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Case Study No. 0167: Miss Hatchet

Kim Possible Episode 58a Overdue
Ron races through the lairs of several of Kim's enemies in order to recover an overdue book of hers he lost and she took the blame for.

This is a half length episode which aired back to back to the episode "Roachie".
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[Kim and the other cheerleaders are practicing in the Middleton High School gymnasium, as an ominous figure is making its way down the hallways towards them]
MISS HATCHET: [hidden in the shadows, she bursts through the doorway] Kim Possible!
[the other cheerleaders gasp in fright, then run away]
KIM: [backing away in horror] What? No, it can't be!
MISS HATCHET: [shoves a pink piece of paper in her face] You have an overdue library book!
[the camera pans out to reveal Miss Hatchet for the first time, a large unattractive woman with glasses, a bun in her hair, and an ugly plaid skirt]
KIM: Miss Hatchet, I can explain--
MISS HATCHET: [shows off the "Quiet!" pin on her vest] Shh! Quiet! I have a zero tardiness policy. Until this book is returned, your cheerleading activities are suspended!
[she starts to walk out of the gym]
MISS HATCHET: In the meantime, I will see you after school ... in library lock-up!
[the door shuts behind her, as the other cheerleaders slowly return]
BONNIE: [looking smug] Looks like someone won't be going to the semi-finals ...
KIM: So not the drama, Bonnie! I'm sure the book's in my locker ...
[cut to Kim looking in her locker]
KIM: The book's not in my locker ... This is so the drama!
[Ron, with Rufus the mole-rat sitting on his shoulder, runs into the scene]
RON: KP, just heard ... Kicked off the cheer squad. Give me the big!
RUFUS: Aww ...
KIM: [pulls out the overdue notice] Overdue library book.
RON: Overdue? But you always return your books!
KIM: [closes her locker and runs off] No time for chit chat, Ron. My cheer career's at stake! Maybe I left the book in chem lab ...
RON: KP doesn't lose thing ...
RUFUS: [shaking his head] Mm-mmm.
RON: I lose things!
RUFUS: [nods] Mm-hmm!
RON: All the time ... Aw man, I didn't!
[flashback to Kim and Ron getting ready for a mission]
KIM: Ron, let's go! Mission time!
RON: [trying to put his backpack on] Be right there ... ah, stupid straps!
[he picks up a book on the nearby table]
RON: [reading the title] "A Brief History of Cheese!"
RUFUS: Mmmm, cheese!
RON: Huh, sounds like a page turner. Well, KP won't mind if I borrow it ...
KIM: Ron, evil doesn't fight itself!
[he puts the book in his backpack and runs after her, as the flashback ends]
RON: That was a month ago! I remember putting it in my backpack, but which mission did I take it on?
RUFUS: [shrugs his shoulders]
[cut to Wade in his secret computer lab talking to Ron via their cellphones]
WADE: Are you sure about this, Ron?
RON: [using a grappling hook to rappel down the side of a building] Yeah. Look, right after I put the book in my backpack, we went after Killigan ... I think.
WADE: [over the phone] So what is this book, anyway?
RON: "Brief History of Cheese."
WADE: [over the phone] Sounds like a "gouda" read! [chuckles]
RON: Come on, serious biz here, Wade! Cut the cheese jokes ...
WADE: Did you say cut the--?
RON: Ha-ha. Yeah. Right. Look, just keep this all between you and me, okay? Kim would freak if she knew.
WADE: Gotcha.
RON: [his phone beeps] Wait, I got another call. I gotta go, I gotta go ... Hello?
KIM: [calling from the library] Hey Ron.
RON: [gasps] KP!
[he lets go of the rope and falls into a pile of mud]
RON: Hey Kim. Look, I really can't talk right now, I'm uh--
KIM: [whispering] Just got a sec. I'm stuck in library lock-up with Miss Hatchet. Anyway, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry if I was snippy yesterday. It's not your fault I lost the book.
RON: No, of course not. I mean, it's not like I took it and lost it for you ... [loudly] I mean, oh hey! Uh, gotta go, Dad's locked in the garage again! Need to get him out before he runs outta ... clothes!
[he hangs up]
KIM: Runs out of clothes?
MISS HATCHET: [pushes a bookcart towards her] Miss Possible! The Hatchet Decimal System isn't there for you to waste time jabbering!
KIM: Hatchet Decimal System? Don't you mean Dew--?
MISS HATCHET: Ha! You wish ... [shows her a book label reading "HDS # 182228.16 + 211 - 1978 squared divided by the power of 5358.8184 X Pi"] Start organizing!
[she points to an entire row of bookcarts filled to the brim with books]


