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Case Study No. 2112: The Archivist (End Times)

End Times Extras | "About the Archivist"
The cast and writer/director explore the world and characters of the Archivist.

In 2013, four teenagers must survive after civilization as they know it is wiped out. Twelve years later, their story is unearthed.

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Written and Directed by Alex Nolan

In This Video:
Alex Nolan
Kim Miner
Solika O'Neill

End Times Logo by Travis Lilly

(c)2013 Alex Nolan. All rights reserved.
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["12 Years Later: The World of the Archivist" appears on screen, then cut to a young woman ("Alex Nolan, Writer/Director") speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: After all of the events of ... the apocalypse--
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: The people that we've seen in ... or, we've just heard little snippets of, or maybe even seen, as we start to wonder--
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: All of those have become much more powerful, and they have become ... a, um, a new world order.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: In this new world live a character called the Archivist, and--
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: Against her will ... mm, she's resigned to it, but for one reason or another, it's not what she wants to be doing. Um, it has become her task to look through these videos.
[cut to another woman ("Kim Miner, The Archivist") speaking directly to the camera]
KIM: Honestly, she's a really interesting character, for me at least. Um, one of the first things I did as I was preparing was I wrote down a list of her favorite ... um, assault rifles. It's quite a long list, actually, and upon entering the set, I looked at Alex and I was like, "Could I possibly have a knife?" And she provided me with a knife.
[she laughs]
KIM: And also a scythe.
[quick cut to another shot of the actress speaking directly to the camera]
KIM: If I was sitting in my desk, I could kill you in three different ways.
[she laughs]
KIM: Um, because she would never be defenseless.
[quick cut to another shot of the actress speaking directly to the camera]
KIM: She was part of Ellie Burtke's strike team, and she ... It was her life. It was her dream. She thought she would die in a battle, and when she was not, it kind of broke her a little bit.
[cut back to the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: We start to see little glimpses into the life of this woman who has inherited this duty ...
[cut back to the actress speaking directly to the camera]
KIM: She is, um, not afraid of her dark places. Um, she refuses to admit that she has weakness.
[cut back to the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: We also brought in, um, two other characters to sort of interact with her, and one of these is Navin, who is sort of a busy body, and he is a high-up ... sort of secretary.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: Then there's also, uh, the Archivist's former commanding officer, Ellie Burtke.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: Well, she's just a terrifying person.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: And I don't think she's a very nice person.
[cut to another woman ("Solika O'Neill, Commander Burtke") speaking directly to the camera]
SOLIKA: Well, I tried to explain this to my grandmother, and I kind of called her a "military princess" ...
[quick cut to another shot of the actress speaking directly to the camera]
SOLIKA: She puts up a wall, so she's ... like, stands up straight, makes sure no one sees her beneath that surface.
[cut back to the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: She holds a very special position, I think, in the librarian's world and in her worldview.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: The Archivist is a very interesting character to work with, because um, as I think will become clear as the series progresses, she has a much more complex story than it originally appears. And I think that, in many ways, you could see the Archivist as ... being an accent to the story of the five survivors.
[quick cut to another shot of the writer speaking directly to the camera]
ALEX: Or, you could see them as accenting and helping her story.
[cut back to the actress speaking directly to the camera]
KIM: She's very bitter, and honestly, it was Trace and Harry and Adrian and Kimber who really brought her back. Um, even though twelve years in the future, they had no idea they were doing it, but their hope in the face of the apocalypse helped find her hope in the face of her own apocalypse.
["Subscribe!" appears on screen, then cut to the other actress saluting the camera]
SOLIKA: Until the end!



After a viral outbreak wipes out civilization, five geeky teenagers record their adventures on an old camcorder as they strike out across the apocalyptic landscape to find a home.

Twelve years later, a woman living in a post-virus society finds and tries to make sense of their videos - while coming to terms with the injury that changed her life forever.


Camera On - [ Episode 01 (07:20) ]
The Archivist begins a new project; five survivors of a viral apocalypse find a video camera in an abandoned house.

Encounter - [ Episode 02 (10:06) ]
The survivors face a disturbing encounter while scavenging.

Masks - [ Episode 03 (10:33) ]
Trace interviews Charlie; the survivors make a plan.

Ready or Not - [ Episode 04 (08:32) ]
The Archivist prepares for a ceremony; Kimber records a video message.

Starships in the Dark - [ Episode 06 (12:51) ]
Trace interviews a group of traders the survivors meet on the road.

Symptoms - [ Episode 07 (09:33) ]
The Archivist is visited by her former commanding officer; the survivors believe Kimber is hiding something.

Stumbling - [ Episode 08 (11:39) ]
Trace finds Kimber recording a new video for Adrian.

The Students of Greenden College - [ Episode 09 (10:24) ]
The survivors are taken prisoner by a militarized society; Harry and Trace are reunited with an old friend.

The Mission - [ Episode 10 (09:48) ]
Maddi Valon offers the survivors a chance to prove themselves trustworthy.

Action - [ Episode 11 (08:20) ]
The Archivist plots the survivors' progress; Trace, Harry, and Charlie leave to complete Maddi's mission.

Believability - [ Episode 12 (08:40) ]
Commander Burtke questions the Archivist's interest in the videos; the survivors break into the Kenville lab.

What Next? - [ Episode 13 (10:57) ]
The Archivist completes a project; the survivors must choose a path forward.



Kim Miner as the Archivist

The Archivist is a mysterious citizen of a military society who watches the contents of the survivor's abandoned camera twelve years after they first began filming.

Case Study No. 2111: Ann (Mono Global TV)

[Official Trailer] "The Library" (English Subtitle)
FULL MOVIE "The Library" [English Subtitle] Click :
The official trailer of "The Library" a short film by Mono Music.
Starring Ananda Everingham, Selina Woramon Wiesmann and Niti Chaichitatorn

- Synopsis -
"Jim" falls in love with "Ann" who works at a library at first sight. The only obstacle for his love is the library's rule - "Keep Quiet." So he writes down his feeling for her in the books he borrows. Unfortunately, Ann never realizes what he does until one day she accidentally sees his messages but Jim doesn't show up at the library anymore with unknown reasons.
How will this love end - in laughter or tears? Find out in "The Library"
Tags: Thai movie Thai short film short film library love story Ananda Everingham teaser movie trailer short movie tragedy The Library Short Movie official trailer The Library Free movie online movie Trailer (Website Category) Sad Movie Romantic Comedy (TV Genre) Official English Subtitle Thai movie english subtitle Cry So Hard Heart touching story Make you cry Saddest Story
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[scene opens inside of a library, as "Talking about library, what would you think about?" appears on screen]
[cut to someone pulling a copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" off the shelf]
[cut to a closeup of a date stamp reading "01 Sep 2013"]
["Reading?" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of a book, as someone turns the page]
["The best sleeping pill?" appears on screen]
[cut to a young female librarian (long brown hair, beige sweater, white blouse, black pants) with her head down on the table]
["Or discovering love ... !?" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian looking at a male patron, as he smiles]
["Mono Music, Super Uber Film" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian placing a nametag on her sweater (with "Anne, Library Staff" written in English)]
[cut to the librarian carrying a stack of books through the library]
[cut to the librarian and her flamboyantly gay male friend watching the male patron]
BOY: [translated] You don't know if you will ever see him again. Why don't you ask for his number?
ANN: [translated] You have to return books when you borrow them, right?
[the friend throws up his hands and backs away]
BOY: [translated] Ohhh, definitely!
[cut to the friend signaling to the librarian outside of the library]
BOY: [translated] Hurry up, hurry up!
[cut to the librarian and her friend watching the patron read a book]
ANN: [translated] Sis, how do I look?
BOY: [translated] Oh, you're as white as a sheet ... too freaking pale!
[the librarian's smile disappears, as she takes a compact mirror out of her purse and looks at herself]
BOY: [translated] You might wanna put on your lipstick, hun.
[cut to several shots from the film, which ends with another woman walking up to the patron in slow motion]
ANN: [translated] They could be just friends.
BOY: [translated] Probably not ... I would even want to marry a girl like her.
["In the silent thought" appears on screen]
["There is a hidden love" appears on screen]
["Sometimes we wish we could think out loud" appears on screen]
[cut to more shots from the film, which ends as the camera slowly zooms in on a sign featuring a cartoon hand placing a finger over a large pair of cartoon lips (with "Quiet Please" written in English)]

The Library

Let's find "Love" between the lines together.
29 August, 5.00 PM



The Library (2012)
Drama, Romance

How do you woo a woman in a library where talking is frowned upon? Jim (Ananda Everingham) begins to frequent his local library after he becomes smitten with the beautiful librarian, Ann (Selina Wiesmann), who works there. Unable to talk freely, Jim tries to woo her by leaving her notes inside of the library books he borrows. But when Ann finds the notes only after Jim stops coming to the library, will it be too late? "The Library" is a 2014 Thai short film.



