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Case Study No. 0061: Vampira Chicken

Mr. Jellyfish Goes to the Library.mp4
This is the film that my six year old son made for the Quiet on the Set Short Film Competition.
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Mr. Jellyfish Goes to the Library
Written, directed, and voiced by Amasa Evesen

[Mr. Jellyfish walks out of his house]
MR. JELLYFISH: I'm bored!
[he holds up a book entitled "The Boring Book of Boring Stuff"]
MR. JELLYFISH: Stupid book! This book is boring!
[a lightbulb goes off over his head]
MR. JELLYFISH: I've got an idea!
[cut to Mr. Jellyfish walking to the Minneapolis Public Library, where he walks up to the front desk and talks to the vampire-chicken librarian]
MR. JELLYFISH: Hi, Vampira Chicken! I'd like to get a not-extremely boring book!
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: Great, every book I have is non-boring!
[she holds up a book]
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: How about this? It's called "A Day in the Life of a Coffee Cup."
MR. JELLYFISH: Uh, no thank you.
[she holds up a blank book]
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: How about this book? It's called ...
MR. JELLYFISH: Uh, if that book is just blank pages, I don't think I'll want it.
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: Well, I've got two more books ...
[she holds up a handful of dust]
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: This book is called "The Dustball" ... Actually, it really is just a dustball.
MR. JELLYFISH: Uh, that's not even a book ...
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: Well, there is one more book in the library. Maybe you'll like it.
[she holds up a book]
VAMPIRA CHICKEN: It's called "Attack of the Extra Strength, Super Powered, Ultra Evil Hydra!"
MR. JELLYFISH: That looks great! Thanks, Vampira Chicken!
[cut to Mr. Jellyfish returning home]
MR. JELLYFISH: That was funny ... I mean, fun! I mean, funny and fun! The end!

This film was produced for the Quiet on the Set short film competition.
Sponsored by MELSA, Comcast, IFP

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