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Case Study No. 0191: Carole Littleton

Per Avion 3x12 flashback
lost 3x12 claire flashback
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From wikia.com:

Carole Littleton is Claire's mother, Lindsey's sister, Christian Shephard's former lover and Aaron's grandmother. (It is uncertain whether the spelling of her first name is "Carole" or "Carol". The closed captions in "Par Avion" spell the name "Carole" but other sources, such as the onscreen credits of "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" and the ABC MediaNet press release for "Whatever Happened, Happened", spell the name "Carol".)

Very little is known about Carole. Claire said she was a librarian. About 23 years prior to the events of "Par Avion", Carole had an affair with Christian Shephard. It is unknown how long it lasted, but Carole became pregnant with their daughter, Claire. Christian supported her and the baby, came down to visit several times, and he even paid for her house's mortgage. However, neither Carole nor her sister Lindsey approved of Christian dividing his time between families, and they made him promise never to come back.

Carole decided to tell Claire that her father was killed when Claire was two, and she proceeded to raise Claire by herself, working as a librarian. Unfortunately, Claire became angry and reclusive, adopting a Goth-like lifestyle. Claire later commented that she was "horrible" to Carole.


From wikia.com:

Episode 12 - "Par Avion"
Written by: Christina M. Kim & Jordan Rosenberg
Directed by: Paul Edwards

[Claire and Jin are at the beach, setting up a net in the water.]

CLAIRE: Will this work?

JIN: Yes, work.

[Sun walks towards them with two buckets of fish.]

JIN: Err, Sun, needs help.


[Claire walks up to Sun, and the two of them sit down and make chum.]

CLAIRE: Mmm... smells great!

SUN: Let's get it over with. This was my mother's worst fear.

CLAIRE: What do you mean?

SUN: That I would end up doing something very much like this, cutting bait. She had high hopes for my future. They did not include me marrying a fisherman's son.

CLAIRE: Well, I guess we don't always turn out like our mother's wanted.

SUN: Of course, mine never worked a day in her life.

[Claire looks upset.]

CLAIRE: My mom was a librarian.

SUN: Was?

[To avoid finishing the conversation, Claire looks over towards Jin.]

CLAIRE: We should get this stuff out there.

[Flashback - Claire walks into a hospital room. Her Aunt Lindsey is standing there next to her mom Carole, who is still in the hospital bed, unresponsive.]

LINDSEY: Where were you?

CLAIRE: Went home to take a shower.

LINDSEY: Oh, that must have been nice.

CLAIRE: They said she was still in surgery. I had glass in my hair, Aunt Lindsey.

LINDSEY: Well I'm glad that you're feeling refreshed.

[Doctor Woodruff walks into the room.]

DR. WOODRUFF: Good afternoon. Are you the daughter? I'm Doctor Woodruff, neural surgery. I'll be observing your mother for the next few days.

LINDSEY: How is she?

WOODRUFF: We've managed to stabilize her immediate injuries, but... your mother's suffered a severe head trauma. We'll have to wait for the swelling in her brain to go down before we determine the full extent of her injuries. But, uh, I'm afraid we're looking at fairly widespread damage.

CLAIRE: Wait, what does that mean?

WOODRUFF: It means that right now, these machines are sustaining her life.

CLAIRE: It won't always be, I mean when she wakes up she won't need—

WOODRUFF: I can't say with any real confidence—that she will wake up.

CLAIRE: Can she hear us?

WOODRUFF: I'd like to think she can.

LINDSEY: How long will she be like this?

WOODRUFF: Could be a day, a week, or years. We'll just have to wait and see. But I can assure you she'll be well looked after.

LINDSEY: Oh, that's very nice, but we can't pay for that.

WOODRUFF: Don't worry; her expenses have already been taken care of.

LINDSEY: By whom?

WOODRUFF: I've been asked to keep that confidential.

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