Sunday, May 29, 2011

Status update!

Boy, haven't posted here in awhile ... so I hope you guys are following my Twitter feed:

Just a quick heads up ... I'm currently taking a summer course in the pursuit of my library degree, so the startup date for this blog (which is already WAAAY behind schedule, in case you didn't notice) is probably going to be pushed even further back to some distant point in the future.

Sorry about that, guys and gals ... I am making some progress (about a third of the way through my 130-odd entries in the "Movies" category), although I envision the "Short Films" and "Video Games" categories requiring a lot of time and effort. *sigh*

All I can tell you is to be patient and (once again) check the Twitter feed for sporadic updates on my progress ... Stay tuned, I promise* it's gonna be worth the wait.

* This promise is not a guarantee, void where prohibited.