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Case Study No. 0168: Denise the Manager, Posey the Stoner, Creepy Guy, and Awkward Girl

The Library
This is not a Explosion Entertainment video, this was a group effort including me and 3 other people in my film class, Kristina, Krisiena, and Joe. This video was my groups final project in my digital media class, it is inspired by the TV shows "The Office" and some elements of "Scrubs".
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[scene opens with a college-age student reading "Curious George"]
POSEY: [to himself] Oh George, what're you going to do next?
[he turns the page]
POSEY: [to himself] Heh, he's learning how to smoke!

Kristina Whitcher as The Manager
Jon Karlson as The Creepy Guy
Joe David as Posey the Stoner
Kristiena Sartorelli as The Awkward Girl
and Tony Chiudioni as The Loud Guy

"The Library"

[cut to Denise (the young female library manager wearing a short skirt and a bead ring in her eyebrow) speaking to two of her employees (Creepy Guy and Awkward Girl) in a meeting room inside the library]
DENISE: So, welcome to our library workers' meeting, because ... library workers rock, as you can see.
[she points to the blackboard, where she's written "Library Workers Rock!!"]
DENISE: And uh, we all got new badges today, that we got made up. The library bought 'em for you guys.
[she hands a badge to each of them]
DENISE: And, so I just wanted to pass those out ... Yeah, yeah. Yeah, they're pretty nifty. I thought they'd be pretty hip.
[the girl awkwardly pins it to her jacket, while the guy simply continues staring]
DENISE: But, um ... Yeah, onto our second piece of business, which is the book thief.
[Posey slowly walks in, wearing sunglasses]
POSEY: Sorry dudes.
[he sits down, as everyone just stares at him, while Denise tries to casually take the remaining badges off the table without Posey seeing them]
DENISE: Sooo, the book thief that's been coming in here and stealing our books ... It's kind of a problem, so we just all need to keep our eyes out.
[cut to Denise speaking directly to the camera]
DENISE: Posey actually doesn't work here anymore. I had to fire him last week because he was looking at questionable material on the microfilm ...
[cut to Posey looking at an old issue of Playboy in the microfilm reader, when the awkward girl catches him and screams "Eww!"
DENISE: [in voice over] But he's kind of too stoned to remember, so he just keeps showing up anyway.
[cut back to Denise speaking directly to the camera]
DENISE: He was missing for six hours!
[cut to the awkward girl speaking directly to the camera]
AWKWARD GIRL: It was a girl riding a fish ...
[cut to the awkward girl staring at a male patron sitting across the table from her]
LOUD GUY: [from off camera] Hey, what's going on?
[cut to the loud guy sitting in a nearby chair, screaming into his cellphone]
LOUD GUY: Oh my god, that is too funny! Oh, I wish I was there!
[a nearby patron looks at him accusingly]
LOUD GUY: [laughs] Oh no, I missed the game today, how was it? Aw, yeah, that's sad! Aw, that's terrible! Oh, I don't think I'm bothering anybody ...
[he looks around, as all of the patrons are now staring at him]
LOUD GUY: Nah nah, nobody cares! Alright, I'll talk to you later, man! Alright, later buddy!
[he hangs up, then cut to his phone ringing]
LOUD GUY: Oh my god, again?! I am so popular!
[he answers the phone]
LOUD GUY: Hey! Naw, I just talked to Steve, man! Naw, everything's alright, naw! Yeah! No, we're still going out tonight!
[cut to the patrons staring at him]
LOUD GUY: Yeah! Aw, it should be a good time! Alright, man! Alright, I'll talk to you later, buddy! Alright, bye!
[cut to Denise and the creepy guy talking]
DENISE: So, when you get the books back, you have to make sure that nobody leaves, like, pages in here.
[camera zooms out to reveal a shady-looking character skulking around the nearby stacks]
DENISE: Make sure there's no highlights, make sure there's no underlines. Pencil markings, y'know, extra papers in there. Homework, homework assignments--
CREEPY GUY: I think, I think he stole a book. That guy stole a book!
DENISE: [drops the book and cranes her neck out to where he's pointing]
[cut to the creepy guy speaking directly to the camera]
CREEPY GUY: You shoulda seen the last time she tried to stop the book thief.
[cut to Denise standing behind the front desk, when the book thief throws a book over the alarm and runs off with it, so she hops over the desk and runs out the door in pursuit]
