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Case Study No. 0207: Ninja Librarian (AiW Library)

Help Me, Ninja Librarian!
The AIW Library and its resources!
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The AiW Library and Its Resources
"Help Me, Ninja Librarian!"

[scene opens with a closeup of a calendar, as the camera focuses on the 12th ("Paper Due!")]
[cut to a still image of a male student (wearing a paper bag over his head) screaming and pounding on the wall in frustration]
STUDENT: Oh god, how could I be so stupid?! Stupid me!! Oh god, I'll never get into that grad school now!
[he starts crying and kicking the wall]
STUDENT: I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna flunk outta college!
[cut to the student sitting in a chair, crying]
[cut to the student on the floor, crawled up in the fetal position, when he suddenly stops crying]
[he hears someone off camera whispering "Go to the library ... "]
STUDENT: Hmm ...
[cut to the student's POV as he starts humming and walking towards the library ... he opens the door, then cut to the student leaning up against the reference desk, whistling to himself]
[the ninja librarian suddenly appears behind him, with arms folded]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: How may I serve you?
STUDENT: I, I got a paper due, man ...
NINJA LIBRARIAN: I know why you have come! I have resources waiting for you ...
[cut to the ninja librarian doing karate poses in front of a bookshelf]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Many books for your classes are here on Reserve View, to use in the library!
[cut to the student holding one of the books upside down]
STUDENT: Hmm ...
[cut to the ninja librarian typing at a computer]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: We have online databases for you to use here, or at home.
[cut to the ninja librarian doing more karate poses near the computer terminals]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: We are equipped with computers and a photocopier for student use! Huh, kai, hi-yah!
[cut to the student stumbling through the stacks with a glazed look in his eyes]
STUDENT: Waaa ... Too ... much ... information!
[cut to the ninja librarian and the student standing in front of a laptop on the desk]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Have you brought your laptop?
STUDENT: Yeah, but what good is it here, man?
[cut to a shot of the ninja librarian threatening to strike the student]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Fool! If your laptop has wireless capability, you can access the libraries wireless and do research on the internet!
[cut to the student smiling]
STUDENT: Awesome, I'll get my paper done in no time! Oh, thank goodness I found this place ...
[cut to the ninja librarian striking another threatening pose]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Quiet, fool! There is one resource you have not yet understood ...
STUDENT: Uh, what's that?
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as light shines down from above and an angelic choir sings in the background]
[cut to the ninja librarian bowing before the student]
NINJA LIBRARIAN: I am at your service at all times, to guide you to the right book and help you access our databases. Call on me whenever you have need, day or night ...
[the ninja librarian disappears]
STUDENT: Ahh! Hey, where'd you go Ninja Librarian?
[cut to the ninja librarian peeking out from behind one of the bookshelves, winking at the camera]

Written and directed by Miyo "Why" Davis

Cast (in order of appearance)

Student - Chris "Charlie" Scott
Voice by Chris Scott

Ninja Librarian - Luis "The Man" Gonzalez
Voice by Chris Scott

Additional voices by Miyo Davis

Music by Killer Tracks
Sound Effects by BBC
Special Thanks to Ahren "Baaa" Wert
Special Thanks to Adobe Systems

No ninjas were harmed in the making of this film

Filmed on location
AiW Library
1820 North Fort Myer Drive
Arlington VA 22209


From atyourlibrary.org:

Made by the creative folks of the AIW Library in Arlington, VA, this is one of the funniest library videos we've stumbled across in a long time. Presented in a series of still images, watch the facial expressions change on the paper bag-headed protagonist as he learns about library resources.


From fsu.edu:

The Art Institute of Washington (AiW) is is a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, and prepares students for a variety of careers in the visual and practical arts. In an interview with Miyo Davis, Library Technical Assistant at the AiW Library on November 15, 2008, she discusses some of the benefits her library has seen from using YouTube including receiving "attention for taking advantage of a relatively new and creative medium to promote our services". Davis goes onto say "it's been a fun, creative outlet for our student staff". AiW has videos on an array of topics like library etiquette, research, and job hunting. By viewing the videos, one can see their goals to promote the library's resources and offer research and information literacy instruction. "Help Me, Ninja Librarian!" has been their most popular offering with about 4500 views as of December 7, 2008 and it is quite humorous with a portrayal of a ninja librarian and a student in desperate need of research help. The content in their videos although geared toward their student population, has wider appeal with information literacy tips for any student. Davis confirms this with "our goals in using YouTube since then have been to promote the library's services to the students and staff and circulating our educational points to a larger audience". They hope to include a question on their next library survey to garner feedback about the YouTube videos. Davis notes the positive attention from the videos, but also states that their production can be challenging when balancing normal staff duties. All in all, their YouTube experience was rated by Davis as "excellent so far" and she notes that she has "found YouTube simple and straight forward to use and it needs very little maintenance".

(personal correspondence, November 15, 2008)

Case Study No. 0206: Ninja Librarian (House of Flying Jaggers)

House of Flying Jaggers
Brian May is called out of retirement, by a ninja librarian, to do combat with a mystery samurai. Comedy animation made by young people from Finchley Youth Theatre animation school. Workshop leaders: Tom Hillenbrand & Steve Smith
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[scene opens in a library, as the gangster and ninja librarian are facing off underneath a sign reading "When in Library Shut your face. Thank you."]
ANNOUNCER: A gangster with a request ...
GANGSTER: It's my mommy's birthday soon, and I need you to get Brian May out of retirement. Just for one last gig!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: What's in it for me?
GANGSTER: One million bucks!
[the ninja librarian thinks "Wow!" but remains calm]
[cut to outside of the "Rock Star Retirement Home"]
ANNOUNCER: A ninja librarian on a mission ...
[the ninja librarian jumps over the security fence and rings the doorbell]
ANNOUNCER: A retirement home staffed by chickens ...
[a chicken answers the door]
CHICKEN: Good evening, sir.
NINJA LIBRARIAN: Is Brian May there, please?
CHICKEN: I'll just go and get him for you.
[cut to inside the retirement home, where members of the Rolling Stones are singing and dancing with the other chickens]
ANNOUNCER: Aging rock gods ...
[Brian May comes to the door]
BRIAN MAY: Hi, man!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: I need you to do one last gig for me ... please, Brian.
BRIAN MAY: Mmm, okay man!
[he starts dancing in place]
BRIAN MAY: Yeah! Yeah!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: What're you doing, you muppet?
BRIAN MAY: One last jig, just like you said!
NINJA LIBRARIAN: "Gig", I said gig!
BRIAN MAY: Sorry man, I'm a little bit deaf.
[cut to the ninja librarian and Brian May running from the retirement home, when a samurai suddenly appears from the tall grass and unsheaths his sword]
SAMURAI: Sharon!
ANNOUNCER: A samurai out to stop them ...
[the ninja librarian jumps and lands on the edge of his blade, then throws a book entitled "Do Not Throw at Samurais" at the samurai]
SAMURAI: There's only room for one bleepin' rock star revival 'round here, Brian!
[the ninja librarian throws another book entitled "Now, the Sequel to the Spellbinding Edition of 'Don't Throw This Book at Samurais'", which hits the samurai in the head, knocking off his mask and revealing him to be Ozzy Osbourne]
["Coming Soon" flashes across the screen]
ANNOUNCER: The House of the Flying Jaggers, coming to a cinema near you! Soon ... maybe.

Animation 2005 @ FYT

Animated and designed by Michaela Delmonte, Benji Lewis, Sarah Marchesi, James Verney, Jonathan Wilkinson
With thanks to Jason Kelvin, Roberto Puzone, Edelaine Santos
Workshop Leaders: Tom Hillenbrand, Steve Smith

(c) Finchley Youth Theatre 2005

Case Study No. 0205: Ninja Librarian (Letterboxmedia)

Ninja Librarian
Trouble in the Library
Very funny Short film.
Great Ninja Action.
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[scene opens inside a college library, as the camera pans across annoyed students trying to study while the sound of a ringing cellphone can be heard]
[the camera stops on a young male patron, as he answers his phone]
ANNOYING PATRON: [loudly] Hello? Yeah ... Yeah man, yeah. Yeah.
[cut to several quick shots of the ninja librarian, putting on his gi and sneaking through the nearby stacks, then back to the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Yeah, yeah ...
[cut back to the ninja librarian doing cartwheels and backflips through the stacks, then back to the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Oh, fucking hell yeah!
[cut to a female patron angrily looking up over her book]
ANNOYING PATRON: [from off camera] Yeah, yeah ...
[cut to the ninja librarian stealthily prowling through the stacks, then (switching to his POV) the camera focuses on the patron]
ANNOYING PATRON: Naw, naw ... Yeah, yeah! Naw, naw!
[cut to a shot from behind the patron]
[the ninja librarian pops up and grabs the patron, snapping his neck in one motion ... The patron falls face first into the book sitting in front of him, then cut to the ninja librarian at the front desk stamping a book and then getting into a defensive stance]


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Case Study No. 0204: Rosie

Thaila Zucchi as a lap dancer
Thaila Zucchi as a lap dancer in sitcom "Not Going Out".
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[Tim and Lee are in a strip club, visting the boyfriend of Tim's sister Lucy (he owns the club), when they see a topless brunette (whose back is turned to them)]
LEE: Yeah, it's an awful place, isn't it? I don't know why these blokes come here.
TIM: Blimey ... You wouldn't have that meet your mother, wouldja?
LEE: I dunno, I'd be more worried about me dad meetin' her.
[the girl turns around, and they realize that it's Rosie, a librarian that Tim has been dating]
TIM: [shocked] Rosie?
ROSIE: What're you two doin' here?
TIM: [looks down at her chest] Never mind that, what're you two doin' here?
[she looks down, embarrassed]
TIM: Did Lucy see them? You?
ROSIE: No, I haven't seen anyone. I've literally just walked in ...
[they both continue to stare]
ROSIE: Well, not literally, obviously. I got changed into my gear once I was here.
TIM: Your uniform policy seems pretty relaxed.
ROSIE: Can I help you?
LEE: You got a book on fly fishing by J.R. Hartley?


