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Case Study No. 0082: Skinny Lenny the "Libarian"

Skinny Lenny-Libarian
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[scene opens with a "female" librarian (with frazzled hair, glasses and buck teeth) reading a newspaper, as the sounds of someone smacking their gum can be heard loudly from off camera]
LIBRARIAN: [puts down the newspaper and stares into the camera] Ma'am ... ma'am!
["she" slaps the paper down on the table in front of her]
BOBBIE: [from off camera] Who, me?
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, you! This is a public library, and you have got to be quiet in here! Now, people are trying to read ...
BOBBIE: [from off camera] I'm just tryin' to chaw muh chewin' gum!
LIBRARIAN: Can I help you with something?
BOBBIE: [from off camera] Well ...
[she continues noisly smacking her gum]
BOBBIE: [from off camera] I--
LIBRARIAN: [smacks the side of the camera with her paper] Ma'am, you're gonna have to quit chompin'! Gimmee the gum ...
BOBBIE: [from off camera] You hit me with that paper one more time, Miss, and you've had a bad day!
LIBRARIAN: I am the librarian! I've been a librarian at this library for fourteen years, and you are not gonna distract my people! Now gimmee the gum ...
BOBBIE: [from off camera] No!
LIBRARIAN: Spit it out!
BOBBIE: [from off camera] Over my dead body will you get mah chewin' gum!
LIBRARIAN: [looks around] Will somebody call security? Security! We need security over here!
BOBBIE: [from off camera] Will you calm down a little? You can tell you've been a librarian for fourteen years ...
LIBRARIAN: Listen here, little missie! You don't say nothing about librarians ... and you don't even got a book in your hands!
BOBBIE: [from off camera] I know, I was trying to get your attention because I was needin'--
LIBRARIAN: You respect your elders, honey! You respect your elders!
BOBBIE: [from off camera] I was needin' help in the drama books!
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I'm about to give you some drama! Some drama that you don't want, young lady! You have worked my nerves! I just can't even deal with this anymore ...
["she" rips off her glasses and wig]

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