[Kim is shelving books, when she hides to use her cellphone]
KIM: Hey Wade.
WADE: [over the phone] What's up Kim?
KIM: I'm wondering if you've heard from Ron.
[cut to Wade watching Ron search for the book on his computer screen]
KIM: [over the phone] I haven't seen him all day.
RON: [being attacked by a giant plant] Ahh, ahh! Oh my, it's got me! Oh man, It's got me!
WADE: Ron? Um, haven't heard a peep!
DEMENTOR: [taunting Ron] With my mutagenic plants, I will grow a new world! A world that I control! [laughs]
RON: Ow! Thorns, thorns! Oh, they hurt with their poking! Ow!
KIM: [over the phone] Hey, wasn't that--
WADE: A scream? Uh, yeah! [nervous laugh] Playing some video games!
[Ron's screams are still being heard from the computer screen]
WADE: [to Ron] Oooh, sorry guys ...
[cut back to the library]
KIM: What video game?
RON: [over the phone] Posies? Why did they have to be posies?!
WADE: [over the phone] Uh, Pollinator! Bonus round! Gotta go ... [hangs up]
MISS HATCHET: [appearing next to her] Ahem!
KIM: [nervous laugh] Busted ... [she hands over her phone]
MISS HATCHET: I see we still have time for chit chat, Kimberly Ann. I'll keep that waggling tongue of yours busy!
[she hands Kim a giant roll of book labels marked "Property of MHS Library"]
KIM: Labels?
MISS HATCHET: [points to the bookshelves] One for every book ... [evil laugh]
KIM: But I--
MISS HATCHET: [hands her a book]
KIM: [licks one of the labels and places it on the cover] Eww! Gorchy!


[inside the temple of Lord Monkey Fist, Ron is still looking for the book]
WADE: [over the intercom] Ron, are you sure you took this book on a mission?
RON: Dude, yeah, I ...
[he notices an ancient-looking book sitting on a pedestal]
RON: Score! Here it is! I told you I'd find it! Neener!
LORD MONKEY FIST: [sitting on his throne, he summons one of his ninja monkeys] Fetch me the ancient text!
[at the other end of the room, Ron opens the books, which summons a giant pink demon]
RON: Aaah! [closes the book] Wrong book!
LORD MONKEY FIST: [noticing him for the first time] They're stealing the ancient text! Ninjas, attack!
WADE: [over the intercom] Uh oh ...
[the ninja monkeys retrieve the book and surround Ron]
LORD MONKEY FIST: Ron Stoppable.
RON: You're the only one who ever get's my name right ... I respect that.
LORD MONKEY FIST: [as one of the ninja monkeys hands him the book] Be that as it may, behold the might of the Phantom Monkeys!
[Wade's remote controlled stealth robot grabs Lord Monkey Fist from behind and raises him into the air]
LORD MONKEY FIST: Huh? What sort of magic is this?!
RON: [walking up to him as the ninja monkeys run away in fright] The best kind ...
RON AND WADE: Science!
[Wade's robot throws him across the room]
RON: [running] Gotta get that book ... [he grabs the book out of Lord Monkey Fist's hands, but then gets kicked in the back and goes flying across the room]
RON: Ahh!
[his backpack falls off]
RON: My backpack!
[Kim's overdue book falls out of the backpack and in front of Wade's robot]
WADE: [over the intercom] Ron, you had Kim's book with you the whole time?!
RON: Oh ... [nervous laugh] Wow. Guess I never took it out of my backpack. Heh heh, that's good news, huh Wade?
LORD MONKEY FIST: [grabbing him] The ancient text. Now.
[Rufus jumps into the scene and whacks Lord Monkey Fist across the room with a kendo stick]
RON: Righteous monkey moves, little buddy! Boo-yah!
[Wade's robot grabs him and flies out of the temple]


[inside the library, Kim is still licking labels]
KIM: Muh liphs ah numb ...
[Ron walks into the library]
KIM: Ron?
RON: Shh ... [he takes the book out of his backpack]
KIM: Oh!
[Ron puts the book back on the shelf, as Miss Hatchet - sitting behind the front desk - is alerted to the unwelcome noise]
MISS HATCHET: The library's closed!
RON: [nervously] Um, yes, hello ... I just wanted to check out this book, "A Brief History of Cheese."
[he pulls the book off of the shelf]
RON: Oooh, waddaya know? It was right here on the shelf all along!
RON: [slamming the book on the desk] Looks like you made a little mistake, Miss Hatchet ...
MISS HATCHET: [gets in his face] That's highly unlikely ...
KIM: Apparently, the Hatchet Decimal System is flawed.
MISS HATCHET: [grabbing the book from Ron] Hardly!
[she looks over the book]
MISS HATCHET: Huh. Well, it appears you're free to go ... for now. But there will come a day when you forget to return a book, and I'll be waiting for you! [evil laugh]
[cut to Ron and Kim walking outside the library]
RON: Wow, she's wound pretty tight, huh?
KIM: You have no idea ...
RON: Oh, hey, while you were stuck in library lock-up, Rufus and I were out saving the world from Monkey Fist.
KIM: Really?
RON: Yep, he was gonna use this ancient text to take over the world ... [he takes a book out of her backpack and hands it to Kim]
KIM: [opening the book and seeing that it's "A Brief History of Cheese"] Uh, Ron, this is my overdue cheese book. Where is the, uh--
MISS HATCHET: [from off-camera] Ahh!
RON: [looking back] Oh no ...
[the roof of the library suddenly explodes, as whirling pink demons start flying up towards the sky]



"Kim Possible" (Season 3, Episode 8) - Overdue

When Miss Hatchet, the school librarian, discovers that Kim has an overdue library book, KP's cheerleading activities are suspended. Ron realises that he lost the book, and he has to retrace his steps through the last few missions he and Kim went on to save Kim from...library lock-up!

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