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Case Study No. 0148: Jashon, Hiawatha, and Bethany

Public Library the TV show.
This is the trailer for an upcomiing show about 5 library employees.See the show Librarians don't want you to see!
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[scene opens with an intoxicated man chugging a beer while stumbling through the library]
DRUNK PATRON: [yelling] I'm the police! Aaaah ...
[he kicks over a nearby wastepaper basket]
DRUNK PATRON: Karate chop!
["Working at a library can somewhat be challenging ... You have to deal with irate customers ... " appears on screen, then cut to a female patron yelling at an unseen librarian]
FEMALE PATRON: Hey! My tax dollars pay your salary!
JASHON: [off camera] Well, I need a raise ...
["Put up with mean supervisors ... " appears on screen, then cut to a white library supervisor speaking directly to the camera]
BETHANY: You're what HR selected? Lemmee guess. You're somebody's ...
[she starts making "gang" signs]
BETHANY: "Cousin" or "homegirl"?
["Work with office snitches" appears on screen, then cut to three African American female librarians standing around the front desk]
OFFICE SNITCH: So he can do what he do ...
[she walks away]
HIAWATHA: [talking to the other librarian once the snitch is out of earshot] Pay her no mind ... but watch her, she the office snitch.
["Shield inappropriate comments" appears on screen, then cut to an Indian patron speaking to Hiawatha at the front desk]
SANGHAI: You should be happy. Ain't today black people holiday?
["But through it all, at least you can have some fun with your coworkers ... The ones you actually like ... " appears on screen, then cut to the librarians laughing and dancing to music]


Starring: Integra Foxx, Angela Watts, Willie Roberts, Chirag Patel, Xavier Wright, Dominique Perry, Kenneth Wright, Willie Roberts, Demetria Dixon, Sastavia Sakar, Renee Ed, Jeffrey Ott, Kiana Dancie
Introducing Kenneth Henry
Written, Produced & Directed by Hiawatha

Song: "We Are" performed by Niyat. feat. Red Clay
Song produced by Wapp D. Beetz

Check out the "Public Library" Fan Page on Facebook for Screening dates and show details. Coming to Comcast ch. 17 and AT&T U Verse ch. 99 in October 2010!!!



Public Library- the TV Show
Comcast 99/ U Verse 17

http://www.seth macfarlane isan effing

The day in the life of 5 public library employees. The ups and the downs, the love, the hate and the many adventures.

Xavier Wright as "JASHON"
Integra Foxx as "HIAWATHA"
Angela Watts as "BETHANY"
Chirag Patel as "SANGHAI"

Coming in Summer 2011. Check it out!



"Public Library" at Hicajoke Productions, Houston
Director: Hiawatha Henry, senior library assistant at Houston Public Library.

"Public Library" is a pilot about the life of 5 library employees. The ups and down of being a civil servant for the city. The show is centered around comedy but will have elements of drama from time to time.



C-47 Houston (January 2011)
Our filmmaker interview with the producer/Director of the Television series "Public Library" Ms. Hiawatha Henry.

C-47: What is the name of your directorial debut film?
Ms. Henry: It's actually a TV pilot for a series called "Public Library". The show follows the lives of 5 Library employees on and off the job (Jashon, Hiawatha, Jalene, Sanghai, and Bethany). Currently, I work at the Houston Public Library and have over 13 years of experience and you can't imagine the things I have seen. It would blow your mind. I saw my first "tasing" at the library.
C-47: Do you consider "Public Library" to be a comedy or drama?
Ms. Henry: I'd say it's a dramedy. There will be moments to make you cry such as Jalene who is being abused by her boyfriend, the coming out of one of the characters daughter. The crazy antics of Jashon and Eddie, and of course who doesn't or haven't had an evil supervisor, manager or boss in their lifetime. In this crew's case, they have 5!
C-47: Who do you have cast in "Public Library"?
Ms. Henry: It stars Integra Foxx, Angela Watts, Dominique Perry, Xavier Wright and Chirag Patel. These are the central characters. Supporting cast includes Renee Edd, Kenneth Wright, Demetria Dixon, Kiana Dancie, Sandi Morgan, Sostavia Sarkar and Jeffrey Ott. Also, two of my favorites, Joe Will and David "Dman" Escobar, will be featured more often as we move along with more episodes.
C-47: You work in a Library, why make a tv pilot and get into moving pictures?
Ms. Henry: I believe that it is a dream in my heart that has been placed there by God. He is the only one that can make it come to pass. During one of my down moments, my pastor, Lisa Comes, said, "You know it's a God Given dream when no matter how hard you try to let it go, it won't let you go!" As a filmmaker, there are many down moments, so this is the quotation that I hang on to. It's hard, but the reward for me comes from the audience's laughter and cheers. I was, recently, at an event this past week and a person that attended Houston's 2010 Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival came up to me and told me they couldn't wait for the next episode. That was my reward.

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