Libraries are generally where people go to read, study and gain knowledge or information. But in the new short film The Library, it becomes a setting for a romantic story.

In The Library, Jim (Ananda Everingham) visits a library often because he has fallen for a beautiful librarian named Ann, played by 21-year-old model and actress Selina Wiesmann (Se). Because they meet in the library where they have to stay quiet, Jim tries to communicate with Ann by leaving messages in books.

The 20-minute film is due to be released on Mono Group websites and YouTube on August 29.

Student Weekly recently met up with Se at our office to chat about her first lead acting role and her work on the TV sports show, Sanae Geela (Charm of Sport).

Student Weekly: Do you enjoy reading in real life?

Se: I enjoy reading various kinds of fiction books, from fantasy to mystery and crime. I used to like Sophie Kinsella's books like Confessions of a Shopaholic, but she doesn't release books very often these days.

Student Weekly: Did your experience working in TV ads and on Charm of Sport help you to act in The Library?

Se: Yes. Those experiences helped me get used to the cameras, so I didn't feel nervous when they were filming.

Student Weekly: How do you feel about your first leading role?

Se: I'm thrilled. I did whatever I could to make the film as good as possible.

Student Weekly: Did you have to adjust yourself much to play the librarian character?

Se: Ann is similar to me because she's quiet, but she also has a sense of humour. I had to get used to the funny scenes because I'd never tried comedy before. I learned about getting the timing right for a gag.

Student Weekly: What was it like working with Ananda?

Se: I'd worked with him before in the movie Happy Birthday, as well as on a TV commercial. He's a nice, down-to-earth person. Watching him working professionally is a great way to learn about acting. Ananda is a great actor. I wish I could be as good as him!

Student Weekly: How do you feel about leaving messages in books like Jim does in the film?

Se: It's very romantic, but it's the kind of idea that could fail if you didn't plan it well.

Student Weekly: Do you have a favourite scene in the film?

Se: I like the scenes where I act with Pompam, who plays my co-worker in the library. He's so hilarious. I had a great time working with him.

Student Weekly: Where there any difficult scenes?

Se: The emotional scenes were tough, especially the crying scenes. It didn't take me long to cry because the script is very sad, but I had to work on the same scenes many times so that they could film from different angles. My eyes were swollen after crying so much.

Student Weekly: Since you work on a sports show, do you have a favourite sport?

Se: Because of Charm of Sport, I meet many athletes and have the opportunity to try lots of different sports. I recently tried Kendo, the Japanese martial art. It was interesting to learn about its history.

Student Weekly: Why should everybody check out The Library online?

Se: If you like romance, comedy and drama, you will like this movie!

Case Study No. 2110: Unnamed Male Librarian (Frontiers)

FRONTIERS Librarian Missing Dialogue
Librarian doesn't want to talk at one point.
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[scene opens in the library of Guild University, as the player walks up to the elderly male librarian (grey beard, monk's robe and cowl) and selects "Interact"]
LIBRARIAN: What can I do for you?
[the player selects "What is this place?"]
LIBRARIAN: You've been attending the University for some time now. You mean to tell me you've never stepped foot in the Guild Library?
[the player selects "I've been busy"]
[the librarian's dialog box appears empty]
[the player selects "I'd like to order a book"]
LIBRARIAN: Hmm, it doesn't look like you've taken the Guild Library course. You can browse the catalogue, but you'll have to learn that skill before I can allow you to place orders.



FRONTIERS blends the feel of first-person RPG classics like Daggerfall with the relaxing tempo and simplicity of a point-and-click adventure. Discover ancient mysteries, live off the land and fight deadly creatures, all in a beautiful, massive open world.



Guild Library - Grants you access to the Guild's extensive (and well-guarded) library, which is available at any Guild outpost. These libraries contain a wealth of information that can be hard to find elsewhere.



* tenniscrazy [has FRONTIERS] Dec 8 @ 5:45pm
Unable to order books from the Guild Library
I learn the library skill then go to the catalogue; When I click to order a book it will say "you can't afford to place this order" even though my currency say 13,888. ( the books are 1000-7500)

* TimePointFive [has FRONTIERS] Dec 17 @ 10:51am
After I order a book, I am unable to pick it up as it breaks my Librarian (one dialogue choice will say "yes, here is your book" and give me nothing no matter what, and the other option is always a no). I've tried reloading saves, but all that does is reset the entire library (including deleting any progress of books having been in transit).

Here is my output log

* railboy [developer] Dec 17 @ 11:19am
Thank you for the log. I'll remove that conversation option from the Librarian, it's confusing.

The primary way to retrieve books is to interact with the catalogue and browse. If the book has arrived it should be automatically added to your Log when you start browsing. Picking it up from the Librarian was just a secondary option.

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Case Study No. 2109: The Librarian (Nick R)

The Librarian
The Librarian

Nick R

(P) Innertek Recordings

Released on: 2013-06-11

Composer Lyricist: Nick R
Music Publisher: copyright control

Auto-generated by YouTube.
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The Hunt
Nick R

Genres: Electronic, Music
Released: Jun 05, 2013

1. The Hunt
2. The Librarian

Case Study No. 2108: Kendra Lust

Librarian Needs A Licking - Brazzers, Kendra Lust, +18
No description available.
Tags: big tits school
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[scene opens with a female librarian (long black hair, glasses, low-cut pink blouse exposing her voluminous cleavage) stamping books at her desk, while a male student browses the stacks]
[cut to a closeup of the student, as he walks up behind another male student and pulls off his headphones to whisper in his ear]
STUDENT 1: Nerd ...
[he laughs, as the other student jumps at the noise]
STUDENT 2: Fuck you, asshole!
[he goes back to the shelves, when a female student sitting at a nearby table calls to him]
STUDENT 3: Hey, do you know where this book is?
[she hands him a piece of paper]
STUDENT 3: I've been looking all through these, I can't find it anywhere.
STUDENT 1: Yeah, I don't even know if they use the Dewey Decimal System at this library.
[they both laugh, then the librarian puts a finger to her lips and shushes them]
[they stop, then the female student takes the paper back from the male student]
STUDENT 3: [whispers] It's okay, I'll find it later ...
[the librarian goes back to stamping her books, when the female student finally gets up and walks over to her]
STUDENT 3: Excuse me, Miss Lust? I can't find this book anywhere.
[she sighs, then grabs the paper out of her hand]
LIBRARIAN: Did you check the anthropology section?
STUDENT 3: Uh huh, I looked all over ...
[she stops and looks around]
STUDENT 3: What's that buzzing sound?
LIBRARIAN: Nothing! Just go check the anthropology section! It's right there!
STUDENT 3: Okay, thanks ...
[she leaves, as the scene fades to black]



"Big Tits At School: Librarian Needs a Licking"
Starring Kendra Lust and Xander Corvus

It was just pure luck that Xander Corvus got the inside scoop of how the librarian Kendra Lust passes the time during her shifts. After discovering Kendra with her legs spread and a vibrator humming away on her c**t, Xander decided to dive in there with his tongue and help out. Xander ate that p***y like a starving man, licking her hole and c**t, and then thrusting in and out with the vibrator. When they had to stop, that Milf Kendra followed Xander to the shelves, to throw the whole of his c***k down her throat. Did anyone in the library overhear Kendra moaning with pleasure as Xander pounded her, or the sound of his balls tapping against her ass with every thrust?

Case Study No. 2107: Staff of Unnamed Library (La Biblioteca)

La Biblioteca
A play by Carlos Maggi
Tags: librarians broadway biblioteca
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Don Schopenhauer Perez, aggressive and authorative, is the library's new Director.
However, his staff leaves a lot to be desired.
Don Esteban Fattori, the library's Subdirector, is known to all as the Old Goat.
Senora de Luppi, the library's Secretary, can't seem to keep his appointments straight.
Achilles, the library's Janitor, is fixated on locating a spitoon.
Monteiro and Martinez spend more time mocking him than doing work.
How is this new library ever going to get off the ground?



