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Case Study No. 0190: Foghorn Leghorn and Bookworm (student library worker)

Tiny Toons ep The Weidest Story Ever Told PT 1
"Weirdest Story Ever Told" Wraparounds: Buster & Babs spend their day at the Looniversity library.
"Robin Hare": A Tiny Toons version of Robin Hood starring Buster Bunny.
"To Babs or Not to Babs": Babs is determined to become a star in Shakespeare's newest play.
"Elmyras 'Round the World": Buster dreams that Elmyra's world wide relatives have their eyes on him too.
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[inside the Acme Looniversity Library, Bookworm is seen eating his way through a copy of "The Good Earth", as the camera pans across the room to find Buster and Babs Bunny sitting and reading books]
BUSTER: [looks at the camera and whispers] Hiya, Toonsters! Today, Babsie and I are visiting the Looniversity library ...
BABS: [loudly] What better place to read some of the weirdest--
BABS: [quietly] Oh ... weirdest stories ever told.
BUSTER: That's the one thing you gotta remember about libraries, folks. You have to keep--
[he stops when he notices that Foghorn Leghorn is standing behind him]
FOGHORN: [yelling] Quiet! I say, quiet! This is a library, son! There's people that're trying to read in here! How, I say, how can they concentrate if you keep flappin' your gums?! Ya gotta keep quiet!
[all of the other patrons huddle in fear at the yelling]
FOGHORN: [grabs the rabbits by their ears] You, I say, you understand?!
[he puts them back in their seats, then calmly talks to the camera]
FOGHORN: Nice kids, but about as quiet as a trainwreck ...


From tv.com:

"Tiny Toons Adventures"
Season 1, Episode 54 – Weirdest Story Ever Told
Aired: 2/8/1991

Buster and Babs have fun at the Acme Looniversity Library, where they have to face the wrath of loud librarian Foghorn Leghorn.


From wikia.com:

Bookworm is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears occasionally on the show. Bookworm is a green male worm, who wears large, oval-shaped, black rimmed glasses and has a few black hairs on his head. He attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres.

Bookworm is based on the bookworm companion of Sniffles from the Merry Melodies series.

This cute little worm crawls around Acme Acres, reading his books and trying to avoid becoming Sweetie's dinner. Bookworm works at the Acme Looniversity library and can often be found there going through the shelves. He is extremely well-read; one can always find him reading a book and then swallowing it up when he's through. Books are his primary source of nourishment. He is also proficient on the computer.

Bookworm is often chased by Sweetie, but usually outsmarts her or luckily gets away, sometimes using books against her. In the short, Eating Between the Lines, from the episode, Looniversity Days, Sweetie chases Bookworm throughout many famous books and stories that come to life in the Looniversity library. In Career Oppor-Toon-Ities, Bookworm is shown working part-time at the Acme Mall Bookstore as well as thwarting Sweetie's attacks on him.

Bookworm does not speak except for a few gulps and chewing sounds, but sometimes he will spit words that came from the book he most recently ate, such as in the episode segment, Tennis The Menace, against a cheating Montana Max.

In a few episodes, Bookworm is shown to be helpful to Buster and Babs (usually by searching for info on the computer for whatever it is that the bunnies are in need of at the moment). In the episode, Fields of Honey, he helps Babs in her search for Honey (an old classic Warner Bros. star and possible mentor for Babs). According to Buster and Babs in the intro to Eating Between the Lines, Bookworm is "the smartest kid in school."

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