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Case Study No. 0043: Mary Hoffman

The Dancing Valkyrie
a book trailer for the vampire novel - The Dancing Valkyrie
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A vampire novel by Peter Klein
The Dancing Valkyrie

Mary Hoffman, a librarian by day.
Mary Hoffman becomes Erica, an erotic dancer by night.
Tired of the daily grind, Mary takes a hike deep into the Wild Adirondacks.
Many people have been forever lost in the forever wild of the Adirondacks.
Mary worries she will be lost forever when two young men threaten her with rape!
But is saved by Beth who turns her into the vampire she was destined to be by God.

The Dancing Valkyrie by Peter Klein
Now available on Amazon and many other other online book sellers,
and also vailable at most book stores
ISBN No. 1440432198
EAN-13 No. 9781440432194



The Dancing Valkyrie, a story about Mary Hoffman, librarian by day and exotic dancer by night. Mary, needing some time alone takes a hike along a secluded upstate New York trail. She is saved from two predatory young men by Beth, a beautiful woman slightly older than Mary. The two join together for the rest of the trail, becoming romantically involved along the way. Beth, it turns out is a vampire, and quickly introduces Mary to the mystical world she lives in. After inviting Mary back to her castle, built by her brother, Joseph, in a remote area, Mary is seduced into becoming a vampire as well. Joseph and Beth are hundreds of years old, and pose as brother / sister, but are husband and wife, or, in vampire terms, father and daughter. Thus begins the fascinating story of Mary's transition from human woman to vampire.



But Mary was a girl best known in Schenectady as Erica, a blond, voluptuous in all the right places girl with beautiful skin she was quite willing to bare to all at The Limina, the erotic dance clube where she worked.

It had not always been so. She had been raised a Catholic and continued to consider herself a Catholic when going to college and studying to be a librarian. In fact, she was still a librarian at the Schenectady County Library in downtown Schenectady when not on stage at the club. But while going to college, she had taken a job dancing at The Limina to help pay for her education. After college, she continued to work at The Limina even after she had paid off her student loans. The fact was, she had come to admit, she liked to dance and she liked doing it with the fewest possible clothes the law would allow. She only kept her job at the library because she knew there would come a time when she would be too old to dance.


Mary spoke about growing up on a farm in the hills east of Albany over near the Massachusetts border, about going to college at SUNY Albany, graduating and finally becoming a librarian in Schenectady. "Not exactly my dream job," she admitted, "But it keeps me close to books."

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