Carlos Maggi (born August 5, 1922 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is a Uruguayan lawyer, playwright, journalist and writer.

He is one of the last surviving members of the Generation of 45, a Uruguayan intellectual and literary movement.

* La trastienda [The Back Room], (Teatro Verdi, 1958)
* La biblioteca [The Library], (Teatro del Pueblo, 1959)
* La noche de los angeles inciertos [The Night of Uncertain Angels], (Teatro del Pueblo, 1960)
* La gran viuda [The Great Widow], (Teatro Solis, 1961)



Uruguayan dramatist Maggi opens this play in 1917, with the young library director (the Director) fulminating over his speech on the laying of the new library's cornerstone, a speech to be attended by the Secretary General. He is also in a dither over a poem on which he is working, "The Low Blow of the Oboe," for a literary magazine and worries whether his frock coat will be ready for his weekend wedding. In the midst of these claims on his attention, he interviews a woman who wants to work in the library. "I love books!" she exults. "I've got one at home."

When the next act begins, set ten years later, the new library has not yet been built. Decades more pass, and still the "new" library remains a figment of the staff's imagination. They stumble through their pointless work as makeshift adjustments in the old library solidify into permanent features. The formerly young Director is pushing into middle age and not liking it. "My life's become meaningless, bitter," he complains. "I'm wasting my life, throwing it away on one stupidity after another." He can't stand his family. He hates his wife. "Life is so wonderful," he says, "I've thought of killing myself."

In the end, when the library is about to undergo demolition and the collection is in dead storage, a literary scholar engages the Director in a nonsensical, pompous argument over obtaining a manuscript. With the library about to come down around his ears, the Director laments, "All the days of my life. Coming to the same place, seeing the same people. And what for? For nothing. Absolutely nothing."

A play of merciless futility and hope that exists only to be defeated, The Library initially offers some space for laughter, but the joyless, bureaucratic absurdity that accumulates throughout leaves room for little but despair and pity.

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Case Study No. 2106: Jeanette, Miss Librarian

Miss Librarian trailer
A depressed school librarian named Jeanette is confined between two different worlds -- the four corners of the school's library and the four walls of her house.

Production Manager: SHANINE YANG
Director of Photography: OLIVER CRUZ
Production Assistant: MARK ARCILLA
Written, Directed & Produced by: JOYCE ROCHELLE MONTANANO
Executive Producer: JOCELYN MONTANANO
Tags: yt:stretch=16:9 miss librarian short film movie joyce rochelle joshell montanano jocelyn angelina mailes kanapi shanine yang oliver cruz mark arcilla kassandra fabella marjon fenis joanne manangan student 2013
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[scene opens with an older female librarian (short black hair, grey sweater) sitting at the front desk of a library, absent-mindedly cutting a piece of paper with a pair of scissors]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, looking off into the distance while tapping her fingers on the table (very clearly bored)]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, writing down something in a notepad]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, reading a book]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, with her feet up on the desk (no shoes) while fixing her lipstick using a compact mirror]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's hands, as she taps on the desk, then the camera pans up to show the librarian with a bored (sad? nervous?) look on her face]
["Miss Librarian" appears on screen]
["A Film by Joyce Rochelle Montanano" appears on screen]



Miss Librarian
17 min - Short | Drama - 12 December 2013 (USA)



The short film "Miss Librarian" starring Angelina Kanapi, written and directed by Joyce Rochelle Montanano, cinematography by Oliver Cruz is now live at Filipino Arts & Cinema International (FACINE SF – Bente), San Francisco. A poignant film that tells of a librarian discontent with her work and family.

Case Study No. 2105: Ellen Wickham

Raytown librarian appointed to national committee
A Raytown librarian will help selects books for schools across the country. Ellen Wickham is the library media specialist at Raytown South and was appointed to a national committee.

41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and investigative reports from both sides of the state line.

We are Kansas City's Breaking News leader, bringing you the area's most accurate forecast and the latest sports coverage from KC's best team.

For more download the 41 Action News mobile app:

Tags: Local News KSHB 41 Action News Raytown Raytown South library librarian Ellen Wickham national national committee fiction books young adults schools
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Ellen Wickham, Library Media Specialist at Raytown South High Schools has been appointed to the Young Adult Library Services Association committee to select the Best Fiction Books for Young Adults list. The list is published annually and is used by librarians who serve young adult patrons to assist in selecting books for purchase. Wickham's tenure begins on February 1, 2015.

Wickham has served locally and at the state level in many capacities, including serving six years on the Missouri Gateway Readers Award Committee, in various positions on the Board of Directors of the Missouri Association of School Librarians, and as president of the same group for the last four years.

"I was looking for ways to serve at the national level, so being a part of BFYA is really a dream come true," Wickham said.



RAYTOWN, Mo. - An area librarian will help select books for schools across the country after being appointed to a national committee.

Ellen Wickham, the library media specialist at Raytown South, is one of 15 people appointed to a national committee to select the best fiction books for young adults.

Schools use the list the committee provides to purchase books for their libraries.

Wickham said young adult literature is hugely popular right now thanks in part to Hollywood.

"The Hollywood folks are realizing they have a built-in audience from all these great books that have come out," Wickham said. "And now they're producing movies, and that in turn gets the non-readers into reading the books."

Wickham is also President of the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

Case Study No. 2104: "Jen, she's a librarian"

In the Army Kid
In the Army Kid

Of Montreal

(P) Bar None Records

Released on: 2000-04-25

Author: Kevin Barnes
Author: Dottie Alexander
Author: Andy
Author: Davey Pierce
Author: Derek Almstea
Author: Jamey Huggins
Composer: Kevin Barnes
Composer: Dottie Alexander
Composer: Andy
Composer: Davey Pierce
Composer: Derek Almstea
Composer: Jamey Huggins

Auto-generated by YouTube.
Tags: Of Montreal Horse Elephant Eatery (No Elephants Allowed) In the Army Kid
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"In the Army Kid" - Of Montreal

Our innocent protagonist is "riding to the station on the bus" because he wants to pick out some library books. Jen, a librarian who's not his type and sounds like a bit of a cougar, always hunts his "butt." He can't ditch the situation because there are bills to pay - whatever that means.



This song is performed by Of Montreal and appears on the album Horse & Elephant Eatery (No Elephants Allowed): The Singles And Songles Album (1997).

Riding to the station on the bus
Cause I wanna pick out some books
But Jen, she's a librarian
and she hunts my butt to this day
Usually the bills make me stay
the night at banks so...

Sorry but you're just not my type
You know I'll walk you home anyway
Did you know I had a funny dream
and in it I was in the army

Riding to the station on the bus
Cause I wanna pick out some books
But Jen, she's a librarian
So it's time to get down, spin on the ground
And say I wanna turn the daytime into dusk
If you're very tired we can simply retire
and say I wanna turn the nighttime into day

Sorry but you're just not my type
You know I'll walk you home anyway
Did you know I had a funny dream
and in it I was in the army

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Case Study No. 2103: Unnamed Female Librarian (Hitler's Library)