[cut to the creepy guy walking through the stacks, when he sees a book sticking out on the shelf so he puts it back in place ... He doesn't realize that Posey is on the other side of the shelf, and he pushes the book out and onto the floor; when the creepy guy bends down to pick it up, Posey pushes all of the books off the shelf and on top of him]
CREEPY GUY: Aw fuck!
POSEY: [runs over and points] Gotcha!
[he runs off]
POSEY: What the fuck?
[cut to the awkward girl speaking directly to the camera]
AWKWARD GIRL: He comes here everyday at two ...
[cut to the awkward girl staring at a male patron from across the room (while hiding behind the bookshelf]
[cut to the library workers (and Posey) sitting around laughing, when Denise walks by]
DENISE: You guys only have five minutes left of break.
POSEY: Don't worry about it ...
[she walks off]
CREEPY GUY: [under his breath] Bitch.
[the others laugh]
CREEPY GUY: What're we gonna do with our five minutes?
[the awkward girl points at a nearby bookcart]
POSEY: Surf's up, dude!
[cut to the awkward girl pushing the cart down the hall while Posey rides it, before hitting a chair which sends him flying across the room]
[cut to Posey speaking directly to the camera]
POSEY: [fumbling with his microphone] How do I put this thing ... ?
[cut to Posey with the microphone properly affixed to his shirt, as he stares intently into the camera]
POSEY: [waves to the camera with a stupid grin on his face]
[cut to the awkward girl typing at a computer, as the book thief grabs a book from a nearby shelf and places it under his jacket]
AWKWARD GIRL: [looks over and shrugs her shoulders] Hmm, oh well ...
[she continues typing]
[cut to the awkward girl speaking directly to the camera]
AWKWARD GIRL: Denise always asks me if what she's wearing is hip ...
[cut to Denise and the awkward girl talking]
DENISE: So uh, are the kids these days ... Y'know, your age, are they still doing the whole mini-skirt thing? Like with, like with the fringe? Because I got a little fringe going on.
DENISE: I kinda did it myself ...
AWKWARD GIRL: [holds back a laugh] You, you did that yourself?
DENISE: [nods]
AWKWARD GIRL: I mean, it looks really great, Denise!
DENISE: Really?
[cut back to the awkward girl speaking directly to the camera]
AWKWARD GIRL: That jean skirt today, with the fringe? What the hell? Doesn't she know that was about four years ago?
[cut back to Denise and the awkward girl talking]
DENISE: So uh, the whole black nail polish thing ... I was watching this Style Watch, and Lindsay Lohan had hers painted black.
AWKWARD GIRL: [snickers] Lindsay, or Dina? Her mom?
DENISE: No, it was Lindsay.
AWKWARD GIRL: Oh. Well, uh--
DENISE: I mean, don't you guys like Lindsay? Isn't she, like, what's cool?
AWKWARD GIRL: I mean, if rehab is your thing ... but, I mean, you're thirty five.
DENISE: [looks down at her fingernails] Hmm ...
[cut to Posey reading a book, as a face suddenly appears in the pages]
POSEY: [backing away] What the hell?!
[cut to the awkward girl pushing a book cart past the male patron and sheepishly turning her head away]
[cut to Posey approaching the loud guy while holding the book "Find Out By Touching"]
POSEY: Dude, you're reading the wrong book, man. This is what you need to do. It's taught me everything I know about--
LOUD GUY: [loudly] Oh my god, can't you see I'm trying to study?! You are being so rude and inconsiderate right now!
POSEY: [whispering] Chill dude, chill ...
[he starts backing off, but the loud guy stops him]
LOUD GUY: [in normal voice] No ... Leave the book.
[Posey gives him the book, then runs off into the stacks]
[cut to a shot of the book thief sleeping in the library, while the awkward girl stares at him from across the room]
[cut to Posey (in a delirious state) petting a statue in the library]
POSEY: Nice dragon ...
[cut to the loud guy looking through the shelves]
LOUD GUY: [loudly] Oh my god, what book do I wanna get now? So many to choose from!
[the book thief walks behind him and puts another book under his jacket]
LOUD GUY: I got the Journal of Philosophy, the Inquiry, Journal of ... Science Methods? I dunno! So many books to choose from! Let's see, Journal of Value Inquiry! Lots of inquiries!
[cut to Denise and her library workers leaving the library at night]
DENISE: Too bad we didn't catch the book thief ...
[camera pans around to reveal the book thief sleeping on the stairs leading up to the library, surrounded by his ill-gotten literature]

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