[after breaking up with her, Tim feels guilty and returns to the strip club to try and explain himself to Rosie]
TIM: Can you at least give me five minutes to explain?
ROSIE: No, I can't. I'm working.
TIM: Well, in that case, I'd like a dance then, please.
ROSIE: You sure Lucy would approve?
TIM: I don't care what my little sister thinks. I make my own decisions. I'm a thirty nine year old man, not a child. How much is it?
ROSIE: Twenty pounds.
TIM: [takes out his change purse and starts handing her coins]
[cut to Tim sitting in a chair, as Rosie begins the lap dance]
ROSIE: What is it you wanted to say to me?
TIM: I just wanted you to know that I've been feeling bad about what I said on the phone, and I wanted to apologize to you ...
[Rosie bends down and shakes her butt in his face]
TIM: You know, face to face.
ROSIE: Okay, so you've apologized. You can go off to the dance.
TIM: It's not just to apologize. I want you to know that I, I regret what I said. I want to see more of you, Rosie.
ROSIE: Well, it's not gonna happen ...
[she rips open her blouse to reveal her bra]
ROSIE: It's never gonna work, Tim. You can't accept me for who I am. I'm sorry, but the answer's no.
[she begins grinding and shoving her cleavage in his face]
ROSIE: I mean it. I know you probably think, this is just me playing hard to get ...
[she continues grinding on top of him]
ROSIE: But we both know it's true. I've been stupid. I've had my head in the clouds, pretending I was a character in some Charlotte Bronte novel. Well, maybe I'm not Jayne Eyre ...
[she rips off her skirt]
ROSIE: And maybe you're not my Mister Rochester after all.
TIM: Y'see, that's what I like about you Rosie ... You're like me.
[she begins spanking herself]
TIM: Just a hopeless romantic.
ROSIE: Tim, you're a nice guy, but come on. Be honest. You and me isn't gonna work.
[he gets up]
TIM: You're probably right. I'm sorry though, for the way I dealt with it.
ROSIE: It's okay.
[they hug, but a huge bouncer mistakes it for "inappropriate touching" and grabs Tim to throw him out of the club]


From wikipedia.org:

Not Going Out is a British television sitcom that has aired on BBC One since 2006. Starring Lee Mack, Tim Vine, Sally Bretton, Miranda Hart and Katy Wix, it was initially written by Mack, Andrew Collins, Paul Kerensa, Simon Evans and Peter Tilbury, but now features contributions from other writers.


Series 2, Episode 9
"The Librarian"
21 September 2007

Lucy and Guy are going out with each other, and Guy has practically moved in. This annoys Lee who thinks Guy is too old for her. Lee soon discovers that Guy owns a lap-dancing club. While at the club, Lee and Tim see Rosie (Thaila Zucchi), a librarian that Tim has been seeing, and discover she is a lapdancer. Tim later dumps her, but then changes his mind. However, Rosie refuses to get back together. Meanwhile, Lucy dumps Guy but they soon get back together but agree to take their relationship more slowly.


From imdb.com:

Lee: Look, you're seeing your sister tomorrow. Have a word, will ya?
Tim: Tomorrow might not be the best time.
Lee: Why?
Tim: I'm introducing her to Rosie.
Lee: Is that a eupheminism?
Tim: Sorry?
Lee: Y'know, like taking Aunt Flossie to the backpackers.
Tim: What does that mean?
Lee: Dunno, just made it up ... So who's Rosie?
Tim: She's a girl I met. She works as a library supervisor in Welling Garden City.
Lee: Wow, you're rolling with a pretty fast crowd these days ... So what's she like? Is she fit?
Tim: She is, actually. She's got an amazing body.
Lee: What kind of amazing?
Tim: How do you mean?
Lee: Y'know, perfect or rollup-rollup ...

Case Study No. 0203: Staff of "The Human Library"

What's the Human Library?
A brief and personal insight into this new and creative tool
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The 21st Century Library
A place for solitude and quiet reflection?

The Human Library
Where "Books" come to life

Take out YOUR prejudice
But don't judge a book by its cover

"Borrow" a person
For a face to face conversation

Who is borrowing who?

Asking the questions you've wanted to ask
Muslim or extremist?

Making new connections

I compete for my country
And I'm only 100 years old

I wanted to be a librarian

Human Library
Fun, flexible, and inexpensive
For museums and art galleries???
Oral history, reminiscing, bringing artifacts to life

Produced by Martin Etheridge, Human Libraries UK coordinator

Have you heard about the Living Library
No I ain't got a clue
It's double dutch to me
It sounds crazy
And it sounds weird
Hey that's a prejudice
Unless you hadn't heard
I can see you're blonde
But are you dumb
Yes I'm a woman
And a working mum
I got four kids
And a full time job
So do you think I'm bad
Because I work non stop
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
What's wrong with prejudices
How does it go
People are curious
In case you didn't know
Problem is they're afraid of what's new
But those steps all apply to you
But what do you think of the situation
It's a question of communication
If you don't talk
What do you expect
In order to get it
Gotta give respect
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
But look at all those migrants
What a mess
If they just disappeared
That would be the best
And do you know what I suggest
That you talk to one of them
To get it off your chest
Have you ever talked to a refugee
Or a woman with a headscarf
Can't you see
And the ideal place you gotta believe
Is of course in the Living Library
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
Cause if you don't
It's bad communication
And that's a cause
Of mad discrimination
That's why we need integration
What we want is a united nation
I'm a blonde but I'm not dumb
You're a workaholic and still a good mum
So you can't judge a person on looks alone
Cause I might be dumb but I'm really not blonde
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society
Living Library
Sounds nice to me
It's a way to progress in equality
Living Library
Seems unlikely
But it's a method for respecting our society


From csmonitor.com:

It works like a conventional library. Tables and chairs are set out for study. Librarians bustle purposefully, staffing the checkout desk.

Except these aren't books on loan. They're people.

Welcome to the Living Library. Here, you borrow individuals who represent stereotypes that often are the target of prejudice or hatred.

At this east London library on a recent Saturday, there were 26 "books" available, including a Muslim, an immigrant, a transgender individual, a witch, and an Indian atheist.

Readers borrow them for half an hour, hear their narrative, question them, even pry a little, and – so the theory goes – break down some of their preconceptions and stop "judging the book by the cover."

The idea is the brainchild of Ronni Abergel, a Danish antiviolence campaigner, who has taken the Living Library to 12 countries and watched it flourish in places as diverse as Australia and Turkey.

"We live in a time where we need dialogue," says Mr.

Abergel. "With dialogue comes understanding and with that comes tolerance and that's the mission of the Living Library: to promote understanding and tolerance through dialogue."

There is certainly plenty of dialogue at this London venue.

At one table, a Rwandan refugee explains to a listener why immigrants cannot be dismissed both as a drain on the public purse and a threat to local jobs. At another, a transgender individual relates why she felt biologically compelled to change sex. An Indian atheist and a Muslim are setting forth their worldview to "readers."

And those 'books' that aren't currently checked out – among them a witch, a funeral director, a medium and a police officer – are swapping stories in the back room, eating sandwiches, and waiting for their next appointment.

All of the "books" are unpaid volunteers, as are the organizers, recruited for the event.

Upon entry, readers can browse a list of available "books," then sign up for their "book" with volunteer librarians. On this Saturday, more than 50 people signed up, and some books were booked out almost the entire day.

"I've done this in 12 countries now," says Abergel, who has received funding from two organizations, the Council of Europe and the Nordic Council of Ministers. "In some places, I'll seed [the idea] and in some I'll put in the seeds and come back and pick the fruits. Here, I'm training someone to do it, helping with their first events."

The types of 'book' engaged vary from country to country. And the response from the public can be instructive. In Britain, for example, the Muslim and the ex-gang member are popular. In Hungary, it was the neo-Nazi, says Abergel. In some countries, homosexual 'books' are popular, but less so in a place like Britain, "because here you're more liberal and used to it."

"In Hungary, the first year, the homosexual didn't go out at all, because people didn't dare – and they didn't take the policeman either."

The concept is proving popular in Australia, Abergel says, with a regular Living Library session once a month in Lismore, New South Wales. "Turkey's just got up and running, and Germany and Austria are doing very well," adds Abergel, who says he has spent 50 percent of his spare time over the past eight years working on his project.

Now he has his eyes on America.

"The next big move in the fall here is to start a tour in the States," he says. "We are looking to go to interested colleges in the States." One date in Fort Wayne, Ind., is inked in and others are interested, says Abergel.

"We also want to take it into businesses. Why not go to large corporations and have their workers come down and have half an hour to have their horizons expanded a little bit?"

Abergel traces the origins of the concept back to a Friday night in Copenhagen, 15 years ago. A friend, just 19, was stabbed six times for no apparent reason. Still a teenager himself, Abergel and three friends responded by setting up Stop the Violence, a group aimed at doing just that.

Seven years later, the group was invited to put on a "happening" at the annual Roskilde rock music festival. The idea of Living Library was born in a brainstorming session in January 2000. But it took several years to get it properly off the ground. Initially, the library had outings at festivals in Denmark, Hungary, and Norway. But three years ago, it started to "franchise" the concept, and now dozens of Living Libraries are held in Europe every year.

