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Case Study No. 0093: Suzanne and the Pirate Librarian

Pirates at the Research Help Desk
The friendly staff at the research help desk are more than happy to assist you with your library research. You can find help at all four campus libraries.
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[the commercial opens with a young female librarian addressing the camera]
SUZANNE: Hi, I'm Suzanne, and I'm a librarian here at McMaster. Did you know that we have trained professionals to answer your research questions? At some libraries, like Innis and Thode, you'll find them where you check out books and laptops. Let's check it out!
[she takes a seat at the research desk, as a librarian dressed as a pirate appears]
PIRATE LIBRARIAN: Ahoy, what can I do ye for?
SUZANNE: I was wondering if I could get some help with my research paper?
PIRATE LIBRARIAN: Aye, that I can!
SUZANNE: I'm looking for a first edition of "The Hobbit."
PIRATE LIBRARIAN: That be one'a me favorite authors, J. Arr Arr Tolkien!
[the pirate begins slowly typing on his computer using his hook hand]
PIRATE LIBRARIAN: Shiver me timbers! Luck be on your side today! It looks like our Arr-chives has the first edition!
SUZANNE: Great! Thank you so much for your help ... I think I'm "hooked" on this service!



Pirates in the Library?
Posted on September 17, 2009

Watch the latest library video to find out why there are pirates in the library (and learn a little about the library along the way).

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