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Case Study No. 0075: Brenda Brooks

CSI Neverland #1
The class play we did my senior year. I directed and did makeup and some costuming and played the widow. It went over really well with the student body. And I apologize for the poor video quality and I know it's very hard to hear, but we didnt have enough mics...
Ivy Kasten as Brenda Brooks
Julia Joeger as Library Kid
Sara Lund as Tink
Matt Zeimer as Murk
Lauren Mangin as Doris
Nick Krepline as Peter
Jaime Reimer, Ariel Day, Adam Meyer, Lyndsay Holschbach, and Jenna Ambrosius as Lost Kids
Anna Boettcher as Princess Lily
Ty Wasmuth as King
Carlee White, Paula Kuik and Kyle Lorrigan as Natives
Amy Cohen as the Fire and IRS Agent
Hannah Herdt as Widow
Kyle Lorrigan as Widow's Son
Justin Mear, Landon Boettcher, Cara Beily and Andrea Preston as Lab Rats
Nicole Grailor and Rachel Schulz as mermaids
Vince Denor as Cpt. Sharp
Ellie Collins as Penelope
Robyn Skinkis as Grimely
Ashley Blahnik as Jo
Adam Gilson as Devlin
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CSI: Neverland
by Wade Bradford

Synopsis: CSI meets Neverland in this marvelous merger of comedic mayhem. Murk and Tinker, Fairy Forensics Officers, are investigating the mysterious murder of Peter Pantaloon's shadow. Their prime suspect is Head Librarian Brenda Brooks who despises Seuss, Hogwarts, giant peaches, and the boy who refuses to grow up. As Peter clearly laments the loss of his shadow, they whisk Brenda away for questioning and throw her in a lineup with the infamous Captain Sharp. Meanwhile, Tink pays the Lab Rats a visit only to discover that the culprit could quite possibly be the crocodile. When Tink finally meets up with croc's family, she discovers that the croc couldn't have committed the murder because the croc died from eating one too many dinghys and a poisonous Red Herring. When Murk and Tinker persuade Captain Sharp's girlfriend, Penelope Moppins, to go undercover after Captain Sharp, Brenda Brooks makes a startling discovery...Peter Pantaloon's shadow was maliciously murdered by Neverland's poisonous Red Herring. She also rediscovers love and a love for reading the classics.

Act One, Scene 1

Setting: A corner of a small town library.

At Rise: Brenda Brooks, a very somber, rigid librarian, sorts through a shelf of books. She looks as though she hasn't laughed in decades. A friendly, innocent looking Kid enters.

KID: Excuse me, Miss Lady ... is this the new library?
BRENDA: No, this is the old library.
KID: Old library?
BRENDA: Yes, the old library. Over eighty-years old next year.
KID: But I thought we was gettin' a new library.
BRENDA: You mean "thought we were."
KID: That's exactly what I said.
BRENDA: It's the same old library. I, however, am the new librarian.
KID: You don't look new.
BRENDA: Young man [or: Young lady] I am very busy; would you please take your gawking eyes and your bubble-gum belabored jaws elsewhere?
KID: (Unconcerned. Looking at the books.) Are these new books?
BRENDA: No. I am reorganizing this library. And in the process I am removing a few unnecessary novels.
KID: You're taking these ones away? They look like good books.
BRENDA: Too much fantasy and folly can spoil a child's mind. This library needs more science and less Dr. Seuss. More history and less Hogwarts. Children need academics and not adventures. One doesn't get into a university by studying unicorns.
KID: But some of these are my favorite books. (Holds up a book.) Like this one about the upside down pirates.
BRENDA: That's Treasure Island . . . and you're holding it upside down. Besides, it's a loathsome tale about loathsome people. Certainly not for students.
KID: What about this one?
BRENDA: James and the Giant Peach? Preposterous. Even with modern agricultural techniques, fruit simply cannot grow to that extreme size. Silly, silly stuff. Guaranteed to warp young brains.
KID: Oh well. Too bad they have to go. (Pause.) Got any of those Narnia stories?
BRENDA: Certainly not. Now will you please?
KID: How about comic books?
BRENDA: Get out!

