Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Case Study No. 0057: Librarian Jim

Happyorange animation - librarian Jim
i get embarrased if i have to watch this when other people are around
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[Jim is standing outside of the library, talking to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: [yelling at Jim from the library entrance] I hate you! Get out of my library!
JIM: [to the camera] Well, I've been, uh, I've been working at the library now for about ... about ten years, and uh, yeah. Yeah, it's pretty fun. Yeah, I really enjoy it, the smell of the books as you put 'em back on the shelves, y'know? The uh, the musty smell of the old books, and the, y'know, the fresh almost tea-like smell of the newer editions.
LIBRARIAN: [starts yelling again] You're flipping what? You're flipping what? What the, what the flip are you going on about, you flipping weirdo!
JIM: [stops smiling] Uh, yeah yeah. That's my old boss, he ... That's my old boss, that.
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, you better keep talking ... f-for some reason. Yeah!
JIM: Well yeah, yeah. Today I got fired. Today I got fired ... Yeah, it's 'cause I urinated in my pants. And it, and it smelled pretty bad.
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, and it stained the floor as well, you silly billy! Yeah, I hate you! I'm gonna go and throw rocks at your windows. Now go away! I'm gonna, I'm gonna slash your neck and ... uh, I'm gonna poke you. Go away!
JIM: [starts to cry]
LIBRARIAN: Hahaha, you're ... you're crying! Hahaha!
JIM: [starts loudly bawling] Mummy!
[Jim's theme song starts to play, as still shots of him crying cycle through]
SINGER: Librarian Jim! He's everyone favorite librarian! We love you, Librarian Jim! Please don't cry! Don't cry, Librarian Jim! No no no, Librarian Jim! Please don't cry! Oooh oooh, Librarian Jim, you're everybody's favorite librarian, yeah! Love you, love you baby! Love you, Librarian Jim! We love you, yeah yeah! Oooh, we love you. Please don't cry, Librarian Jim, everybody's favorite librarian! Yeah yeah, oooh ...



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Librarian Jim is finally done and is posted below:

It is quite emotional, or I find it to be. Warning: This video contains a mild reference to urine

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