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Case Study No. 0053: Murray Walsh

When librarian Murray Walsh is given the LibriTranstuli3000, the most advanced book scanner to date, supposedly all his literature filing troubles are over. With the LT3, now all he has to do is scan the book's barcode, and it will automatically record the information for him. Will Murray be able to adapt to this new found technology as quickly as the library books are being returned?

Featured in the 2010 David Weinkauf Student Film Festival
Intermediate Animation II - Traditional Animation.
Produced at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.
(c) Jordan Koch - Spring 2010.
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Story and animation by Jordan G. Koch

[the scene opens inside the library's "Returned Books" room, where the male librarian is surrounded by giant stacks of books]
MURRAY: [looks inside a box and pulls out his new scanner, the LibriTranstuli3000]
[he cautiously tests it out, and manages to successfully scan one book, but when he tries again it starts making weird noises]
MURRAY: [shakes the scanner, then carelessly points it at his face before pressing the button, causing it to scan his eyeballs and make them grow to ridiculous size]
[he eventually gets the hang of it, and gets to work scanning the rest of the books ... except that new books are constantly being added through the slot from the outside]
MURRAY: [starts scanning the barcodes faster and faster, as the piles of books begin to disappear]
[down to the last book, he smugly points the LibriTranstuli3000 at it and presses the button, but the "scanning beam" bounces off the barcode and into the library itself, where a large explosion and screaming patrons can be heard]
MURRAY: [his eyes grow wide with fear upon the realization of what he's just done]


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Bookmark (2010)

Event: 2010 David Weinkauf Student Film Festival

Medium: Traditional Animation

Location: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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