justice, Prime, it's murder! This isn't how we do things, and I'm sayin' you need to stop this!
[the twenty seventh panel shows a closeup of Optimus]
OPTIMUS: Oh, so unwise ...
[the twenty eighth panel shows Optimus shooting Cliffjumper point-blank several times]
[the twenty ninth panel shows several Transformers standing over Cliffjumper's charred body, laughing at him]
[the thirtieth panel shows Optimus standing over Cliffjumper (who is still alive)]
OPTIMUS: I only let you live because you were once one of my closest aides. But what to do with you now, I wonder? You seem to have forgotten what being an Autobot means.
[the thirty first panel shows Optimus looking up at the Transfomer corpses hanging above the smelting pool]
OPTIMUS: What do you think? Shall he join you all in oblivion?!
[the thirty second panel shows Optimus cupping a hand to his ear (as if the dead Autobots are "talking" to him]
OPTIMUS: What? Dispose of him? Hope he gets his wits back?
[the thirty third panel shows Optimus kicking Cliffjumper's body]
OPTIMUS: So be it! Dump him in the Rad Zone. Let us see if the empties who live there finish him off. If he makes it back to us in one piece ...
[the thirty fourth panel shows Cliffjumper lying at the bottom of a large ravine]
OPTIMUS: [from off camera] Then perhaps he will again be worthy of the Autobot symbol he wears!
[the thirty fifth panel shows Cliffjumper's unconscious body, as someone off camera says "Looks like we picked a good day to scrounge for supplies. Look what we have here!"]
[the thirty sixth panel shows a Transformer's hand reaching out towards Cliffjumper, as someone off camera says "It's him alright. One of Prime's favorites ... Cliffjumper!"]
[the thirty seventh panel shows Cliffjumper's POV, as two Transformers stand over him]
SCRAPPER: I just radioed Megatron. He says he wants him brought in alive.
LONG HAUL: Let's get him stabilized so we can move him, then. I'm going to put him into stasis lock.
[the thirty eighth panel shows what appears to be an electrocardiogram monitor, as someone off camera says "There ... "]
[the thirty ninth panel shows Cliffjumper bolting upright from what appears to be a hospital bed]
[the fortieth panel shows Cliffjumper jumping out of the bed and pushing aside the two Transformers that were working on him]
CLIFFJUMPER: Out of the way, 'Cons!
[the forty first panel shows Cliffjumper running away]
CLIFFJUMPER: No Decepticon death-camp can hold me! See you 'round, losers!
[the forty second panel shows him running into another Transformer (since he was looking back at his "kidnappers" and wasn't paying attention to where he was going)]
[the forty third panel shows him on the ground, looking up at two Transformers]
MEGATRON: Are you alright?
SIDESWIPE: I'm guessing "no."
[the forty fourth panel shows Cliffjumper pointing an accusatory finger at the two]
CLIFFJUMPER: That voice ... Sideswipe?! Why do you look like that? What are you doing with these Decepticon scum?!
[the forty fifth panel shows Megatron standing next to Sideswipe]
MEGATRON: Whoa there now. We were just trying to help. I brought Sideswipe here since he is one of your former comrades.
[the forty sixth panel shows a closeup of Cliffjumper]
CLIFFJUMPER: What do you mean by "former?"
[the forty seventh panel shows Megatron and Sideswipe]
MEGATRON: I think his time in the Rad Zone may have damaged his memory circuits. We should have Shockwvae take a look at him.
SIDESWIPE: Hm. Could be ... Let me talk to him. Alone, please.
[the forty eight panel shows Megatron walking away]
MEGATRON: Very well, Sideswipe. I have planning to do before Optimus Prime attempts his Ark launch. Hook, Scrapper, let us leave our friends for now.
[the forty ninth panel shows Cliffjumper and Sideswipe standing together]
SIDESWIPE: You're not him. You look just like him. Except for the colors. It's like seeing a ghost.
CLIFFJUMPER: Look, Sideswipe, or whoever you are. I'm tired of being shocked, confused, and generally angry here. Tell me what you are talking about or so help me, I will beat it out of you!
[the fiftieth panel shows a closeup of Sideswipe]
SIDESWIPE: Heh, you even talk like him ... You see, everyone else thinks you are Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime's crack shot sniper, possibly his most trusted friend and ally. Except you aren't! The thing is, I saw the real Cliffjumper die right in front of me during an ambush. I felt his ember fade out and disappear into whatever the Transformer afterlife is. Prime doesn't know this, since I never got to tell him. So that means you are something else entirely.
[the fifty first panel shows Sideswipe and Cliffjumper looking at some computer readings]
SIDESWIPE: We've already ruled out your being a clone or a surgically altered double. Hook and Scrapper found that your frame was rife with energy and radiation readings while they were repairing you. These lines represent a new type of energy matrix. It appears to be a mixture of temporal and tachyon particles combined ... except the polarities are all backwards. We've never seen anything like it before. That, and your ember is charged with positrons, not electrons like ours.
CLIFFJUMPER: Embers? Tachyon particles? This is all real fascinating, but what does it mean to me?
SIDESWIPE: News flash, CJ ... You are a long, long way from home.
[the fifty second panel shows a flashback to the early years of the planet Cybertron]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] You want answers, so I'll try to sum up everything you need to know now. It appears you are from a universe that is fundamentally divergent in both time and space than our own. Our Cybertron was once a world at peace, a jewel on the crown that is the universe. Our progenitors lived in pursuit of knowledge and harmony.
[the fifty third panel shows a Transformer (Optimus Prime in his original form) sitting at a row of virtual computer monitors]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] A librarian named Optronix was one of the most obsessive researchers in the great Cybertronian Archives. Not satisfied with his station in the hierarchy, through time he schemed and backstabbed others to reach one of the highest echelons of Cybertronian society.
[the fifty fourth panel shows Optronix addressing a crowd of rabid followers]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] He began to preach intolerance for Cybertron's then current state of affairs. His new code was one of advancement through conflict. Many who had grown bored with Cybertron's peaceful culture adopted his philosophy.
[the fifty fifth panel shows Optronix having armor plating added to his frame (transforming him into his current form of Optimus Prime)]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Philsophy soon turned into action, and his followers declared themselves autonomous from the rest of Cybertron's population. Calling themselves "Autobots," they enhanced their bodies and created weapons to prepare for their campaign of terror. Optronix reserved the most powerful weaponry and enhancements for himself. He was the first to undergo the modifications he designed and thus changed his name to Optimus Prime.
[the fifty sixth panel shows Optimus leading a group of Transformers into battle]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] One day, without warning, Optimus' armies attacked. Each attack was preceded with an offer to join him. Those who refused were quickly destroyed.
OPTIMUS: Strike, my Autobots! Strike with all the power at your disposal! Let those who see our wisdom join us, and those who choose to stagnate be cut out like the rotting cancer they are!
[the fifty seventh panel shows a closeup of Optimus' face]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] And as his thirst for more power and control grew, so did his thirst for knowledge. One day his cold calculatiosn stopped and he became vicious and erratic. Rumor has it that he had discovered something so terrible that it destroyed his very sanity. To this day no one, not even his closest lieutenants, knows what that was.
[the fifty eighth panel shows a firefight against the Autobots]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Now, despite all of his ruthlessness, there were those who opposed Optimus Prime, and in time they formed a loose resistance. Using weapon designs stolen from Optimus, a war against the Autobots was fought, though without leadership, the resistance had no hope of winning.
[the fifty ninth panel shows a closeup of Megatron]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Then, from the fires of the great city Polyhex came a champion who united the scattered resistance fighters into a cohesive army ... Megatron!
[the sixtieth panel shows more Transformers fighting in silhouette]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Megatron had firepower matched only by Optimus Prime's. Through his leadership, the Decepticons managed to retake several key strongholds.
[the sixty first panel shows Megatron transforming into a jet and firing on Optimus]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Through his own research, Megatron discovered a way to alter Cybertronian bodies so they could convert into other forms. Now able to disguise themselves as vehicles and every day objects, the resistance fighters took on the name "Decepticons." They used their newfound capabilities to deadly effect in combat.
[the sixty second panel shows Optimus transforming into his truck form]
SIDESWIPE: [in voice over] Optimus Prime is a genius, however, and it did not take long for him to replicate the transformation technology and bestow it upon his forces.
[the sixty third panel shows Sideswipe back at Deceopticon headquarters]
SIDESWIPE: Without that advantage, the Decpticon cause has begun to falter. Optimus had a huge head start and eliminated a lot of Cybertronians before the Decepticons were even formed. We've managed to achieve a few victories since that time, but not enough to overthrow Optimus without a major victory happening soon.
[the sixty fourth panel shows Cliffjumper with his back to Sideswipe]
CLIFFJUMPER: So, you're telling me that Megatron's a good guy and Optimus Prime is loonier than Straxus? Last week, I'd have told ya that you had a cracked cylinder. But ... I've seen some crazy things lately. Dimension hopping, time travel, alternate realities. What I wouldn't give for a simple war with good guys and bad guys!



