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Case Study No. 0074: Joni D.

Meet The Librarian
This is our Animated Shortfilm. We did this for our 3Dsense Media School's final project. took 3 months plus, from concept to compositing. Some errors visible, but will certainly work them out in the next production work.
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3dsense Media School presents
A Parachute Dogs Production
"Meet the Librarian"

[a male librarian - wearing a nametag that reads "Joni D." - is feeding a goldfish sitting in a bowl on his desk]
LIBRARIAN: [notices some noise at the other end of the library]
[the camera pans around to show those patrons that are the source of the noise]
OLD WOMAN: [talking to a statue like it's a real person]
BOY: [listening to music on his headphones]
LIBRARIAN: [shrugs his shoulders, then tries to reshelve a book on the top shelf, but one of the steps on the ladder cracks, causing him to fall and knock over the shelves like dominoes]
OLD WOMAN: [still talking to the statue, oblivious to the falling shelves heading her way]
LIBRARIAN: [runs and pushes her out of the way]
BOY: [listening to his music, he's unable to hear the falling shelves]
LIBRARIAN: [jumps on a bookcart and races to his rescue, pulling him out of the way just in time]
[a wheel on the bookcart comes loose, then rolls across the floor and gently taps against another bookshelf, cracking its base and causing another domino effect]
LIBRARIAN: [notices the bookshelves heading toward a young girl and his desk with the goldfish on it, so - in slow motion - chooses to save the girl]

Production Supervisor: John David Marte
Conceptualisation: Azarudeen Shanavas, Gerald Marsh, Megawati, Nicole Gandhi, Nurul Halim
Storyboarding: Megawati, Nurul Halim
Animation: Azarudeen Shanavas
Special Thanks: Lai Kok Sen, Justin Chua, Gary Wee, John David Marte, John Ng, Edward Lim, Chiusan Ng, Sacha Goedegebure, All staff and students at 3dsense

[after the end credits, the final scene shows that the bookshelves have settled precariously against the librarian's desk, while the goldfish and his bowl remain unharmed]



During the second half of 2009, I worked on a Shortfilm with my classmates. It was a very enriching journey throughout that project. Many obstacles and so on, but we managed to finish last year. Right now, the 4 mins Animation short is waiting for MUSICAL SCORE.

I think should be able to release it in a few months time.

Production Duration :4months plus



-Nicole Gandhi



-Gerald Marsh



The Librarian, from the short animation "Meet the Librarian"

* FK-IK blend
* Stretch
* Ribbon Controls
* Facial Controls
* Smears
* Proxy, Low, High Display Modes


* FK-IK Matching
* Dynamic Parenting
* More Cheek Controls


* rigged by me: John David Marte (
* modelled and textured by Nurulhuda Halim (rayzack [at]


* 1.0.1 fixed twist problems on right leg (Thanks to Christian Yamaya for pointing this out)

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