"We see it as an important tool to promote democracy and human rights," says Silje Bergum Kinsten of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which sponsors the concept.

For the "books," the event can be a rare opportunity to express their side of the story. Kerry Whybrow, a transgender person, says her readers were interested in why she made the change. She says it was a chance to do a little PR for the 15,000 transsexuals in Britain.

"I'm making my journey and I want people to understand that," she says. "If only 10 of your readers pick up on that and change their attitudes, that's 10 fewer people that are going to be bigoted in their attitude towards some poor old transgender person."

Stephen Fisher, a school inspector, says he learned as much from other "books" as he did from telling readers about the complexities of assessing schools. "Many of our prejudices are just things you don't know and once you explain to people they understand," he says. "I've learned so much about witches that I didn't know."

Abergel admits that the people who could most use a little dialogue, tolerance, and understanding are unlikely to use his library. "People who are extremely prejudiced will never come to a Living Library," he says. "The criticism that we have is we are preaching to the congregation – we're getting people who are open minded.

"But people who are open-minded still need confirmation that they are on the right track," he says.

Another criticism is that not all readers will overcome their prejudice during a 30-minute conversation. Reader David Semple says he found sessions with a funeral director and a police officer most illuminating. But the transgender "book" enlightened him less.

"The conversation was lovely but I'm afraid I still have the prejudice," he says. "I still find it hard to comprehend why you change your gender."


From blogspot.com:

Living Library becomes Human Library
By Peter Scott

It has been almost 10-years since "Menneskebiblioteket" was opened for the first time at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Shortly after the first event the creators including the author of this article, began promoting the idea outside Denmark. Today more than 45 countries have introduced the concept and so far it has been a great adventure. However when we translated the name of the concept to English, we made a mistake and now the time has come to correct that mistake. We have received documentation from attorneys representing a private company that clearly shows their right to use the old name in the United States and as we are not prepared to pay for the use of this name, we have decided to correct what has long been a mistake anyhow, the name. The correct translation from Danish is "Human Library" as it is human beings on loan and not books. And so we are happy to rectify this mistake now before we reach further territories. As of January 1st 2010 - we are now the Human Library.


From humanlibrary.org:

Once upon a time in Copenhagen, Denmark. There was a young and idealistic youth organisation called "Stop The Violence". This non-governmental youth movement was self initiatied by the five youngsters Dany Abergel, Asma Mouna, Christoffer Erichsen, Thomas Bertelsen and Ronni Abergel from Copenhagen after a mutual friend was stabbed in the nightlife (1993). The brutal attack on their friend, who luckily survived, made the five youngsters decide to try and do something about the problem. To raise awareness and use peer group education to mobilise danish youngsters against violence. In a few years the organisation had 30.000 members all over the country.

In 2000 Stop The Violence was encouraged by then festival director, Mr. Leif Skov, to organise acitivites for Roskilde Festival. Events that would put focus on anti-violence, encourage dialogue and build relations among the festival visitors. And the Human Library was born, as a challenge to the crowds of Northern Europes biggest summer festival.

The reasoning behind the methodology

One of the main concerns of the inventors, Tobias Rosenberg Jørgensen, Sune Bang, Asma Mouna, Dany Abergel, Philip Lipski Einstein, Christoffer Erichsen and Ronni Abergel, was what would happen if people would not get the point? Or if the audience just simply did not want to be challenged on their prejudices?. Well given that there was a total of 75 books available, the conclusion made was that with so many different people, put together in a rather small space for a long time, they are bound to start reading each other. From the moment they ask the other book what their title is. And that will be the opening question of all books on the first day. And so it was to be. Before the first reader could take it a book, the talks where going on intensively and the feeling of something special was in the air. The policeman sitting there speaking with the graffiti writer. The politician in discussions with the youth activist and the football fan in deep chat with the feminist. It was a win-win situation and has been ever since.

Free to the world

The services of the Human Library has always been free to its public. From the very first event, up to this day. The same goes for new organizers that want to start working with the methodology. An idea with a potential and purpose such as this must be free for all and that is the philosophy of the inventors. Soon after the first event, Peter Wootsch of the Sziget Festivals Civil Island, staged an event in Hungary and after that another was introduced in Norway. In 2003 Mrs. Antje Rothemund the director of the Council of Europe´s European Youth Centre in Budapest, made the methodology a part of the human rights education program. Since then the Council of Europe has been the biggest supporter of the development and promotion of Human Library programs. Today a majority is hosted within the public library sector. Others are located in educational institutions, festivals, books fairs and other relevant settings.

Crucial partners in the development

One of the creators, Ronni Abergel, realising the potential of the idea, decided after the first event, to begin to work to promote the idea to potential new organizers. Since then he has travelled to many countries to organize launch events and present the idea to interested organisations and public authorities. One of the first organizations to take ear to the idea, was the Council of Europe. Without the support and dedication of the Nordic Minister Council and the youth directorate of the Council of Europe. This idea might never have had the chance to reach a global audience. Through the past six years the respective organisations have been crucial partners in the development of the Human Library. From supporting the production of the manual to helping with funding for launch events in different countries. From the very beginning Mr. Peter Wootsch of the Sziget Festival, Mrs. Antje Rothemund from the Council of Europe and Mr. Joachim Clausen from the Nordic Minister Council, have been tremendous allies of the Human Library.

Cost efficient acitivity

Further to having good partners to realise the project. The Human Library has another advantage to organizers around the world. Its not very expensive and can be organized no matter how big or small your budget is. The biggest ressource needed to facilitate a Human Library is time and idle hands to do the tasks. And due to this great quality it has been possible to stage events in a wide range of countries and with very little funding. This feature has made it possible to present Living Libraries in Romania, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Italy, Holland, Slovenia, Belgium, Portugal and Australia - to mention a few.

An idea with global appeal

The inventors quickly realised the global appeal and potential and since then have worked to promote the methodology to potential organizers. The goal is to make sure the Human Library reaches it full potential and is applied into use as much as possible in communities around the world. One of the first books in the original Human Library at Roskilde Festival, was the policeman Erik Pontoppidan (posing in the photo) from Copenhagen Metropolitan Police Department. His experiences and much more interesting information, can be found in our "guide" to organizers. Located in our ressources for organizers section you can also find templates for evaluations, marketing material and all what you need to get started with your Human Library.

Australia first country with a permanent Human Library

In the great country down under, the experiences with the Human Library have been so positive, that a 3-year project with government funding has been launched to stimulate more acitivites such as the re-occurring Human Library in Lismore, Australia, that takes place every first friday of the month. The national co-ordinator in Australia, Shauna McIntyre works to mobilise a national network of organizers. Since the first event in November 2006, Shauna and her colleagues have worked hard to promote the idea and now there are many acitivities down under. In Norway organizer, Trygve Augestad, from the Norwegian Peoples Aid, have done amazing work to further develop the concept and made important experiences in a variety of settings.

Recognition for the Human Library

In Austria, the Human Library (called Living Books), won the social project of the year award 2008. In Denmark the Human Library bus tour has been awarded with the Little Brother Award and in Australia it was honored with the Grand Marketing Event of the Year Award. Its great with recognition, but more important that the Human Library can help people recognize themself. The mission is to make the world talk and this is only the beginning of our journey. Many friends have already joined in and soon many more will follow. Look out for a Human Library near you, or build your own in the community.

Where in the world is the Human Library?Living Books waiting to go out with readers

Every where soon we hope, but for now visit the activities section to find out about upcoming events or see the list of Human Library organizer, to find out about local organizers in your country. In 2009 its expected that Brazil, China, Columbia, Cyprus, Malaysia and South Africa will join the circle of countries working with the Human Library (27 in 2008).

Case Study No. 0202: Betty Lou Perkins

The Gun In Betty Lou's Handbag - Excerpt
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[Betty Lou is silently stewing in a chair at the police station, as her husband and the police chief confer about whether or not she could be guilty of murder]
HERRICK: Right now, she's the only suspect for the murder of Amos Landsing!
ALEX PERKINS: Oh come on! Even if it's the same gun, she doesn't have a motive!
ELINOR: No, of course not! I mean, anybody else, you might say they were lovers, but not Betty Lou!
ALEX PERKINS: Betty Lou did not have a lover, it's impossible!
HERRICK: Oh, anything's possible!
ALEX PERKINS: There's no way on Earth Betty Lou had a lover!
[Betty Lou looks up at the ceiling, getting angrier and angrier, when her friend Elinor runs over to her]
ELINOR: Betty Lou, you better tell us what you were doing there, because you know how people talk. I mean, first they'll say that you were lovers, and then that you killed him, and then that you were gonna kill yourself ... You weren't gonna do that, were you?
ALEX PERKINS: Alright Elinor, that's it! Out!
HERRICK: She's only saying what other people might be thinkin'!
DETECTIVE FRANK: Oh, look at her! She couldn't kill a fly!
ELINOR: She couldn't kill a germ!
ALEX PERKINS: Come on honey, we're going home ...
[Police chief Herrick grabs him by the arm]
HERRICK: Alright, hold on Perkins, and that's an order! You understand?
[he points to Frank and Elinor]
HERRICK: And you stay there!
[he stops and leans in close to Betty Lou]
HERRICK: Now, Betty Lou, sweetheart ... Uh, everybody knows that you're innocent. Alex, all your friends, all of us here know you're innocent. Now, we just need you to tell us that you're innocent, and then you can go on home.
[everyone starts to lean in close to Betty Lou]
DETECTIVE FRANK: Come on, Lou ...
OFFICER FINNEY: Just say it ...
ELINOR: Say it ...
ALEX PERKINS: Just say it ... and everything will be just the way it was.
BETTY LOU: [quietly] I'm guilty.
[everyone's face drops]
BETTY LOU: May I please go to jail now?
[cut to Betty Lou ("Tettley MO Police, Date 12-7-91, 2029-295") having her mug shot taken, as Herrick and Alex look on from the adjacent office]
ALEX PERKINS: She's lying and you know it, she's hysterical or something.
HERRICK: Well then, you'll prove it. I can't just let her go, Alex. I got a responsibility to the public, you know that!
ALEX PERKINS: Alright, what about an alibi? I mean, the guy was shot around, what? Late afternoon? She was at the library, she's got kiddie reading from 4 to 5.
DETECTIVE FRANK: I just called there. She was on her break between 3 and 4.
ALEX PERKINS: So she went off to read somewhere. I'll find a dozen people who saw her reading somewhere.
HERRICK: I think she's going through some hormonal changes!
DETECTIVE FRANK: Could be PMS ... Joan could kill on PMS!
HERRICK: She a drinker?
ALEX PERKINS: No, she's not a drinker! She's perfectly normal ... I dunno, maybe she reads too much.
HERRICK: Well, I'll tell ya what I think, boys ... A night behind bars, she'll snap right out of it!
DETECTIVE FRANK: Sure, best thing for her. I know Joan could sure use a night behind bars.
HERRICK: First thing in the morning, she'll have a whole new story. You'll see.


