Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Case Study No. 0160: Staff of Unnamed Library (Scope Mouthwash)

Scope Librarian
We start off with some library staff playing "Spin the Scope" to give the head librarian (Rutha?) a bottle of scope. Our friend reluctantly offers her some mouthwash in fear of losing his job, but she doesn't turn out to be all that bad.

I love old advertising and believe these commercials have historical significance in our consumer culture. I'm posting this for educational purposes. You can find more commercials on my YouTube channel or at http://www.bestoldcommercials.com
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[scene opens with three librarians (one young man, one African American woman, one elderly woman) secretively huddling together in a corner of the library]
ELDERLY LIBRARIAN: [whispering] Loser tells her she has bad breath every morning ...
[the male librarian takes books off of a nearby cart, and the elderly librarian places a bottle of Scope Mouthwash on it and "spins the bottle", as it ends up pointing to the male librarian]
MALE LIBRARIAN: The head librarian? She'll fire me!
[the female librarian picks up the bottle of Scope and hands it to him]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Now, you lost. Give her the Scope.
[cut to the two female librarians nudging the male librarian through the stacks and towards the front desk]
ELDERLY LIBRARIAN: Tell her we use it, first thing in the morning. Her breath will feel fresher for hours!
[the male librarian walks up to the older female librarian at the front desk and tries to nonchalantly hand her the bottle]
MALE LIBRARIAN: [looking in the opposite direction] Morning ...
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Scope? I tried Scope this morning, and my breath still feels fresh.
[she takes the bottle and puts it down on the table]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: James, I respect your courage. Now back to work ...
[she looks back at the two other librarians hiding behind the shelves]
[they comically bump into each other trying to run off]
NARRATOR: Scope. Once in the morning does it.

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