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Case Study No. 0087: Mary

Operation Repo - THE LIBRARIAN
Froy and Sonia have to repo a Corvette from a librarian. When they arrive, the quiet librarian starts to show her real colors....

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The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real events.
The names of the characters were changed in order to protect their identities ... and some honor.

[Froy and Sonia are driving down a street in the tow truck]
SONIA: So anyways, um, we're looking for a 2009 Corvette.
FROY: Nice.
SONIA: Your ... Your, your ... One of your favorite cars, no ?
FROY: Not mine, Matt's.
SONIA: [laughs]
MATT: What is it, at work right now?
SONIA: She's a librarian. Can you believe that?
FROY: That's a nice car for a librarian!
SONIA: Yeah, well, librarians make good money. Everybody thinks just because you're a librarian, you don't make no money. You make money.
FROY: I thought they made like minimum wage.
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: You know, I think I'm gonna change from being a repo man to a librarian, because I don't have a Corvette and she has a Corvette. When did librarians start getting Corvettes?
[back to Froy and Sonia in the truck, as they pull up to a house]
SONIA: Here's the address.
FROY: Do we have a plate?
SONIA: Yeah, [beep].
FROY: Is that it?
SONIA: Yeah, it's the Corvette. Um, what do you want to do, back it up? We ain't gonna be towing that. Look at where the [beep] at.
FROY: I know. I'll block it, and I'll try to pick it up, at least. If you have a chance ... If you have a chance, write down the plate to that Porsche as well, 'cause if this thing is for repo, maybe the Porsche is, too.
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: You know, I'm starting to think that maybe this librarian does something else besides just library work. I mean, is she doing something special? Does she own the library? I don't know.
[back to Sonia knocking on the door]
SONIA: Hi, I'm looking for a Mary [beep].
MARY: Yeah, that's me.
SONIA: How you doing? My name is Sonia. Uh, we have an order for repossession on the car.
MARY: On what car?
SONIA: On the Corvette.
MARY: Uh-uh ... [she comes storming out of the house and confront Froy] No, no, no, no.
FROY: How you doing?
MARY: Chuck just paid this last week, dude ... No.
FROY: Uh, I'm sorry. Who's Chuck?
MARY: My husband.
FROY: Okay ...
MARY: He paid it, the car's in my name. He paid it last week.
FROY: Okay, he hasn't paid it. She's got a paper that she can show you--
MARY: No, that's bull-[beep]!
SONIA: Okay ...
FROY: Hold on.
MARY: He just paid it, what are you talking about?
SONIA: Listen, ma'am--
MARY: No, you are not going anywhere.
[another woman comes out of the house]
WOMAN: Oh my god ...
FROY: Hold on, hold on.
SONIA: Okay, let me explain something before you go on, okay? Listen ...
MARY: Explain what?
SONIA: Do you--
MARY: My car is on here, number one ...
SONIA: Listen.
MARY: Even if he didn't pay it, it's not-- you cannot move it. It will ruin the car.
SONIA: You know ... [points to the other lady] Okay, who's this ?
MARY: Do you hear me? It will ruin the [beep] car !
SONIA: Who's this?
MARY: Don't worry about who she is!
SONIA: Okay, then tell her to get the hell out, and stop yelling at me, 'cause I'm trying to be civil and you're yelling!
FROY: Ma'am ...
MARY: [yelling even louder] How are you trying to be civil when--
SONIA: Because I have an order for repossession.
FROY: Excuse me?
SONIA: Did you hear me?
MARY: You do not have an order for repossession because the car got paid last week!
SONIA: She ain't listening ...
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: You know, honestly, I can't believe that that librarian was that upset. But then again, if you think about it, Sonia kind of brings that out of everybody ...
[back to Sonia and Mary yelling at each other]
MARY: You do not hear what I'm saying, ma'am, when I'm talking to you!
SONIA: You wanna bring the whole neighborhood?
WOMAN: Um ...