From wikipedia.org:

The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag is a 1992 American screwball comedy film directed by Allan Moyle.

The cast includes Penelope Ann Miller, Eric Thal, Julianne Moore, William Forsythe, and Alfre Woodard. Rock and roll recording pioneer Cordell Jackson played a bit part as "Bathroom Woman."

The film was distributed by Touchstone Pictures and Interscope Communications. In addition to the studio, it was filmed in Greenwood, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oxford, Mississippi.

Betty Lou Perkins is a meek librarian and nobody pays much attention to her, in particular her husband.

A criminal kingpin is killed in cold blood and Betty Lou happens to find the murder gun. She is so mousy, however, she can't even get the police to listen to her, including hubby Alex, who's a detective. In sheer frustration, Betty Lou not only produces the gun but announces that she's the one who committed the crime.

Behind bars, Betty Lou meets a variety of hardened and colorful characters. Rather than intimidate her, they actually increase her self-confidence. Once she's released, Betty Lou begins to dress, speak and act differently.

Unfortunately for her, criminal acquaintances of the victim assume that this woman must have confessed to the murder for a reason. They conclude that Betty Lou must be his mistress, and soon the bad guys want a few words with her ... or worse.


From earthlink.net:


Moyle, Allan (Director). The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag. United States: Touchstone Pictures, 1992.

Starring: Penelope Ann Miller (Betty Lou Perkins, Librarian); Marian Seldes (Margaret Armstrong, Head Librarian)

As a small town librarian, Betty Lou is creative, studious, hardworking and meek. Her boss is pure stereotypical Hollywood librarian: stern, by-the-book, overprotective of her charges (the books, not the patrons), closed minded, hair in a bun, glasses on a chain, and sporting a cardigan. She declares, "The effect of any book is that it be returned unmutilated to its shelf." She thinks 20-30 people attending a fundraiser make it a success; the thought of 100 is "terrifying." Betty Lou's husband snores when she states she wants to get people excited about what the library does. Considering her personality, Betty Lou's profession is reasonable; many introverted book-lovers are drawn into library work so the construct doesn't feel artificial at all. Now, finding the gun and confessing to a crime you didn't commit, and cutting off all your hair -- well, that's what makes an interesting character intended to contrast with the image as well as her formerly inhibited personality. (Unlike other movie librarians, she'll continue being a librarian.) Betty Lou is actually one of our better cinematic representatives.


From washingtonpost.com:

Picking through the dull viscera of "The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag," there is occasional comedy to be found. But it doesn't change the coroner's report on this Touchstone Pictures caper: Death by Mediocrity.

The potential is illustrated in momentary flashes by Penelope Ann Miller. As the titular Betty Lou, she's the only watchable element. The very ignored wife of small-town policeman Eric Thal, she is getting steamed up about her life. Thal begs off their anniversary dinner. He asks her to clean his shirts.

When she finds a gun at a river's edge, she tries to report it to her husband but he won't even take the call. When she finds out the gun is the murder weapon in a brutal motel slaying, Miller does what any frustrated, unrespected person would do. She admits to the crime.

Other than this plot twist, the movie's a handbag full of formulaic fluff. Even the most forgiving audience is likely to fidget through this. The motel victim, it turns out, was attempting to blackmail Louisiana mafia leader William Forsythe with an incriminating cassette. Concluding Miller now has the tape, Forsythe dispatches his henchmen after her.

Meanwhile, Miller has undergone a little school-of-hard-knocks assertiveness training from her temporary cellmates, including Cathy Moriarty, a whore with a heart of brass. Miller learns how to yell "Scratch and sniff!" at her jailers. She dresses to kill. To her husband's horror, she achieves the acclaim she's always yearned for.

Previously known as a shy librarian, she's an instant legend, the town's own gangster lady. Crowds clamor around her. A TV news reporter calls her a "postmodern Robin Hood." When she appears in court, vampily attired, the judge says: "That's Betty Lou Perkins? Hell, I don't go to the library enough."

But Miller still has a murder rap to beat, with novice attorney Alfre Woodard to help her. Psychotic Forsythe is determined to get that tape -- whether Miller has it or not. So he kidnaps Woodard. Husband Thal, now completely estranged from Miller, has been bumped from the force. Can Miller save her attorney pal? Will she get back together with Thal? Whose idea was this movie?

An appealing, talented performer, who plays well against her softspokenness, Miller has her moments. In this movie, she suggests Julie Andrews gone berserk. Her crowning moment takes place in a ladies room. Completely frustrated with the universal indifference toward her, she stands in front of the mirror and pulls the gun from her pocketbook. "Shut up, all of you!" she screams, pulling the trigger.

Moments after the enormous explosion, an older lady, using the bathroom, runs screaming from her cubicle. It's a rare, humorous incident and, at that moment, it seems the movie might just break free from its forgettable moorings. But then, the rest of the movie follows.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Case Study No. 0201: Stan Pirog

Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat (Maricopa Community Colleges)
Sometimes you just can't make it to the library! Get the research help you need when you need it with the Maricopa Community College's 24/7 live library chat service at http:// www.maricopa.edu/ lts/ask.
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[scene opens with a man (completely covered head to toe in bandages) in a hospital bed, as a female nurse feeds him through a straw]
NARRATOR: Sometimes, you just can't make it to the library ...
[the nurse leaves, then he suddenly looks over at a nearby table, where there's a paper reading "ENG101 Assignment: Due Thursday!!"]
STUDENT: [makes muffled sounds of panic]
NARRATOR: Get that term paper done in plenty of time!
[he reaches over for the laptop on the table, but can't quite reach]
NARRATOR: Log on to Maricopa Community College's 24-hour chat service ... "Ask a Librarian!"
[he presses a button to make the bed move forward, so he can finally reach the keyboard and begin typing]
NARRATOR: Librarians stand at the ready to help you search databases, find articles, cite sources, and much much more!
[he visits the website and types in "Student: Help! I've got a research paper due Thursday!"]
STUDENT: [muffled] Oooh!
[he gets a response on the screen, reading "Librarian: We've got some great resources. Let me show you!"]
NARRATOR: Use the 24-7 "Ask a Librarian" service anytime, anyplace!
[cut to a wide angle shot (focused on a plastic cup with the "Ask a Librarian" logo, with the student in the background), as he leans over and suddenly falls out of the bed]


From maricope.edu:

Every year judges from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals wade through thousands of media entries to select the best audiovisual pieces for one of the communication industry's top honors - the international Ava Award. This year, Maricopa Colleges Television (MCTV) brought home four Ava Awards including one earned with the help of Stan Pirog, faculty librarian at GateWay Community College.

Pirog helped MCTV claim the Ava Award for Best Commercial (for an academic institution) with the comedic and informative "Ask A Librarian" PSA he starred in, wrote, edited and helped to direct. Pirog said the award is a surprise honor that seems surreal after all of the work that went into making it.

The comedic "Ask A Librarian" commercial features Pirog as a man in a full body cast needing help with a school project. Thankfully, he is able to find out about the "Ask A Librarian" service that allows Maricopa Community College students to chat online with a librarian 24 hours a day.

The piece airs on a regular basis on MCTV, the MCCD TV station. The commercial was filmed on the GateWay campus and Pirog not only acted the part of an injured man, but he continued on with the project despite some real life health problems. In fact, he helped to edit the commercial after checking himself out of the ICU - against medical advice.

"It's not every day a librarian gets to make a commercial, so I left the hospital but returned the next day (after the editing); but this little stunt cost me $1,000 because the hospital charged me to be re-admitted," Pirog said. "I consider myself to be very 'invested' in this project. I think it was all worth it - after all, how often does one receive an international award for one's first and only go at making a commercial?"


From gatewaycc.edu:

Watch this hilarious, award-winning YouTube video, starring one of our GateWay librarians, Stan Pirog.


This Ask a Librarian Public Service Announcement was made possible by the great folks at MCCCD, MCTV, GateWay Community College, and the Ask a Librarian Committee. Stan Pirog (that's me!), the author and main "actor" in this video, is accompanied by Karen Docherty who co-stars as the nurse. Greg DeLauro directed the filming and--despite my constant suggestions/nagging--edited the video. Aaron Gencarelle is our cameraman; David Suber is our lighting technician (is that too technical a title?); and Tina Lassila provides that wonderful voiceover! Thanks go out to Rene Blatte (and Greg DeLauro) for generously indulging my meticulous and interminable suggestions and gentle demands!