Hitler's Library (Chinese)
This is a video project I made for Chinese class. Nothing too special here, just a library run by Hitler/a Hitler-esque person. Its pretty good I guess.
Tags: Hitler Library Chinese
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["1. No running" appears on screen]
["2. No drooling" appears on screen]
["3. No Michael Jackson" appears on screen]
["4. Late books are fined your pants" appears on screen]
["5. Three strikes and you are shot" appears on screen]
["6. No speaking English" appears on screen (and appears to be written in crayon)]
[cut to a boy riding his bicycle (as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" plays in the background), then he stops and enters a "library" (i.e. someone's house)]
[cut to inside the library, where the boy walks up to a young female librarian (short black hair, glasses, Hitler mustache, trenchcoat with a paper swastika taped to the front) standing at the "front desk" (i.e. the kitchen table)]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Why did you come to the library?
PATRON 1: [translated] Because I want to borrow a book and magazine.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Sweet. I recommend that you borrow "Mein Kampf" and "The Hitler Youth."
PATRON 1: [translated] WTF are you? I think I r3c0gn1z3 U ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] You can call me Forest Gump.
PATRON 1: [translated] Um, I think I'll go find my book on my own ...
[cut to the boy walking through the library, when he picks up a piece of paper with the word "Playboy" written on it]
PATRON 1: [translated] Awesome! Playboy!
[cut to a shot of the librarian removing her mustache, examining it, then placing it back under her nose ... then the camera pans out to show the boy reading the "magazine" (as the theme from the 1960s "Spider-Man" cartoon begins to play in the background)]
[cut back to the librarian watching the boy, as "Spider-man, Spider-man ... does whatever a spider can ... spins a web, any size ... Hitler's got really freaky eyes ... Look out! Hitler's got spidey sense!" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian walking towards the boy, as she taps him on the shoulder]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you see the friggin' rules?
[he turns towards her]
PATRON 1: [translated] No, I don't know the friggin' rules.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] The rules say ... No drooling!
[she points a finger at him]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] This is your first "strike" ... If you have three strikes, I'll kill your bunshole!
PATRON 1: [translated] Okay ...
[cut to another boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 2: [translated] Uh, this book is overdue ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you see the rules?!
[he looks around]
PATRON 2: [translated] No ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] I need to take your pants!
PATRON 2: [translated] Heck no! I'm not giving you my pants!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] I don't give a care!
[he slams his hands on the desk]
PATRON 2: [translated] This is very unreasonable!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] You dare have these words come out of your mouth?!
PATRON 2: [translated] This is a public library! How can you say this crap?
[the librarian reaches over and "rips" his pants off in one motion, as the camera pans over to show the boy (from the waist up) with a shocked look on his face]
PATRON 2: [translated] Dude! My pants! What the f***?!
[he storms off, then (after a beat) he returns]
PATRON 2: [translated] Umm ... Can I borrow a violin book?
[cut to the boy (in his underwear) walking over to the couch and sitting down next to the first boy]
PATRON 2: [translated] You know violins can cost money?
PATRON 1: [translated] Umm ...
[cut to the boy showing him his book]
PATRON 2: [translated] Look at this! Look! I'm saying stuff!
PATRON 1: [translated] If I give you money, will you shut up?!
[cut to another boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 3: [translated] Um, can you help me find a book?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] What book do you want me to find?!
PATRON 3: [translated] I feel like getting a "physics" book ...
[the librarian points at him and yells once he pronounces the word "physics" in English]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Can't speak English in the library!
PATRON 3: [translated] For serious?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Have you seen the rules?
PATRON 3: [translated] Yeah, there are five.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you really read the rules?
PATRON 3: [translated] Fo sho! The rules didn't say anything about not speaking English!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Well, now there is!!
PATRON 3: [translated] Fine, then where's my physics book?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Fine, here's your physics book.
[she hands him a book]
PATRON 3: [translated] Thank you. Physics is really interesting.
[cut to a closeup of the door, as someone knocks, then cut to a still image of Michael Jackson (as the mouth moves to simulate him talking)]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Please open the door. Michael Jackson wants to renew a book!
[cut to the first boy sitting on the couch]
PATRON 1: [translated] I have a feeling that Michael Jackson wants to get in ...
[everyone else says in unison "The rules say ... No Michael Jackson allowed!"]
[cut back to the still image of Michael Jackson]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Come on guys, just let me renew the book!
[cut to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] No! Go away, Michael Jackson!
[cut back to the still image of Michael Jackson (as the eyebrows and mouth move to make him look angry)]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Rawr!
[the screen fades to black, then cut to the boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 3: [translated] Okay, can I check this book out now?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Give me your library card!
[he hands her a piece of paper, and she nods]
PATRON 3: [translated] Ah, it is getting late. I better head home.
[he gets up, then the other two boys walk up to him]
PATRON 1: [translated] How about we go home together?
PATRON 3: [translated] Who the crap are you guys?
[a ringing bell can be heard, as they all look around nervously]
PATRON 1: [translated] Fire!
[they all run off, then cut to the librarian pointing at them]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] No running!
[she reaches under the table and pulls out a shotgun, then begins firing at them ... she gets off two shots, then points the barrel at the camera as the screen cuts to black]

Directed by
Chris Chen

Original story by
Boyang Zhang

Screenplay by
Jessica Warner

Costumes and Props
Alex Lin

Visual and Sound Effects
Chris Chen


Library Patron #1
Alex Lin

Jessica Warner

Library Patron #2
Chris Chen

Library Patron #3
Boyang Zhang

Michael Jackson
Chris Chen

Case Study No. 2102: Ian McKinney

The Heist
Watch how a book lover pulls one over on a librarian to aquire a book that is on hold.
Tags: Beyone the Talking Head BTH YA YAS ACPL teens
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[scene opens with a young girl speaking to an older male librarian (short brown hair, glasses, green shirt, brown shirt)]
LIBRARIAN: May I help you?
BOOK LOVER: Yes, I was wondering, do you have a "Son of Neptune?"
LIBRARIAN: Oh, "Son of Neptune" ...
[he starts typing on his computer]
LIBRARIAN: I think there's a big hold list for that one. Let's see.
[he looks at the computer screen and grimaces]
LIBRARIAN: Uh, yeah ... would you like to be on the hold list?
BOOK LOVER: Oh, I'm already on the hold list. Can you tell me how many are there?
LIBRARIAN: Um, let's see ...
[he leans in and stares at the computer screen, then grimaces again]
LIBRARIAN: It's about ... two hundred and fifty.
BOOK LOVER: Awww ...
[she puts her head down on the table, then cut to the girl standing in front of an elevator]
BOOK LOVER: I've got to get that book!
[she slaps the button, then the doors open and a young boy walks out]
BOOK LOVER: Oh, hey!
MASTERMIND: How's it going?
BOOK LOVER: It's terrible!
BOOK LOVER: There's this one book I can't get, "Son of Neptune!" I've been waiting for it for so long!
BOOK LOVER: There's a hold of like two hundred and fifty people!
MASTERMIND: Well, I think we can think of something ...
[cut to the two looking at a floor plan for the library
MASTERMIND: Okay, every book that comes in has to go somewhere ... even if it is on hold.
[he points at the map]
MASTERMIND: That place is right here, in the basement! So what we have to do is get to the basement!
[cut to the two standing in front of a locked door, as the boy randomly presses buttons on the keypad]
MASTERMIND: How does this thing work?
[cut to a closeup of the handle, as a buzzer sounds and the girl is finally able to turn it and open the door]
[cut to the librarian looking over a bookcart, when the boy walks up to him]
MASTERMIND: Uh, can you tell me where the bathroom is?
[as the librarian look at him in confusion, the girl sneaks behind them and starts rifling through a box of books]
LIBRARIAN: You're not supposed to be down here.
MASTERMIND: Well, I got lost looking for the bathroom ...
[the librarian points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Well, the way out is that way.
[the girl grabs a book and holds it up in triumph]
[the librarian shakes his head and goes back to checking his books, as the girl sneaks away]
[cut to the girl standing at the self-checkout machine, as the boy stands guard behind her]
BOOK LOVER: Now I just have to check it out!
[she tries to swipe the book in the machine]
BOOK LOVER: It won't check ... Oh, it says it's on hold!
[she puts her head down on the table, as the boy looks at the computer screen]
MASTERMIND: Wait, it says it's on hold ... for you!
[the girl looks up at the screen, then holds the book up over her head in triumph, as the scene freezes and Queen's "We Are the Champions" plays in the background]


Caitlin Johnson ... Book Lover
Tyler Johnson ... Mastermind
Ian McKinney ... Librarian

Screenplay by
Caitlin Johnson
Corinne Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

Camera Operators
Corinne Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

Directed by
Ian McKinney

Caitlin Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

Case Study No. 2101: Staff of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences

'Like Chernobyl': Millions of unique texts feared lost in Moscow library fire
The massive fire in Russia's leading academic library may have destroyed some 15 percent of the collection – or roughly two million unique, historic documents. The devastation "resembles Chernobyl," say academics hoping to save some of the ancient texts.

The blaze – which erupted at around 10 p.m. Moscow time on Friday (7 p.m. GMT), on the third floor of the Academic Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow – was fully extinguished at 11:24 p.m. on Saturday, according to the Emergencies Ministry. Firefighters will continue to pour water over some 2,000 square meters of the damaged building until Sunday morning.

With 49,000 readers and 330 employees, INION is the largest research center in Russia in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Its collection consists of 14.2 million texts in both ancient and modern European and Asian languages, including rare 400-year-old editions. It also has one of the biggest collections of Slavic language books in the country.

