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Case Study No. 0094: Hannah

The Zoo Race game movie - full version
The Zooest Race
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[scene opens with a male patron sitting in the library reading a book entitled "Noah's Ark", when the young female librarian approaches him]
HANNAH: Hi Rueben. May I ask, what book are you reading?
RUEBEN: Oh, hi Hannah. Yes, it's a book about Noah's Ark.
HANNAH: Rueben, do you actually believe in the Bible story of Noah's Ark?
RUEBEN: Well, uh, yes. I do. I believe in what it says.
HANNAH: Oh ...
[she laughs]
HANNAH: Okay, then ... Rueben?
RUEBEN: Yes, Hannah?
HANNAH: As the head librarian here, I must recommend for you to read ... perhaps, some more informative books. There's always the dictionary, encyclopedias, and also many history books to choose from.
RUEBEN: No Hannah, I like books about animals. Those other books are boring to me!
HANNAH: Animals? Well ... Well, how about these books?
[she shows him a couple of books, including "Cute Pigs" and "Creature Racing"]
RUEBEN: Hey, look here! This one book is called "Creature Racing" ... Ah, creature racing! Do you think that Noah had any creature races in those days, after the world flood? I mean, did Noah play and have fun with the animals, with racing games? Racing games, wow! What do you think, Hannah? Hmm, I wonder.
HANNAH: I think ... I think that maybe you read too many books, Rueben!
[camera zooms in on Hannah as she laughs at the idea]
HANNAH: Imagine that ... racing games! You have too much imagination, Rueben! I wonder, hmmm. And who would actually start and announce such a race? Would it be God Himself, maybe?
[she laughs again]
HANNAH: Yeah, right! Now I've heard everything! God organizes an animal race, and is also a great race announcer! Ha ha! Well, God cannot do that! Heh!
RUEBEN: But, but ... You know that God can do it, because God can do anything! Are you saying that the great God who made the Earth cannot do something?
HANNAH: Well ...
RUEBEN: Come on, Hannah, let's race! You and me, let's race!
[he begins awkwardly running around in circles]
RUEBEN: Let's have some fun! Just around the library, heh heh! I'll race you, Hannah!
[he hides behind a desk, as Hannah just stares at him with mouth agape]
RUEBEN: Come on, Hannah! Are you going to race me? Ha ha!
HANNAH: What? Rueben, are you crazy? There's no racetrack around here! And I'm not even dressed for racing! I'm not some dumb animal creature like you read in your books! You need to get a brain, Rueben! And besides that, well ... I don't think that I can race even if I wanted to. I'm not very strong or anything. How could I ever race? I mean, I'm very small and so very thin, and ... uh, I don't feel like I can race. I don't feel very well, uh!
[suddenly (and without warning) Hannah transforms into a racehorse, while Rueben turns into a rhinocerous and two patrons behind them become a pig (wearing a top hat) and a cougar]
HANNAH: Whoa! What happened? Wow, oh great! I'm a horse now!
[she neighs]
HANNAH: And you Rueben, you're a rhinocerous!
[Rueben the Rhinocerous makes some kind of weird animal noise]
HANNAH: Oh, this is just so crazy! I just wanna know something ... What else could ever happen to us today? What else can happen?
[a gate in the back of the library opens to reveal a giant field outside (complete with race track, so the animals exit the library and begin racing]
GOD: [from off camera] Ready ... set ... go!
[a gunshot sounds, as the animals begin racing]
GOD: [from off camera] At the start, it's Cain the Cougar! Followed by Priscilla the Pig, Hannah the Horse, and Rueben the Rhino!
[more clips of the animals racing are shown (including one sequence where Hannah rides a rocket ship to the moon), ending with Hannah crossing the finish line]
GOD: [from off camera] Congratulations to Hannah the Horse!
HANNAH: Wow! Is this a ... a dream?

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Welcome to THE ZOO RACE ! - A 3D action game by Cougar Interactive for ages 9-99

Watch Hannah the librarian and her friends as they are re-shaped into animals!

After laughing and teasing her friend Rueben about believing in the Noah's Ark story, then Hannah the librarian has a dream about it. In her dream, her friends are re-shaped into animals and she herself changes into a racehorse and participates in the race "Games of Celebration" after the world flood. But, unknown to everyone, Noah's sons have created a lot of obstacles on the racetrack for the creatures. These obstacles on the racetrack slow down the participants and include hurdles, glass mazes, Piranha fish, fire geysers, exploding barrels, rockets, cannons, bomber planes and more! "Let's give them a real race, ha-ha!" said Japeth. "Yes and let's have some fun!" said Shem and Ham, so beware, because this race is so very different.


The story of Hannah the Horse and the crows:

One day Hannah the Horse was racing on lots of green grass. Suddenly she noticed that lots of crows had come out. "Look Cain!", she declared, "The crows have come out to greet us.", but just then she noticed that the crows were indeed flying overhead, but they also were pooping lots of poop from above. As the noise and stench came from above, she shouted aloud, "Quick everyone!" "Let's run into this cave over here!".

Then Hannah noticed that the cave ending was a cliff that dropped down to a deep river far below. Agggh!, she screamed as she fell down. "Oh those nasty crows", she said aloud. "If I could just be on the moon, then there would be no more crows, because crows don't live on the moon!"

Hannah's Moon Trip:

On another day, however, Hannah found herself on a rocket and then afterwards on the moon itself. While on the moon she heard the faint sound of a bird. It was ... It was crows! The crows were on the moon! Yes and their crow poop were there also again, but she tried hard to avoid it.

Hannah Prays:

After the race, Hannah asked the Lord about the crows. "Lord? She asked, "Why were the crows on the moon?" "Crows don't normally live on the moon, right?" Then the Lord God spoke to Hannah the Horse. "HANNAH, said the Lord. I PUT THE CROWS ON THE MOON. DO NOT BE MAD AT THE CROWS, FOR THEY ARE ONLY A SYMBOL OF THE TRIALS AND TESTINGS THAT OCCUR IN YOUR REAL LIFE. YOU MUST OVERCOME ALL THE OBSTACLES THAT LIFE MAY BRING YOUR WAY AND ALSO TRUST IN ME THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND YOU WILL BE A BLESSED CREATURE.

And that is exactly what Hannah the Horse did. She trusted and praised the Lord all the days of her life. One more thing Lord, Hannah prayed aloud. Now that the race is finished and we are standing here on the moon, then how shall I get back down to earth again?

Then the Lord God spoke again to Hannah the Horse saying:


"Yes Lord!" Hannah happily shouted and she quickly obeyed.

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