Transformers Timelines #3 - Shattered Glass
Released by Fun Publications on January 1, 2008

On a world known as Cybertron, a ruthless and cruel tyrant prepares his army for an all-out attack on a planet rich in resources. Their destination - Earth! Only a small band of rebels stand between this evil warlord and his plans for universal conquest. If these brave soldiers are unable to stop the attack then there will be nothing to prevent the Universe from falling victim to the maniacal Optimus Prime and his legion of Autobots! This fall, the Mirror Universe comes to Transformers, as the battle lines will be drawn and a new champion will emerge. A young and noble Decepticon named Megatron will stand up and fight for freedom, the freedom that is the right of all Transformers! Along with his fellow Decepticons, they will fight to the very last to stop the spread of Optimus Prime's tyranny!

Alex Milne
inker, penciler

Benson Yee

Brian Savage

Don Figueroa
inker, penciler

Espen Grundetjern

Jesse Wittenrich

Pete Sinclair
editor, writer



Optimus Prime is the leader of the evil Autobots from the Shattered Glass continuity family.

Long ago, he was a librarian named Optronix who cheated his way up through Cybertronian society. He formed the war-loving Autobots and initiated a war against the complacent, but it wasn't until a crucial, yet undocumented moment that he truly turned insane. He suspends the corpses of his enemies and would-be usurpers on the walls, talking to them as if they still lived. He is completely unhinged, prone to deadly outbursts against even his most loyal followers.

Comic synopsis
"Optimus Prime is the sadistic, tyrannical leader of the evil Autobots, a cruel and ambitious villain whose plans fall nothing short of universal conquest. First stop: Earth! The only thing standing in Prime's path to domination is Megatron, a young and noble Decepticon willing to lead a small band of rebels in a fight for freedom."

Dangerously obsessive, Optronix worked as a librarian in the Great Cybertronian Archives. Backstabbing his way up the ranks, he soon amassed a following of like-minded Cybertronians who believed in his code of advancement through conflict. Suddenly, his armies attacked, sweeping through cities and killing those who refused to join them. When the scientist Starscream turned down Optronix's offer, he ordered Starscream's Crystal City home to be destroyed in front of him. With their spoils, his "Autobots" began arming themselves with more complicated weaponry, but Optronix, now named Optimus Prime, saved the most advanced upgrades for himself. His hunger for power and knowledge ended one day without warning; he discovered something terrible that destroyed his mind, and in place of his cold calculations was now an unhinged mind bent on random, indiscriminate violence. He strung up his countless victims along the walls of his headquarters in Iacon and began talking to them, asking them mockingly for advice.

But Megatron, a young champion from Polyhex, gathered an army to oppose him. Megatron's forces also had a way to counter Optimus Prime's military superiority: the ability to configure their bodies into alternate forms. It did not take long for Optimus Prime to steal this "Decepticon" technology for himself.

At some point Optimus Prime's brother Ultra Magnus staged a coup. It ended unsuccessfully, with Ultra Magnus losing his face and being imprisoned on Paradron.

When the Decepticons destroyed all but one of the rogue mercenary group named the Wreckers in the battle of Praxus-Delta, Optimus Prime welcomed their leader, Rodimus, into his ranks. Increasingly paranoid, Optimus Prime began suspecting his subordinates of treachery. He killed the leader of his elite Seeker unit, Drench, and when he learned of Seeker Sideswipe's dissatisfaction with his leader's assassination, Prime staged an ambush to kill him. However, not only did Sideswipe narrowly escape and join the Decepticons, one of Optimus's few friends and savior at the Torus Heights battles, another Autobot, happened to be at the location of the ambush and did get killed. Optimus never learned of this though, and assumed Cliffjumper had died in the battle at Darkmount. Optimus chose Rodimus in place of Sideswipe and Bumblebee to take Drench's place as the Seeker unit's new leader, having him rebuilt into the fearsome Goldbug.

Optimus began looking elsewhere. He targeted the distant planet Earth for conquest, had several of his Autobots reconfigure their bodies to transform into the machinery native to the planet, and began construction of an Ark. However, he requested so much weaponry to be built onto the starship that the integrity of the launching platform was in question. He dismissed these concerns.

