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Case Study No. 0064: Tattooed Ladies of TLA

"Tattooed Ladies of TLA" Calendar
http://www.txla2.org/temp/ tattoo.html

A fundraising activity for the TLA LIBRARY DISASTER RELIEF FUND, this calendar showcases the charms and often concealed art of 21 women of the Texas library community. As members of the Texas Library Association, these women volunteered to reveal their ink and share some of their stories for the well-being of our state's libraries.

The Tattooed Ladies represent both urban and rural libraries; public, school, academic, and special libraries; and the state's geography from El Paso to the Gulf Coast and from North Texas to the Rio Grande Valley. You'll meet seasoned professionals and passionate lay advocates, retired librarians and library school students. Libraries thrive on and promote diversity and freedom of expression. The Tattooed Ladies of TLA calendar is a testament to both.

So forget those predictable calendars with cute puppies and nature photographs. Your purchase helps secure the future of Texas libraries and allows you to spend 18 months getting better acquainted with these fascinating and dedicated women of Texas libraries.

The 40 page calendar, priced at $20, is printed in full color on glossy stock (pages are 8.5 high by 11 wide) and will prove a prized office accessory or coveted gift.
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"15 months of well-read and well-illustrated women of the Texas library community!"
January 2010 - June 2011


From kxan.com:

When Texas libraries are damaged by a hurricane or tornado, replacing the collections can be expensive.

In order to raise money, some librarians are shedding more than their conservative persona to show off a side many might not expect all for a new calendar.

Photographer Mary Ann Emerson is the woman in charge of changing the stereotype about librarians.

"Conservative, status quo, quiet," said Emerson.

Emerson is taking pictures of the marks on librarians' bodies.

Gretchen Hoffman, the former president of the Texas Library Association , has a starfish tattooed onto her left shoulder blade.

"I wanted something that had to do with water because I really love being out in the water," said Hoffman.

Hoffman is one of 18 librarians showing off a different side to her profession in a new calendar featuring tattooed librarians from across the state of Texas.

"Of course everyone knows there are female librarians, so we had to come up with a gimmick, so it's tattooed ladies of TLA," said Emerson.

The gimmick started in 2008 with a calendar featuring male librarians.

"They are not just stuffy bookworms, they are diverse, come in all shapes, and sizes, and they are smart and funny and good looking," said Emerson.

So good looking the calendars sold out which raised lots of money for the Texas Library Association's disaster-relief fund.

"When there are natural disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, things of that sort a lot of these librarians lose collections, facilities, and have problems getting everything back together," said Emerson.

So now it is the ladies' turn to show off their wild side.

"One of the things we really stand up for is freedom of speech and expression, so you really do get a surprising amount of unique people in libraries despite the stereotype," said Hoffmann.

The tattooed librarian calendar comes out at the end of July, it costs $20 and covers an 18-month period.

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