This video has won two very prestigious awards: the international Ava Platinum Award, and the international Videographer Award of Distinction.


The idea for this "commercial" came to me immediately after reading an email in which a couple of other quite drastically different ideas had been suggested by others. I composed the original premise in about four minutes. Our Ask a Librarian committee was very supportive of the idea, and gave us the "green light" to proceed. Karen Docherty and I really pushed this project through to fruition. Despite our efforts to incorporate student actors in this video, it was ultimately Karen and I who you see in the video. Karen also designed and literally constructed the "body cast" you see me wearing in the 30-second commercial. I was "in costume" for about 8 or 9 hours on the day of the shoot (no coffee/potty breaks during that time--yowch!). All filming was done in June 2008 in GateWay's hospital lab room (and boy, do I have another ironic story about my own hospital adventure that followed only a month or so later! But that's another story.... Suffice to say at this point that I sort of "checked myself out" of the hospital--much to the Doctors' consternation and severe objections--in order to assist--to pester and endlessly suggest revision, refinement, and more revision--in the final editing of this video which took place on 8/14/08.) Anyhow, back to the GateWay hospital lab: I must have looked quite pathetic when the entire crew left me alone to go take lunch at GateWay's cafeteria! In fact, a student happened to peer into the room while I was all alone; she took one look at me; I mumbled "hello;" she ran like hell out of that doorway! The final scene showing the patient falling out of the bed had to be done in a single take--and that was a real fall onto a real floor! It was a lot of hard work, but also a ton of fun--and ultimately, it was incredibly rewarding as well! Karen and I just decided that we, as the only real amateurs in this whole affair, would go into the shoot with the intention of having a good time and trying to keep it fun! At the end of the day (literally), I think we all had a good time. It was a real pleasure to work with all the great folks at MCTV! Everyone involved in this video contributed creatively.

- Stan Pirog
http://www.youtube.com/user/ azstanp

Case Study No. 0200: Mop Top Island Librarian

Pajama Sam 3 (Part 3): The Mountain Area
Part 3 of 14, of a video walkthrough for Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet. In this video, Pajama goes to the library, where he gets a card for a free dance lesson. He also talks to the librarian about the odd book she is reading. After this, Sam meets the rather dim-witted gourd guards, who are blocking the entrance to the astronomy area.

Sam then goes to the mountain area, where he solves a simple puzzle to get some workers out of the way. Sam talks with Syllabus the Sage, who makes a philosophical joke about Plato's World of Forms, which probably flew over the heads of every child who played this game. Sam then meets Chuck Cheddar, who needs to have his balloon weighted down so he can attend the peace conference. Too bad we don't know how much weight is necessary! We'll have to get inside the observatory to see.

Sam rounds things off by going skiing.
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[Sam enters the Mop Top Island Library, where an anthropomorphic female onion is sitting at the front desk (reading a book and crying), when he goes up to the bulletin board and pulls off a coupon]
PAJAMA SAM: [reading the coupon] "Selina Celery Garniche, for one free dance lesson" ... Oh boy, I like dancing!
[he puts the coupon in his pocket, then walks up to the librarian]
PAJAMA SAM: Hi, I'm Sam. You're the librarian, right?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, that's right.
PAJAMA SAM: Why are you crying? Can I help?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, no thank you. It's this ... *sniff* ... book I'm reading. It's very sad.
PAJAMA SAM: What are you reading? Is it one of the classics?
LIBRARIAN: Oh well, sort of. Y-You see, it's ... Sigh, alright, it's not one of the classics! It's called "Passion in Pittsburgh!" I got it at the supermarket!
[she gets an angry look and pulls the book away]
LIBRARIAN: Satisfied?
PAJAMA SAM: Sure, there's nothing wrong with that ...
LIBRARIAN: Do you really think so?
LIBRARIAN: Well ... Don't tell anybody, just the same. We librarians have to keep up appearances!
PAJAMA SAM: [whispers] Okay, my lips are sealed.
LIBRARIAN: Thank you.
PAJAMA SAM: What happens in your book?
LIBRARIAN: It's the story of three young women who fall in love with steelworkers during the disco era ...
PAJAMA SAM: [turns to the camera] Sounds kinda mushy ...
LIBRARIAN: Oh, it is!
PAJAMA SAM: Is there a car chase in it?
LIBRARIAN: As a matter of fact, yes! Lyla has to chase Thurman to keep him from flying back to Cairo, where he's secretly a prince.
PAJAMA SAM: That doesn't sound too bad ... Tell me some more about your book.
LIBRARIAN: Visitors from space come to Earth, and Beth has to decide whether to stay with Michael or to run away with Zubrax. It's quite a dilemma, she loves them both!
PAJAMA SAM: What else happens in your book?
LIBRARIAN: Lumis loves Betty, but Betty loves Trent and Trent loves Alice. Alice pretends to love Michael, but secretly she really loves Lorenzo, who has fallen for Yvette. Yvette is married to Simon, but she loves Randall and Raymond loves Alice. Randall loves Lucy, who loves Henry, who loves Grace, but she's too tied up in her work to notice. Oh, it's so real!
PAJAMA SAM: What's happening in the part you're reading now?
LIBRARIAN: Mister Burpy plans to close the steel mill, which would be awful because then Lawrence would have to move away from Betsy. Fortunately, Mister Burpy develops a terrible rash and has to go to New Orleans.
PAJAMA SAM: Tell me some more about your book.
LIBRARIAN: One of the women, Beatrice, sits at the same bus stop everyday with this man Kevin, but she never sees him because she only has one eye ... Oh, it's terribly romantic!
PAJAMA SAM: What's happening in the part you're reading now?
LIBRARIAN: Trent and Kent, they're the twins, coincidentally wind up at the same restaurant at the same time, and Elsie doesn't realize there are two of them! It's quite tragic ...


[Sam goes to the stacks and grabs a book, but when he tries to leave with it the alarm goes off]
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him] Excuse me, young man.
LIBRARIAN: If you want to take that book with you, you'll have to check it out?
PAJAMA SAM: Oh, okay.
[he puts the book on the desk]
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him again] Do you have a library card?
PAJAMA SAM: No. Do I need one?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, you certainly do.
[she takes a blank library card off the desk and shows it to him]
LIBRARIAN: You need to bring me your picture, and I'll put it on this card.
PAJAMA SAM: My picture?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, a picture of you. It's necessary for identification purposes.
LIBRARIAN: I'll keep the book here for you while you do that.
PAJAMA SAM: Okay, thank you!
[Sam heads for the Muscle Beach section and has his picture taken at the photo booth, then heads back to the library]
PAJAMA SAM: Here's a photo of me.
[he hands her the photo]
LIBRARIAN: Now I can make you a library card.
[she sticks the photo to the blank library card and hands it to him]
PAJAMA SAM: Can I use this card now?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, you can.
[he hands her the card, then she loudly stamps the book and slides it across the desk to him]
LIBRARIAN: You may keep the book for three weeks. After that, the fine is four hundred dollars a day.
PAJAMA SAM: That seems like kind of a lot.
LIBRARIAN: [looks down her glasses at him and yells] Just have the book back in three weeks!
PAJAMA SAM: Okay, thank you!
LIBRARIAN: [sweetly] You're welcome ...


From gamefaqs.com:

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet. A Playstation version of this game also exists. It's a sequel to Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside and Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.


Librarian: She's an onion that is reading a sensitive novel that she bought at a supermarket. Why would there be a supermarket on an island where everyone is a piece of food?


The screen starts in darkness. A voice says, "Not so fast, evil doer. It's jail for you, you tasty villain!" The screen fades into the scene, which shows us that Sam is talking to a cookie, which he eats.

"You and your chocolate chip gang are through!" Sam says as he eats the rest of the cookies. He leans back and realizes, "Boy, eating cookies is hard work!"

He rips the box top off of the box of cookies and puts it on his pile of box tops. "Ah, but there's only one more box to go and I'll have twenty box tops! And that means I can get the Pajama Man action figure with titanic elbow thrust! I can hardly wait!"

Sam's mom calls, "Sam, it's almost time for dinner!" Sam's stomach churns and he says, "Dinner? Oh boy, I don't feel so good."

The box of cookies rumbles. Sam says, "Uh oh, I don't think that was me!" He peers into the box, and the cookies burst out of box and run off.

First they spoil Sam's dinner and now they've run off! Somebody must stop them! Somebody like...Pajama Sam!

Sam needs his superhero cake before becoming Pajama Sam, so look for it behind the sofa, behind the mirror, or in a dresser drawer.

When Sam finds his cape, go after the cookies. Pajama Sam accidentally falls into their trap and gets transported to a strange world where everyone is a piece of food.

Sam winds up at a party, held by the snacks and sweets aggressive majority group. Aggressive? Whatever that means, it's a cool party with plenty of snacks and nice partygoers, like ice cream and cookies and a hot dog.

From here on, box tops will be scattered randomly throughout the game. Sam needs to find twenty of these, so look for them everywhere and click on one when you see it.

All parties must end some time, so click on the cake to have Sam eat all of it. Click on the exit door to exit. Sam says goodbye to everyone, by saying it's a great party but it's almost his dinnertime and he wouldn't want to spoil it.

The music stops and everyone stares at Sam. Ominous music plays. "My mom made all that...broccoli?" Sam tries to explain. Everyone gasps. Sam tries to play it cool as the everyone acts increasingly hostile (the hot dog cracks his muscles menacingly). The ice cream cries, "Traitor!"

Sam winds up in jail, where the candy version of Barney Fife locks Sam in a cell and says he should tell it to the fudge, at his trail next month.

