Friday, January 20, 2012

Case Study No. 0184: Bijoux Lemieux

Off the Clock - Bijoux Lemieux - Librarian
Bijoux Lemieux

"Off the Clock" Late Night Burlesque

Every Saturday Night, Lannie's "Off the Clock" brings you burlesque dancers, music, magic and laughs! Your titillating hosts, Fannie Spankings (pictured at left) and Pierre Jean Pierre St Pierre, will guide you through the vintage thrills of old fashioned variety entertainment... and good old fashioned striptease!

Magician Chad Allen & carnival-man Calvo round out the evening, adding their unique talents to a line-up chock full beauty and fun.

Doors open at 11pm for a half hour of pre-show music. At 11:30 the main show kicks off. Enjoy a late night in the sensual luxury of our gorgeous cabaret!

Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret

Underground at the Clocktower 16th Street Mall at Arapahoe, Denver, Colorado
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PIERRE: Let's welcome to the stage our first blonde of the night. Uh, she goes by five names, but only two are pronouncable, so we'll skip the middle parts.
[audience laughs]
PIERRE: She is on the poster on our patio, if you saw her walking in. Uh, welcome to the stage tonight's only blonde, and gentlemen ... you prefer blondes! Doesn't mean you're going home with them, but you prefer them!
[audience cheers]
PIERRE: Put your hands together for the lovely Bijoux Lemieux!
[as "Marian the Librarian" plays, Bijoux Lemieux walks on stage wearing a long black dress and holding a book, before stripping down to her pasties]

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