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Case Study No. 0198: Unnamed Female Librarian (Snoopy, Come Home)

Snoopy Laughing
Snoopy laughing on library... very funny
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[Charlie Brown and his sister Sally are heading for the public library, with Snoopy following close behind]
SALLY: I know why you want me to go to the li-berry! You're trying to trick me into learning how to read! That's what you're trying to do! Who cares about reading? The next thing you know, you'll want me to conjugate all those verbs and split those infinitives! I hate reading! I just wanna be a good housewife!
CHARLIE BROWN: Shh! You have to be real quiet in here! Now come on ...
[they enter the public library, as Snoopy wanders to the magazine rack and tries licking one of the magazines]
[cut to Sally pulling books from one of the shelves (including one title clearly labelled "Sambo"), then accidentally pulling Snoopy (who was browsing around on the other side of the shelf) by his nose]
[after readjusting his nose, Snoopy resumes his browsing and pulls out a book entitled "The Bunnies" ... then cut to Charlie Brown sitting at a table with Sally (trying to get her to look at a book), when Snoopy pulls up a chair next to them and starts to read]
SNOOPY: Hee hee hee ...
[as Snoopy continues paging through the book, his laughing slowly begins to get louder and louder ... cut to an exterior shot of the public library, as an unseen female librarian forcibly kicks Snoopy out the front entrance, where he lands next to a "No Dogs Allowed in Library" sign]
SNOOPY: [turns and angrily begins yelling in the direction of the library]



"Snoopy, Come Home" is a 1972 American musical-animated film, produced by Cinema Center Films and Lee Mendelson Films for National General Pictures, directed by Bill Meléndez, and based on the Peanuts comic strip.

Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang go to the beach for the day. Once there, Snoopy promises to go back to the beach the next day to meet up with Peppermint Patty. While Charlie Brown and the others have gone home to play Monopoly, he notices Snoopy is late, but does not take note of it, and he later cuts his thumb when opening Snoopy's can of dog food with a can opener. The next day, Snoopy is thrown off the beach due to a new "No Dogs Allowed" rule, and has Woodstock write a complaint letter about it. Then Snoopy gets thrown out of a library due to a "No Dogs Allowed" rule. He then gets into a fight with Linus for his blanket, and later beats Lucy in a boxing match. After which, he kisses her, but as he walks away, she tosses her boxing glove at him.


* An extended version of the library scene (where even certain parts of the animation are re-used) appears in the 1976 TV special "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown." In this version, Snoopy (accompanied by Woodstock) pulls a book from the shelf entitled "Obedience Training for Dogs Volume II, by Dr. Albo." Once again, he sits at a table and begins laughing uproariously upon reading the book; however, instead of immediately being ejected from the library, Snoopy brings the book to the copy machine. He's still laughing so hard, though, that he accidentally puts Woodstock in the machine and makes a copy of him. This causes him to laugh even harder, which does end up getting them both kicked out of the library.
* The unseen librarian is briefly visible in the 1981 TV special "It's Magic, Charlie Brown." Charlie Brown gives Snoopy his library card, since he believes his dog needs to "get some education" and learn "how to do something besides eating and sleeping." Snoopy then takes the book "How to Perform Magic!" to the checkout line, and hands it to the female librarian (whose face is still left outside of the shot, of course).

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