There's a female piece of broccoli in jail with you, whose name is Florette (this is a joke; a floret is a part of broccoli).

Florette is a political prisoner. There's a peace conference going on at the food pyramid, where delegates from all the food groups are meeting so they can work out their differences. The SSAM is holding her prisoner so she can't go because they don't want a peace conference to happen. Those meanies.

It's time to bust out of jail. Pick up a bonbon (in a pile against the wall) and throw it at the key. Rip off a piece of the candy cane bars (the lower/left part, with a hooked end) and use it to get the key that's on the floor.

Use the key on the lock and Sam and Florette escape quickly. Sweet troops are patrolling down a road. Florette leaves down the other road, giving Sam a kiss for saving her.

Go down the road, following after Florette because you can't go down any other road. You're at the food pyramid. Go through the front doors.

Inside, you see Carrot (from other Pajama Sam games) run through the left door, saying, "No, general, no!" What's that about? Follow them through the door.

Carrot is glad to see you. The island of Mop Top is in big trouble! It's an island where the people are all food, and the fats and sweets are taking over, as you've kind of seen. They're causing problems all over the island, and General Beetfoot wants to declare war on them.

Carrot started the peace conference to avoid the war, because wars aren't good due to the fact that there's a strong possibility that someone would get hurt. All of the food groups are meeting to work out their differences peacefully, like Florette said.

The problem is that only two delegates are here and there are supposed to be six. That's bad news. They need everybody, or the conference is off!

"The conference is off?" screams the General. "THIS MEANS WAR!!!" "No general, the conference is still on!" Carrot quickly says.

Carrot needs to stay here and stop the General from declaring war, which he seems to really want to do. Sam will have to find the other four delegates. They're all wearing straw hats, so it should be easy to find them (you get a list of the delegates as well).

Go back to the main room of the food pyramid. Here you can go up the middle route to reach the peace conference where Florette and Luke Wigglebig are. Luke is a lollipop, chosen to go because of his fine taste.

If you go up the right route, you're in the library. The librarian is reading a sad book. Depending on your game, you can get a card for a free dance lesson off the bulletin board in this room.

If you need the bean sorter manual, you can get it here, but first you need to have a library card. All you need is a photo to get a card (use the photo booth by the beach to get the photo), then you can go in the room on the right to reach the book area.

This is a mini-game. You can jump on one of the elevator platform things that go up and down. Use them to get to the book in the middle of the room. Look out for jerky guy there who likes to kick you out! (he doesn't get you if you're on a elevator platform)


If the beans aren't on strike, they're working happily. Go into the trailer to meet the bean foreman, who's in trouble. He's got a big bean sorting machine in that box, but doesn't know how to use it.

He needs a manual. To get the manual, take a photo of yourself in the photo booth at the beach. Take the photo to the librarian (in the food pyramid) to get a library card. When you have the card, go right and get the manual from its pedestal in the room.

Once you have the manual, give it to the bean foreman and he sets up the machine. Mini-game time! Sort the beans by jelly bean or kidney bean. When you get to the forty-seventh bean (which takes a while), you've found Bean 47, who is a delegate.

Case Study No. 0199: Nathan V. Pire

The Librarian
Funny movie about a vampire librian.
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Half Pint Pictures

Ryan Hostetler presents

Matt Davey
Lys Green
Davo Hynds
Andrew Gale

The Librarian

I think this is based on a true story ... but don't hold me to that.

