Friday, January 13, 2012

Case Study No. 0171: Carmen Electra (Wannabe Librarian)

Carmen Electra "Hair Undoing" Instruction
While role-playing as a sexy librarian.
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[scene opens with Carmen Electra addressing the camera]
CARMEN: Okay, now we've mastered the basics of strip-tease, and we're gonna spice things up with some costumes ...
[cut to Carmen wearing a tight black dress, with her hair in a bun and wearing glasses and a scarf]
CARMEN: Any librarian is never without her glasses or her scarf, so make sure you have 'em. And put a pencil in your hair, because we're gonna take the pencil out and shake your hair later. Now, one hand on your hip, the other hand on your glasses, and we're gonna walk for eight counts very slowly, starting with the right foot ...
[she starts "dancing"]
CARMEN: And slap your ass on five, look six, seven, eight. Walk one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four ...
[she takes the pencil out of her hair]
CARMEN: After you pull it out, you just kinda toss it.
[she throws the pencil off camera, then continues dancing]
CARMEN: Four, head roll, five, six, seven, eight, shake it out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ... Yeah, you did it, that was great!



Are you tired of hum-drum treadmill sessions and the same old routine in a boring gym? If you want to shake your booty, lose weight and feel sexy, try Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease workout. Carmen's sweet, friendly tone will make you feel like you're working out with a longtime girlfriend. You'll constantly be encouraged to drop your inhibitions and forget about body image issues. In addition, her provocative dance moves will give you a great workout, make you feel like a goddess and provide the perfect way to bring enjoyment back to exercise ...

In each of the five videos that she offers, Carmen begins by giving step-by-step instructions to get through the routine. She teaches the moves at a good pace and makes sure to review them before moving on to the next segment.

The DVDs also have a feature where the viewer can choose between techno, rock and hip hop music. Because the moves are so fun and engaging, you'll want to repeat the routine several times, which will provide you with the opportunity to sample all the different music styles.

Even if you're shy about stripping, don't worry; the sexy dance moves that Carmen teaches can all be done without taking your clothes off (the only piece of clothing she really takes off anyway is a tie).


DVD #5 – Advanced Aerobic Striptease
Even though the video is called "Advanced," you don't need to be a stripping guru to follow along and do the moves, so don't worry about being an expert. The routines are called "advanced" because they involve role-playing and costumes, so all you really need to be confident with your body before performing them. Just let loose and really get wild with your props and your attitude.

This video is made up of two 10-minute sections. In the first section, Carmen is dressed up like a librarian in pumps, glasses, a scarf, a bun, and a collared dress. The moves in the routine involve taking off the glasses and scarf and shaking your hair loose. Carmen will teach you how to vamp up your steps and make you realize just how sexy walking can be. You'll also enjoy the part where you throw a pair of glasses across the room – just make sure they're not expensive glasses because they might get scratched!

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