Close to the Ark's completion, Cliffjumper appeared to return from the dead. At first, he was readily welcomed back into their ranks, but they quickly learned that he was not their Cliffjumper at all, but a Cliffjumper doppelganger. Prime shot him and ordered his body dumped in the Rad Zone. This backfired, as Cliffjumper was recruited by the Decepticons, and during a subsequent full-scale Decepticon attack, his glass gas weaponry was used in an attack on the Ark launching platform. Prime's plans to conquer Earth were stopped for the moment.

After a later Autobot ambush at the recently rediscovered Arch-Ayr fuel dump, the Cliffjumper doppelganger angrily rushed Optimus Prime, followed by the combined forces of the Mayhem Suppression Squad. Despite it all, Optimus Prime kept on his feet, though his rage was growing with every blow. No one, however, was expecting the sudden arrival of an army of Dinobots led by the exiled mad scientist, Wheeljack. Optimus Prime ordered the rampaging Dinobots to destroy the Decepticons, but instead the beasts attacked each other. During the chaos, both sides withdrew.

Optimus Prime was furious at the Autobots' failure. At Side Burn's clever suggestion, Prime ordered Wheeljack be put in charge of rebuilding the Ark, a task that the mad scientist felt was beneath him. Also, he demanded that the Dinobots be hunted down and gathered for the Autobots' purposes.

Blurr and Rodimus returned triumphantly with eight Dinobots, though Rodimus had lost his hand in the process. Optimus Prime stood over Rodimus as he awoke from Ratchet's table: the traitorous Seeker now had a buzzsaw in place of where his hand used to be. A suitable punishment! Prime told Rodimus he should be grateful he let him live at all. Perhaps he should use the saw to remove that ridiculous thing from his face? Though Blurr and Rodimus thought Grimlock had died during their search for the Dinobots, sure enough, Grimlock appeared, alive and strangely very intelligent, within their base. Optimus Prime was about to punish Grimlock as well, but Grimlock pointed out a fuel system error in the blueprints of the Ark. The evil Autobot leader let the Dinobot leader go, but demanded someone be brought to him he could destroy.

When Optimus Prime ordered the Ark fixed, he knew that the Decepticons would try to follow the Autobots into space. Jazz mentioned that Ricochet had taken care of the Decepticons. Optimus's eyes filled with rage as he learned that Ricochet had captured Megatron. Prime immediately left to reprimand Ricochet for stealing the honor of destroying Megatron. Upon his arrival at the Temple of Knowledge, Optimus and Ricochet were attacked by a group of Decepticon Micromasters, allowing Megatron to escape. After a few turnabouts, Megatron won the day. The Ark launched without Optimus Prime (due to Rodimus' treachery), so Prime ordered a retreat. Once back at the launch site, he learned from Blurr that Rodimus had thrown the Autobots loyal to Prime off the ship. Optimus Prime ordered Ricochet to the Agonizing Rehabilitation Chambers for his impudent plan of capturing Megatron. He also promised that Blurr had failed him for the last time.

In one of Aquarius' explanatory flashbacks to Breakaway, Topspin, and Landquake, Optimus Prime asked Ironhide how progress was coming on Omega Doom. He was pleased to hear that it was going well, and gloated that once the behemoth was finished, the galaxy would be his for the taking.

In the present day, Rodimus promised that his assassins would take down Optimus Prime at the same time Alpha Trion's agents took down Megatron, thus paving the way for their own conquering.

Or not.

After the assassination of Megatron, Hound and Remote Patrol Six made their move, surrounding Optimus Prime and Ricochet as they discussed Megatron's death, intending to kill Optimus and install Rodimus in his place as Prime. Hound's rally cries failed to impress Optimus, and the Autobot leader proceeded to use Ricochet as a living shield against a blast from Warpath's chest-mounted cannon, before crushing Kup's head with his bare hands, destroying Warpath's chest cannon, taking out Hound by flinging Warpath into him, and cannon-blasting Camshaft in the head.

However, the battle was not over yet, as Alpha Trion, Sky Lynx and Nightscream had arrived to kill Optimus themselves. However, Prime introduced the trio to a completed Omega Doom, who reduced Alpha Trion to a distant smear on the ground, before going off to destroy the Decepticons while Optimus dealt with Sky Lynx and Nightscream.

At some unspecified point in time, a team of Autobots somehow under the command of both Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime fought Thundercracker and Ravage in the Transformers' greatest battle on Earth, "Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction." According to Ravage, anyway.

Optimus Prime was destroyed and left to die during an important battle in Sector 17 of the Mirtonian Quadrant. After Prime was abandoned by his troops, he dragged himself into a nearby CR Chamber, and with the help of a local tech, he was upgraded into a new body with a sword made out of a mysterious "G-Metal." Optimus Prime returned to Polyhex and murdered many of those who had abandoned him.

Some time after Prime returned, his brother Ultra Magnus and the Junkions were sprung from the prison planet of Paradron by Wheeljack and Tracks. Optimus Prime watched over a viewscreen as Magnus killed several of his most loyal warriors. After Magnus and his new army escaped via the Stellar Spanner into an alternate universe, Optimus Prime activated a distress beacon, knowing that Magnus's rival Treadshot would do his dirty work for him.

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Case Study No. 1389: Percy Felts

Dupont Mississippi Legacy Theater 2-2010.AVI
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"Dupont, Mississippi"
by Mark Landon Smith
Full Length Play, Comedy
2m, 9f

From the author of the wildly popular Faith County, An evening Of Culture, Radio T.B.S. and A Dickens' Christmas Carol: A Traveling Traveling in Two Tumultuous Acts, comes a new highly anticipated southern comedy.

Verna Dewberry, the evil and dictatorial matriarch of the small town of Dupont, Mississippi, has "bought the farm", and her death is a joyous occasion for its citizens.

Estelle Lock, the local Music Minister's wife who also plays the role of Mary, the Mama of Jesus in the Annual Star Spangled Jesus Cantata, will perhaps finally get into the Junior League.

Martricia Scales, owner of the Curl Up and Dye Beauty Salon, will become an independent business woman.

Coveta Phillips, Dupont's own June Cleaver who runs her own phone business will make the "phone lines burn with productivity".

Percy Felts, head Librarian of the Dewberry Library, will be able to put that book of Fairy Tales back on the shelf after Verna banned it because "she thought it was about gay people."

Joetta Ferguson, local "town crazy" who is convinced she is the next Priscilla Presley, but with bigger hair and heavier mascara, just might get to Graceland after all.

