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Case Study No. 0169: Quig

G1 Headmaster Siren and Quig
Transformation for the old Headmaster Siren. I lost all of the weapons ages ago, and now the plastic is changing color :(
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If there was a twelfth circle of hell for librarians it would probably sound something like Cybertron's booming Sonic Canyons. Unfortunately for the meek, soft-spoken Nebulan librarian Quig, he was binary-bonded to a former inhabitant of those canyons, the out-(and always loudly)-spoken Siren. Their relationship has been a learning experience at the best of times. Siren tends to talk over others and disregard anything said at a less than bellowing volume, while the timid Quig tends to jump and spill his books every time Siren opens his mouth. As with many partnerships, however, the two are slowly learning from each other and are likely both better off for the pairing.

Quig is highly intelligent and quite well-read, traits that only enhance his partner's abilities.

Toy (Siren with Quig : Headmaster, 1988)

Quig transforms into part of Siren's head, with the vehicle mode's "chair" and the hood's photon pistols forming the rest. When Quig is connected, folding down a flip-down panel on Siren's chest uncovers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readings for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Quig (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. Quig has Siren's face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip-down panel that covers the face, featured on larger Headmasters.

While Siren is in vehicle mode, his roof opens, allowing Quig to ride inside, sitting on the chair that forms Siren's helmet.

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