Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Case Study No. 0069: Librarian Marm

Episode 2 - Captain Euchre vs. The Librarian Marm
3:03 - After a disappointing tussle with Librarian Marm, Captain Euchre despairs over the quality of local super villains.
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[scene opens with Captain Euchre speaking directly to the camera]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: So, um, the problem is that this town ... sucks for supervillains. Um, it's really becoming a big thing. Um, I mean, when the best your base of operations has to offer is Librarian Marm, you start to wonder whether it's even worth it. I mean, loud talkers get kidnapped ...
[he rolls his eyes]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: You don't hafta be a brainiac to figure that one out. Not that I have anything against the Brainiacs, they're good people. I uh, I went drinking with them the other day, which reminds me ... Uh, hold on.
[he pulls a tape recorder (disguised as a deck of cards) out of his utility belt]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: [speaking into the recorder] "Phone Brainiacs, Re: My fifty bucks."
[he replays the message, then puts the recorder away]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: Uh, so where was I? Right ... Loud talkers, kidnapped, Librarian Marm, right? Right! So we go down to the old forgotten sub-basements of the old forgotten library ... although, the good thing was we got to take the Ronin Rocket in the subway!
[he gives the thumbs up]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: Uh, but anyway, we got down there and we burst in, and we said "The jig is up, Librarian Marm! Your overdue fines of justice are upon you!" ... Y'know, or something. Um, something better. And, um, and then she gave up! She said "Okay, you win. I give up, here you go." Uh, she says, "The kidnap victims are in the giant rotating book sign on Main Street." And, we were like "What?" I mean, she just gave up like that!
[cut to Captain Euchre looking dejected]
CAPTAIN EUCHRE: Y'know what those of us in the biz call the super-hero game? We call it Tights and Fights. Tights and Fights. "You on the Tights and Fights?" "Yeah, Tights and Fights!" Um, and if the super-villains don't fight back ... then we're just goofballs in underwear. Nobody wants that. So look, y'know, this town sucks for super-villains!



Season One, Episode 2 of "Tights and Fights": Captain Euchre vs. The Librarian Marm

A mild mannered World Euchre Champion, until his partner was killed by mobsters looking to fix the 1997 World Series of Euchre. Captain Euchre was saved only after his Euchre card deck was accidentally hit by cosmic rays from space, giving the deck incredible powers. Now, Captain Euchre fights injustice using his cosmic Euchre deck alongside his teammates on Ronin Force, of which Captain Euchre was a founding member.

Superheroes are all the rage these days, villians are the metaphor of our times. Watch the original superhero internet video series and laugh at all the crazy antics of Captain Euchre and the rest of Ronin Force. Tights and Fights is a massive online video series, that shows the private lives of superheroes.

Join the fun on YouTube and elsewhere by sharing the show with your friends. The series will unfold in seasons but will be released in real time so you can follow along day by day with 6 character streams at

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