Kid runs offstage.

BRENDA: It would seem I've come just in time. The children of this town are so wrapped up in foolishness they probably believe in fairy tales! Such nonsense!

Suddenly, the lights all shut off ... except for a single spotlight that shines on the librarian. She stares at it like a stereotypical deer caught in a set of headlights.

BRENDA: Yes? Who's there?
SERIOUS WOMAN'S VOICE: Head Librarian of Johnson County?
BRENDA: Um, that's me . . . Uh, what happened to the lights?
SERIOUS MAN'S VOICE: Ma'am, we're going to need you to place your hands upon your head.
BRENDA: Is this the police?
SERIOUS MAN'S VOICE: Hands above your head. Now.

She obeys.

BRENDA: Is there a problem?
SERIOUS MAN'S VOICE: Ma'am, I now need you to turn around.
BRENDA: (Turns to face upstage.) I don't want any trouble.

She obeys each of the following commands.

SERIOUS MAN'S VOICE: Please place your right foot in. Now place your right foot out. Place your right foot in. Now, shake it all about.
BRENDA: (Stops and faces downstage.) What? This is ridiculous. Who are you people???

The lights come up. Two police detectives move in on each side of her. They are dressed in professional attire; however, they also have brilliant fairy wings attached to their backs. They are Fairy Police Detectives, Tinker and Murk.

TINK: We're the Fairy detectives. I'm Lt. Tinker. This is my simpleton partner, Lt. Murk.
BRENDA: Fairy detectives? But I don't believe in fairies!
MURK: (Deadpan.) Oh. That hurts.
TINK: We're here to investigate a murder.
BRENDA: A murder?!! Who's been killed?
TINK: Ha! As if you didn't know. Ever hear of a boy by the name of Peter. Wears green tights. Hangs out in Never-ever Land. Flies around London Town.
BRENDA: Are you telling me that someone murdered Peter. Pantaloon?
MURK: No, not Peter. Someone murdered his shadow.
BRENDA: You can't murder a shadow!
MURK: Oh yes you can.
TINK: Take a look at the body.

Murk unrolls Peter Pantaloon's shadow. It's a black cloth cut out in the shape of Peter Pantaloon. There are three holes, each the size of silver dollars cut out from the "shadow." It looks as though it has been shot three times in the chest.

MURK: Gruesome, isn't it?
BRENDA: And you think I'm responsible for this? (Tinker has brought two rolling office chairs center stage.)
TINK: You certainly have the motive. (Forces Brenda into a chair.)
BRENDA: How dare you.
TINK: Where were you on the 30th of February?
BRENDA: But . . . there's no such thing as the 30th of February.
TINK: Aha! So, you can't account for your whereabouts!
MURK: Ma'am, we have reason to believe that you wanted the victim eliminated.
TINK: And he's not the only one!
BRENDA: I don't understand.
TINK: Oh, come on! We heard that you wanted to get rid of Aladdin and his Magic Lamp . . .
BRENDA: Well, I -.
MURK: - and kill off Jack and his Beanstalk . . .
TINK: And probably chop up Pinocchio while you're at it.
MURK: Well, do you confess? (Shows her a list.) You've been plotting to eradicate every name on this list.
BRENDA: But those are all just nonsensical characters. They aren't even real!
MURK: (Offended.) Hey now. Those are personal friends of mine.
TINK: I've heard enough. Let's bring her in.
BRENDA: Where are you taking me?
TINK: The Never-ever Land Precinct. You'll need some of this.

Tinker sprays something in Brenda's face. It's very painful.

BRENDA: Ow! Ugh! What is that? Pepper spray?
TINK: Pixie dust.
MURK: (Taking her by the arm.) Have you ever flown before?
BRENDA: What???
MURK: Oh, it's great fun. Just think happy thoughts.
BRENDA: It feels like my eyes are on fire!
MURK: That's not happy enough.
TINK: Come on everybody!

They run stage left and then leap offstage.

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