And a host of other delightfully zany and eccentric friendships survive Verna's death as the one thing which held them together all these years, their mutual hatred of Verna, no longer exists?

Told through a series of monologues and duet and group scenes, Dupont, Mississippi is a hilarious romp through Southern culture and is perfect for audiences for audiences who like to laugh until they cry. Mark Landon Smith has given us yet another wickedly funny script (breaking box office records at its world premiere), filled with unique characters, witty dialogue and one-line zingers.



[As the lights rise, we find Percy Felts at a small table with a stack of books, which she is hand stamping]
Percy Felts: Have you ever read National Geographic? It's a very informative magazine filled with beautiful pictures, fold-out maps and topless native women. National Geographic is a magazine of international importance. It does not, however, make you God when you donate fifteen issues.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Verna Dewberry's death was long overdue. It was her time to checkout.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Here at the DuPont Public Library and Bait Shop, I, Percy Felts, Head Librarian, do not have time for nonsense or silliness. And Verna Dewberry was the Webster's Dictionary definition of silly.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: It had always been my dream as a child to be a Librarian. To be able to shelve books in sensible shoes. To involuntarily recall call numbers. To flip through the card catalog at lightin' speed with no callouses.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: When I was a little girl I'd go to the library at DuPont Elementary, make my way to the New Acquisitions, open a new, fresh, untouched book, run my fingers along its spine ... caress its embossed cover... smell the fresh ink. And I would be momentarily complete.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: I knew at that moment that the only thing in life I wanted was my own library. My own little king-tome.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: But, starting a library takes books, which hopefully will be donated. So I advertised in the Dupont Dewberry Daily for people to donate whatever literature they had. And they did, which I appreciated; however, it's going to take more than 27 copies of Nancy Drew, faded back issues of "Highlights", and a Hoover Operation Manual to make a well-rounded library.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Therefore, I realized I needed some money, so I approached Vera.
[she forcefully stamps another book several times]
Percy Felts: Vera was very interested in helping ... but with conditions. First, she wanted the library, just like everything else in this town, named after her. Then she wanted approval over every book I put on the shelf. Her list of banned books included "The Wizard of Oz", as she thought there was something unnatural about a twelve year old girl prancing around in the woods with a lion, scarecrow and a robot. And she banned any book that had Fairy Tales written in the title, as she thought it was about gay people.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: And she never paid her fines. She'd check books out and would never return them. When I asked her about them she'd say that it didn't matter, she owned those books anyway.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: In fact, I just noticed earlier today that she still has a 1978 issue of Women's Wear Daily checked out. And now she's dead. I bet I won't be seeing that piece of literature again. Of course it explains why Verna wore Culots all the time. And knowing Verna she's probably gone to the grave with that magazine clutched in her cold, dead fingers.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: The final straw was, however, when Verna insisted we change the filing system from the Dewey Decimal System to the Verna Dewberry Decimal System. That, I could not stand for. So I came up with a plan. I was going to come in and start a petition. A petition to have Verna's involvement in the library destroyed. And once Verna was out of the picture, I was going to have the freedom to buy any book I wanted. Books to educate the people of Dupont ...
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: To broaden their minds and make them aware of the possibilities lying before them!
[with more verve, she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Books which would challenge their way of thinking!
[her hand stamping excitement mounts]
Percy Felts: Books which would stretch their intellect and empower them to become better, more well-rounded and productive human beings!
[swept with emotion and enthusiasm, she multiple hand stamps a book, then stops and looks out]
Percy Felts: But Verna croaked before I could do any of that.
[she leans forward]
Percy Felts: But you know what? Now that Verna has been pushed through the return slot of life, this ... all of this ... all 15 issues of National Geographic, 27 copies of Nancy Drew and faded issues of "Highlights" ... all of this is mine. My own little king-tome, however pathetic.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Guess I need to go to that yard sale and funeral to see if I can get that magazine back.
[she takes a beat]
Percy Felts: And the first thing I'm going to do after the funeral is to put "The Wizard of Oz" and the Fairy Tales back on the shelves.
[she stamps another book]
Percy Felts: Then I'm going to kick off my sensible shoes, slip the bobby pin out of my bun, loosen the top three buttons on my high-collared shirt, take out my catalog, pop the tab off a beer ... and ... order ... books.



CANDI. Things will be improvin' down at the Hole in One, too. Now that Verna's dead, I'll be promoted to Manager, and from there it's just a hop, skip and a jump to fulfill my dream of coast-to-coast doughnut shops bearin' my name. From evil does come good.

(PERCY steps in to join the others.)

PERCY. After the funeral I dropped by the library and the first thing I did was to put "The Wizard of Oz" and a book of Fairy Tales back on the shelves. I then took down that portrait of Verna that was hanging in the foyer and replaced it with a portrait of Mr. Daniel Webster, author of Webster's Dictionary and my personal hero. Mr. Webster defines liberation as: "to release from slavery, enemy occupation." And with Verna's death that's exactly what everyone in Dupont has been... liberated.

Case Study No. 1388: Neil Klugman

Goodbye Columbus - Trailer (Klara Tavakoli)
The only trailer for this movie there is :) - A trailer I made for the film from 1969, starring Richard Benjamin and Ali MacGraw.

Based on a novella by Philip Roth and featuring original songs by The Association, "Goodbye Columbus" is about Neil, a poor Bronx librarian, and Brenda, a pampered Jewish princess from Westchester. "Goodbye Columbus" was both MacGraw and Benjamin's film debuts, playing Brenda and Neil as they try to cross class lines. A very funny and poignant comedy.
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Peerce, Larry (Director). Goodbye, Columbus. United States: Willow Tree, 1969.

Starring: Richard Benjamin (Neil Klugman, library worker); Ali McGraw (Brenda Patimkin)
Based on the Novel: Roth, Philip. Goodbye, Columbus. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1959.

The Army interrupts Neil Klugman's degree in English Literature, and afterward he works at a public library. His girlfriend's mother says, "It must be very interesting, the library business." He replies, "I don't know. Yeah, I guess so. No, not very." Mrs. Patimkin asks her daughter, "What does your friend do at the library?" She answers, "I haven't the slightest idea." Yet it's evident from the few library scenes that Neil is good at his job and cares about his patrons (especially a young black boy fascinated by French artist Gauguin), although his job gets no respect from his Jewish princess girlfriend or her family. He expresses no dedication to the job; in fact, Neil makes it clear that the job is a stop-gap, but as he makes no plans for the future, he could well become one of those library lifers who drifts in and then never leaves. Bless 'em, too. (The book has more library scenes and appearances by the little boy, and warrants a closer look by anyone wanting to examine male librarians from literature.)



