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Case Study No. 0091: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Silent Library)

The silent library
In a library, people are studying.
but in the library, if someone makes any noise, that person has to be severly punished.
After all, people locked in the library attempt to escape.
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[scene opens outside of a library, then cuts to the inside where we see the portrait of a stern looking male librarian, with a note - translated into English - reading "In the library, when you make any noise, although you have to be severely punished, the responsibility rests with you."]
[a number of names - "Peter, Vanessa, Jack, Brian, Honda, Allamoone, Jane" - flash on the screen, then the scene changes to six patrons (three men, one woman, a little boy and a little girl) calmly sitting at a table next to a large clock]
YOUNG BOY: [starts laughing when he notices that the large man sitting next to him has a head shaped like his pencil]
LARGE MAN: [motions as if he's going to hit the boy, causing him to drop his pencil on the ground, making a loud noise]
YOUNG BOY: [gives a nervous laugh, then screams as the chair underneath him suddenly falls down a trap door]
[the other patrons look on in shock, as television screens suddenly start turning on behind them, reading "Total: 5, Dead: 1"]
OLD WOMAN: [screams and tries to open the door - which is locked - when a section of the wall moves forward and crushes her]
[the screens now read "Total: 5-1, Dead: 1+1"]
[the other patrons are very nervous and whimpering to themselves, when somebody suddenly farts]
MAN IN HAT: [sniffs the air to try and find the culprit]
LARGE MAN: [takes off his nose to avoid the smell]
MAN IN HAT: [points at the big-nosed man]
BIG NOSED MAN: [shakes his head "no"]
MAN IN HAT: [points at the little girl]
YOUNG GIRL: [screams and shakes her head "no", then points at the large man]
MAN IN HAT: [points at the large man]
LARGE MAN: [starts growling in anger]
MAN IN HAT: [nervously puts his hand down and shrugs it off, then falls backwards as a robot boxing glove rises from the ground and knocks him square in the jaw]
[a cloud surrounds the fallen man - indicating that "he who smelt it dealt it" - then a strange machine descends from the ceiling, sucking up the bad air while attaching a number of hoses to the man in order to fill him with that air]
MAN IN HAT: [filled to bursting like a giant balloon, he floats into the air]
[the screens now read "Total: 5-1-0, Dead: 1+1+0", when a cell phone suddenly rings]
BIG NOSED MAN: [pulls a vibrating mouse out of his pocket, so he opens the large man's mouth and throws it in]
LARGE MAN: [swallow the mouse and burps, then grabs the big-nosed man by the neck and starts punching him in the face]
[a cell phone rings again, then cut to the outside of the library, as the two men smash through the window and wind up in a nearby tree]
LARGE MAN: [hanging from a branch by his shirt, he reaches for it, but not before it breaks and he goes crashing to the ground]
BIG NOSED MAN: [as the large man seems to regain consciousness, he falls from the tree and lands on his head, knocking both men out]
[the screens now read "Total: 5-1-0-2, Dead: 1+1+0+2"]
YOUNG GIRL: [holds her breath in fright]
[a black man, wearing headphones that barely contain the sound of his music, suddenly opens the door and comes moonwalking into the room]
BLACK MAN: [sits down, with eyes closed and head bobbing to the music]
YOUNG GIRL: [frantically motions for the man to turn off his music]
BLACK MAN: [starts beatboxing to himself]
YOUNG GIRL: [points to the man, then points at the television screens] Shh ...
[a fan suddenly drops from the ceiling and stops in front of the man]
BLACK MAN: [looks nervously at the fan]
[the fan quietly turns on, and the man relaxes as he enjoys the gentle breeze]
YOUNG GIRL: [scratches her head in confusion]
[the fan eventually speeds up, to the point where it blows the man out of his chair and through the window behind him]
YOUNG GIRL: [recoils in fright]
[the fan retracts back into the ceiling, as the screens now read "Total: 5-1-0-2+1-1, Dead: 1+1+0+2+1"]
YOUNG GIRL: [starts shaking, when she suddenly notices the man in the hat floating around the ceiling]
[she smiles, but then notices that a number of green hands have suddenly appeared from the television screens behind her and are reaching out for her]
YOUNG GIRL: [she climbs on the table, then jumps up and grabs the man's shirt, maneuvering him out the now-open window as they both float away]
[it appears that they are both going to float away to safety, but the scene changes to the old male librarian with his finger hovering over a red button]
MALE LIBRARIAN: [he presses the button, and the scene changes to the POV of two laser cannons taking aim at the two escaping patrons]
[the cannons lock onto their target, as the screen fades to black with the sounds of a young girl screaming]

(c) 2005 ANIAC



"The Silent Library"
2/3D Short animation, 8'23", 2006 by Gyuhyun Kim

2006 Won Grand Prize at May – CGLAND (, Korea
2007 Won Grand prize(Korea) and a Work Prize(Japan) – Mobile Comic Award 1st,Japan
SBS (SeoulBroadcastingSystem) -Ani-Gallery

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