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: She got off on me, she got in my face, telling me off, okay? She started, not me, so I don't know what the hell Froy's talking about ...
[back to Mary yelling]
FROY: Did I say--
MARY: Get your [beep] back to--
FROY: I didn't say anything about--
MARY: Do you habla ingles ?
FROY: [calmly] I can tell you in spanish if you like as well. Listen, hold on ...
MARY: You want me to say it in Spanish ?
FROY: Could it be a possibility--
MARY: Do you really want me to say it in Spanish?
FROY: Just could it be a possibility--
MARY: [beep] No!
FROY: Is there a possibility that maybe your husband didn't make the payment?
MARY: No, no, no, no!
[Sonia tries to open the door through the window, and Mary grabs her]
SONIA: Don't touch me, lady!
MARY: Don't touch me !
SONIA: You better just gimmee the keys--
MARY: Get your [beep] up out of here! Don't touch me !
SONIA: Don't touch me, lady, you're gonna have a problem.
MARY: Don't touch me!
FROY: Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am ...
MARY: No, you're gonna have a problem !
FROY: Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, listen ...
WOMAN: Don't touch her!
SONIA: This is my car, you hear me?
MARY: Your car!? Your car!? What year is it ?
SONIA: Put your hand on me!
MARY: What year is it, if it's your car ?
SONIA: 2009, 2009 !
MARY: [beep], it's a 2008!
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: You know, I have to tell you the truth. Going out with Sonia to do repos has turned out to be like going with Matt out to repos. There's always someone fighting.
[back to Mary and Sonia yelling]
MARY: You know what? Okay, fine! Fine! [grabs Sonia around the neck]
MARY: Get the [beep] away from me!
FROY: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
SONIA: Chill out!
[Froy tries to separate them]
FROY: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me ... [gets in front of Mary]
MARY: Move!
FROY: No, you're not gonna win, you're not gonna win. If she tells--
MARY: Oh, you want him to protect you now!
SONIA: I don't need him!
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: I have two women on one. Okay, can I handle it? Yeah, if I want to be really badly aggressive, okay? But I didn't want to.
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: And usually, when you think two women fighting ... you know, you start thinking, "Cool! Catfight, wet T-shirt contest. But unfortunately, Sonia was one of those women, so I couldn't really think like that.
[back to Froy trying to get in between the three women]
SONIA: [talking to Froy and pointing to the car] We're gonna drag it out ...
MARY: You're not going nowhere! Pick it up!
WOMAN: Take the friggin' car!
MARY: Pick it up!
SONIA: Go ahead. That's okay, go ahead. Drag it out.
FROY: Get so physical, you're gonna get hurt ...
MARY: Okay, okay, okay! Wait! Wait, okay.
FROY: I'm done trying to talk to you.
MARY: Let me-- okay.
SONIA: You get me the key and then you get something out.
MARY: Okay, let me get some things ...
SONIA: [to Froy] Just go ahead and drag it out.
MARY: [fumbling with her keys] Oh, [beep] you ...
SONIA: You give us the key, otherwise we'll drag it out.
MARY: Let me just get some things.
SONIA: First, you give me the key and you can get some things.
MARY: I've been working all day.
SONIA: Okay, you know what? Let's be civil, then. Give me the key, I'll open the trunk and you can get your stuff.
MARY: Let me open the trunk and then I'll give you the key.
SONIA: Okay, go ahead.
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: Man, I expected a better behavior from this R.O. than the one she gave me, which, it was horrible because I was holding in so much anger, 'cause I really wanted to just [makes a slapping motion] Uh! And the other chick, I just wanted [another slapping motion] Boom!
[back to Sonia and Mary]
MARY: [yelling at Froy] What?
FROY: Give me the key, I'm gonna open it, you can get your stuff out. I promise you. I can't let you try to get it and then try to take off with your purse and the key as well.