"Goodbye, Columbus" (1969), an adaptation of Philip Roth's novella of the same title, is a romantic comedy with an unconventional dramatic ending. The picture features Richard Benjamin as Neil Klugman, a poor Bronx librarian, and Ali MacGraw as Brenda Patimkin, a Radcliffe College student spending her free summer months at home with her wealthy parents in Westchester. The couple engages in a whirlwind summertime romantic romp, but their differences are too great to sustain the relationship. Brenda's mother, recently achieving nouveau riche status - a house in Westchester - desires a man of higher financial and social stature than Neil for her daughter. When Brenda's mother displays initial concern about Neil, her father remarks, "Leave her alone. She'll get tired of him."

The film's first library scene highlights some of Neil's occupational skills and telents. As Neil enters the library, supervisor Mr. Scapelle (Delos V. Smith Jr.) asks him to work at the main desk because a staff member is absent. Neil joins Gloria (uncredited) behind the desk and toys with a date stamp to ensure that it has the correct date. A young boy soon appears at the desk asking for books. Unable to understand the category of books for which the youngster is asking, Neil requests the youth to spell the word for him; "a-r-t," the youth replies.

Neil identifies the location of the art collection, and the youngster heads for the books. As Neil and the young patron are concluding their discussion, librarian John McKee (Bill Derringer) descends the stairway behind the desk and confronts Neil, "Why did you let him in for?" "It's a public library," Neil responds. John informs Neil that the youngster looked at art nudes on the previous morning and "of course, I threw him out." Neil and John discuss the behavior of young boys who look at nudes in art books:

John: You know what those boys do up there?
Neil: Oh, John. I don't think they do it right there.
John: They do so. I've seen them. Not out in the open, of course, but you can tell what they're doing.
Neil: Johnny, why don't you let him alone.

John rejects Neil's suggestion and hustles up the stairs to see Scapelle about evicting the youngster. Neil follows, stating he will get the boy. John is adamant about removing the boy, "It's disgusting what they do up here." Neil responds, "Don't worry about it, Johnny. They're the ones that are going to get warts all over their dirty little hands." Neil then goes to find the boy in the art room. The youngster is in the balcony, sitting at the edge of the walkway railing and dangling his legs over the balcony. Neil climbs a ladder to be near the boy, and the two discuss some of Gauguin's paintings that intrigue the boy. Looking at one of the paintings, the boy remarks, "Hey, look at this one. Man, ain't that the life," as the scene fades into Neil arriving at the Patimkins' Westchester house in his convertible.

In the second library scene, Neil is flipping through a card tray at the desk when an elderly bespectacled gentleman approaches him with the Gauguin book. Neil asks if he wants to check out the book. The patron is hearing impaired and replies loudly, "What?" Neil, recognizing the book, looks at a notebook and loudly informs the gentleman that he cannot check out the book because there is a hold on it. Again, the loud response, "What?" Neil's increasingly loud explanations are all greeted with a loud "What?"

Scapelle walks down the rear stairway as Neil shouts at the patron, and other patrons working quietly in the reading area voice their disapproval of the vociferous exchange by uttering "shush" and "quiet." Scapelle asks, "Any problem?" Neil responds with a loud "What? Huh? No!" The supervisor inquires, "You're going on a vacation tomorrow, aren't you?" Neil replies affirmatively, and Scapelle remarks, "You need it."

Neil grabs the Gauguin book and dashes off to the art room. The youth is in the balcony, and Neil asks the boy to come down and talk with him. Attempting to prevent further problems the boy might have iwth John, Neil offers the youngster the opportunity to check out the book. When he asks the youngster if he has a library card, the boy immediately assumes a defensive stance, "No, sir. I haven't done anything wrong." Neil explains that a card will permit him to take the book home, but the boy remains defensive, "Why don't you want me around here?" Neil, becoming attuned to the youngster's interpretation of his questions, states "I didn't say I didn't want you around here." "I like it here" is the boy's response. Neil tackles the problem from a different angle: "Someday, someboyd is going to want to take this book out of here sometime. Aren't you worried about that?" The boy's response is to the point: "Why should I be worried? Nobody's done it yet." Neil smiles at the boy's response, and the scene fades.

Case Study No. 1387: Unnamed Male Librarian (ponietus)

they always pop up when you least expect it.
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[scene opens with a boy in a red shirt pretending to be a hot dog vendor]
BOY 1: [from off camera] Hey, can I have a Polish dog?
BOY 2: Would you like some relish with that?
[a boy in a purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he turns and points at the camera]
BOY 3: The librarians!
BOY 1: [from off camera] Bum bum bummmm!
["The Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt pretending to propose to someone]
BOY 2: I have to ask you something.
BOY 1: [from off camera] What about?
[he gets down on one knee]
BOY 2: Carol, will you marry me?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and punches the other one in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he turns and points at the camera]
BOY 3: The librarians!
[the boy in the red shirt rolls over and looks at the camera]
BOY 2: Bum bum bummmm!
[the librarian kicks him in the face, then "Again" appears on screen, then cut to another boy in a blue shirt pretending to mug someone]
BOY 1: Kid! Gimmee all your money!
BOY 2: [from off camera] Do I have to?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he flexes his muscle for the camera]
BOY 3: The librarian!
[the camera pans over to show the boy in the blue shirt]
BOY 1: Bum bum bummmm!
[cut to the boy in the red shirt lying in a hammock, when the boy in the blue shirt walks up to him]
BOY 1: Sir, would you like some lemonade to comfort you?
[the boy in the purple shirt reaches in from off camera and pushes him down on top of the boy in the red shirt (knocking him out of the hammock)]
BOY 3: [from off camera] I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ... a librarian!
BOY 2: [from off camera] Bum bum bummmm!
["Again" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt speaking directly to the camera]
BOY 2: Tommy, do you think this is fun?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and pushes the other one to the ground, then repeatedly sticks his finger into his chest]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe! You! Should! Have! Asked! A! Librarian!
[he walks away]
BOY 1: [from off camera] Sorry I missed the "bum bum bum," guys ... I have a cold today.
["One more time we promise" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt speaking into his cellphone]
BOY 2: Um, hello? Can I order a large pizza?
[the boy in the purple shirt enters the scene and punches the other one in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked ...
[he puts his hands on his hips and strikes a dramatic pose]
BOY 3: A librarian!
[he bends down and picks up the phone]
BOY 2: Bum bum bummmm ...
[he walks away while holding the phone]
BOY 3: Nice phone ...
["(sorry we lied)" appears on screen, then cut to the boy in the red shirt talking to the boy in the purple shirt]
BOY 2: Hello, are you the librarian?
[the "librarian" punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground]
BOY 3: I don't know! Maybe you should've asked the librarian!
BOY 2: [pause] Bum bum bummmm ...