The library, founded in 1918, also boasts Russia's most complete collection of documents of the League of Nations, the UN, and UNESCO, as well as parliamentarian reports of the United States (since 1789), the UK (since 1803), Italy (since 1897), and many others.
Tags: Chernobyl Disaster (Disaster) Library (Industry) Millions unique texts feared lost Moscow library fire Moscow library
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A million rare documents damaged in Moscow library fire
Cultural "Chernobyl" as blaze rips through one of Russia's largest university libraries

11:11AM GMT 02 Feb 2015

A fire that ripped through one of Russia's largest university libraries is believed to have damaged over one million historic documents, with some describing the fire as a cultural "Chernobyl."

The blaze, which started on Friday and was still not completely out on Saturday evening, ravaged 2,000 square metres (21,500 square feet) of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow, which was created in 1918 and holds 10 million documents with some dating back to the 16th century.

"It's a major loss for science. This is the largest collection of its kind in the world, probably equivalent to the (United States) Library of Congress," Vladimir Fortov, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences was quoted as saying by Russia press agencies.

"One can find documents there that are impossible to find elsewhere, all the social sciences use this library. What has happened here is reminiscent of Chernobyl," he said referring to the 1986 nuclear catastrophe.

Fortov said about 15 per cent of the collection had been damaged at the library, which includes one of the world's richest collections of Slavic language works, but also documents from Britain, Italy and the US.

Fortov told Kommersant FM radio that much of the damage was caused by water from the firefighting operations.

No one was injured in the inferno.

The fire broke out on Friday evening on the library's second floor and continued burning all day Saturday despite 200 firefighters' efforts to douse the blaze.

Library authorities initially said the documents were not in danger, but once the fire caused 1,000 square metres of the roof to collapse they were less certain about the risk to the collection.

A rescue service source told state-run RIA Novosti news agency it was impossible to remove the books because of the intense heat in the building.

According to Russian media, investigators looking into the cause of the blaze suspect an electrical short-circuit was to blame.



After a huge fire at Russia's Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences in Moscow was finally extinguished on Saturday, a long process began: salvaging books and collections damaged by flames, smoke and the water used by firefighters.

Though experts in the U.S. said they were not yet familiar with the specifics of the blaze at the Soviet-era building, they spoke with Newsweek about the precautions that such libraries and archives can take in case of disaster and what happens afterward when conservators are trying to rescue damaged materials.

The current standard procedure for salvaging books and collections damaged by water calls for the materials to be frozen as soon as possible. That's right: Stick them in a freezer.

"The material needs to be packed into cartons and frozen to stop the deterioration," says Duncan Rioch, a project administrator at Document Reprocessors, a company that specializes in salvaging water- and smoke-damaged books, documents and other archival material.

Previously, the company has been charged with restoration efforts for the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian. Most famously, it helped salvage and preserve the documentation that came up from the Titanic. While Rioch explained the process to Newsweek on Monday, one of the company's staffers was en route to Brooklyn, where a fire that broke out Saturday morning ravaged a warehouse full of New York City agency records.

Frances Harrell, a preservation specialist at Northeast Document Conservation Center, says libraries and archives should install automated fire-suppression systems, like sprinklers, because water-damaged records "are recoverable. We like them wet better than we like them burned up." But the mold that can result from the wet paper can be extremely harmful, she adds.

Paper and other porous materials grow when wet and can therefore break bindings on books. Once the materials are frozen, though, they can be kept indefinitely until the institution is ready to continue the restoration process. A vacuum freeze dryer can then evaporate the ice out of the material without allowing it to go through a liquid state. In other words, the technique uses sublimation, which means the ice changes from a solid state directly to a gaseous state. The vacuum helps speed up the process.

Document Reprocessors also has an alternative cryogenic drying method that takes three or four weeks, rather than the seven to 14 days for vacuum freeze drying, but allows the company to dry leather and ancient documents without having them crack. Since the process is proprietary, Rioch said he couldn't reveal the details.

Once the documents are dry, they need to be assessed for damage caused by the water, or the smoke or fire that came before the water, Rioch explains. For example, water damage can cause the glue from book bindings to migrate onto the pages, so they need to be carefully separated.

When fire is involved, there can be an accumulation of soot on the material, and the water can carry it into the material. Because soot can contain creosote, a carcinogen, the book or document "needs to be surface-cleaned and encapsulated to preserve the historical document in a manner that it is still safe for people to handle," Rioch says. Sometimes in these situations, an organization will prefer to scan and index the contents for reference and encapsulate the full item in plastic, rather than encapsulating each individual page (with lamination, for example).

Harrell cited the 1973 fire at the National Archives' National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis and a devastating 2009 fire at the Historical Archive of Cologne in Germany, which led to that building's collapse, as other examples comparable to last week's events in Moscow. But fire is not as common as flooding and water damage, says Rioch, who adds that his company is working with many municipalities that are still recovering documents damaged during Hurricane Sandy. In any case, both fires and floods lead to water damage.

Vladimir Fortov, president of Russia's Academy of Sciences, compared the Moscow institution that caught fire Friday with the Library of Congress (LOC). So what would the Library of Congress do if its collections were damaged?

Elmer Eusman, chief of the conservation division, says the LOC has three main lines of defense in case of such an emergency. First is a so-called "beeper team" - which now uses iPhones - of about a dozen members, who are on a standby rotation to alert higher powers in case of a water breach or another situation. Second, the library has a designated space with equipment and supplies ready to salvage its collections.

When there's an emergency, there's "always a sense of panic," says Eusman. "You don't want to be thinking about what you need, you want it all already handy." The supplies and equipment include pads that soak up large quantities of water, boards to keep covers straight while drying, personal protective gear, freezer storage and a vacuum freeze dryer that can handle small quantities of materials.

Finally, the LOC has a contract agreement in place with a company that, like Document Reprocessors, can contribute manpower, supplies and equipment in larger emergencies.

The response part of a disaster, like putting materials in the freezer, "can happen very quickly and is relatively cheap," says Eusman. But that's just the first step. The recovery that follows is often slow and very costly.

Based on photographs he's seen in the news of the fire in Moscow, "it'll be a significant amount of damage," he says. "There's going to be irreparable loss, undoubtedly, but I'm sure some will be recoverable."

Monday, July 20, 2015

Case Study No. 2100: Cadie Baskerval

Dangerous HS Girls in Trouble - Ch.6 (Downtown Breakdown)
The evidence continues to gather in favor of Max but is it possible for us to use this knowledge in time to save him?
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[the player clicks on the Downtown Library, as "Greco-Roman exterior architecture belies the gothic towers of bookcases within. Light struggles to reach worn, stained bindings" appears on screen]
[a still image of a young female librarian (long hair, glasses, dress with a high neck collar) appears on screen]
NARRATOR: "Hello girls. Welcome to the most exciting place in town!" She says with a gentle smile.
["What does Louise say to Cadie Baskerval? Select from the list on her card" appears on screen]
[the player selects "Any accidents?"]
LOUISE: Have there been any accidents here lately?
CADIE: Nothing more than a few spilled books. Poor things.
[the player selects "Is it true about you?"]
LOUISE: Is it true, you've never left the library?
CADIE: My father was the librarian before me. I was born in the librarian's office. He raised me here after mother died.
[the player selects "Your entire life!"]
LOUISE: You really have lived here your entire life!
NARRATOR: "You're still young. When you learn enough about our little town, you'll understand." Cadie shivers.
[the player selects "The right place."]
NARRATOR: "Then we've come to the right place. Excite me." Louise dares.
CADIE: I just finished organizing the town charter and its legal records!
[the player selects "I can understand why a person would never leave. Bye!"]
[the image of the librarian disappears, and the player clicks the "PowWow" button]
LOUISE: We were right! The accidents were caused by goods ordered from Weehawken.
GLADYS: We might convince Dean Hemlock, but Max lost his trial, and he will hang.
LOUISE: What about that appeal? What we've learned should free him.
GLADYS: I don't know much about law, but don't appeals require a higher authority?
LOUISE: I know two things about Brigiton's laws. They fall easily to corruption, and the town librarian just read them.
GLADYS: Oooo, goodie! We're going to corrupt a librarian!
[the player clicks on the Downtown Library again, as the image of the librarian re-appears]
NARRATOR: "I cannot give legal advice about an appellate process for Miss Fox's boyfriend." She hides Brigiton's legal codes behind her back.
[the player clicks "Expose", as "The blue tokens hide words in a message. Click tokens to reveal words for free. Then click the remaining tokens and guess." appears on screen]
[the player completes the mini-game, as "I cannot reveal Brigiton's extraordinary tribunal clause. I cannot say that it was created to avoid sending appeals to the big city." appears on screen]
["Win" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: "What is an extraordinary tribunal, you ask?" Cadie beams! "Come back after I've fully researched it."
[the player clicks on the Downtown Library again]
CADIE: I finished researching Brigiton's extraordinary tribunal clause. I even noted how to initiate one.
[the player selects "Why the clause?"]
LOUISE: Why does Brigiton need an appeals clause?
CADIE: Back in the day of our Founder, it took too long to send an appeal to a higher judicial authority.
[the player selects "Still true?"]
LOUISE: Hold on! Why is that still true today? Max will be hung before an appeal reaches the big city!
NARRATOR: "Brigiton has a history of avoiding influence from outsiders." Cadie tightens her lips until they're white.
[the player selects "Okay, what is it?"]
CADIE: Brigition's extraordinary tribunal allows citizens to appeal legal verdicts the town at large believes are unjust.
[the player selects "How to start?"]
LOUISE: How do we instigate an appeals tribunal?
CADIE: First, you have to petition the mayor. By petition, I mean, simply ask him to call for a tribunal.
[the player selects "What then?"]
LOUISE: Okay, suppose we convince the mayor to call for a tribunal? What then?
CADIE: At least three upstanding citizens must answer the call to review the original verdict.
[the player selects "Upstanding?"]
LOUISE: What does "upstanding" mean? Who in town qualifies as upstanding?
CADIE: Financially established older men like Banker Potts, Doctor Dielater, Dean Hemlock, and so forth.
[the player selects "Great for big shots!"]
LOUISE: This tribunal clause sounds like a great way for big shots to get away with murder!
CADIE: The town's records show, the only defendants to win their appeal were members of other tribunals.
[the player selects "What do they do?"]
LOUISE: What do these citizens do, once they've answered the call?
CADIE: They form a court for one day and review the case, verdict, witnesses, and any other relevant information ... Remember, first you must convince the mayor. Come back here if you have further questions.



Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! is a casual video game by independent developer Mousechief. After a series of beta releases and demos in 2007 and 2008, the finished title was released in mid-2008, with versions for both Windows and Mac OS X.

The game is set in 1920s Brigiton, a fictional community in small-town America, and involves the player guiding the activities of a group of high school girls as they explore its intrigues. Highlighting social rebellion in an era where women had only limited freedom, the title's motto declares "This is the game where good girls get better by being bad!".

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! begins with the player selecting one of twelve different girls to be the "queen" (leader) of the "gang". Afterwards, basic gameplay mechanics are revealed as the player recruits three additional girls to assist her. Each girl has different scores in four different attributes: Popularity, Rebellion, Glamor, and Savvy. The game makes heavy use of the suits from a traditional deck of playing cards, representing each in-game attribute as one of the suits.

The four attributes correspond to ability in four different actions which the girls can use when interacting with others. In turn, each of the four actions, "Taunt", "Expose", "Fib", and "Gambit", has a unique mini-game associated with it. After a given girl wins a certain number of mini-games, the player is able to increase one of her attributes. In contrast, losing a mini-game can result in a girl being unavailable for a period of time, or possibly even exiled from the player's gang. Often a girl lost from the gang can be recruited again later, or a substitute can be found. However, the presence of a boyfriend can protect a given girl from being banished even temporarily. Boyfriends are typically obtained through a separate "Flirt" mini-game, which makes use of all four of a girl's attributes together. When a girl who has a boyfriend receives a penalty serious enough to leave the gang, the boyfriend instead sacrifices himself to save her.

In-game navigation involves selecting different locations on a stylized game board. The girls then travel to that location and interact with one of the individuals who is revealed to currently be present. While in some cases, the girls simply converse ("Parley") with the person, in general, the girls seek to manipulate individuals in order to obtain information or to "get away" with something. This is done by selecting an action suggested by one of the girls (e.g. "Expose" to try to reveal the truth), and then playing the corresponding mini-game. Success often advances the game plot, but can also result in other benefits, such as temporary ability bonuses. In certain cases, the choice of mini-game can affect the story. For example, taunting a teacher is usually not a good choice, as even if the player wins the "Taunt" game, the outcome may be unfavorable and may result in the loss of a girl from the gang.



What have I been doing this week? What everybody else seems to be doing as well--playing "Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble."

Not only do you have to love a computer game with a name like this, but this is the most unusual game I have seen in ages. Beautifully designed to look like a board game, done in elegant watercolor, this game combines all the things a 1920s flapper can teach that girls of today need to know: How to play poker, expose secrets, successfully taunt others, and flirt with boys who will then sacrifice themselves for you.

But this isn't only about being bad--learning these skills allows your girls to outwit adults in order to solve a mystery and save the innocent, as well as successfully serve as matchmakers to at least three deserve-to-be-happy couples.

You start with selecting the girl who will be Queen of your gang--from a group of 12 possible, each of whom has different strengths.

You then travel around the school looking to recruit other girls for your gang, occasionally attending classes as well.

Once you have your gang complete, you begin to investigate why the school nurse is covering up accidents, while outmaneuvering the Liars, Bullies and Stoolies.

Eventually, your investigations take you out into the tougher world of Downtown Brigiton, where the boys are harder to hook, and the adults are corrupt, venal, or pathetic, yet all are harder to outwit.

The game and the producing company Mousechief are garnering a lot of positive reviews and nominations. This is the most delightful and amusing game I've played in a very long time, and I highly recommend it.



The arrest of Maximillian:
* Your next task is to find the detective. You can find him at the campus basement. He will arrest Maximillian. Go on to the Primary School and meet Florence. After talking to her you can meet her the next Saturday under the shady tree and she will teach you the last game, "gambit". After you have learned it you must return to the administration to meet Nurse Nacht once more.
* After beating her by gambit you should search for evidence in the dean's office. After beating him in a game you have to wait till regular school hours are over and search for Miss Hippilyta at the patio. Then go to the gymnasium to get the crowbar. It will be your way into the dean's office. After you have dealt with the dean you are able to access a new location, "Downtown".

Downtown Business:
* Visit Downtown to find out if the businesses there were also involved in any accidents. Go to the Two Peeks Diner and talk to Henry. He will tell you about some accidents that happened just recently in the different buildings in downtown. Feel free to visit other businesses and talk to the owners, for example the pharmacy. After you have talked some people the girls will summarise what they've found out.

Maximillian's appeal:
* Go the town library then. Go the city hall and meet Julianne Fox. She will give you her keys to the maths room where you have to take her telescope after the school hours. When you do that Stoolie Girl will tell you that Bully Girl took the telescope to the basement, go there.
* After you have won against Bully Girl return to Downtown and visit Maximillian in prison at the police-station. After you have talked to him go to the library again and ask how you to convince the mayor. Go to the Daily Muse and talk to journalist Otto Glimmernut. Go to the city hall and inform the mayor's secretary, George Pavel, about the Pogo Parade.
* Head then to the market circle. Talk to Otto Glimmernut and the children, then play gambit against the mayor. Talk to the mayor again.

The tribunal:
* Go to the library to ask Cadie Baskerval how to recruit the tribunal. Go to the hospital and convince Dr. Dielater to apply at the city hall. Then go to the school and talk to the dean in the administration. After that oyu have already two people who will be on Max's side. Return to downtown. Visit the Brigiton Hotel and talk to Mahatma McTeague. The last applicant you have to deal with is Clive the barber. Then return to the city hall and ask Vincent Haas about the applicants.
* Talk to Haas again and he will tell you that the judge decided Maximillian is innocent. He will talk to you and your girls meet at the new location the next day, "The Dells".
* Go to the bandstand and meet Susan Fragette.
* Another possibility instead of this path is to let the tribunal judge him as guilty and then trying to save him while he is about to be hung. Be sure to give the Weehawken catalogue to the mayor's secretary.

