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Case Study No. 0196: Margaret Livingstone

The Pit (1981): Strip naked for your neighbor!
The hilarious scene where Jamie and his teddy bear take nude pictures of his librarian neighbor to blackmail her so he can feed his flesh-eating beasts out in the forest. I know, I know! Happens all the time! Sammy Snyders is really creepy as the goofy looking sex fiend Jamie. It's funny how the tape recording knows when to pause to let her speak. He must of been psychic too.
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[Jamie's teacher enters the Williams Free Library, and hands a book to the female librarian at the front desk]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Hello Marian. What can I do for you?
MARIAN LYNDE: I'm returning this ... Jamie, one of my little boys, borrowed it. There isn't likely any record of it having gone out, perhaps you could slip it back for me?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: I'll make sure it's put back on the shelves.
MARIAN LYNDE: There's been a little clipping from one of the pages, I'm afraid. One of the figures cut out. Can you fix that?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [tersely] We'll just take out the whole page ... Thank you.
[Mrs. Lynde turns to leave, as Miss Livingston heads into a backroom, unaware that Jamie is peeping at her through the window]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [sighs loudly as she sits down to inspect the book]
[as Jamie anxiously looks on, she takes out a letter with a picture of Miss Livingston's head taped over the missing nude figure from the book, and the words "Miss M. Livingston" written over it ... she tears up the letter in anger, as Jamie (who apparently was expecting a more favorable reaction out of her) looks away in disappointment, when the library's janitor suddenly appears beneath the fire escape that he's standing on to peek through the window]
JANITOR: [yelling] Hey you! Get down outta there!
[he quickly looks down at the janitor]
JAMIE: [innocently] I wasn't doing anything wrong!
LIBRARY JANITOR: Come on down!
JAMIE: Alright, I'm coming ...
[he slowly climbs down]


[Miss Livingstone is at home wearing a leotard and watching an exercise video on her television, when the phone starts ringing]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [into the phone] Hello?
[cut to a phonebooth where a tape recorder is playing (the voice playing is supposedly that of Jamie's "talking" teddy bear)]
TEDDY: [from off camera] Hello, Miss Livingstone.
[cut back to Miss Livingstone's house]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Yes, who is it?
TEDDY: [from off camera] You have a niece named Abergail?
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [pause] Yes? Has something happ--
TEDDY: [from off camera] She's been kidnapped, Miss Livingstone, and no one will ever find her.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [nervously] Oh no.
TEDDY: [from off camera] But she'll be set free, if you do exactly what I tell you to.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: Yes ... Yes, anything. Please don't hurt her. What do you want me to do?
[cut to outside her house, as (unbeknownst to Miss Livingston) Jamie has sneaked up to her window with a camera, then back inside the house]
TEDDY: [from off camera] I want to see you, Miss Livingstone. Do you understand?
TEDDY: [from off camera] I'm watching you now, Miss Livingstone. You could call the police, but then ... Poor Abergail. And I'd much rather look at you than her.
[cut to an outside shot of the window, as Miss Livingstone (without seeing Jamie) begins to reluctantly take off her leotard]
TEDDY: [from off camera] Don't try and fool me. I can see you in the window. What's more important, being shy? Or getting Abergail back?
[Jamie starts snapping pictures, as Miss Livingstone continues her "strip tease"]
TEDDY: [from off camera] That's right. That's a good Miss Livingstone ... Slowly. Slowly.
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [angrily] Alright, damn you! You wanna see my body?
[she hangs up the phone and flashes herself towards the window, just as her niece Abergail enters the room]
ABERGAIL: [confused] Aunt Margaret, what are you doing?
[she quickly covers up and turns to confront her niece]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [embarrassed] I was ...
[Jamie takes the opportunity to quickly run away]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: I was just undressing when ...
[she trails off, then turns towards the window]
MISS LIVINGSTONE: [angrily] I could kill you!
[cut to inside Jamie's bedroom, as he looks through his photos of Miss Livingstone while Teddy "looks" on]
JAMIE: [excited] I bet Abergail was surprised. Look at the look on her face!
TEDDY: [speaking in Jamie's head] I'm gonna look at these a lot ...



"The Pit" is a 1981 horror film starring Sammy Snyders. Although it is a Canadian production, it was actually filmed in Wisconsin.

Jamie Benjamin is a misfit 12 year old boy, hated by both his classmates and the adults who live in his small town (like the town librarian Marg Livingstone). His only friend is a stuffed bear named Teddy, whom he regularly holds conversations with. On the cusp of puberty, Jamie develops an unhealthy obsession with girls. So when his parents go away on a business trip and leave the attractive psychology student Sandy O'Reilly to babysit him, he falls completely in love with her.

In the forest, Jamie has found a pit full of mysterious creatures, which he calls "Tra-la-logs". Although he decides to take care of them by feeding them raw meat, he soon runs out of money. Teddy suggests feeding the people who tormented him to the Tra-la-logs, and Jamie takes his advice. After he runs out of people, he takes Sandy to the pit, where she accidentally falls in and is eaten by the monsters.

Jamie, who is becoming more unhinged, lowers a rope into the pit, and the Tra-la-logs escape. After rampaging through the town, they are shot by the local militia and buried in the pit. In order to avoid panic, the killings are blamed on "wild dogs". Jamie, now completely unstable, meets a girl who has a similar life. But she has a secret. Another pit in the woods.

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