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Case Study No. 1386: Staff of the Montauk Public Library

Dover Hydraulic Elevator at the Montauk Library in Montauk, NY
This is the same elevator that lost power and went into EPR. Notice how there keys in this elevator for the floor lockout, fan, light and independent service. This is a very nice late 90's Dover, and of course, what would The End of Long Island be without one!? The librarians here are very nice, but did not want me repeatedly riding the elevator up and down, so I just got a quick take. They were very nice and told me all about the library. This elevator is actually glass on ML and M, but it is only on the outside so you can only see the elevator cab and the shaft on the outside. It is still very nice though. The ladies also informed me that this part of the island is notorious for electrical problems, so the Dover goes into EPR often.

Technical Specs:
Brand- Dover
Type- Inground Hydraulic (Oildraulic)
Fixtures- Dover Impulse
Speed- 100 FPM
Capacity- 2100 lbs. :)
Installed- Late 1990's
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[scene opens on the lower level of the Montauk Public Library, as the camera's POV shows an elevator door, as the person holding the camera reaches in and pushes the button]
[the person enters and presses "M", then the door closes and the person rides the elevator up to the main floor]
[the door opens, and the person gets a quick shot of the stacks area before pressing "LL"]
[the door closes and the person rides back down to the lower level, as the door opens and the bell sounds]

Case Study No. 1385: Sarah Gallagher (student library worker)

A psychic university librarian is harassed by supernatural powers. Can she maintain her grip on reality, or will she succumb to the evil that lurks in the shadows?

This is an old student film, shot in the bowels of the university library with a vintage Bolex and a guerilla crew. The 16mm footage was transferred to digital and edited over the course of an all-nighter. The music is part original, part stock; the sound effects are mostly original foley recordings with some stock. The name Morvidere was decided upon while scouring a Latin dictionary under the effects of sleep deprivation.

Kindly excuse the spotty visual quality. This version has been transferred from one media type to another more times than I can count. And that's before the compression for upload.
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Alias Entertainment presents
a film by
Steve Wagner
Zachary Ludescher
Alexa Gryschuk

Breonna Krafft
Alexandra Gryschuk


[scene opens in the stacks of a college library, as a female student worker (short brown hair, glasses, barbell piercing over her right eyebrow, blue shirt, brown pants) is pushing a bookcart]
[cut to a closeup of the student's nametag ("Student Librarian, Sarah Gallagher"), then she stops to reshelve a book ... when she finds another book on the floor]
[she bends down to pick it up, then cut to a "flashback" of two students talking in the same spot earlier, when one of them absentmindedly knocks the book off the shelf with his elbow]
[cut back to the student librarian, who shuts her eyes and shakes her head in confusion (as if she had "read" the psychic "impression" of the people who had previously come in contact with the book) ... but she simply places the book back on the shelf (in the middle of a series of books where it clearly doesn't belong, since it is shorter and has a red binding rather than the yellow covers of the other books) and returns to pushing her cart]
[cut to the student librarian stopping at another section to reshelve another book, when she finds a crumpled-up piece of paper on the floor]
[she bends down to pick it up, then cut to another "flashback" of a blonde female student running past the piece of paper (in obvious fear) and heading for the exit]
[cut back to the student librarian, who again shakes her head in confusion, before returning to her cart]
[cut to the student librarian stopping at another section, where she bends down to pick up a piece of string on the floor]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student, as she runs screaming through the stacks before pressing up against one of the bookcases in fear ... then a gloved hand reaches in from off-camera and grabs her by the hair]
[cut to the student being led away by the shadowy figure, who drops the piece of string on the floor]
[cut back to the student librarian, who now falls backwards from the "force" of the vision, and grabs at her forehead in apparent pain ... she then gets up and runs back to her cart, where (grabbing a flashlight) she continues pushing it through the stacks]
[cut to the student librarian trying to make her way quickly through the stacks, when she stops and leans up against one of the bookshelves]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student calmly reading a book, when she looks up and sees the shadowy figure running past the opposite side of the bookshelf ... she turns to investigate, then gasps in fright at something off camera]
[cut back to the student librarian, who looks around in fear, then (abandoning her cart) she runs up the stairs and slumps down in the corner]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student (who was apparently trying to hide in the same place), then quickly back to the student librarian who (breathing deeply) turns her flashlight on and continues walking up the stairs to investigate this section of the library]
[cut to a shot of her POV, as she appears to be in some type of janitorial closet (empty chair, mop and broom propped up against the wall), then cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student slumped over in the chair (dead?) with stacks of books all around her]
[cut back to the student librarian (as she hears the student screaming), who runs off]
[cut to another "flashback" of the student with her back against a bookshelf (looking around in terror), when a gloved hand reaches in from the opposite side, knocking books to the ground and frightening the student]
[cut back to the student librarian (now leaning up against the same bookshelf), as she runs away again]
[cut to the student librarian running down a hallway, then a quick cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student running down the same hallway (with the shadowy figure in pursuit)]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she grabs at her head in pain, then cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student screaming as a gloved hand reaches for her]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she slowly slides down towards the ground ... while the shadow of a man can be seen on the wall behind her]
[cut to another "flashback" of the blonde student screaming, then cut to a closeup of the floor as splotches of blood drip down]
[cut back to the student librarian, who closes her eyes and shakes her head]
[cut to another "flashback" where the blood can again be seen dripping on the floor, then cut to a closeup of the blonde student as she falls to the floor (dead?)]
[cut back to the student librarian, as she slumps over to one side, then falls to the floor in the same manner as the blonde student]
[the scene goes black, then slowly fades back in to reveal the student librarian being dragged across the floor by an unseen person]
[cut to the student librarian (dead? unconscious?) being propped up against a bookshelf, then the camera pans over to reveal the blonde student's dead body propped up next to her]
[cut to a closeup of the student librarian's face, then the camera focuses in on a gloved hand shelving books in the foreground (as one by one they obscure her face, almost like they were bricks being used to seal her in a tomb]

Sarah Gallagher ... Brianna Krafft
Murdered Student ... Alexa Gryschuk
Student #1 ... Isabella von Roemeling
Student #2 ... Elliot Norton
Killer ... Steve Wagner

Produced & Directed by
Steve Wagner
Zachary Ludescher
Alexa Gryschuk

Production Assistants
Isabella von Roemeling
Jere Stamm
Elliot Norton
Ben Milhaiko

Steve Wagner

Additional Music
Trevor Jones

Special Thanks to
Sean Charlesworth (For rescuing the project from certain failure on several separate occasions)
Sally Kalin (For letting us film at the Penn State Library)
Wertney Cox (For not hurting us when we broke that one light)
Kodak (For their "interesting" customer service)
McClanahan's (For those expensive batteries we never used)
Ketchup (Pretty cool fake blood, eh?)
Adobe (Couldn't have done it without bootleg Photoshop)

No animals were harmed during the making of this film.
However, several humans may have been killed.