Case Study No. 2099: Gina (Love Route)

Love Route Trailer
The trailer for the new Saint Studios film about a bounty hunter named Jude (Darrock Flynn) who goes to collect real estate agent named Charlie (Aaron Brown) and ends up going on a date with librarian Gina (Faith Randall). In the end, Jude and Gina become a couple on the run from a mobster named Joey (Jeremy Hammack) and his entourage of bodyguards. The final film will be presented in three parts online that will be released periodically throughout the summer of 2012.
Tags: love lover loves route road travel couple trailer film short independent gun shoot guns pantyhose bodyguard gangsters mafia mob gangster bounty hunter bunny rabbit evil killer strangle torture realtor rape date rapist library librarian car cars chase pursuit driving cool teaser sexy
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[trailer opens with a man groggily rolling over in bed]
JUDE: [in voice over] Hello there. My name's Jude Wenslow ... and I'm a bounty hunter.
[he rolls right out of bed and lands on the floor, then cut to a closeup of another man]
JUDE: [in voice over] See that guy? His name's Joey Angelo ...
[cut to Jude tied up in a chair, with a nylon stocking over his head]
JUDE: Wasn't so bad ...
[Joey kneels down next to him, as another man off camera grabs Jude by the head]
JOEY: He hasn't even started.
[cut to various shots from the film, then to Jude standing in front of a closed door]
JUDE: Who is it?
[cut to a young female librarian (long dark hair, brown dress) standing on the other side of the door]
GINA: It's Gina.
[cut to a different man opening the door, as Jude pushes the door and knocks him down, then cut back to the librarian]
GINA: Are you ready for that date?
[cut back to Jude inside the house (from before the librarian arrived), as he has the man tied up in the closet]
JUDE: I'm gonna take this nice-lookin' girl out on a nice date, because that is what normal people do.
["Love" appears on screen, then cut to various shots of Jude spending time with the librarian (now wearing glasses) ... including teaching her how to fire a gun]
["Hate" appears on screen, then cut to more shots of the movie]
["And a killer bunny" appears on screen, then cut to a man inside of a car looking at his laptop]
MICHAEL: You threaten my family, I call the Hare!
[cut to Jude inside his bathroom, where a little pink bunny doll is clinging to the shower curtain]
[cut to the bunny on the shoulders of another man, using piano wire to "choke" him out]
[cut to Jude driving his car, as the librarian sits in the passenger seat]
JUDE: [in voice over] You should get some of those glasses ... like, the big thick ones? Because then you'd look like a really sexy librarian.
["Love Route" appears on screen]
JUDE: [in voice over] I mean, you look way too good to be one anyway.



Love Route (2012)
63 min - Comedy | Crime | Romance

Director: Curtis Everitt
Writers: Curtis Everitt (story), Curtis Everitt

Jude is a bounty hunter who goes to collect from seedy real estate agent Charlie. Jude ends up pretending to be Charlie in order to go on a date with Gina the librarian. While pursuing his overall objective and trying not to break the shocking truth to Gina, Jude is relentlessly dogged by gangster Joey Angelo, who wants vengeance for embarrassment.



Love Route (2012)

Written and directed by
Curtis Everitt

Darrock Flynn as Jude
Faith Randall as Gina
Aaron Brown as Charlie
Jeremy Hammack as Joey
Josh Powell as Michael
Jeremy Terrance as Argile
David Shoemaker as Bruno
Seth Kingston as Mars
Isaac Plunkett as Unlucky Fellow
Kayla Walls as Girl by Pool

Music arranged
Curtis Everitt

Assistant camera
Isaac Plunkett

Format consultant
David Shoemaker

Stunt driver
Seth Kingston

Special thanks
Courtney Smith
Lisa Randall


On his deathbed, Jude Wenslow's father was swindled out of his house. This house was to be Jude's inheritance, but now it's fallen into the control of gangster Michael Angelo (Josh Powell), who plans to use it for criminal activity. Jude (Darrock Flynn) pursues Joey Angelo (Jeremy Hammack) because he has access to the deed. Jude uses every means at his disposal to harass Joey and his entourage. Even though he is a bounty hunter, Jude is not legally permitted to carry a firearm because of a previous offense. This causes tension whenever Jude grows more paranoid and contacts gun dealer Argile (Jeremy Terrance). Also, Jude goes to collect Charlie (Aaron Brown), a real estate agent associated with Joey, and ends up putting him in a closet and stealing Charlie's beautiful date away. Gina the librarian (Faith Randall) is looking to start over in a healthy relationship, and luckily for her Jude comes along to save her from Charlie's more sinister intentions. A barrier between Jude and Gina is that Jude is not honest about his identity, posing as Charlie on their first couple dates. Not only must Jude break the news to Gina, but he also must collect the deed and stay alive in this hardball game of cat and mouse.

Case Study No. 2098: Southern Arkansas University Tech Librarian

LRC (2011) HD
My directorial debut, which I wrote and produced as well. I'm also responsible for the Tangerine Dream-y score, and I make a Hitchcockian cameo about 40 seconds in as a strapping firefighter.
Tags: Film Library College Fantasy University Student Campus Librarian Short Short Film
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[scene opens with black and white footage of a female student walking into a college library, as she stops with a look of hesitation on her face]
[the scene fades to white, then cut to color footage of a young female librarian (long black hair, grey pantsuit) talking to the student in a monotone cadence]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the SAU Tech Learning Resource Center. How may I assist you today?
STUDENT: Is this like a library or something?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, but it's so much more than that.
STUDENT: How so?
LIBRARIAN: Come with me.
[she turns and walks away, as the student follows her]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Our library contains a vast selection of titles available to every student, no matter what his or her course of study may be.
[cut to the student walking past a bookshelf, as she turns and gives a confused look to something off camera]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] From aviation maintenance ...
[cut to a male student tossing a paper airplane into the air (with realistic sound effects of a jet taking off)]
[cut to the student walking past another bookshelf, as she turns and looks at something off camera]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] To nursing ...
[cut to a male student (dressed in a white lab coat) sticking a large needle into the neck of another male student (with a blank look on his face), while an EKG monitor can be heard beeping in the background]
[cut to the student walking past another bookshelf, as she turns and looks at something off camera]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] To fire science management ...
[cut to a smoke-filled shot of the bookshelves, as a male student (dressed as a firefighter) carries a young boy towards the camera while sirens blast]
[cut to the student walking past another bookshelf, as she turns and looks at something off camera]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] To teacher education ...
[cut to a female student reading from a book (as if she is giving a lecture to an unseen classroom), when the paper airplane flies past her face]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] And everything else in between.
[cut to the student talking to the librarian and smiling]
STUDENT: And to think, I always thought libraries were these dark and scary places where something is just waiting to jump out and get you ...
[she turns away, then cut to the librarian calmly holding up a clove of garlic to ward off a male student (dressed as Dracula) peeking out from behind one of the bookshelves]
[cut to the librarian handing the student a magazine]
LIBRARIAN: We also have a wide selection of periodicals ...
[cut to the librarian handing the student a copy of the movie "Juliet of the Spirits"]
[the student sighs]
STUDENT: Is that all?
LIBRARIAN: Follow me.
[she turns and walks away, then cut to black and white footage of students using the library's computers]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Our computer lab helps make completing homework and class projects a snap. From writing reports, to creating slideshow presentations, to accessing the internet, we've got you covered.
[cut back to color footage of the librarian and the student talking]
LIBRARIAN: We even have Macs.
STUDENT: Who's Max?
LIBRARIAN: Uh, Mac computers?
[cut to black and white footage of students using the library's Mac computers]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Which are available for the convenience of our multimedia students, complete with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.
[cut to a student using a photocopy machine]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] And whether you need a document scanned, printed, or copied ...
[cut to another student making a copy at the circulation desk]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] All of these options are within your reach.
[cut to more footage of students studying together]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] The LRC features plenty of space for studying and doing homework.
[cut back to color footage of the librarian and the student talking]
LIBRARIAN: We even have a reading lounge ...
[cut to a male student (wearing novelty sunglasses) lying on a couch underneath a blanket, reading a copy of Doctor Seuss' "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] If you're ever in need of a comfortable place to kick back and relax with a good book.
[cut back to the librarian and the student talking]
STUDENT: This is all highly impressive indeed, but sometimes I find myself in need of some professional help.
STUDENT: With my general studies. I bet you don't have an answer to that, Miss Know It All.
LIBRARIAN: As a matter of fact, the Learning Resource Center at SAU Tech--
[cut to black and white footage of students writing on a whiteboard]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Is proud to provide our students with a full tutoring center, complete with a study area, an entire arsenal of computers, and of course an exceptional staff of fully qualified tutors who are more than happy to assist you--
[cut back to color footage of the librarian and the student talking]
LIBRARIAN: In mastering any core academic subject you so require.
[she snaps her fingers, as the screen fades to white, then cut to the student sitting at a desk as three library staff members surround her with books and papers]
[the screen again fades to white, then cut to the student standing alone in the library and smiling]
STUDENT: Wow, all of this under one roof!
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Excuse me ...
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Shhhhh ...


