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Case Study No. 0040: Sylvia Marpole

A Goof in the librery
He's trying to pick up chicks HA!!
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[Goofy and his son Max are studying in the State College's library]
GOOFY: [excitedly] So after we compare and contrast the Age of Enlightenment's dark period with the Spanish Inquisition's recessionary trends, we can get a head start on our trigornorme ... uh, triggy, uh ... the math!
MAX: [looks very bored]
GOOFY: Then, as a treat, I'll get us tickets to the Museum of Natural Arts and Sciences. I hear there's a spectacular leech exhibit.
MAX: [sighs]
GOOFY: But only if we finish all our homework ...
[Max yawns, then is hit in the head by a paper airplane sent by his friend PJ, which gives the message "Meet us in Music Appreciation Aisle 911!!"]
MAX: [tries to sneak off]
GOOFY: Where ya goin', son?
MAX: Oh yeah! Well, I was just gonna go to ... y'know! Go to the, uh ...
[he notices the female librarian sitting at the front desk under a sign reading "Checkout Library Cards"]
MAX: To ... take you to sign up for your library card, Dad! All new students need one!
[he drags his father to the front desk, where the librarian is busily stamping books and doesn't notice their approach]
MAX: Ahem ...
SYLVIA: [looks up] Good morning, gentlemen. I am the head librarian versed in all aspects of your school's library, including but not limited to fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, reference, and policy. How may I help you?
MAX: Hi there, Miss ... [reads the nameplate on her desk] "Marpoley?" Marpole, Marpole! My dad needs a library card. Could you--
SYLVIA: Oh, it would be my pleasure ...
[she opens a drawer and takes out a stack of papers]
SYLVIA: We here at the college library believe that owning a library card is a privilege, not a right. Consequently, we expect students to treat the Dewey Decimal System with respect.
[while Goofy is listening to the librarian, Max sneaks off to meet with his friends]
SYLVIA: You'll find these helpful to your library experience ...
GOOFY: [looks at the ring on her finger as she hands him more paperwork] Oh, well I'll be! Is that a genuine mood ring you're wearing?
SYLVIA: Wha, oh ... Oh! Yes! Well, yes it is! I'm a collector of '70s memorabilia and such.
[she fidgets with her nametag]
SYLVIA: Sort of silly, huh?
GOOFY: What, are you kiddin'?
[he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a plastic seashell]
GOOFY: This here's the Gilligan's Island Fan Club Seashell!
SYLVIA: Oh, get out! Do you remember the one when the professor built a non-combustible engine out of coconut shells and sand?
GOOFY: Gawrsh, yeah ... li'l buddy!
[cut to Max and PJ spying on them from behind a desk]
PJ: Come on, we're supposed to be practicing for the X Games!
[cut back to Goofy and Sylvia]
GOOFY: I love all that '70s stuff!
[cut back to Max and PJ]
MAX: Come on guys, we're outta here!
[cut back to Goofy and Sylvia]
SYLVIA: Oh gosh, remember the Boogie Duck?
GOOFY: That was my all-time favorite!
[they start dancing]
PROFESSOR: [entering the library with a group of colleagues] Here at the college library, you'll find a most--
[he sees the two dancing and quacking]
PROFESSOR: [angrily] Ahem ... Miss Marpole! In a library? Oh!
[they both slowly come to a stop]
PROFESSOR: [pushing his colleagues back out the door] Really! And now I, uh, actually think the psych deparment ... [his voice trials off]
SYLVIA: [looking meekly at Goofy] Well, uh, I need to be getting back to work ... [turns to leave]
GOOFY: Say, uh, Miss Marpole ...
SYLVIA: Oh, you can call me Sylvia.
GOOFY: [shyly] Gawrsh, hayuck! Uh, I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to ...
SYLVIA: Go out to dinner?
GOOFY: Well then, maybe afterwards ...
SYLVIA: Go dancing?
GOOFY: Sure! So if, uh ... well, if you're free on--
SYLVIA: [excitedly] Saturday? Oh, I'd love to! Seven o'clock?
GOOFY: All right, hayuck! See ya then!
SYLVIA: You know, Goofy, you're pretty groovy ... [walks away]
GOOFY: [smitten] Aw shucks ... She said I was groovy.



"An Extremely Goofy Movie"
Harrowell, Ian & Douglas McCarthy (Directors). An Extremely Goofy Movie. United States: Walt Disney Pictures, 2000.
Starring voices of: Bebe Neuwirth (Sylvia Marpole, Head College Librarian); Bill Farmer (Goofy Goof)

Ms. Marpole, Head Librarian for the generic State College Library, is a more lifelike librarian than many found in live-action films. She's multi-dimensional -- loves disco-dancing and collecting 1970s memorabilia -- with glasses and sensible clothing but no bun. She has a big butt, but love-interest Goofy ogles it fondly. Of course she does a lot of rubber-stamping and there's a card catalog evident. And of course she's seen shelving books from a ladder (is that a cinematic RULE somewhere??). Actually she shelves books a LOT and apparently is the only one working there. She mentions the Dewey Decimal System, which isn't commonly used in college libraries but what the hey. Being a Goofy cartoon (long version), there's the requisite scene with the toppling bookcases domino-style. The Rocky parody tutoring sessions are clever (lots of cultural references in this film the kiddies won't get). They dance the Boogie Duck in the library until interrupted by a stodgy Psych professor. Most notable quote: Goofy's friend Pete says, "All that book-learning doesn't prepare you for doodly-squat. It's useless in the real world."

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