Copyright (c)2002-2004 Alias Entertainment.
Do not try to bootleg this film, or we will have you hunted down and killed.
Believe me, we can do it. I've seen it done before.
For god's sake, man, we have lasers and ninja dogs and stuff.
It's just not worth it.

Case Study No. 1384: "An alien librarian investigates a strange noise"

The Librarian
An alien librarian investigates a strange noise.

My final project from my second year at staffordshire university.
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["The Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene opens in outer space, when the camera quickly zooms in on a small yellow planet and a single building on its surface]
[cut to inside the building, as the camera slowly descends through rows and rows of circular shelving filled with books]
[cut to a female librarian (orange hair, green tunic, wings growing out of her back) sitting on the floor, her legs covered with a blanket, and reading a book ... she closes the book and yawns, when the sound of a roaring animal can be heard offscreen]
[she gets up and flies towards the hole in the ceiling of the library (as the sound of glass breaking and more roaring can be heard), then emerges to find a large lion-like creature tearing up some books on the ground below]
[cut to the librarian landing next to the creature, as she punches it (!), then smiles and calmly extends her hand to the confused animal ... the creature eventually calms down and lowers its head, as the librarian reaches over and strokes its chin]
[cut back to an overhead view of the building, as the camera pans out until the planet is just a small speck in space (before it disappears)]

Animated by
Rebecca Mansfield

Using Sound by
from freesound dot org



My main project this semester is to complete a film based around the idea of a small planet and a being that inhabits it. I decided that I wanted the planet to have the ruins of an old culture, with one last inhaitant protecting the books of the great libraries.

Here are some of the early concept designs for the main character. I knew that I wanted her to be quite small and cute looking, with simplified shapes to speed up the animating process.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Case Study No. 1383: Alison Little

Chance in a Million: Complete Collection Trailer
www.acorn When Tom meets Alison Little (Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn, Vera, Pride & Prejudice, Secrets & Lies), a sheltered, earnest librarian, the two embark on an unconventional courtship. Tom's peculiar speech patterns and bumbling comportment sweetly complement Alison's cheery aloofness. Despite the cosmic forces seeking to drive them apart—including law enforcement, rude waiters, unrequited loves, petty criminals, and Alison's overbearing parents—Tom and Alison nobly weather ludicrous circumstances as they blunder into life together and emerge all the more lovable for it. The complete collection includes all three seasons of this award-winning comedy seen on public television.
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Made in the 80s and one of Channel 4's earliest great shows, this sitcom stands up well today. Its premise is simple and yet brilliant. Tom Chance is an eccentric and well-meaning man with an affliction that odd things happen to him. If there's a one in a million chance of something happening, it'll happen to him... every time. By chance, of course, while on a blind date he meets timid and painfully shy librarian Allison. She falls for him despite him being a walking disaster. But he's oblivious to her affection and so the path of true love never runs smooth.

The series is often surreal without being silly, and it cleverly turns on its head the way that sitcoms often rely on bizarre co-incidences by going one step further and basing the whole story around bizarre happenings. The best thing about the show is the leads. Simon Callow's Chance is a classic comedy character and he delivers an unusual and appealing performance, being upbeat no matter how bad things get and always being ready to drink a pint in one then gasp out his next line. Brenda Blethyn has never been better, her odd vocal delivery perfectly defining Allison's character.

The show ran for three series, that being the perfect length of time that avoids the format running out of steam, but the first two series were the best. If you haven't seen this before, it's worth taking the risk and buying it. There's only a one in a million chance you won't like it.



These days Brenda Blethyn is a world-renowned Oscar-winning actress who is surely on the fast-track to that shiniest of all British accolades - National Treasure. Way back in 1984, she and Simon Callow were better known for their theatre work - until they took on the central roles in this sitcom, which became cult viewing in the early days of Channel 4.

In fact, it is held in such affection by so many that it comes as a surprise that it is only now making its way onto DVD. Callow plays the titular character Tom Chance - a man for whom coincidence is a way of life. "Happens to me all the time!" he declares to Alison Little (Blethyn) when they first meet - an encounter which, in the spirit which informs the entire series, is based on mistaken identity.

Chance is cheerful, outgoing and inately funny, with his ability to drink a pint at a single gulp mid-sentence and truncated speech pattern. Alison is equally well-drawn - a pensive librarian who, although being "bloody terrified" of just about everything sees herself as something of a racy tearaway ("It's not all helping children find the Milly Molly Mandy shelf," she tells Tom conspiratorially).

Watching the first series now - with its farcical set ups and surreal humour - it's fair to say that some aspects of it have dated a little. There is quite a lot of comedy that relies on women finding themselves unexpectedly scantily clad, for example, but it is played for surreal laughs rather than the bawdiness you might expect. Also, the supporting cast is patchy. On the plus side, it's a treat to watch the inimitable sitcom staple Deddie Davis as Alison's mum and there's a rather nice turn from Jeremy "son of Donald" Sinden, but many of the other bit part actors leave much to be desired.

It scarcely matters, though, because this is the Tom and Alison show, through and through. Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen (who would go on to create similarly surreal sitcom,The Brittas Empire) give their characters a real sense of warmth and Callow and Blethyn bring some lovely nuance to the script, showing great comic timing while also conveying that most difficult of emotional transitions - falling in love.

Funny and surprisingly touching, this is a trip down memory lane that is well worth taking.

Case Study No. 1382: "School Librarian, It's Not a Quiet Career"

School Librarian-It's Not A Quiet Career
This PSA was sponsored by the New York Library Association.
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[scene opens with a young woman sitting in the pilot seat of a small airplane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Adventure is a part of me.
[cut to a shot of the airplane in flight]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I guess it's because I like to broaden my horizons, and reach new heights.
[cut to the woman exiting the plane]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] That's why I like flying.
[she turns and speaks directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: And that's why I love my job ... I'm a school librarian.
[cut to the woman in her school library, setting up a video camera with several students]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Every day is an exciting challenge, working with young students who have their whole lives ahead of them.
[cut to one of the male students working the camera, while a nearby television monitor shows someone waving]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I help them see their opportunity. You can't reach much higher than that.
["This message brought to you by School Library Media Section, New York Library Association" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: School librarian ... it's not a quiet career.