Rochon Bradford as The Student
Melanie Shank as The Librarian

Written, Produced & Directed
by Stefan Diamante

Executive Producers
Allison Malone
Steve Taylor

Mode Nouveauxx

Assistant Director - Carly Cooper
Script Supervisor - Chris Poindexter
Production Assistant - Marty Cash
Production Assistant - Chris Cooper
Production Assistant - Jordan Hager

Copyright (c) 2011 Studio Nouveaute
(All Rights Reserved)



The LRC provides students access to research materials, fiction and non-fiction, internet access, and online database access. The library is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Summer hours will be posted on the door.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Case Study No. 2097: Angelique Kidd

Police, protesters accuse each other over use of pepper spray Thursday
ST. LOUIS ( – Police and protesters are accusing each other of using pepper spray at a protest in Ferguson Thursday night.
Police arrested three people during the demonstration late Thursday night. Authorities said 19-year-old Dasha Jones, 17-year-old Brandi Shields, and 25-year-old Moustapha Diop were arrested for blocking traffic. Shields and Jones have been charged with unlawful assembly, Diop was charged with unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, and assault on a law enforcement officer.
Jones screamed about the tightness of the handcuffs as she was taken away. Friday, many protesters expressed and frustration about the arrest and police tactics.
"They're violent (police tactics) and unnecessary," said protester Angelique Kidd.
Shields was the next to be arrested. Authorities used pepper spray in the process. Two officers claimed protesters shot them with pepper, however, those officers may have been accidentally hit by the pepper spray.
Authorities said Diop is a fugitive wanted out of Webster Groves.
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News , Phoenix , Arizona , Phoenix videos , Arizona videos , news videos , weather , sports , Phoenix news , featured video , travel , weather
Tags: Culture generale L'humanitas de Ciceron La critique philosophiqu culture face aux crises en France et l'enseignement la philosophie Voir aussi Pepper Spray Police protesters accuse other pepper Thursday spray News Phoenix Arizona Phoenix videos Arizona videos news videos weather sports Phoenix news featured video travel Christina Daily Coldplay Protest (Quotation Subject) Graffiti Side
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[scene opens with footage of police and protesters clashing in Ferguson (Mo.)]
JASMINE HUDA: [in voice over] Police say three people were taken into custody, and they refused to get out of the street when they were blocking traffic. Russell Kinsaul talked with protesters who are calling those arrests unnecessary. Russell?
[cut to a male reporter ("Russell Kinsaul, Ferguson") speaking directly to the camera]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: Jasmine, even after all the extra training for officers, protesters say police are still being heavy-handed, and protesters are upset about the arrest last night of a twenty-five-year-old man, a nineteen-year-old mother, and a seventeen-year-old girl.
[cut to more footage of the protests]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] The crowd of protesters scattered when police moved in to arrest three protesters after repeatedly warning them not to stand in the street and block traffic.
[cut to another angle of the protesters scattering, as a police officer chases down a young African American woman]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] An officer ran and took down nineteen-year-old Dasha Jones first. She was charged with unlawful assembly. Jones screamed in pain about the tightness of her handcuffs, as she was taken away.
[cut to footage of two police officers picking the woman up off the ground, as she repeatedly screams "Arrest!"]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] A day later, protesters expressed anger and frustration about the arrest.
[cut to the reporter interviewing a female librarian holding a cardboard sign]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: What do you think about the police tactics that you've seen out here during protests?
ANGELIQUE KIDD: I think they're violent and overly aggressive.
[cut to more footage of police subduing protesters]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] Seventeen-year-old Brandi Shields was the second to be arrested. Police used pepper spray in the process. Two officers claimed that protesters also shot them with pepper spray, but they may have inadvertantly been hit by fellow officer's spray. Shields is also charged with unlawful assembly.
[cut to more footage of police subduing protesters]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] Twenty-five-year-old Moustapha Diop didn't appear to be a target of police, until an officer told him to get back and he refused.
[cut to a YouTube clip of the African American man being arrested]
RUSSELL KINSAUL: [in voice over] You can see pepper spray coming in from the right, and Diop appears to push or hit an officer with his left hand as he goes down. He's charged with unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, assault on a law officer, and police say he's a fugitive out of Webster Groves.



FERGUSON, MO. - She's a mom, a librarian, a U.S. army vet, just like her dad. She belongs to a Ferguson book club that hasn't met since police bullets felled Michael Brown in August.

Her 9-year-old daughter's on the Ferguson swim team. Her husband, who builds in-ground pools for a living, is president of their neighbourhood community association. Together, they launched two local community gardens. This is home. They're dug in, here for the long haul.

With a bio like that, Angelique Kidd, 41, admits she's just about the last person you might expect to find on the picket line, standing vigil day in and day out for the past 102 days opposite the Ferguson Police Department, demanding change.

"I've never protested anything in my life until now," Kidd said Tuesday afternoon, huddled alongside the handful of hardcore activists who've become good friends through months of heat, rain, and now sub-zero cold.

"It all started for me a few days after the shooting of Michael Brown, when our police chief was going to tell us who the shooter was. When he refused to say the name, something just came over me. I went outside with a can of (water-soluble) paint and wrote, 'Who shot Mike Brown' in big letters all over my vehicle."

Less than 10 minutes later, Kidd said, seven police cars - six from the Ferguson force, one from nearby Calverton Park - were in front of her house. She became terrified, ran inside, locked her doors and windows, and called her husband.

"They took down my licence plate and went away. And after I stopped being scared I started getting angry. And so I joined the march. I put signs on our lawn. And I've been down here opposite the police station almost every day since then."

Kidd admits she's lost friendships over her activism - although she won't know how many until Ferguson falls out of the headlines and things return to some semblance of normal. She's knows of at least two (unsuccessful) attempts to dislodge her from her part-time job at Ferguson Public Library.

And she is saddened that her home town has acquired a global reputation for hatred and strife when her reality suggests otherwise.

"The issue is not racial conflict between the residents of Ferguson. The issue is police accountability," she says. "It's important that the world understand that."

Still, Kidd admits her eyes have been opened by some of the reactions she has encountered with standing vigil with placards. More than a few white motorists have "flipped me the bird." One raised middle finger came from a passing Ferguson police cruiser. Other Ferguson cops, however, have actually acknowledged protesters with friendly waves, she says.

Kidd and the rest of the local core of protesters have seen larger waves of protesters come and go. Tuesday, they were joined by a student who had driven 15 hours from Delaware to be at their side. Another, a history student from North Carolina, came by air.

"I've come to understand that an event like this is a magnet for people with all kinds of axes to grind. My view is that's fine as long as they are non-violent. That's a line we won't cross. Sometimes my daughter joins me. I want to be heard, not hurt."

Kidd takes a dim view of the "I Love Ferguson" campaign that was launched in October in a bid to mend reputational damage. The signs now adorn nearly half of the city of 21,000 people's lawns, with a bright red heart between the words "I" and "Ferguson."

"It's fine to say you love your town. I do, too. But do you really need to hide behind a banner and pretend that everything is fine when a huge number of our population are not happy at all with where we are right now?

"We all need to heal. But it's too soon. We don't even have a grand jury decision yet. And until we do, my way of saying 'I love Ferguson' is to stand right here in front of the police station."

Those last words earn nods and smiles from the small group she's with. "You still yapping? At least you had something to say," says one, laughing.

Rick Canamore, 50, who lives in the nearby suburb of Normandy but does all of his shopping in Ferguson, is another long-termer on this line. His only previous experience with demonstrations was a march in St. Louis for Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen gunned down in 2012.

Now, apart from church and his work at a nearby pharmaceutical plant, this stretch of pavement has taken over Canamore's life.

"We dealt with the heat, we dealt with rain, and now, three months later, the cold and the snow. But this is too important to let go. We've got to change the police culture into a culture of training and accountability. No matter what the grand jury decides, we need real change."

Whether it will come in the ruling everyone awaits is a trickier question. The Missouri governor's pre-emptive declaration of a state of emergency, together with the activation of Missouri National Guard troops, suggests to many that there will be no indictment against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who fired six bullets into the unarmed Brown in a confrontation rife with conflicting eyewitness statements.

"I can't say if I'm optimistic or depressed as the grand jury ruling approaches," says Kidd. "I'm just numb with exhaustion, more than anything."