[scene opens inside the (apparently empty) library, as a female student enters and starts walking through the stacks when a book suddenly falls on the floor behind her]
[she bends down to pick it up, then gets up to find a male librarian (with an orange tie and a black shirt with the collar turned up) standing directly behind her]
NATHAN: Hi, I'm Nathan!
JESSICA: Oh my gosh, you scared me ... I didn't know there was anyone behind me.
[she tries to laugh it off while putting the book on the shelf, but the librarian just keeps staring at her with a goofy smile on his face]
NATHAN: I'm the new librarian!
JESSICA: Oh, okay. That's ... that's cool.
NATHAN: Got some Edgar Allen Poe down here.
JESSICA: Uh huh.
NATHAN: He's an interesting author.
JESSICA: Yeah, that's what I've heard.
JESSICA: Um, I'm gonna go study ...
[he shakes her hand]
NATHAN: Nice to meet you.
JESSICA: Yeah, what was your name again?
[his face suddenly gets serious]
NATHAN: Nathan.
JESSICA: Nathan, okay.
[he smiles again]
JESSICA: Well, I'll see you ... See you later.
[she walks away as Nathan stands there, but then he suddenly appears from behind the bookshelf in front of her]
NATHAN: Do you need any help finding any books?
JESSICA: Oh, um ... Actually, I'm good. How did you ...
NATHAN: I'm pretty quick on my toes. They called me Twinkle Toes in high school!
[he awkwardly laughs]
JESSICA: Oh, that's kinda ...
NATHAN: Twinkle!
JESSICA: Cute, yeah.
[he laughs again]
JESSICA: Um, actually, I could use a little bit of help.
NATHAN: Uh huh?
JESSICA: I'm looking for philosophy books.
NATHAN: Philosophy.
[he points behind him]
NATHAN: It's down this way.
JESSICA: Okay. Um, thanks.
NATHAN: Mm hmm.
[she starts walking (as Nathan follows closely behind her), then cut to inside a dorm room as Jessica is trying to watch television but her boyfriend is doing pushups in front of her]
JESSICA: Landon? Landon!
JESSICA: Get up here!
[he does one more pushup, then sprawls out on the sofa next to her]
LANDON: I think I'm gettin' bigger, baby!
JESSICA: Yeah, you look bigger, baby ...
[she uses the remote]
JESSICA: There's nothing on ...
LANDON: Wait, sports highlights!
JESSICA: It's the news!
[cut to the news broadcast on the television, which has the NBC logo and "National Game Candyland, 9:02 ET" on screen]
MALE REPORTER: Today, President George W. Bush has declared the national boardgame to be Candyland. He did so because he loves lollipops and candy canes.
[cut back to the two students sitting on the couch]
LANDON: Uh, pumpkin's a little crooked.
[he reaches over to adjust a jack-o-lantern on the nearby table, but just as an excuse to drape his arm over Jessica's shoulder]
MALE REPORTER: [from off camera] Today, the national weather service has declared yet another extreme natural disaster ... Uh, we're just kidding! Ho ho!
[he moves in to give her a kiss, when something on the news suddenly catches her attention]
JESSICA: Oh wait, wait!
[cut back to the news broadcast, which now reads "College Girl Dead, 9:02 ET"]
MALE REPORTER: Last night, a young college girl was found dead in a janitor's closet of the local library. Doctors and officials say that all of her blood was drained through two teeth-like puncture wounds in her neck.
[cut back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
JESSICA: Is this a girl from our school?
MALE REPORTER: [from off camera] Where the blood went? Well, nobody knows! Ha ha ha!
LANDON: Uh ... yeah, maybe.
[he tries to move in again, but she pushes him away]
JESSICA: No, baby. Seriously, seriously.
[cut back to the news broadcast]
MALE REPORTER: Official say the murderer may have been a local employee of the local library. The local employee of the local library may have also been a local friend of the local murder victim.
[cut back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
LANDON: Yeah, that's weird.
MALE REPORTER: [from off camera] The exact locale of the murder is still to be determined, and no one is in more fear than the locals.
JESSICA: Yeah, teeth marks?
JESSICA: Oh well ... So, I met someone new today.
LANDON: Oh yeah? Play sports?
JESSICA: No, he works in the library. He's got kinda curly hair, he's real nice.
[cut back to the news broadcast, which now reads "Jail Break, 9:02 ET"]
MALE REPORTER: Last week, there was a prison break at Springfield Penitentiary.
[cut back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
LANDON: Hold it, wait ... Turn that up.
[he takes the remote and turns up the volume]
LANDON: That's near here.
[cut back to the news broadcast]
MALE REPORTER: Official do not know the location of the inmate, but they say he is very dangerous and they warn all citizens to be on the lookout.
[cut back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
JESSICA: Okay ...
[cut back to the news broadcast]
MALE REPORTER: He is described as a five-nine male, with dark brown curly hair, and is ... well, a really nice guy.
[cut back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
LANDON: Hey, that sounds an awful lot like the guy you just described!
JESSICA: It couldn't be him ...
LANDON: And why not?
JESSICA: Because he's too nice!
LANDON: I don't think you should go back there ...
JESSICA: Landon, you can't tell me what to do--
LANDON: It's not safe! I'm not--
JESSICA: Landon, this is the news ... Just because it's close to here doesn't mean it has anything to do with what's going on!
[cut back to the news broadcast, which now reads "Giraffe Loose, 9:02 ET", then quickly back to Jessica and Landon on the couch]
LANDON: Listen, you're not going back ...
JESSICA: Landon! It's the library!
LANDON: Jessica, you are my girl! I'm not telling you what to do, that's just how it is! You're not going back!
JESSICA: Landon ...
JESSICA: I'm leaving ...
[she gets up and leaves]
LANDON: No, you're not going back there ... You're not going back, I tell you, listen. Come back, you're not going back.
[he turns and starts knocking on the sliding glass door behind him]
LANGDON: Hey, hey! Get back in here! Show's on ...
[giving up, he turns off the television and walks into the kitchen, where another male student is washing the dishes]
KEVIN: Hey Landon!
LANDON: [sighs] Hey Kevin ...
[he opens the refrigerator, grabs a jar of pickles, and sits down on the countertop]
KEVIN: Sounds like you got in a fight! Sounded bad ... [laughs]
LANDON: Yeah ...
KEVIN: Hey hey, didja hear the librarian killed a girl?
LANDON: [pause] What?
KEVIN: Yeah, librarian killed a girl!
[he leans in close]
KEVIN: [whispers] He's a vampire ...
LANDON: What? Kevin, what're you talking about?
KEVIN: He's a vampire! He's a vampire ... [singing] He's a vampire!
LANDON: Kevin, how would you know that?
KEVIN: Because, at the murder scene, they found two teeth-like puncture wounds in her neck, where he used his teeth to draw out the blood!
LANDON: Kevin, they said it was probably a double stab ... You know that. How do you know it's a vampire?
KEVIN: Double stab with two little teeth, it's a vampire!
LANDON: Wait, Jessica just went to the library ...
KEVIN: Well, going to the library is a great idea ... if you want her to die!
LANDON: Do you really think he's a killer?
KEVIN: Well, I don't know if he's a killer ... but I know he's a vampire.
[Landon gets up with a determined look on his face]
LANDON: We gotta do something!
[he leaves, and Kevin (after eating one of the pickles) follows him, then cut to Jessica entering the empty library]
JESSICA: Nathan?
[she walks by one of the bookshelves, where Nathan is standing with his hands covering his eyes (but she doesn't notice him)]
JESSICA: Nathan? Hello?
[she walks down one of the aisles]
JESSICA: Hello? Nathan? I need help with philosophy ...
[Nathan pops up on the other side of the bookshelf and pokes his head in between the books]
[she jumps back, but then starts to laugh as Nathan continues smiling]
JESSICA: You scared me again ... Hey, do you think you can help me find a book?
[she looks in between the books for him, but he suddenly appears at the other end of the bookshelf]
JESSICA: How do you do that?
NATHAN: I'm pretty speedy, they called me Twinkle Toes in high school ...
JESSICA: [laughs] Well, let's go find that book, Twinkle Toes ...
[she walks ahead of him, as Nathan suddenly gets a serious look on his face and follows her]
[cut to Landon sitting in the library, when Kevin pops up behind him and slaps a folder on the desk in front of him]
KEVIN: [singing] Look what I found! Look what I found!
LANDON: What is this, Kevin?
[he starts looking through the pamphlet]
LANDON: Wait, that's the guy, that's the librarian!
KEVIN: Yeah ...
LANDON: [starts reading] "Nathan V. Pire" ...
KEVIN: [singing] Vam-pire ...
LANDON: [continues reading] "Born in Transylvania in 1647. Blood type, anything and everything. Last seen in Transylvania in 1643, when he was run out by wooden stakes. Highly allergic to garlic."
[he looks up]
LANDON: Dude, this is it ... He's gonna kill Jessica! We gotta go!
[cut to Jessica standing by herself reading a book (a biography of Babe Ruth), when Nathan suddenly appears right behind her]
NATHAN: You like it?
[she jumps, but then laughs it off again]
JESSICA: Oh Nathan ... Yes, thanks.
[he takes a book from behind his back]
NATHAN: Found, found the book you were looking for.
JESSICA: Oh ... thanks.
NATHAN: Mm hmm.
JESSICA: A different one. Thanks, Nathan.
JESSICA: Thanks a lot ... Uh, lemmee just check it out.
[she turns, as Nathan bares his fangs and goes for her neck, but she turns back around so he quickly goes back to normal]
JESSICA: Y'know, this is exactly what I was looking for!
JESSICA: Thanks a lot ...
[she turns around again, so Nathan again attempts to bite her neck, but he again has to stop when Jessica turns back around]
JESSICA: Y'know, it's really hard to find good help in libraries these days.
NATHAN: [shrugs] I do what I can ...
[she again turns around, and he again moves in close to her neck, but stops when her phone starts ringing]
JESSICA: Oh crap, my phone ...
[cut to Landon and Kevin outside the library, calling her on Landon's cellphone]
LANDON: She's not answering!
KEVIN: Talk louder!
LANDON: Let's get her!
[cut back to Jessica and Nathan, as she looks down at her phone and gives an annoyed sigh]
JESSICA: It's Landon ...
[Nathan starts to growl in frustration, so Jessica turns around with a look of concern]
JESSICA: Nathan? Are you okay?
NATHAN: Give me your blood!
[he gets an evil look on his face and grabs her by the shoulders]
JESSICA: Nathan!
[cut to Landon and Kevin running (and falling) up the stairs, then back to Nathan as he stops once he hears approaching footsteps]
LANDON: [from off camera] Hey!
[while Nathan is distracted, Jessica pushes him away and runs off, so he turns to confront his opponents]
KEVIN: [happily] Vampire!
NATHAN: I'm not happy!
[he charges, so Landon and Kevin turn to run away in the opposite direction, which leads to an extended chase sequence ... The two eventually catch up with Jessica, as they all hide behind a bookshelf (not realizing that Nathan is right behind them)]
KEVIN: [turns and whispers to Nathan] Shh! We're looking for the vampire!
[still oblivious, Kevin suddenly points to his own neck]
KEVIN: [whispers] Hey, I have a new cologne! Smell!
[Nathan bites him]
KEVIN: Ow! What the?!
[Landon turns and sees what's going on, so he grabs Jessica by the hand]
[Nathan runs off in pursuit, while Kevin rubs his neck]
KEVIN: [weakly] Hey, guys ...
[he collapses, as Landon and Jessica come back into frame (stepping on and over his limp body) while Nathan continues his pursuit]
[cut to Landon and Jessica running out of the library, entering the "School of Theology"]
JESSICA: Nathan, what're we gonna do?
LANDON: I dunno, I'm not used to this kind of stuff!
JESSICA: Wait a minute, we need to do something!
LANDON: I'm not used to vampires coming after me ...
[he suddenly gets down on all fours and crawls behind one of the pews in the chapel]
JESSICA: Landon ...
[she looks at the entrance, where Nathan rises from one of the pews (as if he's coming out of a coffin)]
JESSICA: Landon! He's coming! Landon!
[Landon pokes his head up]
LANDON: Screw you!
[he runs off, leaving her]
JESSICA: Landon!
[he tries to crawl under the pew, but Jessica grabs him by the legs and pulls him out]
JESSICA: You are not leaving me at a time like this!
LANDON: No no no!
JESSICA: Get out from there! Come on, you're being a wuss! Come on, get out of there! Landon!
[he struggles, but then just sits down on the pew and puts his head in his hands ... until he notices a Bible next to him, which causes him to have a flashback where Kevin is drawing on a chalkboard]
KEVIN: Cross, for Jesus ...
[he points to a very "abstract" drawing of a face, then to a square with the word "BIBLE" in the middle of it]
KEVIN: [taps on the board with his chalk] Bible ...
[cut back to the chapel, as Landon picks up the Bible]
LANDON: Jessica!
[he throws the Bible to her, as (in slow motion) she "hikes" him the Bible before he throws it across the room, watching it slide across the floor before Nathan steps on it]
NATHAN: Uh oh ...
[cut to a closeup of the Bible as Nathan's clothes fall to the floor around it (with his body nowhere to be found), then back to Landon, as he high fives the stained glass image of Jesus behind him]
JESSICA: We did it!
[she runs over and hugs him]
JESSICA: Oh Landon, I'm so sorry! But y'know, I was never really worried ... You know what they say, virgins never die!
LANDON: [pause] Uh, yeah ... I wasn't worried either.
[they walk over to the pile of Nathan's clothes, then notice Kevin sitting up from one of the pews (like Nathan had previously done) and rubbing his neck]
LANDON: Kevin? Are you alright?
KEVIN: Yeah ... I feel cold.
LANDON: You look really pale ...
[Kevin bends down and picks up the clothes]
KEVIN: What happened?
[Landon smiles and turns to the camera, as the theme from "The Wonder Years" ("With a Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker) begins to play]
LANDON: [in voice over] It was at that point that I realized what true friends really are.
[Jessica holds Landon's hand]
LANDON: [in voice over] It's making it through the hard times, the struggles. The ones that are there with you to the bitter end. Those are your real friends, and I found it in Kevin and Jessica.
[they turn and leave]

Matt Davey
Lys Green
Davo Hynds
Andrew Gale

Written and directed by
Ryan Hostetler

I apologize if we have offended any librarians ... I have never met one of you but you guys seem really nice.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Case Study No. 0198: Unnamed Female Librarian (Snoopy, Come Home)

Snoopy Laughing
Snoopy laughing on library... very funny
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[Charlie Brown and his sister Sally are heading for the public library, with Snoopy following close behind]
SALLY: I know why you want me to go to the li-berry! You're trying to trick me into learning how to read! That's what you're trying to do! Who cares about reading? The next thing you know, you'll want me to conjugate all those verbs and split those infinitives! I hate reading! I just wanna be a good housewife!
CHARLIE BROWN: Shh! You have to be real quiet in here! Now come on ...
[they enter the public library, as Snoopy wanders to the magazine rack and tries licking one of the magazines]
[cut to Sally pulling books from one of the shelves (including one title clearly labelled "Sambo"), then accidentally pulling Snoopy (who was browsing around on the other side of the shelf) by his nose]
[after readjusting his nose, Snoopy resumes his browsing and pulls out a book entitled "The Bunnies" ... then cut to Charlie Brown sitting at a table with Sally (trying to get her to look at a book), when Snoopy pulls up a chair next to them and starts to read]
SNOOPY: Hee hee hee ...
[as Snoopy continues paging through the book, his laughing slowly begins to get louder and louder ... cut to an exterior shot of the public library, as an unseen female librarian forcibly kicks Snoopy out the front entrance, where he lands next to a "No Dogs Allowed in Library" sign]
SNOOPY: [turns and angrily begins yelling in the direction of the library]


From wikipedia.org:

"Snoopy, Come Home" is a 1972 American musical-animated film, produced by Cinema Center Films and Lee Mendelson Films for National General Pictures, directed by Bill Meléndez, and based on the Peanuts comic strip.

Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang go to the beach for the day. Once there, Snoopy promises to go back to the beach the next day to meet up with Peppermint Patty. While Charlie Brown and the others have gone home to play Monopoly, he notices Snoopy is late, but does not take note of it, and he later cuts his thumb when opening Snoopy's can of dog food with a can opener. The next day, Snoopy is thrown off the beach due to a new "No Dogs Allowed" rule, and has Woodstock write a complaint letter about it. Then Snoopy gets thrown out of a library due to a "No Dogs Allowed" rule. He then gets into a fight with Linus for his blanket, and later beats Lucy in a boxing match. After which, he kisses her, but as he walks away, she tosses her boxing glove at him.


* An extended version of the library scene (where even certain parts of the animation are re-used) appears in the 1976 TV special "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown." In this version, Snoopy (accompanied by Woodstock) pulls a book from the shelf entitled "Obedience Training for Dogs Volume II, by Dr. Albo." Once again, he sits at a table and begins laughing uproariously upon reading the book; however, instead of immediately being ejected from the library, Snoopy brings the book to the copy machine. He's still laughing so hard, though, that he accidentally puts Woodstock in the machine and makes a copy of him. This causes him to laugh even harder, which does end up getting them both kicked out of the library.
* The unseen librarian is briefly visible in the 1981 TV special "It's Magic, Charlie Brown." Charlie Brown gives Snoopy his library card, since he believes his dog needs to "get some education" and learn "how to do something besides eating and sleeping." Snoopy then takes the book "How to Perform Magic!" to the checkout line, and hands it to the female librarian (whose face is still left outside of the shot, of course).

Case Study No. 0197: Morning Randolph

She's a Librarian
Beverly deals with a wardrobe issue.
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Season: 1
Episode: 5
Release: Jan 31, 2011

[scene opens with Beverly walking into the wardrobe room, as Howard the wardrobe guy is waiting for her]
HOWARD: Oh, good ... She's here.
[actress Morning Randolph walks in wearing a very short skirt]
HOWARD: What do you think?
BEVERLY: [stunned] Well, uh ... I like that she's wearing a top this time.
HOWARD: Mm hmm.
BEVERLY: But where's the bottom?
HOWARD: What're you saying?
BEVERLY: Uh, the skirt?
HOWARD: What? Too short?
BEVERLY: [astonished] She's a librarian in a boys' boarding school ... I'm guessing it's not within her job description to show the boys her vagina.
MORNING: [innocently] They might go to the library more ...
HOWARD: Look at it with the glasses.
[she puts on a pair of glasses]
BEVERLY: Right ... So now it's a vagina with glasses.
HOWARD: [frustrated] Tell me again what you want. Obviously, I'm not getting it.
BEVERLY: As incomprehensible as that is, we need something tasteful, stylish, less uh ... gynecological.
[Carol walks into the room]
CAROL: Hey kids ...
[she looks at Morning's skirt]
CAROL: Oh, love that!
HOWARD: Thank you!
MORNING: Isn't it great?
BEVERLY: [angrily] It is not great ... because she's a librarian!
CAROL: Well, a TV librarian.
HOWARD: Exactly!
BEVERLY: Meaning?
HOWARD: No one ever stopped watching a TV show because the librarian looked too hot!
MORNING: You're not gonna actually see my vagina ...
BEVERLY: And yet, we'll all know it's there!
[she storms out]


From sho.com:

Matt LeBlanc's choice for the role of the dowdy, middle-aged lesbian librarian of the boarding school is Morning Randolph, who is smoking hot and young. Or is she? Turns out Morning has been working in Hollywood forever, and is apparently ageless, much to Beverly's fascination. Sean becomes fascinated with her too, especially when Matt shows him a racy video of her having sex that is all over the internet.

About Episodes: Husband and wife writing team Sean and Beverly can't wait to bring their successful British television series across the pond to make it big in America. But in true Hollywood fashion, it quickly becomes a laughable, clichéd sitcom - starring none other than Matt LeBlanc. Matt not only messes with their beloved show, he rocks the foundation of their relationship. So now, even if they survive the absurdity of show business, will their marriage survive Matt LeBlanc? Don't miss a single episode of EPISODES.

Case Study No. 0196: Margaret Livingstone

The Pit (1981): Strip naked for your neighbor!
The hilarious scene where Jamie and his teddy bear take nude pictures of his librarian neighbor to blackmail her so he can feed his flesh-eating beasts out in the forest. I know, I know! Happens all the time! Sammy Snyders is really creepy as the goofy looking sex fiend Jamie. It's funny how the tape recording knows when to pause to let her speak. He must of been psychic too.
Tags: The Pit 1981 strip breasts boobs picture teddy bear horror Sammy Snyders obsession scene peeping sex
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[Jamie's teacher enters the Williams Free Library, and hands a book to the female librarian at the front desk]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Hello Marian. What can I do for you?
MARIAN LYNDE: I'm returning this ... Jamie, one of my little boys, borrowed it. There isn't likely any record of it having gone out, perhaps you could slip it back for me?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: I'll make sure it's put back on the shelves.
MARIAN LYNDE: There's been a little clipping from one of the pages, I'm afraid. One of the figures cut out. Can you fix that?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [tersely] We'll just take out the whole page ... Thank you.
[Mrs. Lynde turns to leave, as Miss Livingston heads into a backroom, unaware that Jamie is peeping at her through the window]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [sighs loudly as she sits down to inspect the book]
[as Jamie anxiously looks on, she takes out a letter with a picture of Miss Livingston's head taped over the missing nude figure from the book, and the words "Miss M. Livingston" written over it ... she tears up the letter in anger, as Jamie (who apparently was expecting a more favorable reaction out of her) looks away in disappointment, when the library's janitor suddenly appears beneath the fire escape that he's standing on to peek through the window]
JANITOR: [yelling] Hey you! Get down outta there!
[he quickly looks down at the janitor]
JAMIE: [innocently] I wasn't doing anything wrong!
LIBRARY JANITOR: Come on down!
JAMIE: Alright, I'm coming ...
[he slowly climbs down]


[Miss Livingstone is at home wearing a leotard and watching an exercise video on her television, when the phone starts ringing]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [into the phone] Hello?
[cut to a phonebooth where a tape recorder is playing (the voice playing is supposedly that of Jamie's "talking" teddy bear)]
TEDDY: [from off camera] Hello, Miss Livingstone.
[cut back to Miss Livingstone's house]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Yes, who is it?
TEDDY: [from off camera] You have a niece named Abergail?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [pause] Yes? Has something happ--
TEDDY: [from off camera] She's been kidnapped, Miss Livingstone, and no one will ever find her.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [nervously] Oh no.
TEDDY: [from off camera] But she'll be set free, if you do exactly what I tell you to.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Yes ... Yes, anything. Please don't hurt her. What do you want me to do?
[cut to outside her house, as (unbeknownst to Miss Livingston) Jamie has sneaked up to her window with a camera, then back inside the house]
TEDDY: [from off camera] I want to see you, Miss Livingstone. Do you understand?
TEDDY: [from off camera] I'm watching you now, Miss Livingstone. You could call the police, but then ... Poor Abergail. And I'd much rather look at you than her.
[cut to an outside shot of the window, as Miss Livingstone (without seeing Jamie) begins to reluctantly take off her leotard]
TEDDY: [from off camera] Don't try and fool me. I can see you in the window. What's more important, being shy? Or getting Abergail back?
[Jamie starts snapping pictures, as Miss Livingstone continues her "strip tease"]
TEDDY: [from off camera] That's right. That's a good Miss Livingstone ... Slowly. Slowly.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [angrily] Alright, damn you! You wanna see my body?
[she hangs up the phone and flashes herself towards the window, just as her niece Abergail enters the room]
ABERGAIL: [confused] Aunt Margaret, what are you doing?
[she quickly covers up and turns to confront her niece]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [embarrassed] I was ...
[Jamie takes the opportunity to quickly run away]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: I was just undressing when ...
[she trails off, then turns towards the window]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [angrily] I could kill you!
[cut to inside Jamie's bedroom, as he looks through his photos of Miss Livingstone while Teddy "looks" on]
JAMIE: [excited] I bet Abergail was surprised. Look at the look on her face!
TEDDY: [speaking in Jamie's head] I'm gonna look at these a lot ...


From wikipedia.org:

"The Pit" is a 1981 horror film starring Sammy Snyders. Although it is a Canadian production, it was actually filmed in Wisconsin.

Jamie Benjamin is a misfit 12 year old boy, hated by both his classmates and the adults who live in his small town (like the town librarian Marg Livingstone). His only friend is a stuffed bear named Teddy, whom he regularly holds conversations with. On the cusp of puberty, Jamie develops an unhealthy obsession with girls. So when his parents go away on a business trip and leave the attractive psychology student Sandy O'Reilly to babysit him, he falls completely in love with her.

In the forest, Jamie has found a pit full of mysterious creatures, which he calls "Tra-la-logs". Although he decides to take care of them by feeding them raw meat, he soon runs out of money. Teddy suggests feeding the people who tormented him to the Tra-la-logs, and Jamie takes his advice. After he runs out of people, he takes Sandy to the pit, where she accidentally falls in and is eaten by the monsters.

Jamie, who is becoming more unhinged, lowers a rope into the pit, and the Tra-la-logs escape. After rampaging through the town, they are shot by the local militia and buried in the pit. In order to avoid panic, the killings are blamed on "wild dogs". Jamie, now completely unstable, meets a girl who has a similar life. But she has a secret. Another pit in the woods.