MARY: [throws the key on her lawn] Go fetch!
FROY: Can you please get the key, Sonia?
MARY: Fetch, [beep]!
[Sonia goes to retrieve the key]
FROY: Thank you.
MARY: [yelling after Sonia] My toilet needs some cleaning! You can go in there and clean it!
SONIA: Why don't you wipe my [beep] first?
[Mary opens the trunk, then she and the woman start taking out books and throwing them at Sonia]
MARY: [beep]!
WOMAN: [throws papers at Sonia] Here, you need a library card if you're gonna act like a [beep] kid at the library!?
SONIA: You know what ... [pushes the woman] [beep] you, lady.
MARY: [pushes Sonia] Leave my girl alone! Fight me! Leave her alone [beep]!
SONIA: You better stop it, you guys!
FROY: [tries to separate them again] Okay, okay, yeah, yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey. Please, yeah, stop, stop, stop. Stop. Relax, relax. Sonia, just get in the car, please.
[Sonia turns to get in the truck]
FROY: [points to the ground behind Mary] Look, your glasses are on the floor, they're gonna break ...
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: See, that's what I'm talking about. I'm trying to do my job, and what does Sonia do? Get back into the frickin' fight.
[back to Froy trying to make peace]
FROY: Go inside.
[Sonia bumps Mary on her way to the truck]
FROY: Go in--
[Mary pushes back]
FROY: [to Sonia] Please go-- Please go inside.
SONIA: You better stop it, lady. You better stop it.
FROY: [picks up Mary's purse] Look, take your purse. Please go inside. Please go inside. Ma'am, go inside.
[Mary picks up a book off the floor and throws it at Sonia's back]
FROY: Don't, don't! Just go inside, please.
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: This woman's trying to get me mad, okay? 'Cause she's throwing books at me, and I'm telling you, I'm not gonna be pissed ... 'cause I already got the car.
[back to Mary trying to get between the truck and the Corvette]
MARY: Naw, dude. No, man! Naw, man, no.
WOMAN: You can't do this! Seriously!
MARY: [screaming] No, dude, no! No !
WOMAN: Ew, no, you are ... [actually tries grabbing at the tow truck as it's pulling away]
MARY: No !
WOMAN: Seriously, this is ridiculous! Oh my god! Oh my god!
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: I didn't lose here. I got the car, I got the keys. What, what is there to be said?
[back to Froy trying to drive the Corvette out of the driveway, except that Mary is sitting on the trunk]
FROY: [to the woman] Ma'am? You might want to get your girlfriend out of the way. I don't want her to get hurt. She's gonna fall, she's gonna get hurt. It'll be her [beep], not mine.
[cut to Froy speaking to the camera]
FROY: Sonia's always fighting, Matt is always fighting. And this is the reason why I like working with Matt better. At least he finishes fights.
[back to the woman as she is able to talk Mary back into the house]
FROY: [yelling at Sonia as the Corvette and truck are driving side by side] What's with you and Matt always getting [beep]?
SONIA: I'm not-- She's the one that put her hand on me first! What the hell is that? Pippi Longstocking and all this [beep] ...
FROY: It's like you just attract this [beep] to happen.
SONIA: Huh? What's that? Did you see--
FROY: Maybe her husband didn't make the payment on purpose.
SONIA: I-- look it ...
FROY: She's got a big mouth.
SONIA: Did you see her, that she [beep] hit me first?
FROY: I know, that's what I told her.
SONIA: And then they tell us to watch it!
[cut to Sonia speaking to the camera]
SONIA: You know, I don't know what's Froylan's problem, okay? We already got the car, okay? He's been getting kind of whiny. I mean, don't get me wrong, okay? He's a good repossessor. But the way he's talking to me, it's like, I should have done something, you know? I mean, what can I do? I already got the car. What's the big deal?



"Operation Repo"
Episode 802
Aired: 02/2/2011
First, Froy and Sonia try to repossess a luxury car from a high-strung librarian.

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