Case Study No. 1381: Mitsue Fukuyoshi

???? Miyazawa Rie - Chichi to kuraseba trailer
????? Also known as "The Face of Jizo". 2004 adaptation of the play by Hisashi Inoue. Music: Brahms Clarinet Quintet In B Minor, Op.115. father/ index.html
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The Face of Jizo/Chichi to kuraseba (2004)

Based on a play by Hisashi Inoue, it focuses on the sufferings of the survivors of Hiroshima. The film takes place during 4 days in the summer of 1948. Mitsue (Miyazawa Rie), a young librarian, survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast; three years later, tormented by the guilt of continuing to exist when so many perished, she leads a quiet, almost moribund life. But she reckons without the ghostly intervention of Takezo (Yoshio Harada), her father, who returns from the grave in benevolent but disciplinarian paternal form to encourage his devastated daughter to allow herself to engage once again with the world of the living.



"The Face of Jizo" is a Japanese play written by Hisashi Inoue.

The play is adapted for a film "Chichi to Kuraseba" directed by Kazuo Kuroki, starring by Rie Miyazawa, Yoshio Harada and Tadanobu Asano, in 2004. It was filmed as the 3rd and concluding volume of Kazuo Kuroki's "Trilogy works for War Requiem".

The story goes with the conversations between a daughter, a survivor of the atomic bombing and her father's ghost like a rapid-fire two-man act in attractive Hiroshima dialect. But, it is also the daughter's anguish to be acquitted from the fact that she could be survived but her father couldn't.

Three years after the atomic bombing, there is a young female librarian in Hiroshima. Her name is "Mitsue" who lost her father by the atomic bombing, and he was her only family member.

Mitsue as a survivor, living alone, feeling sad and missing her father.

One day, a young man visit her library to study and find the morgue of the atomic bombing. Then Mitsue and the young man will meet and be attracted by each other. But, when Mitsue think about her father, she feels "I cannot be happy", so, when he asked her go out, Mitsue will try to refuse him.

At that night, her father Takezo's ghost will appear at Mitsue to cheer her up, then Takezo will begin to try to open Mitsue's heart, because he wants her to be happy and hopes to have a chance to fall in love with the young man.


* Rie Miyazawa as "Mitsue Fukuyoshi", a young lady.
* Yoshio Harada as "Takezo Fukuyoshi", a ghost of Mitsue's father.
* Tadanobu Asano as "Masa Kinoshita", a young man.

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Case Study No. 1380: Miss Cox

Ding dong for ditching:librarian
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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[scene opens with hand-held camera footage of three young kids walking down the street]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] We are ding-dong ditching Miss Cox, she is not very nice ... This is Nick videotaping. Shouts to J.T., right here.
[the camera turns to show one of the kids]
JT: Hi.
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] And to John, the Spider.
[the camera turns to show the other kid]
JOHN: Oh yeah, I'm the Spider ...
[the camera turns to show the house that they are approaching]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Oh look, horses! You can't see them, but I can!
[the kids laugh, as they make their way up to the door]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Okay, and we come up to the librarian! Grrrr!
[they stop in front of her door]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] And here we go ...
[he reaches out from off camera to ring the doorbell]
NICK TURNER: [from off camera] Oh crap!
[the kids suddenly scatter and hide as the librarian starts opening her door]



The most common way to play this prank is to go up to a door and ring the door bell, then run away and hide in a place so you can watch the person come to the door and open it and look for who rang the door bell. You will need to plan out a place to hide so that you have the best vantage point.

Case Study No. 1379: The Librarian (matt12tv)

the Librarian- short stop motion animation
No description available.
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[scene opens with black and white footage of someone off camera writing "The Librarian" on a notepad, then drawing a frowny face as an animated tear rolls down its eye]
[cut to a claymation model of a female librarian (no facial features, brown hair, long brown dress) carrying a book as she's walking towards the back of the room]
[she stops at the "wall" (i.e. the piece of paper used as background), then a drawing of a bookshelf appears and she places the book on one of the "shelves"]
[cut to the librarian placing another book on a chair, then turning to the camera and gesticulating wildly with her arms (as if she's acting in a dramatic play), before picking the book back up and walking off camera]
[as she exits the scene, the chair tips forward (changing into an amorphous blob of brown clay), as the scene fades to black]
["The Librarian :(" appears on screen]

Case Study No. 1378: Staff of the Stirling City Library

Phone Call
Trying to call the City of Stirling Libraries and get info about the fire on the library, that occured a week after a picture was taken of children playing at a school with a strange entity in the background-- the "slenderman" (supposedly). Some of those children were missing and/or dead.
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[scene opens with a teenage boy looking into a camera while dialing on his phone]
OPERATOR: [over the phone] The number you dialed is not in service. Please check the number and dial again.



Slender Man (a.k.a Slenderman) is a mythical creature often depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. According to the legend, he can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Depending on the interpretations of the myth, the creature can cause memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits (nicknamed "slendersickness"), photograph/video distortions and can teleport at will. The urban legend has inspired fan arts, fictional creepypastas and a mockumentary series in the style of the 1999 indie horror film Blair Witch Project.


On June 8th, 2009, a "paranormal pictures" photoshop contest was launched on the Something Awful (SA) Forums. The contest required participants to turn ordinary photographs into creepy-looking images through digital manipulation and then pass them on as authentic photographs on a number of paranormal forums. Something Awful users soon began sharing their faux-paranormal creations with layered images of ghosts and other anomalies, usually accompanied by a fabricated witness account to make them more convincing. On June 10th, SA user Victor Surge posted two black and white photographs of unnamed children with a short description of "Slender Man" as a mysterious creature who stalked children.

Photograph #1
"We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time ... " - 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.

Photograph #2
City of Stirling Libraries Local Studies Collection
One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as "The Slender Man". Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. - 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

On June 11th, 2009, Victor Surge continued to improve upon the myth by adding another picture and a fake doctor's account. The following day, SA user LeechCode5 posted a photograph of a burning building with a Slender Man back story. On June 14th, SA goon TrenchMaul reused the Slender Man character for his own story. The original thread, which still remains active today, extends for 46 pages as of June 2011.