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Case Study No. 0149: The Librarian (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Dogs can't have librery cards...
...Or can they?!?
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[Courage is digging a hole in the backyard when he finds a book entitled "The Pixie and the Prickle Pirate"]
MURIEL: [walks into scene] Courage! I thought you returned that to the library ages ago ...
COURAGE: [nervous laugh]
[she takes the book and looks at the "due date" slip in the back, which reads "Two Years Ago Next Tuesday" in big red letters]
MURIEL: Oh my ... This book is due two years ago next Tuesday! It's a wonder we all haven't been arrested, and sent to library prison!
[she hands the book back to Courage]
MURIEL: You better return this right away!
[cut to Courage walking up to a mobile library with two lion statues in the front]
COURAGE: [he screams when an elderly female librarian opens the window]
LIBRARIAN: [leans in from behind the "Librarian on Duty" sign] Shh!
COURAGE: [gingerly hands her the book and starts babbling]
[she pushes a button on her cash register, and an LED sign above her head marked "Overdue Fee" rings up the total fine of "$3,972.43"]
COURAGE: [reaches into his pockets and tries to pay with garbage like a lollipop covered in lint]
LIBRARIAN: [knocks the garbage off of her counter and points to the sign, which now reads "$3,974.50"]
COURAGE: [shows that his pockets are empty and tries to back away slowly]
LION STATUES: [come to life] Return what you owe, or you owe and owe and owe!
COURAGE: [screams and runs away in fright]
LIBRARIAN: [she waves her hand over the book, causing it to magically appear on Courage's doorstep when he arrives home]
[cut to Courage breaking open his piggy bank looking for money]
MURIEL: [hands him a couple of bills] Courage, I don't think it's much, but it's all the savings I've got ...
EUSTACE: [grabs the money] If the dog has to pay a book fine, he should earn the money his own self!
MURIEL: Eustace, we should help the poor dear ... He's in this way over his head!
EUSTACE: That's what you get for reading books! TV's free ... [he uses the remote control]
MURIEL: [picks up the book] Well, if he still has the book, we might as well enjoy it ... [she cuts her finger on one of the pages] Ow!
EUSTACE: The TV don't give you paper cuts, neither ... [he tries to grab the book from her, but ends up cutting himself] Ow! Stupid sharp book!
[the book starts flipping pages by itself, as Courage hears the voices of the lion statues repeat "You owe and owe and owe"]
MURIEL: I feel ... odd.
EUSTACE: Me too ... [he mutates into the "Prickle Pirate" from the book] Spikes and spines, spines and spikes, a prickle of pixies, a pixie I likes!
MURIEL: [turns blue and grows wings] I am the pixie, the pixie am I! I'm a blip, I'm a blur, I'm a blink of an eye!
EUSTACE: Pickles and prickles, prickles and sticks, I spy the pixie, come here, little pix!


[Courage returns to the library with the book and starts babbling]
[she again points to the sign, which now reads "$7,279.43"]
COURAGE: [he turns and sees Muriel and Eustace in their new forms fighting on top of telephone wires as a crowd gathers to watch, then gets the idea to charge the onlookers admission to see the "show"]
[cut to Courage handing the librarian a giant wad of cash, which she measures out on a scale as being worth ten thousand dollars]
COURAGE: [excitedly pointing at the book and babbling]
[she again points to the sign, which now reads "$874,614,973.77"]
COURAGE: [starts angrily shouting at the librarian and slams the book on the counter, changing the sign to read "$10,000.01"]
[he checks his pockets for a penny, then finds one stuck to his foot with gum]
COURAGE: [flips the penny onto the top of the money pile]
[this causes the sign to read "Paid In Full" with sirens going off]
LION STATUES: You have returned and paid what you owed ... what you owed!
LIBRARIAN: [takes the book and stamps it "Returned"]
[cut to Muriel and Eustace fighting in the reptile cage at the zoo with the crowd watching, when they suddenly change back to their former selves]
MURIEL: Eustace, what are you doing?
EUSTACE: Danged if I know, woman! What're you doing?



The Librarian is the propriator of a mobile library, which resembles a full sized library with lion statues on the front and everything, but miniature, and with only a window through which the Librarian hands out or receives books.

In Wrath of the Librarian, Courage finds that he has a 2 years passed due library book. Taking it to the mobile library, the Librarian refuses to accept it back until he pays the overdue fee, which by now is several hundred dollars in value. Courage has no money, and so leaves to find some. the librarian in the meanwhile, curses the book that he possesses, which later causes Muriel and Eustace to mutate into the two title characters of the book.

As Courage tries to stop the two of them causing mayhem in town, the return fee continues to increase. Courage tries to appeal to the Librarian, but she denies him, pointing out the ever growing return charge. Eventually, Courage uses Muriel and Eustace, who have taken their fairyland antics to a zoo, as a show in order to charge money from a gathering crowd. taking up 10,000 dollars, the then price fo the overdue fee, Courage attempts to pay off the book, only to find he is one pence under. He pulls a penny from his foot, and tosses it on. The Librarian stamps the book, and ends the curse, causing Muriel and Eustace to revert back to normal.

As the crowd cheer the happy ending, the Librarian pokes her head out of a snake's mouth, and shushes them.

The Librarian never speaks, but does frequently tell people, mostly Courage, "Shh!"



Courage the Cowardly Dog
Season 4, Episode 12
"Cabaret Courage / Wrath of the Librarian"

Eustace and Muriel never returned a book named "The Pixie and the Prickle Pirate," so they become characters in the book until Courage pays the fine. So Courage tries to find ways of gaining money, even making a performance of Eustace and Muriel as characters.

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